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  1. peejman

    Taurus G2C

    Everyone I know that has one has been pleased.
  2. A bad couple days that would test the faith of the most devoted for sure.
  3. There's no incintive for a mechanic to fix parts today. They're pushed to flip cars as fast as possible and to replace parts that might not have needed it because of how the business is structured...
  4. It all depends on what the prey is.
  5. It's a modern Jeep so I'd consider it a rolling glitch... I don't really know the details. Swapping common relays around will quickly confirm if it's the relay or not. In this case, it sounds like not A wiring diagram would shed some light on whats supposed to happen when.
  6. True. We have to filter our interpretation with the knowledge that the already know "the rest of the story". Which isn't to say we know it all, just that we have the New Testament.
  7. One guy in my Sunday school class has an old family 1611 Bible. He says it's really interesting, and really difficult to read. I'd like to learn Greek and read an original translation. Makes me wonder if a modern language translation other than English would be better/easier/clearer? English seems to have a limited vocabulary compared to other languages.
  8. Yep. Sounds like a bad connection in the key switch.
  9. I like that Bluetooth headphones for the half deaf old man idea.... Does the Bluetooth transmitter only permit one connected device at a time? Sometimes there's a setting that allows multiple devices. There's also such a thing as an optical audio splitter so you could add a 2nd transmitter.
  10. I'm a Christian and an engineer. I believe what's in Genesis even if it doesn't quite seem to jive with current scientific theory of world history. I have a few simple ideas as to how to resolve that, but I'm quite sure I won't get the final answer here on earth. I also understand that what we actually know about geologic history is like a drop of water in the ocean. It's fairly routine for new discoveries to flip existing geologic history theory on its head. This is one of the first questions I intend to ask. I expect the explanation may take a while, but I figure I'll have the time.
  11. My wife used to work with a raptor rehabber. Bullet fragments aren't so much an issue as shotgun pellets. A single shotgun pellet consumed can make a smaller bird very sick, I've seen it. Most of the birds she dealt with had been shot but there were a few that injested the lead. I think I recall an Osprey that ate a fish that had swallowed a lead sinker. It doesn't take much when you weigh 5lbs or less. Most raptors are opportunistic. If they find something edible that's already dead, they'll eat it. It's easier than expending the effort to kill it. Was it you that had the pics of the albino hawk on a gut pile?
  12. Or remove the bullet fragments if you're going to leave the carcass or gut pile. Birds certainly aren't the only critters that eat carrion and are subject to lead poisoning.
  13. peejman


    Try a mask or respirator. The pollen is really bad now.
  14. That construction/renovation company's insurance agent is having a really bad day.

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