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  1. Sorry for your loss. My daughter and her family has a Vet horror story as well. My grandson was shooting his bow and his dog jumped in front of the arrow. He was shot through his front to mid section. She took it to her neighborhood Vet who charged her 600.00 to look at the dog then tell her there was nothing she could do, but to take the do to the Emergency Vet Hosp in Murfreesboro. My daughter did and when they called me I met them at the Vet Emergency. Walked in and they had already charged my daughter 1100. 00 to tell he there was noting they could do, but there was a place in Nashville that could Possibly do surgery on the young dog(Black Lab). Said the cost would 5000.00 plus. I told the Vet the first thing they should have done was told my daughter they could do nothing for the dog, because of where the arrow went through, and it was hopeless then give them more false hope. It disgusted me what they did. That Vet knew she could do nothing for that dog, because my daughter had brought copies of the X rays to them from the first vet. IMO, they just took advantage of my daughter, and I told them that. Look, I know it is hard to deal with pets death, because we lost our ####zu, after 16 years, a couple years ago. I cried like a baby. Had to have her put down, however our Vet, for the whole 16 years, charged us 150.00. She is interred in our back yard. We now have another dog. My daughter spent almost 1700.00 on a dog that the first Vet should have told them it was hopeless, and not feasible to try and save the dog. That Vet should have put her down then and there. The minute I looked at the x ray, and I am not a vet, I could tell it was hopeless, however the lady Vet was trying to talk my daughter to spend another 5,000. + on the dog. I asked what are the odds the dog would pull through and she said, "Possibly" 20%. Now I ask her would she take that chance on those odds, and she would not answer me one way or another. Guys, it is hard to say, but there are too many dogs in the world to spend that kind of money on a pet that has such a low chance of it being successful. For us, our dogs death was hard, but it was not unexpected. One major artery in my daughter's dog was severely damaged and she was bleeding internally, plus several other vital organs sustained damage. It was hard for my grandson, but he now has another rescue dog. My daughter did not have the money they spent on Vet bills which should never have happened. I call that taking advantage of a bad situation. It is bad enough to loose your much loved pet, but to be forced to pay lots of money on top of your loss, is frustrating, let alone being fleeced by Vets. Loosing a pet is hard. Again sorry for you loss great Dustbuster. Also sorry for the sop-box rant, but it just infuriates me when someone is taken advantaged of by "Supposed" professionals when one is in a vulnerable state. IMO, that is all it was in my grandson's case. No one wants to be the cause of their pets death, but if you can't fix it, don't give false hope.
  2. Tom, I did finally report it after info go to me about his beating a week afterwards. Like I posted this was some time ago and the Sheriff office did not consider this a murder because he lived 4 weeks afterwards, and a week after the hospital stay. His son told me HE thought his death was brought on by the beating he took. He was 83 years old at the time. He passed at home so the corner ruled his death health related. I think he had diabetes plus other health related issues. There was no tag on the old truck but I did give the description of the 2 close perps and the one leaving the truck I did not get a god look at. Like I said they have never found them. Edited to add. I should have made it clear I did not report my incident "the day it happened." Had I done that, just maybe he would not have had to undergo his situation.
  3. Dave, the man I was speaking of lived on Factory Road (3 Mi long). It is a road that runs between Richland Road and Halls Hill Pike. He was actually an acquaintance of mine and he had a disease of the eyes and could only see a little peripherally. He was in the Hospital for 3 weeks and his son told me the beating he took, he never really recovered from it. The punks robbed him, ransacked his home, then just beat him for fun. He lived 1 week after his discharge from the Hosp. I feel sure it was the same 3 that I had problems with, here in Lascassas, on that same morning. They drove down our road, turned onto Browns Mill road, and across Guy James to Halls Hill, then turned on Richland road then on Factory. They spied him walking back up his driveway, on Factory Road. His house is only about 5 miles from ours. He never seen them following him to his house, of course he was legally blind and had very little vision. The thugs were just driving country roads looking for trouble. I do wish I would have reported them. As far as I know they have not been arrested. One can not be too careful, in this time.
