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  1. when out drinking and NOT driving but have firearm i remove ammo and disable firearm(remove slide) b4 i start drinking and the major parts stay in the car with the barrel and catch pin in my pocket in case car is broken into
  2. everything good but i second the calling locals (police) to let them know what happened just in case the owner or neighbor decided to "show the dog hating gun nut what fur"
  3. Great food but currently posted maybe a few "heard you had good food but i wont spend money if you wont protect my family" would change their minds? politeness is always important!!!
  4. Lebanon Tn. The Roxy a bit old but NOT posted as of last time there. new Star Wars movie
  5. possibly but one very good thing about most defense ammo is that it wont over penetrate, and a good defense lawyer can make your ammo choice a way of protecting innocent bystanders from standard over-penetrating rds
  6. Go to your local agricultural extension office and get a recommendation on posted signs the must be every so many feet and one visible from anywhere they might cross onto your property. never underestimate the stupidity of the general public, they will come onto your place even with posted signs but the posting should help you win all lawsuits an idiot who shoots his-self hopping your fence bring against you
  7. no i have not. people are used to just answering questions from others with authority. Most on here will hesitate or refuse to answer, which is an answer in itself and any information recorded now will always be out there.  Computers dont erase unless you do some major work and anyone could access that info, even when they are not supposed to legally. like you said the insurance company gets it and now will the government cause they are a part of the insurance protection racket?
  8.   your logic on this is good but the problem occurs when they have a legal right to ask and then bully their patient into answering. this could happen for any number of reasons, they my doc i should listen, im on gov assistance i have to answer, im a vet they ask i answer, or just simply i answered without registering what the question was.
  9. Lebanon- The Roxy not posted, only place i will go. Theater is a little dated but still ok
  10. Businesses here can do that as well. just post a sign saying "no open" carry. may not hold the weight of law directly but one can always be asked/told to leave if open carry
  11. maryland will arrest you if you have a loaded weapon in the car.
  12. jaysouth in case noone has said it yet. welcome home
  13. i am a bit surprised at some of the responses here. i understand the desire to tell an idiot he is an idiot, by the way sounds like ya found one. But you should try and de-escalate all the way up until pulling you firearm. idiot smacks your car and accuses you of of not paying attention, take a deep breath and say "sorry sir" even though you don't mean it. when idiot starts saying random crap. again sorry to startle you sir then place car in drive and slowly pull away unless your goal is to "kill someone today" always try and avoid conflict especially while armed   if you truly think he is drunk you have a responsibility to the child to report him to the police when i am out and about old people and kids get an automatic pass for minor stupid things they do, cause they WILL do them. we were all stupid kids and will all (hopefully) be stupid/cranky elders Im really looking forward to shaking a fist stick or shotgun in the air and telling someone to "get of my lawn"
  14. no signage outside but right inside the door is a sign with gun-buster symbol and wording "no concealed firearms"

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