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  1. I run them on my g26. Quick target acquisition and as mentioned above they are accurate enough. My old eyes like them a lot.
  2. I've played with the scout rifle in a couple of configurations as a hunting rifle. I've run both the Ruger Scout and now the Steyr Scout. With the Steyr I tried a forward mount setup with the "proper 2x scope" and found it very easy to use... a perfect solution for anything inside 200 yards in a "pre red-dot" set up. Target acquisition was almost as fast as a red dot. That being said, I pretty quickly switched out the optics for my standard dangerous game set up - a high end illuminated 1-6x scope mounted in a traditional position. At 1x it works just like a regular red dot but the extra magnification let's me reach out if I need to. IMO a scout rifle is ideal for hunting... lightweight, nimble, compact in the stand and with all the stopping power needed on anything in North America... except maybe a moose. Not sure how the COL would feel about it, but it works for me.
  3. Same here. Power lines across the driveway. That was a doozy of a storm.
  4. Hunting w/ hounds is a very different but totally legitimate hunt. I've hunted bear, pig, mountain lion and leopard behind dogs and thoroughly enjoyed each hunt. It's true that as a hunter it requires significantly less skill on your part... Keep up and make one good shot... but it is a pure joy to watch a good houndsman and his pack go to work. There's an immense amount of skill and training that they bring to the table. For hunting the animals listed above, the hounds are simply the most efficient way to hunt them when baiting isn't allowed. As long as it's done ethically and legally, I encourage you to give it a try.
  5. I learned about that technique reading about the South African Boers - The Voortrekkers. When attacked by Zulus they would put their wagons into laager (like circling the wagons) and the men would shoot while the women and children would keep handing them fresh rifles. Doing this they could put up a wall of lead. It proved quite effective.
  6. That's why you have multiple muskets and train the wife and kids how to reload for you. You can maintain a pretty high rate of fire that way. Muskets as crew served weapons.
  7. Thanks for posting this KahrMan. I've been so busy getting everything ready I totally forgot to put it up here. We've got some great guns up for auction this year along with some fantastic hunts, fishing trips and vacations. Bid early, bid often...it's for a good cause. 70% of all the money we raise stays in the middle TN community to help with veterans hunts, youth hunts, quail restoration and many other service projects that the chapter supports. The remaining 30% will be used on the national level to protect our right to hunt.
  8. Chris

    Steyr Scout

    Just making sure You are welcome to shoot mine if you want to try one out.
  9. Chris

    Steyr Scout

    I've got one from the auction last year. Great gun. Accurate, nimble and fun to shoot. Aaaaaand it just so happens, there's another one.. w/ a Swarovski z3 up for auction this year: https://www.icollector.com/item.aspx?i=35806230
  10. No doubt. It's probably legal but I think it could lead to a very awkward conversation with a TWRA officer.
  11. Ok, I see now. My bad. The bullet loads from the muzzle and the fire stick from the breech. Interesting.
  12. I looked it up. Sure enough that would be illegal to use in TN during muzzleloader season. From the Hunting Guide: 7. Muzzleloading firearms are defined as those firearms which are incapable of being loaded from the breech. http://www.eregulations.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/19TNHD-LR8.pdf
  13. That's cool but can we use it in Tn during muzzleloader season? Technically it's a breech loader.

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