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  1. Magnum Research (IMI) Baby Eagle (Jericho) subcompact in steel. Magnum Research Micro Eagle in brushed stainless. S&W 469. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Tapatalk
  2. I have a Magnum Research Micro Eagle. It is not a lightweight with it's metal frame, and it is abusive to get through an entire magazine, but it carries well and disappears into a pocket.
  3. Are you planning anything off-road? Street tires are useless past gravel. I dropped my Sporty on deer trail last week when I forgot this. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Tapatalk
  4. Now that I am home I will elaborate on my above statement. I live an hour away from work. Less depending on traffic and cruise velocity. Not much less. Until recently I paid for my own fuel, in my own car, that I performed maintenance on. It is rated at 30MPG EPA HWY, but real world stop and go rush hour traffic drops that to about 22. I was going through a tank of gas a week. That is $30 depending a week in fuel. If you get one week of vacation a year, that is $1530 in fuel. For work. Not counting errands or pleasure driving. Most tires are rated at 40-60k, that is two years of driving. So add another $250 ($500/2) to your yearly total. We are at $1780. Oil changes will be more frequent now too, lets just ballpark that to get to an even $2000 for the year. That means that in real world parlance, she is taking about a dollar an hour pay cut to commute an hour each way, using my rough numbers. Which are based on 5 years experience. That is not taking into account weather, or traffic, or unforeseen events that can turn an hour drive into a two hour drive, or worse. Snow, rain, dark of night, all of these are factors to consider. Two hours less a day or home time, down time, etc. For me, I work 10-12 hours a day. Add two hours to that. I am essentially at work for 12-14 hours a day. Leaving time to come home, eat, Triple S and sleep. That is it. Every day. Now, I am making it out to be rough, not to be mean, but to be realistic. You say your wife is unhappy where she is, this will compound this ten fold. I love my job and I make mad money doing it. My wife and I just recently broke into upper middle class. My suggestion is for your wife to search the job markets at the fringes of town, and then you shop from there. For instance, while I drive an hour to get to downtown Louisville for work (which is a misnomer now as I drive from job to job) my wife works on the outskirts of the city proper. She drives 20 minutes one way. Quite a different commute.
  5. I drive an hour one way everyday. I make really good money, but I often question my sanity on the commute. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Tapatalk
  6. We had Moeko our cat of twelve years put down last year. The vet sent a condolence card a few days later. That win my business. They neutered our other cat. A couple months ago we took Bandit in for her first visit with them, as we essentially fired our old vet. I have gotten a couple of follow up calls checking her progress after her visits. Granted, Louisville Kentucky is probably too far of a drive for the OP, but we have a great vet. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Tapatalk
  7. I am on a forum with Jorg, he is a really great guy. I hate that he is getting a lot of hate from this. I follow some of his threads and enjoy the wacky slingshots he builds. However, how many people watch videos of vests and jackets being tested? Are are going to condemn anyone who does such? I haven't watched the video in question, but I hardly doubt it was an 'extremist training video.' I have watched several videos of bullet resistant vests and tactical plates being put through the wringer. I never once thought that I was watching an instructional video on how to kill someone.
  8. My favorite so far today: http://www.thinkgeek.com/product/jtoo/?pfm=HP_FeaturedProducts_1_jtoo
  9. I didn't care for Woodford Reserve to be honest. Larceny is still my favorite at this time, but plain old Jim Beam has become a rather affordable favorite after a day of work to unwind. We use a local farmer's land for our 4H Shooting Sports Practice, and they just recently built a distillery. They bought some prebarreled bourbon prior, and are marketing in under the name Bloody Butcher. I thought about picking a bottle up just to support a local who supports us, but $75 a fifth from an unknown kinda scared me.
  10. I might be wrong, there are always loopholes and so forth, but it was my understanding that one of the provisions for buying the old decommed HMMWVs is that never be titled for on road use.
  11. Nice. I am having a really hard time with the new Honda NM4. I want one so bad I can't see straight. It has plenty of room for touring when properly equipped and would be more comfortable than my chopped up Sporty. But I love my Sporty. You guys in Tennessee are too far away for me to ride with.
