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  1. Ryan makes the best tomahawks in the business. Full stop.
  2. Ellett Brothers was one of the biggest distributors out there. That loss will be felt across the industry - and it may be a bellwether of dark times ahead.
  3. I really like some of Savage’s laminate stocks. The wood on my .17HMR is like your Boyd’s stock.
  4. CZ455. Full stop. There’s not a better production gun out there today. I wouldn’t turn my nose up at a Savage bolt gun in .22 mag. Cooper rifles are gorgeous - and are great shooters - but you could by 5 CZ’s for the cost of a Cooper.
  5. My kids can eat cherry tomatoes like they're candy. We generally put three plants out - and they consume all of them as soon as they come off the plant.
  6. Zero malfunctions is normal. The reason we run a bunch of rounds through a gun is so that we have confidence in them - and our ability with them. I'd argue that once you've had the failures, you probably know all you need to know about that particular weapon. You might smooth it out and run hundreds of rounds through it flawlessly. But you'll still have that question in the back of your head. You can talk yourself into it - but why?
  7. It's a great show - especially if you're interested in meeting and getting to know some of your favorite makers. One of the things that has impressed me about the knife community at large is how genuinely friendly and willing to share knowledge the community remains. It's a great place to go and see some true art - it's also a great place to go and just spend a fun afternoon and maybe come away with a couple of cool blades.
  8. I'm impressed that you've got a kitchen with an electric stove that also has a gas hookup.
  9. We've got this exact stove at church - it's great two have two different ovens still in a single range footprint. It is a glass top. For what it's worth, I regularly cook with 10 and 12 inch cast irons at the same time - as well as a pretty heavy dutch oven occasionally. It's held up great.
  10. Oh, I like that. It’s a great looking blade. That site will get you in some trouble.
  11. REI now carries a premixed Permethrin spray for anyone who doesn’t want to roll their own. https://www.rei.com/product/768970/sawyer-permethrin-pump-spray-24-oz I also learned recently that a tick needs to be attached for a couple of days in order to transfer Lyme bacteria. That’s a significant window to allow for fully checking yourself.
  12. I’m so sorry to hear this. Know that your family is in my prayers and that you’ll find peace amongst family and friends in the coming days.
  13. Refitting the recoil pad is sort of an art form - but isn’t particularly hard. You just need some tape, a decent sander, and some patience.
  14. Yeah, it’s typical for a replacement pad to be put on a drum sander for fit. But, I expect it’s going to take more than a half inch or so to really make it fit. A coach gun is going to have quite a bit of recoil - hence the thicker pad. It might be worth having the stock shortened up a bit and then having the recoil pad reinstalled. All that’s assuming you can get it to fit your frame. As mentioned above, it might be worth looking at a youth shotgun for a better fit.

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