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  1. Dang. It's probably a good thing you're not closer.
  2. peejman

    Switching to streaming tv....

    Yep, we have wifi now. There's probably a way to check data, I just don't know how. I'm not computer illiterate, just that between the wife and kids, I hardly ever use the PC. ATT has comments to the effect that their data limit is comparatively huge, which it may very well be, but they're also trying to sell me something.... I'm just trying to validate that.
  3. peejman

    Switching to streaming tv....

    So having finally upgrade to a "smart" tv, we're talking about turning the dish off and going the hulu, Netflix, prime route. My first question regards data usage. We'll have to upgrade our internet service and u-verse seems to be the best option, but it's a 1TB monthly limit. Is that enough? There's 4 of us using the wifi and I'm not sure what adding streaming tv on top of that will do. I read that HD programming is roughly 3GB/hr which means 333hrs per month. That's probably more than double what we'd normally watch, but the phone/iPad/pc surfing will add to that. I've no idea what our current monthly data usage is.
  4. peejman

    Tired of being tired.....

    The simple, but sometimes not so easy, solution is to push back. Don't answer those after hours calls. Make them leave a message and then decide how important it really is. Most of it can wait until tomorrow. Train and empower others to handle the simple stuff. Don't fuss if they mess it up, reward them for doing something instead of nothing. Go to disconnected places for vacation. No cell service, no wifi. I read somewhere that it takes the average American about 4 uninterrupted days to really relax and start enjoying a vacation. And you start dreading going back to work 2 days before vacation is over. So on a typical 1 week vacation, you get 1-2 days if you're lucky. I've got enough work to do that I could work 100 hrs/wk for several months and likely still not get ahead of the curve. But I'm not gonna work that much so some stuff simply isn't getting done. If management doesn't think it's important enough to allocate or incentivize the available resources, then they must accept the delay. It is what it is. It causes me some stress because I don't like being buried with work, but work isn't priority 1. I'm working through it to the best of my ability and that's all I can do.
  5. peejman

    Knife values?

    The K-BAR's could be in the $60-$100 range depending on the details. Don't know about the other 2.
  6. peejman


    I'd much prefer the stress be released through a series of small tremors instead of building up to "the big one".
  7. peejman


    I heard a thump (which woke me up) then a rumble, and the house shook gently for 15-20 seconds. I could hear stuff on the shelves wobbling. I only heard the 2nd one, don't recall feeling any motion. Thankfully I went back to sleep.
  8. peejman

    Range Fire

    Engine blocks and wheels. It's pretty rare for whole blocks to be mag, but pretty common for there to be covers, brackets, and such. Fun story.... many years ago the Porsche club people would bring fragged magnesium engine blocks with them to the Daytona 24hr race. They'd dig a hole in the infield, start a bonfire, and toss a block on when it got dark. It would be daylight within 100yds of there all night long. Anyone who's been to Daytona knows the airport is right next to the track. Pilots complained about the blinding light coming from the track so the FAA made the track stop them from burning magnesium in their bonfire.
  9. peejman

    Range Fire

    Indoor ranges are coated in powder residue. Watch any of the slo-mo videos of bullets exiting a muzzle and you'll see lots of unburned powder come out. I saw a guy with a .50 Desert Eagle set the wall next to him on fire. That was a minor and very slow burning fire, kind of mesmerizing to watch actually. It certainly didn't become the conflagration that happened here.
  10. peejman

    The Whiskey and Spirits Thread

    I usually put rum or brandy in my 'nog. Or maybe the other way around. I like my whisky with ice or coke.
  11. peejman

    Anyone tried the new Taurus G2C?

    I thought it was a G2. Do they claim it's different? https://americanmilitarynews.com/2018/05/the-differences-between-the-taurus-g2c-and-taurus-pt111/ So they changed the trigger bar and the grip texture.
  12. peejman

    Did I miss it somewhere?

    I remember it every year, it's my son's birthday.
  13. peejman

    Snow tomorrow ??

    It was coming down hard here in murvul at 8:30 with 1-2" from what I saw. By 11:00, the roads had mostly melted off.
  14. peejman

    Good News

    It's definitely not too expensive for anything with a carburetor. I only use 100% gas in my motorcycle, mowers, weedeater, etc. I wouldn't care if it was $5/gal, I will not put E10 in anything with a carb. Fixing the damage is too much aggravation.
  15. peejman

    Snow tomorrow ??

    It's been in the 40's since yesterday in most all these areas. If it snows really hard it may pile up, but it'll be gone in 24 hrs.

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