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  1. Signed up, with Hotmail, no confirmation email. *EDIT* Changed it Gmail and it worked.
  2. Non NFA 11.5" AR

    Nice first post, but as seen above, you are wrong.
  3. It’s snowing

    They shut us down and sent me home for the night. I am going to try and enjoy a three day weekend.
  4. Wanted: (New) Ammo Cans

    I have grabbed a few from Academy in years past, I can't say if it was those or not. But $10 a can is my limit. I have a dozen or so. If they are the same can I have, they are GTG.
  5. Hudson H9 - a brief review

    1911 ergos and straight back trigger pull with consistent striker fired action. Meaning a nice straight, crisp trigger pull that feel the same every time, without the need to carry cocked and locked. I see a lot of benefits to it, and I have been interested in one since they were first announced.
  6. You can be the proud owner of a TANK

    I had a friend that had a bottle of Lucas smoke, for when it all escaped from the wires.
  7. In urgent need of security camera suggestions

    My daughter is nearing that age. I have rage reading this. I grew up on the wrong side of the tracks, and OH MY LORD, I could have some fun with an eighteen year old legal adult without crossing the line of unlawful detention or assault and get my point well across. That doesn't make any of these thoughts or worries easier to digest. I ride that fine line between Rodney Atkins and a full blown crazy outlaw biker. Say the word and I can come down to the Tri-Cities for a weekend and we can stay legal and instill the fear of god in some cats.
  8. My truck broken into

    My cars stay in the garage. Work paid for all the tools in my van. My piece stays in my pocket. Insurance would pay for it all. Pretty simple equations to me.
  9. Prayers for Doug

    He is in my thoughts, as well as those of my family. I have shared his story with my wife, heathen and my girls (Bandit and Brigand.) If he needs anything, post. Even if it is just some down home items to make his hospital stay better.
  10. The whiskey and spirits thread.

    I only drink from a Glencairn Glass anymore.
  11. Malls in general!!

    I go to the local malls often. To fix their broken things. They still seem crowded to me. I might have been to a mall five times in total over the last ten years. I have been a few dozen times in the last year.
  12. Med kit?

    We have the $20 Walmart FAK in all the vehicles. Nothing fancy.
  13. Precious Metals

    I am thinking of SHTF in terms of a grid shutdown. In that aspect, myself and millions of others won't be able to depend on debit cards, credit cards or checks. Cash will rule. If we assign a spot value ($20 an oz) on silver, or similar commodities, general trade transactions will be able to continue. Even if we think in terms of a collapse like Venezuela, there will be other major powers out there to continue on. You think that China and Russia won't recognize an oz of .999% pure silver? In the event of a total collapse or a TEOTWAWKI situation, my silver stockpile will be as useless as my guitars or my wife's art collection. Again, for a common day first world problem, I don't see this as a loss. I will be relying on my stockpile of food, guns, ammo and my will to survive.
  14. Precious Metals

    If the SHTF yes, in TEOTWAWKI, no. SHTF implies that order will be reestablished. I would be willing to trade my services for precious metals in the event of a natural disaster or short term social collapse. I have a skilled trade. Even without it, I might be willing to part with some of my supplies for a valued commodity if I knew that eventually normality would return.
  15. I would like to get my heathen to the range more often. Once a week in the warm months is doing well, but I think weekly would be better.

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