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  1. Muzzleloader ban-suppressor edition..

    I have a mental image of some dudes driving by screaming tallyho and big smoke plumes coming out filling the vehicle and the road.
  2. Muzzleloader ban-suppressor edition..

    Yes, because so many drive bys happen with supressed muzzle loaders.
  3. Because we all know one day they'll get tired of seeing these "pistols" and change their ruling.
  4. I saw a guy do a similar thing with an Uzi and a Tailhook where he removed part of the stock and welded on a section to mount it. I say go for it, nowhere does it say you can't do it.
  5. Post the last firearm related thing you bought!

    It came to me as parts, but slowly it is becoming something.
  6. Sighting in deer rifles for deer season

    I think about 3/4 of the members show up once a year for the deer rifle sight in but are never seen again until the next year.
  7. How to fix a stock

    Have any pictures? I'd say if they're small enough then just clamp and glue. Otherwise dowel pinning and gluing would probably be the way to go.
  8. Tool boxes

    I'm used to Snap-On black and red, but that tan is suuhhweeettt.
  9. Leather Holster

    Knoxville holster maker here.
  10. Bump-Fire Stock Ban

    Thanks, NRA, hope you're glad that you created a monster to fight to stay relevant.
  11. The NRA - with friends like these...

    Here's my half-baked thought on what is happening here. Remember, the NRA was in favor of zero tolerance gun laws and gun free zones and all that jazz after Columbine and supported the 1994 AWB. I think that they're making a play to deflect from themselves and Republican lawmakers they support when it all goes south in a couple years. What I mean by that is by asking the ATF to "review" bumpfire stocks it takes the blame off them if the ATF decides to do something with them. However they're banking on the ATF not doing anything under Republican control due to the political fallout at the time. When the government swings Democrat again though, the ATF won't have an issue going after bumpfire/similar and whatever else they arbitrarily decide they don't like because there won't be the same fallout. At this point the NRA can come in screaming about how rights are being infringed and that we need to stand and do something to protect them I.E. donate to the NRA and convince more people to join. Never mind that at some point in years past they gave the .gov the keys to do this. In other words they're creating a monster to fight so they keep making money and stay relevant. After all, they're a business, they exist to make money and that's truly what they care about.
  12. Used guns in East Tenn

    SIA is definitely the best shop in the area. Some pricing might be a bit on the high side but every other aspect is far better than anywhere else.
  13. Holster maker #2 by Gotthegoods checking in.
  14. Perfecting my carry gun

    That's sexy
  15. Politically Sensitive AR Lower :) :)

    I used to laugh at Spike's lowers, but now they're just getting retarded. Plus minus points for Mookie.

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