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  1. peejman


  2. peejman

    Emojis locking up mobile browser

    Mine can be really slow (Safari) but I've never had it crash.
  3. peejman

    LCPII : Is it a high mileage gun ?

    Same as several others.... I shoot my LCP1 enough to stay proficient and satisfy myself that it's working like it should, but that's about it. It's just not real fun to shoot, and it doesn't take a lot of practice for me to be minute of paper plate accurate at 7 yds. I probably practice drawing it (pocket) as much or more than I shoot it The trigger is so different from my Shield that I don't want to develop habits that negatively affect how I shoot the Shield at 25 yds.
  4. In theory you just paste the direct link in your post (URL that ends with photo file extention... jpg, gif, etc.), the forum software recognizes it as a picture, and displays the picture.
  5. peejman

    Hug your family a little closer tonight.

    Wow! Looks like a tree fell on it. Glad she's mostly ok.
  6. peejman

    Good Farm/Family Dog

  7. Did any of those schools specifically address awareness of motorcycles? If so, what guidance did they give? Headlights certainly make a vehicle more visible and can improve reaction times slightly. But they make less conspicuous vehicles even more so. Perhaps the percentage of motorcycles on the road is low enough that it doesn't wag the needle. I understand the risks and ride one anyway.
  8. peejman


  9. peejman

    Good Farm/Family Dog

    Doberman, Boxer, Shepherd, Mastiff, Bull Terrier, .... or some mixture thereof. I'd also recommend a rescue. A friend raises/trains Malagators (Malinois) for service and K-9 duty. Properly trained, theyre awesome. All of his I've met are big pussycats until certain words are spoken (not in English) and then it's game on. The transformation is astonishing. But it takes a lot of training to get there.
  10. peejman

    Handgun storage in gun safe

    I have a similar cabinet and the only ammo in there is a few loaded rifle mags. The ammo is in boxes or cans in the floor next to the cabinet.
  11. peejman

    80's heavy metal guys/gals watch this video

    Leo is awesome. Rob Scallon is pretty good too.
  12. peejman

    Air Rifles

    I have a Crossman Vantage and the trigger is bad. Understand that I'm not a high end 1.5lb trigger snob... most of my milsurps have stock triggers and I'm fine with that. On the other hand, this Crossman poor. Like Red Ryder poor. Any suggestions?
  13. peejman

    Air Rifles

    That's why I got one. And so I can target shoot in my back yard.
  14. peejman

    80's heavy metal guys/gals watch this video

    Jim Breuer is awesome. Mike Chlasciak is too. I'd love for riff rock to make a comeback.
  15. If every vehicle has its lights on during the day, the vehicles that you'd particularly want to stand out, don't. They're just another light in the sea of lights. It's no different than if no one had their lights on.

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