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  1. Interesting that there's no forward mount. Hard to tell if this is for shooting birds or people. My guess is birds.
  2. If you're hunting them, yes. If you're eliminating a nuisance animal that's causing damage to property or endangering people, pets, or livestock, no. I see them occasionally near an overgrown creek bottom that passes by several nice subdivisions.
  3. Ask ranges with rentals. Those will be the most highly utilized.
  4. Wow. If ever there was a frankenrifle, that's it. It's a SKSM1FALARHK.
  5. peejman


    Wow. Glad it ended up being relatively minor. Old, rotten trees can be dangerous in many ways.
  6. When the law changed to allow carry in parks, it did not require existing signage be removed or changed. The owness is on the permit holder to know the signs aren't applicable. I believe they can still post buildings, but not the entire area.
  7. What do you think the judgment would have been if they didn't have the $750M umbrella policy? More? Less? Would it have gone to trial?
  8. Before 50, wow. My Dad semi-retired at 52. He got laid off with a decent severance with 24 years in. He did a few consulting type things for a while. Mom kept teaching until 65 so they had reasonable insurance until Medicare kicked in. They've been frugal and while I'm not privy to the details of their finances, they appear to be fine. Dad complains about minimum required disbursements now. I don't ever expect to retire, certainly not how my parent have. I still have some fleeting hope that I'll be able to quit working full time before I'm dead, but the traditional retirement is out of the question. Social Security and Medicare won't exist in their current form. I've got a decent 401k, but I have no illusions of being able to live off the interest. I make a decent wage, but raising a family on 1 paycheck just doesn't leave much wiggle room.
  9. Dog, coyote, fox, chupacabra, something like that.
  10. I had exactly the same thought. Very thoughtful, he knew the rules and the consequences and made a good decision. Thankfully he wasnt forced to make the other choice. I'd feel compelled to visit the guy in prison and make an effort to get to know him. He's got a great opportunity to have a huge positive impact and turn a life around.
  11. Gone far too soon. Prayers for his friends and family.
  12. https://www.amazon.com/Padded-Tripod-Case-USA-Gear/dp/B009KUKZ3I https://www.amazon.com/Xinlinke-Trumpet-Padded-Carrying-Shoulder/dp/B07BQC3Y9X?ref_=Oct_CABSellerC_11969261_0&pf_rd_p=fd6da10e-edaf-5312-9ff4-fa4c351b46f2&pf_rd_s=mobile-hybrid-6&pf_rd_t=30901&pf_rd_i=11969261&pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_r=K10XCKXM9FQPYKMJ3W0K&pf_rd_r=K10XCKXM9FQPYKMJ3W0K&pf_rd_p=fd6da10e-edaf-5312-9ff4-fa4c351b46f2
  13. Eliminating nuisance wildlife that's a danger to kids and critters isn't hunting so those rules don't apply. https://www.tn.gov/twra/law-enforcement/wildlife-damage-control.html https://www.tn.gov/content/tn/twra/wildlife/mammals/large/coyotes.html From what I read above, trapping them and shooting them seems to be the recommended method.
  14. I'd document the lack of interest from animal control. Call the Sheriff's office or 911 when you see it and document those calls. Squeaky wheel gets the grease. Live animal traps aren't very difficult to use.

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