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  1. I feel dirty for having neglected TGO in favor of FB... I just followed and all that. Forgive me.
  2. I wonder if it would be legal Australia, I think lever actions are still legal there, with a lot of red tape.
  3. Mumbley Peg. I had an old boot knife that was great for this.
  4. Murgatroy

    AK deal!

    If you aren't doing this with your AK, you are doing it wrong.
  5. I have a membership at Point Blank here in Louisville KY. My daughter and I shoot there nearly every week for an hour or two. They are clean, inviting and at the price, a deal for a temperamental teenager who doesn't want to go shooting, but doesn't want to leave once she starts. I guess I am one of the bad guys for LGS as I went to the corporate and pay $60 a month for unlimited range time, with a guest, free transfers, a 5% discount on all purchases and a free class a month, oh and I shoot free at any location nationally. I get it, but as a consumer, that is a hell of a deal.
  6. Man am I glad to be in Kentucky. TN just keeps complicating it. I have my CCDW up here, but in July we go Constitutional Carry. I will keep my permit for reciprocity though.
  7. Murgatroy


    I guess it is different for me, not having to pay for TICS, but I tend to go to Buds when they have them on sale and grab them at the ~$50 range by the handful. I have several full builds and quite a few lowers still laying around that I don't know what to do with.
  8. OMG! I have a Glock Beta Mag that would be PERFECT! I knew I needed one of these.
  9. I am glad I didn't do anything rash. I rented the Micro 9 this afternoon. It kept dropping the mag and failing to feed every other round. I did ~15 rounds and took it back to the counter. I keep trading off my AKMs and then regretting it.
  10. He is still out there. He has been working on his car a bit lately. I will let him know he is missed.
  11. I am out of state, so I am not selling local to the board. I am just curious how to price... I have a Century RAS47 Magpul, approximately 5(?) Magpul AK mags and ~1000 rounds of mixed steel case 7.62x39mm. I never shoot it. It sits in the safe. I am a Glock guy, but I don't own a 1911. I am a 9x19mm devout. However yesterday I handled a Kimber Micro 9, and I decided I can not live without two in my life. I can find them at the $500 price point at both Point Blank and Buds here. I am thinking of asking $1000? Is that reasonable?
  12. Cake - Fashion Nugget Metallica - ...And Justice for All Pantera - Vulgar Display of Power Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath Heart - Little Queen Rush - Moving Pictures Big and Rich - Horse of a Different Color Smashing Pumpkins - Siamese Dream AC/DC - Back in Black Alabama - Southern Star I could go on, but no, Appetite does not even make my top ten.
  13. Real customer service would have been getting the cat some lessons.
  14. Michael Mann, the Director/Producer of Heat and Collateral has a proven record of doing it right.
  15. When I was a kid, we were coming off the mountain after a day of work. We ran over a rattler. Threw it in the back of the Bronco. A few miles down the road I mentioned it was still alive and striking. It was surreal.

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