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  1. She had a good life with you I am sure. Sorry to hear this.
  2. I am fond of the Ambi BCM ones.
  3. It is built in a tried and tested platform, from a known seller (if not manufacturer,) I might buy one.
  4. First step, don't post it to the internet. Second step, research the laws and make it right.
  5. Murgatroy


    My only Snubbie is an Armscor M206, it is a hoss and solid at that. Given your options, you can never go wrong with a Ruger.
  6. We were just in a similar situation, got the wife a `17 Nissan Rogue for the same cost (assuming with your first post numbers.) AWD, and it had a back up camera. She gets 35MPG mixed. I had never owned a Nissan before and never would have thought twice about one if this one hadn't caught my eye.
  7. Murgatroy

    Girsan MC1911C

    A lot of folks dislike rail guns, or any 1911 with features that didn't come on the Mil-Spec 1911A2.
  8. Been without cable for 5 years? $70 a month on internet, I have Amazon Prime for shipping (so I guess it comes out to be like $12 a month,) we have Hulu as $10 and Netflix at $13? So yeah we are still well under the $150 a month we used to pay.
  9. I honestly thought it was an authorized copy of the 10/22. There are many out there, Magnum Research makes one as well.
  10. I have the Compact version of it, it is the size of my G19s, but all steel. It is so soft and smooth shooting. Mine has the slide mounted safety/decocker. I love it, if my Glocks weren't just... eh, I hate to say better, but... well, better, I would own more and daily it. It is sitting next to my desk now.
  11. I feel dirty for having neglected TGO in favor of FB... I just followed and all that. Forgive me.
  12. I wonder if it would be legal Australia, I think lever actions are still legal there, with a lot of red tape.
  13. Mumbley Peg. I had an old boot knife that was great for this.
  14. Murgatroy

    AK deal!

    If you aren't doing this with your AK, you are doing it wrong.
  15. I have a membership at Point Blank here in Louisville KY. My daughter and I shoot there nearly every week for an hour or two. They are clean, inviting and at the price, a deal for a temperamental teenager who doesn't want to go shooting, but doesn't want to leave once she starts. I guess I am one of the bad guys for LGS as I went to the corporate and pay $60 a month for unlimited range time, with a guest, free transfers, a 5% discount on all purchases and a free class a month, oh and I shoot free at any location nationally. I get it, but as a consumer, that is a hell of a deal.

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