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  1. I would wait for a while to see if they have bugs.
  2. Got a call, this morning, from a lady I taught to shoot several years ago. I posted about her a few years back. Her husband died and she was terrified and couldn't sleep after dark. I took a 38Spl, her late husband had purchased for her years before, and taught her how to shoot the revolver and gave her self defense ammo to go with it. It helped her self confidence tremendously. She has since married again and living with her new husband. She called this morning and asked if I knew someone who would like some old ammo her first husband had bought several years ago. I t
  3. I put 30 years in with the Post Office. I can tell you their problems is a management problem. The P O went down after they decided to put their money into the national coffers. Then they started not filling positions and now have a manpower problem. They don't pay part time labor well so they don't get many good temporaries. Also when they gave them permission to allow 1st class mail to set in the office, it was like you give an inch, and they took a mile. It is not the Labor Unions fault. You can't move large volumes of mail with no one to move it. Like I said, it is a management problem.
  4. Thanks for the comments guys. I have not handled the SW EZ and am not a fan of a grip safety's. Will see when I can find one.
  5. I try never to drift into another lane while turning. It was a thing to fail government drivers on when getting gov drivers license. I worked for the Post Office for 30 years. Glad you got out of it without using more force than you did. Road Rage can get serious!
  6. I want to purchase one of these new EZ 9MM pistols, because my Arthritis is getting much worse. The Dr took me off Meloxicam (was taking it for arthritis, and diabetic neuropathy) so I quit taking it for 16 days. I hurt so bad I had to go back on it. I have been waiting, to purchase the pistol, so they can get the bugs worked out of them, but they sure seem to have many bugs at present. Even a recall for certain serial numbers. I know the EZ 380 has been out for several months, with good success, however the 9MM is my interest. I now have 2 S W M P 9MM compact 2.0 4" brl and really
  7. Seen a couple articles that said the new Pres is touting a 200.00 tax on semi autos and 200.00 on each high compacity magazines on all guns, even the ones one posses now. If my math is correct???? cost a man 600.00 for his Glock 19 with 2 mags. Wouzer! Just look at what your pistol owners are looking forward too. Makes me think about the mayor of Nashville, and council just raised property tax 34% in one year. His reasoning, no tourist, no tax money coming in, and Nash needs the money. By the way he shut Nashville down and still has his fist on most businesses that can't op
  8. Just watched a news conference on the Church shooting, on Jan 3, in Texas. The pastor was killed and another wounded. The Sherriff said there were 2 members in attendance, carrying, and the suspect disarmed the pastor and shot him with his own gun. When asked by a reporter what he what advice he would give others, concerning church safety and security the Sherriff stated he didn't want to second guess anyone in this church shooting, but he said, "If your going to pack a gun you had better be ready to use it." Good advice, IMO. I will add, do it with as much determination as
  9. I am so fed up with what is going on in this country, I have just quit watching the NEW any more. Politics turns my stomach. always has. All it does is depress me so I just don't watch it anymore. I voted and lost. So be it. The sun will rise in the morning and life will go on. I am glad I am not dependent on Washington and Just am not interested any more. Turn off the tube and read and study your Bibles. Train yourself to live like God wants you too. That is what really counts guys. What happens in Washington is minimal in life.
  10. pop pop


    We received the Dakota 4000 driveway monitor yesterday and installed it this morning. Berried the magnetic sensor in the middle of the driveway about 45' from the end of the drive. Works great. The wireless receiver is in my dining room and loud enough that we can clearly hear it in the bedroom. The receiver is set on a 6 gong chime. The transmitter runs on 3 C123 Batteries and supposed to last 12 months. It is mounted in a shrub tree about 50" from the magnetic sensor, and to the side of the driveway. The sensor is about 275' down the drive. Wife just left to go to the store and it works gre
  11. I would like to purchase a 9MM EZ but going to wait for a while. My arthritis, in my hands, is getting worse and I am going to need one in the future, I am almost certain. Waiting for SW to get the bugs worked out.
  12. Audi Murphy, and my cousin. Jack was the most decorated Kentuckian of WWII. He won ever medal the U S gives "except" for the MOH. He has the equivalent MOH form Italy and France. He had 9 purple hearts from WWII. He fought against Rommel in N Africa. He did all this by the time he was 19. Lied about his age and went into the Army at 15. Was in all theaters of the great war, the world calls it. He disliked the Japanese soldiers because he said they would kill and mutilate. I spoke at his funeral 4 years ago. Darnell, his wife told me war was H for him. Said he never got a full nights s
  13. pop pop


    Just ordered the Dakota 4000 magnetic driveway monitor kit from Amazon. Not cheap. Hope it does what I want it too. According to the testimonials it must be paired up prior to burial. Thanks for the heads up RED333. If anyone has this unit did you bury the magnetic bar beside, or under the middle of the driveway? Edited to add; Johnny Rotten, my 3 acers yard is fenced on 3, sides but not beside the roadway. The roadway floods a couple times per year and can't keep the fence up along the front.
  14. pop pop


    On our neighborhood watch board, last night, a lady posted her ring door bell went off, at 9:00 PM and a silver car was parked in her driveway with the motor running. She called Police. After a few moments she witnessed two other young guys run from the house across the street, and jumped in the car with bags in their hands, with Coved mask on, and sped away before Police got there. She did not get tag number. Ordering a magnetic driveway alarm this morning after worship. Our daughter just installed a very good camera system(1800.00), at their home, after one of their 4 wheelers was stolen
  15. I would like to have one in 20 Ga with wood furniture.


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