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  1. Sig Ammo, with the V Crown bullets, looks promising when you look at their stats. I may try some. They are loading their ammo on the hotter side compared to most ammo of today. Most ammo companies have down loader their ammo, velocity wise, as of late. Hard to find ammo for the 357 Mag that reaches the 1450 FPS range. This velocity once was the norm, but not today. Sig has been advertising theirs's will reach this range of speed. Edited to add; I just researched some gel testing on this ammo. Results were not good. It is hot ammo but over penetrated, and the hollow point did not open when fired through 4 layers of denim. I take back what I said! I can do that, can't I?
  2. Prayers for you loss, luckyforward. I lost my mother 12 years ago as she slipped from this realm because of Alzheimer's. I hope to join her in the next realm, after my departure down the road, or maybe before tomorrow! . All things are possible with God and Jesus. Mercy, grace, and peace comes through them.
  3. pop pop

    M&P 2.0 C.O.R.E.

    Thanks for the post. I have the MP 9 C 2.0 4"and carry it(no Red Dot). Have developed and real fondness for this pistol, however I find the red dot hinders me from making fast follow up shots. Excuse, "old eyes."
  4. My daily carry is a 2" 357 Mag 7 shot Taurus mdl 617 pocket carry or a MP 9C 2.0 15 shot with 4" brl carried IWB or belt slide, or both. The revolver is a K frame size revolver, if you are familiar with the K frame mid size, and the MP is a mid sized to full size pistol, call it a tween size(not full size but not small). My bedside revolver is a Mdl 629 44Mag/44Spl which I keep loaded with 44 Spl ammo. If one is forced to use either, one will want the largest gun available so why not have one at hand. At 71 Y O, with health issues, that is my choices and yes I own several J-frames and smaller semi auto pistols(Kahr P 9, Kahr PM 40, Colt Pocketlight 380 etc), but I choose bigger because I can shoot them better. I dress around the gun. Yes, I purchase, and utilize mid to full size handguns, all the time, and have a preference for them. These market items are not dead by any means. I have an 8 shot 5" brl 38Spl/357Mag on my bucket list, at this time, and would purchase one for my bedside gun, but just have not put out the coins (900 to $1000) "YET". I pray, daily, that I will never be forced to use one of the guns, but "if forced too", hope I will be up to the challenge.
  5. I just finished reading Tom Givens new book. It was my first time reading the new one. It is a great roadmap for someone starting their choice of adding the ability to protect one's life and the lives of loved ones with a gun. It has a lot of good information for the beginner to set goals for productive beneficial training so one will do it with the goal of bettering themselves rather than just going to a range and bustin caps while punching paper and plinking. Also gives good all around advice on how to be aware while we concealed carry, and establishing a proper mindset while gaining the skills to be effective with your chosen tools. Gives recommendation on hardware and selection of one's chosen tools. I thought the line he had in it about concealed carry, "You need to realize that when you strap on a gun you may be forced to kill someone with it," (Paraphrasing from memory) was a very important statement. Goes a long way with cultivating a proper mindset. I highly recommend the book, even for old timers because we all need to be reminded of the seriousness of what we do when we carry, and the responsibility we incur because of that very personal decision. We owe it to our families, loved ones, and ourselves, to be trained to use our tools to the best of our ability. Tom said, (again paraphrasing) "When you hold a gun in your hand, you possess the power over life, over death." That is a huge responsibility, and It's not to be taken lightly by any. Serious stuff guys, as most of you know.
  6. How well do you guys shoot these guns at 30 or 40 feet? I really don't like very small pistols.
  7. This will be coming to Nashville, and other big cities in TN, the way our leaders(I use leaders very loosely) are going. Thankful they got rid of Briley in the "Vill". Who knows, as bad as the prison system is in private hands, in TN, they will probably outsources the Police next. Atlanta just enacted a no chase policy, for fleeing criminals, in that city. I know that city will be a lot safer now, and you right, the reported crime will decrease for sure. Bill O riley once said, " A white male puts his future in jeopardy, when going to Atlanta, because there is no justice for white males in Atlanta any longer." I make it a point to not hang out there.
  8. California has the greatest out of state migrants (citizens leaving the state) in the US. This is some of the reasons why. What they have done is allowed street vagrants(homeless people) and others(mentally ill), to which the big cities are full of, to steal without fear of consequences . NYC is in the process of doing this also. Mayor Deblageio was on TV, the other day, and said they were decimalizing several crimes in NY City. I seen this in Wash D C one morning. A heugh guy (mental problems) came in a store, got a large cup of coffee, and simply walked out the door. I ask the clerk didn't yo see that guy steal that coffee, why didn't the do something? He said don't want to get hit in the mouth. Said the guy does this 2 to 3 times a day and sometimes gets him something to eat. Said the owner considers it a cost of doing business in that area of D C. I paid for my cup of coffee and left in total amazement. Really sad world we are living in today.
