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  1. Talk to a local jeweler and see if they have any recommendations. We had a similar situation with a relative's estate, and through recommendations from a couple of local shops, found a guy that could give us a rough grade and value. I think we paid him a couple hundred bucks to go through a couple thousand coins. It was a little eye opening about what was valuable and what wasn't. Most of ours were basically mineral weight, but there were a few rare coins that had a considerable collector value.
  2. The hose storage is actually more of a pain. It creates memory in the hose, so it wants to kink. I have gone back to just coiling mine in 4-5' loops. As others have said, if I had it to do over, I would just buy an electric washer, and rent a gas one for the odd job that the electric couldn't handle. I find myself using the electric a lot more often, just because it is much easier to setup, quieter, etc.
  3. Don't read too much into it. Glen Funk saw a chance to bury her, and used everything he could to do it.
  4. Nice. Randall Copperhead?
  5. Springfield XD Sub-Compact 9mm. For me, it is the perfect compromise between the G26 and G19. Honorable mention go to the Colt CCO, S&W MP Shield and 637, Glock 43, and Kahr PM9.
  6. I have had a great experience with Wyatt Johnson (the old Crown Ford). I was looking for a specific configuration, and of the three dealers that had what I wanted, they were the only ones that would take my deal. One benefit if you every get stick waiting around the dealership, they are a stocking dealer for both Roush and Shelby, so there is plenty to drool over to kill the time. I will PM you my sales guys contact info if you want. He was great, and still calls or texts every few weeks.
  7. I bought a Gen5 G19 a few weeks ago, and its frame is beveled.
  8. Great pickup. I have a .45 compact and a 9mmSC, and the SC is still my favorite carry gun. As previously stated, they aren't much to look at, but they are fantastic shooters.
  9. That is really good advice. You want a longer rod for cleaning vs loading.
  10. I had a LK-93, which I believe was the American-Made replacement, IIRC. I think I bought mine in 93 or 94. Did you get a breech plug wrench? If not, you will need one, or you can make something to remove the breech plug and nipple. The rod does look short. All three of the Knights I have owed had a threaded insert on each end of the rod. Now the good news. Knight is located in Athens, TN, and their customer service is fantastic. Just contact them and they may be able to tell you a little more about that model and may have the parts you need. My Disc Extreme came with the wrong breech plug. I had been working with one of the techs, and mentioned that I would be in the area on business, so he suggested that I bring it by. The tech met me in the lobby with the correct breech plug, a hat, and a little goody bag. As far as using it, my LK-93 shot best with 90gr of loose Pyrodex, and a 245gr .45 in a sabot, using a #11 cap. I never tried the pellets in LK-93, but that is all I use in my Disc Extreme.
  11. The Protech Brend 2 or the Runt are both pretty easy to carry in slacks or suit pants. Personally, I like the Brend. Congrats on the new job.
  12. quietguy


    Sounds like you have found the right companion. Just stay patient with her.


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