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  1. Going to Outpost Armory, in Murfreesboro, to get a Max 9 for my Son-in-law, with my daughter. She wants to get one for his birthday. I will see if they have this rifle because I will purchase it if they do. Love lever guns and 22 LR. Have a Henry 38Spl/357 Mag. It is the most favorite rifle I have left. Everyone wants me to get it out when they visit. The 22 would be a good addition.
  2. My daughter had 2 labs. A honey color and a Black one. they are trail dogs. The honey one goes on trail rides all the time. My daughter has a trail ride business. The Black one is a rescue and was raised in an apartment before surrender. He is not as good of a trail dog and the other one. My daughter likes them because they scar away animals, Deer Turkey Coons Bobcats Opossums), that if not chased off will spook the horses on the trail. She has close to 5 miles of trails on her 89 Acre farm in Eagleville TN. The black lab will not allow anyone to touch my Daughter. He is a great guard dog.
  3. I order from SG ammo most of the time. Recently had an incident with the last snow. Ordered 9MM from SG and it was set to be delivered on 1-17 and the big snow happened. UPS was supposed to deliver on that day. The tracker said ammo was here in town, but they were unable to deliver it due to weather. Waited two weeks after and still no ammo. I sent message to SG and they gave me a total refund but told me they would not be able to give me a total refund if I did not take the offer of delivery insurance upon purchasing again. Got home on Feb 16th and the original ammo order was delivered a month late. Turns out United Parcel Service was just backed up and took time to catch up the backlog. I did contact S G Ammo and paid for the original order of ammo. Was the right thing to do. Edited to add; S G Ammo charges tax now but no freight on over 200,00 orders.
  4. Do any of you stash loaded pistols and long guns around your house? We are empty nesters but do have a grandson who spends 4 nights a week with us. He has downs, but is very obedient. I have one in an entrance hall closet and one next to my lazy boy chair, in a magazine rack within arms-reach, in my den while watching TV. If I am dressed, I always have my EDC in my strong side pocket, but at times and after evening shower, I am in my bedclothes watching TV with Sweetie. I do not keep long guns out of the safe but do have a MINI 14 and 12 Ga Mossey riot gun fully loaded in my safe that is in the man cave, which is on the opposite end of the house from where we sleep. I would need prior warning to get one out safely. Do keep my EDC on the bedside nightstand and a 9 MM in the drawer. Wife's house her gun is in her Walkin closet in the master B R where we sleep. What are your thoughts on stashed handguns around the house? Edited for spelling.
  5. My wife and I got out for a little range time yesterday afternoon. I tried her out on an MP 9MM EZ and she could not rack the slide. Still taught her how to shoot my MP 9C 2.0 and let her run 30 rounds through it. She has a SW model 65 Ladysmith 3" she calls her house gun. Keeps it in her walk-in closet. I replaced it with my new SW 686 + which is a 7 shot instead of her 6 shot Ladysmith. She shot it well also. She was in favor of the switch. I figured they are both 3" brls and the same size however the 686 has one more round to use if needed. I am a fan of all the rounds one can manage. Why I like my MP's, as they are 15 rounds in the mag and one in the pipe. Came back in the house and had wife to read 4 stories, in a book, "Guns Save Lives" written by Robert A Waters, about actual home invasions. Tried to impress her when someone comes in your house, uninvited, and knowing your home, they are not coming for "tea and crumpets". The stories spoke for themselves. All 4 showed that rape is not about the sex totally. It is about total, sometimes/most times, brutal dominance with a capitol B. My intention was for working on her mindset. Every chance I get I take her out to my back yard range. We both need our practice as I see my skills diminishing with age. Hers seem to be getting better. Got some bad news. I tested positive for Coved yesterday. Am scheduled for shoulder surgery on Monday but will need to postpone and reschedule that. Not feeling too bad just a nagging hack and funny head. Not too much congestion, "Yet!" Did not take the last coved booster. Had the first 3 shots. Life happens guys. You guys have a blessed day.
  6. pop pop

