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  1. I have a Taurus 7 shot MDL 617 Revolver 2" SS I EDC. It is a K frame size. Have had it for years and pocket carry it in a modified Desaantsis Nemesis holster. . It is a great revolver.
  2. pop pop

    Shield plus

    Just purchased a M P 9 MM 2.0 Shield EZ. Have a M P 9 MM 2.0 comp. Not failure with a Shield +.
  3. pop pop


    I find it harder and harder to chat with people about the blessings mankind finds in belief in the Christ. Seems few are interested anymore. Most important thing in life, IMO, is "To prepare for the next realm." because we are not destined to stay in this one. That is why we die. I am looking for Abrahams bosom, by putting my faith in Christ, when I enter into the next realm (life) we all will go too,(Luke 16:22). that will be "The realm of departed Spirits." That is if Christ does not come back to earth before my demise. If He does then we will all go to judgment. Believers into Abrahams Boso
  4. I had bad experiences with water wells so I don't like them. The pumps may have improved, but in my experience, several years ago, ours was on the blink every storm the blew through it seemed. I had 2, one in the well and one on top of the ground from a cistern. Both were problematic. I have a drilled well at my house now and it has water within 15 FT from the top and it is 95 ft deep. I have never put a pump in it. Edited to add; My daughter just purchased a horse farm and she has 2 wells on it. One, at the house, can be pumped dry in 15 min. She is forced to do her activities over a p
  5. I emptied my rain gauge at 9 last evening, 2 1/2", and again this morning 3". Bradley Creek, across the road was up, but not over the road. The 10 acre field, next to our home, was under water up to our front yard. So far no damage except several tree limbs down in our back yard. Headed to Church this morning to worship God and remember Jesus Christ and what He did for all mankind. Get-ye-some faith guys and gals! Nothing more important to mankind.
  6. Sorry. Don't do pictures.
  7. Yesterday afternoon a lone turkey hen showed up at my bird feeder. This morning 9 hens showed up. One of them is a white hen with a little feather etching in black. She was here last year, but all the other turkeys were fighting her and she was solid white. I'm guessing because she is off color with no cammo effect. Even the 3 resident deer does were chasing her in our woods. There was also a bearded hen with them last year. She is back also, and has a double beard, about 5" long, this year. Both her and the white turkey are much larger. The males are not here yet, but if they do as th
  8. I am a little above average, on practice, (50 rounds per month) but have really curtailed my shooting because of the ammo availability, and cost issue, as I am sure a lot of us have had to do. On a retired budget it is hard to spend 800.00 to 900.00 per thousand for practice ammo for 9 MM. I will usually shoot one or the other now, MP 9C or 9 MM EZ to spread the wear time out. You could be right about the excess wear on the EZ because of the lighter spring. Just have to see how things shake out. Thanks for the response to my question Capbyrd. I have about 600 rounds through the 2 MP 9
  9. Capbyrd, what brings you to the conclusion they (MP 9MM EZ)will possibly not the workhorse other MPs and Shields are intended to be? I have 2 MP C 2.0 9MM pistols and the EZ is made pretty much the same. The biggest difference is the lighter spring to allow it to be racked easier.
  10. Saw a small snake crawling across the road in Rockvale TN yesterday at 10:00.
  11. Been using Turbo Tax and already got my Stimulus check on Monday. Paid my credit card off early, but I do that monthly anyways. Cost me 43.oo to purchase the System but my daughter uses it for all of us.
  12. I am 73 and my physical condition is sorely lacking due to age, weight, loss of strength caused by diabetic neuropathy, and several serious medical problems. All of you guys are headed in that direction, if you live to be a ripe old age, so that, for me, does not translate into giving up on trying, to the best of my fading ability, to protect myself, or my loved ones, should I be "forced" "FORCED" too. One thing the officer did have was mindset and will to finish the fight. He was put into the position of reacting to her pulling the pistol just like most private citizens will need to r
  13. Been going to my daughter's horse farm and started cutting trails through the woods. Great therapy for me. I am trying to look past politics mainly because it depresses me completely and I can do very little about it. Really should quit watching the news also. Sad watching that women's mother on TV about her daughter she lost and not knowing why. Glad they releases the body cam and dash cam evidence. Should stop needless rioting in "The Vill." Just can't shoot a cop and expect to walk away free guys. Really sad for her family, and officer, and prayers for them. Retired and lovinit. Tur
  14. I have had both shots of Moderna and my sweet wife had her second Thursday. Way to go. I am at high risk because of agent orange and have many risks. I had no ill effects and sweetie has had a little nausea yesterday, but can't say it was from the shot because she eat something she said was not really good, and that may be where her sick feeling came from," maybe". Other than that we have had no side effects. She is fine this morning. Praying for you and hope things go well for you. Listen to your doctors Hipower. They want the best for your health. You made a wise choice, IMO, for w
  15. Possumslayer, never shot for serious grouping, just shooting steel gongs. I put the 20 rounds on a 8" gong at 15 yards, off hand, with 1 miss. The pistol is new and I have not set it up on sandbags nor rung it out. Just wanted to see if it would eat some blunt HP ammo. I will in the future. Only have 70 rounds through it just testing reliability. I am going to do some real testing for accuracy as soon as I get a chance because I want to carry it in the future. I do like the way it shoots and how easy it is to rack the slide. I do have a MP 9C 2.0 that I have been carrying for over a yea


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