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  1. I hope it's a temp thing, but with a Democrat administration, legislative majority, I can see it being a minute. Manufacturers can only meet so much demand with the equipment on hand, and that means the big boys getting inventory from the benefit of bulk purchasing agreements take precedent. This will put the squeeze on small business locally, because that's how the free market works when supply is constricted. Sign of the times in a lot of ways. Hopefully the gunsmith and transfer work can keep their cash flow from dropping too low.
  2. I heard about this investigation on The Dan Patrick show a few weeks back. They joked that Tennessee can't even win at cheating. I think this move is partly to get ahead of any NCAA punishment, but good luck with that. Now that sports betting is getting more legit, they need to bring the hammer down on things like this. This gave the university a perfect excuse to cut Pruitt's contract for cause, and it looks like Fulmer is going to bow out to try and save his reputation. The real danger to Pruitt is if he can show he was doing things with the university's knowledge, and wants to salt
  3. Oh, I'm sure. In my hiding child analogy, I still expect the kid (NRA) to get the whoopin' they're trying to hide from. This is going to end up needing a federal court (maybe even the SCOTUS) to get involved in.
  4. This is almost comical. WLP's statement and the document filed in Texas so just how they're using bankruptcy law like a child uses their mother to hide behind when they're scared. https://www.nraforward.org/waynesletter https://www.courtlistener.com/recap/gov.uscourts.txnb.490758/gov.uscourts.txnb.490758.1.0.pdf
  5. Watch a few videos, get a good workspace to do it in. It's a bit of a pain with the springs, but otherwise simple. The triggers are awesome. I get the cost can be off-putting to some, but they really do perform that well if you've got the money to blow on cool gun accessories. Never tried the LaRue triggers, but have only heard good things, and know the company makes a solid product.
  6. I wouldn't underestimate the budget deficits they're under. Both those cities are probably approaching junk bond status, so unless the Fed is buying, they're SOL. With offices closing or reducing size to allow work from home to become a permanent thing, and vacations, conventions, and all other forms of travel down to a trickle, a lot of commerce that kept a city budget in good order just isn't happening in big cities anymore. McCormick Place in Chicago being a ghosttown has to be a sucking chest wound in the budget right about now. Add to that the costs of turning a brick and mortar schoo
  7. btq96r


    @TGO Davidwill open up a new politics sub-forum before he gets back on the merry-go-round with Tapatalk again.
  8. This is one of the ways an index fund can cover you. Since it's tracking the total market, or replicating the S&P 500, you'll get in on companies like $TSLA and rise with them...just not in get rich quick proportion that carries the same if not more risk the other way.
  9. VTSAX (or VFIAX) and Chill. Invest excess cash in the above after paying bills if your emergency fund is loaded and you're not paying off bad debt. 401k and IRAs (traditional or Roth) are better than taxable, but taxable is fine for long term (>5yrs) saving goals. Best not to blow off retirement savings, especially if you can get a match from your employer along the way. Rinse, lather, repeat. Don't get cute.
  10. btq96r


    Nooooo...we all know David keeps the TGO money safe by converting it into tricked out Glocks.
  11. I look at American guns like I do American beer. The domestic heavyweights have been so lackluster that my money has been going to the small business and European brands providing a superior product anyway. So this latest development won't matter much if it doesn't work out, and might fix things if it does. Either way, I'm fine with it.
  12. btq96r


    Hoping for the best. Thanks for letting us know, @bigun.
  13. So it's a vendor issue, not a USPS issue. Sounds like they're trying to save costs they would have to do some measure of cost they'd have to eat (dealing with multiple shippers) or pass along (the actual cost plus overhead). Not uncommon practice.
  14. FedEx/UPS have easy ways to hire temp workers to handle surge times...the USPS has government hiring burdens and union contracts, though they do make allowances for holiday season workers. Outside of that, they have a normal staffing roster like any government agency. You're never going to see a fast response to peaks from them, and that's okay...their set up to be a steady provider of a service outlined in the Constitution, not a flexible private industry. If you want the business solution, go with FedEx/UPS...just be ready to pony up more money.


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