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  1. Took the wife Saturday afternoon, $12 apiece to get in, a few vendors, very few traders except for the Nazi memorabilia and China knives. We haven't been to a gun show in years and won't be going back anytime soon. Lots of surplus. rusted crap too. meh.....
  2. It's too cold in Wisconsin in the winter to be protesting over something you're getting bussed in and paid for......just sayin
  3. Give her time and kindness, she will come around. Her past is unknown to you and her future is unknown to her. Be patient and consistent and her trust in you show itself. Her actions, as you have described, are her way of checking you out since you don't know what kind of damage an inbred, brain dead, idjit has done to her. You have the beginnings of a wonderful partnership in her. God sent you a blessing in fur!
  4. Years ago I had a Taurus 455 wheel gun in .45ACP That thing would never get through a full cylinder before locking up. I do like the .45 ACP in a wheel gun, nice novelty, but that Taurus never worked correctly. My gunsmith bought it off me and worked on it then "lost it overboard" on a fishing trip. He no longer works on Taurus at all.
  5. Very pro gun....
  6. Metal and wood, you know it's good.
  7. Seasoned with time and experience. Salt and pepper just stayed on my hair, as far as the Cajun... let's just say that only appears when required. I may be a dinosaur but I'm not a fossil yet. Good going Bob.!
  8. NEVER underestimate a determined seasoned adult.
  9. My Dad was a Nike shooter. Zeus, Ajax Herc, Pershings and such. He also let loose some Hawks as well. From White Sands to the Black Forest with 2 stops in The Damn Nam. After he retired out of the Army, he went to work for the Navy as a civvie contractor in the Bahamas, a real tough duty station. He passed a few years back and I sure miss my Old Man. GO ARMY!
  10. Chaparrals huh? My Old Man played with these......
  11. Email inbound. I will take it if its still available.
  12. Someone got some 'splainin to do!
  13. 20 Mule Team borax around the base.......
  14. I always wondered how that fridge door stayed closed.....


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