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  1. Market value is market value. It either sales or it doesn’t. Let’s all remember the rules against crapping on other peoples classifieds ads everyone.
  2. Well, when people have a lot of extra cash sitting around scarcity forces prices up.
  3. Then again, I've told people I'd buy a haircomb made by Magpul if they made it, so of course I want one.
  4. It's interesting and cool but I'm failing to see the "non-sbr" point of the "large format pistol". Maybe with more photos/videos I'll see some sort of value to such an idea but what exactly about the "large format pistol" would make it worth having? Does that simply mean it has a "brace" or does it not having any braceishstockish thing at all?
  5. Thought we could use something lighthearted.
  6. Well...at least that's what one guy thinks. For those uninformed, this is comedy old.
  7. If I were going for a keep, I’d probably feel a lot better about older ones. A buddy had a Cherokee that I believe was 2000. He loved the thing to death.
  8. I’m actually neutral. I always wanted one really bad but saw that reviews were so-so after being bought by Chrysler and then when they were bought by Fiat it went down ever more. Personal observation. When I discovered the 4Runner line I found I personally like them, but depends on which Jeep mode you are comparing. Here’s to hoping that the Bronco is cool, but who knows.
  9. #itsacult #buya4runnerinstead #sorrybutnotreally
  10. No. It used to work great but then the plug-in became very, very buggy and I think even caused issues with the main site. It hasn’t worked in years.
  11. It's a rather skinny road. Between that and the fact I was curious what he was about to say, I kept my distance with the window slightly cracked. Agreed on the last part.
  12. I do want to note that this will be the third "road rage" post within a week or two on TGO. I really do believe that in the mix of COVID, election/politics, social media, all very heavily intertwined with paranoia, fear, and conspiracy theories, a lot of people are on edge more than they've likely ever been and as such reports of road rage and similiar events does not surprise me in the least. I initially considered posting about it but decided against it. However, after seeing other somewhat similar posts I decided it was important for me to do this. I was out running errands about a wee
  13. I'm glad both you and he made it home safe that day. Deescalation is always preferred to escalation. Again, I'm glad you made it home (as did he), but you were literally at any point one decision away from a shoot-out. Had he had a firearm on his person, he may have not needed to chamber a round and may have had a quicker response time than you. I highlighted the escalation performed by you in red. You needn't use inflammatory language, a simple "I"m very sorry" may well have ended everything on the spot. You claim to have pulled over to defuse the situation, which may very well have


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