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  1. I have to live that and i think I've gotten all of the common sense it took away back after almost ten years. I still remember an email one of our team leaders wrote where he ended his description of measures he had to comply with that he felt were keeping his team from doing their jobs with, "and we'll wear our PT belts when driving at night."
  2. I find myself noticing people are carrying (or assume such) by their body giveaways as often as I realize they're printing. Tugging your pants up, favoring one side, and being very deliberate on how you get your wallet from a back pocket are all signs if you're looking for them. The first two are correctable by a good holster and belt, which I think is only common knowledge for those who aren't casual carriers (ie: a lot of TGO'ers), but the third is more or less unavoidable as a measure to help prevent exposing your carry gun if your front pockets are full keys in one side, and a mobile phone in the other. I know I do that because I have a VP9 in an IWB holster that leaves the grip above the belt line clear as day. That said, I doubt an significant number of people are observant enough to be looking. Printing really is on a scale, and as long as you're in the lower quartile, you'll be good to go in the general public, I think.
  3. btq96r

    quiz question!!

    I actually see it as the opposite. China has the true vested interest in keeping the the Korean peninsula divided. They get a buffer state against a vibrant western economy from touching their borders, and a chance to watch us spend disproportional to the threat NK poses, all while they get to take notes on our tactics and capabilities. If it's a real possibility of détente, I can't see them liking it, but it may be the preferable option to a war that all but forces their involvement in open conflict against us before we've spent ourselves out of superpower status in a few decades.
  4. btq96r

    Anthony Bourdain Dead

    This being a gun site, albeit one flavored by different political views, I think Tony's views on guns is a great read about how despite his liberal leanings, he saw the decency in gun owners during his travels, and warned others to do the same for the sake of a long term conversation. http://anthonybourdain.tumblr.com/post/62424540749/guns-and-green-chile
  5. btq96r

    Anthony Bourdain Dead

    Fixing it helped.
  6. btq96r

    Anthony Bourdain Dead

    Parts Unknown is on Netflix if you're a cord cutter without CNN. It was slated to come off in about a week, but I think they'll extend that in light of current events. It's a great show that lets you how Bourdain saw food, as a cultural experience. Each place he visited for his show, instead of just the ritzy high end places that foodies tend to see as the alpha and omega of dining, he featured hole in the wall restaurants, food trucks, and even a meal in a guests home to show you how we're not too far different from each other, we just have different culinary traditions that are worth exploring. As for how quick suicide can come...maybe he was putting on a brave face for a while, but this was the happiness around him less than a week ago on location for his show:
  7. The huge upswing was in response to their Q1 earnings, only one month of which encompassed their anti-gun actions...and it isn't a new high or anything. You can see from their 5y chart they are will below where they were trending for the last few years. That said, I don't think their gun policies will either sink or buoy them. If their Q2 numbers aren't good, it won't be because of gun boycotts, it will be the challenges retail outlets face in general in this day and age.
  8. I will be shocked not one bit if his being off-duty negates any agency discipline via union pressure.
  9. btq96r

    Memorial Day 2018

    Wanted to start a thread to mark Memorial Day. Our country is far from perfect, and we have a long way to go in our quest for that more perfect union, but we are safe and secure in our own lands, able to write our own destiny. That's in no small part to those who have given their lives in its defense. I don't expect people to give up their whole weekend, or even the day itself, but I think we as a nation need to do something other than take a three-day and forget what brought it about. Memorial Day is much less festive when you have people to remember. Below I wanted to share the stories and photos of three comrades in arms I had the honor of serving with before their lives were cut short. SSG Jeremy Brown. He died in a vehicle rollover on the road from Mosul to Tal Afar, having taken the spot of one of his soldiers in the gunners hatch. Anyone who knew Jeremy wouldn't have been shocked for one moment that he did that for his soldier. I still think of him as the experienced vet who I would go to with problems, even though I'm now 10 years older than he was when he died. He was in my unit for my first Iraq deployment, and almost as soon as we got back, the army sent him to another post to join another unit deploying. He had to say goodbye to a wife he barley saw since they married, and a son he had from his first marriage he never saw often enough between his time in Iraq and Korea. SFC Clarance McSwain. I won't claim to know "Sergeant Mac" well, but when I was attached to his company at an outpost so destitute it was called Patrol Base Swamp, he embraced me with open arms, and had my gut busting at the seams with laughter the whole time I was there. I still remember how wide his smile was talking about his family, and he even had the hospital bracelet that was starting to fade from a few months before when he took his mid-tour leave to be home for the birth of I think his fourth kid. I'm sure that bracelet was still on when he died in an IED blast about a month and a half after I met him. SPC Jessica Ellis. Say what you will about women in combat, but on the course of two deployments, Ellis had the courage to join combat engineers as their medic on route clearance patrols to look for IEDs in and around Baghdad. A goofy kid who grew up fast over two deployments, and was just coming into her own, she always put the needs of others above hers. I still remember how she would try to cheer up everyone who she met, especially when I had to visit the docs one day for sick call back in garrison. Enjoy the day tomorrow, but if it pleases, take a moment to have a thought about those who truly paid the price for us to prosper in this day, and all our days as a country.
  10. btq96r

    Kent State Grad on campus carry

    Never have I understood why murder, and attempted murder, are treated so differently in the eyes of the law. The intent is the exact same in both cases, but it seems we grade on a curve when it comes to sentencing based on the skill of the criminal.
  11. Bingo. This is a civil budgeting lesson for anyone paying attention. Politicians don't carry too many personal opinions, they carry the water for monetary interests, political and private. I'd imagine like Tennessee, the carry permit fees are a decent net positive into the coffers above their actual cost to the state. Statements from the Governor and others are just fluff for the local news to report before they move on to the weather and sports.
  12. btq96r

    Guns N More In Smyrna

    Their business record with the state is still active (their annual report seems to be late), so the company still legally exists, even if the shop is closed.
  13. btq96r


    I have a Surefire sitting here on my desk that I picked up back in mid 2007. It's been to Iraq & Afghanistan, and is a constant in my bag on any travels. They last long enough to make the purchase fiscally prudent...unless you lose it, which I'm actually kind of surprised I haven't done yet.
  14. UPS proper and your local UPS Store often have a different set of policies. Since the UPS Stores are franchises, they're allowed to set some restrictions. I had one in Murfreesboro tell me I couldn't ship magazines...so I just took it down to the post office instead.
  15. btq96r

    Anyone make a Will online?

    A lot of it will depend on how complicated the settlement of your estate would be. Everything going to one or two people, easy enough for something like Legal Zoom, but if you have a lot or multiple things to bequeath among family and friends, it would probably best be served by a lawyer you can talk through options with a probate lawyer.

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