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  1. Put her on "The Voice!"   What a freak.
  2. Paul, I'm standing by to help in any way. Prayers to a safe return.   Walt
  3. Having a high dollar alarm system is piece of mind. If it ever goes off ...   First I hit the megadeath button on the headboard post from my saferoom/bedroom, which of course activates the steel bars closing on all windows and doors after the perps are inside, which then opens the gates to release the hyenas which are minimally fed.   Of course if they manage to climb up onto something, the camera's on the remote Dillon mini-gun would pick up on that.   Finally after my 9/11 call to the county coroner, I'd grab my classic Model 29 6 1/2" pinned and recessed "Dirty Harry" model .44 magnum for any mop up and ask the question..."Do you feel lucky, punk?" :cool:   :rofl:
  4. I imagine NSA is already watching your (our) backyards. :ugh:
  5. Hmmm.... a new prank involving a shotgun could be born from this as well. What a tempting aerial target!   "Sorry officer, I thought it was aliens invading my personal air space."    :rofl:
  6. So what I'm thinking Terry is this... put an empty gun safe in your garage, don't bolt it down, hide your guns under the mattresses and in the closet like the old days, and won't the perps be surprized when they drag your safe home and open it up to find a note that says "Gotcha!"  :rofl:
  7. When I was a Ky resident (3 years ago), Ky Gun Co was my 'go to' gun shop (about an hours drive from the house). They have GREAT prices, especially on new guns. I never traded one in as I've found in the past, most gun shops pretty much offer you 'wholesale' prices on trade-in. Best bet is to post your stuff on TGO if you're needing to free up some new gun money :pleased:
  8. Welcome Chuck and thanks for serving!   My son and I both shoot IDPA at MCTS and GGC. We may even have crossed paths before. This is a great site, though it has caused me to spend too much money from time to time when I see those toys on the classifieds I think I have to have...LOL.   Walt :usa:
  9. Gosh, you make me feel old...heh,heh.   I started squirrel hunting at age 10, that be 1965, and we were still buying paper shells. Seems plastic came on in the late sixties, by the time I was a teenager and started duck hunting. The hoopla over plastic hulls by then was that they wouldn't swell if they got wet, like paper. Funny thing is, I can't ever remember having a paper shell wet enough that it wouldn't feed my shotgun. They had a waxy coating so they were pretty durable really.   Enfield, I still have probably 30 or 40 paper shells left. I can't find any market worth to them, I even tried on TGO once with no takers, though free would probably work. :pleased: But once in awhile, especially if I'm squirrel hunting, I'll slip a few in my pocket if I'm using my single shot or double barrel... just to add some nostalgia to the hunt. I have had a couple not go off, but then they are close to 50 years old I imagine. If I were you, I'd shoot them...they're kind of fun to watch the old paper wads come blowing out too...like confetti!
  10. Hey Pat,   Just my two cents, but I have a Marlin 1892 .357 and a Ruger M-77 all weather in 7.62x39. I LOVE BOTH rifles...but that little AK round just hits a harder. I reload for both, so either rifle is pretty versatile and either rifle is flat out fun to shoot with little recoil. With lots of surplus ammo available, I think the 7.62x39 round be the one for SHTF situations though, and you can get full metal jacket stuff too.   But either caliber, you'll find that M-77 a blast to shoot and accurate too. They also make it in .44 mag, which has always interested me as well. I can not think of a single quirk on the 77. I've owned four during my life and all of them functioned and shot great. You can't beat the mauser action and you sure can't beat the genius of Bill Ruger's guns.
  11.   Ah, good point ... "Would you mind to fetch me my .45 magazine in my truck?" Does he bring back my clip or my copy of American Handgunner. :rofl:
  12. Looks like they're appeasing the masses, not the gun experts like all of us here on TGO :pleased:   I've heard magazines called clips all my life, ...guess its kind of a lazy, one syllable nickname that everyone knows what you're talking about even if its wrong.  Here's the actual definition of a clip, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clip_(ammunition) ... maybe we should send it to Marlin. I do miss the old company, they made some fine lever actions for many, many years.
  13. Yeah, I found the same 100 packs of .380 UMC at Hermitage WM at $39. Guess I need to shop Antioch. Still think we need to give a few more months before we see a new normal. I'm now shooting more 9mm than .22 ... its cheaper!
