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  1. 10th anniversary TGO Knives

    Haha. You knew I couldn’t resist.
  2. R. Lee Ermey, aka Gunny is gone

    Well ####. R. Lee Ermey, a Golden Globe-nominated actor best known for his role as Gunnery Sgt. Hartman in Full Metal Jacket, has died. The news was announced via his official twitter account by his longtime manager, Bill Rogin. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/r-lee-ermey-dead-golden-globe-nominee-full-metal-jacket-was-74-1102863
  3. I know nothing about this event or this organization. They very well could have nefarious ends, or 100% on the level. I have zero clue whatsoever. My point is strictly about Whois privacy services not being suspicious in and of itself.
  4. As the owner of a web domain that I use exclusively for email, I wouldn’t infer anything at all from the owner paying for privacy. I initially didn’t use whois privacy and received multiple telemarketing calls from folks in foreign countries offering me site building services. Whois privacy is a necessity as far as I am concerned.
  5. My guess is the thinking goes something like this. When carrying a firearm: Having a drink with a meal- ok Being drunk- not ok Drinking for the purpose of drinking - not ok If you are in a bar/lounge/primary drinking establishments- you are there to drink - so not ok. TN doesn’t differentiate a bar from a restaurant, so we can’t make that type of distinction.
  6. This actually does vary by state. That might have its own interesting implications.
  7. Assault Weapons Ban Upheld In MA

    Yep. All the federal gun laws, all of the drug laws, all of the USDA laws, almost every federal regulation in this country is built upon the basis of the commerce clause. Undoing Wickard what undo almost all of it. There would be a lot of chaos, and a lot of layoffs. I would venture that it would also trigger a constitutional amendment, if not a convention to redo the whole shebang.
  8. Assault Weapons Ban Upheld In MA

    I am an anarchist, ultimately I believe it would be a good thing. On the other hand, don’t for a second think that it won’t be without a lot of serious pain all around.
  9. Assault Weapons Ban Upheld In MA

    Well I know this was said in jest, I would also say that the amount of truth contained it is significant. Not about Scalia, of course. If Wickard were to fall I would say conservatively it would unravel a solid 30-50% of the federal government, if not more.
  10. Colion Noir & Killer Mike

    Excellent, Erik. Chip away at the negative narrative bit by bit and eventually it crumbles. That brings up another vitally important point from the discussion. The media narrative of the black gun owner needs to be changed to more accurately reflect the truth. When I still worked in the retail in Memphis I was open about being a gun guy. Most of my coworkers were black and I took any that were up for the experience to the range. More than a few took me up on the offer. I wish I had steered more towards the NRA at the time. (This discussion helped remind me that for all my complaints with them, there is still a lot of good history and potential for more good from them. Membership getting renewed post haste.) I also discovered that quite a few, especially the young black men had been steered towards Lorcins, Cobras, Jennings, Jimminez, etc. at the gun shops they visited. These were guys looking to have a gun to defend themselves and their families. Why would anyone steer them towards crap like that? I knew the answer then like I know it now and it still pisses me off. I know it probably seems like I focus quite a bit on the subjects of race as it relates to us gun owners but that is borne of my experience as a Memphian who worked in and around inner city urban areas. Whether I risk sounding paternalistic and/or opportunistic, I believe that there is the ability to strengthen the position of gun owners by making a concerted effort to bring more black folks into the gun rights political fold. In doing so we may be able to force the Democrats to back off from being the party of full disarmament if one of their key constituencies starts telling them they aren’t about that gun ban business.
  11. Killer Mike is a rapper who campaigned for Bernie in the last election. He’s also a hardcore 2A advocate in the black community, an NRA member and a Southerner. Over the last couple of weeks he has received a lot, and I mean A LOT of flack over this interview that he did on NRA TV with Colion Noir. While he has made statements since the release taking issue with how it was initially utilized to contrast with the March for Our Lives (which was discussed in the video) I think there is a lot that can be learned from in this discussion. It’s long, but I believe well worth the watch. To anyone one who does take this journey with me, are there any points that really stuck out to you? For me there are definitely a few, such as his specific criticisms of the Democratic Party and white progressives not being real allies to black folks and how the NRA played a vital role during the civil rights era.
  12. Has anyone scoped their K31?

    You know, while I understand the desire to appreciate a fine military instrument for its original use and design, there is something to be said for the bubbas. They took that weapon designed for military use and adapted it to suit their normal “sporting” purposes and made it normal and unremarkable. Kinda like all the folks that shoot competitions and hunt with ARs and the other scary black rifles. So do your thing, Bubba!
  13. I’ll take her! You don’t happen to have a Runt you want to part with, do ya? It will be the only one I’m missing after this.
  14. Gunshots reported at YouTube

    It doesn’t matter who the victims or the perps are when it’s a gun problem.
  15. On 'Code-speak'

    That’s a great post, but your math is slightly off. You need to add a zero to your 10% and 1% totals. 10% would be 10 million and 1% would be one million. Think about that. If only 1% of gun owners sought to actively defend their rights by any means necessary, it would equal the size of the entire amount of US Army, active and reserve.

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