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  1. It is always a good time. Pretty big deal up here, and always a good line-up.
  2. I was a founding member of a car site well over a decade (and a half) ago. Being a member of the community for another half decade before that. I have been the admin of said site for at least a decade. While the hosting is covered, I do have a monthly fee I pay that goes toward hosting and the cat who handles our coding. At this point it isn't a viable site, it is just a spot to hold information, tech tips and history/progress of a car that was discontinued by it's company more than a decade ago. I am also the only 'regular/founding' member that doesn't do social media. I honestly believe if I were on Facebook, the owner of the site would shut it down and move all the write ups and tech tips to an archive somewhere. Development on the site stalled at least five years ago and we have less than a thousand active members, with maybe twenty unique daily log ins. We have been a close community for many years, as stated above. We have all gotten together for two yearly meets that are our general vacations, one for the West Coast in Canada, and one for the East Coast in Tennessee. We have been meeting at the Tail of the Dragon regularly for seventeen years. We have had several members pass on the site, one I mentioned here was a police officer in Jackson Mississippi, whom I was blessed to know well and consider a close friend. When he passed we had folks drive/fly in from North Dakota, Chicago, Utah, Maryland, Atlanta, Kentucky, Alabama and more to attend his private service. I told his widow when I walked in with twenty cats (my car load alone had been without sleep for a combined 72 hours as I had a ND cat with me) that "I said I would be here. I said we would all be here." But again, at this point I consider that site a legacy and personal venture. Even a labor of love. Every year on April Fool's Day I ask for a random volunteer. Then I ban them for the day. All these years later, I still get folks that volunteer. Now, to be honest, if I were still in Tennessee, TGO would be a site I would consider paying for. I know that I could anyways, and the site could always use the money, but as I am a state away, I don't want anyone to get the wrong idea as to buying and selling.
  3. I am a huge zombie fan, more specifically, Romero Zombies. Dawn of the Dead is one of the greatest social commentaries of our time. I would request he rest in peace, but I suspect he will be back. See what I did there?
  4. I went to high school with a girl that was on Jerry, or Maury or one of the exploitation shows. That was her small claim to fame. Or mine I suppose, as I knew her. Her excuse was she was sex addict. She was dating a friend of mine at the time of airing, she was actually my ride to work. She was crazy, yeah the kind you want no part of. I rapidly found a new way to work, and my friend found a new girlfriend. My ex as a matter of fact, but that is another story, for another time...
  5. I have been getting tattooed for over twenty years, and it wasn't until this year that I sat back and said "Damn, this could be painful if I wasn't a masochist." I attribute it to getting older.
  6. They aren't cheap, that is for sure. I make a lot of cracks about the cats that buy high end guns and could buy several Glocks for the same price, then I think about the money I have tied up in just one arm... and the number of Glocks it translates to. Most shops have a sign that reads "Good tattoos aren't cheap, and cheap tattoos aren't good." It is the truth.
  7. I see Outlaws nearly daily up here in Louisville. I get a bigger kick out of the local 'Steel Order' or such chapter that touts themselves as a nonconventional club, and they wear the Kentucky Rocker. Then they go on to say how they refuse to pay tribute to the governing MC in the area (which I believe are the Outlaws,) and how they will not cower. I haven't heard of anything more than fisticuffs, but I think it is funny. I don't think the fee is that much a year for the rocker, and it comes with a few perks. I had a pair of uncles that were Outlaws. I lived a couple of blocks away from their Clubhouse in Indianapolis. I am far from well versed in the ways of 1% MCs, but I do have a friend that is a 'hangaround.' Most of what I know came from Sons of Anarchy. I am however just a heavily tattooed and pierced guy that rides a highly customized Harley.
  8. MSRP of just under $1500. If I were a high end (mid end I suppose) collector, that would be an awesome piece.
  9. I am always impressed with the community here. I do not wish to enter, as being in Kentucky would eliminate my from most sales transactions. I just wanted to be a part of the thread and declare my gratitude.
  10. <insert tragic broken home/gutter trash/drugs and abuse raising with a dash of fostercare here> Left home at seventeen, never looked back. After a long series of bad decisions I pulled my act together and went to school for Computers and Electronics Engineering Technologies. Used that and a strong work ethic to buffalo my way into a job as a Dispatch and Logistics Manager role for about fifteen years. Now I am a plumber, and I have never been happier. Or making better money. I am married, with a child, two black labs and a cat. We have a nice home, in a nice neighborhood with nice things. We support one another and create a good home for our daughter. I have my cars and bikes and guns and guitars. Overall, I know it isn't a competition, but as a gamer (console and PC) I often times am overcome and sit back and think to myself, "I won."
  11. My wife won't let me have an Echo. I did order a high end gaming mouse at about half price. I never would have bought something like that otherwise. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Tapatalk
  12. You sound like a solid addition to the group. For the record though, you don't entirely need to be in Tennessee to contribute on a regular basis...
  13. I don't do movies, nor am I a Superhero fan, however my wife and daughter loved this movie.
  14. How can I put the Konami code in without the B and A buttons?
  15. I have no less than six loaded firearms in my home. No, I won't tell you where. No, none of them are locked up. That is not counting several knives and baseball bats as well. I also have a small child, well she is turning eleven very soon, in my home. I have had loaded firearms in the home since she came home. She has been raised since she was old enough to be curious exactly what they are. As soon as she was old enough to hold the weight of one (four) she was taught how to use them. There are no toy guns in my home. I didn't want that confusion. A gun is a gun. Pink, red, blue or black. It goes 'bang' and it will hurt you if used improperly. No questions. My wife quit questioning me about it many years ago when it was there in a situation, unneeded, but it calmed her to know that we were prepared. Now she accepts it, and my daughter doesn't know any different life. I grew up with a loaded gun in the home (and that exact same gun is still loaded, in my home, for my entire life) and it is as natural to me as opening the fridge and finding milk, pickles and mayonnaise. No Miracle Whip here. That doesn't mean it is the right choice for everyone. But it is the right choice for me.

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