  12. So after four full days we are going well. We have had to ban all existence of chew toys, such as pig ear or pig hide chew strips, bully sticks and the like. Bandit has a bit of possession issues when it comes to those items. It is my fault though. Since she was a puppy we would 'play,' and I would take them away from her and make her 'flee' to earn them. As such she tends to hide them, as part of the game is that I will take them straight from her mouth in a show of dominance. This has created an issue with the puppy, as the puppy thinks they are general use, and Bandit still thinks they are 'fight to earn.' As such we have eliminated their use in the house. Kong toys, rope toys, bones and training treats are all fine with no sign on aggression. Bandit is very vocal in her play, with short barks and growls. She will pounce like a cat and dance when she wants to play. When playing tug-of-war, she will growl like a mad dog when you go nose to nose with her. This is all show, and I have instilled this in her, as it makes her appear mean, when anyone that knows her knows she is a baby. Brigand is not quite understanding of Bandit's play methods, but she will participate in three way tug-of-war and chase. I do have to participate in tug-of-war at this time due to how aggressive we play. There is a lot of neck snapping and I will physically lift Bandit off the floor or swing her from side to side. She returns in kind. As she more than triples Brigand's weight, I am the intermediary so both sides can play to their level and content. Feeding has become fine with no food aggression. Save for the cat. He wants his food first, and now. Right now. We have brought an old wire kennel in and set it up in the kitchen, we keep the door open and Brigand understands it is her space, she sleeps and eats there, but we keep her free 90% of the time, unless we leave the house. Bandit was crate trained until the age of one. She will enter the crate even now with no hesitation, but again, it stays open nearly all the time. She is grasping 'sit.' She understands the bells mean 'go outside,' though she has yet to learn to ring them. Bandit will ring them for her. She is not an unintelligent dog, but Bandit does hold the superior intellect. To the point I am even surprised. There is the bell ringing for instance, Bandit will ring the bell for Brigand, and there is behavior etiquette. If Brigand bites or jumps, and is told 'no' more than once, Bandit will dominate her. Bandit is more than happy to show off her tricks in an attempt to show Brigand how to behave, as in training for 'sit.' Brigand has grasped 'fetch' with a gusto, and we have balls and frisbees outside. She enjoys this a lot, and unlike Bandit, will give the ball or frisbee back without being prompted. The 'Girls' as they have become known work in tandem. We have a tandem lead for their collars to go to a single leash. They accept this and have not caused any issues on walks. They go outside in tandem, and come inside in tandem. She is a more patient dog than Bandit. I do believe this comes down to her more normal intellect. She will sit and wait for her command and look at you quizzically until shown what do do. Bandit however will intuitively discern what you desire and go from there. It is an interesting change. The cat is not highly impressed. We have not suffered any outright violence, and we are now at the point of indifference. Bandit is quick to offer a reassuring lick when required, as they are very close. Brigand is fascinated with Bongo, and when he does choose to be on her level, she wants nothing more than to give him kisses and discover more about him. The couch is also no longer fit for more than one human at a time. Both dogs have made it their home and will cuddle to either side of the single 'two leg' that can find space on it. This is especially amusing during naps. Overall, we are doing great and I think things look great for the future. Though I am interested to see how our 'violent' tug-of-war sessions evolve when Brigand outweighs Bandit by twenty pounds.
  13. The man never really got the credit he deserved, but Rock and Roll would not exist without him. Sad story, and a hell of a talented man.
  14. Three and a half years ago I met up with a member here on the board and took a puppy home. My daughter was was turning seven and the puppy was meant to be her gift. Bandit was one of the best things that ever happened to our family. I have shared several pictures of her here on the board and the progress of her life. In short she is a spoiled, highly intelligent black lab. Bandit has been trained by vocal and hand signals. She understand basic commands such as sit and stay. Advanced commands such as come to 'here,' go to 'there,' 'jump' and 'up(beg.)' The obvious, 'speak' and 'paw.' She is also bell trained, catches frisbees, fetches, and the like. She sleeps in the bed and her best friend is a cat. I think I counted something like twenty commands she understands, in addition to general desires. Overall, she is a damn good dog. I cannot for the life of me imagine what it would be like without her. So late last year I changed careers, and became a service plumber, as opposed to a Dispatch Manager for the same plumbing company. It was one of the best things I have ever done. Yesterday I got a call to go to a local pet supply chain Feeders Supply. In the process of diagnosing the issue, I was granted access to the Humane Society's onsite kennel/adoption center. Directly in my eyes when I enter, I met a black lab pup. 4 months old. Her first day at this shelter. One day out from being spayed. She had a white chin and a white star on her chest, just like bandit does. I texted the wife immediately. The puppy was on a medical hold, as her file hadn't been updated for her rabies shot. I asked for a hold, and a phone call, and woke up early this morning to take Bandit to meet the puppy. Ensuring that they would both mesh was of utmost importance for both. I got the call this morning en route to the shelter that the medical for the puppy had come in, and she was ready for adoption. I was twenty minutes away. The shelter and the pet supply store were both more than accommodating, allowing us the use of leashes, collars and tethers (which we did purchase at the end,) to see how the two would get along. Bandit is a 70lb lab, and the puppy is approximately 15 to 20lbs. Look at those paws, she will be huge. She came home, and she knew, even yesterday after I spent over and hour with her, and she remembered me this morning, she had a home. Her name is Brigand. And with some work and effort, she and Bandit will be one hell of a dangerous duo.
  15. The ARX didn't even exist on my radar before tonight, but now, I can't live without one.

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