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  1. Kind of a perfect time to do it if their military isn't secretly overcoming COVID-19. We're not exactly well postured with our bases in South Korea on medical lockdown and the Pentagon lethargically compensating for the aircraft carrier USS Coronavirus docked in Guam and relieved of its commanding officer.
  2. If anyone is in doubt as to the power of government in an emergency situation, just take a look at history. We're very good at realizing something was wrong, or a step too far, but only a generation later when the danger of that moment has long past. Not so much on prospects for your rights in the moment, however. I think he knows. Even through osmosis, he has to know that at least that much. He is just using them as a very convenient punching bag, because attacking 3M in those simplistic terms will work with the intended audience. It'll even be magnified if someone in the media tries to explain it like you did, since he's done a marvelous job over the last 3 years of making them a punching bag as well. It's a win-win for him with anyone that doesn't understand the fundamental basics of a global economy.
  3. I get companies are worried monthly bills won't be paid in the COVID-19 era. But a pox on AT&T for this alteration to my billing cycle. You may wish to consider turning off autopay if it's not tied to a discount on your account. I'm going to do so across the board, not just at AT&T. The kicker is, I always use the first weekend of each month to pay bills; I was going to run the same payment they took today in a day or two. Complete violation of trust as I've paid my bill without fail for years now. See if you can spot the change in my cycle and wonder why I'm pissed off (disclosure: I couldn't find February) The date/time stamp at the top of each one is when I received the notification that my bill was ready for review and payment. Tue 12/3/2019 3:17 AM Payment due: 12/18/2019 Thu 1/2/2020 3:23 AM Payment due: 01/18/2020 Wed 3/4/2020 5:58 AM Payment due: 03/18/2020 Thu 4/2/2020 2:29 AM Payment due: 04/03/2020
  4. Our system isn't configured to enable the V-shaped recovery you mention for all working classes. Everything about our markets and the financial system behind them is geared towards capital recovery through locking in reductions, automation/AI doing more, and businesses somehow just using inertia from growth periods instead of a good operating rhythm.
  5. That's the budget version. I got a to-go order from Pharmacy Burger in East Nashville and added a side of beer cheese with my tots. Trust me, it's some rocket fuel grade social distancing enforcement.
  6. No, but I can totally see companies getting away with it for lack of laws preventing the move. I get that companies are looking at some abhorrent income statements now and for a while to come, but this is just the wrong side of clever.
  7. I said from the beginning, it won't take too many truck drivers being pulled off the road for medical reasons to feel the pinch. They enjoy a bit of isolation in their jobs, but by design, have to interact with a lot of folks in different areas. It's also a good coincidence that gas prices are keeping low enough to let the industry have some relief on that fixed cost for a bit during this crisis.
  8. I'd say more likely than possible. They're already upset their perfect government society is being shown as overwhelmed in handling this as all the rest of us. They're in full damage control mode to save face.
  9. Did that even include self-employed like contractors and "gig economy" types who are 1099's? They're going to be walloped in all this. There are probably backlogs of people waiting to apply on top of that, and those who still have part of a paycheck coming at the end of the month before they face their first month without one and turn to unemployment insurance.
  10. That number includes what the fed is pumping into the system though their magic tricks. So $6 Trillion isn't what's being authorized by Congress through deficit spending we'll have to eventually pay back in future budgets, *only* $2 Trillion or so comes from there.
  11. I get that at some point, we have to get the economy in gear again, and I understand once the risk level falls below a certain level, we're going to be rolling the dice for those most vulnerable whether they like it or not. That line is a philosophical question, fraught with moral complications...and it will almost certainly be against medical advice. But I'm still waiting to hear how we "get back to normal" if we haven't contained the spread of the virus. Lifting measures currently in place before that happens could just reset to where we were a few weeks ago, and we'd be right back to where we are now (or worse if we try to push through it) once contagion reasserts itself.
  12. ***Historian voice in documentary 50 years from now*** "...and the screwed it up! All they had to do was enjoy TV shows, digital streaming, video games, and order take out while sitting at home, and they screwed it up."

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