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SFWA (Shooting For Women Alliance) - FFIR (Family Fun Indoor Range)

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The FFIR is located where Sevierville Indoor Range was (S I R closed sometime ago and the new owners, Vladimir and Susan, have opened FFIR). Susan is the founder of SFWA, an organization dedicated to Shooting for Women. 
The Range and SFWA are geared to introducing and education of women (their families and friends, men are allowed as well) to shooting. They offer many classes including Safety, Handgun Fit, Concealed Carry Permits ($40 total CC is very reasonable). Range costs are very reasonable at $12 for all day use, there are year memberships as well. 
I became aware of the range and dropped by to check it out (lucked out and got in on a year deal for $100 - not always available). I have visited twice to shoot. So, my exposure and acquaintance to them is limited limited, I am impressed with the owners, improvements they have made to the range (more are planned), their friendliness, knowledge, and history (experience).  
I suggest anyone interested in shooting (especially beginners) check them out and make your own decision.  
I give the following links (below) for you to take a look (Browse thru the web Sites) and learn more than I can explain here. That said, briefly The business started in 1992 when Susan founded SFWA (as a result of an incident that happened to her - being held at Knife Point and Stalked for 2 years). They had a range in Kingston, TN, and recently moved to Sevierville, TN to open  Family Fun Indoor Range (opened n Oct of 2019, I think I have the date correct).    
BTW, I have no financial interest are other ties to SFWA or FFIR other than I just think they provide a good service (especially for women as they are dedicated to that - men are allowed and included) and want to pass on the information.
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I should add, I also posted on this site a lot of information on Family Fun Indoor range when I first discovered it. Long posts as I learned more details. Then thought, since they are dedicated to women shooters (primarily) it would be a topic for this Thread.

I don't mean to duplicate things, but perhaps you would want to look up the thread I did on that.   

Here is another link that shows more about the training they offer.  They are working on the simulator system (which I know nothing about). 


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I have enjoyed the Indoor Shooting more than I thought. 

I have been 5 times (I think) since I joined membership early DEC. Membership allows longer shoot time (not just an hour, their $12 fee does also allow longer time). So, not rushed, can run target back and forth. 

I have been playing with Air Guns (Pellet) rifles (2 Pump Ups and one Break barrel) and a pistol (Pump Up). You KNOW takes time to shoot those (Pump or Break the Break the Barrel to load one at a time). 

Deal is I shoot air guns in basement, but limited to 42 feet distance (I can move to basement entrance and get another 15 feet). Those guns all pretty accurate in basement and use only 4 pumps on the Pump Ups. I wanted to try them at 25 yards at the range. I spend typically 2 hours messing around with them and some 22 pistol shooting. 

It is INDOOR, but the range area is not hooked to the central heat or air. A ventilation fan is running as well. 

It's cool this time of year (was 40F outside yesterday). They have portable gas heater in the shooting area AND THEY OFFERED TO TURN IT ON. I declined as I was dressed warm to Ride MC over there (17 to 20 miles to the range). I was OK in the range, hands a bit cool (old folks, I am 81, have that issue). 

The folks, Susan and Ladimiar (owners), and Denise are very friendly. Yesterday they were teaching a class to a couple (class for becoming and Instructor). They were on a break and invited me to sit with them and had a cup of hot cider (social interaction). 

BTW, Members have access to the "kitchen" and snacks. I never have used that except for this time (cider). I might enjoy a coffee or something occasionally. 

I think it is an enjoyable place (and so far when I am there, been only one or two other shooters come in - hope that improves for them but not get over crowded for me LOL). 

Only one thing concerns me and that is a Gun Check at counter in common area before entering the range. 

I just don't think it is wise to be taking guns out of a container at a counter (people screw up - maybe have one in chamber and then handling it at a counter, AD or ND --- STUFF HAPPENS). Most RANGES and GUN DEALERS - DO NOT want you to take a gun out for any reason. 

I carry into the range: Rifles tin Bolt Open (not in a container) and pistols in a padded zipped up container in a carry bag (be several pistols). I open the zipper and show them not loaded (rack back). I think they prefer to open the container and check gun (found that out yesterday). I AM NOT SURE why they do this (perhaps restrict some guns going into the range?). 

My opinion, safer and best to leave guns in containers and in bag and just go on into the range area. NOT to take guns out at a counter in common area. STUFF HAPPENS.

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