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  1. Forum Software Updated. 8/10/2017

    Why does it change font sizes when I cut/paste within a post, and how do I fix that (on iPhone)? Like this... Why does it change font sizes when I cut/paste within a post,
  2. Realized something great last night

    Getting out of debt is a big deal! By all means, treat yourselves. But... if you don't force some of that surplus into something useful (house needs new roof fund, oh crap the AC just died fund, kids gonna go to college fund, etc.) it'll disappear a lot faster than you think.
  3. Sorry, I was thinking grill tank and not something bigger. What they said.... call your local propane supply, welding supply, diving supply, or commercial gas bottle supply such as AirGas.
  4. It'll probably be easier to exchange them and pick out the newest tanks they have. Then you can get those refilled for several years until they time out. Repeat as necessary. The date is on the guard/handle around the valve. This one was made in January 1999.
  5. Newbie

  6. What are you listening to now?

    Full concert live streamed free... http://webcast.livemetallica.com/
  7. Insurance company?

    Depends on the details of your plan. The fine print may have given them access to some type of info. Worth a call to see what their version of the story is.
  8. Yep. If it's been sitting inside a garage or shed and hasn't leaked down, it's not likely to fail.

    Just know where you're going and have permission to be there ahead of time.
  10. Its noticeably less expensive to refill a tank, about $10 compare to $20 for an exchange, and you usually get more propane with a refill than an exchange. Tanks less than 7 years old can be refilled. Each tank has a date stamped into the guard/handle around the valve. When you exchange, dig through the rack and find the newest tank they have. When a tank is exchanged, it gets cleaned, leak checked, and proof tested. The proof test is much higher pressure than normal use, so a tank that's been exchanged a bunch of time has be subject to much higher pressure cycles than one that has just been refilled.
  11. Kia/Hyundai (same company) was one of my customers when I worked in the auto industry. They were horrible to deal with, worse than the Italians. Having seen their decision making process (or lack thereof), I don't think I could ever buy one. Their success as a car company is wholly attributable to Toyota, whose designs they blatantly copied, and Mercedes, whose styling they blatantly copied.
  12. Insurance company?

    I would not say they're bypassing the doctor, they're bypassing your doctor. The insurance company sees your test results and has someone presumably qualified to do so, review them and make recommendations. In theory, one would expect they'd consult with your doctor prior to issuing new prescriptions. But as you said, perhaps the insurance company spoke with someone in your doc's office who agreed with the recommendations. The fact that you're entirely unaware all this is happening is distressing but likely par for the course these days, and they call it a service.

    Definitely the deck with a cold beverage and a clean, air conditioned bathroom nearby.
  14. Help! Goose Invasion!

    And lots of hunting seasons are set up to prevent young animals from being orphaned.

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