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  1. I think it's time to recognize that actual Republicans are "government knows best" types, and those opposed to that view are on the outside of the party structure.
  2. btq96r

    Hug your family a little closer tonight.

    Quite happy that your daughter was able to walk away from that. Reminds us how thin the line between alive and dead truly is at times.
  3. btq96r


    I'm a Star Trek geek, but on the item side, the one thing I collect is a calendar they out put every year with artwork for starships in the various shows, and some not in the shows. I keep one copy in the plastic for collection for each year it's published. This calendar series even inspired a three book series that is some of the best Trek I've ever read/seen. https://memory-alpha.fandom.com/wiki/Star_Trek:_Ships_of_the_Line
  4. btq96r

    Feds monitoring online gun sales

    Open source intelligence really is the undervalued way to collect. For all the protestations of "boating accidents" people joke about, plenty of gun owners declare far and wide what their inventory is as they post away, and the internet is forever if you didn't know. This kind of thing is a natural extension of such. If there back is against the wall by the courts, they'll argue that they're collecting info on trends, not ownership or sales. And it'll be to determine something about terrorism for the children because that's how it's been since Nanny/11 made people forget freedom has implied risks.
  5. Nashville Armory is good, Royal Range is great. Stones River is run like ranges were in the army, but it's a good place to dial in a scope or get some fresh air while you're shooting.
  6. btq96r

    Looking for a red dot sight

    That looks good...how does it feel for you with sight acquisition?
  7. btq96r

    As if I needed another pistol...ahem...PDW...dang CZ

    Throw on a good red dot (the Sig Romeo we're discussing for cross thread points), and use a sling to get a good arm lock extention (the "brace" loses functionality at this point, admittedly), and you have a normal daytime bag concealable, yet stable platform, that a lot of people can shoot better than a pistol, with the magazine capacity of 20-30 rounds.
  8. btq96r

    Why does taurus get such a bad rep?

    I consider Taurus revolvers on a different plane of existence than their semi-auto pistols with the former being worth my time, and the latter not so much. That goes for both functionally and aesthetics.
  9. btq96r

    Pulling trigger to disassemble "hazzard" ?

    Every manual is pretty clear in what are usually large call-outs that the gun needs to be cleared before cleaning. If that's not a deliberate process which would set your mind at ease because you've checked and re-checked that the magazine is not present, the chamber is clear, and the extractor isn't holding a bullet in place, you're probably not someone who needs to be handling firearms.
  10. btq96r

    Looking for a red dot sight

    That's the perfect gun for one. Slight detour, can you show us how you have it mounted? I always wondered how the iron sights work with it.
  11. btq96r

    Super Bowl

    Yes it was. It was subtle, but it was still a defensive showcase. The Patriots showing one defense, then switching it up after the play clock dropped under 15 sec, so Sean McVay couldn't tell his QB how to adapt (the mics cut out when the play clock hits 15) was a cutthroat genius move to flummox a young QB who can't read a defense yet. Then the Rams keeping Brady in a mode where he couldn't get into a rhythm, and actually confusing a guy who has been reading defensive schemes for 17 years at the NFL level. That's just as impressive to me. The offenses were terrible because they didn't get a chance to break out. Edleman wasn't the first MVP to not score a TD...not even among WRs.
  12. btq96r

    Looking for a red dot sight

    I've heard good things about the Sig Romeo, but I wouldn't expect it to be as dependable as an Aimpoint. But for the price, I'll mount it on a fun gun if I ever get one.
  13. btq96r

    Super Bowl

    The fact that both teams were able to put up defense like that in a league that has gone out of its way to keep points being scored is amazing. I get that it wasn't exciting football, but the game itself was still good. Then you consider that the Patriots have a dynasty in a system designed to prevent that as well. Crazy levels of dedication. The Bud Light/HBO GoT crossover commercial was the best, to me. But that's because I actually like the Dilly Dilly series, and am a huge GoT fan.
  14. btq96r

    Way to go South Dakota

    She actually looked even better (to me) with shorter shoulder length hair. She's grown it out a bit in her SD Gov portrait. Still, quite fetching as you say, and quite friendly for gun owners.
  15. btq96r

    Angled foregrip opinions

    I only find the angled foregrip useful when I'm reaching out down the length of a rail. For that, I have it on one of my ARs with a 13" quad rail. It's more for a comfortable rest of my support hand when shooting bench or prone than anything else. On my SBR, it's an old fashioned vertical grip all the way. I never got into the stubby ones. You may be thinking vertical grip, not angled grip.

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