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  1. All that really does is make sure we can get federal money from the spigot for COVID-19 related relief. I'd imagine things like National Guard activations are covered with it.
  2. Correct. It's also supposed to come with some hefty reorganizing, so we'll see if Remington is committed to making wholesale changes, or just hoping to kick the can down the road.
  3. Maybe that would get less complaints than my summer default of a banana hammock with a light coat of oil.
  4. The benefit to low fee index funds from Vanguard (my personal investment firm), and Fidelity (where my work Roth 401k is) is you don't have to manage it yourself (beyond fund selection) and the paying is minimal. Unless someone has time to do research and get a grasp of the risk (you could lose money) and volatility (it'll go up and down), while understanding they're not the same thing, I'll always say get a total stock market or S&P 500 fund, and a bond fund, then tilt it as heavily towards the stocks as you can stomach to sleep at night (I go 80/20 stock to bond, but a more prudent investor might use their age, or their age minus a number to decide the % of bonds). I'm not a pro investor, but I've opined on some threads here, and in PMs because I flatter myself in that I think I know enough to pass on. My rate of return is 9.7% from April 2013 when I started investing for real after clearing debts run up in stupidity (with a lot of swings in that short time)...so I feel confident saying I'm doing okay for myself and want to help people demystify investing because it really is something they can take charge of if they're committed to saving what would otherwise be disposable income. Folks work hard for their money, and I feel they should be able to grow it for their old age or misfortune. Then buy a few guns for their enjoyment of course.
  5. Pants are less government in crisis mode (where they often enough seize power beyond the immediate need), and more standards of public decency. I think the biggest point of contention is the lack of trust in government that their course of action is right. We went from Dr. Fauci on 60 Minutes (I think it was there) telling us that masks weren't needed, then not terribly long after, having the Surgeon General show us how to make one from a sock or old t-shirt because we all needed them riki tik, to confirming Dr. Fauci was misleading with a purpose to prevent panic buying that would leave medical practitioners without. All that on top of the usual government statistics that people don't trust, an election year making this another issue, Fox News and CNN having opposing views of what's good for us, ect...and people just stopped caring beyond their bubble because they don't know what to believe. I say this as someone who agrees masks are a prudent measure and has my own, but has issues with government mandates around them.
  6. I think shut down will get some tweaks from what we saw in March/April if it happens. States are facing some serious shortfalls, and we're pretty much at the point where it'll be just closing the low hanging fruit to prevent spreading (bars and small concert venues being the most obvious), and realizing people are going to be sick, or too cautious to engage in commerce. Unless the data points change, sooner or later we'll just have to admit our country isn't able/willing to deal with it like others have, and just accept the fate of letting the virus run its course until a vaccine gets into the mix.
  7. Texas (not exactly a liberal run state) having to pump the brakes and even dial back reopening in some areas in response to unpleasant data. Hopefully not something that replicates across the country, but I'm going to take my default position and not be overly optimistic. https://www.dallasnews.com/news/public-health/2020/06/26/texas-gov-greg-abbott-closes-bars-dials-back-restaurants-to-half-capacity-shuts-river-rafting/
  8. btq96r

    Good News

    You should go up and visit...you'll be amazed at how much Fort Campbell, and especially the area around it has changed.
  9. Just takes some innovation...bar in a soap dish and a bottle of water. Low rent, but effective in a pinch, and better overall than sanitizer.
  10. This whole time I found it sad that people were bonkers on hand sanitizer for this, all the while bars of antibacterial soap were easy enough to find wherever I went and hot water still came out or the faucets. Dependencies on consumer products of convenience like that come with risk.
  11. I'm jelly...that gun has always struck me as the perfect blend of fun and practical. One site you might think of trying is the Primary Arms micro dot. Very competitive price point on a fun gun, and what I'm currently planning if I ever get myself to blow some money on the CZ Scorpion I've wanted forever.
  12. Roberts isn't flaky at all, he's who he's always presented himself to be...a government first protectionist. As such, he doesn't want to put a broad scope on the 2nd amendment, because then government doesn't have the option to clamp down if that's the desired course.
  13. Those of us without a political "home" are eagerly awaiting the implosion of the Republican or Democratic party. We're ready to jump onboard the first "center of whatever" party that rises from the ashes.
  14. Have you asked your company about working remotely 3-4 days a week? Then you could move an hour plus away and not have it be a big issue.
  15. Balls that clanked on the men who jumped in behind, and stormed the beaches that day. Coupled with an awe inspiring effort all to support it logistically.

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