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  1. Before this year I was never really a podcast guy. The Shooter’s Nation podcast along with The Joe Rogan Experience finally got me into listening to them. There’s about a bajillion of them out there, so what are y’all listening to? The two I’ve been really into lately are https://www.themeateater.com/ This is Steven Rinella’s podcast. Rinella is probably the best public face of hunting out there. He’s a great talker and makes a really fun podcast https://cocaineandrhinestones.com/ Tyler Mahan Coe’s podcast is about the history of country music in the 20th century. It’s the stories behind the greatest storytelling genre in American music. The podcast is sometimes dark, sometimes NSFW, sometimes disturbing (watch out for the episode about Spade Cooley) but always incredibly detailed and informative. What are y’all listening to?
  2. I (and @chances R and a couple of other students ) were guests on the After Action Project Podcast discussing the Harris Combative Strategies Fundamentals of Vehicle Defense class. Link to podcast Enjoy !
  3. When we sat down to record this episode of the Shooters Nation Podcast with Ian Strimbeck of Runenation last week, we had no idea what would unfold at the Waffle House in Antioch during the early hours this morning. 50% of your waking hours are likely spent in places where you cannot legally carry a handgun. How do you defend yourself in Non Permissive Environments like that? Give it a listen. https://www.shootersnation.com/podcast/008-ian-strimbeck-self-defense-in-non-permissive-environments/ *** NOTE! We built in a few pauses so you can stop and resume listening. There was no way to do this show in just an hour.
  4. Listen Here! https://www.shootersnation.com/podcast/007-why-you-really-do-need-an-ar15-with-mike-sisino-part-2/ Why You Really DO Need an AR15 - Part 2 David and Mark sit down with 31-year veteran Law Enforcement Officer, firearms trainer, and subject matter expert Mike Sisno to conclude this particular discussion of the AR-15 rifle and why Yes, You Really DO Need One as a Civilian. The guys wrap up with a range of topics including: More misconceptions, myths and lies about the AR-15 The AR-15's place in your home defense tool-kit What gear makes sense for a home defense AR-15? The AR-15 and recent mass shootings. Politicians and the Media aren't good sources of information! Connect With Us After the Show: Interested in taking a class with Mike Sisino or hosting him for a class at your local shooting range? Email him at pointman612@gmail.com Got an idea for a future episode? Let us know at https://www.shootersnation.com/idea Newsletter with Special Offers! Be sure to sign up for the Shooters Nation Mail Blast newsletter by visiting https://www.shootersnation.com/mailblast and adding yourself to our mailing list. How are we doing? We want your feedback! Hit the following link for a quick listener survey to help us do the best job possible for you. https://www.shootersnation.com/survey01 Sponsors: Squared Away Customs Quality Custom Kydex Holsters and Carry Gear Be sure to use discount code "SHOOTERSNATION" when ordering! Like what you're hearing? Want to support the podcast and help make future episodes possible? Every dollar donated helps make this show possible. https://www.shootersnation.com/donate
  5. Listen to it here... https://www.shootersnation.com/podcast/006-why-you-really-do-need-an-ar15-with-mike-sisino-part-1/
  6. Hey gang. Many of you have already listened to the Shooters Nation podcast that I have been producing and hosting with my friend Mark Lancaster. If you haven't yet... why the heck not? Head over to Shooters Nation and give it a listen, or find us on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, and Google Play. BUT ANYWAY... lol We've been working really hard to produce content that is both informative and that you will enjoy listening to. It would help us tremendously if you would take a minute or two to visit the following survey and fill it out. This survey will give you a chance to tell us how we're doing, and tell us what kind of stuff you want to hear more of and less of on the show. With your feedback, we can focus on being even better in the weeks ahead. Thank you! Take the survey here – https://www.shootersnation.com/april2018survey
  7. https://www.shootersnation.com/podcast/005-jason-demo-on-avoiding-and-de-escalating/ David and Mark discuss the value of Avoiding and De-escalating dangerous situations with special guest Jason Demo. Jason is a veteran law enforcement officer who served as a Deputy Sheriff in Central Florida for nearly a decade where he conducted over 200 high-risk fugitive investigations and apprehensions as a member of the Street Crimes unit and Tactical Surveillance Squad. Jason is now the owner of and principal behind Jason Demo Photography and Media Consulting where he focuses on guns, gear and tactics as a professional consultant and content creator for the tactical industry. Resources Mentioned in This Episode: If your podcast app doesn't support links, visit ShootersNation.com for the full show notes with links. Jason Demo Photography and Media Consulting Book: Inside the Criminal Mind Book: Crucial Conversations Sponsors: Squared Away Customs Be sure to use discount code "SHOOTERSNATION" for 10% off! Want to support the podcast and help make future episodes possible? We would be honored if you would consider becoming a Patreon Patron of the show! https://www.patreon.com/shootersnation
