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  1. Identify theft question

    I have had my car skimmed twice in the last few months. Both times the charges started appearing days after I got fuel at a Murphy Oil. It wasn't hard to figure out how and where. The first time the bank caught it after $1000 in charges, they refunded it immediately, cancelled the card and shipped me a new one. The second time I caught it after a few hundred, called the bank and cancelled my card and waited a week to get my money refunded. I deal in cash now on my very rare trips to get fuel.
  2. Which Martin guitar model; D18 or D28?

    I am an electric guy. I own a few acoustics. I have zero anecdotal experience or expertise to offer here. I however am an advocate for buying a quality less expensive guitar and having it modified, finished and set up by a quality luthier. Being a hobbyist luthier, I have $100 guitars, that after the proper parts and work, play as well as $1500 guitars at half the price. But again, in the world of electrics, that is more easily said than with an acoustic. I really like my Recording King Dirty 30s... A nut and bridge go a long way.
  3. Thinking of Bugging Out to Public Land?

    I read a study once, it focused on the Eastern Seaboard, if the migration begins, by foot, 95% of them will die before coming over the Cumberland Plateau. The Appalachian Mountains will be very dangerous. That is of course not counting the existing population. Honestly I think that most urbanites will be too busy looting to worry about survival. History has shown this time and time again. It is my plan to bug in for a month minimum in my home. Defend and survive. Depending on the disaster, either 90% of the population will have ended themselves in that month, or order will be restored.
  4. Web based chat, come join me

    Bueller? Bueller?
  5. Web based chat, come join me

    I have been in the room twice now... Singing.
  6. Flashlights

    I missed this. I use flashlights on a daily basis in my profession. I am very rough on them. They go through things that would make many people shudder. I swear by the Ozark Trail lights at Walmart. I posted before about them. I have the DT350 which takes 4AA batteries and is a great light. I have the DT600 that takes 6AA. It has been dropped, thrown, walked on, gotten stuck under equipment, used as a persuader tool, etc. I would not hesitate to buy anything from Ozark Trail in the same line. Both of mine have been working with no issues for well over a year. And they show a lot of wear.
  7. School me on AR-15s UPDATE: I got one!

    We have a Shoot Point Blank in Louisville, the daughter and I are there nearly every weekend, the staff gets huge kick out of watching other customers that don't know us. They all think it is cute to see a little girl with her father. Then she rocks her sparkly eyes and ears, loads mag, slams it home, works the action on her M&P22 and shoots smaller groups than the muscled tactibro in the next lane. We can't go to the range without positive comments from other customers.
  8. First AR build, Anderson lower good enough?

    I have PSA, Anderson and now ARFiveSeven (ARFifteen) lowers on my build. I have not honestly found a difference on them. If I were going for a high end matched billet upper and lower set, maybe. I have built a half dozen ARs, all with PSA uppers of various flavors. It is addictive. IMO the upper (and quality of parts therein) is more important than the lower. I have several PSA uppers as mentioned, and there is a marked difference in their premium line and their lower line. I am going to assemble my next AR complete, upper and lower. Ronald_55 posted a site https://22mods4all.com/ that seems to scratch that itch at a really reasonable price. For what it is worth, I have a higher end PSA I built, with several custom parts beyond the 'catalog' choices. It is my GO TO carbine.
  9. Just binge watched Z Nation

    I watched the first season. The first half of the second. I need to finish it. I liked it.
  10. Latest Parts Kit Build

    Even though my only AKM at current is wearing Magpul polymer, I prefer wood. That looks much better. I have been thinking of some at home Cerkote or similar, I am thinking of doing my first full AR assembly, as opposed to a lower build with a complete upper. I think I might get creative.
  11. I think Little G could do it. He has several impressive builds under his belt, if you put Little G and Big G together, they could arm a platoon with them in a week.
  12. Cheapest place for exploding targets?

    I know Cabelas and Rural King have some. I know I have bought some, but I can't honestly recall the price.
  13. Teachers and guns

    If a psych/physical eval isn't required for a HCP/CC/CCDW, why would we require it for teachers? I have a school age child. A school age child that is markedly more qualified to handle a firearm than many 'adults.' Sending my child to school is a fearful time in the day for me. She is away from me, her mother, and our dogs. She is at the mercy of someone else. I am not a social person outside of the internet. I have no family, I don't have friends. I have my wife, my daughter and our dogs. I live in Small Town USA. I trust that the school and it's designated will care for her. That is a lot to ask of a father of a daughter. I ask them to educate her. I ask them to keep her safe. I ask them to do what I would do when I am not there. I am 100 miles away providing a living for her, her mother and our dogs. Oh, and the cat. But he is a cat. I would like armed teachers. Trained, armed teachers. Trained, armed teachers that are willing to do what I would do if I were available if the situation turned to the worst imaginable. I am not asking for the teachers to be trained because I think it is a requirement to have a gun, I am asking the teachers be trained so that they would know how to react in a situation that would require them to be armed. I think this should be a choice, not a requirement. I also think that it should be known that a school has teachers, unnamed teachers, armed and trained to deal with an active shooter situation. I would also feel pity on those that would be so scared of an inanimate object that they would refuse to allow their child to attend a school that had known, trained, armed staff prepared to protect their charges.
  14. Latest Parts Kit Build

    It looks mismatched. My latest build is an AR pistol. More of an assembly comparatively. *EDIT* Calling it mismatched doesn't mean I don't like it.
  15. Anybody seen or heard from DLM?

    I was thinking about him the other day. I remember something about him getting out of the business and his daughter taking over. I could be wrong.

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