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  1. Is Tennessee more 2A friendly than Florida at this point?
  2. Rich Lowry - the editor of National Review - the oldest conservative publication out there was calling for it the other day. You can listen here - it's the first part of the conversation - maybe the first 15 minutes. Don't listen if you've eaten recently. https://www.kcrw.com/news/shows/left-right-center/trump-says-hes-ready-for-gun-measures Politicians want to be seen as doing something - anything really - when people are looking. It's fascinating that the GOP has become so completely co-opted by Trump in such a short period of time that they're all just falling in line instead of saying, "wait, what?"
  3. I wonder if that's genes, or climate, or diet, or all of that combined?
  4. All the salt or sugar used in the curing process certainly shouldn't be discounted. Yes, it preserves the meat - but it also does such an important job in tenderizing it. These wild hogs that aren't finished on corn (unless they've torn up your field in September I guess) are going to be straight muscle. You've got to plan for tenderizing them - they're going to be more work than your typical deer to get that perfect meat. But man, when you do - it's great. Definitely don't discount curing some of that meat - capicola, sopressata, capicola, whatever. It's important to treat the pig you've just shot with integrity and get it cold fast. But, if you've done that, you can make some really great product. I'd definitely suggest trying your hand at curing your own bacon with a wild hog. There are some really great resources on this topic - I've got several and recommend this one for beginners: https://www.amazon.com/River-Cottage-Curing-Smoking-Handbook
  5. Low and slow is king. Just like cooking something tough like a brisket - long, low heat really breaks down those tougher muscle fibers and renders the fat well.
  6. Regardless - this is why we can’t have nice things...
  7. Nice. Pig hunting is my favorite.
  8. Cable snares in a PVC pipe can work great if you know that you can keep neighborhood cats out. I expect with Huskies, cats generally stay clear of your yard. The pros won't drown skunks, either. They'll trap them, throw a blanket over the trap, and either gas them or simply relocate them. A guy up the street from me is a wildlife removal guy. You wouldn't believe the number of skunks in his ex-wife's neighborhood.
  9. I’d actually trade this one for the same Tropical model in 375 H&H in a heartbeat.
  10. Skunks almost always spray or at least release when shot. That's why just about anyone who's had to deal with them more than once gets a trap. I used to work with a guy who was having a problem and took a shot at one when it was close to his house. It sprayed and was right next to his HVAC - the house smelled for a long time. On the trap front - I've got it on good authority from a pro trapper friend of mine that Flamin' Hot Cheetos are as foolproof of a skunk bait as you can find.
  11. That's a great looking rig. Hope it shoots at good as it looks. Does that round index on a 6.8SPC bolt?

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