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  1. Ha! And your 2nd point may work for people rationally thinking with the same values (living, for starters) as you. Then, others would look at see “They’ll immortalize me like that?” and consider it motivation.
  2. Thanks for posting this. It made me go read some thoughts on /liberalgunowners 90% of them are at least equally upset compared to the posts in TGO. Some of them even more. Remember, you may not agree with most of the politics of someone on the left, it if they are a vocal gun right supporter, I’d consider them an ally because we need all the advocates we can get.
  3. Well...the majority doesn’t mean something is right. Look at where minorities would be if we always catered to the majority.
  4. I agree with this. Also, if someone isn’t in jail, they should get to enjoy the 2nd Amendment.
  5. Where does the helicopter bit come from? I've read and watched documentaries, I've never heard any reference period to helicopters being shot down. Where is he coming up with this?
  6. https://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/trap-shooters-stop-resting-the-barrel-on-your-foot-nsfw/ Synopsis: Trap shooter shot a hole through his foot. I've seen worse photos of injuries. Simply reminder...gun safety everyone.
  7. Bump. I'll probably throw this up on Ebay tonight if nobody wants it.
  8. Where did the Universal Backgrounds Check bill ever make it in the Senate? Sitting around for a sunny day?
  9. Exactly. Mine now does not leak when closed, leaks a drop at 90%, and does not leak at all under 90%. I'd say that'll change within a few months. But, I think my fears of damaging something have subsided. In a season or two I'll probably repack it.
  10. And yeah, I don’t know what you are talking about saving, but I have a scorched earth theory about the backyard and will destroy it all to build it the way I want. If you are talking about money, let’s just say Biden sent some my way and I figured home improvements were the best combination of investment paired with enjoyment.
  11. Agreed. There was a 3’+ diameter pine I had taken down that prevented sunlight from hitting the area shown as well as showering everything with acidic needles. Now that it’s gone I know I want flat and grass. Truth be told, I had a total of four pines taken down within 50’ or so that absorbed a lot of water. After taking them down and exposing the ground, water issues got worse and now I’m ready to fix them. To fix the grade issue, think a few more inches against the foundation will be ok in trading off subpar grade for grade that wicks moisture away?
  12. Sidenote: I've spoken explicitly with "neighbor 2" whom is hinted at in photo #1. He is ok with me redirecting water towards that direction.
  13. The 1st image is slightly counterclockwise from the 2nd image. Everything is relatively flat but I have a neighbor "on top of the hill" alluded slightly in the 2nd image. The slope really only begins at his building shown there. I have a slight low spot, shown in the first image, where I've already done some mild work with a shovel and thrown a bit of dirt towards the house in order to make it not low. Most of the grade work will ultimately be to remedy where I had a huge pine tree (shown where my Gorilla Cart is shown in the 2nd photo). I had the stump ground but now would like to add so


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