  9. I saw an interview with Elizabeth Warren, dem running for Presidency. She watched the church shooting film and her response was, "I don't feel any safer since watching that man shoot another man." Do you feel safer watching that. I don't" She still will not admit a good guy with a gun can stop a man evil man with a gun. Her answer is to take all guns away from all people. However what she really is saying I don't want to be that person that needs to use that gun to protect myself. She wants someone to do it for her, IMO. I guess her and Joe Biden will shoot their shotgun, up in the air, to run off evil people. I really would like to know what her answer is for being attacked herself? What would she do? Wouldn't you like to hear her answer to that question? Better still, since she wants to be Commander and Chief, how does she want all of us to respond if viciously attacked? Why is it no one ask her that question?
  10. Let me give you an excerpt from the chapter on awareness. Tom writes, Awareness and alertness are not, for most people, innate behavior traits. This is a learned behavior pattern, and like most skills is learned through repetition. You should have been taught this as a child, but unfortunately, most children are not taught this or other vital social skills. One thousand years ago, all children were taught at a very early age to be aware, alert, and in tune with their surroundings. If they were inattentive, they might get eaten. One hundred years ago, children were taught to be aware and pay attention to their surroundings, or the hay bailer might tear off their arms or legs. In our time, if you fail to pay attention to your surroundings , someone might cut your throat. Each example is simply a different manifestation of the exact same problem. On the street, you must be aware of your environment. If you know who is around you and what they are up to, you are in charge. If you don't know who is around you and what they are up to, YOU ARE MEAT. It's that simple. This book if full of this kind of advice.
  11. I just purchased a copy of Tom Given's new/old book, "Concealed Carry Class-The ABCs of self-defense Tools and Tactics." I did not read the first edition, but the copy I have now has pictures!!! A guy like me, "I lik-em." It is a large paperback book 8 1/2 x 11, 272 pages. My sweetie ordered my copy from Amazon and it cost 23.00 after free shipping. First 4 chapter titles, out of 30 in the book, 1. Why Carry A Concealed Weapon, 2. Legal Issues In Carrying A Handgun, 3. Appropriate Use Of Force, and 4. Principals Of Personal Defense. Last 2 chapters, 29. Continuing Education, 30. Practice Courses Of Fire. For a slow to mind person such as I, "I HIGHLY RECCOMEND THE BOOK." Contains very practical and useful information. IMO, worth the time and money.
  12. I recently gave my son in law 3 guns for his son when he comes of age. All 3 were Gifts. He liven in S Carolina, me TN. I had to take them to S Carolina and transferee them to the son in law through a FFL there. Rutherford Co Sherriff's office told me that is the only way I could do this legally. These were guns I have owned for years. So I traveled to S Carolina and did the transfer.
  13. The Texas church video, as bad as it is, will do more good than anything that has been recorded in the recent past, IMO. Mr Wilson, who was the head of the security team, went to the audio booth and requested them to put a camera on the shooter when he walked in amongst them. He told a reporter that fact yesterday in an interview. He said red flags went up as soon and he was visualized and entered the church. Now it is not my intention to be callous about this, but to learn from it, and try to stop it from "possibly" happening in our congregation. . Kinda like how many times must one be burned before they actually see the elephant in the room! I tried to get our church leadership to allow our team to not allow these type guys in the building, but try and deal with them outside. We already lock all entrance doors. I wanted the usher, when he recognized a possible problem, to come and get 4 or 5 team members and then intercept the suspicious person, and deal with them before they enter. With our experience with the mentally ill person, in our church a few months ago that had the hoodie on and scared the begebbies out of the people, I believe this would be a much better solution rather dealing with a potential problem in the auditorium where everyone is exposed. Turned out our guy didn't come for the spiritual food at all, but only wanted money to buy food. That need could have been met before he entered the building and terrorizing those around him. Just like the church leaders in Texas, our leadership wanted all to be allowed entry. Well, how did that policy work for the Texans? IMO, that policy is deeply flawed. Yes, spiritual blessings and encouragement should freely come to those who truly seek it, so I ask did the shooter in Texas come for spiritual edification, or did he have another purpose on mind? Our hoodie guy wanted a cup of coffee and a doughnut. IMO, he should have been able to receive the means to attain his wishes in the outer area rather than in amongst our church. I was unable to convince the leadership this policy would work better. Since I don't attend there any longer, I have no say in what they do now. By the way I changed congregations because I can't see how to drive well at night, any longer, and we are attending a congregation very close to where we reside. I love the brethren, at our previous church, very much and sincerely care about their well being. Dave, in my experience, our leadership is lagging far behind in seeing the elephant in the room. I had hopes they would after the Antioch(18 miles from our building) shooting, and the incident where a converted Muslim kook was firing his pistol into church buildings, in 2 surrounding counties plus our own, on multiple occasions, but it didn't. I just don't know how to help people with those attitudes. I do understand our previous congregation gave out lettered to al the congregants about church safety, yesterday morning. Yes, this film will get some doubters attention and hopefully for the betterment of them all. If that happens that will be a good result of a sad very situation.
  14. Same here. Happy and prosperous. That dog is putting a lot of trust in that chair.

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