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  1. Netflix series

    Narcos or Godless. Still need to hit season 3 of Narcos myself, and I've heard all good things about Godless. Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk. OhShoot very much likes to know when we're using Tapatalk.
  2. Combat Accuracy vs Target Shooting

    I do both target and "combat" shooting. The former is to develop muscle memory on grip and trigger squeeze that I notice transfers over to the later. Aiming- as a deliberate thought- is quite lost in the combat shooting practice until I realize such. But I don't count on noticing it if I'm ever using my pistol in a real life situation, as I would hope my focus would be on determining if the target is no longer a threat or not. I'm of a mind that the close range of such an event means the point instinct @DaveTN describes is enough. If people are wondering which one is better...stop thinking and go practice. Developing good pistol shooting requires thousands upon thousands of rounds with evaluation (self, peer, or instructor) all along the way. I still have many thousands more until I consider myself more than decent.
  3. Gun Owning Cooks

    Decided to treat myself on a random Wednesday. Not too shabby with just a chunk of meat, a pan, and a stove. Potatoes may look bland, but they have fresh pressed garlic and fresh grated parmesan cheese mixed in.
  4. National Reciprocity?

    When Bersa and I agree, that's a sign of...well, not sure what, but it's worth note. The federal government getting into this simply establishes an inroads we don't want on the issue.
  5. So We Sit and Wait.....

    Not really...China wants to have North Korea in a certain place depending on what we'll do. They love how much NK makes us dedicate time, troops, resources, and money to a very small area/threat that can't engage them elsewhere in the region, and has been keeping them afloat at minimal cost to them for maximum drain on us. China may want NK to have a credible nuclear threat, or they may finally exert needed pressure to keep them close to where they're at now (armed, but not very capable), I'm not entirely sure. One thing I am fairly sure of is they don't want NK crossing the line that forces our hand, and brings a war to their backyard. That's bad for business as they continue to grow their economy, and bad for their long term plan to watch us spend ourselves into irrelevance.
  6. Post the last firearm related thing you bought!

    Some bounty from the Cyber Monday deals...got the trigger on sale, and used the difference between what it normally goes for, and the discount price to get the mags and cover shipping. Already put the SD-E in, and am looking quite forward to taking it to the range.
  7. So We Sit and Wait.....

    I have a hard time thinking North Korea is refining a military nuclear program just so they can launch at the US mainland someday. I have an easy time thinking North Korea is refining a military nuclear program so that all future dealings with them are conducted in some semi-balance of M.A.D. in mind. The calculus of how we deal with countries changes big time when they have a credible nuclear threat. North Korea views their nuclear program is insurance, and what we hear come out of the official state news has to be looked at as for domestic consumption before looking at it as their policy. If North Korea shoots first, of course we need to come down with the appropriate hammer right away. I'm not sure if a preemptive strike, or striking once they have verified capability is the right answer. We could truthfully live with North Korea having the technology to attack us with nukes...but whether or not we want to is a helluva question. To date, we've not acted against any hostile country when they reached that level. North Korea, and Iran seem to be different. Again, still not sure for my money. I also wonder if it's truly our prerogative to essentially condemn a staggering amount of innocent people in South Korea to death as they would be caught in any crossfire we start. You deserve more than one thumbs up for that, but alas, I can only give one.
  8. The Force was strong with this one!!!

    Glad you had it in your heart to take in a new dog. Looking forward to seeing man and dog become best friends. Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk. OhShoot very much likes to know when we're using Tapatalk.
  9. Remington on life support?

  10. Best 9mm pistol, full size and compact

    Another vote for the VP9 from me. I've just never been able to love the Glocks or M&P line as much as I do the VP9. I've also never been a fan of compacts, but I know that's just a personal quirk. I carry my VP9 and it's no big deal to me since I'm a bigger guy.
  11. Remington on life support?

    The gun market is going through a two pronged revolution... The minor part is the dip in sales with President Trump in power. That can end in as soon as three years, and will ebb and flow with power changes in Washington. Companies need to be ready to ride those out and think about investing the dividends from the good years to carry them through the bad. The major part that is here to stay is how consumers are getting pickier, and companies are having to rely on more than the multiple generations of brand name loyalty. Remington is finding themselves chasing the market (the RP9 makes that clear). Instead of leading where they have the expertise to redefine the industry standard, bolt action rifles and shotguns. I want Remington to survive and thrive in their third century, but they need to want to earn it.
  12. Black Friday 2017 Deals

    Finally pulled the trigger (pun intended) on a Geissele SD-E. Primary Arms had it for $175, so I re-invested the savings, and added 3x 30rd PMags, and 2x 20rd PMags on top of it. Came out to a few bucks less than the normal price of $240 for the SD-E.
  13. A Week of Thankfulness 2017

    This x ∞
  14. Opinions about Geissele triggers

    I'd recommend going slow during the first outing with the SD-3G until you get used to just how different it is. Once you become familiar with it you can let things rip and wonder how you burned through all that ammo so fast. [emoji3] Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk. OhShoot very much likes to know when we're using Tapatalk.
  15. NFL - Politics

    Watched the Titans game today, wasn't bad. Have the Cowboys/Falcons game on as I knock out some work (with a TGO break), and plan on being glued to watch the Patriots game tonight.

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