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  1. In much happier news and many years after the WTC event, my oldest boy was born.
  2. I bet she was sweet as sweet can be the year before.
  3. The original New York reload. I either read or heard that crew served rifles was developed by riflemen in the Revolutionary War. The best shot would climb the tree. Two other guys would sit at the base of the tree and reload. Loaded rifles were tossed up, empty rifles dropped down.
  4. I don't see any difference between civil and criminal liability in this case. Stealing is stealing. Whether or not I choose to secure my property in no way justifies its theft. I'm talking adults, or at least people cognizant enough to know that stealing is wrong and guns can be dangerous.
  5. Sorry, east TN is full. Blount County has a pretty good home school network. My kids are in BHEA and Classical Conversations.
  6. I don't see anything here that gets me to a place where my not making it hard to steal something is my fault. Title 39 - Criminal Offenses Chapter 13 - Offenses Against Person Part 1 - Assaultive Offenses § 39-13-103 - Reckless endangerment. Universal Citation: TN Code § 39-13-103 (2014) (a) A person commits an offense who recklessly engages in conduct that places or may place another person in imminent danger of death or serious bodily injury. (b) (1) Reckless endangerment is a Class A misdemeanor; (2) Reckless endangerment committed with a deadly weapon is a Class E felony; (3) Reckless endangerment by discharging a firearm into a habitation, as defined under § 39-14-401, is a Class C felony, unless the habitation was unoccupied at the time of the offense, in which event it is a Class D felony; (4) In addition to the penalty authorized by this subsection (b), the court shall assess a fine of fifty dollars ($50.00) to be collected as provided in § 55-10-412(b) and distributed as provided in § 55-10-412(c). I fully understand and agree with the idea that one should be responsible and protective of their things. But the idea of personal negligence has gotten way out of hand. Stealing is both a crime and a sin.
  7. So if you left $20 on a table at work, it's your fault if I steal it? I'm not following this line of thinking that criminals stealing things that aren't locked up or nailed down is the owner's fault.
  8. Correct, cars aren't equal to guns. Far more people are killed by/in cars than guns. And lots of newer cars can be stolen with only a laptop. Not only would the thief have to break into my house, they'd also have to break into my gun cabinet, and then they'd have to disengage the safety prior to discharge. But it would still be my fault?
  9. My car is locked and gets stolen anyway. The thief then runs a red light and plows into a bus load of kids. I'm liable for injuries to the children because someone stole my car?
  10. Looks like the girl wth the pistol is about to shoot the instructor in the butt, and the girl behind her thinks it's gonna be funny.
  11. Neither of those are big enough for raceday traffic. 231 is only 2 lanes. The access road is only 4 lanes. Check out 411 Speedway, Smoky Mtn Speedway, and Volunteer Speedway. All are good venues.
  12. They've been talking about this for 10-15 years. Google Thousand Suns raceway. The lack of a decent access road is major problem, that's partly what killed Nashville Speedway. I doubt the county will cough up the millions to build a road. I'd love to see it come, it's a lot closer than Road Atlanta or VIR, but I have serious doubts it'll happen.

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