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  1. I made a giant banana pudding today. Big bowl first and then supper!
  2. Thanks for sharing! Looks like you had a great trip!
  3. Ruben's Tailor Shop, 700 Craighead St., Suite 100. This place is great! I found an English Scottish Tweed Norfolk Jacket last year that was too big, but something I wanted to have after losing one years ago. The lady in the shop measured me and the alterations were PERFECT! Give them a try. In the Melrose area off 8th Avenue. I work in the same building.
  4. I'd like to start an ongoing thread about funny things that happen to all of us at work. Hopefully all will join in because hilarious things happen to all of us daily. Just a chance to add some continual "jocularity" (Father Mulcahy on "MASH") to TGO. I'll start the ball rolling . . . I am a licensed mental health therapist and see a variety of clients daily presenting for a number of concerns. The first session is to gather basic intake information, and part of the intake is to inquire about drug and alcohol use. Recently a gentleman responded as follows: Me: Do you use alcohol
  5. I am sticking with my Browning Challenger I that was my Dad's. And to make it better, yesterday I received 3 magazines that I have been searching for from Triple K who finally had them in stock for the "outrageous" price of $48 each! Now back to your regularly scheduled discussion . . . Thanks for letting me butt in!
  6. The last words of a redneck (and as one originally from E. TN, I have my "redneck self"): 'HOLD MY BEER AND WATCH THIS!"
  7. Tom: The reality is that at age 64, my health is good and I hope to be around for the next 20 years. At the same time, I want to decide what happens to the guns now rather than later. I have thought about putting the L.C. Smith on the wall in my study . . . I may see if I can find some .300 Savage rounds and go out and open her up again! As for the .22/410 - after a lot of thought I think this will go to my granddaughter! Thanks to all for your feedback. One reason I find TGO meaningful.
  8. Dave - this is exactly my fear. Of sons-in-law, one would run with them as fast as he could to sell them, the other I'm not sure about in other ways.
  9. The Savage is a lever action. I've been told by a gunsmith that the barrels on the LC Smith have thinned out due to age and wear that it is no longer safe to shoot.
  10. I am 64 and while my health remains good, there are guns I need to get rid of, but am finding it difficult because of family ties to certain firearms. My L.C. Smith 16 ga. double is no longer safe to shoot, so what do I do with it? My grandfather's .300 Savage is still a great gun, but how do I part with it? I grew up with a Savage .22 over 410 which is in great shape, but I can't part with it. If any of you have any feedback, I would genuinely appreciate it. As for the rest of my guns, I'm going to start selling off those I don't shoot as much. I'm reviving my interest in .22s.
  11. May all of us give thanks for all.
  12. This discussion brings back memories of finding hickory nuts with my grandfather. God, how I miss him. Thank you all.
  13. Just tell her to sing "Rocky Top" and do so when she goes to the Admissions Office . . . https://www.youtube.com/watch?reload=9&v=EKbOtWeAEnY
  14. YES - Ruger made a HUGE mistake when they stopped the Six Series. I inherited a revolver exactly as the one above (with factory grips) that remains unfired.
  15. From all the feedback I''m leaning towards a Henry Lever Action .22. I already own a Winchester Model 63 semi-auto (grew up with that gun) so I thought a lever action would be plinkin' fun!
  16. Three thoughts: 1. Some friends who own them like them better than .22 for varmints. Not sure I agree but want more feedback. 2. Playing around with the idea of something different. 3. I always learn so much when I start a discussion on TGO.
  17. I love .22s! Thinking about a .22 Mag Henry lever action. Opinions from all of you about the .22 Mag round.
  18. How I miss the days of my youth (I'm 64) growing up in Chattanooga. We could go to family land in Sequatchie Valley or towards Soddy/Daisy and walk the fields for rabbits and quail. Those days are gone forever . . . Such memories make me miss my Dad so much.
  19. In the midst of your storm, may all of you experience the peace that passes all understanding.
  20. Some pigs GUARANTEED to be hunted down by someone . . . https://www.newsweek.com/italy-drug-bust-wild-boar-hidden-cocaine-destroyed-smuggling-operation-1471472


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