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  1. He was a pioneer in gun web videos...predated most others. Never really changed his approach. His shot show interviews were always great to watch. Condolences to his family and friends.
  2. "Not to take anything away from Mr. Wilson, and I certainly am very glad that he was there and was capable of doing what he did, but let's not hastily put firearms instructors on a pedestal and believe for a moment that being one is the only way that a person could perform similarly in such a dire circumstance." What you say is true in theory, but this video demonstrates to all of us that, if we want to act as "sheepdogs", then we need to train consistently and repetitively to replicate the shot this man made. I don't see Wilson "fumbling" at all on this video, that is the other guy in
  3. If Franklin is viewed as "gone to the left" I hate to think how one would view metro Nashville and Memphis. Franklin is hardly left leaning. Only 2 precincts in Williamson County voted majority in favor of Bredesen who might be viewed individually as a true moderate Dem ( not withstanding how he might have voted up in DC once in the clutches of the party leadership). You are right things are changing... but it will be another decade or more before the demographics and population density favor left leaning social agenda. The lack of Republicans acting like real Republicans instead of
  4. Mentally ill and past history of suicidal ideation. The longer he does not show up I predict the more likely he will ultimately be found dead from self inflicted injury. There are still a lot of empty hills and woods around that area even with the development.
  5. Amazing that Mayor Briley of Nashville willing to flat out state in CNN post news conference interview that "we need to join the rest of the civilized world and make sure only people that can demonstrate a 'real need' for guns have them". He's willing to state he is not willing to stop with those nefarious assault weapons. (I guess he's taking his lead from the mayor of London who stated no one has a reason to carry a knife...that's how it is now going in Britain). Briley clearly wants no part of the 2nd amendment. The gloves are coming off. I think the only question remaining is n
  6. If someone made me cull through the herd, the cz's would be the last semi autos to go. I continue to increase my appreciation for hammer fired over striker in some situations. I have several including 75 stainless which I agree is mostly a range gun but sure as hell makes you look good at the range. I use p09 for a backup gun in a separate location of my house. Lots of rounds at a backup location. Probably the least ergonomic CZ, reminds me of an FN product. Not withstanding the above, I like others would love to get a p10, that's on the list investigate...may replace my Walther PPQ if
  7. Here is a copy of the letter sent to my rep today with copies to a few others on the Civil Justice Subcommittee. I don't know a whole lot about the TN Firearms Association but they seem to be trying to improve the bias in this supposedly gun friendly state...the bias that exercising your 2nd amendment right is a "privileged exception" to a crime, rather than one of the enumerated rights in the Bill of Rights. The info in italics is from an email blast from the TFA. I don't know the predominant feelings on this forum about the TFA good or bad, but as far as I can tell they are tryin
  8. Right. Not dealing with the simple issue of decriminalizing the gun sign mess in TN, tells me that the NRA is not really interested in helping TN gun owners. More importantly, none of the so called pro second amendment Republicans are interested either. Speaking as a lifetime NRA member. But no longer a Republican. Libertarians where are you?
  9. If they are asking that, does anyone know what will happen with a lifetime permit? I wish I still looked the same now as say 30, but my kids ask me who the crazy long haired guy is in the old pics, that looks like someone from Narcos on Netflix. Point is, if you get a lifetime at 30, I doubt your pic is valid at 60. Does the life time permit have a pic?
  10. Lost reciprocity with 2 states already. With "improvements" like this, I'm not seeing how our "2nd amendment friendly" legislators and lobbyists are fixing anything.
  11. Yes is would be great if one of our so called pro gun state reps would introduce legislation modeled on MS or MO. I wish the groups that represent firearm interests in TN would push for that. That would be real 2nd amendment support. I know there are a lot of people that think constitutional carry is the answer. Given the idiots we see in the world around us, I really don't have a problem with demonstrating responsibility or proficiency, even on a repetitive basis, to have an enhanced carry license IN ADDITION to basic free rights. Sad that Republican dominated TN legislature does not app
  12. (3) (A) A sign shall be used as the method of posting. The sign shall include the phrase "NO FIREARMS ALLOWED", and the phrase shall measure at least one inch (1") high and eight inches (8") wide. The sign shall also include the phrase "As authorized by T.C.A. § 39-17-1359". (B) The sign shall include a pictorial representation of the phrase "NO FIREARMS ALLOWED" that shall include a circle with a diagonal line through the circle and an image of a firearm inside the circle under the diagonal line. The entire pictorial representation shall be at least four inches (4") high and four inches
  13. I have a PM9 with the black nitride and night sights, purchased before CM9 came out. I find it barely works for pocket carry in my situation. Honestly if I was buying now I would choose the CM9 assuming it is at least as reliable as the PM9. I have no issues with my PM9...cant say the same for my P380. With Kahrs you have to buy and try to see what you have. With Glocks you can almost guarantee you will not have an issue. However I have a Glock 43 and the only time it is pocket gun for me is when it is in its holster in my large sweat pants pocket lounging around home as my
  14. 1) (4) An individual, corporation, business entity, or government entity that, as of January 1, 2015, used signs to provide notice of the prohibition permitted by subsection (a) shall have until January 1, 2018, to replace existing signs with signs that meet the requirements of subdivision (b)(3). That MAY eventually improve things. I just returned from TX where their recent debates about concealed and open carry seem to have resulted in every business that wants to post, to indeed use the very obvious and detailed posting signs they have required. You can't really miss them. Right n


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