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  1. My 17 YO grandson has a mullet.
  2. Got some 22 LR at Walmart yesterday. They had Winchester 36 gr HP in boxes of 333 rounds for 21.73 per box, limit 3 boxes. Had some Rifle ammo, but no pistol ammo. Clerk told me they don't sell it any longer.
  3. Prayed for her tonight.
  4. Totally agreed with you RED333, but in the future that could be cheap. The Pres banned Russian ammo and that is a large part of the ammo used in the U S. Estimates is probably up to 1/5 of ammo used as of late. That is a large chunk my friends. Remington is gearing up once again so that may fill the void left by no Russian Ammo. I truly hope it comes down, but 459.00 per 1000 is what S G Ammo has been at for months now. Before the crunch the same ammo was 179.00. OH, for those days again. I think we all wish we had laid in a few more thousand rounds at 179.00 for 9 mm practice.
  5. Every time I hear Creedence Clear Water's song "Bad Moon Rising, I can still visualize and hear the sound of the Choppers in my head.
  6. Went to Pigeon Forge this week. Found Blaser Brass 115 Gr 9 MM, practice ammo, at the J Floyds Golf Shop next too Goodwill, on the main parkway in Sevierville, for 19.95 per box of 50, or 400.00 for 1000 round case. Best price I have seen lately. They had two other brands also. About 100,000 rounds in stock last Tuesday. I purchased 300 rounds. I know it was high, for 9 MM, but who knows what is going to happen and I wanted some practice without using my stash. Does anyone know where I can find some Remington Golden Saber self defense ammo in 9 MM and 357 Mag 125 Gr Bonded HP + P?
  7. Purchase some subsonic ammo, if you can. It is a tad quitter. I have a squirrel problem and that is what I did out of respect for neighbors. also I do not shoot before 8:00 AM or after 6:00 PM. I don't shoot that much but do have a back yard range and do practice from time to time. Use full power ammo when I do this. Try to shoot midday out of respect.
  8. I got some of the Buffalo Bore Ammo. "It is HOT", even in a S W 681 4"."
  9. I have a Henry Big Boy lever gun in 38Spl/357Mag. I purchased it about 8 years ago. They have new ones with side loading gate which my rifle does not have. That has been the knock on Henry rifles in the past, only tube fed. You might consider that although it has not been a problem for me. I like being able to take the unfired ammo out the magazine tube without needing to run every unfired round thorough the chamber to eject. If you plan to ever hunt, IMO, I would get the rifle in 44Spl/44 Magnum or 45 Colt, if you really want to cowboy up, although I have no experience with that caliber Lever guns, The 44 Spl is much easier to shoot (recoil) for plinking. They are not cheap nor is the ammo! I I paid 739.00 for the one I have new. My family and I really like the Henry I have. I shoot 38Spl and 357 which is my EDC. I wanted the lever gun to match that caliber. It takes a dedicated man to shell out big bucks for a lever gun. I know, I fought the urge for years, while not finding any pistol caliber levers in good used condition except for 30 30's.
  10. Saw a man yesterday on the news, said it was due to the millions of new gun owners that teens are shooting each other. Of course they are counting stats from up to age 19 and including them in the reported stats as teens. Take out bad drug dealing and the amount reported would be a lot less. Derf, are you kidding, they are turning out major criminal felons, by the bus loads, from TN Prisons, and in other states prisons. Also they are not prosecuting very many crimes at present, and for sure, since Coved arrived on the scene. There is no fear by criminals because of the none punishment atmosphere.
  11. I need to get 40 rolls of hay cut, baled, and in the barn by the 1st of October. We will be traveling to Pigeon Forge and my daughter needs the remainder of her winter time hay for her horses. She has 11 to feed this winter. Already have 30 rolls in the barn. Looking forward to a few days of no rain. Someone else is going to cut and bale the hay, but I will need to haul it from Lascassas, where it will be bailed, to Eagleville TN where her farm is located. I have a 24' gooseneck trailer and can haul 15 bales a trip. Come on dry weather.
  12. (1)Taurus 357Mag/38 Spl SS 7 shot 2" brl revolver stocked with 357 Mag Cor Bon DPX, since Cor Bon manufactured that ammo, for the last 12 years. (2) Have delved into MP 9 MMC 2.0 for the last 5 years and (3) a lastly purchased MP 9MM EZ IWB for the past 1 years. Only have 200 rounds through this one and would like a few more. So far no failures with any of these, and Comfortable with all of them. Mostly practicing with a 22 Lr S W mdl 317 revolver, and Sig Mosquito semi auto in 22 LR, because of ammo crunch. Preserving my stash of larger caliber ammo. Who knows when this the ammo shortage will end. Have proof tested all of them, and they are reliable, fit my hand, have substantial power, and I have confidence in them, but have concerns because of my failing abilities as I get older. This ammo shortage is not helping my confidence either because of lack of practice with bigger handgun calibers. Only shooting them a couple times per year. The 22LR practice keeps trigger finger in shape though. Trigger press is serious, IMO.
  13. Not a chance I will open carry. I want to have surprise on my side.
  14. Had very little pain so far.
  15. Got the cath out Monday and doing well. Not a lot of pain at all. Cath was a real bother. Now hoping for good results. Dr said we will know in a month. Got some residual swelling but should go away in 2 to 3 weeks and things will be back to as normal as possible. So far, I would recommend the Resume procedure and for sure if good results happen.


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