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  1. Had a friend who was messing around and a old boyfriend, of hers, tried to blow his wanker off. He ended up loosing his leg and almost bled to out before they could get him to the hosp. Blew up his big artery down his leg, several years ago. Prayers for the lady.
  2. pop pop


    Just got back from an RV trip to Land Between the Lakes, Dover and Paris. Very few, in that part of the country, are wearing mask. The people looked at us as if we were from outer space, while wearing our mask.
  3. pop pop

    gun safe

    I purchased my Cannon Fat Boy (42 gun) safe, years ago, at Tractor Supply in Murfreesboro. They had a Black Friday year end sale, and I paid 499.00 for it. I think they still have the same sale every year, so they can clean out the last years models and start coming new year with new models. You might think of that, however they do not deliver and I also had to get up at 4:00 to be first in line because they only had 4 safes left when I purchased the one I have. Those 4 safes were gone in 5 minutes.
  4. xsubsailor, congrats to you and your lady. We just celebrated our 50th back in Feb. Yes, mine has trained me also.
  5. My leg is clearing up and the vein is gone, for the most part. It is not protruding and most of the bruising "Look" has disappeared. To clarify that, what I am saying is after the medication was put in the vein, in a few days the vein became very evident then turned a bruise color the whole length of the vein. Most of that discoloration is now gone and the vein has no evidence or pain what so ever. I highly recommend the procedure. Except for the initial insertion of the meds, which was done by needles, the procedure is very limited invasive. I had my veins stripped years ago, the old way, and it was very invasive. This procedure is much less invasive. I did have a little pain soon afterwards, but now all is well. Go for it. My daughter is a ultrasound tech, and she sees blood clots in large varicose veins often, and some require surgery to get relief. One can loose their legs if not treated rapidly. She insisted I get the vein taken care of. I am satisfied with the procedure and the outcome. I was having leg pain, after treadmill walking exercise, and now don't have it anymore. Successful conclusion to my problem. Covid interrupted my other leg procedure, and I will probably reschedule soon on the remaining leg, although it is not as bad as the first leg was.
  6. I use WWB, 9MM 38Spl, and have for the last 30 years, never had any problems with any of it. Sorry for your bad luck. I will say I haven't purchased any Winchester ammo for the past 4 years and have an adequate old stash on hand. Last I purchased was Federal practice ammo.
  7. pop pop

    gun safe

    The Safe House in Nashville sells and delivers. I have a Cannon Fat Boy I purchased from TSC in Murfreesboro about 15 years ago. IMO, late model Liberty Safes are the best money can buy, but it takes several dollars to purchase one. A word of advice, buy one size bigger than you think you need. My safe holds 42 guns and I filled it over time. Giving most of them to my grandchildren now. Will keep what I really need.
  8. I like lever guns. Had a scoped Marlin 30 30 and gave it to a grandson. My father had a 243 lever gun, back in the dark ages, which is where my love for them started. The only lever gun I have now is a 38Spl/357 Mag Henry big boy. Never had any in the calibers you found, but I will say they were good finds. Enjoy!
  9. Second the rule # 1 of previous post. My daughter was under her horse while picking it's feet when a man, 200 yards away, opened up with a 45. The horse almost stepped on my daughter. Make sure to train the horse for pistol fire.
  10. I always practice hits in the triangle. That being from the nipples to the bridge of the nose. Most vulnerable area, IMO. Agree with the shoot to stop the threat thing.
  11. I do on the front of my house for the month of June and July. Only place where I can leave it lit up after dark. Wish I had a good well lit flag pole because I don't want to be forced to take it down after dark.
  12. Tough road Bersaguy. I just spent 7 days cooking for 11 to 13, 2 meals per day, and camping in an RV for 7 days. Am experiencing pine in my neck, for the past 4 days, since returning home. Feels like a stiff neck but is not. Afraid it is nerve pain because it has not subsided much. I am 72 also. Have had neck fusion 2 times and hoping this will go away w/out surgery but is very debilitating for now. Also experiencing agent orange poisoning for my time in Vietnam and all that goes along with that. Also had knee replacement 3 years ago. Life in older years is tough for most.
  13. pop pop

    Bersa Guy

    Glad to hear from you Doug. Know what you mean about the junk. Two of us live in 3200 sq ft house and can't open a closet that stuff falls out the door. Been prompting my wife to get rid of the junk, but she has feelings for it I guess. She is not a hoarder, just likes a lot of junk, IMO. She likes to decorate our home for every season. She tells me it takes a lot of room to store all those what-nots for a large home. Oh Well! Been a looser on this one for a while.
  14. I purchased a Savage Axis last fall and am looking forward to shooting and sighting it in soon. It has a Weaver 3X9X40 scope on it. I really like the caliber, from the research I have done. It is very close to the 6.5 Creedmoor in stats. Also got a 308, with the same setup, in the same rifle but am going to give it to my grandson some day. Hope you get your Remington straightened out to your liking.
  15. Sorry for your loss. My daughter and her family has a Vet horror story as well. My grandson was shooting his bow and his dog jumped in front of the arrow. He was shot through his front to mid section. She took it to her neighborhood Vet who charged her 600.00 to look at the dog then tell her there was nothing she could do, but to take the do to the Emergency Vet Hosp in Murfreesboro. My daughter did and when they called me I met them at the Vet Emergency. Walked in and they had already charged my daughter 1100. 00 to tell he there was noting they could do, but there was a place in Nashville that could Possibly do surgery on the young dog(Black Lab). Said the cost would 5000.00 plus. I told the Vet the first thing they should have done was told my daughter they could do nothing for the dog, because of where the arrow went through, and it was hopeless then give them more false hope. It disgusted me what they did. That Vet knew she could do nothing for that dog, because my daughter had brought copies of the X rays to them from the first vet. IMO, they just took advantage of my daughter, and I told them that. Look, I know it is hard to deal with pets death, because we lost our ####zu, after 16 years, a couple years ago. I cried like a baby. Had to have her put down, however our Vet, for the whole 16 years, charged us 150.00. She is interred in our back yard. We now have another dog. My daughter spent almost 1700.00 on a dog that the first Vet should have told them it was hopeless, and not feasible to try and save the dog. That Vet should have put her down then and there. The minute I looked at the x ray, and I am not a vet, I could tell it was hopeless, however the lady Vet was trying to talk my daughter to spend another 5,000. + on the dog. I asked what are the odds the dog would pull through and she said, "Possibly" 20%. Now I ask her would she take that chance on those odds, and she would not answer me one way or another. Guys, it is hard to say, but there are too many dogs in the world to spend that kind of money on a pet that has such a low chance of it being successful. For us, our dogs death was hard, but it was not unexpected. One major artery in my daughter's dog was severely damaged and she was bleeding internally, plus several other vital organs sustained damage. It was hard for my grandson, but he now has another rescue dog. My daughter did not have the money they spent on Vet bills which should never have happened. I call that taking advantage of a bad situation. It is bad enough to loose your much loved pet, but to be forced to pay lots of money on top of your loss, is frustrating, let alone being fleeced by Vets. Loosing a pet is hard. Again sorry for you loss great Dustbuster. Also sorry for the sop-box rant, but it just infuriates me when someone is taken advantaged of by "Supposed" professionals when one is in a vulnerable state. IMO, that is all it was in my grandson's case. No one wants to be the cause of their pets death, but if you can't fix it, don't give false hope.

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