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  1. Hard to say they aren't making a great rep for themselves in the American market at the moment. As long as CZ can keep producing quality firearms, I think they'll have lots of repeat business.
  2. Game of thrones fans?

    Good point. Guess we'll have to see if he's Targaryen enough to not get burned, or just dragon friendly.
  3. Game of thrones fans?

    If you remember the first season, Jon very much got burned by the oil lamp he had to grab and throw onto the wight. Part of Dany's is she never felt the burning of the hot dragon eggs in Season 1. In the books, they explain that not all Targaryen's are immune to fire, but some were.
  4. Forum Software Updated. 8/10/2017

    Ahh, much better! Thanks. In addition to the dank, the wood background is visible on the sides a bit again as well. Always thought the forums look great (light or dark) framed against that a bit.
  5. Sig P320 Drop Test

    Out of all the cool space age tests they do on gear in places like Natick Labs and the Arsenals we have around the country...the real tests should be a group of Soldiers from different units out in the back 40 and on the ranges seeing how it really holds up.
  6. Forum Software Updated. 8/10/2017

    For now, or for the foreseeable future?
  7. Do You Still Own Your First Gun?

    Awesome to read the stories behind the family history associated with that one special gun in many individual collections here.
  8. Sure...but bored people with disposable income need some new fad for their ARs. [emoji4] Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk. OhShoot very much likes to know when we're using Tapatalk.
  9. Can't remember if it was mefloquine, but the pills we had for malaria in Afghanistan when I was there in early 2002 were awesome. Made rack time something to look forward to with those crazy dreams. We only had them for a month or two before they switched them out for something else, so I suppose I won't have any long term effects.
  10. Car and truck Insurance??

    I use USAA, and I think I'm getting a decent deal. Most of my rises in cost have been within inflation, and like Bersa, my multi-product discounts help a good bit. What I hate is that I have a 15yr old truck with less than 100k miles on it, and ten years of being paid off. As far as I'm concerned, for any accident I'm in where not at fault or a contributor...anything short of a new vehicle paid off when I take the keys is a loss for me. But, the game is what it is, and we're all mandatory players.
  11. Question and poll are self-explanatory...but I thought this would be a good thread to discuss in detail. My first gun was a Walther P99 in .40 S&W (don't judge, it was a phase) that I bought a bit over 13 years ago. Doesn't get carried anymore, and rarely makes a trip to the range. Many times I have considered putting it up for sale to fund something better, or sexier...only to hold off. Something in me won't let that gun go up for sale. Honestly I haven't sold any of my guns, but some others have come a lot closer than my first ever have. Can't see myself coming off it unless an emergency came to pass and I needed funds quick. But how about the rest of you? Are you as sentimental as I seem to be here, or did you pass through your first gun a long time ago?
  12. The HPA's next step, SHUSH.

    If we're speaking honestly, that's an occupational hazard, not a public health issue. I would love to have a can for any of my guns without the hassle of the NFA process. But pretending this is some epidemic we need to government to solve for our safety is a disingenuous as the logic that brought the NFA laws and others that followed to begin with. The argument in favor of legalizing suppressors sans NFA hassles is the intent of the 2nd Amendment being to allow the individual citizen to be as well armed as is needed for service in defense of the land is all the reason we need. With the military and police making use of this equipment in the gear they issue, citizens should be allowed to as well.
  13. The HPA's next step, SHUSH.

    This bill will go old and die waiting for a committee hearing. With this SHUSH act not even requiring suppressors/silencers to initiate a background check at purchase, I really can't see it passing. Even I think they should be treated the same as any firearm for purchase. Also, there is a provision in the House version that nullifies any state ability to " impose a tax on any such conduct" which would seem to be out of bounds with concurrent taxing system. I don't think it's meant to approach sales taxes on a transaction of commerce, but NFA style taxes at the state level. The same language also nullifies "recordkeeping or registration requirement with respect to the firearm silencer." So, there are a few more strikes against it. If Republicans are still thinking strategy in politics, and not just dealing with the day-to-day messes of their President, the HPA comes into the plans around in the after the first quarter of next year. That way, they can force all those Senate Democrats running for re-election in red states into a quandary as they balance out the impulses of their base in the primary against their odds in the general. The fact that they couldn't do anything of consequence legislatively so far makes me wonder if they are trying to follow the campaign plan anymore...if they even had one to action.
  14. Rope @Dustbuster into this thread. I remember he was experimenting with side charing ARs a while back, so I'm sure he has some good info to share after playing with them a bit.
  15. Upcoming Germantown auction

    All those guns and not one AR.... Amazing collection. You can see the love for firearms history this individual had.

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