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  1. MacGyver

    Spyderco pocket clip breakage

    Huh. Did they replace it?
  2. MacGyver

    for-sale 6.5 Grendel Carbine

    Keep us apprised of further contact from the user.
  3. MacGyver

    for-sale 9.9hp Force outboard $350

    These were (and still are) great outboards that a person with reasonable mechanical inclination can work on and maintain. I used a 5hp version of this all over the rivers and lakes of Georgia as a kid. This would be a great motor for a small Jon boat or larger square-sterned canoe. If you’re looking for a way to get on the water inexpensively, this is an solid start.
  4. MacGyver

    Spyderco pocket clip breakage

    I seem to be the perfect height so that I've broken more than one clip over the years on the FRN models by catching them on door catches as I walk by. But, Spyderco has always replaced them, and it's been years since they used the FRN clips. They've been metal for years. Regardless, you'd be hard pressed to find better customer service in the industry. They've sent me screws and a variety of replacement parts over the years. Give them a call.
  5. This is a lot of knife for not a lot money. This will make great Christmas gifts.
  6. MacGyver

    The Great Commission

    For what it’s worth, I try to keep a few ready-to-drink protein shakes like Myoplex or Muscle Milk in the door of my truck during cooler months, too If you want to acknowledge someone’s humanity, but are wary for whatever reason of giving them money - protein shakes are good solid calories.
  7. MacGyver

    The Great Commission

    It’s surprising how much of what people who struggle with homelessness have is really considered disposable. If you’re spending the night at the mission or someplace like that, they’re not going to let you bring more than a single, small backpack in. They might have storage lockers, but they’re not going to be secure. Your stuff is likely to be stolen. Other cities may be different, but with Room In The Inn in Nashville, no one has to spend the night on the street during the winter. We have enough churches to take people in. So, the issue changes to whether or not the place where they’re staying has showers or a washer and dryer. Most little churches don’t, hence if they can get new socks/underwear, they will. Softer protein bars are great, too. So is lip balm.
  8. MacGyver

    The Great Commission

    We work with the homeless weekly from November through March - providing hospitality, feeding, and actually spending the night in a church building with them. Socks, underwear, and chemical hand warmers are by far the items that are sought after the most.
  9. MacGyver

    for-sale Marlin 336 35 Rem

    Trying hard to tell myself I don’t need this.
  10. MacGyver

    Does Fiat still own Chrysler?

    They’re not coming back. We can be nostalgic for the past - but the economic opportunities of the future are going to look a lot different than those of the past. The biggest opportunities will either be hyper-local where distribution doesnt work at scale or they’ll be global.
  11. MacGyver

    Does Fiat still own Chrysler?

    Chrysler wouldn’t have made it out of the recession hadn’t it been for Fiat agreeing to purchase them.
  12. What kind a lubricant are you using? And how much? Your guns seem to be running into these issues pretty regularly of late.
  13. MacGyver

    Hurricane Michael

    Probably at least the budget of the Marine Corps. Between that and the F-35 that got ditched last week, we’re into 10 figures.
  14. MacGyver

    Hurricane Michael

    Some of them were built using the newer codes. A lot of the forgotten coast has a lot of old construction - without the tie ins and back filled block. That stuff is gone.
  15. MacGyver

    Hurricane Michael

    The problem right now is getting there. Miles of I-10 and 98 are still closed to remove debris. Talking to colleagues and friends on the ground, it’s hard to even get to the affected area - and these are folks with air assets and boats There is going to be a time to help. Unfortunately that day isn’t going to be today.

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