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  1. We do! But man does the air smell good!
  2. That’s the worst part. I’d be more than happy to pay for ATT fixed wireless. Even THAT isn’t available out here haha.
  3. That plan was a bust. Verizon won’t activate the device. I ended up ordering a hotspot today that should handle my needs. I discovered the one device I thought needed to be setup wired will in fact work over WiFi. If it doesn’t get the range I need I can go further and figure out a way to connect a router.
  4. I have them now and do enjoy it but the best money I ever spent was on a Tablo. It’s essentially an OTA dvr that has guide data for two weeks. Requires an internet connection to use which is the main reason I’m going down this road. It then streams the recorded or live video to any device on the home network. I bought the lifetime guide data subscription so no monthly fees at all. It paid for itself in about six months with no directv. Direct will be getting the boot after this. My reasoning before was that instead of paying $89 to Hughes net just so I could use tablo, I’d be better served just getting satellite. More for my money. This new solution should hopefully be the cheapest method so far.
  5. I’ve been contemplating a 4G LTE modem with Ethernet to plug up a router. This would get me a useable signal for some of my less data intensive devices. Verizon has this that’s no longer sold. https://www.electronicsforce.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=65912 I’ve been hesitant to spend $200 but I just found one for $50 on Amazon used. We will see how that goes. I’ll be able to use a sim with no overages after the data cap. Just a throttle down. I don’t mind that but I wasn’t going to pay $10 for each extra GB. There are also some aftermarket models available with Ethernet and one with a built in router. I was nervous that Verizon wouldn’t give me a new sim since they check IMEI numbers beforehand. I’ll be testing this one with my iPad sim.
  6. It isn’t. Her house is about 2000 ft away and is already a slow confection.
  7. I’m cautiously optimistic about this. If it keeps the timeline then it would be worth holding out for. I didn’t realize they had FCC approval for the majority of the satellites yet so that’s a promising note. Hopefully the price is reasonable and the home receiver isn’t as expensive as the one in the video appeared.
  8. Yeah they won’t tell me a thing on a target date. I’ve read that Fixed Wireless may be the future for rural homes. Hardwired to near towers with the last bit done OTA to a house mounted antenna.
  9. Man I wish it were that easy. It feels like a carrot being dangled in front of me just out of reach. All the neighbors have it in both sides but I’m just out of reach.
  10. Anyone on here that might have some insight on possible timelines for ATT fiber optic rollout in west TN? I live in an Internet black hole with spotty cell service and nothing but satellite internet service available. I’ve had it and don’t plan to have it again. I actual live very close (1 mile) to the MS state line near an area that just had a complete residential fiber rollout. I also have Comcast lines to the north and south of my place but not to my home. Lastly, there are copper lines ran to my place but ATT will not sign me up for DSL. My mother in law next door has it but has had it for years. I can’t seem to get any info from anyone on when I could expect it or if I should just embrace the suck. My only bright spot is a “we boost” cell antenna that pulls a decent signal into the house for cell phone service and light internet use. If all else fails I’m toying with the idea of an LTE modem connected to a router for limited whole home use.
  11. Just wondering if anyone out there has a PS4 pro or Xbox one X who might be interested in some horse trading or selling. I need a good 4K Blu-ray player and figure I might as well just get a gaming system so my little one and I can play.
  12. This was entertaining. I recommend you take the time to watch it.
  13. That’s an interesting concept but I guess I don’t understand how it would really changes anything.
  14. Circling back around to this. I wonder if leaving the FA out completely would yield a similar effect. I’m sure this piece is going direct the gasses upwards rather than straight out. I’ll try it first without.
  15. I saw those too. I was disappointed I didn’t get one in time. I like the pony soldier portion the most .

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