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Community Answers

  1. It’s like obscenity - they just know it when they see it.
  2. You will attract their ire selling above personal quantities though.
  3. Yep. A letter to your particular office is more than appropriate. I’ve known a few people who’ve taken receivers off the registry in a similar way.
  4. This is such a great little pistol - and look at those Bakelite grips!
  5. The running shoe version of those (Speedcross 5) are my goto running shoe. I think I'm on my 4th pair.
  6. I've worn two boots the entirety of my adult life - a Timberland classic field boot (which was amazing at the time - but there are a lot better boots today) and Vasque Sundowners. I've got hundreds upon hundreds of miles on both. A full leather boot is amazing - but even with modern materials - you still need about 50 miles to break them in. You don't want to do that on the trail with a backpack on your trip. I took a look at what our scouts were wearing this weekend - and by far Keen and Merrell are out front. Likely because of two things - they're good boots and a good value. They shouldn't need nearly the same break in period. A couple of notes on boots: 1. Gor-tex is great in wet conditions - but if you're not in those conditions can be quite sweaty - which can lead to blisters. I'd almost prefer a quick drying boot and wicking socks to Gor-tex in most conditions. 2. Sock matter as much as your boots. There's a reason we suggest our scouts use a liner sock and a thicker wool sock in combination when we go hike 100+ miles. Find something that works for you. 3. 40+ year old feet aren't the same as 18 year old feet. If you can feel the arch of your foot flex while you're walking in your new boots - get some inserts that keep that arch still. You'll be thankful 20 miles down the trail.
  7. This does seem to be the most I remember in middle Tennessee since that ridiculous one in the late 90’s. I noticed something strange today when I was walking my dog. As opposed to the normal “cicadas chirping” sound - there’s this constant tone that’s consistent that you can hear all the time. It’s interesting.
  8. Remove the wings, head, and lower joint on the legs. If you’re so inclined.
  9. From Montclair State University is you really want to try them whole - fried in batter is probably the way to do it: Tempura Cicadas: Ingredients 15 teneral cicada 1 egg 1.5 cup flour or your favorite gluten-free flour substitute (We use Cassava) 2 tsp salt Cold Seltzer Oil for frying (I like using coconut oil because it pairs really well with cicada and cassava flavors) Instructions Preheat oil for frying in a dutch oven or deep pan. Combine the flour, salt and egg. Slowly pour in the seltzer and mix (but not too much) until it’s the consistency of lumpy pancake batter. Keep it in the fridge on ice or on the top shelf until you use it. Once the oil is hot enough (I always put a drop of batter in to test it), dip the cicada into the batter and fry until golden brown.
  10. If you're so inclined - you can probably substitute cricket or locust flour: https://www.amazon.com/Cricket-powder-made-100-22/ Apparently it's about twice as protein dense as beef.
  11. I've had bread/griddle cakes made with locust meal. They're fine. I wouldn't go out of my way to eat it - but someone could serve it to you and you wouldn't think anything was amiss.
  12. Heck of a setup. I'd love to hear the story sometime about giving up hunting with a traditional bow to moving to a compound with a 70# draw. You're tougher than me my friend.
  13. depends on who your dad is
  14. That's a great deal for someone who wants a package that's ready to fish this afternoon.


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