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  1. Vintage Gun Photos

    The Russian bear personified.
  2. IWB for Pt111 G2

    A little sandpaper will knock the sharp edges off.
  3. Vintage Gun Photos

    I'm glad they spent the enormous resources building nearly useless crap like these rail guns instead of more tanks and airplanes.
  4. Land Between the Lakes

    Note that ATV's are only allowed at Turkey Bay. Vehicles must be plated for most of the roads. And yes, it's a really nice place.
  5. My Best Friend

    I was there not long ago. It's not a happy place to be. Prayers for you during this difficult time.
  6. You need to sand/grind/blend away all the pitting down to smooth bare metal, then paint/blue/coat the surface to prevent further corrosion. The pits trap the salts and corrosion products on a microscopic level, so no amount of oiling will stop the corrosion from continuing unless it's fully removed.
  7. Hi

  8. Hello everyone!

  9. Had a great time Saturday with some friends at a farm owned by some of my wife's family. First there was skeet.... ... and we even managed to break a few of them. Before they hit the ground. Then after lunch it was pistols and rifles.... Got to shoot lots of good stuff. I finally got to shoot the FAL I built and it worked pretty well. I was very happy that it didn't require much sight adjustment at all. I got irons sighted in on both AR's but unfortunately one of them was plagued with light strikes, so I'll have to sort that out. One of my friends is somewhat new to guns and I managed to dispel some myths about .380's being innaccurate by hitting a spinning gopher target a handful of times from about 25 yds with my P3AT. Surprised myself a little too. A bit warm for my tastes but a great time for sure.
  10. Land Between the Lakes

    Miles and miles of great off road trails. Vehicles must be plated everywhere but Turkey Bay.
  11. keep us in mind tomorrow

    Mine had that done a couple years ago. The worst part was the recovery from the anesthesia. Some kids have unexpected reactions to it, but mine had ear tubes at the same time and they told us some kids freak out a bit because everything suddenly sounds very different. Otherwise it all went fine. Kids recover fast. You'll get to see how long he'll try to milk the ice cream and jello...
  12. Who still squirrel hunts?

    If anyone near knoxville hunts and doesn't want the meat, let me know. The hawks and owls love squirrels.
  13. jerky made the old way

    Exactly.... it's too humid here most of the year to hang dry it without crusting it over with salt. In which case the salt is dehydrating it, not the weather. If you've got a sunny place, set up a fan, and get dry weather for a couple weeks, it might work.
  14. Perfecting my carry gun

    Nice. Is the rear sight reasonably robust on the dust cover?
  15. Washington D.C

    If the Smithsonian and Air & Space museums were in a happier place, I'd go all the time. Ive been to DC but it's been decades. My kids aren't quite old enough to appreciate it yet, but I do intend to take them. I'd like to see the WWII monument as well.

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