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  1. MacGyver

    Most effective 30-30 ammo for deer?

    I’ve hit a hog or two with those with good results.
  2. MacGyver

    Remington 700 SPS Tactical .308 $1,250

    This is a good deal. You couldn't reproduce this at anywhere close to this price.
  3. MacGyver

    What Revolver Scope do you use?

    There's an older Burris pistol scope I like because it's got a 32mm tube and is brighter. The Leupold FX-II (I think - going from memory) is also a great scope - around $300 though. This is what I've got on an older 629 in .44Mag - and it's a great package.
  4. MacGyver


    I know we’ve got some Surefire Sidekick fans here. County Comm (the website that costs me $50 every time I visit it) has them on sale for $38. https://countycomm.com/products/surefire-sidekick-ultra-compact-triple-output-keychain-light
  5. MacGyver

    Ruger Hawkeye Long Range Target

    Cool. I didn't know this was a thing.
  6. MacGyver

    Best sight pusher (at reasonable price)

    There’s a reason you only hear good things about the MGW.
  7. MacGyver

    How Bout Dem 'Dores

    I’m a Vanderbilt fan. I’m married to a woman who believes that if you’re good in life and you die, you go to Vince Dooley’s house for Sunday lunch or something like that. We’re not Vols fans. But, this is just embarrassing.
  8. MacGyver

    ad closed Marlin 336 35 Rem

    Glad it went to a good home. I needed this like I need a hole in the head.
  9. MacGyver

    ad closed Marlin 336 35 Rem

    Praise the Lord. I was about to buy it just to put it out of my misery. Give me a shout if it’s still around on Monday.
  10. MacGyver

    DOJ rules that bump stocks ARE machineguns

    If you want to be technically correct about post-Newtown gun legislation, the truest reason it didn’t come to pass was that Harry Reid wouldn’t let it come to a floor vote in the Senate. He wanted to give cover to red state Democrats by not forcing a vote. Times have changed so much in these last few years - but once upon a time Harry Reid, the Democratic Senate Majority Leader was A-rated by the NRA. Now, the GOP certainly played a role. They held the House, and would’ve made it difficult to pass anything restrictive. But, the Democrats in the Senate were the ones who really put a stop to it.
  11. MacGyver

    Happy Thanksgiving 2018

    Thanksgiving is hands down my favorite holiday. I hope each of your days are spent enjoying good food and company. Whether it’s the family you were born into or the family you’ve chosen - I hope that you’ll find yourself surrounded by blessings.
  12. MacGyver

    The Fruits of College Indoctrination

    I’m locking these threads that just straight up copy content from another site. Both for copyright reasons, and that they’re not adding any value to the conversation. Feel free to start a thread linking an article if you want - but add some original thought.
  13. MacGyver

    DOJ rules that bump stocks ARE machineguns

    There won’t be a buyback. They’ll give a date by which they’re to be turned in or destroyed, after which possession will be prosecuted as a felony. Compliance will likely be similar to Connecticut’s ban on assault weapons. Maybe a little higher - but still low double digits. I’d expect the feds will gather as many sales records as they can. They’ve likely already issued document preservation orders. Many of the companies - who are looking to avoid liability or who find themselves in receivership after bankruptcy will willingly comply. There are certainly paths to persue legal remedies to all of the above, but it’ll take deep pockets. And, since the NRA has already abandoned this issue, you’d risk financial ruin fighting it. Pay attention. This won’t be the last you see of this.
  14. MacGyver

    Which scope for under $150

    A lower priced Leupold would be my choice as well.
  15. Elections do have consequences... Don’t screw it up to bad, and being an ex-President is usually a pretty good deal. Even Nixon made decent money in his later years.

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