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Community Answers

  1. So you can psych out your adversaries with lasers. They’ll automatically assume you are a shark.
  2. So I have two thoughts. Never, ever, ever use your weapon mounted light as a "flashlight" if you don't need the gun it's attached to. Me personally? I'd rather a criminal take shots at my weapon mounted light in the dark than for me to shoot someone by accident that I love dearly because I couldn't see them. On the first point, I didn't see it but my buddy swears up and down that he did. We were in South Pittsburgh, TN. My Wife was participating in a dress rehearsal at the theater (historic theater, called "The Princess" there late one night. My buddy and I were sitting up in the balcony waiting for everyone to finish up for the night. At some point two police officers enter the balcony (generally just to check on what was going on, I suppose). I did see the police offers. What I didn't see but my buddy says he did was that one of the officers removed his service weapon to use his weapon mounted light to see the dark walkway so he didn't trip. It does happen, I don't advise it.
  3. A Weber restaurant. Now I’m interested.
  4. I won't disagree with either of these statements, just thought it was very interesting whether a coincidence or not. As stated/shown above, they got started back in the 70's in Chattanooga. There's been...a lot about them over the years.
  5. First off, I feel for anyone that lost their property to this. However, this definitely caught my attention today. https://gizmodo.com/christian-sect-under-investigation-for-destructive-colo-1848308229 Of course they may have absolutely nothing to do with it, just caught my attention because Chattanooga has their own branch (what else you wanna call it) and Yellow Deli. Who else has eaten there? They do make some mean food but after finding out more and more about them I don't go there anymore.
  6. Sold I'd absolutely 100% love to box this and mail it out tomorrow during lunch, in other words don't be afraid to make an offer. I had plans on keeping this and wearing it alongside my G-Shock, however a co-worker today offered me a newer Apple Watch (Series 6) as he is getting the Series 7. I jumped on that so now I don't need the series 5 anymore. I had zero intentions of selling this watch but now I don't need it. It has some scuffs, as seen in the photos. None of the scuffs hinder usage, but they are there if you look for them. I probably worked on too many vehicles/lawnmowers in forgetting to take it off. However, all functions work flawlessly. Includes: Apple Watch Series 5 44mm Wi-Fi + Cellular Either this Sport Band (L) or Nike Band (Sport Band with lots of holes) Charger (and brick if you need it) Case protector, which will protect the case pretty well but not so much the screen I think I may be able to find the (S) Sport Band. I'll include a USB charging brick if you need it. Also, yes this will work without a cellular data plan. In fact, I've never used an Apple Watch with a cellular plan. However, I love buying the cellular version for one reason and one reason alone. 9-1-1 will still work on these cellular versions even if you don't pay for service. I've always viewed it as a small price to pay for an extra piece of mind in case I need to dial emergency services. Phone dead/lost/broken, out of reach? If your watch is charged it should allow an emergency call over cellular. If you wish to use it with cell service, I know it'll work on Verizon and whichever other ones those models will work with. I know this watch isn't new, in fact it's two generations behind and has wear. But it will make a superb budget upgrade to someone that has an older model or a cheaper "other" watch for someone with a nicer, newer one. Please excuse the excessive lint from my carpet.
  7. I’d love to see him un-banned, politely invited back to TGO, just so he can lose it again and I can click the button this time. It’s people like him that made me abandon Armslist years ago, even when they were completely free to use.
  8. I accidentally found this post from 2019 and have to concur. My local place was doing tastings of Screwball, I thought it was rather tasty. That said, she also had me try it mixed with a red wine because "peanut-butter and jelly". I told her it was better with just the whiskey.
  9. According to my co-worker, there were two sizes. The one with the red emblem was smaller, white emblem larger. And I'll simply say, I'll have about a quarter of that pricing in it. With a box and in great/perfect condition I'm sure they'd be rather collectable, I'm buying it simply to enjoy. Although, I doubt I'll put any actual bourbon in it.
  10. So, just wanted to share something awesome with the group. A coworker shared with me he was putting some stuff on Ebay, and the second he mentioned he was selling a Spock Decanter I absolutely had to have details. After seeing what he had, I had to have it. From what I can tell, it's a decanter (empty, sadly) from 1979 when the first Star Trek movie came out.


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