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Community Answers

  1. Whatever happened to him? I see his website is still alive and well. I met up with him once, super cool guy.
  2. I think they are hired as entertainers just like certain other businesses that can hire for certain perks.
  3. I'm not sure where you found that photo of me but I'm rather concerned.
  4. Just preheat it to 110°F in the oven while you brew your coffee.
  5. Peter is a turtle on a fence post. He doesn't have a clue how he got on top of the post, doesn't have a clue what he is doing, and hasn't the least idea of how to get down. You touch on a good point though. Perhaps the candidate with nine years experience has 9 years experience because they cannot learn new skills or handle additional responsibility. Sometimes...and I think most of us have seen this...the most capable people in an organization are the ones that are brand new. Since they are so good at what they do, they either promote out of that position rather quickly or an attempt is made to "hold them" in that position for as long as possible. So then what? They go and find a better job at a different company. Guess what though? We've still got that one guy in the department with 25 years worth of experience that is mostly ok with what he does.
  6. I never said DEI was a good practice or oft implemented in a beneficial way, only that I see how the idea could in theory make a team more flexible and capable. Never once would I argue that a less qualified candidate should take priority over more qualified, but to eliminate that issue we would have to do away with the good-old-boy buddy system and nepotism as a whole. Hopefully someone can tag me in a post once all of that is out of the way.
  7. I'll respectfully disagree. It depends. In the IT world, there are many a great different ways of doing things. If everyone on the team has all he exact same experience and culture, things can become stagnant. Sometimes, bringing in different lines of thinking from different corners of the world can challenge the status quo in ways never considered. It might not always work or be a positive thing,especially as seen when it is done solely for the sake of being done, but I believe it often is beneficial. It's why I strive so much to keep members that go against the flow on TGO active instead of banned. Otherwise, we'd be a useless echo chamber. I want to sharpen my way of thinking, not bounce it off people that will only agree with me and tell me that I'm right.
  8. In my opinion, it can further be explained like this. Imagine you have a small company that generally is made up of "good old boys" from the same small city. Perhaps you are hiring a position and have two candidates, each of them roughly equal to the other. One of them is from the same small city as everyone else but one of them grew up and worked in Spain for a number of years. Theoretically, hiring the Spain applicant could be beneficial to the team as a whole because they'll bring life experience, lines of thinking, and other things such as these that the homeboy cannot bring. Now, it goes wrong if the Spain applicant is grossly under-qualified but you hire them anyways simply because they are a Spain applicant and thus you get to meet metrics on a spreadsheet. Organic vs. forced.
  9. I think what he is getting at is generally that sometimes, for certain teams, someone with a different background than others may be the best candidate. He's saying to essentially hire competent people but also purposefully bringing in a diverse teams will increase the critical thinking and effectiveness of a team. He's saying that when you force the issue less qualified people are brought in solely for the purpose of diversification. This is bad. But if you have, generally speaking, two equally qualified applicants in terms of skill/education but one of them could potentially bring a diverse experience, that diverse experience technically makes them more qualified.
  10. Sadly, I don't have the funds for two. I had to take out a disability policy on each of my feet just in case I ever drop it.
  11. Disclaimer: I, nor anyone I know, has a single thing to do with this company. It's a 22lb coffee mug, and I shamelessly want one. Remember that, 2024 Secret Santa! https://theheavycup.com/products/heavy-mug-22lb-stainless-steel-mug
  12. Sometimes Satan goes to God and says "Wanna bet if I can make Job turn against you?" and God replies "I'll take that bet". Swallowing that pill and then following it with thinking about the wages of sin and how none of us are deserving of anything but death is how I reconcile tragedy. Someone's life "cut short"? That person didn't deserve that life in the first place. And although many would take such a sliver's distance from death as a chance to "live and appreciate life in a better way", others may take it that divine intervention saved them and thus greatly entrench themselves in their beliefs/mission. I have a feeling that may be how Trump handles this, interpreting it that he is so important he is invincible and consider himself unstoppable.
  13. Wouldn't that be quiet the plot twist nobody is expecting. One thing that may be armchair quarterbacking but did cross my mind is the following. I read somewhere that a local officer confronted the guy as he was climbing the ladder but the shooter pointed his rifle a him so he backed away. You can also see a lot of agitated onlookers at the beginning on the video. So you are in the middle of a rally and see someone that you suspect is about to take a shot at the ex-POTUS. Why not scream "Gun" as loud as you can? If you are LEO, simply discharging your weapon into the ground would achieve the desired effect. Is it just that everyone was way too afraid to be the "person that overreacted"? While it seems extremely likely that the entire incident was based on poor planning, I also chalk a lot of it up to complacency and the status-quo.
  14. Careful. They'll down-vote you to oblivion!


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