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  1. Pure genius - way to give a dog a bath

    Bandit and Brigand have resigned themselves to the fact I am bigger, stronger and more ornery than they are. They suffer through it. Bandit after four years recently walked herself to the tub and just accepted her fate. Brigand enjoys her baths. If only every dog could be a Lab. I have always bathed them while I showered, thus eliminating two birds and not getting frustrated at being soaked myself at the end. I may try this, it could possibly make the experience better for them. For what it is worth I have told my daughter since she was small there is but one fact in this world. Vae Victis. "Woe to the Conquered." Translated in modern time as the age old, and true, "Might Makes Right." For right or wrong, it is a motto I live by, and it keeps my family fed, and my dogs secure in the pack hierarchy. IMO might can be brawn, brain or guile. I use them all as it suits me.
  2. I have an old Bladetech Phantom (?) and it has done the job for years. I recently picked up a Desantis Invader, and it is more comfortable, but it did elicit some responses from a loud couple at Rural King the other day. Both are with a Glock 19, as if any sensible person carried anything else. When I don't feel like the hassle I have a Micro Eagle in a pocket holster I will use.
  3. How Many Guns Do You Own?

    Guns are scary, my wife won't let them in the house.
  4. Robbed.

    I could make it, but I am hundreds of miles away. That sucks, good luck catching them.
  5. For the love of God, what's your chigger remedy???

    Fingernail polish. Clear, put it over the bites. It has been a long while since I have been afflicted, but I do recall that remedy.
  6. Comast/Xfinity taking a major hit

    We have the uprated speed, that costs a little more than the base, I think it is 100MB. The wife pays the bill, so I am estimating at $60, but that seems to be right. Netflix at $10, and Amazon Prime at a Monthly of $8.25 (and frankly the free two day shipping is why I have that, that TV shows are a plus.) That puts us at a roughly $80 a month. I had forgotten about my addition of HBO to my Amazon Prime account. That was an additional $15. So that brings us to a rough $95 a month for entertainment. You are right, if you are paying $110 a month, that is not a huge savings. However we have access to all of this on four televisions, three desktops, etc... We were paying $160 a month for cable, plus the $10 a month for Netflix and the $8.25 a month for Amazon Prime, which gave us access to Netlfix on Amazon Prime on all said devices, but only cable access (DVR/Digital) on two televisions. Crap, I forgot my daughter's television that she never uses and the Wii, so that adds a couple of devices as well. If we were to go hardcore, sure we could cut a hundred dollars a month on our budget, but honestly, it is worth it, especially at our tax bracket. I have thought about adding cable back, but we have made it fine for the year or two we have been without, I see no reason.
  7. Comast/Xfinity taking a major hit

    I forgot, we just added HBO Go to our Amazon, so that is $14 a month for that single channel. But the wife loves her some GoT. And it comes with several movies, offsetting the cost of renting, which she does. And Westworld is awesome. We do pay the cable company for the broadband. We could have used ATT, but they don't offer the speeds the cable company does. However for the uprated speeds we pay $55 I think a month. The Raspberry Pis are used for small formfactor basic computers for the television in the garage and the television in the kitchen. The office is upstairs, so having a wireless keyboard/mouse combo on a shelf and you flip the input on the television over to the Pi, you can perform rapid internet searches for recipes or instruction. They also work great on vacation for the same reason. It is smaller than a laptop and can hook up to any television with an HDMI port. For a basic computer for surfing the web and email, you can't go wrong with one. Even with the Logitech wireless keyboard, I am into one (with a touchscreen) for less than $80 including the HDMI cable. They started as a school project for my daughter last year. She built one for her 5th Grade year end project. She can program Minecraft on it. She was thrilled.
  8. Comast/Xfinity taking a major hit

    Cut the cord a year or so ago. We pay $99 a year for Amazon Prime, $10 a month for Netflix, free Youtube and several OTA channels. Factor in the broadband internet, which supplies four smart televisions, two gaming consoles, three tablets, two laptops, three gaming desktops and two Raspberry Pis, we are about about $80 a month for all of it. Much less than the $180 a month we were paying for the same plus cable television, that we watched five channels of...
  9. Let there be light

    I fell into the college trap. I goofed off for a couple of years then borrowed my way through college. I spent the next ten years or more doing nothing related to what I went to school for. Sure, I had a decent job and made a decent wage, after years of hard work and proving myself. I sat behind a desk, in a shirt and tie telling people what to do and where to go to make money. Then I realized that I had hated this life for years. I became a plumber. The point remains that my first year as a plumber on my own truck I will be grossing 40-50% more than I was as a Logistics Manager. It is a respectable job, but we don't have kids lining up to do it. To the point that honestly, if someone told me they wanted the job, I could have them hired the next day. One of the local unions (I am not union) runs ads daily up here offering a four year debt free apprenticeship program and $30 an hour top out with all benefits included. You get paid to learn a trade.
  10. Anybody know about car A/C?

    Belt alignment and tension are the first things I think of.
  11. The Vietnam War

    PBS should be HDOTA everywhere. If you can grab as PBS station.
  12. Tork Mag G Block

    I am not sure I like the whole modifying the magazine part.
  13. The Vietnam War

    Totally off topic, but I pictured you as much older.
  14. Need some advice????

    I think a lot of folks fall into this fallacy that women 'need' a wheel gun. After all it eliminates the racking of a slide. I bought my eleven year old daughter a S&W MP22 for her birthday. She can work the slide, load the magazine and clear malfunctions all on her own, and give her old man a run for his money on Battleship. Now, if she wants a wheel gun, like men want new guns, more power to her. Let her try several out. See if folks from here can take her out and show her a few, or rent them. I have several single actions, and I LOVE them. I have a double action snubbie and I like it too. However at the end of the day, it is nearly always my Glock 19 that does what I want it to do because I trust it. To the point of having multiples of it. If she wants a new gun, she wants a new gun, that is awesome. If she wants a separate gun, not new, not different, SEPARATE gun from her carry piece for a nightstand gun, get her the same thing she carries. For the record my carry gun is a Glock 19 loaded with Winchester Ranger 127gr +P+. My nightstand gun is a Glock 19 loaded with Winchester Ranger 127gr +P+.
  15. Clean Knife

    It is a 5.11 Tactical light I picked up at Academy for $20. I needed a small form factor light to fit in my pocket. It feeds off of two AAA batteries. I have a pair of Ozark Trail lights from Wal-Mart, and honestly, I swear by them. However I don't always remember to grab one of those from the truck, and my phone is not the handiest of lights. The light is similar sized to my knives and fits flat in a pocket. The Ozark Trial lights, which I CAN NOT SAY ENOUGH GOOD ABOUT are priced at ~$20 a pop and are not suitable for pocket carry, but at four and six AA batteries, with a 350 and 600 lumens output respectively, I love them. They are aluminum and have taken a serious beating. Dropped down flights of stairs, hit by machines, etc, and they still work like a clock. http://www.511tactical.com/tpt-edc-flashlight.html https://www.walmart.com/ip/Ozark-Trail-Flashlight-350-Lumens/49840409 https://www.walmart.com/ip/Ozark-Trail-Flashlight-600-Lumens/51053343

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