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  1. For the record to anyone unsure, buying products like the one linked is a bad idea unless you buy a tax stamp.
  2. Unless you are talking about getting a Tax Stamp for one?
  3. Sadly too too true. Make that True^2 True to the power of two? I’ll be here all night, everyone.
  4. Yes and now. If a lot of small businesses do disappear, perhaps that will open up room for more to start. Perhaps an initiative to support the small business as well?
  5. I understand now. Wasn’t sure if you were hoping for it to drop so you could buy.
  6. No worries, everyone. Trump will save us. He is the most smart president ever. He has this under control. Fake news that it is bad. Fake news.
  7. More beneficial to all members vs only benefactors? Could potentially detract value of Vendors? Personally I say for everyone.
  8. Probably exit polling performed by a journalist at a select gun store if 10 buyers.
  9. Well to be fair...any day a Democrat purchases a firearm because they no longer trust the government to protect them...is a good day!
  10. I’ve read the following. Call a local clinic. Discuss with them. Supposedly they will instruct you where to go for testing. Let us know how that goes. I would call before going anywhere.
  11. I'm sure many of you have heard of this service before. I've done it in the past but canceled a while back. My general thoughts are that it is superb quality meat that is only worth it to you if value convenience and quality. Well, last week I signed up again "Just in Case". With meat quality being potentially spotty, I thought I'd hedge my bets. I have a box to be delivered Friday, just confirmed by Butcherbox. I also specifically asked about supply, and this was their response: Our fulfillment and delivery partners are working with us closely and are currently operating as usual; we are not experiencing any supply issues or delivery delays. Should this change, we will communicate this to our current and potential members. I figure it's worth the $150 to hopefully have a shipment of food for March, April, and May. Can alway cancel if/when things "return to normal". Unashamedly, if anyone uses this link to sign-up, you'll save $30.00 off your first box and I'll get $30.00.
  12. I trust 100% fully that they will. /s
  13. I think I may have already seen something about that.

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