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  1. Click type torque wrenches are easy to check... Clamp a bolt horizontally in a vice. Tie some cord to the handle and a bucket. Measure from the cord to the pivot. Add water to the bucket until it clicks. Weigh the bucket and do the math. Click wrenches should always be stored at zero. They should never be used for loosening. You should never continue to tighten after they click. Any/all of these will cause their accuracy to degrade.
  2. I wish my mother-in-law would get that with her 93 yr old father. It bugs me.... He 93 and in better shape than she is, but she treats him like a kid. If anyone has earned it, he has.
  3. Welcome! What part of Chattanooga?
  4. Best of luck. Some friends adopted a baby boy recently. The legal process is arduous, but worth it.
  5. Yes, mirror image photo prints were relatively common then. The musket looks like a small punt gun to me. Seems big to be a "normal" musket.
  6. I got some for my boys but darned if I can remember where. I plan to get more as they need some in grandpa's workshop. Best place I've found is Amazon.
  7. An interesting tactic. I'd assume they'll be reserve or volunteer officers. I've thought about doing that myself.
  8. The Hiawassee WMA is a popular rest stop for their migration. I've seen hundreds of them gather there in Jan-Feb. https://www.tn.gov/content/tn/twra/wildlife/viewing-area/east-tennessee/hiwassee-refuge.html
  9. Several years ago we needed a new water line connection for a new piece of equipment at work. It's a typical metal industrial building with 25ft ceilings and all the wiring and plumbing overhead. So the maintenance guy figures out which 2" water line he's going to T into, finds the upstream valve, closes it, and moves to the spot for the T commences cutting the pvc line. A moment later there's water spraying everywhere and he's 20ft up on a lift hollering for help. Another maintenance guy goes and gets another lift and finds the next upstream valve to close. He's Intentionally not moving real fast as we're all laughing hysterically. The lift gets about halfway up to the valve, beep, and comes back down. Dead battery. O So he goes and gets the only other lift, which is twice as big, and takes several minutes to maneuver into place and close the valve. During the 10 minutes or so for all that to happen, the first guy has wrapped his shirt around the pipe to control the spray and couldn't be any wetter if he'd jumped in the lake. After cleaning up the couple hundred gallons of water in the floor, the maintenance guys go look at the first valve. When doing the initial plumbing, someone ran out of unions and used a ball valve to join 2 lengths of pipe. Except they knocked the ball out of the valve so turning the handle did nothing. And who did the initial plumbing? The first maintenance guy as he worked for the contractor who built the building before being hired.
  10. First place I'd ask is @LawEnforcementSalesTN He doesn't post much but I think he's still around.
  11. I didn't know it had closed. I went there a few times and though it was a nice place. Great ventilation, which made it cold in the winter and hot in the summer, but that's not a bad trade. Good that it's reopened.
  12. Decent deals on goodies for your better half. I got this for my wife. https://thewellarmedwoman.com/product/self-defense-essentials-bundle/
  13. Happy turkey day y'all. Hope everyone has a great day.

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