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  1. Old Jeeps with the doors off are lots of fun. I get it. $9500 sounds a bit rich too me. I’d prefer the inline 6 in any Jeep.
  2. That’s hilarious. After all these years.
  3. This thread is going to last about another 10 minutes...
  4. I don’t expect NY AG Letita James is going to just let them skip off down to Texas. Of course we’re have a robust bankruptcy code in the US, and I’ve no doubt that there is a restructuring firm making bank off this. But, the litigation will have to be dealt with.
  5. Note, “the group says there will be no changes to its operations.”
  6. I’ve read a lot of restructuring statements in my day. The “we’re filing bankruptcy” sure was buried in a lot of fluff. They’ve continued to take in tons of donations via fundraising. It’ll be awfully interesting to see what plans the judge will approve.
  7. I'm locking this topic for three reasons: 1. TGO David just locked the general politics forum 2. A political article by a person with one post is likely designed to spread the reach of the article as opposed to contributing to the community. 3. Politics is a participatory sport. You cannot expect that things will stay the way they've always been - you have to get involved to help create the community you want.
  8. Me either. But, by the same token literally billions of people have been brought out of extreme poverty in the last 2 generations - in your and my lifetime. Some of the post WWII structures that are so popular to hate on right now have largely kept the continent of Europe largely peaceful for the last 75 years. Parts of it had basically been at war for the 500 years previous to that. So many diseases are treatable that would have been deadly or terribly debilitating only 75 years ago. Many of us have traveled farther in a day than our forefathers did in their entire lives.
  9. In 50 years, our grandchildren will look at our use of social media and it’s balkanizing effects in the same way we look at our grandparents who smoked 18 hours a day - sort of a “how could you not have known that stuff was terrible for you?” Hopefully its not preceded by “back before the war.”
  10. There are diseases that have been eradicated in our lifetimes that killed millions of people because of vaccines. It’s late, so I won’t try to rank them - but if you were to make a list of scientific achievements that have most improved the human condition in the last 500 years - vaccines are in the top 5.
  11. In which case you can expand that rule past Bitcoin to all sorts of projects that’ll immediately begin to accrue technical debt.
  12. I’m reserving my time. I’ve got a few more I can bring out when needed.
  13. I'd very much file this under, "if I need to call someone when I can't print this funny meme I saw on Facebook from my iPad" - then I probably shouldn't give any real serious thought to maintaining a bitcoin wallet.
  14. It would be interesting - and I don't have time to do it this afternoon - to post a chart of GDP or the S&P500 or whatever metric you want against control of the government. I expect what it would show is that the economy is largely going to economy and doesn't particularly favor unified government. The 4 biggest drops of any of our lifetimes (1929 crash, S&L bust, dotcom bubble, and the 2008 recession) have all officially occurred on Republican watches - but that's kind of disingenuous to make that argument. Just like the economy under Trump has benefited from some of Obama'


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