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  1. Remember those elm logs....

    Looks great! Wish they'd been small enough for me to haul, Dad would have loved them.
  2. It's magazines vs clips. Gun people know the difference, most people don't. But I expect they'll revise it to cover "and anything else that violates he spirit of the law".
  3. Not securing your firearm

    That was my expectation. Go peacock somewhere else, you're not helping.
  4. Not securing your firearm

    I wouldn't do it either. But it's pretty clear that even though this guy has a gun on his hip, he's in condition white. If someone practiced and could do it super fast like the pros, you'd be walking away before he recovered from the shock of someone snatching it. Remember the video of the Lenior City cop snatching the gun from the guy on the motorcycle? It happens really fast when you don't expect it.
  5. Another shooting

    This is an interesting story that I think speaks to some of the issues (anger, isolation, ...) and relatively simple solutions (kindness, compassion, love, ...). The world has grown cold and hard. I feel like it's largely related to the slow decline of Christian values in this country. People have become afraid to give simple outward kindness for fear of being negatively judged or labelled. Everyone wants something tangible in return, when the intangible is the best reward. “If you see someone who looks like they need love, give it to them,” Aaron said. “Even a small hug, a word, or a smile could actually save lives. Compassion is the only real way we can stop this. Love people even when they don't deserve it.” http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/02/20/man-writes-open-letter-after-parkland-massacre-was-almost-school-shooter.html
  6. Not securing your firearm

    Snatch it, drop the mag, lock the slide back, catch the ejected round out of the air, sit it all on a nearby shelf, tell him to have a nice day, and calmly walk away.
  7. AND why not all public schools

    This high school is big at 44 acres. It more closely resembles a community colllege with about 10 separate buildings encompassing about 10 acres with 3 street entrances with open gates. Check it out on google maps. There's no way 1 cop could do anything if he didn't happen to be right there.
  8. The whiskey and spirits thread.

    Clearly you know more about it than I do. I'd never heard of peated scotch before now. I've tried JWB and thought it was terrible. Now I know what to avoid.
  9. Another shooting

    So one could argue that in the case of this school (and likely many others) convenience is/was more important than security. That needs to change.
  10. Property line legal question

    If you value the outbuilding and it's not easily moved, I'd talk to the neighbor about buying the property it's sitting on. Otherwise move it or scrap it.
  11. AND why not all public schools

    Lots of municipalities already have "reserve officers" or similar programs. My local sheriffs office has a handful of retired cops and their friends who ride around in police cars and do things like visit shut-ins, deliver paperwork, and just be an extra set of eyes/ears in the community. To my knowledge they're not authorized to arrest anyone or other such things, but they do have radios and can call in what they see. Why not have them show up at the schools at arrival/dismissal times and simply be a presence. Instead of one cop on site during the most vulnerable hours, have one cop and 3-4 reserve officers, simply to be present and visible. Once school starts, they lock the gates behind them and go do whatever until dismissal time. It'd be 2-3 hours/day with all the holidays and breaks built into the school system. They local sheriff also had a citizen's academy years ago with the idea that graduated could become reserve officers, but for whatever reason they discontinued it. Could be a good time to bring that back.
  12. I've said that for years. Gridlock is the best option when it concerns the federal government. No action is usually the best action, at least they can't make it worse. My guess is the NFA will have to be revised to include bump stocks and binary triggers to accomplish the "ban". I also won't be surprised to see a proposal to include "high capacity" magazines as well.
  13. The whiskey and spirits thread.

    These are what I've had before... stuff aged in sherry, wine, or port casks. Glenfiddich, Glenlivet, Glenmorangie,... quite tasty. I've never had a scotch that tasted like Jaegermeister before this one. And for the record, the scotch was Kilchoman and the rye was Few.
  14. The whiskey and spirits thread.

    One sample (a double shot essentially) of three different whiskys. I'm not aware that I can choose what they send. This one is 2 out of 3. "A" was Breckinridge, which was good. "B" was a rye that I can't recall the maker that was ok. "C" was a single malt scotch that was ... terrible. I don't know how they made scotch taste that bad. Bitter, biting, sour, nasty aftertaste, .... The first sip gave me that cold medicine full body shiver.
  15. Another shooting

    Why were the doors unlocked? A locked commercial door with a push bar is easy to open from the inside when it's locked. It's against fire code to have doors that won't let someone out when they're locked.

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