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Community Answers

  1. That’s true for the majority of the place. But where it ain’t, it really ain’t.
  2. https://www.instagram.com/reel/C64OZ2RLJNK/?igsh=YnEzaHA1OGpwNTAw
  3. New Mexico has been getting wiiiild. Increased cartel activity plus low population density results in sky high crime statistics.
  4. I agree with the overall sentiment here. I was never advocating for criminalizing the victim of property crime, but there are other ways to enforce societal norms and discourage poor behaviors. One of them is shame and public condemnation. Just because an action shouldn’t be illegal doesn’t make it a good choice that shouldn’t be roundly discouraged.
  5. The sensors on the phones will produce a much better image than your eyes can see.
  6. 19th century thinker/writer/philosopher. You should look him up. He has some excellent ideas on the legitimacy of government.
  7. Have you ever heard the name Lysander Spooner?
  8. I wouldn’t have made that trip to Memphis in the first place because I understand the high risk of waking up without the car. Thats the kind of risk assessment I’m talking about here. Did she cause her car to get stolen? No, but I hope she wasn’t surprised that it happened. https://wreg.com/news/investigations/driving-crime-more-than-22000-vehicle-thefts-in-memphis-in-2-years/ In Memphis, the risk of vehicle break in is so high as to be nearly a guarantee. So leaving a firearm in the car is tantamount to intentionally arming a criminal. When I lived in Midtown in Memphis, I had my car broken into 5 times in little over a two year period. If I left a firearm in my vehicle and it got stolen, any reasonable person would say that it was an entirely predictable outcome. This is honestly a very weird surprising take from a group of folks whom mostly carry guns because of the possibility of encountering someone who means them harm. I mean, I shouldn’t have to carry a gun everywhere I go, but I do because I’ve made an assessment of the risks and act accordingly. It’s kinda amusing since the odds of me having to use my gun are waaaaaaay lower than the odds of my car getting broken into in the Memphis metro. Folks can live in the world they imagine exists inside their mind, or they can live in the one outside their front door. I choose the latter.
  9. Thats all nice and fine, but here in the real world, risk mitigation is a part of life. Failing to take reasonable measures to operate in the world in which we actually live only makes one an attractive target for the criminal element. At some point, it’s just acting as an accessory to the criminals by enabling them. Reminds me of the meme about the guy talking to his neighbor who says “the coyotes keep eating our cats.” ”Where do you get the cats?” ”The animal shelter.” ”Sounds to me like you’re just feeding the coyotes.” Then the guys kid just runs away crying
  10. This is a BS excuse and always has been. A criminal who breaks into a car and steals a gun is 100% responsible for their actions. That doesn’t absolve the person who engages in a behavior with a predictable outcome for their poor decision making. A woman should also be able to go get blackout drunk without the fear of being assaulted. That said, I’m going to educate my daughter on why she should never engage in that sort of behavior because a bad outcome is entirely predictable.
  11. Your. Car. Is. Not. A. Holster!
  12. This is a serious deal on ammo that’s excellent for a short barreled HD rifle/pistol. If I had the spare cash I’d’ve already snatched it up.
  13. I think this is pretty much what most people are going to do. I wish them all the success in the world as I would love to see the NRA become what Giffords and Brady thinks it is. The linchpin of everything is to keep an eye on if they are taking action to reduce the size of the board. If no action is taken to reduce the size of the board to a proper level, then you know they’re full of it. The entire construction of the current NRA board is to enable graft and prevent accountability. Without fixing that, there is no fixing the NRA.


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