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  1. Ruger Precision Rifle, Anyone have one?

    I've been reading about it and it seems like a great round, but I already own 308 and like being able to get it without issue wherever I am. So leaning that way more for compatibility reasons, as stupid as it may be. Either way if I came across 6.5 or 308 I wouldn't mind.
  2. Ruger Precision Rifle, Anyone have one?

    I'm leaning either 6.5 or 308. In either case it's just a barrel swap away.
  3. Which gun manufacturers do you prefer?

    Not today Isis/ATF/NSA/other alphabet soup. Not today.
  4. I'm just looking for some feedback on them. Suddenly taken an interest in them after realizing I don't have a bolt gun capable of longer range, or any rifle dedictated to this use period.
  5. Nah, just my Sunday go to meetin' rig.
  6. From the run 'n gun match. I do in fact go to the range.
  7. IWB for Pt111 G2

    Holster maker input here. Echoes the above statements, get a good belt first, that makes all the difference in the world. Second make sure the belt loops/slots/clips match the width of the belt. I.E. 1.75" loops for a 1.75" belt. My final and personal thought is go with something that has two points of suspension on it. There are single clip deals but I've always found those to want to rotate forward or rearward on me which is not what you want.
  8. Vintage Gun Photos

    Or South Africa, Rhodesia. IDF is probably the likely guess since they used anything they could get their hands on. Also check the RPD.
  9. Here I was thinking it was going to be a 320, darn.
  10. To those who didn't show, you missed a really fun match.
  11. Finally, they're being more honest about what's at these shows. Though adding in beef jerky to the name would be great.
  12. AK Build Fun

    The frame is just big channel so I'm not that worried. Biggest thing is there is a sizeable gap between the vertical posts and the horizontal cross member. Realistically it could likely be taken care of with some washers, but I just don't like that approach.
  13. AK Build Fun

    Glad to see I'm not out of line on wanting to weld it up.
  14. AK Build Fun

    I should add there's also an alignment tool from Requiem Arms that I'm thinking I'll pick up for grins future use.

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