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  1. Murgatroy

    High Shooting in Texas

    False. School shootings/massacres have been happening since the colonial days. A Google search brought this up as it's first result. This is only school shootings. Mass Shootings have their own page. Ten of the twenty-two deadliest fall outside of your ten to twenty year criteria as well. The list of Rampage Killings (6+) shows that only three of the top ten have happened in the last twenty-one years. What has changed is the way in which we receive our news, and how it is fed to us. Human beings are the most violent species on the face of the earth. They have been killing one another since the second generation according to some written accounts. Similar atrocities have been occurring as long as humans have inhabited the earth, all written accounts are testimony to that. There is not finger to point the blame at. It is not society. Not ancient nor modern. It is the human psyche itself.
  2. Murgatroy

    Bragging father...

    First meet of the season, her second time with her new Sport Rifle. I am running out of room.
  3. Murgatroy

    Poke sallet....it's what's fer dinner

    Been a long time. I make all my greens pretty much the same way, with bacon grease... Mmmm.
  4. Murgatroy

    Information overload

    Get an AR-15. Then decide what you want it to be.
  5. Murgatroy

    What's a dad to do

    I have a really close friend who lives in Chitown. He lives in a good area. He said he rarely if ever has any issues or feels unsafe. I am happy for him. I make him come visit me.
  6. Murgatroy

    Bragging father...

    This is two years of work. We hope to add to it greatly. This year we are exploring other options to broaden her horizons.
  7. Murgatroy

    Bragging father...

    First meet of the season is next weekend. I bought her a Savage MKII-GL in left hand so she doesn't have to use a shared Club Rifle. We picked it up this morning from our LGS. It was raining, so we cancelled club practice. So we went into town to an indoor range. I was bummed, the wife went shopping while we shot, and I only grabbed on box of ammo. I bought a bore snake and allowed the barrel to rest and snaked it every five shots. I can't wait on her target rifle to be delivered, a Savage MKII-FVT.
  8. Murgatroy

    Savage 12FV .223 new AT One Stock

    I will be buying that same stock for my daughter's target rifle. What do you think of it so far?
  9. Murgatroy


    Ordered. That was a quick $700 in firearms and accessories for the Heathen this week. She now owns her own personal Target and Sport rifles though.
  10. Murgatroy


    I hoped I wasn't the only one who got that.
  11. Murgatroy


    The Savage MKII-FVT is a standard staple at all club levels and commonly available. The LEFT HANDED MKII-FVT is as rare as Hen's Teeth. Academy, RK and Cabelas all struck out.
  12. Murgatroy


    I am potentially buying from an FFL with all the accolades GB offers, A+, Top 100, Charter Gold, ~8000 reviews. He is semi-local to me. Right now I am waiting for him to respond to me to confirm that it is in fact a LEFT HANDED MKII-FVT. The ad has no pictures and only says LH. I am sure of what it means, but I want clarification before I buy. I have also inquired if he has a storefront, which would save me over $50 on shipping and transfer fees. My LGS suggested buying on GB and just having it shipped to her, as she was unable to find it through her dealers. She ordered me the MKII-GL and I will be picking it up next Friday, then spending all day Saturday dialing it in with the Heathen for our first meet in a few weeks. I have also placed and order with Lowey's for the single shot sled adapters. But I have to wait on them to get shipped from Oz. We won't have a Target Rifle event for another month or so, giving me plenty of time to get the MKII-FVT in and tuned...
  13. Murgatroy


    I am just an average shooter. My Heathen on the other hand, with proper training and guidance, she has the desire and excitement to be much more. I can offer money, inspiration and guidance to help her achieve the best she can be. That picture was from the first meet of last year. She received several 1st Place trophies, but that picture was just the easiest available to express my intent.
  14. Murgatroy

    Is there something I’ve missed?

    I can't lie, .450 Bushmaster gets me aroused.
  15. Murgatroy


    I have a message in to the seller. As soon as I get a response (confirmation of item/shipping v. pickup) I will follow through with the purchase. It is NIB, but a picture is not included. It is the kind of item that you know what it is/what you are buying though. It is just half of the battle though. The work involved to get it to where I need it is the rest. It will be a good investment though. Enough of the vagueness though. It is a Left Handed Savage MKII-FVT. It will be getting set and bedded in a Boyd's AT-ONE stock with a Lowey sled. The desire is to use it until the need of an Anschutz is required. The Savage MKII-GL is more readily available, and we have acquired one of those already, but that only fills the 'Sport Rifle' role. The MKII-FVT is the same action, but with a bull barrel and Williams Peep Sights. This fills the 'Target Rifle' role. I am determined this route to get out of paying college tuition shall be seen through to fruition.

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