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  1. Does anyone here have a resource, website, manual, etc. that suggests prices for used handguns? Thank you -
  2. Yes, this goes in this thread. A few weeks there was a discussion here about working from home and I stated that between telehealth patients I was refinishing a Model 63 Winchester .22 rifle. Not a great picture, but here is the finished work. This rifle was created in 1952 (3 years before me!) and purchased by my Dad. I shot it all my life and it is a great rifle! Over time the forearm cracked and could not be repaired, and of course, original parts for a 1952 Winchester are long gone. A few months ago I started looking on the internet and found a walnut forend for this gun on eBay for $
  3. I also have a Winchester Model 63 that loads the same way. Mine was passed down to me from my Dad and was made in 1952.
  4. Browning SA-22 - I have one it is just the most fun 'lil gun . . .
  5. Absolutely. Excellent observation, Raoul. Thank you.
  6. Also the African American community has such a high incidence of Sickle Cell Anemia.
  7. EXACTLY! It took the insurance companies about 3 weeks to finally cover telehealth for mental health therapists and I was able to move my work home. In the meantime when COVID-19 was cranking up, though we were asking people to self-monitor and cancel their appointment if running a fever or coughing, you wouldn't believe (then again, you would) how many showed up anyway as sick as can be . . .
  8. We gave to Second Harvest this week and my wife was in communication with their Director of Philanthropy, J. Renee Thompson, who said that food donations were down 43% from grocery stores. With everyone buying so much in the grocery stores, there is little left over to give to Second Harvest, so yes, their need is REAL. I have found Second Harvest to be a reputable charity in their use of funds, and at the end of the day, the most basic human need is food. We plan to give again,
  9. Amen . . . we could live for weeks on neck bones, pinto beans, cornbread, and sweet tea.
  10. My next door neighbor went to Home Depot to get parts to repair a leaking toilet. He said the garden center was swamped with people buying plants, etc.
  11. While none of us want to be at home right now, it does give a good opportunity to catch up on our favorite movies. What is everyone watching? So far, my favorites: Rudy Destination Tokyo Glory Seven Days in May Patton Silverado Quigley Down Under Key Largo The Maltese Falcon Dances With Wolves Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House Mildred Pierce
  12. My wife is working from home; her "office" is the kitchen table. I am seeing patients from my office providing mental health therapy, so other than to get groceries (once a week) we are staying home.
  13. I've decided to sit out the entire COVID-19 pandemic by going for a three hour tour . . .
  14. Someone should buy this rifle. You don't see many Pre 64's out there. (And I don't know the owner; just expressing an opinion!)
  15. Yep, they are gone with the wind, available only on eBay and too expensive for TP: https://www.ebay.com/itm/1974-Sears-Christmas-Catalog-Wish-Book-GI-Joe-Tonka-Barbie-Bikes-Trains-Fashions/184208062037?hash=item2ae3a7f655:g:3VYAAOSwS51eaiGU
  16. A trusty source of TP in many outhouses in E TN during the '60s. The Sears Roebuck catalog . . .
  17. At least working from home right now, every time I have a no show patient it gives me more time to work on refinishing and reassembling my Model 63 Winchester .22 auto rifle. When finished, pictures WILL be posted.
  18. Insurance companies do not pay for telehealth mental health sessions, and it took until early this week for them to rescind that policy. I'm transitioning all my patients to a HIPAA compliant platform where we can see and talk with each other in safety.


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