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  1. The squash borer... one day they look fine, then they turn yellow and die in a day or two. Usually takes asparagus several years to yield enough to make meal.
  2. Sorry, haven't heard of him. A guy I work with does some gunsmithing. I've been told he does good work.
  3. I grilled some chicken Sunday evening as well. That and some fresh garden veggies made a nice supper.
  4. Yeah, people think its bird shot, it's only effective to 30 or 40 yards. Except the pellets will fly 200-300 yards. What goes up must come down.
  5. Me and a friend got peppered by some dove hunting nitwits while we were playing golf. They were hunting in the field on the other side of the tree line. Boom, boom, boom, .... uh oh. Heard the pellets come through the trees, ducked our heads, and ended up with a few welps on our arms and necks. I also have a BB in my leg, courtesy of a grade school friend.
  6. Zucchini bread FTW! They also make decent noodles as a pasta alternative.
  7. I'll add to @Murgatroy... any of the current crop of 300/500cc sporty bikes. They're all good and buy a used one. He should be able to sell it for a little net loss in a couple years provided its still in decent shape. I don't recommend a cruiser, especially a smaller one. They don't go, stop, or turn, and they're low you can't see or be seen. 20 years ago I started with a used GS500 and moved up to a CBR600 a few years later. I succumbed to the dirty side when I had kids. Get insurance quotes before you buy anything. Take the MSF course.
  8. We've got some green beans but not enough to cook yet. Maters are just starting to ripen, gotta get them before the birds do. One zucchini and one green pepper. Looks good so far.
  9. Find your local bee keepers group, they'll have all the info you need. They'll probably let you help them and learn what to do.


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