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  1. I Just finished reading a book written and published in 2019, by Robert A Waters, and his son Sim Waters. It is a story of 23 self defense cases, over the time period of 2005 to 2016. The reason given for it not being later than 2016 is it takes several months/years to get the full and complete story about criminal cases and do the research on them. All of these cases were where the citizen used a gun to successfully defend his life with a satisfactory ending. What amazes me about everyone of these cases is how extreme these fights are to be able to survive the encounter. I mean when one is in a fight for your life, one usually starts behind the curve and has to react to aggression immediately. In most of these cases, there was a time lapse, on the victims part, to get into a defensive mindset, and come to the conclusion, hey! I need to be fighting for my life here. It appears to me that that one fact gets these 23 people into a life death struggle very fast. In fairness to the book, one account was a concealed carrier coming up on a traffic stop gone really bad. Unlike the numerous people watching the beat down, this guy acted. That citizen never hesitated to do his best to stop the perp from beating the young officer to death with his hands. The downed officer begged the citizen to end the fight. He was successful, but it took 3 shots from a 40 caliber handgun before the perp relented, and later passed. They all were not like the movies, guys. It was a good read and very informative about the 23 crime stories of survival with firearms.
  2. I belong to the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Net(360-978-5200). John Harris is one of their affiliated Attorneys, if memory serves me well. I like their set up. Not insurance but a network of like minded concealed carriers who don't want to use them , "BUT". Check them out if you are interested.
  3. Thanks for the suggestions guys.
  4. I retired in 2004, at age 56, from the Post Office. My advice is to be completely out of debt before you retire. We had our home paid for and owed no one. My Wife was an RN, and put 25 years in and got a full retirement also. I did a lot of church work, baby sit grand kids, had hobbies, and have not been board at all. We purchased our first RV in 2001 and have enjoyed the camping life throughout our retired years. Am 71 now, and dealing with health issues but still running the RV up and down the road, and doing house work and stay busy all the time. Go for it, but realize your standard of living will probably be scaled back. I never wanted to retire then work part time, but it works for some.
  5. I have had bad luck with the grass stand on my newly constructed back yard shooting range. We had to leave shortly after I finished the grass sowing and we have had 4 weeks of 90+ degree days without any rain at all. We got 1/2 inch of rain the day after I sowed the seed and not one sprinkle afterwards. The grass sprouted with a good stand then perished in the hot dry days to follow. Only have a very light bit of grass left. My sister gave up her fight with cancer 3 weeks ago and when we were called we left immediately for Sebring Fla, and only got 2/3 of the way down there before she passed. She was my first sibling that left our family. I still have 2 more sisters, one older(78) and one younger(69) than I. Death is hard, but one simply must be prepared for it, however those left behind have a hard time afterwards. She is not suffering any longer. Cancer can be very bad for quiet a while. Went out yesterday and resewed some of the spots that had nothing on them. Got so hot I had to quit at noon(99 yesterday afternoon). Doing some more sowing this morning and put some fertilizer over the area also. Expecting rain Sunday(70%) and Monday (60%). Also expecting fall like temps for a while. We have had 30 days of above 90 temps last month with yesterdays afternoons 99 degree temp. I will water, with a sprinkler, it if need be. We decided to visit our daughter and grandson in Jacksonville Beach/Ponta Vedra Fla area, and youngest daughter/husband and 2 grand children, in Mt Pleasant S Carolina on the way back from Florida. Hope I can get some more grass growing before real cold temps this fall. Believe my shooting range will be a nice thing in the future. Ordered me some stands and am ordering some cardboard humanoid targets from a address I got off the internet this morning. Hope all of you have a good day. Edited to add; Going to take a friends advice, and get me a 55 gallon barrel, with a lid, to put my tape/ targets and supplies so I will not be forced to lug all that stuff to the range every time me and sweetie uses it.
  6. I think Sturgill made the right choice also. He does not have to deal with shooting the guy, nor maybe even killing him. Death caused by you, is hard to live with. Most times, it gets harder as one ages, even if justified. As far as the perp goes, he seems to be bent on a life of crime(15 home invasions). It is not hard to find a job in Nashville. It would be interesting to see if one could give the guy a break, and he actually took it, or would he take advantage of one who offered the break. Also he could be a dope head needing a lot of money to support his habit. Who knows?
  7. We hiked in the Ashville N C area, last week. Went on a good marked trail, but one, with no since of direction like me, can get lost on good trails. I like hiking, but don't ever feel safe doing it. Hiked the "Fiery Gizzard" in South Cumberland S P also, and felt uneasy. Glad the old guy was found safe.
  8. I was in Ashville N c last week. They were very thick. Not so bad here in mid TN.....yet!
  9. I have a Henry I purchased 3 years ago. It is a keeper, and I don't have a problem with the tube magazine. Mine shoots 38's or 357 reliable.
  10. pop pop

