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  1. I had that one or the Uniflow in my sights. I just have to wait on everything to come back in stock haha. I may wait until my RCBS rebate comes in and then splurge on everything. I’ve spent enough as is.
  2. I’m actually going to get a new scale as well. I’ve been using a small Hornady digital scale but am considering a nicer beam scale or at least a nicer digital scale. I’m pretty much only lacking that and a nicer powder measure. I’m still researching those. I put my trimmer on a leftover piece of 2x10 so I could easily dump brass shavings.
  3. I’m going to have to build up some more supplies. I hate that I sold most of my stuff when I got out of pistol reloading.
  4. I’m sure it will clutter up over time haha. That’s actually my office / man cave but we are storing the crib there. We are planning on another in the next year or so and didn’t want to put it in the attic. I’ll have them cranking handles soon enough though.
  5. I’ve been talking about different aspects of reloading, presses, benches in other threads so I figured I’d start a new thread to show the product of those discussions. This one is 2’ deep by 3.5’ wide. I’d have preferred 4’ but space is limited and I feel like this gives me plenty of working space without being too large. Top is 3/4” MDF doubled to 1.5” thickness. Coated with about 7 coats of poly. I haven’t decided on what I’m going to do with the bottom “flooring” yet. More than likely just painted plywood. I just have to make it to the store. I built this mostly out of a recycled larger bench in the shop that stayed cluttered with junk. I had to buy a 4x4 for the legs and 2x10 for the shelves. It seems to be plenty heavy and I can’t move it with the rock chucker. I may eventually add smaller shelves within the top for die storage but for now I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. Once I get my Forster Co-Ax I’ll probably get an in-line mount so I can swap back and forth between them if needed.
  6. Awesome! They have the dual benefit of a great sight picture along with just looking cool.
  7. I actually bought the lock n load conversion kit with the press. I could have lived without it but it is pretty neat. It was either that or the clamp style locking rings. I’ve seen this in stock at numerous stores so for availability’s sake I got the bushings.
  8. Ended up building this tonight out of another unused bench I broke down. Once I get a good mount I should be good to resize the worst of them. Still gotta finish it up, add some shelving and paint.
  9. I’ll retry tonight but it is one shot lube for sure. I mainly used it for pistol reloading just to make my 550 run super smoothly. Im still going to upgrade my bench though. I have no interest in mounting it to the wall so I’ll be building one similar to this but swapping 2x4’s in for the 2x6’s since I have plenty of them laying around. Should still be plenty sturdy if I double up the top with 3/4” MDF. https://myoutdoorplans.com/workshop/diy-reloading-bench-plans/
  10. Could also be that I used one shot since I don’t have any sizing wax yet. I’ve never used it for rifle brass and probably didn’t let it dry like I should have. I’ve honestly never reloaded anything larger than .223 or .300 blackout so I’m not sure what the resistance should feel like. It was substantial though.
  11. Well I got the RC in and I must say I’m going to either need an in-line fab mount or a much sturdier bench. I’ve used a Dillon 550 on this table with no issue but when I just tried to resize a .308 win case I just about broke the top. That’s with a 2x4 underneath for added support. I have two benches in the shop that are plenty sturdy but I want to be in the A/C. Looks like it’s time to build a heavy bench that I don’t have to bolt to the wall. I usually like 3/4” MDF for the top with a second layer underneath the press. Im just wondering if I can get away with not securing it to the wall.
  12. I work for a local community bank and am seeing the same lumber shortages and price increases. A lot of homes are coming back short on the appraisal. Normally a home will get close to the build price (within reason) because they factor in comps along with the fact that someone (you) are willing to pay for the house as long as the builder is quoting a reasonable price per sq foot. Lately I’ve seen several that have not come close to the build price due to the increase in building material and the fact that the market or comps haven’t absorbed those prices yet. As others have said, it’s not the best time in the world to build.
  13. I’m considering trading this one off now that I have a bolt gun in the caliber. Ballistic Advantage 10.5” 1-7 twist Aero Precison Atlas Handguard PSA upper BCG, sights and muzzle device aren’t included. Mainly looking for a different upper in 9mm, 5.56 in SBR lengths, 6.5 Grendel.
  14. I couldn’t pass up a killer deal on a Rock Chucker Supreme while I’m waiting on my coax and am wondering if many of you Rock Chucker owners use the base plate they sale. I have no use to move the press once mounted and am mainly wondering if it helps to spread the load out more evenly across the desk. Having it properly mounted in the bench seems like it’d be enough.
  15. I wouldn’t say this one flexes. It feels better than the Rem 700 ADL stocks. It doesn’t feel like it was an afterthought but rather that it was designed to be light and agile. In a lighter caliber. For a larger caliber it feels out place to me. Hard to describe I guess haha.

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