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  1. Selling a very nice condition camera bag. It is this one. Used for probably 3-4 years. It has been my absolute, 100% favorite camera bag, but the truth is that I outgrew it and it never gets used anymore. I don't have pictures on hand, but could easily snap some if anyone shows interest. $40.00 Locally, may ship if someone is interested.
  2. It is this bag. Lightly used as a laptop bag. Very clean, very minor wear. I think I have absolutely everything that came with it. Asking $50.00, probably could ship this moderately cheaply so if you are interested in me shipping just let me know. Works excellent as a laptop bag (good padding, lots of organization for cables, chargers, etc. 400D Nylon Faille Imported The best classic laptop messenger bag for hauling your laptop, iPad, lunch and layers to class, the office or that meeting two time zones away TPU liner for easy cleaning and keeping the elements out Internal pockets for both laptop and tablet carry I can also say, something the size of a CZ Scorpion Pistol fits very, very well in the large, undivided "middle" pocket. Just open the flap and go.
  3. GlockSpock

    wanted Wanted: CZ P-01 LNIB

    Looking for a P-01 as close to Cleveland as possible. Hopefully LNIB. $500 range, open to negotiations if you have extras.
  4. That is a good point. I guess I was going with the assumption that everyone must pass though a metal detector before entering. I also concede that that is likely not always the case nor would it be foolproof. Your assessment that one of the guys with the guns should probably avoid close proximity with the defendant is a good one.
  5. I understand completely the rules against us carrying in a court of law. I also think it should apply to officers. Between victims, defendants, etc, there are too many people that potentially have too many extreme emotions. It doesn't seem to happen often, but it is a possibility that one of these hot headed people grabs an officer's firearm. Of course, dependent on location, most courtrooms have other officers outside the courtroom. They should be armed. Officers within the courtroom could easily make due with tasers. Tasers generally will ruin someone's day, but generally won't take someone's life. Glad this circumstance was prevented before becoming tragic.
  6. GlockSpock

    Glock 19 - Two Questions

    [1] I don't think any of them will. I think some parts, like maybe the magazine release from a Gen 4 will work in a Gen 5. Personally, I'd just consider that none of the spare parts will fit, sell them along with the Gen 3 (if you are selling), and buy spare Gen 5 parts. That way it is 100% the way Glock designed it, no questions asked. Or, stick them with your Gen 3 (marked in a bag to remind future you what they are). [2] Was/is it a barrel for a Gen 3 or Gen 5? I might hold off if I were you. Shoot them Gen 5 quite a bit first. They switched from polygonal rifling to traditional lands and grooves. They now call it a "Marksman Barrel". Unless it is just something that you really, really want, you may find that you don't want/need the Wilson Barrel. Personally, I love my Gen 5. I started on Gen 3, upgraded to Gen 4, and then sold all my Gen 4 stuff recently because I like the Gen 5's.
  7. GlockSpock

    Help identifying 5.56 ammo Please

    I saw that pack and immediately thought South African.
  8. GlockSpock

    The ALIENS are coming!

    That looks extremely interesting. I'd love to shoot one and disassemble it. Not in love with it enough to buy one right now, but I'd love to shoot one.
  9. GlockSpock

    The Moon

    I sincerely wish that there was a list containing all of the offenses someone could be whooped over legally. Man beats his wife and children? Get a group of guys together and show him how he's wrong:) Man stays at home jobless when he obviously can work while children go hungry? Go inspire him to get a job:) You see where this is going...
  10. GlockSpock

    Carrying a Completed 80% AR lower pistol.

    I have two conflicting thoughts: 1) If an officer is going to give you a headache over a detail such as that, they probably already have in mind that they are going to give you a headache...period. If it wasn't that, it would probably be something else. 2) Since there is the possibility of what you describe, in my opinion it would probably help simply by avoiding the chance of that happening altogether. In other words, what are you gaining from doing that and what are you potentially risking from doing that. I'm not saying it's illegal, just that it could potentially be a hangup and headache.
  11. GlockSpock

    SW .38 Revolver Identification and Evaluation

    Actually, the same guy that sold it to my friend bought it back from my friend. I think he probably bought it for less than he sold it originally, so I'm sure he's super happy.
  12. GlockSpock

    SW .38 Revolver Identification and Evaluation

    I figured my Glock makes a good candidate for a nightstand gun. Simplicity of having no safety and no slide to rack. Easy shooter too, it's only 9mm:) Plus has a flashlight and 15 + 1 capacity
  13. I'd be all for that, but keeping it seasoned while being around saltwater environments seems like a nightmare.
  14. GlockSpock


    It was, I won't deny that. Taptalk was nice, but it was frequently "broken" when the forum software would be updated. For "the fix", we had to wait for Tapatalk to update the plugin that works with the server. They were slow oftentimes. I miss it, but it's possible to get used to using the mobile browser. What I miss most was how it kept up with ALL threads you had participated in. If one of them had a new post, it got bumped to the top. I was probably one of the biggest Taptalk fans out there, I encouraged several different forums to enable it when it first starting coming out. I think they used to offer a really good product, but they've went downhill (and fast) since their glory days. Oh well. I'm not trying to speak for @TGO David himself, as only he knows what is on the roadmap over the next decade, but I wouldn't hold my breath regarding Taptalk support returning. I actually enjoy not having Tapatalk on my phone anymore; It makes it easier to spend less time online.
  15. I'm pretty sure it was designed to be used by astronauts on the moon...

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