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  1. Game of thrones fans?

    omg that is hilarious!
  2. Insurance company?

    Insurance company isn't going to have access to your medical records to know what your cholesterol levels are, they will only see the charges submitted for the tests performed... not the results. HIPAA. I would assume it's just a paperwork mishap of some sorts, maybe an old medicine that was refilled or someone just clicked on the wrong name... could be a million things, but I doubt it is a conspiracy of sorts and your insurance company can not prescribe medications.
  3. So what's the process after the do a crash landing like this? Do they disassemble pretty much the entire plane, or inspect it while it's together and remove/replace as little as possible?
  4. That + a testament to bad assery of an A10. I can't believe they keep trying to get rid of the damn things... Upgrading these beasts would be much cheaper than designing a new one from scratch - and then you get into the issue of not knowing if the new aircraft will even be worth a dang. I say put more powerful engines on them, lighten the load and add more ammo
  5. This was quite the predicament http://www.popularmechanics.com/military/aviation/news/a27761/belly-land-a-10-warthog/
  6. Welding For Dummies

    What are these 'Sunday clothes' that you speak of?
  7. Welding For Dummies

    if you're not looking to do anything spectacular, just pick up one of the harbor freight welders. Stick welding is cheaper and simpler.
  8. After the eclipse, send your glasses here

    I'm not worried about us or dprk if they hit Seoul, I'm worried about the 25,000,000 people that live in Seoul metropolitan. If they start bombing civilians in that area, there will be a war like none of us have seen in our lives.
  9. After the eclipse, send your glasses here

    Well, I changed my attitude towards the whole thing as soon as China said they would stay neutral if Kim launched an attack first. With them at bay, we could decimate that entire country and turn it into a theme park.... As long as they don't hit Seoul first.
  10. After the eclipse, send your glasses here

    They have a limited number of nukes, they're not going to waste them on a 'maybe' worst case scenario, they launch some conventional warheads.
  11. Eclipse talk at a fever pitch!

    Just got an email this morning from Amazon.com telling me to trash my eclipse glasses because the manufacturer is not providing them with a copy of the ISO certification. And that they would refund. I wonder how many ten's of thousands of those are being tossed now. At least they are taking the responsibility of checking fakes.
  12. Buddy got some 250gr hornady xtp .452 bullets instead of a .451 he's using Winchester 231 powder. All either of us can find is to use 5.1gr for 800-900fps. Does anyone have any other info on that setup by chance before he starts testing?
  13. Tristar Raptor

    Don't actually do flavored water - got into a carbonated water kick in germany years ago and prefer it gassed up only.
  14. Tristar Raptor

    Bought this as a beater gun, came in last week - chopped the shell tube so a remmy 870 +3 extension would fit on it and popped on a fast fire III. Since the optic was free last year, This guy is all in under $400. Not shabby for a 9 round semi 12ga. stock after
  15. Eclipse talk at a fever pitch!

    Yeah I was curious on how that is going to work cause you know the chinese knock-offs are just going to stamp that they are ISO certified and everyone will believe it.

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