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  1. I was watching New Jersey vs. Hawaii at around 1pm earlier today...weird.
  2. Some of the games are on now on ABC @bersaguy
  3. I'm actually going to a few of the games this year. My father lives about 45-60 min or so from Williamsport, PA and I'm taking off next week to go visit, and we're going to cross it off the bucket list. We're both pretty syked.
  4. Yup. The more gun owners flaunted the uses of braces to beguile themselves into an SBR, the more ATF looks stupid, and you really don't want to poke that bees nest with all the delegated authority they have.
  5. If ATF gets the urge, they can reverse their position on all pistol braces. SB Tactical may have the best court case of them all if/when it comes to that, but I don't see the courts upending an administrative agency exercising the authority Congress delegated to it. Ding, mf'ing ding o the if you don't have what you want by now part. I think no grandfathering on bump stocks came from the low numbers in use. Pistol braces would be in the same category, but admittedly more than bump stocks, but still a niche accessory. Assault weapons, and high capacity mags are so widespread, they would be almost impossible to carte blanche ban like that.
  6. The things that fall under what I quoted are what have the best chance of passing. My ex-gf who has no issues with guns was quite surprised when I told her the only one I owned that could count as "registered" was the SBR. She just assumed it was required at purchase for all guns, and she's lived in Tennessee all her life.
  7. Lifetime means about as much as it does withe NRA, save for the tiered system they have set up. I became a lifetime member of SAF back in 2012 or 2013, and to this day I still get solicitations for money. That said, they're doing important work by fighting legal cases that result in reverberating precedent. Getting the City of Chicago to pay for legal fees related to McDonald was a particularly awesome moment. Having a six figure check to cash with Rahm Emanuel's signature as mayor made a lot of happy people that day.
  8. I'm against red flag laws on principal. They tend to supersede due process, to say nothing of actual investigatory work (though I acknowledge resource limitations in that area compared to the problem). It won't take long before they tie some connection to medical databases, especially the VA. At that point, any veteran who had combat action, and/or claims PTSD is on "the list". No thanks.
  9. No, I don't think it's normal to use murder to handle anger issues. But I also don't think "mental illness" is a root cause to explain away what these events are happening when by and large, the shooters are competent to stand trial because they clearly understood what they were doing. Clinical definitions can be pretty broad, so I mislike when we let them cloud the conversation past the legal definition of if someone can be held to account for their actions.
  10. If they're competent enough to stand trial, then they're not mentally ill to the point of that being a factor in my mind. Dylan Roof is a good example of someone who may be looked at as "he's crazy", but actually had a cogitative thought process drawn from a lack of moral checks. The premise of your question invalidates it. We don't know how many people who have been denied for background checks, or would if they could have gotten an AR or AK during the ban years meant to kill. I'm sure the number is fractional at best to the overall sample size, but you can't rule it out. Pretty impossible to prove such, really. Make no mistake, I'm not for overhanded government regulation of firearms, but let's be intellectually honest on things...we tend to slide on that when this topic raises temperatures.
  11. There isn't a way to stop it without infringing and a lot of it in a heavy handed manner to have any effect. I think we blame mental illness in the absence of true mental illness. A lot of these shooters are perfectly sound of mind when they open fire, that mind is just demented in a way that isn't a clinical issue, but rather a reflection of character. There is no easy solution to any of this, and we (at least for now, anyway) have decided that the risk is worth the personal right of being able to keep and bear arms is still in place.
  12. Concur on all that. I just think we need to do some self-reflection on things instead of always pointing to other root causes when a shooting happens. We can be honest enough to say access to guns and accessories does play a big, if not the biggest enabling role in mass shootings. We can then in the same breath also say, that's the assumed risk of freedom so we can have a population ready to fight their own government if it ever becomes oppressive enough or disregards the process of law. A lot of people on all sides of the debate are uncomfortable with that second part, I've noticed.
  13. There's some credence behind that...hard to not think someone is a dealer when they make time to rent out a table at a gun show and have a lot of product ready to move, "private collector" moniker being as accurate as "AR pistol" in terms of reality as opposed to labeling.
  14. Well, last time we had accessories used to aid in a mass shooting (Las Vegas), our NRA endorsed President stood tall and *checks notes* banned bump stocks...rut-roh.
  15. I did this over the weekend. I figure it will take a bit of time before I see anything, though. Try it, folks. Equifax is hoping people blow this off, disappoint them.

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