  8. It's hard to believe that a month has already come and gone since we started doing the Shooters Nation Podcast but Episode 004 just posted and is now available for listening on the website or via iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher or Spotify! https://www.shootersnation.com/podcast/shooters-nation-episode-04-listener-mailbag/ The guys celebrate the first month of the Shooters Nation Podcast and spend time reading and answering questions from the Listener Mailbag. Topics include: Active Shooter Situations, Date Night At The Shooting Range, Training On A Budget, and Using Fanny Packs for Snacks (and Concealed Carry). Resources mentioned in this episode: The Modern Combat Handgun Grip Book: Stalling for Time: My Life as an FBI Hostage Negotiator Book: Horse Soldiers Book: Rules for Radicals Defeated Sponsors: Squared Away Customs Be sure to use discount code “SHOOTERSNATION” for 10% off! Want to support the podcast and help make future episodes possible? We would be honored if you would consider becoming a Patreon Patron of the show! https://www.patreon.com/shootersnation
  9. We posted Episode 003 of the Shooters Nation Podcast this evening. Give it a listen and share it out with your friends if you like it! http://shootersnation.libsyn.com/shooters-nation-episode-03-school-anti-gun-walkouts-and-every-day-carry David and Mark chat with their friends and fellow shooters, Brad and Jordan, about what it means to each of them to be an average armed American Citizen. They discuss why they started carrying a handgun for their self defense, what kind of gun they carry, and how often they carry. The guys also talk about the Wednesday, March 14th anti-gun protest "Walk Outs" in schools around America. Is it really an effective form of protest if you can't articulate what your stance on the issue is? And can you really claim it's spontaneous grass roots activism lead by our kids when significant money and resources are being pumped into it by the usual suspects? Of interest, an article that David mentions briefly in this episode while talking about following the trail of money can be found here: https://tipolitics.com/the-parkland-students-for-gun-control-have-not-been-entirely-honest-with-you-e82bdc8f1d2a
  10. The Shooters Nation Podcast is now available on iTunes! https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/shooters-nation-podcast/id1352945521?mt=2
  11. Shooters Nation Episode 02: With Special Guest Ian Strimbeck of Runenation http://directory.libsyn.com/episode/index/id/6351722/tdest_id/666675 David, Mark and Dennis interview special guest and self-defense trainer Ian Strimbeck of Runenation LLC. In this episode we talk about picking the right handgun for carry, how every situation isn't always a problem for guns, what it means to be a multi-disciplinary tactician, and why you should seek to learn a variety of life-saving skills as an armed citizen. Ian not only shares a ton of knowledge with us, but also answers several listener questions! Also in this episode: Mark tells us about the time he and a co-worker took some training and got into a fight with knives inside of a car and destroyed it, and David calls out gun-counter jockeys who foist ridiculously incompatible handguns off on first-time buyers. We even talk momentarily about color-filling the engraving on your handgun slide just to make sure we alienate everyone possible! You can learn more about Ian, Runenation and the Greyhive cadre of instructors at these links: https://www.runenationllc.com https://greyhive.com/
  12. Shooters Nation Episode 01: School Shootings. Should Armed Response Be Left To The Police? http://shootersnation.libsyn.com/shooters-nation-episode-01-school-shootings-should-armed-response-be-left-to-the-police BIG thanks to Randy Harris (@Cruel Hand Luke), Eddie Mickle (@molonlabetn), Gordon Revels (@Dolomite_supafly), and Mark Lancaster from Squared Away Customs for the time they spent with me recording this last night and the knowledge they shared. I had an absolute blast doing this and can't wait to do the next episode. Tell us what you think! I am submitting the podcast to iTunes now and will be submitting it to Stitcher this week. I'm told that it can take 7-10 days for the first podcast to be approved and picked up by iTunes, but subsequent episodes post a lot faster. In the meantime you can access the podcast and listen to it using the link at the top of this post. You will always find the latest episode released first on the Libsyn Page for Shooters Nation.


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