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  1. The Halls one, and I'm reasonably sure I've seen them at the Dixie Lee Junction location as well.
  2. If you have an Ace Hardware nearby try them. The one near me always seems to have the small Craftsman drill presses on display. Also check Northern Tool.
  3. You need one. I saw a used one in the gun store and had already said I would take it on picking it up, before knowing what it was.
  4. People can either shoot them or not, and you find out which category you're in really quickly. If you have shot a fair amount of shotgun it's no issue to pick it up and put several slugs center mass at 15 yards. If you haven't, well, good luck getting on paper.
  5. Considering the pure number of videos coming from Brazil where people always seem to be wearing flip flops and shooting each other, you're spot on.
  6. I think that you just killed the myth about "it's easy to convert an sks to take an ak mag."
  7. Good condition last time I looked. I can check again when I get home if you're interested.
  8. 1943 Tula Mosin Nagant for sale, asking $180 OBO in the Knoxville area. No bayonet, or cleaning/tool kit included.
  9. I mean I'm sure Facebook would gladly give up the information, just like the ATF having free reign and access to this site and others I'm sure.
  10. Well, they were going to nail him one way or another. Honestly surprised it wasn't suicide via round to back of the head. That or he'll end up dead after "resisting arrest."
  11. To me the reality is for most people going with the steel is better than nothing. The weight sucks, but the weight will suck if 5 pounds a plate or 10 pounds a plate. On a set of steel I had I glued some thin foam to the backside and cut airflow slots into it and wrapped it over the top edge. Idea being A) air and some padding so it's not straight steel to chest and B ) when the plate inevitable rides up you don't get cracked in the jaw. Carrier wise I'm thinking the TAG Banshee is somewhat of the go- to for a decent carrier and decent price. In any case lots of good ones out there, just
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