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  1. Yeah, not that cheese on cardboard crap New York peddles. A real meal.
  2. You can get more elaborate and complicated shapes from cast than can be machined.
  3. When you see housing like this.....RUN the opposite direction!
  4. Forget your gun. Leave it here. Chitcago is a liberal cess pool. I wouldn't go to Chitcago with a dozen hired professionals from Academi.
  5. It's only for the cool kids. The rest of us don't have permission to see it.
  6. You get that hollow grinding feeling in your gut, EVERYTHING starts to look edible. Joint, cat, Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce......
  7. Always build your own AR. Rarely are people happy with a purchased one. You buy it then change this and change that and you got more in it than if you just bought the parts you wanted in the first place.
  8. Every 1911 on earth. Give me poly/striker fired anything over those antiquated boat anchors.
  9. The sad part is, there's no real alternative. .
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