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  1. And just took first in Recurve at the Shelby County Invitational. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Tapatalk
  2. It is obviously heavily biased. The questions are very leading.
  3. I couldn't say with certainty. BB is what we have been working on the most. She is consistently in the low to mid 200s on that. Archery is her weaker point, but traditional is a low pop discipline. I think she was mid thirties on that. We didn't stick around for the awards ceremony, and she forgot her phone so she didn't take pictures of her targets. So I have no clue what her actual scores were. My wife is the coordinator, she might know, but I haven't asked. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Tapatalk
  4. First match of the new year, three second place trophies. BB, Target Air and Traditional Archery (recurve.) It is going to be a good year.
  5. Which zombie place? I have a zombie place I hang out too at times.
  6. So when she woke up in the morning, I warned her before she left the bedroom. "I dyed the Heathen's hair purple." She just mumbled and left the room. The dye I used is semi-permanent. I didn't bleach it first, it was designed to go over the natural hair color. The wife's response was something along the lines of "... as long as it comes out by the time school starts..." I count that as a win. For the record, I am a reformed punk. I dyed my hair blue for my senior yearbook pictures (the only once that were color back in those days.) I wore my hair way past my shoulders until just a few years ago. And it has been neon blue, neon green, neon red, blonde, black, etc... At one point and time I had anything that could be pierced, pierced. 37 of them to be precise. Yes. Four times for those wondering. I am covered head to toe in tattoos. Both of my ears are currently gauged to 5/8" and those are my only piercings now. There are several here that have met me, and everyone has been awesome, but I am sure that I am not what someone expects. In short, I embrace individuality. I was thrilled when my daughter suggested dying her hair. I never pressured her toward it. Same as when she asked to get her ears pierced, at seven or eight I believe. I never mentioned or pushed for it. I just waited for her to ask. That is how she got into shooting sports. I made her play soccer for four years, and she hated it. She asked on her own to join the 4H Shooting Sports Team as soon as she was old enough. I told her that in addition to mandatory musical extra curricular activities (orchestra and band) she had to have one other one. She chose shooting sports. And she is a rock star at it. With purple hair.
  7. ...dyed my 10 year old daughter's hair purple. I wonder what her mother will say when she wakes up in the morning? My daughter went to her first competition of the season last weekend (her second season competing) and brought home 2nd place in all three disciplines she shot in, primitive archery (recurve,) BB and Target Air. I asked her what she wanted as a reward. She wanted to dye her hair purple for the summer. Today was the last day of school, so after her 'promotion' from Elementary to Middle School this morning, I decided that we could dye her hair purple. Her mother is unaware. Tomorrow is going to be very exciting.
  8. I had that conversion yesterday. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Tapatalk
  9. I am stunned to not see this posted already. I guess he was more tortured than we thought.
  10. My daughter is 10 and able to handle a firearm better than many adults and has been for over half of her life. She is an accomplished shooter with many trophies to her name. I have NEVER worried about leaving a loaded firearm around her. She knows when to touch one, and when not to touch once. And that is because she was taught from a young age about use and care of firearms.
  11. So this afternoon I was at a gentleman's home and I noticed his bar selection was notably missing any bourbon. I commented on this and we began a discussion about my newest hobby. Turns out he kept his bourbon selection in a cabinet upstairs. He then invited me to sample some of his collection. I read an article the other day that suggested a Glencairn Glass as a good way to enjoy bourbon. I typically use a rocks glass and drink it neat. The gentleman served me in a Glencairn and they was kind enough to send me home with it. It really makes a world of difference in taste. Even with my old standby Jim Beam it really livened it up. But on to the selection of bourbons we sampled. I mentioned that Larceny was my 'high dollar' bourbon and Jim Beam was my budget bourbon. He then broke out names I have only heard rumors of. His budget bourbon is Old Forrester, which I will pick up some to test in depth. However it was his high end bourbons that blew me away. And he was more than glad to let me sample. I was not aware of AH Hirsch Reserve, but he versed me on it, and then poured me some. Wow is all I can say. He then poured me some Pappy Van Winkle Family Reserve. While it was good, it was nothing like the Hirsch. He agreed that he preferred the Hirsch as well. So I just had to share that, as I got home and read about the extreme rarity and scarcity of both bottles and understand now why he kept them in a locked cabinet and poured considerably less of those than the Old Forrester. I am now enjoying some Eagle Rare in my new Glancairn Glass.
  12. It just seems to be the responsible thing to update your license with your current address.
  13. I ordered two identical kits this evening, RP 3, with 3.5" touch screens, two 16GB SD cards and two silicon roll up keyboards. The goal is to build one together, so she knows what she is doing, set up a card, then send her to school with the dismantled computer and set up card. She is very excited about the prospect of using Python to modify some Minecraft, so I got her a book on that as well since Raspbian includes an older version of Minecraft. I did look at the Kano, and I think I will set up an SD Card on the Kano OS as well for her to play with. After her project is complete we are going to use one of the computers to build a robot of some form out of the dozens of kits available. She is pretty excited. And to be honest, so am I. It has been twenty years since I built my first computer, and I was twice her age at the time. It is amazing how time flies.
  14. I was hoping to keep the completed packaging small and simple, that is why I like the idea of the 3.5" touchscreen case. We have monitors and keyboards at home we can hook it up to after the project is complete. The Raspberry Pi 3 comes with wireless and Bluetooth built in, so that saves time and space. I do like the idea of the coding program though, that is what she is interested in. She wants to write video games.
  15. I saw the Kano kit, but it is nearly double what just the Rasberry Pi is. I am concerned about anything that might require soldering at school, so I eliminated a few of the RC vehicle coding projects she was interested in. The requirements for the project are very vague, leading me to believe that just building a box would suffice, however, I might steer her towards using it for an emulator, as we already have an NES Classic, we would steer clear of many copyright issues if she were to install Mario Bros on it or similar.

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