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  1. Kudos to Kyle for grace under pressure. I hope his parents burn those guys to the ground for questioning a minor without a parent or counsel present. For all the talk about bullying these days, that's exactly what they tried to do. I'd guess anything he said would be inadmissible given the method in which in he was questioned. Reminds me (and other parents, I hope) to talk to my kids about that and make certain they know they're not obligated to say anything at all without a parent present.
  2. Vintage Gun Photos

    Notice that both appear to have their fingers on the trigger and the kid on the left appears to have his MG pointed at the middle guy's back.
  3. Bath tub frag and bullet protection?

    A fiberglass tub might provide some cover from a flash/bang grenade and a cast iron certainly would. The compression wave would serve to strengthen both and the curved surfaces would help deflect the blast. Fiberglass would offer minimal protection from shrapnel. Cast would be better, but it'll probably break and fall apart in the process.
  4. Quite. I saw a great graphic that showed several hall of fame goalies and their goals against average. I can't find it now but it looked like this.... Roy 0.92 Hasek 0.94 Belfour 0.88 Foster 0.00
  5. And this guy.... https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nhl/blackhawks/2018/03/30/chicago-blackhawks-scott-foster-plays-emergency-goalie-accountant-nhl/472343002/
  6. Grohl seems to do that pretty regularly. It's become "a thing" at their shows where guys sit down front with signs that say "I want to play ____". So he brings them up and they kill it. Then theres this kid...
  7. Gas!!

    Summer driving season. Normal.
  8. Your memories!!

    I was about 5. It was summer. We had a full sized van, not the conversion type just with bench seats. Mom had been grocery shopping so the bags were in the back. She had to hit the brakes for something and a 2 liter Coke rolled from the back all the way to the front. The cap smacked something hard... seat base or something... and cracked. The Coke started spewing sticky foam everywhere while it spun around the floor. Mom pulled over in into a YMCA and got me out of my seat with me and everything else covered in sticky goo. I remember her trying not to cry while doing what she could to clean us up. I think Dad ended up removing most of the interior while cleaning the van out. One good thing about vinyl seats. Good times.
  9. Church Discussion

    KJV is close, but if you want to do it right, learn Ancient Greek. We talk about this routinely in my Sunday school class. With 4-6 people we normally have at least 3 translations and we often discuss how one word can have a huge impact on how we interpret a specific passage. The class leader often brings out the Ancient Greek words for key points in the text which sometimes clarfies and other times confuses. I've only recently started going to Sunday school, and I've really enjoyed it. I know several of you guys enjoy history stuff as well, if so you should check out this type of Bible. I've found it fascinating. https://www.christianbook.com/niv-zondervan-study-bible-hardcover/9780310438335/pd/438335?event=ESRCQ I also recently attended a men's Bible study at my neighbor's house who is the pastor of a church nearby (not where we go). It was a program called "Resolute" and was pretty good. It addressed many issues men face today and how hard it can be to "be a man" in modern society. A man's role is provider and protector, among others. You can't do either of those if you're dead because you didn't fight back when you needed to.
  10. Church Discussion

    I agree with this. "Turn the other cheek" isn't applicable if someone is trying to kill you. It's meant more toward verbal or minor physical abuse.
  11. Vintage Gun Photos

  12. I've got an original Shield 9 and it's become my go-to. I'm thinking real hard about some Apex trigger parts as the stock trigger is decidedly meh. I hear the 2.0 is a noticeable improvement in that area.
  13. I'll have to go ahead and disagree with you there.... I've seen basically zero publicity of nut jobs at the various anti-gun rallies by anyone other than the most right wing media outlets. The MSM ignores them because they don't support the narrative. However, the evening news would see a Confederate flag at a 2nd Amendment gathering and talk about how people at the KKK rally threatened to burn their houses. It's gonna be an uphill battle.

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