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  1. Yes, but we've got reasons that are COVID explainable, not signs of the economy being in a bad place absent that factor. We can't just go through what we did from March 2020 -Present and not have lingering effects for a bit. Meat processing still isn't back to where it was before the pandemic started, and neither is the supply chain from slaughterhouse to supermarket. Not ideal, but this wasn't going to be fixed when the masks came off. Fuel is one that's always in flux, but OPEC cut production when COVID curbed the use of planes and cars, and they've kept that production low as travel return to try and recoup profits. At best, they're going to slow roll the production increases people are asking for. Cartel's are gonna cartel, unfortunately. Building materials are probably the one to keep an eye out for (to me, anyway), but it ties into a bigger danger. COVID has hedge funds realizing they need even more diversification in the event of bad times. So, they're buying real estate and have no issues creating a permanent renter class along the way. If those don't come down before too long, private capital is going to keep buying homes at a pace I think isn't healthy for society in general. They've taken to overpaying up front knowing they can amortize and deprecate any costs along the way as they generate cash flow from day 1 in what I hope is not a new front for the sake of the middle class. All that leads to building prices increasing along the way. I'm not saying we're in a particularly good spot, just not seeing a bad one yet if bumps smooth out over the next year.
  2. I'm don't subscribe to a deity, but I did spend some time in a church as a kid without it catching on fire, so I learned a little. I can't help but compare people in dire straits who haven't gotten the vaccine to that story of a man on a rooftop during a flood who had a weather report, a rowboat, and a helicopter that could have given him safety at different times, but he sent them all away because he felt God would protect him. Then after he died in the flood, he asked God what happened, only to learn God had sent the report, the rowboat, and the helicopter. I hope all of them come out okay, and I hope anyone still hesitant considers what we're seeing.
  3. I'm saying put them into perspective and realize we don't have a problem to unduly stress over. Between government stimulus making it rain on individuals/banks/business, all those sectors of the economy starting to rev up again after shutdowns, a labor force with a lot of transition, and supply chains that are to inflexible to adapt easily, inflation is the symptom and not the disease for the moment. COVID is going to take probably the rest of this year and a good bit of the next to get over in the real economy where people have to make things and provide services.
  4. Most of the drivers in that inflation was year over year increases for things that were at a virtual standstill this time last year (airfare, rental cars, hotels, ect) because of COVID. Used cars are spiking because new cars are in delays for the semiconductor crunch, and appliances are stuck in a global shipping backlog. All these things lead to inflation for their specific areas, but they aren't pushing overall inflation up in a way that a rising tide lifts all boats, just causing some funky numbers. The math on the pay cut you reference does not hold up. Inflation and the CPI are two different things, and both are imperfect for a whole lot of reasons.
  5. I'm won't say I'm thrilled with a bit of an uptick in my bacon cost, but the next year or so is going to be choppy as the country and world's economic systems adjust to the year prior and everything therefrom. Not seeing any scare factor issues in play. But you all carry on as you like.
  6. Congrats to Jeff Bezos...I guess He managed to churn labor arbitrage to fund a fun day while doing less than Yuri Gagarin and Alan Shepard did 60 years ago. Richard Branson did even less a couple of days ago. I'm not unimpressed by the engineering and manpower it took to make this happen because I know it's amazing, but I also don't see it as a visionary thing for billionaires to try and redo everything done six decades ago with flasher tech. Wake me up when we can send ordinary folks on orbital flights for a day, or on cruises to the exosphere on a moon and back loop.
  7. One thing that should be worrisome; it's summer and we're still tracking enough cases to be worth analyzing. People can spend time outdoors with fresh air, sunlight, and all the other things we generally associate with reducing the risk of a virus, but COVID-19 seems to find a way, though. This thing isn't over, and we still need to worry about how it can impact resources domestically...hopefully not in the same way we were worried a year ago. As MacGyver points out, overseas is a different story, and I hope we remember the risks associated with the just-in-time supply chain model we're dependent on from outside our borders. Vaccine wise, I got both doses and I'm glad I did. Now if it hits me, it should (statistically speaking), be equivalent to a rough cold and not a possible mortality risk. Don't get me wrong, I'm not out looking to catch it now for the experience...I just enjoy that protection and hope as many as possible join the shield wall it provides. It's nice to go to a restaurant, the grocery store, and have meetings in person without a mask.
  8. Can I get a link to review that, please?
  9. The six-shot revolver is enough for probably 97% of the scenarios any of us will encounter while out and about in our everyday lives. Until the data that has validated this for a ridiculously long time shows otherwise, I wouldn't get too over analytical on conjecture. If we truly need more, the spidey sense should be tingling before the real life range is hot and an egress is the far better option. Seeing some BLM/Antifa mobs on TV shouldn't fear drive everyday decision making if you're otherwise practicing good situational awareness.
  10. Wells Fargo stays in trouble with the feds. They're still under an asset cap for bad behavior. @MacGyver has the right of it when he says folks from that company should be in prison. If anyone has any type account with them, I would recommend it be moved to another institution, ASAP. This is not a company we need for the health of the financial system from a philosophical or accounting standpoint. It should have been made an example of after the phony accounts scandal as a warning to others.
  11. Be very wary of treating guns and ammo differently than any other general items in the greater sphere of commerce. Eliminating the sales tax is one of those feel good things, but it sets a precedent that guns and ammo are not general commerce items, and that restrictions on their commercial sale are allowable. Better to keep them blended into the mix.
  12. If your calls for NRA donations have an uptick soon, this is probably why. https://thereload.com/nra-creates-fund-to-protect-directors-as-llyods-of-london-fails-to-renew-insurance/ It's firmly into the wonky side of things, but it represents a real problem for the NRA because it takes the risk and liability from corporate to personal. I'd love to learn what kind of tail coverage is on the table as well. The big question is if Lloyd's had real, legit enough pressure to do this bearing down, or got out of the way on their own accord.
  13. Happy Mother####ers day! Hope everyone is having a great one.
  14. The benefit of doing it this way is the attention, or lack thereof. I'm not talking about with us, we track these things pretty well...but you all should know we're one side of the spectrum on gun issues. Using the route of delegated regulatory moves makes it so the Congress isn't debating it for puic consumption. Democrats don't have to go out on a limb for it, since the issue is an election risk and a distraction from the rest of their agenda. Plus, if you haven't noticed, Republicans aren't in any hurry to raise a stink, or negotiate for these rules to be blocked via legislation; silence equals consent there in my book. Something like this is always been the greatest danger when Congress lets the federal agencies decide what's what. It absolves them of responsibility, and keeps them away from having to do the pesky scut work of governing on specifics that don't move the needle politically.
  15. The cheaky bastards got creative this time. A means test that's designed to rule you own an SBR...sneaky concept. Of course, creating a legal SBR that bypassed the NFA process was absolutely the point of these braces from the get go. The biggest loss locally will be in truck guns. Having an AR, AK, or PCC for that role will be looked back upon as the salad days of gun ownership.


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