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  1. Good Gal With A Gun Stops Wannabe Cop-Killer

    that's always been a tough scenario in my head. glad she didn't hit the cop and she didn't get shot back.
  2. N Range??

    Let me guess, they all had security windows, bars, and all of their firearms were locked in a secure manner so the thieves only made off with coffee mugs and magazines?
  3. Ordering from Grab a Gun?

    Yes, they're quick to get everything to you.
  4. Zarate aquited because of a "Hair Trigger".

    As much as it pains me to say this... we don't know everything the jury does. And, I am glad that a court doesn't do a popular phone vote like American Idol on cases because we may be the unfortunate one on the stand one day.
  5. Ordering from Grab a Gun?

    grabagun is where 75% of my guns come from. Never a single issue, many, many ordered from there. all were delivered on time, and have never had a backorder come up after paying... they are good with keeping actual stock counts updated on the website I believe.
  6. Christmas lights up!

    Just testing everything. Staying powered off now except for testing the accents put up in the next phase.
  7. Christmas lights up!

    Stage 1 of project 'Griswald' complete. Stage 2 starts next weekend.
  8. My next project - 22lr Gatling Gun

    Well, I guess we know where the 2018 TGO meet is happening!
  9. both of them being in their 80's I'll refrain from a 'stupid is as stupid does' comment. Hope they heal completely and fast.
  10. Hell they need to do something.. and for those saying that there doesn't need to be a regulation covering security... This type of inaction is what causes regulations to be forced upon us. So it can be said that they don't need to do anything, I just don't want to hear the complaining when the alphabet agency comes down with some crazy measures because the owners fail to see their vested responsibility in the situation.
  11. This was me just now Really? I mean how many of these need to happen. From the cost two claim deductibles they could've put up some bars.
  12. Such great insight, I mean, if they're going to take it anyways, why even lock the doors since they're just going to break them?
  13. You would also think a gun store has better protective measures than a glass door/window and glass cases. But....
  14. Gift Cards for Guns

    So we're going to home depot and buying some pipe, caps and screws, right?
  15. Do you tip your barber?

    Always a tip. A good barber is hard to find. Only time they change is if I move, or they retire/go out of business.

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