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  1. Wouldn't the reform candidates want to talk about the reforms they hope to bring? Or did I miss that part in the weighted voting instructions memo here?
  2. Because with Wayne and some of his cronies gone, the board can finally be reset. @Chucktshoeshas the right if it that the size of the board needs to be shrunk. They also have to have the right people to oversee what will be a very important selection of new management.
  3. It's a huge decision for a company to move their operations, especially one so centered around their manufacturing equipment like a gun company. One they'd rather not make if it can be avoided. The difference in corporate tax rate isn't as drastic as the personal income tax. I think the political climate drove the decision just as much. A company wants to feel protected to do their thing, and as good as Remington was to the state of NY, that feeling was gone. Same story with Springfield in Massachusetts. Again, sad days for those workers who did everything right.
  4. This was a civil trial, not a criminal one. It'll have to be enough that Wayne is going to spend the rest of his life in financial destitution and the next ones holding the reigns know they're being watched. Ironically the NYAG might have done more good for the NRA in the long term here than could be had from internal discontent.
  5. Feel for the people there. This wasn't their fault and they are going to get all the economic impact.
  6. I was wondering if this was the case. Losing farmland that sits fallow isn't a big deal overall except for the changes. It's the ones who bring products to the market we need to keep an eye on. Even enough smaller family ones add up in commerce. But land development of unused farmland is just change and growth of the state.
  7. I remember a few times where I had to go get this and bring it to the classroom. My elementary school only had so many, and the teachers had to reserve the time.
  8. Sorry you keep encountering this, @NoBanStan. I agree with everyone involved in the tragedy of it all. I don't drink anymore for health reasons (made my blood pressure way easier to manage), and I don't miss it at all. I'll never be a prohibitionist because we saw how that worked, but if the world went dry, or reigned it in for their own reasons, that would make it a better place, I think.
  9. 2002 Ford Ranger, 121,900 miles. My first and only vehicle. Haven't had a payment since September 2007. Going to drive this thing until it makes a sound that cracks my heart in half.
  10. Saw this in action just this week. Caught it from the mezzanine, as I'm operations, not IT. But I understand enough to know what went wrong. Had a simple enough task for qualified folks, changing out a 1GB network switch for a 10GB one. The current setup was put in place in painstaking detail by an employee who was local, loved his job, and bent over backwards to do good work every time. That is, until he left due to being fed up with shortsightedness, and being overworked. Now, instead of a local guy who manages something he has pride of ownership in, we had to rely on a remote resource, who while I'm sure has decent skills, just didn't have enough to make the switch and get everything back up. I'll bet as much as I plan to bet throughout the Super Bowl that it just came down to being a roving network engineer, instead of a dedicated resource locally. We had to roll back to what we were trying to upgrade, and we lost an hour of productivity, which is a lot on a Wednesday afternoon. Another attempt is pending time to schedule it. But the overall labor cost is down still, so blips like this are the cost of doing business from the day our local guy left and going forward. I just hope we don't have anything bad happen. Everything works fine...until it doesn't.
  11. I think we've been running this experiment for almost a generation now, and cheap goods has clearly proven itself in staying power.
  12. He helped make that movie a classic. Anyone else and the character he played might not have popped as well.
  13. The medical board isn't going to care too much about complaints of this nature. Their purview is regarding the clinical practice of physicians, and this is a service issue. Not joking, a scathing Google review would have more force than anything you file with the medical board and take you a fraction of the time. Also, figure out if this is truly a solo practitioner or if he's part of a group practice.


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