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  1. Of course they have a wine club. They need to keep current on the wine scene so that they know what to order on all those dinners they're expensing.
  2. Would that any and all matters before the court had that standard.
  3. Apparently my old ammo can is a bit basic compared to some of you folks.
  4. Always had a lot of respect for submariners...very unglamorized, but essential component of our national defense. They also tend to be a wee bit "off", so you should fit in well here on TGO.
  5. Thomas Jefferson is notably absent from that list...his views have the right of it, IMO.
  6. MGM didn't want a long litigation process that provided news updates reminding people what happened. They want this behind them and customers booking travel without the memory of the shooting when deciding between MGM, Caesars or Harrah's properties. If this was within their insurance limits, it's a no-brainer to pay out.
  7. x2 on what Mac said for the family to find peace. Has to be hard on those that knew him to see his end come at so young an age.
  8. Ding, ding, ding. I remember in my handgun carry class being told the use of a weapon in self-defense cannot be for the purpose of killing someone threatening your life, only neutralizing the threat that exists. Probability says that as often as not, a well placed shot will kill someone, but that cannot be your intent when pulling the trigger. If she truly had it in her mind to kill in that moment- and her testimony stands as evidence of such- then she's guilty of murder and should be imprisoned accordingly under her state's law. Accidental circumstances and mental fatigue from work don't absolve someone if they pull the trigger with intent to kill.
  9. Doesn't take a budgetary line item for tax dollars to be spent. Gubernatorial proclamations aren't written on lunch napkins and hung on the bulletin board, they take staff work to prep, and the release is usually done with some kind of public event. That's work which will be put in by employees on the state payroll, who could otherwise be administrating the business of the state. Even Gov. Lee has spent time on this that could otherwise be put to use, ya know, governing. The decision itself, or incorporating the First Amendment to the states? There were a lot of upset anti-gun folks when the McDonald case kept incorporation of the Bill of Rights going by extending the Heller protections to the states.
  10. Should have been more specific to say that the establishment clause of the first amendment was incorporated to the states in 1947. The first amendment being so wide ranging in topics was incorporated in different parts...but for the purposes of this thread, the Everson case in '47 set things up. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Everson_v._Board_of_Education
  11. It has every bearing on Tennessee. The first amendment has been incorporated since 1947, so it's just as applicable to the state governments as it is the federal government with regards to religion.
  12. Hoping the good news continues, @Fourtyfive.
  13. I'll bite...why does prayer and fasting need to come with governmental encouragement? If Gov. Lee wanted to encourage this, he has a platform, he doesn't need to use the state level proclamation. I'm all for people praying and fasting as required by their faith, or as they wish to do as individuals for their own spiritual reasons. I'm just 100% against the government involvement, no matter how benign, because I believe government has zero place in matters of faith. It's also pretty Christian centered. Jews won't be able to participate in the fasting, what with Oct. 10th coming immediately after they already will have done for Yom Kippur...thought that could be an oversight. And I'm sure we won't get spooked at all if we see Muslims openly engaging in their 5x daily prayers on this day.
  14. Yup. WLP may be (wisely) practicing the subtle art of low vis, but he's still there in every way that counts Note what's at the top of that document; "U.S. SENATE COMMITTEE ON FINANCE MINORITY STAFF REPORT". Senator Ron Wyden is the ranking member (his own efforts are touted with 37 by name mentions)...while I'm a big supporter of his stances on the 4th Amendment, he's got a lot to be desired on his views of the 2nd Amendment. He's nobody's fool, though. This report is obviously something he wants to push the conversation. I quick skimmed over the document, interesting is an understatement. There is more than enough to justify hearings and burn through a few toner cartridges in subpoena printing...woe unto the NRA's accounting department for all the records and receipts they would have to produce. The word "Butina" appears 389 times in this document...in the category of "where there's smoke, there's fire" you don't have to think hard about why they're using a Russian woman who is currently in federal prison for conspiracy to act as an unregistered foreign agent of the Russian state to connect a lot of the dots here. It's becoming more and more commonplace for documents meant to be put into public debate (as this one almost certainly was meant to be) to have good graphic design. Congressional staffers are much more digitally inclined than in ages past.
  15. Had the same thing happen when I asked about how to replace one of my Vortex scope caps. Guess who I'll be looking to for future scopes because they have a solid product and great customer support? They're smart enough to know keeping the revenue on repeat business for scopes is well worth the loss of a few plastic caps they have in bulk.

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