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  1. Thanks for this. I caught the tail end of this on the radio this morning and had zero idea what they were talking about.
  2. There's been one in Chattanooga for years and years. Probably close to maybe 15 years at this point? Maybe more. I like it. Personally, I like it more than Cabela's or Bass Pro, but we didn't have those in the area until about 2-4 years ago.
  3. Seriously enough, any good offer taken. I want these out of my spare room.
  4. $60 OBO - SALE OR TRADE I have four of these chairs -- red -- that are brand new. Typically $29.99 each, I'm asking $100 OBO for all four. Open to various trades. Brand: four seasons courtyard Description: Four seasons courtyard, marbella, red, steel folding chair, red sling fabric, chair measures 24.41"d x 23.23"w x 36.62"h, 300 lb capacity.
  5. Ok everyone, I think you probably know who you are and I think you might benefit from a simple warning, but let's keep it civil here.
  6. Ok. That last part isn't true. If a Democrat runs with an (R) next to their name, then it's fair game.
  7. Two links worth looking at: https://gunowners.org/action-alert-your-senators-need-to-hear-from-you/ https://gunowners.org/action-alert-trump-needs-to-hear-from-you/
  8. Trump was just on tv...voicing support for "some really cool background checks that was can do cool things with". That's my paraphrase off his thought process, perhaps not word for word. Said he thought he could get the NRA on board...and if not...maybe they'll just be neutral (not fight it)....either would be ok.
  9. Well...at least they are "trying" a little. https://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/nra-warns-trump-on-background-check-support/
  10. Fixed that one for you.
  11. Yes! If that's how you choose to see it. Or, I view it as the following. Is death by firearm somehow worse or more tragic than any other death? In my opinion, it falls into the narrative of "gun violence" as if somehow the victims of murder by firearm are somehow worse off than any other form. I thought about your two scenarios a lot last night. I came up with a simpler answer. As a cop, I would do whatever I would do in those situations if firearms were not present. In other words, what would you do in those situations if the two husbands didn't own guns? As a cop, would you guilt yourself for removing all firearms from the location and then finding out the next day that the husband killed his wife with a butcher knife or strangled her with his belt? Because if all you do is remove the firearms and nothing else, he can still kill her.
  12. Me? 100% In support of the GOA, currently at least.
  13. I hope so. It would have been tragic if they didn’t.
  14. I am against laws that restrict the rights of citizens. First scenario. If there is sufficient evidence to support that her husband has threatened to kill her, arrest him. Leave the guns in the house. Help her find a safe house to stay at in the meantime. Send him to trial for making a threat to kill her. Second scenario. Leave the guns in the house. Help her find a safe house to stay at if she wants. Let's be honest, even if you take guns away from both of those husbands, there are other means. Knives. Fires. Poisons. Cars. Is taking away the husband's firearms in either of those cases truly going to stop anything? For the record, I respect most LEO's but would not want their job. As you've stated before, people will take months and years to decide whether they act reasonably when in truth they have to make a decision in seconds...or even less. And...often-time their decisions are only shown to be "wrong" with the added benefit of hindsight. I personally believe that if a person is free (not incarcerated), they should be able to own and possess a firearm. If someone has evil on their mind, a law forbidding them from owning a firearm isn't going to stop them. If they are truly bad enough to not be trusted with a firearm, perhaps they should still be in prison.

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