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  1. Singer is infamous for this kind of stuff...the Cabela's example is pretty normal across his business dealings. The most interesting one (to me anyway) is when he got into it with Argentina over their sovereign debt he held and they defaulted on. That involved him using another country (presumably one he had by the short and curlies) to impound an Argentinian naval training ship. A few years ago, his investment group bought a 7% stake in the company I work for. It didn't go the way of Cabela's (he's loses some just like any other investor), but it for sure made people nervous and drove conversations. The stated goal was to use leverage from the stock purchase to explore “strategic options and operational opportunities to maximize shareholder value" and asked the board to consider “without limitation, a sale of the Issuer or certain of its businesses or assets ... as a means of enhancing shareholder value." Those lines were in the disclosure filing he had to make to the SEC. Not only is this kind of stuff perfectly legal, it's not even shameful to those who engage in it. Shareholders are the only people who matter in the eyes of a hedge fund. Everybody else in the organization, and the stakeholders around it are perfectly acceptable collateral damage. We can have the kind of debate that I think needs to come, but a lot of people who are "free market types" get uncomfortable quite fast with the only practical solutions to put vulture capitalism in check. Problem is, like anything else, you get more of the behavior you reward, and doing the right thing for the long term health of a company and taking care of employees as equally as you take care of shareholders is an outdated concept.
  2. Anyone have a good tailor they use and want to pass on a recommendation for? I picked up a new sport coat and need to get it adjusted for my awkward build by someone who knows what they're doing. Had a tailor when I lived in Murfreesboro, World Alterations, and the guy there was awesome. I suppose I could drive down there on a day off coming up, but wanted to see if anyone has a person they trust closer to Nashville.
  3. Civil Unrest would have been a great term to stick on the Patriot Militia at Lexington and Concord. I get there are some wackjob mouth breathers in these militias, but government is supposed to make laws that protect liberty and protect individual rights, not protect government.
  4. btq96r


    As I sit here fat and sated, thankful for what the last year has brought me....I hope everyone reading this has the same outlook today. Happy Thanksgiving, TGO!
  5. I get it, even if I shake my head at it. When the well is about to run dry, people are going to show up with an extra bucket to get ready for hard times. Wonder who makes up the compensation committee that set all this in motion? But seriously, if anyone wants to just throw away money at something other than an ex-wife, forget the NRA and give it to me. I promise, I'll be as carefree with it as WLP and crew would be. The filing also shows perks for top officials that are typically associated with the corporate world, including charter and first-class travel with companions as well as dues for health or social clubs. Those costs were not detailed, though the filing says housing expenses were provided for five people. During that same period, NRA spending plunged 22 percent for education and training, 61 percent for hunter services and 51 percent for field services, which includes organizing volunteers, fundraising for shooting sports and promoting the NRA at gun shows and other events, according to a previously released audit. I'm actually kind of hoping all the accounting comes out to the public eye. I'd love to see what's being tracked in whatever expense system the NRA uses.
  6. I went on a bit of a spree a while back...surely no coincidence it's about when I found TGO. For the vast majority of the time, my guns that sit locked up with a light coat of oil on the action. I don't regret what I have, but I surely don't have a need for more unless I get into shooting as a primary source of recreation, and that's not likely. I have enough weapons and ammo for home defense, daily carry, civil breakdown, and more importantly, can be mobile with it all if needs be. Maybe one day if I get a new vehicle that can secure one, I'll get a good truck gun, or a .22LR pistol (the S&W one right now looks best) for fun and to let any kids I'm around get into shooting. But as I get close to my 40s, I think the capital otherwise spent on guns and every attachment you can throw on them is better deployed to investments for my old age or misfortune.
  7. Another Sunday night, another steak. This time a ribeye with a marinade, and crispy potato salad. The marinade was salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, smoked paprika, garlic powder, and vegetable oil. Sat in the bag for 24 hours in the fridge before being brought out with the steak warming a room temp for 45 min after the excess oil got patted off. After that, 8 min on each side under the high broil of my oven. Next time I'll probably drop to 7min, 30 sec each side. The marinade gave a nice flavorful kick, but not an overpowering one by any means. Potato salad was just a diced up spud (skin on), par boiled then fried until crispy in some more vegetable oil. After that, one spoon Dijon mustard, two spoons mayo, and a sprinkling of salt, pepper, smoked paprika for flavor.
  8. Really the only things that would get me spending are a butter .300BLK upper in 10.5", and an M&P .22 pistol. Everything else I'm good on, really.
  9. Sonofabitch, I accidentally clicked on this thread and saw that fugly thing again.
  10. For those who might like a graphic illustration on Mac's statement... S&W/AOBC= Wile E. Coyote
  11. When I saw the G45, I thought to myself, "this would have been my carry gun if I didn't buy and get drilled with an H&K VP9". It's really the best of both worlds as far as I can tell.
  12. The FAL is a beast...and I mean that as a compliment, not a pejorative. If I ever felt the 7.62x51 itch, that's where my money would go.
  13. btq96r

    PC Advice

    If all you want a computer for is general web browsing, and maybe some lite spreadsheet work, I'll jump on my soapbox and extol the virtues of a Linux build. The OS is free, and usually easy to put on any old machine for a fraction of the cost you'd pay for a new Windows machine. I've been using one at home now for a while, and I don't ever see myself going back to Windows unless I'm ever in business for myself again some day, and with Office 365 Online and Google Drive, it would still be a decision.
  14. btq96r

    Burn Accident

    Hoping the recovery goes as well as can be in a case like this. I know the poor kid has a lot ahead of him. The risk of opioid addiction would be worrying me the most. It's an unavoidable thing given the pain needing to be managed, but scary all the same.
  15. Of course they have a wine club. They need to keep current on the wine scene so that they know what to order on all those dinners they're expensing.

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