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  1. I think he was actually trying to say he was going to pay you $10.00 to not shoot the cat.
  2. You couldn't be criminally prosecuted for carrying at work, unless your employer specifically meets "posting" requirements. You could be fired for carrying, you could technically even be fired because they thought you carried in the past, or even because you had a Glock poster in your office or posted a photo of you shooting at the range to Instagram. The kicker...is that you likely would never find out "why" they fired you, other than the fact that they fired you. That is what "At will" means. In my opinion, that's exactly how it should be in the United States. A private company should be able to conduct business however it wishes, in my opinion.
  3. The other night I noticed this on a truck in front me me. I recognized it as TN code so I snapped a quick photo so I could look it up later. The registration plate issued for passenger motor vehicles shall be attached on the rear of the vehicle. The registration plate issued for those trucks with a manufacturer's ton rating not exceeding three-quarter (3/4) ton and having a panel or pickup body style, and also those issued for all motor homes, regardless of ton rating or body style thereof, shall be attached to the rear of the vehicle. The registration plate issued for all other trucks and truck tractors shall be attached to the front of the vehicle. All dealers' plates, as provided in § 55-4-221, and those registration plates issued for motorcycles, trailers or semitrailers shall be attached to the rear of the vehicle. So, I figure his truck is >3/4 ton and that's why he's doing it that way? Is there a why other than I can?
  4. Decriminalizing minor theft. That’s honestly the first I’ve heard of this. Brilliant idea, everyone! I can beat that, though. THERE WILL BE A 0% CRIME RATE IF WE DECRIMINALIZE EVERYTHING. This will end well, I’d say.
  5. Like Trump or hate him...can we all at least agree that the Jr's seem like smucks?
  6. Huh...according to a report I'm reading... 35.7% of the passengers were...Canadian.
  7. Anyone want to create a Meme stating that the flight's nickname was the Lucy?
  8. @Fourtyfive I merged your topic with the original. Didn't think we needed two threads going.
  9. I did read that Iran tipped off Iraq regarding the missiles, and Iraq also tipped us off regarding them. Seems nearly a play out of a Clinton playbook.
  10. Looks like someone had the unfortunate coincidence of a plane crashing. Bets?
  11. Technically, though, aren't these letters only "good" for the person that the letter is written to? (I think that's a trick question). The answer depends on how much lawyer you can afford.
  12. I love scripting things. It’s something probably 90% of people never attempt or even know is possible. But you can automate so many things with a bit of research.
  13. How are you running it? Via task scheduler, via cmd, or clicking the batch file? No issue in adding the following line to the very end/exit of the batch file: exit

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