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  1. Brentwood turkeys were at contact distance tonight on my evening walk:
  2. There's already been a bit of a production delay with the J&J vaccine - turns out supply chain logistics during a global pandemic is hard. But, here in Tennessee, they've been telling people to keep their existing appointments. The state has enough of the Pfizer vaccine to offer that as an alternative.
  3. It should be noted that the pause is the system working exactly like it’s supposed to. Side effects get attention - and guidance modified if necessary. I personally hope the review will be expedited. This particular blood clotting issue - similar to the Astra Zeneca issue (they use the same delivery mechanism) that caused the pause in the UK is serious, but extremely rare. The number of cases detected is statistically below the background noise level for the population at large. Meanwhile, we’re still losing 750/day to the virus. There are no easy answers - but the messaging on thi
  4. That tape is the bees knees. It’s kept lights stuck to my kayak forever. Do note the “permanent” part of the description though.
  5. We used to have a member here who had one of these that was integrally suppressed. Man that was a fun rifle to shoot. You don’t see these come around much anymore. It’ll make a great woods gun for someone.
  6. I don’t think it would matter whether I had stocked up or not. I’d throw rocks before I paid a quarter apiece for primers.
  7. I do know someone who got to have fragments picked out of his hand because he just had to shoot the old rohm .22 his grandad kept in his tackle box all those years. Luckily he shot the .22 first because he had a .38 from his grandad too.
  8. That’s a neat piece of family memorabilia. My only advice would be to shoot it sparingly. The metal alloy on those wasn’t much more than basic pot metal. It’s really soft. It work until It doesn’t - and your options are pretty limited at that point.
  9. I had a situation one time changing a water heater where I turned the water off at the street, cut into a line, and found out that the water company's valve was broken and wouldn't close all the way. Water came pouring in - slowly - only about a gallon a minute - but it was a giant headache. SharkBite made a permanent customer out of me that day with their slip couplings. And, from that day forward, there's not a place in my house that can't be isolated and drained if the need arises. It probably cost a couple hundred bucks and an afternoon to retrofit. But, the goodwill it's
  10. I am what I am. But my hose bibs sure as heck don’t leak. Truthfully, when I needed to replace the existing ones, the price of good freeze proof bibs was enough that two good quarter turn valves was less expensive. When winter comes around, I can just close the valve under the house and then open the one on the outside and drain that section of pipe. I’ve got good access to get under my house with basically standing room underneath - so what works for me may not work for someone else.
  11. I know some folks have been iffy about the vaccine. But, I’m thrilled every time I see someone get it. I’m tired of losing folks to this.
  12. This will give you insight into the type of person I am, but I put commercial quarter-turn ball valves on mine when they needed replacing. I also have shut offs with drains under the house that let me drain those lines come winter. They don’t leak.
  13. Your 1894 is going to be jealous. If it looks to start running away - I'll be sure to take it in and give it a nice place to stay for a while.


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