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  1. Whitetail Institute produces some excellent seed. It's significantly more expensive than you will find elsewhere but seems to be worth it. Every product of theirs that I've tried has grown extremely well. I've used Power Plant,which the deer love but also grows really tall so if you are using a ground blind it can be an issue. I use the tall tine tubers for late season crops... super effective if the deer don't wipe it out when the greens first start sprouting. Their clover is really expensive but grows much better than what I can get at the co-op... it's become by go to food plot. I've also used No Plow back in the woods on a few small spots but the deer wiped it out as soon as it sprouted. So long and short, I've had really good luck w/ their products... I wince every time I buy them but I'm always happy with the results.
  2. Is this tax the same as the Pittman-Robertson act? That was federal so I assume that's still in place. If so, I'm unclear on how this impacts TWRA. Was this tax on top of the federal tax? I'm a huge fan of TWRA... good folks doing good work.
  3. It was in Elmer Keith's collection for a while and sold at auction in 2015 for over a quarter million. https://frontierpartisans.com/3666/jim-corbetts-rifle/
  4. Last one for the day. Possibly the greatest elephant hunter of all time: W.D.M. "Karamojo" Bell. This guy took over a thousand elephants using a 7x57mm (.275 Rigby) throwing 173 grain military ammo (fmj solids). For him it was all about shot placement... he was the master of the brain shot from any angle, especially tucking one in behind the ear. I've taken this shot and it is insanely difficult... this guy did it successfully over a thousand times.
  5. My other favorite big game hunter: Jim Corbett. Most famous for hunting man-eaters in India. This is his .450-.400 box lock double rifle that he preferred for tiger hunting. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jim_Corbett
  6. Selous in later years with his .461 No. 1 Gibbs Metford rifle
  7. I think his stern glare was sufficient to drop most game.
  8. That particular species is a pale and sad imitation on the best of days. I think they dress like that as protective coloration. Selous was a true man... the inspiration for Alan Quartermain. Well worth a quick read if you are interested: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frederick_Selous
  9. I'd do it in a heartbeat. These guys actually did it: https://huntforever.org/2013/03/18/the-mighty-4-bore/
  10. This gun was absolutely devastating... to the shooter. If he shot from the saddle it unhorsed him every time. In his own words: “…the 4-bore guns kicked most frightfully and, in my case, the punishment received has effected my nerves to such an extent as to have materially influenced my shooting ever since, and I am heartily sorry I ever had anything to do with them.”
  11. Agreed. Really want to slap a drum mag on that bad boy!
  12. Good point. I just assumed w/ a 200 yard shot in the backyard he'd be outside of town.

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