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  1. I have a black stock 40 caliber old style carbine. Purchased it years ago from a Deputy Sheriff. He had a massive stroke and had to sell his guns for money. The one I have was made when Ruger sold them in combination with a 40 cal handgun to Police only.
  2. I am 74 now and I have started giving my gun collection away to my grandkids. It was hard for me to give my father's guns away, but I chose one who I believe will cherish it as much as I do. I gave them to girls and boys alike. Did it so they will go to who I want to have them. Still keeping some for personal use.
  3. I purchased a 308 Savage Axes gen 1 and it has been flawless. Purchased it and a 7MM 0 8 in the same configuration. Both had Weaver 3x9 scopes. Purchased both 4 years ago on a pre Covid black Friday special and got a great price on both. I lent/gave the 308 to my grandson last year, so he could go deer hunting with it last fall. He shot a doe and loved the rifle. His dad said the scope was great at gathering light after sunset. Savage came out with the Generation 2 Axis model and it is a much improved rifle as it has the famous savage trigger, and is guaranteed 1" accuracy at 100 yards. The price is higher. They improved them over the gen 1's. I ended up getting both of my rifles for 185.00 new after a 150.00 rebate from Savage and another 125.00 reduction in price from Bass Pro. I am a 308 fan. I gave it to my grandson because it would be easier to find ammo in 308 over the 7 MM 0 8 where he lives. Who knows he may get both, in a while, after I cross over the big pond. Been playing with the 7 MM and it has a wonderful trigger and is fairly light and accurate. I have come to like Savage and have always liked Ruger. Can't go wrong with either, IMO.
  4. Been my experience most gun stores want high prices for used guns. Spend a 100.00 to 150.00 more and purchase a new one if you plan to keep it.
  5. Pocket holster mostly for 7 shot Revolver Snubbie. Comp Tac Minitour IWB for discreet Conceal Carry MP 9 C 2.0. Galco belt slide for OWB carry. Right pocket or 4 O clock IWB 7 shot Revolver. Same for belt slide. I am a rightie.
  6. I got my real ID way back when. My wife had a name change, to my last name, and she had to bring her marriage license to prove the change. She had her birth certificate(her last name was Hall on it) and they would not accept it or her or my word word of our marriage. If your wife took your last name she will need the marriage certificate along with her birth certificate to get the real ID. She had to go home and get it then make a trip back.
  7. The thread was about the council, in Nashville, passing a resolution to ignore a lawful law passed by the state, which happened to be about abortion. Not only happening in the "Ville" but nationwide. The president is trying to skirt the S Court's decision to pass the abortion issue back to the states by reversing the Feds stand on Rowe v Wade. It amazes me that they (people in power) publicly want someone to ignore the rules/laws they don't like. If they get away with this then who knows what law will be next.
  8. Can't believe we have legislators passing resolutions to not follow/violate the law like they did in Nashville the other night. They don't want the attorney general "Funk", or the Police to arrest or prosecute those who break the abortion law. A T Funk is in agreement with them and said he will not prosecute. This country has really fallen from principals of right and wrong. I guess if you don't like a law, just don't pay any attention to it????? Sad thing is who gets to decide what laws we go by! Really bad trail this country, and our state, is walking on.
  9. Has the Gov/News Media changed the criterion on what constitutes a mass shooting now? TV news stated today that there have been over 300 mass shootings in the U S so far this year.
  10. Happy 4th to you all. Home with a summer cold today.
  11. I carried an M-16 in Vietnam. Have never pulled the trigger to purchase an AR but do have a Ruger Mini 14 Ranch Hand late model that fires 556 or 223.
  12. 357 Mag Edited to add reason; Most likely will not need 6 if your put the other 5 where they need to go. It is the Indian, not the arrow type thing, unless your a cop.
  13. "Defender", Not a big difference, to me between, C Duty and C Defense. Critical duty is what they had for sale at the time. To get technical, the duty supposed to have a slight edge on higher power, when fired in 4" and 5" brls. I like higher power (+ P) and heavy bullets in 9 MM ammo. Aids in recycle function and bullet performance, IMO.
  14. Was able to purchase 150 rounds of Hornady 9 MM 135 Gr FlexLock Critical Duty Ammo this week. Have not had any of this ammo before. Looking forward to testing it out in my MP 9C 2.0 in the future. Right now, I have my roscoe loaded with Cor Bon DPX. Do any of you guys have any experience with the Hornady ammo?
  15. Pocket Carry Taurus 7 shot 357 snubbie loaded with Cor Bon DPX in 357. One 8 shot speed strip for back up DPX ammo. If IWB, S W M P 9 C 2.0 15 shot with extra magazine in Comp Tac Minitour IWB holster. Serves me well.


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