    Fall Trip

    We will be leaving for our first fall camping and fishing trip Sunday afternoon. Granddaughter and son in law came over, to mow our yard, yesterday afternoon. We are paying her because her twin brother has been making good money mowing yards, this summer, so her mother told her she gets to mow ours. They are 15 now, and Mimi also cooked the whole family a good dinner last evening. We went out to check out the camper and the air conditioner sounded like a thrashing machine. SIL climbed up on the roof, of the RV, and took the cover off the air conditioner. Turned out we had a big dirt dobber nest on one of the fan blades. Removed it and all is well, she is blowing cold air now. We also finished rebuilding 3 Delta water faucets that was dripping. Have I told you guys, I have a great SIL? My shooting range has a good stand of new grass and all looks well with that. All I can say is, lookout fall, here we come! Planning a Mississippi River scenic byway trip the last 3 weeks of Sept (Hannibal Mo, Moline Ill, Dubuque Iowa, Galena Ill, and back down to St Louis) and first week of Oct. The last 2 weeks in October we will be in Pigeon Forge/Great Smokey Mountains N P trip to end out our fall. I like fall. It is my favorite time of the year. Weather is in the low to mid 80's now and getting good for outdoor activities. You guys have a good next 2 months.
  11. (Quote) We all are, what are some of your suggestions for doing that? My suggestions, good Police investigative work. Most of the mass shooters has a trail on social media. That is a place to start. They also have family members, many of whom have made reports to Police that have gone uninvestigated until stuff happens. Case in point latest shooter. His mother reported him to the Police prior to his carnage. Red Flagg laws, in and of themselves, wont work. Authorities are not utilizing what they have now. Case in Point, momma made call, no follow up. Wham, shooting. Politicians solution, Make it harder to purchase guns and turn his neighbors into watch dogs. WONT WORK TO STOP NEXT SHOOTER. Red Flagg Laws. Judge can take your guns away without due process and on the whelm of a Judge with no review process or way to get them back. Fix the gun show loophole, nix check on ever gun transaction in America, even if you give you son a gun you own. Just another way to know where every gun is in the US so they can come and take them, by force, if a politician wants too. All the politicians are proposing is just another way to chip away at the 2nd amendment and depriving gun ownership, IMO. These laws WILL DO NOTHINNG TO STOP MASS SHOOTINGS. Just make gun tracking and my nosey neighbor my watchdog. SO CALL ME PARANOID! My suggestion, USE THE LAWS THEY HAVE NOW AND PUT THE THUGS IN PRISON ANDKEEP THEM THERE. Suggestion, hire more Police and let them do their jobs. If they mess up, use current laws against them. That is the way it supposed to work. The mental health problem. Who Knows. No one is doing anything to combat this problem at present. They closed all the State Mental Health places because of lawsuits by family members. Took TN 20 years and millions of dollars to get out of that mess. Walla, no mental health help! Don't look like any of the states are getting back into that business soon.
  12. E4 No More, you come see me, when you get a chance. Lofton Rd, 5th house on right just before you cross Earl McCrary bridge. I would like to met you when you have time.
  13. I don't like their "See Something Say Something" attitude. for one it turns you neighbor into a spy watching your every move. Not all people are as up front as should be. I am all for stopping shootings before they happen but to turn you neighbor into security over their neighbors, I just don't like that approach. Red Flagg laws are not good laws either. Most that are proposed do not have ay appeal process. Once you are flagged you loose all second amendment rights plus a lot of other scrutiny coming your way. Suppose you get a judge like the one in Nashville who just got dethroned for forcing his litigants to have sex with him and his buddies to stay out of jail. No judge should have the power to revoke your rights on a suspicion of your neighbor.
  14. I just finished reading a book about church security. It was written in 2012 by Carl Chinn. The title is, “Evil Invades Sanctuary.” The sub title is, The Case for Security in Faith Based Organizations. I got my copy off Amazon, used, for 6 bucks. It is a good read for one who is serious about church security. Chinn was a participant at the hostage situation at the Focus on the Family building. A disgruntled, previously injured on the job, construction worker took several hostages which Chinn was one of them. He was part of the Focus on the Family security team. He describes his event along with another church shooting event he was involved with. This other event he was involved with was at the New Life Church shooting in Colorado in 2011. One line in the book that really stood out with me is, when he faced interaction with the shooter carrying an AR 15, he pulled out his handgun, a Kel Teck 32ACP mouse gun. He told of how he felt at that time with the shooter coming in his sight carrying a pistol and AR and just how small his pistol was. He said Jenne Asam appeared just in front of him, from a south hallway, with her 9 MM pistol drawn and issuing the shooter with a firm voice the opening fire with her pistol. Chinn was also involved with the Ted Haggard fiasco when he was outed for homosexual activity. Talked about the News Media show and all the ramifications going on with that situation. He talks extensively of the need for security at churches and I would recommend the read to anyone who is serious about self defense at church. His description of the aftermath of the Colorado shooting was very vivid and reveling. He has been involved with several churches and growing and developing church security teams throughout his carrier.

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