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  1. Murgatroy

    Appetite For Destruction

    Cake - Fashion Nugget Metallica - ...And Justice for All Pantera - Vulgar Display of Power Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath Heart - Little Queen Rush - Moving Pictures Big and Rich - Horse of a Different Color Smashing Pumpkins - Siamese Dream AC/DC - Back in Black Alabama - Southern Star I could go on, but no, Appetite does not even make my top ten.
  2. Murgatroy

    Amazingly, no Ka-boom

    Real customer service would have been getting the cat some lessons.
  3. Michael Mann, the Director/Producer of Heat and Collateral has a proven record of doing it right.
  4. Murgatroy

    Texas hunters TRY to grill a Rattlesnake

    When I was a kid, we were coming off the mountain after a day of work. We ran over a rattler. Threw it in the back of the Bronco. A few miles down the road I mentioned it was still alive and striking. It was surreal.
  5. Murgatroy

    Hot Sauce

    That red chipotle one was really good. Thanks for the heads up.
  6. Murgatroy

    Best cleaning tools?

    In reality I have gotten really fond of the bore snakes, I have them in all major calibers. Those and some oil, a brass brush for the rest.
  7. Murgatroy

    Best cleaning tools?

    I carry a Glock, you mean it needs to be cleaned?
  8. Murgatroy

    Hot Sauce

    My wife brought me some home this evening. I am excited to try them.
  9. Murgatroy

    Good Farm/Family Dog

    Both of my dogs are trained by vocal and hand signal. I won't use any other method. Bandit, the older one knows more than 30 commands by vocal and hand signal, all commands are trained by both, and now followed by either. Just make sure you pick simple ones they don't have to be universal from one trainer to the other. The 'okay' sign is sit. 'Stop' is stay. I pat my chin, she barks, I pat my cheek, she kisses me, I pat my hips, she jumps up and hugs me. I have a Youtube video of her following my commands, she is truly a brilliant dog. https://www.facebook.com/Murgatroy/videos/vb.100023796713875/167538970715992/
  10. Murgatroy

    Air Rifles

    Price for price anything Daisy Avanti line is good. My daughter uses and has brought home a few trophies with Daisy Avanti BB gun. We are after accuracy though. Airforce makes some nice stuff too, and it is really popular in competition.
  11. Murgatroy

    Air Rifles

    Yes and no, many of them can break the sound barrier, which means that a suppressor can quiet the supersonic crack.
  12. Murgatroy

    Air Rifles

    My daughter shoots them competitively, so I am might be biased. At current she owns a Daisy Match Grade BB gun but we have been looking at buying her an Airforce or Crosman, both of which cost more than her Savage(s), she does shoot LH which adds to the cost. She has used Club Guns for a few years, but in the last year we (I) have invested in a Target .22LR, Sport .22LR and BB. We are lacking only in Air Sport and Target. While the only difference is in sights, it would realistically require two new guns. As such the Air Force guns are winning, in competition too.
  13. Murgatroy

    80's heavy metal guys/gals watch this video

    I dig it. A lot of references. Some more obscure.
  14. Murgatroy

    Angled foregrip opinions

    I have never been able to deal with an AFG or VFG on my AR. I put a Magpul VFG on my AKM and I liked it from the start. On my current favorite AR I tend to use a wrap around grip with a hand stop.
  15. Murgatroy

    6 Pack of Ammo

    I keep it in the boxes and can fit 1000 rounds in each box. 9mm and 5.56.

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