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  1. Sometimes the the best thing to say is nothing at all.
  2. Nah, the really smart way involves something like this.
  3. That’s something that they don’t get enough credit for I think. They’re doing some great stuff at great prices, and yet they’re not sacrificing aesthetics to reduce costs. Keltec is doing some innovative stuff, but holy hell is everything they offer just bloody hideous looking. That’s a thing that turns me off of their products. Everything they make feels cheap and it looks even worse. Maybe it’s stupid, but I’m not spending my discretionary income for a range toy that I can’t bear to look at, let alone stand to hold.
  4. Did you spend twice as much on an MCX? ——- Regardless of one’s feelings about any specific offering, I have to commend the company leadership on what they’re attempting to do here with these products. According to all of the PSA folks I’ve seen interviewed the CEO has taken the “common use” portion of the Heller decision as a mission statement for the company. The less expensive these offerings are, the more folks will buy them, resulting in higher numbers in circulation, and the harder it will be to claim that they aren’t “in common use” thus making it harder to ban them. You gotta respect that kind of ethos for the running of a firearms company.
  5. They’re going after Sig’s MCX as well with the JAKL. Expected MSRP of around $800. .300 BLK monolithic upper, 7.5” bbl, long stroke piston, non-reciprocating side charging handle, 3 position adjustable gas system, attaches to a standard AR lower.
  6. You can’t properly LARP as John McLane if you can’t do an HK slap.
  7. It’s going after Canik and Ruger Price point and leveraging the Glock aftermarket.
  8. Yep. Hinged. But I imagine you could Apex it pretty easily.
  9. If it really does come in at that price point and is reliable, it is going to steal huge market share from everyone else in the MP5 game. I know I’ll go that way to scratch my John McLane itch.
  10. Essentially, yes. Considering the explosion of “Gucci Glock” manufacturers doing similar things in the last couple of years, my guess is that certain Glock patents must have expired to allow this. It appears to me that instead of going high end Gucci, PSA is staying within their wheelhouse and going the opposite direction to bring to market an affordable pistol built on a proven platform. It’s a genius move if you ask me, the built in aftermarket support has got to be massive right out of the gate.
  11. PSA dropped a couple of big bombs at SHOT. First is that they are introducing a striker fired polymer pistol compatible with most 3rd gen Glock parts for $299 for the base, $350 for one with a threaded barrel, optic cut, and suppressor height sights. In addition they, have announced that the PSA5, their MP5 clone, will be out this year. Projected price is not finalized, but still expected to be below $1200. This places it several hundred below it’s nearest MP5 clone competitors, and over $1500 lower than the just released HK SP5. I swear, I’m not a paid spokesman or anything, but I am excited to see these product releases. PSA is really making some major moves right now that can have some serious market impacts with regards to pricing.
  12. The Americans booby trapped them. Don’t try and load it. Hans lost his thumb that way.

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