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Black Russian Project


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I picked up a Mosin Nagant 91/30 a couple of weeks ago and got the itch to do something with it that I have never seen before. Thought I'd post pics as I progress. Have lots of parts ordered that should be here next week. Here are a couple of pics of some of the progress so far.


Stock is mostly finished. I will be using the original wood (or at least this part of it) for the project.


Spent a ton of time polishing trigger components and matching bolt components. Started on the barrel tonight. Pics of the barrel later. Trigger mods greatly improved action.

More to come.... Some fabrication to do....

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A couple of quick pics. Barrel threaded and muzzle brake installed. Barrel and metal parts finished with DuraCoat in "Combat Black". Barrel bedding finished over the weekend. Bedding the magazine assembly tonight. Trimmed the forestock about 1/2 inch in length. Still waiting on a few goodies. Very pleased so far. Hope to wrap up mods and final finish this weekend.



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Thanks. It's from cncwarrior.com. I have a very nice M44 and another 91/31 that are both original. Looking for a M38 but haven't spotted one locally.

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i'm liking this project. What finish did you use on the wood?

It's a ebony stain with wipe-on satin polly. I burned the stain in with a heat gun in some areas to make it look worn. Chose the poly because I liked the way it looked on some test boards. I wanted a similar sheen to what the original finish had. Everything else looked too new/refinished....or too flat.

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I spent most of this week on the barrel bed. Not glamorous work but should help accuracy. I tied on a few goodies to make sure I hadnt strayed too far from the original plan. I plan to start reassembling tomorrow. Might shoot if time permits.



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Where did you get that leather thing on the butt-end? I want one for my ak!

That one is from BrassStacker but I think they just make one for the Mosin with the sling slots. Seems like 7x Leather makes one for a AK.

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This photo makes me want a stainless barrel for my mosin. I know yours isn't stainless, but I think the unfinished barrel looks great against that furniture color.

I thought it looked awesome too. Unfortunately the shield in this pic wasn't rigid enough to stay in place. I have a friend (machinist) working on a chrome molly version. Right now I have the original wood one dura coated black. I considered polishing the barrel and clear coating it. Duracoat makes a high gloss clear. My barrel was pitted and had some dings in it. A Mosin barrel nice enough to polish would be too nice to "bubba" anyway.

I have the gun put back together except for the sling. I will post some pics in a few.

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This is the (almost) final product. All that is missing is the sling, which is still being reworked. I may also put a bit better scope on if I can find a quality long/mid range scope with the right eye relief.





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That is a beautiful Russian! What's her name? Svetlana perhaps?

Anyway, very nice work. Makes me want to pick up another Mosin to pimp. I think you've started a trend, Pimp My Mosin. LoL.

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Lol. Haven't named her yet. Will have to spend some time shooting to see how her temperament is. Pimped Mosin sounds better than Bubba'd Mosin. I like it!

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That's the first sporterized mosin I've seen that I like.

I really like the way that stock looks, and I'm glad you kept the wood instead of going synthetic.

Thanks. It probably wouldn't pass the purist test, but I tried to keep it close to original. The only "irreversible" mods I did were the front sight removal and threaded barrel and the milling on the stock for the rail. Oh, and i shortened the forestock 1/2 inch to get rid of the underbite.

The gun was rough when I got it. The stock was actually damaged in the area where the rail now sits. It's also a 43 Izzy which has a rarity ranking of 1. Had it been a Dragoon or a nice Tula I wouldn't have touched it.

I have 3 other Mosins that are very nice originals (Tula 91/30, M44 and M38). Maybe that will keep me in the good graces of the anti-sporterize crowd.

This was a fun project. I am eager to see how accurate it is. Waiting to check the muzzle brake alignment before I fire it.

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