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  1. pop pop


    Praying for good result with your surgery. God is good.
  2. Just ordered 500 rounds of Winchester White Box 130 gr practice ammo from S G ammo for 209.00. Best price I have seen on that ammo in a while. Get-ye-some!
  3. I don't care what is in the papers, however I think this sets a bad president form this time forward. Governments loves suppression and secrecy. Look at what has happened since the shooting. The Families want to suppress it, but it is in the news almost daily. I feel sorry for them.
  4. Your neighbors can stop back yard shooting whenever they deem it a nuisance or annoyance under that prevision. If I wanted to shoot in my yard, on a regular basis, I would find another property. Gun haters are everywhere, and they can move in tomorrow the way property is selling today. Most of my neighbors have been here for years and they know I shoot from time to time.
  5. I purchased an SP 101 when they first came out. Really liked it but was heavy and stout. My daughter wanted a small revolver so I gave it to her. Someone broke into their house and took it. I believe they (Sherriff Dept) recovered it for her. Some of her stuff she never recovered. I really liked the SP 101. Fired about 400 rounds through it before giving it to my daughter. I am thankful they have since purchased gun safes, and good burglar alarm to add a couple more levels to their house and gun security.
  6. Hey" Will Carry", I purchased a S W M P 9 MM EZ for the same reason. Do what works for you and don't look back. I am a Ruger fan as well.
  7. Happy 4th to all you guys.
  8. UT will need to redo their coach's contract to keep him. A Texas team announced they are already after him.
  9. I have 3 Taurus 617 style 7 shot SS 2" brl 357/38 revolvers. One is blued. They are K frame size. No issues with any of them and have had them 10 years. Carry one of them every day and have for the past few years. All shoot to aim and have smooth triggers on them. One is an ultralight and only fires 38 special and is + P rated. I highly recommend later models of Taurus revolvers. The one I carry has several rounds (1,000+) through it. Is still very tight and functions well, although most of the rounds through it was 38 spl practice ammo. Have fired 4 boxes of 357 full power through it though.
  10. I am not a fan of light bullets in 9 MM. I go for the 147 + P rounds for S D, but I am not an expert by any means. In the past lighter bullets, was not as effective as the heavier in 9 MM and it took multiple hits to stop attackers. They penetrated far less than the heavier even though they were traveling much faster. Under penetration is a big factor. When traveling much higher velocities lighter bullets tend to make hollow point bullets open much faster and the mushroom is larger which has the effect of less penetration, and along with that comes the worry is they may not reach vitals. Like I stated that was with past flavors of ammo. It very well may be different now with the newer brands of ammo. I am aware that ammo has made strides in the past few years. Hornady Critical Defense has the 115-grain HP bullet and is spoken of as very effective and the Critical Duty, made for Police work, has the heavier135 Gr bullet, but is designed for shooting through glass and other barriers for Police work so over penetration may be a factor. In my 38/357 7 shot Revolver EDC I am carrying Cor Bon DPX all copper in 357 Mag simply because I have several older ones on hand. My 9's all have the Winchester PDX 1 +P 147 gr HP's. I am a fan of Hornady 147 Gr +P also. Those are what I have on hand and trust. I can still control the recoil, for now, but am getting older with Arthritis on board. Time will tell on that one. Like I said I am no expert, and you all must work out your own salvation. Heard that saying form somewhere in the past. Edited to add content; Made me cringe to see him re-holster the handgun pointed at his business area in the video. "Thats my story and I am sticking to it!"
  11. Guess if you are in violation all they can do is ask you to leave. I agree the exceptions pretty well nullifies the bill. Another practically useless bill.
  12. All of us fathers should be about educating our children, and everyone we meet, about Jesus Christ and God. Need help, I am your man. Happy Fathers Day as well.
  13. I shoot in my back yard all the time, but am respectful of neighbors. No shooting before 9:00 AM and after 7:00 PM. handguns mostly. Do sight in Rifles, some times, but do it midday. Shoot 22 LR most any time but use subsonic ammo. Little less noise. Lived her 40 years and never had a lawman visit.
  14. I have several 22s. I have a Sig Mosquito 22LR (good one), and a SW 3" ultralight 8 shot revolver 22LR, have a TX 22 Taurus which has become my favorite semi-auto. Also have a Taurus 8 shot 3" small frame 22 WMR. Love my 22's.


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