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  1. Well, never really looked at it this way, but the meme is spot on.
  2. Ok! need some technical help

    Oh, if you only have a few hundred pictures, you can store them online for free. I wouldn't even worry about using a flash drive. most people have thousands upon thousands, and that's where a cost for online storage would come in. You wouldn't even be close to filling up the amount of space on a free account with Google Drive. Plus, you would be able to access them wherever you were that has internet access, instead of having to depend on physically having access to the flash drive. https://www.google.com/drive/ Check out that site - you'll need to create an account, but after that is done, saving the photos is similar to the way you would do with a flash drive (except they're stored offsite)
  3. Ok! need some technical help

    That's the million dollar question
  4. Ok! need some technical help

    The question you need to ask is - are you willing to pay for an online backup service? Or, how much data are you talking about? You may be able to use a free service. Remember, if you keep everything on a flash drive and there is a fire or some other disaster at your house, you're still likely to lose those pictures/data stored on the flash drive as well.
  5. Fun things to do Chattanooga

    "fun things to do in Chattanooga" ... drive right through it and keep going.
  6. Las Vegas Shooting

    Could also be that we have been conditioned to watching people, and those associated with, that do major crimes being covered by the media, all end up crucified. If someone in my family was to do something like that, be rest assured whoever it was, would be going right under the bus, the steam roller, and maybe even a bicycle or two.
  7. Royal range put on a free active shooter class last night, and the cops in there were saying if you're in civvies (even off-duty cops) during an active shooter incident, you do not have a gun in your hands around uniformed cops because it's a good way to end up dead.
  8. Las Vegas Shooting

    Does anyone think that woman's "analysis" warrants any credibility? LOL Her comments are as crazy as that interview itself.
  9. Las Vegas Shooting

    oops too slow - wingshooter got it
  10. lol @ Kaepernick

    can one of the admins kill this thread since it came out it's fake news?
  11. lol @ Kaepernick

    Dangit man... I was laughing about this for 10 minutes lol. Oh well, back to the gulags for you kaepernick!
  12. lol @ Kaepernick

    I'll stand for the anthem now, can I please, please just have my job back? - kneeling out of principle.. oh wait no paycheck? principles have mysteriously changed. https://sports.yahoo.com/kaepernick-says-stand-anthem-signed-team-172312994.html?.tsrc=new_fauxdal
  13. Apparently he also published Dakota Meyer's wife's phone number yesterday and had a bunch of people harassing her. Dakota put out a video statement this morning about it. Dan Brazilianwax sounds like he needs a good throat punch.
  14. Las Vegas Shooting

    A little more clarification on the NRA's stance http://www.breitbart.com/2nd-amendment/2017/10/05/nra-congress-let-atf-re-evaluate-bump-stocks-do-job-pass-national-reciprocity/ (and yes I know that some people are already angry before even reading the article)

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