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  1. They’re a standup company. I have several of their lights. They make an excellent edc pocket light and Willis is a awesome guy to support. While I don’t need any at the moment, I know who I’ll be buying them from now from here on out.
  2. In all seriousness, her name is Erika Knight. You can find her instagram, but she also owns a company that makes leggings with pockets and belt loops (the shorts she’s wearing are one of her products) that may help make it easier to get the wife to actually wear a gun. https://vakandiapparel.com/
  3. I spent the weekend at Tactical Response for Fighting Pistol. It was an amazing experience. I’m still processing some stuff from the class, but I will provide a full AAR in a different thread, but the short and dirty is that I will be back for more, much more.
  4. Can’t post direct links from Parler, so here is a screen cap.
  5. Buddy of mine as that Smith scandium/titanium snub nose 44mag. The real fun is to load a few 44spl and 1 or 2 44mag and give the cylinder a spin. Each trigger pull is a surprise.
  6. While I make jokes, TWRA is a government agency I don’t mind in the least. They perform their function well and within the revenue provided by their fees. The fact that they are self supporting by the folks who actually wish to make use of their services elevates them in my eyes on basic principles alone.
  7. If anyone in West TN is interested in this unit, I’m gonna be meeting up with Doug tomorrow and will happily play courier.
  8. Government efficiency at its finest.
  9. They’re pretty good at shooting dogs as well. So maybe if your wife has a little yapper you can’t stand...
  10. I get your objections, but still maintain that to totally ignore the game being played by the left and their compatriots in the media is the same path to irrelevance that plagues the Libertarian Party. There comes a point where you have to understand the game and play it, or you go home and accept what you’re handed. I still think you’re reading his ads wrong. The left and the media attempt to portray any and all conservative values and positions as racist. You can either just stop being afraid of the label or you can turn the game against them. Sethi is telling them that their cries of racism have no power against him. It renders so much of the left and the media’s smears against conservatives moot. I’ll be honest, if that’s why it takes to be effective, then I’m willing to get behind it.
  11. ASCII art was great back in the day.
  12. I actually agree with you somewhat, immigration isn’t necessarily about race. The problem is the media and folks on the left don’t agree and portray it as a race issue. Many Republican politicians are so afraid of being called racist that they stay quiet. Sethi is saying he can leverage what essentially is his racism immunity card to press the issue. I’m not afraid of being called a racist because I know what I’m about. A lot of folks are deathly afraid of that label and will do anything to avoid it. To pretend that the media portrayal of the issue isn’t a significant factor in public opinion is to ignore reality.
  13. I’ve watched his ads on YouTube and they don’t come across like that to me at all. It isn’t “I’ll be your racist” it’s “My values are your values, but I’m not white, so they can’t call me racist.” In the era of demographic warfare and intersectional feminism, it’s a powerful card to be able to play in these kinds of debates.

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