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  1. For those days when you think your job sucks.
  2. I've got a container of dried cayennes from last year and several jars of pickled jalapeños from a few years ago. Cayennes or habeneros are all I can deal with heat wise. I don't mess with ghost peppers or any of that other foolishness. I'll give that a look, thanks.
  3. This is awesome. I wish we had space for something like this. We had a mediocre year. Tomatoes did great right up until the birds found them. Ended up freezing a few bags but not enough to bother with canning. We also made a couple batches of salsa. We planted pumpkins and more green beans but I don't expect much yield. I've got quite a pile of cayenne peppers sitting around. I think I'm gonna try making hot sauce with them, never done that before. I'm gonna try something new and plant a cover crop for the winter. I'm curious to see if that improves production next year.
  4. Is it not close enough that you could heat and adjust the kydex for the proper fit?
  5. That's really interesting. I know very little about how this stuff works, but these statements are telling... In a vernacular more familiar to me, the gain is set much too high for this testing. They didn't set these at 11, they set it at 13.
  6. Flight hours are flight hours. If they take a 10 minute break from practicing refueling and doing touch-and-go's to fly over a stadium, so what? They're also practicing mission planning, coordinating with ATC and ground communications, and a whole host of other operational activities.
  7. Only if you park under the nest.
  8. Yep, if you get in the middle of a dog fight, you will get bit. Friend at work had his beagle get into it with a shepherd at a dog park. He got the dogs separated but got chomped on his lower leg by the shepherd. Its owner bugged out in the following confusion so he had to get rabies shots since they couldn't verify the dog had been vaccinated. $8000.
  9. Yes, desperately in need of several high QB recruits. I feel for the guy, but when he's bad, he's really bad.
  10. Good stuff! That's not even the full 20" barrel, looks like a 16 or 18". Brazilian cops don't mess around.
  11. A 950lb safe is too heavy for standard residential floor construction unless its footprint is bigger than 3x3ft. While not ideal for all the reasons mentioned, I wouldnt put it on anything other than concrete. Just manage the moisture. Would 2 smaller safes work better than one huge one?
  12. Make owl/raptor habitat. A pair of barn owls with young consume an astounding number of rodents.
  13. Yep, it happened pretty fast.
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