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  1. Chucktshoes

    Nashville officer charged in shooting

    You might have just found the one thing we agree on. This is all just show for political gain in how it is being handled.
  2. Chucktshoes

    Nashville officer charged in shooting

    Only if you like the state working against the people for injustice as opposed to the people working against the state for justice.
  3. Chucktshoes

    Nashville officer charged in shooting

    Once again they overcharged. They (almost) always overcharge in these cases and that’s why the officers (almost) always walk. At some point you have to stop believing it’s over eagerness or incompetence and suspect that it’s intentional.
  4. Chucktshoes

    Fun pictures or videos.

  5. Chucktshoes

    Hi-Point promising new "more contemporary" pistol at SHOT

    Say what you want about them, they sell a lot of guns. My first pistol was a Hi-Point. It served me well while I had it.
  6. That reminds me of this incident from a few years back where a face to face conversation got really awkward after one guest assumed the guest was white, when he wasn’t in a conversation regarding the Starbucks Racetogether campaign a few years ago. The whole video is worthwhile, but the fun starts aroun the 6:00 minute mark.
  7. Chucktshoes

    Cop shoots partner in back

    I’ve watched the bodycam video of this incident several times and I can only come to the conclusion of negligence. If you watch the footage closely you can see that every time the female officer is in view, she is safely indexing her trigger finger and exercising good muzzle discipline. Her training stuck and it is a shame that she ended up paying the price for her partner’s negligence. There is no other way to legitimately describe his weapons handling other than negligent and its synonyms. The whole time he was rolling around the house with his weapon in his hand, his finger was on the trigger and he flagged her more than once. The end result was sadly predictable. I pray she is able to fully recover from this incident. I also hope that her partner receives the remedial training he so obviously needs. ***A warning to all parties involved in this discussion.*** Ensure that your posts are limited to the topic at hand. The policy on TGO is and remains that generalized cop bashing is not allowed. Normally threads critical of LE must be related to TN, but I’m allowing this thread to go forward because I believe that we can all learn lessons from this incident. The reminder of what happens when folks get complacent is never a bad thing. Still, be careful with what you say and how you say it. Keep it topical and keep it respectful. You can be critical of LE (obviously I am) but ensure that your posts provide value and intelligent discourse beyond “cops are bad, mmmkay?”
  8. Chucktshoes

    Tennessee counties packing the most, least heat

    We hold to the state trend in Crockett. About 10% of the population have permits.
  9. Chucktshoes

    Springfield Saint Edge

    Yep, I’m planning on using the Maxim PDW brace. The goal was always to end up with a PDW style pistol.
  10. Chucktshoes

    What are you listening to now?

    Recent discovery thanks to a record club I belong to. I feel like the first 40 years of my life were missing something wonderful and it was Blossom Dearie. A repressing of this record is waiting for me at the house and I can’t wait to get home to spend some quality time with it. (Full album)
  11. Chucktshoes

    Springfield Saint Edge

    I picked up a used 10.5” BCM upper here in the classifieds after initially posting this that brought my entry price down by a significant margin. So now I’m just building my pistol out on a lower I already had. The only thing I’m really giving up is the pinned adjustable gas block. C’est la vie.
  12. Chucktshoes

    The New Glock 48 - Single Stack 10rd Glock 19-ish

    I don’t think it’s the manufacturers saying that all is needed. I think it’s the market saying to the manufacturers that it’s what they are wanting because it’s what they are buying.
  13. Chucktshoes

    The New Glock 48 - Single Stack 10rd Glock 19-ish

    What deerslayer said. The user gets to determine “need” not some asshole from on high. And certainly not a politician.
  14. Chucktshoes

    Words to live by....

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