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  1. Oh, I agree completely. But most people I've talked to about reloading, that don't reload, say "they're afraid of blowing up their gun". Those of us that reload know that's BS, but there's no convincing them. I've reloaded for the better part of 55 years and I've gotten, better, cheaper, and cleaner cartridges than I would have using new.
  2. Thanks for the help. I put food on the table being a sheet metal worker. If I couldn't hit it with a hammer a couple of times, it wasn't worth my attention.
  3. Are you referring to the hydrophilic effect the bullet would have on tissue on impact?
  4. Does the flat point on a pistol bullet have any other function besides not going through a bulletproof vest?
  5. You know,,,,,,, I agree with you completely. If a person feels strong enough to get the permit he will do what he can to become proficient. Using the practical pistol matches available is a good way.
  6. Here comes one of my long winded posts with a pointed ending Long ago when Willy Clinton got into office [ and to date I don't know how ] and everybody was afraid they weren't going to be able to buy a handgun and they were buying up any handgun they could put their hands on [ I remember a little old lady that could just about see over the counter at the local indoor range ] buying a handgun. At the time you got a free hour to shoot on the range and a couple of boxes of ammo. The salesman behind the counter asked her if she had any questions. She said " only one, where do you put the bullets in?" The reason little old lady's usually limp is because they've got a bad hip, not because they shot themselves in the foot.
  7. I'm as right wing as anyone here. But I still would rather see anyone carrying to go through a class.If you're responsible enough to carry you should be responsible enough to find out what to do in an emergency. Shoot/no shoot, whats behind the recipient of a well placed bullet, what to do after an incident are just a few of the things a carrier needs to know.
  8. I don't know what an OG is but this is an earlier model 5 1/4.
  9. Do you have a trigger pull that is is light enough to cause light hammer misfires? That's what I'm up against right now with my M&P9.
  10. Yeah, cap and ball was a real improvement.
  11. The other day I placed an ad [Part of my collection for sale]. I have sold a couple of my guns and I would like to take them off the list. Can't figure how to do it. A little help would help please.
  12. Guns For Sale Race gun Gunsmith made on SVI frame, 38super, 15 years old, about 2500 rounds through it, shoots flawlessly, 7-140mm mags, 2-170mm mags, some ammo $1800 Ruger 22-45 22 cal, 5"barrel, Pro point sight, 2 mags $325 S&W M&P, 40 S&W, Pro series, C.O.R.E., Hi sights, ?barrel, 2 mags $350 STI Edge 40S&W, stainless, 5" barrel, 3 mags, $1600 Walther PK380, 380acp, Unfired NIB, Bought it for my wife and she didn't want it. Next time I'll ask. $300 Competition Chronograph Plywood case, 2 CED cronographs, 2 infrared light sets, all other stuff to make it work, + extra parts, works great $400 All prices are firm. All guns are safe queens in excellent or new condition. Chronegraph was used at 3 matches. If you are interested please come to the house and shoot it before you buy it. All can be shot here [except the Walther] Cash only please. Safe queens up for grabs. Will add more later. 01 Guns.doc 01 Guns.doc
  13. 44 mag makes a great deer rifle. Can't get a shot past 200 yds.around here. Will it shoot 44 spls.

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