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  1. Anytime anyone asks about the "dangers of marijuana" I ask them when was the last time they saw a news story about a stoner beating their wife and kids. I just can't see a reason to prohibit marijuana when the negatives are available in legal options from tobacco and alcohol. Rep. Massie is spot on when he says Republicans missed an opportunity on this issue.
  2. btq96r

    Tired of being tired.....

    I enjoy my job. The pace may be a smoker, but the people I work with are great, and the intellectual challenges I face every day keep me on my toes, which is a satisfaction point for me. It would be nice if they back filled positions, instead of just reallocating the workload among everybody else...but companies are into that now. That said, I read the first post of this thread nodding my head all along. This is the pace business goes in America these days. One of the reasons I've been posting a lot less than in times past is the pace of my job. Most of my personal time (especially on weekdays) is spent recuperating and trying to shut my brain off for a rest. It's probably not healthy, and I've yet to seriously contemplate a limit, so burnout would be the next likely step. You can talk about disconnecting all you want, but that will eventually make you less relevant or a drag within the business structure, and at that point, you're seen as a liability instead of a value add, so your job is at risk. The Europeans seem to have gotten a good handle on making corporations accept that a work/life balance for employees isn't an option...but people tend to view anything European as socialism incarnate. Maybe ask how they feel about that in August, though.
  3. btq96r

    Did I miss it somewhere?

    I have a calendar pop-up for 11:48 our time on Dec 7th, and have a brief moment. I never want to forget the enormity of how our destiny as a nation was changed by that event, and remind myself how thankful that men like my grandfather were able to answer the call it rang out. But I understand how enough time has gone on that the majority of the population could let it slip by. We have busy lives in the life of plenty it provided, and missing the moment of the day isn't necessarily an indication of ingratitude.
  4. btq96r

    Snow tomorrow ??

    Charlotte's airport handles a lot of air traffic.... including my connecting flight home Wednesday night. I'll be monitoring this, thanks.
  5. btq96r

    Good News

    Exactly. Let's enjoy the world's supply while it's in good supply, then keep our own resources for American citizens and military needs when crunch time comes in the global supply.
  6. If the alternative is divided government where the GOP will actively push to support gun rights and block attacks on the same, I'll take the alternative. We're not exactly reaping the dividend from having a monopoly in government of "pro gun" politicians.
  7. btq96r


    Already unavailable. Guess not spending some money isn't a bad thing on my end...but at that price, it's an easy call to pick one or even a few up.
  8. Vote Republican, they said; it'll protect your gun rights, they said.
  9. Yup. This kind of "f'ed if it happens" scenario isn't confined to Seattle by any means. A lot of fat and happy people are in for a change of lifestyle should a catastrophic event happening.
  10. Kind of a stretch with the title of the thread...at the end of the letter, Turk acknowledges the contents of the paper are "merely the ideas and opinions of this writer." So, not ATF saying any of this, just one of its members. Plus, when you realize the timing of this paper was at the beginning of the Trump administration, and the actions taken on the subjects listed have been little and less (save for a bump stock ban)...we're seeing just how played for fools gun owners were. We had a top level ATF official writing justification for a lot of the things we wanted, with action steps that could make it happen. The fact that all these good ideas never left this paper is telling.
  11. btq96r

    What would YOU pay? G19, gen 4, extras.

    While I don't feel inclined to buy a new pistol, I wouldn't even think about it above $500. On the secondary market, I'm out for deals, so the price has to entice me. Plus, while I'm not out to screw someone, I never feel obligated to pay for the value a person adds onto the gun with after market parts when it comes resale time. Then the add-ons are subjective in value based on the potential buyer; steel sights vs. night sights, for example. A lot of individual gun sellers need to learn re-sale is almost always going to involve a loss of capital you sunk into the gun. Trying for breakeven isn't conductive to a sale.
  12. Not odd. It was on the quarterly earnings call, so they threw out every excuse they could without raising the panic flag. Dick's is trying to reassure investors that despite the firearms issues, the rest of the business is fundamentally sound. That's a challenge any retail outlet chain is having, Dick's just decided being opposed by gun enthusiasts was a better evil than by Moms Demand Action, or the Parkland kids. https://seekingalpha.com/article/4225214-dicks-sporting-goods-inc-dks-ceo-edward-stack-q3-2018-results-earnings-call-transcript?part=single Here are a few quotes from the CFO direct to guns... "Specific to hunt, in addition to the strategic decisions we made regarding firearms earlier this year, the broader industry has decelerated and remains weak as evidenced by most recent National Background Check Data. We believe this also contributed to the decline we saw during the quarter." This is him saying the firearms industry in general is slowing down, and even if they didn't do what they did, revenue from guns, wouldn't have mattered. "Some of the equipment businesses, particularly outdoor equipment they – the comp sales were down, some of that driven a little bit by weather and probably some of it driven by some of the firearms customers that we have also involved with the outdoor equipment and camp categories and so on that – so that business down a bit as we started to see during the second and into the third quarter as well." A legit admission that people who used to buy guns at Dick's were taking their business elsewhere for the other things they sell. Side note: whenever most companies are blaming the weather, some fundamental issues are rotten. So, they're admitting it...but not blaming it for their financial woes. Probably true enough, it's just really hard to be a retail store today in general. They seem to have not done themselves any favors, though.
  13. I got this...I'll use my omnipotent powers to enact the principals of linear time, forcing this bill to expire as the Congress adjourns in a few weeks.
  14. btq96r

    Switching to streaming tv....

    For the last four years, I've been using an over the air antenna (think the old bunny ears, only the signal comes in 1080p HD) and a Roku with Netflix, Hulu, HBOGo (comes with my Comcast package), and other cool streaming apps like PBS. Tullahoma not be the best location to get the OTA signals, though, @robtattoo. Should check out what you can pick up through this link, and then you'd probably have to get a solid outdoor antenna, and run it through the cable jacks in your house. I did that in Murfreesboro, and picked up all the Nashville channels fine. I'd imagine you'll get more Chattanooga stations, though. Stay away from the indoor ones, they're really only good if you live in the city where the signals are transmitted. https://www.fcc.gov/media/engineering/dtvmaps This is the antenna I had, worked like a charm, all I needed was a long coaxial cable to run it from where I had it mounted to the cable jack outside the house. https://www.amazon.com/RCA-Compact-Outdoor-Antenna-ANT751E/dp/B0024R4B5C Between these steps, and using my own cable modem/wifi-router, I've save an awesome amount of money from going to Comcast or Direct TV. And I've never missed what I gave up.
  15. btq96r

    How Bout Dem 'Dores

    I quite enjoy watching Tennessee get used to mop the field. I get and appreciate pride in an alma mater, or local team, but Tennessee fans have a tendency to think their school punches well above its weight.

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