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  1. While I'm firmly in the "folks should take the jab" camp, I have zero belief the costs are being accurately passed downstream here. The insurance companies are not getting hit with "real costs" as you indicate. During COVID, they have had phenomenal financial results in 2020, and won't be doing too bad in 2021. Think of all the outpatient work they didn't have to pay out...all those surgeries that didn't happen, and all the other routine things. I work in imaging, and we noticed a lot of women just skipped a yearly mammogram. My auto insurance sent some small rebates because they realized folks were driving less...but I got zilch from Blue Cross during the same time.
  2. Had to wait six whole days.
  3. I grieve with thee. You and your family will be in my thoughts.
  4. Looks like you both have the time on your hands to meet up. Congrats, Greg. I'm pretty far away from retired, so the only advice I can give you is to enjoy yourself and whatever hobbies you put your time into.
  5. Why don't they just make a plate that looks like the state flag? I hate the tnvacation.com thing too...I have a plate that was issued before it, and I'll for sure try to hold onto it if I switch vehicles. Stupid thing to have in the TCA.
  6. If all the rain is what it takes to give summer the boot and usher in some cooler fall like temps, I'm fine what we're going through this week.
  7. If it's good enough for Dolly Parton, it's good enough for anybody.
  8. Loved watching him on SNL in the 90s. Any interview he did for a TV or radio show was great as well. Sucks cancer took him before his time.
  9. Hoping for the best outcomes for your family. Folks are going to be getting released earlier than otherwise might be recommended. I know you'll be keeping an eye on your daughter, just wanted you to know she might have had a few more days of recommended observation if the bed/staffing situation was pre-COVID levels.
  10. Regarding the Titans...it's Week 1. A lot of teams (and bettors) get their assumptions punched in the mouth the first week of the season. No cause for alarm yet. I don't think they do better than they ended up last year, but I doubt they'll revert to the scrub level of years past. As for Vandy...don't expect football results from a baseball school. Texas administrators, coaches, and players ares going to love the money from being in the SEC...their fans when it comes to the win/loss record, not so much.
  11. I was a PFC in the barracks at Fort Campbell putting on my boots after PT and a shower so my roommate and I could go to breakfast. My platoon sergeant ran into my room in a frenzy telling us to put on CNN then went to the next room with a TV. Nothing was the same anymore. Four and a half months later I was in Kandahar, Afghanistan.
  12. I'm strongly suspecting the multiple union contracts are a big reason. Especially since the American Postal Workers Union contract is approaching expiration in less than two weeks and some crunch time negotiations are in progress. Would be very bad to try and address this so late in the game. https://apwu.org/news/contract-update-union-management-“locking-down”-ahead-september-20-expiration
  13. Government actively restricts access to safe and proven drugs all the time; that's what prescriptions ensure. For better or worse, we've set the rules in this country that only licensed clinicians get to prescribe certain medicine. You may want ivermectin, but if your physician isn't in agreement with it as a proper course of treatment, they don't have to just acquiesce to you. But the good news is, you can shop for physicians as easily as you do restaurants. Don't like your PCP, keep trying new ones until you're satisifed. A PCP should be on the same level as your barber or mechanic with people you trust and feel a level of comfort around...moreso even.
  14. Yeah, I've seen that and can believe that a great many physicians would read it and think if they go counter to it, they'll either be not giving the best treatment based on their knowledge base, or opening themselves to litigation for ignoring it. Maybe it's because I work in administrative side of a physician practice and have been privy to debates on (non-COVID) policies and protocols during meetings, but the ivermectin debate is really overblown to me. If your physician has read up on it, understands the pros/cons, that's when I'd be fine having it recommended if I were a patient. Now, not many physicians get sufficient admin time to be well versed to the point of an opinion in something so debatable. So for them, recommending it without due diligence on their part, or just because a patient is clamoring for it wouldn't be cool in my mind. Everyday doctors are very smart and can digest information in medical journals a lot faster than us who aren't trained as such...but they have a limited amount of working time, and most of it is spent on clinical shifts, not admin time or research to dive into the details of what amounts to experimental efforts. I have no problem believing plenty of physicians don't understand ivermectin well enough and don't feel comfortable prescribing it counter to official warnings from the FDA, CDC, or their professional associations.
  15. I can absolutely believe facility authorities are doing such. Local CMO's are probably skeptical, or just afraid to step out from cover. My experience in working with physicians is they generally don't like to deviate from guidance their applicable professional association puts out on high button issues. Having what an accrediting body says the standard is helps defend against malpractice in courses of treatment. I'm just unaware of government restrictions as RefeerMac talked about.


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