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  1. Chucktshoes

    Private sell of handgun to seller in another state.

    He is incorrect. Interstate transfer of firearms requires the use of an ffl. If it is a handgun then the transfer must take place through an ffl in the receiver’s home state. Youll have to send or deliver this handgun to an ffl in MS and the buyer will have to fill out a 4473 and undergo a NICS check in MS. Relevent US Code: https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/18/922
  2. Check out episode 18 of the SN podcast as well. https://www.shootersnation.com/podcast/018-womens-perspectives-on-the-second-amendment-and-the-gun-culture/
  3. Chucktshoes

    A big win for Defense Distributed!

    A buddy of mine elsewhere made these points and I tend to agree with him. ——————
  4. Chucktshoes

    My Mother

    My condolences.
  5. Chucktshoes

    ad closed Custom Bowie Knife for sale....

    If this is your first from GT, you’re in for a treat.
  6. Chucktshoes

    CCW Permits surge to 18 million

  7. Chucktshoes

    Electronic ear muffs

    I almost pulled the trigger on that same trio today.
  8. Chucktshoes

    Electronic ear muffs

    With the right handling of the subject, it might not be THAT dull. But still likely pretty dull. Might not be a bad idea to make that a shorter one. I do think that it might be worth doing though.
  9. Chucktshoes

    Take a look before I destroy it........

    So, this thread makes me wonder, ever put a beavertail on a BHP? I think I might need to send you a PM about my latest purchase.
  10. Chucktshoes

    question about comcast

    In most municipalities younhave the telephone company and a single cable company that have been granted right of way access to lay lines to the residences. Even if someone wanted to go through the expense to lay lines, most often they can’t. Look at what the state did to prevent other cities from having their utilities do what EPB did in Chattanooga. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Last_mile https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbestechcouncil/2018/05/10/content-may-be-king-but-not-without-access-via-the-last-mile/
  11. Chucktshoes

    question about comcast

    Yep. Government enforced last mile monopolies are the real problem here. The government is not your friend on this issue.
  12. It’s kind of a shame that these are federal charges and that these bastards will serve time in federal prisons. That baser, visceral part of me would really like to see these guys put it to gen pop in Cheatham County. I doubt this was the first time that they did something so over the line and abusive to a prisoner. This was just the first time they got caught.
  13. Chucktshoes

    Solar Observatory Shut Down

    Did they come by black helicopter?
  14. Chucktshoes

    Officer entering wrong apartment, killing occupant

    I hope that’s just the internet being the internet. If not, I’m torn on whether the charges should be upgraded to murder. If any of that is true, then it would absolutely be worthy of a murder charge, but recent history has shown us that juries are loathe to convict cops of murdering folks. So the question is do you upgrade the charges to what’s appropriate, or do you for for the easier conviction to acquire some (if incomplete) measure of justice? It’s all a hypothetical, but still a troubling question.
  15. Oh, by the way, the SN podcast along with the Joe Rogan Experience have actually gotten me into podcasts. I actually keep up with SN more than any other.

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