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  1. When the boys were growing up camping made a lot of vacations possible. Most we paid for a camping spot was $33 a night. Siesta key. Key West, and Mammoth Cave just to name a few. No work to speak of. Bonnie and I shared the driving, I backed the trailer in the space [with Bonnie's help], and leveled the trailer, the boys did the hook ups, Bonnie and I switched off cooking and doing the dishes, We found one K.O.A. in Florida that we could scuba dive right off the side of the campgrounds. When the boys grew up it was as economical. 18' trailer, and full sized van. More family fun than we had ever had before.
  2. Sorry, won't buy Colt since they stopped selling the Ar 15 to the general public trying to attach their lips to Uncle Sam's backside
  3. I have always felt that reloading was part of the shooting sports. It was always a good way to chill out after a bad day at work or an evening with the boys climbing the walls. [Both my kids were hyperactive]
  4. These people won't be forgotten. When this is over I certainly won't be buying from them, They are part of the shooting community I wouldn't spend my money there.
  5. Just about ready to start selling my reloads. Only thing is that I'm going to need to get about 5 million dollars in liability insurance first.
  6. I wonder if they need help cleaning up? Me and my pickup would be glad to help
  7. Started with a rock chucker. Then went to a square deal B. Now a 650. As soon as I get the bucks, I'm getting a 750. Never had a complaint about any of them. Even swedged one case from another. [ 8mm from 30/06 ect.
  8. Gee I wish I was a mask
  9. What our instructor told us was to continue to fire until the danger stops being a threat. Works for me.Unless There's someone behind the dude watching for the bullets to come through.
  10. Let me know how things work out. I've got an Apex trigger that was put on locally. and the hammer fall is so light only about 60% of the cartridges fire. Got to find someone else.
  11. Ray Z

    Taurus G3

    I bought my wife a M&P9 EZ for a car gun because she couldn't rake the slide on a regular M&P. I just bought a Taurus G3 for me just for giggles. Guess what? She can rack it as good as a M&P9 EZ. To go along with that the G3 double actions on the second shot if the first one fails to fire.The trigger is super and the magazines that come with the gun are 15 and 17 rounds. I've always been a M&P fan but that could change. You people have got to check it out.
  12. my dad called them bugle mouth bass
  13. No annealing or special dies?

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