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  1. I have SO MUCH FUN WITH IT! It was between the Model 62 and a Marlin 39A lever action. The Marlin is a great gun, but it took me longer to work the lever and get back on target. I first remember shooting a pump the fair as a kid in Chattanooga.
  2. Winchester Model 62 pump Winchester Model 62 semiauto Belgian Browning SA-22
  3. I listen to NPR, read the NY Times and watch Fox, and read the Wall Street Journal and then I do something unique: I make up my own mind. The issue in being informed is whether you want to be informed or if you are merely looking for sources to buttress what you already believe.
  4. Extremely indicative comment of Delusional Disorder. By: The Associated Press Posted at 1:41 PM, Dec 28, 2020 NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — The man accused of exploding a bomb in Nashville on Christmas told a neighbor days earlier that “Nashville and the world is never going to forget me.” Rick Laude said he had a chance conversation with Anthony Quinn Warner at his mailbox Dec. 21. Laude said he casually asked Warner if he was expecting anything good from Santa for Christmas.
  5. The other issue that we may or may not learn about the guy is the state of his mental health. As a working psychotherapist (I'm typing this during a lunch break before more teletherapy), a possible diagnosis is Delusional Disorder (https://psychcentral.com/disorders/delusional-disorder-symptoms#1) Through the years I have had a number of patients who were delusional in some sense, from those who thought their boss was watching them all the time at work to those on the other end of the spectrum that believed their mind was being controlled by their TV remote. Delusional disorder does no
  6. Just in case any of you win the lottery and want to buy me a Christmas present: https://www.hemmings.com/classifieds/dealer/ford/bronco/2454754.html
  7. You are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO right! Take it very slow, light coats of Tru-Oil, and don't rush.
  8. Ditto to all; especially the Tru-Oil. Put it on in very thin layers; I like to use superfine steel wool between each coat.
  9. And El Presidente says that the Coronavirus was a "blessing from God." He is coming off his dexamethazone (steroid) high.
  10. And El Presidente says that the Coronavirus was a "blessing from God." He is coming off his dexamethazone (steroid) high.
  11. I do not respond much on TGO about controversial subjects, but tonight I must. Our "President" has made a mockery of COVID-19. At various times he has said it was not real, disagreed with the CDC, and has made a political statement of NOT wearing a mask. And as of tonight, it has all bitten him in the ass. I wish Trump the best in terms of his personal health. At the same time, we have come full circle as a country who said COVID was a political hack to the President going to Walter Reed. It's time for sane and realistic thinking to take place and leave politics out of it.
  12. Glad to comment. Yes, I bought the SA-22. It is extremely accurate, easy and fun to shoot. The rifle is light and the sights are excellent. It is the smallest rifle I have ever shot (the receiver is almost tiny compared to other .22s I own) but absolutely the most fun. I have fewer misfires with the SA-22 as compared to my Winchester Models 62 and 63. And to be completely honest, there is nothing more fun than rapid firing just for the heck of it . . . The takedown function is easy and fast. They used to sell it with a carry bag, but mine did not come with one. I'd like to find on
  13. I have had some "hummers" every year in varied numbers. This year I have been more diligent in cleaning the feeder weekly and keeping fresh nectar in it and there has been a great increase in hummingbirds! Watched two duel each other for over 45 minutes last night as each wanted the feeder for themselves!
  14. Very well said, hipower . . . Buford's mode of teaching was confrontational and funny, but never belittling. There was "method in his madness" as in his provocation he always reminded people that getting angry is one thing, but pulling out a gun is another and it was our responsibility to keep anger and firearms separate. He did a great job of teaching the liability that comes with carrying a firearm.
  15. https://fox17.com/news/local/buford-tune-tfa-member-former-metro-police-officer-dies I liked Buford and did my handgun permit training with him years ago as well as a few classes with him. He was original and one of a kind. A good man . . .
  16. Thank you all for the excellent feedback; Talked with my wife; she used to carry an SP 101 w/.38 +P but hated recoil. Have ordered Remington 148 g wadcutters for her to try. She likes the 101; wadcutters may be the answer. Will let you know after she shoots! Thanks to all!
  17. First, let me thank you for all your feedback. A LOT for my wife and I to digest. To clarify: I am NOT trying to choose a gun for my wife. The purpose of my question was to gather ideas for her. No, I would never try to choose a gun for her - or anyone! As for the comments about .38 wadcutters, pardon my ignorance but is there a good .38 wadcutter round for self-defense? I've shot them for years as a practice round but never for carry. I appreciate you all very much!
  18. Hi all - I need your collective wisdom. My wife is a good shot with a handgun (good enough that I won't give her a reason to ever shoot at me :), but we have yet to find the perfect handgun for her for concealed carry. The major issue is recoil. She carried an SP-101 for a time, but it proved too heavy for her carry purse though recoil was a bit manageable. The recoil of my S&W Model 38 is too much for her to be accurate. She tried my Sig P365 but it is a light gun with heavy recoil that in a dangerous situation she (and I ) fear she would be unable to control. On the other hand, I w
  19. As I grow older, I love .22s more than ever. I have a Winchester Model 63 automatic that was my Dad's. I have been wanting to add either a lever action or a pump to my collection. I used to own a Marlin 39a which I liked, but I decided to pursue a pump. I shot a Henry pump that was really nice, but I remembered the .22 pump that I shot at the Hamilton County Fair as a kid: a Winchester 62a. After a lot of searching, I found a 1958 model in VA that is near mint and I picked it up today. Haven't shot it yet, but I can hardly wait! Just wanted to share a look with you!
  20. I still believe there are more good folks out there than bad, and more that care than do not. Unfortunately, the numbnuts in our society get top billing . . .


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