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  1. Anyone seen anything else on this?   http://www.gunnuts.net/2009/04/30/la-sheriffs-department-pulls-mp-pistols/    
  2. Sorry, my OP was too short and not info filled enough. I was at work this morning and had to cut it short because customers came in.   I have, in fact, already verified it. I know Tom personally, and the email I got was from him, however, just to be sure it wasn't fake, I called the range and talked to a friend who works there and verified that it is true. Tomorrow is the last day they will be open.    A few weeks ago, they advertised a sale. "Absolutely everything in the shop half price..." I figured that's what was about to happen.     ETA: here is the email (or at least most of it)   A Partial Farewell… Rangemaster was founded in September 1996 and has operated continuously at our current address since then. Starting in the year 2000, our cash register is actually a PC and it assigns a unique number to each new customer. As that customer returns for future visits his transactions are recorded under his unique number. We just entered customer number 79,441 so that is how many separate individuals have been in here to do business with us just since the year 2000. Almost 45,000 of those customers have taken at least the handgun carry permit course here and about 40% of those have gone on to take additional training. To all of you who have been here over the years we sincerely thank you.   All good things must come to an end. We will be closing the Memphis location on August 4, 2014. After that date all of our training will be conducted off-site at various ranges around the country. This only affects the Memphis indoor range location. We will still be quite active on the training circuit, doing more writing, and continuing to serve as an expert witness in court cases.   The building itself is now over 50 years old and is costing too much to keep in operation. Over the past couple of years roofing, plumbing, electrical issues, and heating/air conditioning issues have cost us a fortune and that will only get worse as time goes on. Also, our business is based almost entirely on training, particularly handgun carry permit training, and the local market has reached a saturation level at this point. Nationwide between about 2.5%  to 3% of the population has a handgun carry permit. Here in Shelby County about 7% of the population has a carry permit, and we trained the majority of them. In Collierville 10% of the population has a carry permit.   Internet retail sales are also killing off small businesses all over the US, and that has hurt us as well. Today, customers tend to buy their ammunition, holsters, and even targets online, which has killed our retail business.  I really can't complain about that as I almost never buy anything in a store. I buy online and have UPS bring it to my door. Unfortunately our customer base does the same thing.  Finally, the neighborhood has declined drastically over the past 18 years. When we built this facility this was a thriving commercial area with new car lots, restaurants, and other businesses. Now, most of those businesses  have moved further east and we are one of the few establishments left open in a several block radius.   We will continue to update our website, put out our newsletters, and post information on Facebook. As I said, Lynn and I will be traveling all over the US conducting courses and we will conduct a few each year here locally on other people's ranges.   To those of you who have supported us over the years I want to thank you sincerely and wish you all the best in the future.   We will teach the remaining July classes and then the August 1-3 Instructor Development Course will be the last class taught at this facility. Words do not adequately convey the gratitude, respect and friendship Lynn and I hold for each of you. You are truly our family. We will try to arrange training and/or social events for you as time goes on. Please stay in touch. Sincerely,   Tom  
  3. Passing on info. I did not already see this posted anywhere.   Rangemaster in Memphis is closing.  This Sunday is the last day.  Came from an email from Tom Givens. He will be on the road full time now.
  4. I think it was also about buying a gun for another person when it isn't a genuine gift. Giving money to someone so they can go buy a gun for you isn't a gift, even if the person can legally own the gun.
  5.   Just to clarify: You may carry ANY handgun that you legally possess.  You can borrow a gun from your neighbor and carry it as long as you legally possess it.
  6. My standard answer: I carry everywhere that it's legal.
  7. Yes, we (where I work) are having no problems with trusts.  Personal recommendation:  I would (personally) go with  one of the online companies. 199trust.com is charging $99 now.  We have processed a pretty large number of 199trust trusts and had no problems.
  8. Walmart near where I work is getting it, but by the time I can get over there, it's already almost all gone. We get it at the store where I work, and no matter how much we get in (last time, it was 8 or 10 cases) and it was gone in less than 3 hours, and that was with a limit of 4 50 round boxes per person. 
  9. Yes it is posted (or was the last time I was there) and for certain events, they wand at the door.
  10. From what I remember, that particular range has always has a brass charge, although, the last time I shot there (20 years or more) as far as I recall, it was fifty cents or a dollar.
  11.   Yep, mostly a scare tactic. Some ranges also tell you that you should re-qualify with any gun that you might possible carry, and highly imply that it's required, which it isn't, and of course, they charge a fee for you to do it.
  12. I was just reading some of the comments on the article.  I just love how people that don't know what they're talking about always seem to be compelled to offer an opinion on something.
  13. I was in the auto finance business for a number of years.  For a majority of that, I worked for Chrysler.  Not particuarly fond of the brand, but it was a great company to work for, at least on the financial side.  Lots of paid holidays, great vacation, made pretty good money, liked everybody I worked with.
  14. http://www.winonadailynews.com/news/local/article_139e2d16-d7db-11e2-8950-001a4bcf887a.html?comment_form=true       An invitation to join in the fun led to tragedy on a Fillmore County farm Saturday night. A bachelor-bachelorette party was in progress at the residence on the farm where Jeffrey Taylor, 47, of Utica kept some cattle. When Taylor and his sons arrived in the evening to tend the cattle, they were invited to stop by the party before leaving, Fillmore County Sheriff Daryl Jensen said.   etc       Also, there is a video of FPS Russia at this link blowing up a truck with Tannerite and he almost gets hit with a flying truck door.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O8-azG3Iokk&feature=player_embedded
  15. Very briefly, yes, protecting property using deadly force is illegal in most U.S. States.


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