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  1. btq96r

    Glockstore.com Moving to Nashville

    This will be a great excuse for TGO Benefactor Memberships being unaffordable. Probably won't help marital spending discussions either. Glad a good business like this is moving to the area. Even more glad the work space is not in the downtown/midtown/west end area.
  2. Concur the location of the officer was less than optimal. Teaching point on this one, thankfully without a bad ending for emphasis. Restraining a defendant who hasn't been convicted during their trial should stay a no-go unless the defendant has somehow proven to be a threat. The protection for impartial due process is too important and justifies the risk, IMO. I know I'd want the protection in place if I was ever on trial and being looked at by a jury.
  3. btq96r

    The Great Commission

    Everytime I walk out of a restaurant with leftovers, I keep an eye out for someone who could use that food a lot more than I could before I make it to the fridge.
  4. btq96r

    Banking, this could be a very big deal

    This seems the most doable, and the industry probably needs a banking arm as much as anything at the moment. As much money as there is in the gun community (companies and rich folks who could come on as investors for an ownership share), they could probably startup a 2A Credit Union, and run it for the benefit of gun manufacturing & sales companies. They would have to be a bit tighter on the flow of capital, and offer reasonable, not VC or hedge fund rates of returns for shareholders and customers. Keeping their nose out of the banking sector in general by sticking to a fixed savings and loan model would be a nice insulation technique, but the first time someone greedy has enough power, that would be a risk. Honestly, the NRA should look at this as their survive the next 20yrs project, and set it up while the political cover and regulatory path is there via Trump holding the White House. They have the best chance to match up the needed parties and get it off the ground.
  5. btq96r

    Gun Owning Cooks

    Oh. Em. Gee. Damn, that looks good. Did you season the meat with anything before it hit the grill?
  6. btq96r

    Gun Owning Cooks

    Meat and veggies, before and after fire.
  7. btq96r

    The Mule (New Clint Eastwood Movie)

    Ever since Eastwood got serious about the directing gig, he's produced a very high quality film time after time. I'm thinking this one will be in that category.
  8. btq96r

    Question about AR blade stocks?

    Honestly, the NFA process, while lengthy and somewhat costly, is far better than this equivocating we see on what a brace is and how it can be used. I have an SBR and I can use it for any lawful purpose. No what if's, finding the most current memo, or any other finger in the air barometer needed.
  9. btq96r

    The Moon

    I guess my own father turning 70 and having a lot of empty time in the house while my stepmother works has met thinking about people's motives when they come post like we saw. The guys profile said he was retired, and who knows how much of all this was just reaching out for someone to talk to as a way to pass the time. Somehow he didn't strike me as the breakfast and golf to fill the first half of the day type. Or he was a legit forum troll...his username just happened to the name of a sniper in a video game. http://sniperelitegame.wikia.com/wiki/Karl_Fairburne
  10. btq96r

    The Moon

    At least we knew what he thought about liberals. He had that refrain singing as often as Cato the Elder told the Roman Senate his thoughts on Carthage needing to be destroyed.
  11. btq96r

    The Moon

  12. btq96r

    Prices and the gun market

    I hope people are heading this sage advice. Especially for spare parts and magazines.
  13. btq96r

    What was your very first firearm?

    Walther P99 in .40S&W. Bought it with some saved up deployment money after coming home from Iraq in early 2004. In hindsight, I wish I'd gotten the 9mm version, but still love this gun 14 years later, even if it doesn't see daily carry use, or as much range time as it used to. I've thought about selling it a few times for a quick buck, but sentimentality prevents me from doing so.
  14. btq96r

    Nashville officer charged in shooting

    Without weighing in on if this officer was right or wrong...in a country where being armed is (supposed to) be a protected right, think about the downstream consequences of assuming a weapon is gives police the automatic authority to assume a "significant threat" as that term is viewed by a police officer.
  15. btq96r


    I'll take this 16" BCM Mid-Length in 5.56mm, and be confident it could last me until my last day if taken care of properly. http://shop.bravocompanymfg.com/Bravo-Company-MFG-BCM-MID-16-Mod-2-AR15-Carbine-p/bcm-carbine-750-133.htm

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