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  1. My boys and I are working on fixing this up. It's taken a lot longer than I'd hoped but we're getting there. My wife's granddad bought it new. While I was able to drive it across town to our house, we've had to do a lot of stuff to get it running reliably. Almost there. Trying to use it to teach them about wrenching. I'd love to put an LS in it, but just trying to get the 4.3 running well for now.
  2. This. Yes, this is what I drove all through high school.
  3. Or maybe they'll stop having kids they're too selfish to bother to parent.
  4. Sure, the DA decided to make an example of these people. It's a pretty egregious example of bad parenting. The conviction of both makes it pretty clear they knew their son had some problems but couldn't be bothered to act like parents. Their behavior toward each other is quite telling of how broken this situation was. Liability for the actions of your children is very different from the actions of strangers who've stolen property.
  5. The kid begged for mental help and they bought him a gun instead. These people couldn't put their own problems down long enough to pay any attention to their kid. That's absolutely pathetic. They got off easy, though 15 years in prison as his parents likely won't be easy time.
  6. I've always wanted a big basso profundo voice, but I'm a terrible singer. These guys are awesome. https://youtu.be/f1Vkh1Iy5IA?si=4l8-vDa9n3gMLAHi
  7. Yep. The fireball was visible in bright daylight.
  8. Yep, both of those were fun. I remember a .460 magnum, a .338 Lapua, and a .308 AK.
  9. While you may not be very interested, the next generation might like some tangible reference to a relative they never knew.
  10. They make a thing you can rent called a landscape trencher, it's a mini ditch witch and works great for the wire. I did my 1/2 acre lot in less than an hour. If you have several sections that make the wiring difficult, the fully wireless type is probably better. Be sure to work with the dog to make sure it understands where the boundary is (marking flags) and what the warning tone means. We spent several days walking the boundary with the collar. Hear the tone and pull the dog back, then reward her when she'd back away on her own. The only time she ran through it she was chasing a critter of some sort.
  11. Yeah, my grandma was in her 60's then.
  12. We had pretty good luck with the invisible fence. Our previous dog went bonkers inside a privacy fence. She'd dig and then climbed an 8ft fence to get out. She didn't feel trapped with the invisible fence. She did run through it a couple times but she would sit just outside the warning boundary and wait for us to bring her back in. The current dog hadn't shown much interest in wandering off and is also happy to stay in a crate when we're gone.
  13. One of the perks of having a regular dentist. My wife and I have gotten in same day with urgent problems at our dentist. Hope they get it fixed. I'll add that letting it go and just trying to live with it is a really bad idea... nearly killed a friend's mom. She had a bad tooth but wouldn't get it looked at. She collapsed and the ER doc discovered she had a defective heart valve. Cardiologist said the tooth infection messed up the valve. She was in the hospital for several weeks as they had to get the infection under control before they did surgery to replace the valve. She made it, but it was rough.
  14. Meh, Dad had a wooden paddle. Didn’t necessarily make me stop, I learned not to get caught. And thinking about it, my high school assistant principal had an aluminum paddle with air holes. Kids who got paddled had to "take a walk". He'd make them walk the halls with him following, paddle in hand. All the classroom doors stayed open then so everyone knew who was gonna get paddled. After strolling around to his satisfaction, he'd say "assume the position", which was hands on your knees and head a couple inches from the lockers, so every whack banged your forehead into the locker. You had to count licks. If you started blubbering, he'd keep going until you got to the number. So 3 licks could easily become 5. The more you blubbered, the faster he'd go. Good times. I got sent to his office once, but didn't get paddled.


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