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  1. Sooo.....I was looking for a dog

    Good on you to home an older dog. Bandit and Brigand were both pups when they came to live with us. Due to our family environment, that is optimal. It has made it hard looking for a second cat, as our current cat. Bongo, came to us as a kitten, he is used to living with two Black Labs. We have intermittently sought another cat, but it would need to come as a kitten, not an adult. It is difficult visiting shelters full of adult cats. In the words of Bob Barker, be sure to spay and neuter your pets. Don't add to the population.
  2. FMJ..... a tool for the tuff jobs.

    I used a .410 for Mistletoe harvesting. I thought this was normal?
  3. Mass Shooting at Texas Church

    I once bought a gun as a gift for my mother. She did all the handling. She did the picking. I did the paying. I asked the clerk forthright who needed to fill out the 4473. He told me that as I was the purchaser, even though it was clearly a gift, I filled out the form. I walked my mother to the range and we spent a box of rounds to familiarize her with the new gun.
  4. Mass Shooting at Texas Church

    If you are delayed when you make a purchase, but not denied, here in Kentucky it is referred to as a 'Brady Delay.' If you are not outright denied, or immediately given a proceed, you are allowed to pick your firearm up in X amount of days (I have been made to wait three and five depending on the store.) The stores all refer to this as a Brady Delay, as I have not been denied, nor have I received a proceed. Buds, whom I vowed off doing business would press the matter with the NICs, something I didn't give them credit for, and would call me within an hour of leaving their store to tell me I could come back and pick it up. Living forty five minutes away, I wrote it off as a Buds issue. Last year it started happening at all stores. They would not press the issue, and I would come back in a few days and pick up my gun. This is what I assume in TN was a 'conditional.' I never received any hassle in TN. This is of course, in my mind, caused by someone with my name who is much less reputable than I am. I eventually went and got my CCDW in KY (I had my HCP in TN, just never transferred it.) I own a 'few' firearms. It always struck me odd that I started getting hassles in the last couple of years. I knew I was good though, so I didn't let it get to me, it just took the wind out of my sales on a few impulse purchases. It started as one out of three, but when it got to three out of three, I got tired of it. The whole CCDW process was literally two weeks from class to plastic in hand.
  5. Mass Shooting at Texas Church

    What bothers me through the whole thing is how existing process failed. He was guilty of a crime that he spent more than a year in prison for (a felony.) He was guilty of domestic assault. He had been involuntarily committed to a mental hospital. And subsequently escaped. He had been charged in a case of animal cruelty, later dropped as part of a plea bargain. He was denied a carry permit... This is a person that never should have been able to purchase a gun for MULTIPLE reasons. Yet still be bought one. This is not a call for more laws, but a reason to re-evaluate the existing. I am not a proponent of 'let's call them all mentally ill,' because that is a very slippery slope, but this is a glaring example of someone that should have been watched, identified and prevented. It baffles me, given the steps I have had to go through due to NICs and Brady delays to clear my name, with a mostly perfect record (I am not an angel,) that someone so glaringly 'off' made it through. For the record I have cleared my name and obtained a KY CCDW. However half of my last dozen purchases have come at a Brady Delay.
  6. Mass Shooting at Texas Church

    A town of about 350 I think I read. That is horrible.
  7. IWI Announces the Masada Pistol

    Two possibly speculations, one, the back the magwell has a ramp or guide, that allows the magazine to be 'rocked' in like an AKM magazine, or a more likely one, as the IDF has yet to ever specify a single sidearm, it very clearly denotes what firearm the magazine fits.
  8. It is only 3:00 in the afternoon EST, that means most of the snowflakes are still asleep. Give them until after dark.
  9. IWI Announces the Masada Pistol

    I like my Jericho...
  10. A fun gun.............

    I can't lie, I really, really want a pair of these.
  11. Need an opinion

    All Glock lovers are wrong.
  12. Need an opinion

    I am 190lb at 6'. This is a trim build, think working man, not 'built.' In slim cut jeans I can drop my Micro Eagle in a pocket holster and it looks like a wallet. With a loose shirt I can carry my G19 in a IWB holster with little notice. I can not wear a fitted shirt (and damn do I have the chest and arms for it now,) the narrow waist makes an obvious print. Overall, you will have to pick what works for you, but first and foremost, the piece of plastic (HCP) is the first step.
  13. Need an opinion

    Because I have been told I am wrong regardless of my opinion or basis on it lately, I am going to stick with that. If you are sold on .45ACP. get a Glock 30. It will do everything and more that you want. If you are set on a 9x19mm, get a Glock 19. If however you realize that the value of an HCP is irrelevant to the firearm you choose, just carry the 1911. The permit is more valuable than the gun IMO. I carry a G19. Unless I am feeling lazy, then I carry the Micro Eagle because it is super simple to drop in a pocket.
  14. A2 carry handle on an AR pistol

    After consideration I can only get behind this concept it there is an A2 on all four corners.
  15. Best 9mm pistol, full size and compact

    I have a CZ75 Clone (the Jericho, arguable aesthetically superior) and I will tout the qualities of the Glock all day. Since buying my daughter one I am leaning toward the M&P, but Glock owns my heart and trust.

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