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  1. Yeah...if this is the nicer looking version, the original has to be ugly as sin. But like you said...if it works, cool.
  2. @Fourtyfive, I grieve with thee.
  3. Thankful that we had such men when needed. A life well lived, Mr. Cole. Thank you for everything you gave for others.
  4. Hoping this time of sadness can help rally your family closer together if nothing else.
  5. The replies are pro forma, and each Congressman or Senator uses part of their office budget to reply to inquiries. They're handled by low level staffers, or even interns, even if it gets an autopen signature. You could have asked anything about the 2nd Amendment, and you would have gotten the same reply.
  6. Blackburn is a hack, hence the template reply...but she's a Republican hack, so she's not going to take any position that's anti-gun unless the mood of the party is different from the norm, such as it was with the bump stock ban.
  7. Did the same a while back, myself. Quick and easy to make happen.
  8. Mayhaps it's time for the Nashville area TGO'ers to do a meet-up at one of the BBQ or Hot Chicken places.
  9. BBQ: Edley's, Martin's Pizza: Pastaria, Mafiaoza's Hot Chicken: Hattie B's is damn good, and their pimento Mac n' Cheese is the tits. Recommend ordering online if you want to skip the wait line with all the tourists.
  10. I can use .gif's at will now?
  11. Bumping this up to remind everyone that supporting this site actually costs money. But look at what we get, a place to argue about everything, and a nifty index of self-help threads when it comes times to renew. If you're not a benefactor, please consider becoming one, it's well worth the cost to keep this place humming. Also, @TGO David, for some reason, it processed my payment with my old address after declining it twice (didn't see where I could update my address). If it becomes an issue, or my bank cancels the transaction, just let me know how to fix it and I'll get the bill re-payed.
  12. Posting a link for the near exclusive purpose of posting a link isn't much of a value add to the forum. For the most part, we're all pretty cognizant of how to stay informed, and don't confine ourselves to the "liberal media"- whatever the definition of that is for the week- to keep up with events. Posting a link and getting a conversation started by offering a perspective, or thought unexpressed in the article is a different story, and one of the reasons I like to stick around. What I think Garfua was getting at, though he's quite at liberty to correct me if I'm wrong, is some variation of that. This being a discussion site, we should discuss things and have some great debates, not just post links and like them a la Facebook before we move onto the next shiny thing. We've got some well thought folks on the board, so it kind of pains me to think we could devolve into what you see elsewhere in social media if we're not keeping ourselves intellectually honest. That's just my take, and since I'm not a moderator, the take and $1.10 will only get you a large coke or tea at McDonald's...grain of salt included at no extra charge.
  13. Hoping for a speedy and complete recovery.
  14. Not surprised in the least. It is after all the CT Supreme Court, with judges nominated by the CT Governor, and confirmed by the CT legislature. If you were waiting for freedom to prevail, you're in a worse spot than Charlie Brown lining up to kick a football being held by Lucy. I dunno...they're doing a good job keeping us fat, lazy, economically fragile (ie: how many paychecks can someone miss before it's a cash flow problem), and other measures to induce apathy. Taking guns may not be as needed in the master plan, after all, they've already gotten this far in where society is.
  15. I hope those that are convicted of a crime get what they deserve. I also hope to see the finite resources of federal law enforcement prioritized a bit more usefully going forward.

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