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  1. Hello, Mike’s wife Lisa here. As I go through and close out and memorize as many accounts as he had, it’s really lovely to see all the condolences here. He LOVED his guns and the community he found here and on other forums. Thank you for all your kind words. He was a great husband, father, friend and Tattooer. He’s so incredibly loved and missed.
  2. 2000$ takes it all. No more price drops. This is worth every penny. Especially suppressed
  3. Great shape, runs like a top. Bought brand new from gun crew. Come with B&T box sb tactical folding stock 3 mags trijicon MRO with low profile riser and 3 lug flash hider Also added new safety delete for right side with better safety springs which makes it easier than stock safety *********2000$********* No trades
  4. 2000$ for all. Won’t get any lower.
  5. Will throw in some 556 ammo as well
  6. Like title says. Scar 16s only 200 rounds through it. 1 fn 30 rnd fde mag 2 HK 416 30rnd German mags acog sight vertical forward grip more pics apon request NO TRADES 2500$ CASH text 602-315-3409 i live in Nashville email isn’t working
  7. I got one from a guy on facebook. Rugged 3 lug mount. It's awesome
  8. Just bought my omega 9k can and put in the form. It's in jail but at the armory I can still use it! Pics tomorrow
  9. That's exactly what I'm looking to do omega 9k is perfect for this B&T. At least it'll hold me over till I can get a B&T suppressor.
  10. Love my new toy!! This out shoots my MP5. So perfect and compact. Like a Swiss Army knife Made into a sub gun
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