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  1. SIL = Sister-in-Law = Baptist Preacher? That's new. Southern Baptist? This is a very good comment. I've researched a lot of this stuff and looked through some of the books of the Apocrypha for fun. I honestly wasn't sure whether or not to let them influence me so I mostly just treated it as an enjoyable thing to do and leave it at that. I however did not realize some of them were in the 1611...that's not something you typically here preached from the KJV Only crowd. Something I really, really try to keep in mind is the following. Is the The Word (Bible) precious? Of course it is. But consider different time periods throughout history when the bible in any form did not exist or was not available. Then ask yourself whether it was possible to lead someone to salvation and continue and grow in the faith. I also try to keep all of that in mind regarding foolish arguments. I like doctrine. I personally hold doctrine to be important, although there are many aspects of it that I'm unsure of. Some folks seem to adhere to the belief that if your doctrine isn't 100% correct then the gift of salvation is not yours for the taking. I then try to consider what it would have been like to be a disciple or live in that time. They had faith, but no real structure in the sense that we have today. And although they had problems, just like we do today, they did continue the faith. Or you could simply take one or two verses from the Bible and consider them 100%, infallible, God inspired proof that the earth is flat. Hey, why not? This part of my comment is in cheek. I view things like this as generally a Christian or religious themed capitalistic ploy. Maybe the owners/creators of this entire thing had/have good intentions. To some, all things are innocent and then to others, Christmas trees themselves are a sign you are a pagan. This bothers me less than a lot. Every time I see someone selling goods of any kind in a church or church related event, I like to imagine Jesus pulling out his whip and turning tables over.
  2. I didn't realize I needed this. Free floated hand guard, Glock magazines, "take-down" capable. I'm sold.
  3. It's more like...what happens if a Chinese citizen, who lives in China, violates a United States law?
  4. Young earth is so 1990's. It's flat earth or get out.
  5. You've went (at least) 21 years without carrying...you can wait another week or two tops. The chance of trouble it could cause you isn't worth the benefit.
  6. As far as I know, yep he's in prison.[ What happened to his "friend"? Well...he's dead. Actually, he was the FFL behind the channel...and how he (FPSRussia) was able to use such awesome firearms in his videos. They never really figured anything out regarding his murder.
  7. Driving under an overpass rarely causes me anxiety. Around here (Chattanooga and Cleveland), I cannot really think of anywhere that there is a stopsign/light under an overpass, at least not that I travel frequently. The only thing that generally causes my anxiety on the related topic is sitting on an overpass over busy traffic. I am very much a realist and realize that things can and do fail, especially when it was built in the 1950's. With that being said, generally I have had a really good track record in the sense that I have never had a bridge/overpass fail me. I figure if it is going to happen, it would likely be to one of the many other people. Being 30 minutes from where I live certainly did shake those views a bit True. Stuff like this happening always brings it up in priority, but is often forgotten quickly.
  8. I'll meet-up with @Ronald_55Ronald. This ones gone!
  9. I guess it's pretty dang easy to get inspection reports for public roads, or something. https://docs.google.com/viewerng/viewer?url=https://WRCB.images.worldnow.com/library/52d21583-4388-4f82-8f52-e9ce33ae2c22.pdf
  10. https://www.wsbtv.com/news/local/bridge-collapses-on-i-75-in-chattanooga-interstate-closed-in-both-directions/936050582 I guess...April Fools? Crazy. Bridges are something you just generally trust all the time.
  11. Sorry to break through all the other deals, but I gotta take this one. Any lightsaber, functioning or not, it worth at least 100x this DL-44 ever since the New Order started constraining the supply of kyber crystal.

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