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  1. GlockSpock

    LCPII : Is it a high mileage gun ?

    If properly secured (bag, case, etc), guns are essentially immune to mileage. It doesn't matter if you let it sit in your vehicle for one mile or one million miles, it's basically going to be ok. Round count is what matters to guns.
  2. GlockSpock

    Hot Sauce

    To me...they don't register as hot. At all. Tabasco can be mild/medium by my taste...sorta depends on the batch and age.
  3. GlockSpock

    Hot Sauce

    Let me try again. Sorry. Doing things from mobile is tough. Cleveland Aldi. Tonight.
  4. GlockSpock

    Hot Sauce

    @dralarms https://imgur.com/27d05cf6-5aea-420f-9fb5-8e087e4e9a76
  5. GlockSpock

    Strategic Edge Machine Gun Shoot!

    Resurrecting this old thread. @173rdABN I remember that there was a photographer there, but I don't think I ever saw any of the photos. And directions on a gallery or contact details for the photographer?
  6. GlockSpock

    Hot Sauce

    You're in Athens, do you all have one or are you talking about the Cleveland store? I haven't checked for it in Cleveland myself, I found it by accident in the Ooltewah location.
  7. GlockSpock

    Hot Sauce

    A concern of mine too. The chipotle (by far my favorite of the three) has the least sugar content.
  8. GlockSpock

    Hot Sauce

    Where can you purchase the Nando's?
  9. GlockSpock

    Hot Sauce

    I haven't tried it yet, but I read some of the hype surrounding "Secret Aardvark". It's actually decently cheapish when you realize it's an 8 oz bottle: Secret Aardvark Habanero Sauce
  10. GlockSpock

    Hot Sauce

    If you don't do it, I'll block you on TGO.
  11. GlockSpock

    Hot Sauce

    Just tried the other two. Amazing as well. None of them are "hot" by my standards, but the flavor it adds to a dish is amazing. I don't base my hot sauce on food; I base my food on hot sauce.
  12. GlockSpock

    Hot Sauce

    Some like it hot. Some are crazy. I eat most any hot sauce, currently in my fridge are various habanero, ghost pepper, and scorpion pepper sauces. I'm apparently crazy. However, a week ago, I discovered a sauce at Aldi. It isn't all that hot to me (my taste may be biased towards the hotter sauces), but it has an amazing flavor. I've tried the "Chipotle" so far. It isn't that hot but has an amazing smoky flavor. I've nearly been drinking the stuff. It quickly became one of my favorite sauces of all time. So today, I went back to Aldi to purchase all the flavors. Only $1.89 each. I asked the cashier at checkout if that was something they normally stocked, she said that she didn't think so and thought it was for the Super Bowl time period. I may go back and buy all of them.
  13. GlockSpock

    Nashville Homeless

    Just saw this: http://www.wrcbtv.com/story/39863238/chattanooga-reacts-to-loss-of-sandy-the-flower-man I remember meeting this guy once. My Wife and I were out for dinner and he came walking around the restaurant. I told him I'd buy a flower or two for my Wife so he handed them to her. Upon pulling out my wallet I was mortified to see no cash. I sincerely apologized and explained to him that I thought I had some cash. He told me it was ok and told her to keep them and then wished us both well before continuing on for the night. I didn't know his backstory but that article really struck home.
  14. GlockSpock

    Nashville Homeless

    I agree that for a large majority of homeless people that live the way they do, they are homeless because of their choosing. For some, it's essentially their "safe space". I must have "sucker" written in pretty legible ink on my forehead; I've thrown a fiver their way more times than I can count. How many times have I bought beer or cigarettes (or worse, potentially) for someone like that? Probably at least 50% of those times, I hope not more than 75%. Here are my general rules. If someone says they need food, I try to always make time to buy them food. A quick five minutes to buy someone a warm burger could make someone's day. However, sometimes when suggesting that you buy them food, they'll reject. They just want cash, and I think we all know why. I'll insist that all I can do is swipe my card and buy them food, I cannot give them cash. Sometimes they'll concede, other times not. I used to be pretty open to buying gift cards and handing out. But one time this guy in Chattanooga told me about how he needed money for food, "His disability check was just a week away". I went into Chili's with him and purchased him a $10.00 gift card there and told him to enjoy his meal. I walked outside and then as I'm driving away (downtown), he passes me in front of me! No doubt he was going to probably sell the $10.00 gift card for $5.00. With the right sob story, he could probably sell it for the full $10.00 or even more. I haven't got around to it, but I've been thinking that in cold months it'd be neat to assemble a "cold weather kit" such as a decent jacket, socks, etc. Likewise, in hot weather, a water bottle, hat, etc could help someone be more comfortable. I care for people in these situations. But I don't know how many of them could be helped. Offer $500 to "help someone get on their feet" and it'd likely be wasted away quicker than I'd find something to spend that money on. Offer most of these people a steady job and they wouldn't/couldn't keep it a week. I do wish it were easier to separate these people into two groups. For the ones that genuinely want to get back on their feet and improve their lives, I'd gladly dig deep into my pockets to help them. But for the people that either have more serious issues (mentally or socially) and are "lifelong homeless", I'm not sure how to "help them" other than just be kind to them and offer them food if they are hungry. I do wish I were in a position to offer a career to people in need, along the lines of The Pursuit of Happiness. Sadly, in today's world knowingly doing such a thing would generally be considered too risky in terms of liability to even be allowed to do such a thing. For the ones that honestly want jobs, I wish there were systems in place to make it easier. As stated before, not having a mailing address will typically disqualify you from most any job. I wonder if there could be some sort of "homeless post office" setup by charity where qualified individuals could get a "PO Box" at a location similar to a homeless shelter but just for mail. It'd have to be charity funded and theoretically the boxes could be established for something like three months or so. Essentially, give people a mailing address for a job application. It may or may not be feasible, and plus your hiring managers would recognize the address after it was founded.

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