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  1. +1 That's the one I've got and I love it. It does everything I need to do around the house.
  2. Some time back I come on line whining about how stick powder was a pain in the backside to get in 223 cases. Somebody, and I don't remember who, said to use my Dillon case tumbler and vibrate the cases to get the powder down. This is the first time I've loaded 223 since then and it works great.
  3. Do you mean the old one or the new one?
  4. I think Remington is trying to make up for the FUBAR they made with the jam o matic they came out with, and consequently recalled a while back. A couple of weeks ago I got one, just because I like pain. Turned out to be a great gun. Full sized [and then some]. 2-19 round [ metal ] mags come with the gun. If you get a chance to fondle one check it out. I"m getting another one. Price, $239.00 + $20.00 shipping. Mine has only hick upped in the 400 rounds I've put through it.
  5. Haven't received my order yet, but I can only assume the primer pockets will be cut to the proper size. When I do the pockets I swage them. Don't know if that's better or not, it's just what my Dillon tool does. Can't wait for my order to come. My boys have just about shot up everything I had ordered.
  6. Got one. It came compressor ready. Gun is made well, functions well. It ain't broke, don't fix it. Only problem I had was finding extra mags. At the time they were hard to find. Now you can find them everywhere for about $18.
  7. billt, thanks for the heads up on the brass. I love to shoot 223. Just hate to prep it for reloading. Got all th3e Dillon stuff to do, just hate to. Got a 5 gal bucket of the stuff, once fired military, Just don't want to fool with it. GI brass has powder pretty cheap "even with the sir charge on it"
  8. With their lips firmly planted on the anti-gunner's backside they have lost a lot of sales. I quit buying Colt products the last time they did this. The on;y one I still have in my collection is a target model that I bought before they started this crap the first time, and it's going to go the first time I get a chance.
  9. You know what?????? I'd rather see overprotective officers checking up on the over heated car than kids dying in the heat.
  10. The USPSA matches at ORSA are also open to the public[ 3ed Sat of each month]. A short safety meeting before the match begins is done for new to USPSA shooters. If that shooter lets someone on their squad the other squad members are really glad to assist you during the match.
  11. Can you get any decent prices there? I would rather buy locally, but I'd rather not put somebodies child through school.
  12. +1 You need to learn what's happening in each of the dies, what are the characteristics of each of the powders, bla bla bla. You need at least one commercial reloading manual and as many as you can get from the powder manufactures. The commercial ones are about $30 the manufacturers ones are free. Read a lot and ask a lot of questions. Remember, the only dumb question is the one you didn't ask.
  13. Welcome to the group. The 552 is a quality rifle at a justifiable price. Beautiful wood, a nice metal finish and it shoots all three lengths of 22"s. Only problem is that most folks don't want to pay the price.
  14. Got to go to White Castle while you're there. It's the only thing we miss from North of the Mason / Dixon

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