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  1. 45guy, 25 an hour is a bargain. Last time I checked, years ago, around Mid TN it is flat rate 100.00 per hr and lots of bond and liability ins must be provided. Plus must use off duty officers. That was several years ago. For our church just labor cost for 3 hrs on Sunday was 300.00 and bond and insurance was very expensive. We were a church of 220 nd we simply could not afford armed security at our congregation.
  2. 38/357 has always been my go too EDC. Others are as good, but my choice is the 357 for self defense. I have several 9 MM and 40's but always gravitate to my 7 shooter. It will be making the trip with me out West come Saturday morning. Only 2 states, California and Oregon, that does not recognize my CCP. I will be forced to put my "Roscoe" in the under seat gun vault and lock it away in those two states unloaded. Will also be taking a residence pistol and keep it in my RV. I have a lockable gun vault in it also. Probably take my 9MM M P 2.0 C.
  3. Haven't purchased any handgun ammo for 3 years. Purchased some rifle, 308, and 7mm 08 2 years ago.
  4. Prayer said for Molly and you.
  5. Crime is going to be up all over the US. Nothing new. It don't take a genius to conclude if you lock everyone in their house, for a Coved year, then turn them out again a year later, crime is going to go up. With everyone basically homebound crime went down, now their out, crime will go up. Imagine that!!!! Memphis has been crime ridden for years but it is the biggest city in Tn.
  6. Not same delivery guy comes every day.
  7. Mike that is in the back of my mind. I went and had the shot put into my knee so I could do this very thing. Been on the Bright Angel Trail, but the days we were there the trail was closed due to much rain and mud. I have grandkids that will be ready to do this very thing. Thanks for the suggestion. Getting more excited every day. Launch time is the 26th of June, early. Little Rock the first night. Oklahoma City the second night. Going to visit the Nat Park in the city where McVeigh blew up the Murrow Building and eat at the 100+ year old Stockyard Restaurant. It seen lots of cowboys who drove cattle up from Texas to access the railroad in the late 1800's. Will have a steak in their honor. Still prepping. Had a wisdom tooth extracted yesterday.
  8. Sorry for the mistake Kahr Man. I corrected the previous post. DHF, not to be argumentative, but TN law is what is going to allow your attorney to build your defense around, if you are a resident. So it is "somewhat" important. Do you have an attorney now? I have been trying to search out one should I be forced to use an attorney who specializes in an Affirmative Defense here in TN. Edited to add; John Y Brown was an attorney in Nashville, but not sure if he is still practicing.
  9. John L Harris is an attorney who runs TN Firearms Assoc(corrected) . He is knowledgeable in gun related field and gun laws in the state of TN and around Nashville. He is also an associated attorney for the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Net, or was. They have another associated attorney in Franklin TN but I don't have his info handy. ACLDN allows one to pick his attorney or, if you need assistance, helps to locate you one. However you ,must do your part beforehand. (Give pertinent info at the scene, if you are forced into a situation, then keep your mouth shut until you contact a good attorney). Edited to add; Guys I look at this insurance as being no different than Homeowners or Auto insurance. Why do you carry either? Because you are forced too, or is it to protect your merger(In my case) assets from loosing them and then being forced to end up homeless, or worse loose your freedom, or both. Most, if one is forced to get involved in an S D event, even if you are in the right, end up in serious financial debt afterwards. At 73 years of age, and in my compromised physical condition, it would be hard for me to start over. That is why I need protection. And no, I don't want to try my Homeowners or Auto insurance either, aside from using S D coverage. Not much difference to loosing our home to fire and ending up homeless. Both situations are the same except one you may loose your freedom to walk among us. In Zimmerman's case in Florida, the State and Feds through the book at him. Could that be you????? My decision is my yearly cost of 90.00 per year, to belong to ACLDN, is not too much for me to have peace of mind in this area. I feel I have done my part in this arena. Just consider it.
  10. Good story before we leave guys. I wrote here about James Druery, "The Virginian" befriended our grandson 3 years ago at a meet and great with James's fan club in Gene Autrey Oklahoma. James passed this year, and Cody stills cries every time he hears George Strait sings the song, "The Cowboy Rides away". They played that song and showed the video at close of James's funeral. Cody always called him, after the restaurant incident where James came across the room and called out "Is That Cody," then he walked up to Cody's, and his aunt's, table and hugged Cody. Cody has Downs Syndrome. Everyone in that very busy restaurant stood and clapped and started chanting 'The Virginian," "The Virginian." James was 82 years old then. Cody tells me, all the time "James Druery was my friend." James gave Cody several autographed pictures and allowed Cody to spend time in his booth at the meet and great. His fans even recognized Cody, from a picture my daughter posted, on their interned possey web site, of Cody dressed in a cowboy hat and outfit that looked like the Virginian's. The fans fussed over Cody the whole 2 days. James even invited Cody to eat at James's (The Bossmans) turned out to be (COVID) final dinner table with his fans. Cody sit directly across from the Virginian, and James told Cody, and the whole table, Cody was his most special guest. Cody truly was James' friend from that day forward. Well James is Berried in Amarillo Texas, and L/w we will be taking Cody to say good-by to his friend James Durery. We have not told Cody, but want it to be a surprise. There won't be a dry eye in our party if we can pull this off. Every time Cody sees a rainbow, in the sky, he tellls us, "My Friend James Durey is smiling." I tell you Cody was James' true friend, more than James ever knew. Edited to add Video; Hope it works for you https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=youtube+the+cowboy+rides+away+video+george+strait&qpvt=youtube+the+cowboy+rides+away+video+george+strait&view=detail&mid=FBC59699F8343FA37096FBC59699F8343FA37096& Watch the video that follows. We will be singing Amarillo by morning on the way
  11. Macville, I went to my Dr today and had a shot put into my bad knee just hopping I can hike some with my Grandchildren on this trip. We will be spending some time in Oakie City and observing the Nat Park(Murrow Building) there in Oklahoma City. Also have plans to hit the Stockyard Restaurant which has been there since the cowboys drove cattle to Oklahoma City from Texas, to hitch up with the railroad, back in the late 1800. Will eat a good steak in their honor. Wish we had time for the Cowboy Museum, but must keep our RV train rolling to meet our youngest, and her family, at the Grand Canyon on June 30th. One of the bad things about traveling one must pick and choose, then not see everything. Oh Well, bucket list!
  12. My ammo is worth more than my guns!
  13. Like your picture res308. Josie Whales. We hope to find some of those high places.
  14. The 38/357 is the best all around revolver IMO. I carry a 7 shoot every day. It is loaded with Cor Bon DPX in 357 Magnum.
  15. We are beginning to get ready for our upcoming RV trip, with family, to the Grand Canyon/ Zion Nat Park, and surrounding area. Two of our daughters, and their families, will be going with us. One is driving out with us in their RV and the other is flying into Las Vegas and renting a car then driving to meet us in Grand Canyon Village at the Campground. Be 11 of us total. This will be a large trip as our family will be with us for 16 days, then leaving us out there. We, L/w will be going on from there, if we feel like it. Will probably try to leave St George UT, go to Salt Lake City then on across Idaho, and then onward across Oregon to the coast around Eugene and Coase Bay. Will then go to Northern Calif, Crescent City, to see the Redwood Nat Park. Then begin plotting our return trip to Middle TN. We have 5 or 6 weeks to make the trip. being advised the Parks are crowded this year as everyone seems to be shedding the Virus blues out of doors. A trip of a lifetime for me. Hope to stop and smell the roses along the way. We should be leaving on the 26th of June. This trip will most likely be our last big one as my age is creeping up on me.


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