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  1. Chris

    Anyone into comics?

    Check out some of the online / iPad apps. For a minimal monthly fee you can get access to large portion of Marvels older content. It tends to lag a few months behind whats on the racks but it saves a TON of money. Don't know if DC has anything similar.
  2. The box is still taped up. Truly new in box.
  3. I got a little excited at an auction the other night and bought a crossbow I don't need. Anyone interested in a NIB Carbon Express X-Force Blade Pro Crossbow kit - includes bow, crank, scope, quiver and arrows. $250. Open to trades for hunting equipment, partial trades on guns... let me know what you've got.
  4. Chris

    Just binge watched Z Nation

    I prefer Z Nation to TWD. It's got a sense of humor. TWD just leaves me exhausted and depressed... I get enough of that watching the news.
  5. Chris

    Hog Hunting in TN?

    Coming out of Johnson City, Loshbough will be an easy trip. It's a fenced property (I think 500 acres or so) but the way it's laid out, it really doesn't feel fenced. I've had several good hunts there. Accommodations are nice, clean and well maintained. You'll have to take care of your own food but there's a kitchen and grills so it's not a big deal. There's a good processor and taxidermist nearby as well so it's easy to take home a cooler full of butchered and packaged pork. If you want a free range hunt then look at the auction hunt I posted from Alabama Hog Control. It's in Prattville so it's an eight hour drive for you, but it's fully free range and for about the same price you'll likely bring home a LOT more pork. You'll be less likely to bag trophy boar, but if you are after meat that's an economical way to fill the freezer. Plus hunting at night w/ thermal sights is an intense experience. Regardless, have fun, be safe and shoot straight.
  6. Chris

    Hog Hunting in TN?

    Truth. A charge from a big ole 300 lb boar is not something you want to have to deal with. A lot of hog outfitters won't let people hunt that way due to the massively increased risk. If you do decide to use a spear or knife, make sure the outfit you are hunting with has some really good catch dogs.
  7. Chris

    Hog Hunting in TN?

    I've hunted several times with Loshbough in Crossville. Very good outfit, excellent dogs and some really big boars back in those hollows. I can also recommend Alabama Hog Control if you want something a little more extreme. Night time hunting w/ thermals. We dropped 14 pigs out of a single sounder last year. It's an immense amount of fun. Which leads me to a shameless plug. The Music City SCI chapter is having an auction for hunts on March 15th, and there just so happens to be a nice hog hunt right here: http://www.icollector.com/1-day-Alabama-Night-time-Hog-Hunt-for-2-Hunters_i29121350
  8. 2018 is going to be good. March 15th. Details at musiccitysci.org.
  9. Sadly I don't have one of those. GLWS.
  10. Chris

    First time tagging out!

    Well done, sir!

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