  4. I was threatened by 3 druggies, while going to my mail box, a few years ago. They never said a word, but telegraphed their intent by actions. I had to put my hand in my pocket, grasp the grip of my gun then put my hand up and tell them to stop, and get back in their car, and leave. One guy kept coming until another bailed and told him, "Come-on _____, it ain't worth getting shot over." I never really pulled my revolver, but the leader finally stopped and cussed me, then turned and got in the ratty old Datsun truck and left. They drove on and found another victim. My mistake is I should have called the Sherriff and reported this. The three, I am sure it was the same guys, beat a nearby neighbor, who was 83 and legally blind, viciously. He was going to his mailbox also. He passed 4 weeks later. If I had made a report, maybe, this would never have happened to him. BIG MISTAKE, ON MY PART guys. If you see anything out of the ordinary, report it. You may save someone else misery. I have lived her 34 years and never had one incident happen to me. My only saving grace was I was armed and ready. It was so obvious what was going to happen to me, a car (a neighbor) driving down the small country road stopped and watched. My mailbox is 300 feet from the front of my house. I drive to my box now. One never knows when evil comes knocking on your own door. I carry when I am awake.
  5. If Biden get elected, 269.00 per 1000 will be very cheap.
  6. Ammo is up 90.00 per 1000 from S G Ammo this morning. I could purchase 9 MM for 179. 00 per thousand before Covid. Now it is 269.00, this morning, plus 16.00 shipping. I was a good boy scout though, Raoul. Don't need any. S G got all you want to pay for.
  7. pop pop


    Finally talked the Misses into an RV trip. We are headed to Pigeon Forge on the Car Show weekend. Going to be great, but got the mask. First time out of this house since last October. 7 MONTHS!!! Going ster-crazy with cabin fever. Told her I would be fine to just sit in the Campground and go out to eat a little. Here we come Huck Finn. Dang virus! Going to take one of our daughters and her family with us. Her usband and 16 YO grandson love the cars. Will only be out until Wednesday, but is our first outing this year. Have plans to go to California Redwoods NP in August, but seriously concerned we will not be able to make that trip. Hope to camp in the last 3 states we have not camped in of the lower 48. We lack California, Nevada, and Oregon. Can get all 3 on this trip if we get to make it. Camped in all the other states but these 3. Hoping????
  8. Long story short, I sit on a jury once, where a drunken son-in-law, from Smyrna TN, used a baseball bat to bust an old man's head wide open, after the father's daughter left the guy on trial, and came back home because "He" her husband was beating her. Took many stitches to repair plus the old 63 Y O man, and a Doctor testified he had sustained major head trauma from the numerous blows from the bat. Went in to deliberate and most on that jury, did not want to convict that perp, of a serious crime, because he only used a baseball bat, which they(most) did not consider it a deadly weapon. One women even said, during deliberation, that knives and bats or clubs did not rise to the level of a gun, as far as being dangerous. Good thing we had a knowledgeable jury foreman, because he was able to convince 7 of the jurors, that knives and clubs could kill you just as easy as guns, if the man using one was skilled. Many walking the streets and breathing air do not consider knives as deadly weapons, and always most consider guns the ultimate. Too much stupidity in movies where one shot blows someone through a glass door. Many don't realize one can shoot someone 2 or 3 times with a gun, and a determined guy with a knife may cut one seriously before they pass out or bleed out and become incapacitated. I was sure surprised to hear the people in that courtroom discuss violence and their lack of knowledge of it. The lady that was saying bats were not a deadly weapon told the foreman just to look at TV or movies and that was her argument on what she based her belief on. There are some real bozos out there guys and they are who are going to sit on a jury judging you and I.
  9. Most people don't think knives are all that dangerous, but they are. A knife in a trained man's hands can reek havoc on a man.
  10. I purchased 2 and both had problems. Got rid of both.
  11. Thanks Jeb48 for your suggestions. May get some of that target paint. I just purchased some run of the mill white primer from Home Depot. One good thing about our range is it is fairly well natural lighted but may get a little dimmer as the leaves get thicker. Bodock is very hard wood Tom. Was really hard to cut, for sure under ground level. Good thing I had a new saw. We-gotter-done! Thanks for the replies guys. I have a very good 50 foot range (as far as backyard ranges go) for handguns, and a fair 100 yard for rifles now. Never had the rifle range until work on this range was done. Looking forward to using it. Going to need some more dirt, to raise the height of the mound, because of the settlement of the pile I have now, but then I knew that. Dirt settles over time, but it last, and don't rot like my old backstop. Now I need to build me a new stable rifle firing table, and chair, for my Caldwell Led Sled, so I can do justice to sighting rifles in. I have 2 flat top tables I build, out of treated pine 10 years ago, but they are not as good for rifles. Going to build one with a 18" long side wrap around apron to place my sled on so I can shoulder rifles easily, and comfortably. I have some good ideas. I use 2x4 treated wood for the legs and 1X4 treated pine for decking. That way I can move them, fairly easily, by myself. I guess one thing leads to something else. "Oh the Joy of that!"
