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  1. Glock 17, 19 and 26. All my reload mags are for the 17 since it they'll run in any of the guns. Looks a little weird on the 26, but I didn't buy a Glock for the looks.
  2. Chris


    I don't collect any one thing or type of thing, but I collect trophies / souvenirs from my travels... my office is packed with stuff and everything has a story. Books, knives, antiquities, family heirlooms, game trophies... barely room for me in here.
  3. Chris

    for-sale Stoeger Double Defense **sold**

    These are awesome. I've armed most of my older relatives with these (usually 20ga, but still). With their arthritis they have trouble manipulating pistols and revolvers, but big ole shotgun shells are no problem. The rails on the bottom make attaching flashlights etc. easy and the short length makes it easy to manipulate in tight quarters. Yeah, mom's in her 70's but come in her house and she'll hipshoot the larceny right out of you with one of these bad boys. Excellent guns. GLWS
  4. Chris

    Hog Hunting in TN?

    Alabama Hog Control runs nighttime eradication hunts and it's closer than Texas. Barry provides rifles w/ thermal scopes and works w/ local farmers... they took down over a thousand pigs last year. Good operation, really good guy. My brother and I hunted with him for a weekend. Got two the first night and seventeen the second. We got into a big sounder and just tore it up. Most of the meat went to local families but we butchered a couple and had some good eating for a few months. http://alabamahogcontrol.com For anyone interested, My Sci chapter has it's banquet Saturday and he's donated a hunt for auction. Tickets available at musiccitysci.org or you can just bid online. https://www.onlinehuntingauctions.com/One-Night-Alabama-Hog-Hunt-for-Three-Hunters_i32438241
  5. Chris

    Hog Hunting in TN?

    Yeah, you are paying for the convenience. Hunt the WMAs and you may or may not see anything. Go to Loshbough and it's highly likely you'll get a shot. Time or money is pretty much what it comes down to.
  6. Chris

    Hog Hunting in TN?

    +1 Loshbough. Good property, good people and good hogs. I'm heading to Texas at the end of Feb to see if I can't put some pork in the freezer. Night time hunt w/ thermal optics... should be fun.
  7. These things are super fun! Wish I could. GLWS
  8. Chris

    Abused Women Hunting Poachers

    At a guess, probably a few. Check this out: https://www.iapf.org/jun19-ivory-poachers-sentenced/ According to this they are kicking in doors and arresting bad guys... 51 arrests since October 2017. Poaching can be big money, so these guys they are taking down can be pretty serious criminals. I don't expect they are gentle. I was visiting a private reserve adjacent to Kruger National Park a few years ago and marveled at how many rhino they had. I asked one of the guides why they had so many... he just smiled and after a quick look around confided that "We just kill poachers, so they stay away. Other units don't, so no rhino."
  9. Chris

    Abused Women Hunting Poachers

    This is a great program. Poaching and habitat destruction are the main cause for African animals being wiped out. Without units like this being willing to step into the line of fire, these animals will be gone in no time. It's expensive though and a lot of places outside the national parks have a hard time funding these units. Hunting seems to be the best way to help pay for these types of anti-poaching units. Eco tourism helps, but a single hunter (on average) spends 7 - 10 times as much as a tourist and usually in remote locations far from the national parks. The saying in Africa is "if it pays, it stays"... in other words, if the animals have a value as a renewable resource for hunters and tourists (or even as a commodity) then Africans will protect these animals and the habitats they live in. If not, the wildlife will quickly disappear (see Kenya). So, do your part... Go Hunt in Africa! It's cheaper and easier than you think.
  10. Chris

    ad closed Ruger PC Carbine

    I wish I had the time to drive down, I've been wanting one of those. GLWS
  11. I can't promise this will happen for you, but every time I pick up one of these rifles I hear "The Decembrists" playing softly in the background.
  12. I’m prettty strictly a glock guy when it comes to pistols. Thanks!
  13. Chris

    A work of Art....

    Wow, that's a gorgeous combination.

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