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  1. Murgatroy

    What in the world is this?

    Coywolf. They are becoming more common.
  2. Murgatroy

    Heading to Chicago Next Week

    What about a Kentucky CCDW? My daughter is going up for a field trip at the first of November. I will not be chaperoning, but I will be 'in town/visiting friends.' I want her to be free and independent. With a mean, tattooed, overprotective safety net. Chitown proper.
  3. Murgatroy

    The Old Man and the Gun (Redford flic)

    Now that does look good.
  4. Murgatroy

    The Mule (New Clint Eastwood Movie)

    An American Icon. I will watch it.
  5. Murgatroy

    Tooth Extraction got me thinking!!

    Due to several factors, including growing up deep in Appalachia, being dirt poor for the first half and then some of my life, an aversion to seat belts and a penchant for pugilistic endeavors, I had lost more than half of my teeth by the time I was twenty one. I suffered greatly in both self esteem and pain for about fifteen years before I paid a very large sum of money to rectify the situation. I have had two sets of plates made. My first set was done before the surgery and fitted when I woke up. It took six months to learn to eat and speak again. Whistling was a fun one. After a couple of years I had my second set of plates fitted to my new mouth shape. I have had them adjusted a couple of times. One, the fact I can smile with a full set of teeth is a huge aspect. It is hard to be taken serious when you have no teeth. Pun intended. Regardless of your resume, your accomplishments, education, etc, you are looked down upon as a toothless imbecile. Two, the pain I suffered everyday was crippling. I would deal with a tooth abscess on a weekly basis. I came to rely on way too many Goody Powders on a daily basis, which of course also affected my health in other manners. Granted the upside is my superhuman tolerance to pain at this point in my life, but lets be honest, it wasn't worth the ability to shrug off broken bones and perform your own sutures. Three, the ability to actually eat again. When you have no/broken teeth it is difficult to eat without great pain, and often you can't eat at all, you just sip soup or oatmeal. Sure, now I can't crack a jawbreaker, but I can chew a steak again. My plates fit well. I have a good dentist, and I paid a very hefty sum ($20k) for the work. I have not had post implants for the bottom plate, however that is something I am considering. I use powder for my top plate, and it will last all day. I use glue for my bottom plate, a small amount goes a long way. However I do normally only get one meal out of the bottom plate before I have to renew the glue to continue the day. If anyone is on the fence about it, I can't recommend it enough. It has had nothing but positive results for me. However, you must understand that I knocked out five or six of my front teeth in various auto accidents and had very poor dental hygiene habits for most of my life. I can literally count the times I have been to a dentist before solving the issue on one hand. My daughter has regular dentist visits. She brushes twice a day at minimum, we have been to the orthodontist regularly, pulled overcrowded teeth, etc. She is currently in braces and I have done everything I can to stress the importance of proper oral hygiene to her so that much like the other rough paths I have tread, she never has to experience it.
  6. Murgatroy

    over/under washer/dryer combo advice

    I just had to quote that. I am a service plumber, I am also pretty good at my job. While it is nice when a customer has attempted to troubleshoot and diagnose their issue and communicate it to me, I am a professional. Not only will I troubleshoot and diagnose the issue myself, I will repair it properly. I have years of training, experience and a rather expensive piece of plastic that says I know what I am doing. Regardless of what your cousin's friend said after you watched a Youtube video, I will fix your problem properly. It might not be what you thought it was, and it will just frustrate both of us if you have a preconceived notion of how I should do my job. After all, if you already know all about it, why did you call a professional instead of fixing it yourself?
  7. Murgatroy

    Kriss Sphinx 9c for $600

    Great deal. The Sphinx is the factory custom world of the CZ. I wonder if it can be transferred to my local Point Blank.
  8. Murgatroy

    Private sell of handgun to seller in another state.

    Yup, no private sales, ever of any firearm state to state. If you have a C&R that still doesn't count as private sales as you are officially a limited FFL.
  9. Murgatroy

    The Marlin 189C is Back

    Yes please.
  10. Murgatroy

    louisville ky eating places

    Ruth's Chris if you have the money. Le Moo is also well thought of. Guy Fieri has a place on 4th St. Drake's on Shelbyville Rd in St. Matthews has a good burger. Honestly as far as steak goes though, being a cheap guy, I really like Cattleman's. They are a local chain, similar in price to Texas Roadhouse (which is oddly enough also locally based.) Cattleman's has a salad bar, which is a dying art. There is one on Hurstbourne, but the mother store is in Shelbyville. Stay out of the West End and you will be fine. I spend twelve hours a day in the `Ville on all sides. Never had an issue. I still carry though.
  11. But the target sights would have been better. I myself and getting away from using glass and taking in the value of some good 'irons.'
  12. Murgatroy

    Music groups-Bands from 60's and 70's

    Rush Black Sabbath The Kinks Judas Priest Deep Purple
  13. Murgatroy

    Yellow Jackets!!!

    I was a kid. We used to drag a sled up the mountain and ride down. Snow? No. Leaves will let you get pretty fast. Fast enough in fact that I grabbed a tree and pulled myself off the sled. My cousin Jenny was in the middle, she grabbed my legs and we both got off. Mark, her brother rode to the bottom of the mountain safe. Jenny, holding my legs stopped right over a yellow jacket nest. I got stung about five times, Jenny, she got the brunt. Something like twenty. We went back up that mountain with a can of gas and fixed that ####. Jenny was killed by a drunk driver a few years later. But that was a pretty significant memory for me. There was a massive Whooomph!
  14. Murgatroy

    Win. XP system

    I have an old copy of 3.1 and the XP upgrade to that. I think I have it, I may have lost it, it has been 15+ years since I have used it. It was floppies for 3.1 and then the CD-ROM to XP. I upgraded ages ago (though admittedly I have been using a hacked version of Vista for ten years...)
  15. Murgatroy

    Outdoor Magazines. Is it just me?

    Game Informer is pretty good. It is specifically designed to sell you games though, or at least give you a review of said game you want to buy. But that is the least sales rag I can think of. They at least rate things under perfect. I can't think of the last review I saw in American Rifleman that didn't do it's best to convince you that you wanted the newest Smith and Wesson.

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