  12. Got out to the range this afternoon. I have an new MP 9 C 2.0 that I have had some problems with not cycling. I took some Federal 115 FMJ practice ammo out this time, and fired 100 rounds through it. Did not have any stoppages out of it, with the federal ammo, this time. I been firing WWB 11gr rn practice ammo previously. I cleaned and lubed the pistol well and had good success with it on this outing. I have another, w/o a safety on it, that I have been carrying for a couple years that I have had no problems with. I have about 800 rounds through it at this time. I really like these pistols, but also have a Taurus 7 shot 357/38Spl revolver I carry all the time also. I did not fire it on this trip, but have plans to do that on Monday. I think 100 rounds is about my limit with arthritis. My wife took her 2 revolvers out(Lady Smith mdl 65 357/38 spl, and Ruger LCR 5 shot 38 Spl and run another hundred rounds of 38 spl through them. She liked the Gongs, for sure, after I sprayed the bare metal with white primer paint so she could see where she was hitting. She was able to hit the 4" gong every time with matter of fact fire, but had to go to the 6" for rapid fire to keep all shots on target. We practiced from 15 ft and had no problems with splatter from the RN ammo. It is my plan to have her learn how to run the MP 9MM C 2.0. Both my MP's have the 4" brls on them but just one does has a manual thumb safety on it. Hopefully I will develop some drills and movement into my practice once again. Also want to do some draw and fire drills in the future. I will use the humanoid targets of this. Was a nice afternoon for a trip outside shooting. Am tired of being confined to our home because of the virus. Have plans to go to Defeated Creek Campground, outside of Carthage TN, and on Cordell Hull Lake, on the 1st of June. Will stay to the following Saturday as they canceled our first 8 days because of being closed due to the virus, and it is hard to get reservations at that park. Will be elated to get some good times with our grandkids and get some fishing in. Looking forward to some serious outside time.
  13. Wish I could Dave. May try to get my g-daughter to shoe mw how. I have a new I phone my daughter purchased for me. It takes good pictures my wife says. My range is small and not really that impressive, but It is the one I have. L/w we hope to use it today. On an unrelated subject, I was tied up with my daughter's Horse Trailer pulling truck yesterday evening. She has a 2008 2500 HD Silverado gas burner and the transmission (6 speed automatic) went out. The repair bid was from 2700. to 4800. to repair, or complete rebuild. Ended up repair for 3000. She feels lucky on this one. Man! I knew it would be high, I thought 2000 to 2500 but Geez! Watch those used truck purchases guys. She has owned the truck for 1 year. Hope we have a complete uneventful day today. You guys enjoy your day.
  14. Well, woke up at 4 this morning and could not go back to sleep. Got up, made coffee, and the dog and I sat in the Lazy Boy and sipped while hunting from the chair on the Outdoor channel. Am sore and my hands ache pretty bad. I knew what I was in for because I was overly tired when I went to bed last evening. Got about 6 hrs sleep which is pretty good for me. Getting long in the tooth is not for sissies, as they say. Looks like another good day comin on. Will get the downed tree laid by and out of the way today, L/w. Yes, Dirtshooter, we have plans of several good days on the range soon. You guys have a good day.
  15. Got my horrible tree (bodock) cut today and on the ground. Took my sweetie and I 4 hours. Dug around the stump and cut it beneath the ground level so I would not have problems with mowing over it or moving over a big stump in front of my backstop. I stepped the tree and it was 65' tall and was 18" across the stump. It was a very hard cut under ground level because the roots were very large and I had to cut some before I could get the big saw level for the proper cut. The new saw is a good saw and the tree was so hard sparks were flying off the chain on the saw even though I was not cutting into the dirt with it. I will wake in the morning in your shape monkylizard. Sore and stiff. I have another walnut tree to cut but that saw will go through it like it is butter because it is walnut is very soft wood. It should fall well because there is nothing for it to hang on while on the way to the ground. Removing the bodock opened up a 100 yard lane to the center of my backstop so I can sight in my new rifles as well and shoot handguns much closer. I am tired, but elated to get the Devil tree on the ground. Not worried about the other work which we can handle easily.

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