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  1. I think the other gunsmith used regular solder; being that it blew off at 5 rounds and did not discolor any of the blueing...
  2. Need a recommendation for a gunsmith in the Nashville area. I've had this shotgun for a while and last year the polychoke that came on it blew off. I took it to a local smith that was supposed to silver solder it back on. After 5 rounds it blew off again. Need someone that can either solder it back on properly, or preferably cut the barrel for conventional chokes and install a new front sight bead. Mike
  3. Selling my DBAL if you're interested in that. Worked great on my AR with my PVS14 for coyote hunts.
  4. Looking for an empty 15.5 gallon beer keg now if anyone has one lying around...
  5. I'm looking to pick up some tires.  Heavy ones.  I need one in the 4-500lb range and one in the 1200 lb range.    They don't need to be in great shape as all I want them for is to do tire flips with them, but it would be good if they weren't completely destroyed.   Any ideas where I might find them?
  6. All ready to go minus the muzzle brake. Waiting on the suppressor paperwork to come back now for it. Mike
  7. I've taken the majority of the curriculum out there. I can't recommend their force on force class or immediate action medical class enough.
  8. Went over to a friend of my mothers house today to help her out with some home maintenance that was overdue. While talking to her she mentioned that she had a .22 rifle she wanted to show me. I was expecting a plinker .22. She brought out a beautiful German made falling block target rifle. Detachable diopter rear sight, front palm rest, gorgeous checkering, and a trigger that can only weigh ounces. She ended up giving it to me as she hasn't shot it in almost twenty years. It is an incredibly well made rifle and an unbelievable gift. She said her father brought it back from Germany after WW2. From what I can tell from an Internet search it was made in the 1920s. Haenel K.K. Sport, .22LR http://www.rifleman.org.uk/Haenel_Target_Rifle.htm Mike
  9. Once you start shooting there isn't enough oxygen in the suppressor for anything to burn.
  10. Both of mine come right off once the pins are removed.  Soak it in Kroil then enlist a brass or lead hammer to gently tap it off.   Just curious, what bipod you are replacing it with?   Mike
  11. I would get a user serviceable model if I were to do that.  .22 is dirty and over time will fill a can with fouling and lead buildup.  A sealed 5.56 can is not ideal for that.


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