  14. I hear you on that. I'm hoping for good results, but I hope we don't find that the 17WSM is a chronic fouler. My son's intention was that he could use it for a prairie dog hunt and not have to reload a bunch a rounds for the trip. It wouldn't be worth a flip if you had to swab out every 10-12 rounds. I've been prairie dog'n before with my .221 Fireball and you shoot A LOT of rounds in a couple hours...and its a blast.
  15. Yes, cleaned it, and also pushed a patch through after every three rounds at the range, I always have a range rod with me. I've played with these small bore wonder toys for years, so I was suspect to this newest arrival to have some fouling issues. They seemed like some hot rounds, but since it was my first WSM17, I really didn't have anything to compare it too. I've never split a case on a 17HMR.   The Winchester rep seemed concerned enough to have me send that lot number of rounds back. Great customer service as UPS not only picked up the ammo at my door step, but handed me two more boxes in its place. I'm going back to the range next week with my chrono, the new lot and the old lot and see what's up.
  16. A bunch of great folks in our squad always makes it fun, and of course, kudos to Robert S for another challenging COF.
  17. It's funny how we reason about the situation. Most of us can't find ammo to buy (at a normal price) yet we have ammo sitting at home, yet we won't shoot it because we don't know when we can get any more.   Unfortunately the real victims of this whole ammo shortage/gouging mess are the shooting sports in general. Ask any club or range, and they'll tell you activity/participation is at an all time low.   What we really all should be doing is continue shooting at our normal pace, slowly depleting our 'stash'. At the same time we're doing that and enjoying our shooting sessions again... do not buy replacement ammo until it sits in stacks on Walmart shelves again. No demand, the gougers will quit.   No doubt, I'm the odd duck on this and that's ok, but I have not slowed my pace to shoot. Yes I reload, and yes I have a reasonable supply of ammo and components. No, I have no bought a box of rimfire ammo since it got crazy and no I don't have 10-20 thousand rounds of .22 either. I do have about six bricks and shoot it whenever I feel like it. It takes a lot longer to shoot it up than you think. But every day the sun comes up, I'm going to enjoy life and if that includes going to the range to burn some rounds, I'm going to do it. I think many of us get into this hoarding thing without really being sensible about it. Does anyone really think ammo is going away? Do you really need a gazillion rounds for the end of the world? I don't, and life is happier with that attitude.   When I shoot my last round, then I may stand in line for some more...but not until! I shot at the range yesterday and I'm going again this Saturday. I suggest you all do the same and let the gougers choke on what's stacked in their house...which is something I wouldn't want in the first place. Too much ammo, is prone to bad things like theft and house fires...both of which your insurance company will not cover adequately. Check your contents policy if you don't believe me.   This HAS been an interesting thread! :popcorn:   Good day!
  18. The other above bands really rock, but Black Sabbath was the original when you think of a heavy metal intro to the music scene. I first heard Sabbath in highschool in 1970 (I'm 58 now) and they just blew us away. A lot of kids didn't care for them, too different, too loud, but then you still had the Beatles, The Beach Boys, and Donnie Osmond on the radio...LOL. But when I first heard Paranoid...I thought, man, that's badass. :rock:
  19. Thanks Ted,   Of course the bad thing is ... the fast food discounted is exactly the food we should NOT be eating when you get our age! :rofl:
  20. Greg,   I also need 30-30 bullets. If you want to get into casting, I'll give you the 75lbs of lead I have in exchange for a few bullets :pleased:
  21. He, and the other open carry dumba$$ advocates who purposely stage it for a police response are doing us no favors. Laws give us privileges. Screw with the gray matter enough of any said law and someone will move to change it. Carry your gun, open or concealed, but quit looking for a fight with LE to become a news spectacle, because we all could lose in the end.
  22. Yeah, nice shot. Had they been watching, that's when you turn around and say "Hey, not a bad gun, thanks," and hand it back.   Golf balls get their fair share of abuse I guess. We were shooting muzzleloaders on a buddy's farm years ago and his son showed up with a sack of golf balls. Someone came up with the idea that those balls sat perfect on the crown of that big .50 cal hole, so with a slight downrange tilt, he fired his rifle with 50grs of pyrodex behind a patched ball and launched the ball like a mortar round way the hell out there. We thought it was so cool, we all started launching balls...too funny...you could actually watch them fly. Never figured if the patched ball behind it passed the golf ball eventually, or if we were just realizing how slow those muzzleloaders really shot.


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