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  1. one thing I have in my ghb with the first aid kit are a couple of mini pads....the right size one's tuck well in the bag pockets and make a great larger compression bandage not typically found in some first aid kits.  I used a maxi pad once to plug a kids head wound when in the mountains, it worked, he looked stupid, and yes he has vowed to kill me one day.   Just say in....
  2. two & half minutes of my life I can't get back.  She hasn't a clue...
  3. Raises the question: Literal or figurative?  IMO, the Bible speaks in both forms.  Could it be that people in end times are so plagued with sickness/injury that they appear "Dead"?  Hmmmm, makes me want to dive in a little more and study just a little harder.  None the less, be prepared both physically and spiritually.  
  4. Since I do not know you and all I have to rank your character on is the ridiculous, stupid, and assanine statements you have made here, I would say you certainly like to stir the pot. From all I've read so far, this is yet another trash talk, speck talk, and in general chit talk thread. You have no facts and are speaking everything from second hand knowledge. And usually second hand knowledge is incorcorect knowledge. I take personal offense at your comments on the quality of employees there. Let's see "someone on this forum heard a RUMOR from a very reliable source that.....", come on gu
  5. My question would be does he even have to do any digging? Since this is the kitchen drain line, I would think the primary sink drain would go under the house and connect into the main line. shouldn't be any digging involved just a little crawling in a crawl space. even if the pipes were cast iron, which they probably are since the house was built in the 60's, cut it out with a sawzall and go back with pvc, make the main connection with fernco couplings. its not rocket science.....done it plenty of times. never charged that kind of money or anything close. I have learned that some compani
  6. Guys.....I quickly read through most of the comments concerning this topic, and much to my surprise I am amazed at how many of you don't understand the credit card concept. Since we are rapidly moving into the no cash society, as a business owner we must find and offer new ways to get business. One such way is the credit card. This system is a convenience since most people don't carry large sums of cash and others love to write bad checks. And trust me, the consumer laws are not built with the business owner in mind. But I digress....so in order to provide our services to the consumer, we
  7. why not, I haven't been to one of these things in a long time. Count me in.
  8. year before last---2009 or 2010? The policy at one time several years ago was $50 transfer for items in stock, $25.00 for those not in stock. It has not been that way since late 2010 during my pt tenure.
  9. words in red----doubt it.......and for the rest of your comment highlighted in green, IMHO is simply:bs:
  10. Guess I must be ringing up the wrong price when I make the transfer. Lets see, as of last Oct/Nov 2010 transfer fees $25.00. As of last week, transfer fees $25.00. Describe the sales person and I will confront him personally.


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