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  1. I talked with the butcher not too long ago. The meat market is weird right now. He said they were over supplied on a lot of stuff and were grinding up nice steaks and turning them into ground beef.
  2. That is a Bowie straight up in the way James Black and Jim Bowie intended it.
  3. I might add that this is also an ideal unit for someone in a kayak.
  4. MacGyver

    TWRA fun

    Yeah, all you need to do is visit some of our surrounding states to see how good we’ve actually got it with the TWRA. We’ve gotten some world class fisheries under their watch that didn’t exist 20 years ago.
  5. MacGyver


    Sometimes it’s healthy to just take a break from things for a bit. I heard from him over the holidays, and he was doing fine.
  6. Not having to get on Craigslist has to be worth a decent discount. If nothing else I won’t have to deal with scammers for weeks on end.
  7. Solingen has been making great blades since the Middle Ages.
  8. For everyone who was interested, you’ll be glad to know that a young man bought his first truck today with money he had saved up. I remember that feeling when I bought my old FJ40 out from under a tree in Florida. I hope it serves him well.
  9. When I was 18, somebody sold me a truck for less than they probably could have. I’ve remembered that all these years.
  10. I noticed it last week. Even up north of the bridge, there were a few that were a few hundred feet out of place. One in particular would have put you in knee deep water. Somebody must be moving them. Glad they’re being placed correctly.
  11. I thought I would post this here before going out to the internet at large. We recently replaced my wife's daily driver with a new truck. We originally thought we'd keep this around for other uses - but just don't need it. It's got a bunch of miles on it - but it works fine - and will likely run fine for a lot longer. This would be an ideal car for a kid that you want in a bigger vehicle. It would also make a fine work truck to just keep your stuff in. It's got 229K miles. Doesn't burn oil. AC is cold and works fine. There are only two minor issues I can think of. First, there's something up with the cable that hooks to the passenger side sensor that tells you whether or not you've got enough weight to turn on the air bag. As such the airbag light flashes. It's probably an easy fix - we just didn't have kids riding in the front seat. Second, the tire pressure light flashes even though the pressure is fine. Apparently the battery life of those sensors is about 8 years - we got longer than that - but they'll need to be replaced the next time you get tires. I'm literally posting it here at a come and get it out of my driveway price. I'll likely cross post it elsewhere - and you might see it pulling a landscaping trailer somewhere around Nashville next week.
  12. MacGyver

    TWRA fun

    This is a good point - even if it's temporary while you run power. In the kayak, I run my 7" Elite Ti on a cheap 12v9AH battery and it'll last all day.

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