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  1. I just took my concealed carry class on Monday, and the application was previously submitted on line. The instructor said there is a brand new process for getting fingerprints taken (not using UPS), but he did not know who was making the fingerprints anymore for the TN permit. I have not gone to DMV yet, but does anyone know where they are sending applicants and how long it takes to get an appointment? I suspect it is the same all over the state, but I'm in Chattanooga.
  2. As someone mentioned previously, in TN it is not a right to carry, it is permission. And with the permission comes a crap load of restrictions. Some restrictions get eased, but it seems they are outnumbered by those that get more strict.
  3. As Music City Center explained it to me, when they rent the entire facility to an organization (such as the NRA), the policy of carry/no carry is determined by the organization that is renting. With the Bridgestone arena as I understand it, the NRA is NOT renting the arena, but a third party promoter is in charge. I approached both MCC and NRA and got them both to connect the dots to permit legal carry at the convention site. But I doubt anyone tried this for the concert at Bridgestone.   I too found the lanyard/admission ticket confusing. I guess they saved significant costs by not pri
  4. In case no one has noticed, the NRA has posted this on the convention web site:   "During the 2015 NRA Annual Meeting & Exhibits, lawfully carried firearms will be permitted in the Music City Center with the proper license in accordance with Tennessee law. Bridgestone Arena prohibits the possession of firearms. When carrying your firearm, remember to follow all federal, state and local laws."
  5. I received a response from the NRA regarding the legal carry of firearms at the NRA National Meeting at Music City Center. Obviously this does not apply to the Jeff Foxworthy/Alan Jackson concert at Bridgestone Arena.  Good news, but I wish they had also responded to my suggestion to post this policy to the meeting web site.  
  6. Response received from Music City Center:         I have forwarded this "pass of the buck" to the NRA and will post a response when received. This is clearly a change in policy from their position last June.    I would find it hard to believe the NRA would not offer the same concealed carry policy as conducted last year in Indianapolis.
  7.   The quote from the Director of Event Services was quoted from Defensive Carry last June. In subsequent threads, one of the forum members called the director and posted this on 15 July:   "I just got off the phone with the Director of Event Services for the Nashville Music City Center. It seems there's been a change of heart and legal carry will now be allowed at the 2015 NRA National Meeting. Seems there was some push back from legal carriers like you and I. I wonder how much credit, if any, I'm entitled to. Bill did say to make sure to check your "portability", I'm assumi
  8. And yet the new issue of Guns magazine did a review on the R51 with glowing praise. I wonder just how far in advance of publication they have to cut off changes to the articles. If the R51 is truly dead you'd think Guns would have tried to pull the review. And, they are still listed for sale on GunBroker. Not sure if they were destined to be razor blades there would still be a market for them other than as a curiosity.
  9. New member reporting in from southern MD. I spent 24 years in the Navy and got washed ashore at my last duty station at Patuxent River, MD. Job opportunities were too lucrative to consider moving back to TN. Family in the Chattanooga and Franklin areas, and I have a second home in Franklin. Since the Democratic Peoples Republic of Maryland makes it near impossible to get a concealed carry permit, I have gotten a Utah non-resident for when I travel back to America. I stumbled upon this forum in researching whether businesses that post no firearms signs have the weight of law (they do), and foun


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