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  1. Royal Range... never as crowded as NA, and the everyone there is awesome. Always willing to help too.
  2. My favorite 10/22 shown here with the Hogue stock and some random bi-pod from Amazon. It's a great shooter. Besides this one I have another 10/22 that I've left bone stock just because I like it that way. Also have a Marlin Model 60 before the regs changed and they started making them shorter. It's the 18 round tube-fed one.
  3. I didn't really know for sure until after I bought it. Wasn't looking to buy a gun at the time, but it walked into my office and I love j-frames... so....
  4. Pretty sure that it's 1968, but please see what you can find out. I don't know how that Ruger got in there... they have a way of multiplying in my house too. Sometimes they get a little jealous.
  5. After more research... I've determined that it was definitely manufactured in 1968. In 1968, S&W did away with the diamond grip on this little gem, and in 1969 is when they included the M prefix. Just to be sure, I removed the grips to make sure they were numbered to the gun.
  6. Anyone have one of the S&W book/manuals that lists when a gun was produced? I just picked up a nice little Model 34-1 without the the letter prefix. It's simply 117452, and I know that beginning in 1969 is when they began using the M Prefix. Thanks in advance.
  7. It's heavy, ugly as sin, cheap, and has one awful trigger, but shoots remarkable well! I'm talking about my new Hi-Point 45! I kind of/sort of bought it as a joke and even ordered new grips for it with $100 bills on it from hipoint45.com just to make it that much uglier... but I am really impressed with it. My Mom, Son, and I have a family shooting night at least once a month so I took it out to Royal Range tonight to play with it. 7 Yards produced the following:
  8. Since I've already got the 10/22 set up the way I like it... and can drill holes at 50 yards with it, I picked up the Remington 783 w/scope at Academy. Went with the .243 caliber. The scope that came with it was immediately discarded for an Athlon scope. I don't know who made the scope that came with the rifle but it was pretty bad. I appreciate everyone responses.
  9. I stand corrected! Ruger is available in .223
  10. I've just completed putting together an old Ruger 10/22 (new stocks/scope/bi-pod) for shooting, but only zero'ed in for 50yds... which is what has me wanting a little larger. and yeah... a bolt action rifle. Pouring through all the YouTube videos on the Savage Axis leaves me kind of wanting to avoid them. I'm pretty happy with the Ruger and leaning more toward it than anything. They just don't offer the American in .223, or at least I haven't found it.
  11. Looking to purchase a rifle for 100 yard ranges. I'm not interested in hunting, so larger calibers aren't necessary... this is all for fun, anyway. Been looking at a couple of rifles that come in a few different calibers. 1. The Ruger American. It comes in .22 rimfire, .270, .243, and .308. Other than the .22 the ammo costs are close; about .75 to .80 per round. 2. The Remington M783. It comes in all of the above except .22... but does come in .223rem. .223 rem goes down to about .36 per round which is nice... and besides, I already shoot that caliber. I'm confident in Ruger and


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