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  1. Maybe we save the hyperbole for if/what the Biden administration does something of consequence? Too much to ask...probably. I still need to get caught up on the finer points, but the only thing I read from the top sheet that caught my interest is how they want to reclassify guns with braces as SBRs...which is exactly what the whole brace concept was meant to work around, so it was some very low hanging fruit with everyone hamming it up on the socials. I don't agree with it, but poking the bear with a too cute by half trick has consequences. Again, maybe we see what actually ha
  2. Hate to think about the issues TGO would be subject to if our Admin team wasn't heavy on IT experience. A lot of things can creep up, and troubleshooting/resolution can be a beotch.
  3. It wasn't the storm of the century or anything here in central Nashville, and it moved pretty fast. But that was some legit hail and I would NOT have wanted to get caught in it outside or even on the road. Glad I made it back to my apartment when I did just before it started. Also have to consider how easily there can be flash flooding around the area as well.
  4. +1 for these. I love their shorts for the summer.
  5. Welcome to the new members. I just passed my 7th year here on TGO and I stay around for a lot reasons...all of them being examples of this just being a great place to hang out on the internet. I'm all for new folks joining the site; especially if they're paying for the privilege as a benefactor. And while I'm not much of a buy/sell type through here compared to some, I'm also a-okay being someone's first transaction partner. If they're minding their Ps and Qs as they get the lay of the place, not trying to make themselves out to be the best new member in the history of ever, and don't
  6. Incorrect. This doesn't impact RTC laws in those states. The ruling validates Hawaii's law, under the premise that the state has the prerogative to restrict carry. This won't automatically put the law upheld in Hawaii into effect across the 9th Circuit. It would allow those states to do so, but it's not a court dictated adoption across their jurisdiction as your post would indicate.
  7. Safety and life of the target (think force of impact over distance). In the army, I was in a shooting class run by ex Delta guys, and we were shooting at mechanical LaRue targets (setting up a field of these if I ever hit the lottery ). I took it as an assumed fact these guys knew what they were talking about for range setup purposes.
  8. I'm going to try to set aside some time to read the full opinion, but at a glance, this case involving open carry is one wrinkle that might be unique.
  9. I'll be the last to say that there isn't something worth checking out here, but there's also a lot of questions about how this is developing. Couple in that apparently they went to Watson for a settlement before going to court, and a lot is sketchy here. Mike Florio lays out a lot of good points about how the lawyer representing these women is making this about himself as much as anything.
  10. You're the man! I'll try not to muck this up a year from now, but won't be upset if you bet I do.
  11. Any way to marry the dates so I don't lose the six days if a rewal goes a year from expiration rather than a year from the renewal? Noticed the old one goes all the way back to 2014. Man times flies. Alternatively I could cancel the fresh one for a refund and renew the old membership if that's easier on your end. Not sure how the payments and any fees would kick in on the sites end. Sorry for the mess. The payment processes super easy, but finding where to make it vis a vis managing a renewal obviously is confusing (to me anyway).
  12. I don't care if these were angels among us or straight up whores, this man is someone society needs to lock him up forever or put him down. There is zero sympathy for circumstances, beliefs, or anything when you take eight lives in a premeditated act. I'm not sold on the racial bias here, but you at least investigate it when something like this happens, and you go a bit deeper than taking the murderer at his word. This could be a targeting of prostitution while also targeting Asians. Right now, I don't think we know to a degree to be making declarative statements. I do know that Asian
  13. Bump. @TGO Davidcan you assist when a moment avails, please?
  14. They can run the gun's SN, and see if she has her 2A rights denied for any reason, but let's remember castle doctrine has been extended to a vehicle, and no kind of permit is needed to justify it's presence in the vehicle if they can't prove she isn't legally able to own one.
  15. Some takeaways as I saw this video a while back, but didn't want to be the one to post it here (thanks to @Omega for broaching the topic). 1) Very true that things go from zero to one hundred fast here. The officer had a good reaction time to escelation events as they happened. 1a) The officer needed that good reaction time because the situation had gotten out of hand as others have pointed out. We can debate his weight, but I wouldn't be surprised if she saw officer Tubby McCracker as soft and felt emboldened. 2) This woman doesn't seem a net benefit to society, and I don'


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