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  1. While I am confident in my reading of the law, I would suggest to the OP that he contact the HCP office in Nashville for a final answer.
  2. I’m pretty sure the validity of the lifetime HCP is dependent upon residency in the state of TN. If you become a resident of another state, then your permit is no longer valid.
  3. I can’t remember if it was mentioned here or not, but Stanley Black & Decker announced earlier this year that they are investing $90 million to move a fair chunk of Craftsman production to Texas.
  4. To answer the actual question asked, my main knife is a Gavko Thresher flipper. I also carry a Protech Strider SnG and a Protech TR4, both are autos. The knife that’s been in the rotation the longest is a Spyderco Native in all stainless that I bought from a member here about a decade ago.
  5. Do you want a flipper, spring assist, or auto? Does it matter?
  6. I’m happy to hear that about your ratchet. The older I get the more put off I am by the disposability of everything. Buying quality once and doing maintenance and repairs to keep it running really appeals to me. It just feels right somehow.
  7. The second one looks like it is based off of one of the PDW braces. I use the Maxim PDW brace on my pistol, but the SB Tactical PDW brace is very similar, just a little longer. https://www.maximdefense.com/product/maxim-cqb-pistol-pdw-brace-for-ar15/ https://www.sb-tactical.com/product/sbpdw/
  8. @1gewehr provided a solid, unbiased accounting of the different rifles in contention. I’ll be a bit less unbiased and slay some sacred cows in the process. Skip the M1A (M-14) it’s an inferior rifle when compared to all of the other options. The FAL and the G3 are both superior rifles. The US should have, and would have fielded the FAL if not for bias & chicanery on the part of the head of the Army’s procurement office.
  9. Something I’ve also noticed is that the trigger shape may have played into it as well. This gun is my first with the Glock-style dongle in the center. It’s probably my least favorite feature of the gun. It also slopes on either side of the dongle and those slopes are ridged. I realized that I was indexing the pad of my trigger finger there and against the dongle instead of centered and on top of it. When I pulled the trigger I was actually pushing slightly left instead pulling straight to the rear. Next range trip will see if that fixes the issue or if more changes need to be made.
  10. Yeah, I can’t even pocket carry an LCP in skinny jeans, so nope. That’s what appendix carry is for.
  11. As long as you weren’t involved in the design or manufacture of their trannys, don’t take it personal. Now, if you were..well...I don’t know what to tell you other than “if the shoe fits...”
  12. I’m sure they’d be fun for a drive, but I wouldn’t own one. I watched my dad own a succession of 6 Dodges over about 15 years. From sedans, to sport coupes to pickups and not a single one of them (including the Charger) had a transmission that was worth a damn. They all had major tranny problems within 2-3 years. He drives a GMC Sierra and a Mustang GT now. They both have been working just fine longer than any of his Dodges. Some folks learn from their own mistakes, I try to also learn from the mistakes of others. When MOPAR = NO CAR because the damn things break down, you can keep that garbage.
  13. Ha! Hellcat on the gun doesn’t bother me, but any car with Dodge on it gets a hard no.
  14. Managed to score a quick range trip yesterday. Only got to run 100 rounds total through it, and let my friend shoot it as well, but here are my first impressions. It’s got an excellent trigger. Heavier than I generally prefer, but I’m also pretty spoiled by my light Apex triggers. It’s not spongy or gritty, just smooth take up to a hard wall where it breaks cleanly. The reset is very audible and tactile. I can pocket this gun. In reasonable pants with reasonable pockets, this gun can ride in a pocket without an excessive bulge or print. To me that’s a big deal for 12rds of 9mm. My POI was reliably to the left of POA, and a couple of guns that went out were believed to have slightly off center rear sights. That’s not the case here, it’s all me. During some dry fire later on I was able to see where I was pushing it to the left during trigger pull. All of my other pistols have larger grips, so I imagine it will correct easily enough with some practice and slight adjustments to my grip. (I blame this on not having a Grip Zone) Overall, it does feel really good in the hands. The grip texture is gentle enough to light touch, but does get more aggressive when firmly held for firing. I quite like that U-notch sight. The yellowish-green front sight picks up very quickly in the U-notch. They are steel and stand up tall enough to catch on a pocket or belt for a 1 handed rack of the slide. Mine is the OSP model, so I understand that the sights are slightly taller to facilitate co-witnessing when the optic is installed. I’m really liking it so far and as long as it remains reliable, it has a very high chance of becoming a primary carry gun while still serving as a backup if I am rolling with a bigger gun.

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