    Toby Keith

    Toby was a man of faith in Jesus the Christ. He was a very benevolent man and God fearing. He will be missed by some. Old saying is "Can't please alll people" rings true. None are perfect people. RIP Toby.
  7. My father was a weekend drunk. He would start of Friday and sober up on Sunday afternoon. He was a functioning drunk. All his activities were centered around drinking. All his friends did the same. Our hunting, fishing, and camping trips were all drinking parties for him/them. Like others here, I determined not to live that way and put my family through that ordeal. I have not had a drink since Military in the late 60's. His drinking really had an effect on me, and may I say for the better. Drinking can diffidently take your life. Sorry for the loss of your friend, NoBanStan
  8. 2005 Chevy 2500 HD Duramax Crew Cab with 8" bed and 125,000 Miles on it. I pull my 35' 5th wheel RV with it. This truck was in a fire in Pigeon Forge and my SIL repaired it for me. Had 70,000 Mi when I purchased it. I have had it for 9 years now. Also have a 2002 Chevy Trail Blazer with 239,000 and it just keeps on ticking. Has a in line 6 cylinder W/ fuel injection. We purchased it used, one owner, 15 years ago. Don't use a drop of oil. Can I say bonus time! Wife has a 2012 GMC Acadia 3 seater we purchased 3 years ago from a neighbor who purchased it new. It had 72,000 on it, looks like new, and drives like a dream. Just got back from a 2 week trip to Florida, S Carolina, and Pigeon Forge. Don't want to lay out the money for anything new. Son In Law just purchased a 2 YO 4 W D High Country GMC 40,000 MI "I believe" Denali 3 seater, and paid $59,000. used. New, they are over 89,000. Two rich for my blood guys. Being retired, I am just about priced out of the new vehicle market now. At any rate I do not want to pay the prices they are asking, and "getting." Edited for spelling
  9. Crossbreed super-tuck and Comp Tac Tuckable IWB works for me. My position is 4:00 O-clock on my strong side (right hip). I am a X large guy (238) so can't bring it forward much. Wear it with an untucked LL Bean flannel shirt, with a 2 hand draw stroke. Glock 19 gen 5 or MP 9C 2.0. Mostly MP. I really like them.
  10. Grosman predicted the School shootings and stated things were going to get bad where guns were concerned. I don't recall if he mentioned house of worship shooting increases or not. Did it several years back before Columbine, and you can't turn on a news cast now without seeing another mass shooting in the news for days. Case in point look at the coverage the Kansas City Parade shooting got. Watched it on ABC again last evening, in fact. By the way they have now changed the way they define mass shootings now. I am not exactly sure, but I think where 2 or 3 are shot they (the Fed Gov number crunchers) now refer to that as being a mass shooting. Before a mass shooing was where a School, Church, or terrorist act was accomplished, then it was reported as a mass shooting. Now, any time small numbers are involved, at the same time, it is reported as a Mass Shooting. That is how they are now saying there have been 480 M S to date already this year. Nor does it take into account the drug shootings and general violent crime. That way it sounds like we are having many more mass shootings, and their aim is to demonize guns, and the second amendment into a bad light, and IMO, their final goal is banning guns. Most all news reporting now is accomplished with an underlying agenda attached. General public indoctrination at its best. I am not so sure Grosman prediction that few actually shot to kill in WW II were not accurate. Vietnam kill rates were much higher because of Military training became better. Just look at how many true warriors there are in our society today. I venture to say only about 10 % would us a weapon to stop a thug, today, if facing a violent deadly attacked. I would also say that number is not accurate among the members here on this site today. Training, mindset, and accuracy are key. I read these books to try to keep my mind sharp and my thinker thinking. My Dr told me this would help. Also told me to work crossword puzzles, but I am not fond of them. My thinker is sputtering in my soon to be (16 days) 76 YO head. Appears the saying "If you don't use it, you lose it" is correct. By the way the new drug he gave me, for my thinker, is not working. Going to try it again Monday, we will see.
  11. Going underground will not be bad, if you know Jesus Christ. Life after death, through Jesus only way. Bible says no one comes to the Father except through Me. Be glad to chat with anyone about it. By the way Kano, I do enjoy every day above ground. afterwards, looking forward to Paradice through Him. Come go to church with me. Northfield Blvd Church of Christ, 2091 Pitts Lane, Murfreesboro TN. 37130. They teach nothing but the Bible, God's Holy Word. All you need along with faith in it. Edited to add; Cost nothing, but your life of devotion, above ground!
  12. Way to go Kano. Viet Nam pretty well destroyed my later years health. Glad you still have yours.
  13. Dr told me to read as much as possible. Also keep going to the farm and doing chores. I am on my 3rd treadmill, but unable to walk on it at present. Foot trouble. I have been in, for the last 2 months, helping my wife rehab her sister(92) who fell at church and fractured her hip. Felt sorry for my wife being trapped here at our home so I been here helping. Got to the farm yesterday and had a good day. Yes, I agree with you guys, and I have plans to keep moving as long as I can.
  14. I tell you, getting older, it is rough. Went to the Dr this week. He asked if I had any problems. Well among several I told him I still having memory loss since my By-Pass surgery and wondered if he had anything I could take that may help with further loss of memory. It seems to be getting worse. I have had all kinds of memory test, and no dementia or Alzheimer's has been detected. Just have a hard time remembering sometimes. Be talking and unable to bring to mind what I want to say at all. He prescribed Ariaceff a while back, and it made me feel I was medicated and in a stupor. I don't like that feeling. Couldn't take that so he prescribed Memantine HLC this time, and explained it was for memory stabilization. Would not cure my loss ability, but slow down more memory loss. Been on it 3 days, taken at bedtime, and got up this morning, couldn't focus my eyes, have a large headache and, very dizzy. Wife (retired RN) looked the med up and all three of my symptoms are described side effects to this medication. Some improvement at around noon this morning but at least I can halfway see. Looking like I will not be able to take this stuff either. Didn't feel safe to drive the dog to the groomer this morning. We have a trip planned to go visit daughters and grandkids coming up on Monday. I want to be able to drive so will get off the new med and hope for the best. Will possibly try again after shoulder surgery on the 26th of Feb, as I will be a shut in for a while. It is not looking good for any memory help with this medication. Growing old is the pits as far as health is concerned. Posted this here because I know several here are old like me (75, 76 Mar 4th). Edited to add; "The Wisest Man Who Ever Lived" said "Our bodies will rust out," well, maybe not in those exact words, as we grow older.
  15. Darrell if it does, I will pay the money back to Sam. I too have dealt with SG for a long time and had good results. Gregintn, yes, that is high for 357 Self Defense ammo, but it is hard to find, for sure good S D ammo. Cor Bon DPX is 2.00 per round for S D ammo. Like everyone, wish I had purchased more back then! Keep my ammo in Military ammo cans and in my closets, in the house. it will not spoil. If ammo becomes extinct, I will have enough S D to last me, hopefully. Practice ammo is another situation indeed.


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