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  1. Called one in for my brother on Saturday and he bagged his. Now its my turn!
  2. Watching several toms strut this morning at an undisclosed location. Very, very ready!
  3. I couldn't say on the price. They aren't being made anymore so that may be the going rate.
  4. I've got two... one in 6.5 Creedmore and one in .308. Love them both. Really great platform. I've hunted pronghorn, whitetail and elk with them. The 6.5 is a little light for elk in my opinion but ideal for anything smaller. I don't think Barrett is making them now, but that information is at least a year old so I couldn't say for sure. Once I got these all my other deer rifles became safe queens. If you see one I strongly recommend you buy it. You won't regret it.
  5. It’s all about shot placement. I don’t care how big it is if you double lung it, it’s going down.
  6. .375 H&h. It’ll drop anything that walks the earth. Recoils not too bad and penetration is astounding w the right bullet. If I could only have one caliber that’d be it.
  7. Sigh... bad time to be cash poor and trade rich. GLWS
  8. Lucky! Very jealous. Never hunted Montana but it's supposed to be spectacular.
  9. The rut is on! Seeing and hearing a lot of chasing. No big bucks yet but a ton of activity this weekend,
  10. Great bow. I started shooting one this year and absolutely love it. GLWS
  11. Sweet gun. Those things are built extremely well. GLWS
  12. TWRA tried to have a fairly open season on hogs in order to cut down the numbers. Unfortunately, it had the opposite effect w/ hog numbers spreading during this time. The officers I've spoken with implied that folks were catching them and releasing them to establish a huntable population in their area... so now we have the regulations that are in place.
  13. The regulations regarding hogs have changed recently. https://www.tn.gov/twra/wildlife/mammals/large/Wild-Hog.html You'll want to read up. The easiest way to make this happen is probably by using a hunting lodge such as Loshbough, Caryonah, or a similar outfitter. Regardless, a hunting license is required for any hunting in TN.
  14. That's a great price for that gun. Especially these days. GLWS.
  15. Great gun. I've got one in 45LC and it's a tack driver. Huge fun to shoot. GLWS.


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