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  1. Please, one of y’all buy this and save me from collecting another project to neglect.
  2. In state con carry has no reciprocity. As an example, Vermont, the original Con Carry state, has no permitting system. Citizens of Vermont have to acquire non-resident permits from other states to allow them to carry outside of Vermont. So while I absolutely desire a true Constitutional Carry bill to pass, I will keep my permit as I do require the ability to carry outside of TN.
  3. The ConCarry bills only remove the necessity to get a permit. They do not affect the permit system that already exists. The permit will still be there for those that wish to acquire one.
  4. I do have to admit that I’ve developed a real fondness for the Eotech style donut of death dot/circle reticle. It’s fast when I want it to be and precise when I need it to be.
  5. Not only is ATN trash, they were also guilty of ITAR violations in helping export 3rd Gen night vision gear to Russia.
  6. If you’re planning to lock the gun itself, yeah. If you’re planning on using one on the case, maybe. The lock must be able to secure the lid closed. If the lock allows the edge of the case to be cracked open, no.
  7. It’s not necessary to use a TSA lock on a gun case. I didn’t use one last time I flew and won’t use one. Outer luggage yes, but not the gun case.
  8. A while back David purged a bunch of long dormant accounts from the database. Those are the posts that remain.
  9. First page on DDG as well, but at the bottom of the first page.
  10. Yep. He got banned years ago and then this thread kept popping up again, and again, and again taking up a life of its own. IIRC Tanker really hated cops and used to post every single story about police misconduct he found. A good chunk of his posts disappeared in one of the Gen Politics purges. So somebody added the Tanker’s Revenge to the title and it’s still going. If I had to venture a guess it’s because “Tisas” is a very unique word so the search function works very well and always points to this one thread.
  11. I apologize as I don’t have much experience with the aftermarket slide manufacturers. I have 3 pistols with optics. My Springfield Hellcat OSP which came factory ready. My Shadow Systems War Poet which came with an optic, and a Browning HiPower which is currently with my gunsmith getting its slide milled for an optic. I’m normally not one for milling the slide, but that one is a bit of a special case. It’s gonna get a rail installed as well.
  12. And that even after the Nashville prices have gone stupid.


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