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  1. Anyone know the address of the new store in Murfreesboro?
  2. We dumped 3 loads of dirt on the range yesterday afternoon. We need 3 more loads then the rough in will be complete. I operated the Skid Steer track loader and spread the dirt in between the rocks and leveled out a driveway to get the dump truck back to where the berm will be located. I need to work the first load of dirt as high as I can get it this morning. We will dump another load beside the first one and work it in this afternoon L/w. Hopefully my son in law will be able to haul the other 3 loads after he gets off work this afternoon. The range is shaping up nicely. Will be great when we get it all sown down, with grass seed, and to its finished grade. Expecting rain on Wednesday and hope we can get the dirt on site before it rains. Don't want to tear up my yard no more than necessary. I am getting an extra load of topsoil so I can repair some areas in the yard to make better. I am so excited and so is my grandson. He had an accident while drilling something yesterday. He ripped his fingernail off, on his pointer(index finger) on his right hand. He is kinda slowed at present and really bummed out because he is not able to run the Skid Steer. He was over last evening and asked who spread the dirt. His dad said Pop Pop did it and he looked at me like I had a whole in my head. His dad told him I ran all types of construction equipment, while in the Red Horse Battalion, in Viet Nam. The Sea Bees trained us and we did the same thing they do.
  3. Congrats on the gun buy. I gave my grandson a Mossy 500 as he has started rabbit hunting. It was a 20 Ga and had the 18" brl so I called Mossberg and purchased a 24" brl with 3 screw in choke tubes. Cost me 250.00 for all of it. I think the brl was 180.00. I am sure they would have a 14" if you want one for your Shockwave. I shot my Mosey 12 Ga with the pistol grip, and my old arthritic wrist hurt for days. Can't take the shorty guns any longer, but you enjoy. Yes, that should make a good addition to your house gun battery.
  4. Owejia, we were down in your neck of the woods last Friday. Stopped to eat at the Scoop and Go Restaurant, in College Grove. Went to just down from C G and picked up the horses, then went to Triune, and took my daughter, and 3 others to the horse show. Yes we will really enjoy the range when it gets a little cooler. Know what you mean about sweet in the eyes.
  5. Well, we got the ground work done on the new shooting range. I went out early this morning and weed-eated the area so we could see what we were doing. Moved several large boulders and got a fairly level 20' wide alley way, 60' long through the trees which will act as a sound barrier for the neighbors. The under brush, below 40 to 50' tall trees, is so dense one has a very hard time walking through it. My grandson and I had previously cut most of the underbrush earlier this spring. Where the berm will be the area fans out to about 35' wide and should be able to make the berm about 25 to 35" in length. We should get 100 yards shooting distance fairly easy now. Grandson is already talking about sighting his deer rifles in. I am going to need to cut one 15"x 30' tree and plan to do it first of the week. We did have one very large boulder we will not be able to move until we get some packed dirt around it so we can get good footing for the track loader. Other than this we are ready for dirt and grass seed. We will sow it all down in grass and be able to keep it mowed easily. Been looking forward to this for a while now. I have missed my back yard shooting area. This one should be much better than our previous one.
  6. We took our first born daughter to a horse show last evening. Didn't get home until 1:00 AM. Got up this morning and opened the curtains, which overlooks our back yard. There sits a large track laying loader. It appears my son-in-law and grandson have decided to build my shooting range in the back yard today. We have 3 acers of land, and in the far left corner, of my back yard, we have a perfect place to put an earthen berm to shoot into. I have several large boulders that need to be moved and some large rock crevasses that needs to be filled, with dirt, so we can have a 100 yard range, and a substantial berm to absorb the bullets in order to provide a good backstop. My last wood backstop lasted 25 years, but is toast now. I guess grandson will clear the area, with the loader, and SIL will haul several large truckloads of dirt today. Oh well another $1,000.00 down the tubes, but will have an excellent firing range afterwards, that should last for years. Son in law's dad has a construction company, and thankfully, I do get the family discount. There is a side note to this venture, grandson wants a good 100 yard rifle range to shoot his Weatherby 06 that Pop Pop laid on him last Christmas. I want to put up some popper plates, square metel plates, and a good backstop, with a very smooth area in front of the berm, so we will be able to move and fire safely. All my family likes to shoot when the come for a visit. We have 4 girls and 6 grandchildren so we can burn some ammo on an outing. Looks like we are in for a busy day.
  7. I have a Colt Pocketlite in 380 and a Pocket Nine which is a tad bit bigger. The 380 looks just like the AMT I owned years ago, but it works.
  8. Unloaded gun. My take on that was, he was trying to add all the drama to the story as he could. Fact remains this lady was on the job. She looked the elephant in the eyes, and stood tall. Tuff lady and so was the man/neighbor in the Summerland Texas, who shot the church shooter there, as he was leaving the church. And fact of the matter the guy in Antioch TN who tackled the shooter in that church. These all were courageous individuals. The news media is notorious for using a lot of sensational descriptive words in their stories. After all they have an agenda…..paint firearms in the most bad light as possible.
  9. This is about the lady, Jenne Assam, who was the Security Guard Who shot the intruder entering the Colorado Springs Church. She is commenting on the Sugarland Texas shooting. Short and interesting. Watch it. https://kdvr.com/2017/11/06/former-guard-who-killed-gunman-at-colorado-springs-church-reacts-to-texas-shooting/
  10. Yes, people will report anything. My daughter and grandson was mowing my yard, last week, and my grandson was weed eating beside the road when a deputy pulled up, with his lights flashing, and said someone called in a report that there was 3" of grass covering the road, which was a total untruth. The Deputy wanted to know if they were going to blow the road off when they were finished. Go figure! My daughter said a newer marron dodge truck drove by 2 times then parked in the driveway, just down the street, then left when the cruiser pulled up. It had an Illinois tag on it. "Yankies," how'd they ever get here in TN?
  11. pop pop

    Gun Control

    “Gun control also taught me that only a fool can believe that ‘gun control’ will solve the problem of mass violence,” he wrote. “The people using the guns in these loathsome incidents are moral agents with twisted hearts. And the twisting is done by the culture of sexual anarchy, personal excess, political hatreds, intellectual dishonesty, and perverted freedoms that we’ve systematically created over the past half-century.” Treating the symptoms in a culture of violence doesn’t work. We need to look deeper. Until we’re willing to do that, nothing fundamental will change.” - Source: Archbishop Charles Chaput (archbishop of Denver in 1999 when two teens went on a shooting spree at Columbine High School in Colorado and killed 13 people.). Edited to add; Red Flagg Laws nor meaningful background checks will do nothing to prevent this from happening either. The arch bishop got right to the heart of the matter, in what he said. pop pop
  12. Has been reported he is a suspect in the rape and killing of a female TN Corrections individual. Found her dead in her home.
  13. This guy did not show up at church yesterday, or last Wednesday night. Since no one is giving him cash, and the other brother is not allowing him to stay in his house, maybe he will find more fertile ground for his cause. We hope this works out for the best, and the problem goes away. Time will tell. I just don't think this guy is ready to get off the drugs, and without that there is not much hope for him to better himself.
  14. Mark, Illinois does not honor any states carry permits. My TN permit allows me to have a loaded gun in the cab of my truck, stowed in the console or glove compartment. That is where my EDC will be housed while in the state of Illinois. I try to obey every states laws where guns are concerned. I don't want trouble from the law. I have a book that contains all the carry laws, from all the states. Thanks for the warning.

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