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  1. You’re fine with a loaded gun inside of your vehicle. You cannot legally carry it outside of the vehicle.
  2. I’d say another major contributor is the fact that Scott is an absolute unit. There is no doubt that his overall health and physical condition helped him survive. If you need another reason to hit the gym, there’s one right there. Somebody else (like me) in below average physical health/conditioning would not have survived.
  3. The theory that’s gaining traction about what may have contributed to things is that apparently SLAP rounds are not to be used in firearms with muzzle brakes. (It’s in the relevant training materials and manuals for their use.) The sabot can deposit material causing partial barrel obstruction and resulting in massive pressure spikes.
  4. Yes. The grip module, the FCG chassis, and the slide could all feasibly be declared as frame/receivers requiring a serial number.
  5. If the deal was arranged here, leave negative feedback. That’s the easiest way to ensure others are aware of the person they are dealing with.
  6. I really regret not buying more 9mm. Got caught with my pants down on that one. I’ve got less than 5k on hand and would prefer double that. Same goes for .308 of which I’ve only got around 1k. At least I have my 10k+ of 223/556 and .22.
  7. Apparently. I have no idea what the reference is. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. And the assbag actually sent me a PM trying to get me on something. already banned.
  9. And more. robertsonjack069@gmail.com serena4450
  10. I imagine his friends are giving him crap about it right now. And his response is probably something along the lines of “it’s not stupid if it works!“
  11. I dig that. Definitely right up my alley. Now I’m gonna make a hard right turn into neofolk/folk metal. It’s totally amazing. And here is the full concept record.


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