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  1. You know what?????? I'd rather see overprotective officers checking up on the over heated car than kids dying in the heat.
  2. The USPSA matches at ORSA are also open to the public[ 3ed Sat of each month]. A short safety meeting before the match begins is done for new to USPSA shooters. If that shooter lets someone on their squad the other squad members are really glad to assist you during the match.
  3. Can you get any decent prices there? I would rather buy locally, but I'd rather not put somebodies child through school.
  4. +1 You need to learn what's happening in each of the dies, what are the characteristics of each of the powders, bla bla bla. You need at least one commercial reloading manual and as many as you can get from the powder manufactures. The commercial ones are about $30 the manufacturers ones are free. Read a lot and ask a lot of questions. Remember, the only dumb question is the one you didn't ask.
  5. Welcome to the group. The 552 is a quality rifle at a justifiable price. Beautiful wood, a nice metal finish and it shoots all three lengths of 22"s. Only problem is that most folks don't want to pay the price.
  6. Got to go to White Castle while you're there. It's the only thing we miss from North of the Mason / Dixon
  7. I'll be tickled to show my TN dl and my carry permit. I don't want to fill out receipts to continue the ATF paper trail.
  8. Don't blame the state government. Anything I hear about comes from Uncle Sam. I would rather buy a gun second hand and loose the paper trail. The day will come when ATF will knock on our door with a non request for everything we have on paper. That cold dead hands thing is really BS. And if you think the military won't be involved I've got some bridges I want to sell you. Back in the days when shotguns weren't registered ATF decided a shotgun called the street sweeper was a destructive device because it wasn't made for hunting. You had to either turn it in or get a license like the one you'd have to have for explosives. Now the gun was a real POS and I never even wanted one, but I would have to turn it in Sig Hile
  9. BTW, I use factory ammo for carry. Not that I don't trust my reloaded ammo. I just read too much about reloaded hollow points being questioned if I ever had to use my gun for protection. And a buck a shot won't break me but it would take a nick out of my wallet. Only thing that I do do is run them through my taper crimp die so the mouth of the case is crimped a little more, stops setback.
  10. Way too much like work. Hornady works for me year round. I stuffed them in my little Ruger and that in my pocket. The little thingees in the front of the hollow point will work whatever the perp is wearing. That's what they are made for.
  11. After rereading my posts I can see where you might think that way. But when the muzzle goes up 16"-18" it's time to think about what's going on.
  12. I did 16gr of Unique. Set me back in the chair too. But like anything else I've loaded with Unique, it was dirty.
  13. First time. Loaded plenty of 223, 308,30/06 in rifle.
  14. Has anyone here loaded 45/70? I'm trying, but my shoulder is giving out. I'm shooting a Marlin 1895. I'm loading star brass with Speer 300gr HP's, 55grs of Varget. According to Lyman's book top load for Varget is 63grs. I've got a 12" gong at 165 yards that I'm using for a target. I've got it set on two chains from a saw horse. When I hit it, it almost spins all the way around. The rifle has almost dislocated my shoulder. Even after I put a recoil pad on it. No signs of pressure, except my busted arm. Any suggestions?

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