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  1. IDK west TN is *so* different from middle or east TN that I don't think I'd do it. I'd hold out for something that would put you back east. West TN doesn't seem a whole lot different than what I've seen of Missouri. I've lived in Memphis and spent enough time in Jackson, now live in middle TN and it's so much better. East TN is even more scenic. I can't see being happy in west TN after living in/near the Smokies.
  2. [quote name="Joseg" post="1173345" timestamp="1406652088"]Maybe they should put several of those along the border in the south, so there's a reminder that this is the United States of America. Just like Mexico has one flying across the border. [/quote] That would be encouragement. Put up Mexican flags and make'em think they took a wrong turn.
  3. nicemac doesn't have Charlie's number, so I guess Charlie must be really out of the loop on his own website. Dustbuster if you want to PM me his contact information I'll get in touch with him, and you are welcome to get involved with the maintenance if you want, since you have his number I guess you must know him better than I do. I just volunteered because we have the resources to host the site and can do it free for Charlie. I enjoyed his range when I lived closer.
  4. I'm happy to get anyone who wants to involved in the site maintenance. I'm basically taking over the hosting for the site (I was a member of Charlie's range when I lived a mile away from him, but I don't have his contact info), but if someone wants to take over the site maintenance that's fine. I can do it but we're a host and not a web design firm, so I'm happy to let someone take on the site maintenance.
  5. I can help with this as the owner of http://www.mediaserve.com
  6. wtl

    Papa Johns

    In Franklin Nick's Italian Deli has great NY style pizza and their pepperoni rolls are awesome. Mineo's has great pizza too. I'm in the Gallatin area now and haven't found a substitute for those two.
  7. Ralph and Lina Wetherington are neighbors of us here in Castalian Springs. They operate [url=http://gordysgarbageandrecycling.com]Gordy's Garbage and Recycling.[/url] They are currently hiring--must be 21 with a clean driving record. Drug and background check required. Call Lina Wetherington at 615-451-2805 for more info and tell her Troy sent you. I would say it's a fairly easy commute from Gallatin, Hartsville, Portland, Lebanon areas.
  8. How many are in so far? What happens if we send the money soon but you don't get 50 to commit? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk 2
  9. I don't want anything--never said I did. I just asked for an opinion from everyone here on whether or not they might have sold me a used gun as new. It's all on me for not inspecting the gun better at the store. Funny thing about that that I haven't mentioned before is I was initially looking at a bi-tone TCP and I did look that one over well. I would have bought that one except the slide release was defective--it was impossible to release the slide with it when locked back. Salesman acted surprised when he tried and confirmed it was bad. I guess at that point I figured I'd take the cheaper
  10. Nope, he never asked what I wanted done. No empathy, no apology for the gun being so dirty, nothing. He just "informed" me that the gun was brand new never used, and said Taurus ships dirty guns. Then the excuses about how they wouldn't have rented or fired it in store, etc. I felt like I was a fire he was trying to put out quickly so he could move on to the next one.
  11. I'm kind of left feeling the same way about them. I'm definitely not angry or anything, because it's entirely possible it came from Taurus that way--I don't really have a good reason to not believe the manager I spoke with. He went to great lengths to explain the gun had been purchased from their distributor (Davidson) in mid April, and that they had no reason to shoot it or rent it out because they have handguns worth up to $2,000 in their rental lineup (as if that means anything.) What he didn't have is any sort of empathy. Some businesses try to build good client relationships, and some bus
  12. I did get a call back from Pat the manager, who basically says the gun is new and was never shot by them, end of story. So there you have it, for what it's worth.   Look your guns over well before you leave the store with them. I know I will from now on.
  13. I haven't heard anything yet. Several days ago I emailed their info email address which is listed on their website. I've heard nothing in response. However, another member here PMed me a different email address and name of the manager, and I finally got an email out today to that one. I'll report back what (if) I hear back.   I also promised Dolomite that I'd post a pic of the underneath of the slide. I have taken some pics but for some reason they don't look right--the pictures actually make it look like it's all fouled up, when it isn't, and I don't want to create the wrong impression
  14. Please understand I haven't implied I've been screwed, and I'm not bashing EW. I simply came here to ask for advice. When I disassembled the gun, I was surprised to see how dirty it was. I ran through all the possibilities mentally, including maybe they rented it out or test fired it at their range, but then figured if so they should have at least cleaned it back up if they were selling it as new. If they had, I would have been none the wiser, and I don't necessarily have a problem with the store helping me break it in :-). And yes, as I indicated in my first post, I definitely should have loo
  15. Thanks everyone! I've emailed EW and invited them to comment here. I figured that was easier than calling and trying to describe it, since there are pictures here in the thread. I don't live in Franklin any longer and don't know when I'd be back down there to talk to them in person.   Dolomite I'll take a photo of the slide bottom and post it. It may be tomorrow.


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