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  1. The holosun really fits in with the “lines” of that setup. It looks like it would feel good in the hand but also just plain looks good.
  2. Your recommendation led me down the nylon rabbit hole and I landed on the Diamond D Denali. Seems like it’s be way more comfortable, half the price and should fit more guns if needed. I can’t wait to get this whole rig set up.
  3. Those were on the radar as well. May actually be more valuable in a hunting situation but less so in a “ work around the house/property situation.
  4. Decided to keep this in the same thread… does anyone ever use a chest holster when hunting, hiking around property, etc? I decided to go ahead and get the slide milled and run a dot. (I’m wish washy I know) I’m thinking that an already large gun sticking off of my hip may end up grabbing every branch I walk past. A lot of people online recommend the Gunfighters Inc. Kenai chest rig but for $150 I’d have to really love it . It does seem like it would be handy for maneuvering through the woods but also in the side by side, the tractor, deer stands etc.
  5. Apparently no one makes an aftermarket slide for the gen 4’s. I guess an alternative would be one of the dovetail dot mounts. Not ideal for fast shooting but may be just fine for hunting. Ugly as sin though in my opinion.
  6. I’ve actually changed course a bit. I’m considering going with a set of Dawson Precision adjustable sights in place of an optic. I have all of it coming in the mail and am going to try to mock up and compare. I’ll keep the iron sights either way so I’ll probably try them out at distance this weekend and see how it goes. If I’m not satisfied with the groupings at 50 then I may just purchase a replacement slide that’s already cut. Im just not crazy about milling the stock slide the more I think about it.
  7. They are tough to find around here as well. A 19X popped up at Academy not too long ago and I grabbed it instead. It’s my favorite for sure.
  8. The challenge now will be to find someone who can mill the slide by Nov 6. I’d love to find someone local but coming up empty. I have an email out to Battlewerx to see what their lead times are. Worst case I can just carry a rifle.
  9. Right now I have some 180gr XTP’s. It will depend on what I can find though. Most shots shouldn’t be over 30-40 yards.
  10. I mean if we are all honest we can do most things with 1-2 guns. It that’s not fun any fun.
  11. I just went out and tried it at 50 yards with the factory sights. I can manage an 8-10” group which isn’t great but should bode well for a dot. I’d like to stick with the robustness and simplicity of irons but I won’t be trekking through the wilderness. I’m just tired of toting an 8lb rifle and want to try something new and cool.
  12. Having recently picked up a Glock 20 for hunting purposes, I’m now trying to gather some info from those of you who may have used one for hunting (or any handgun for that matter). I’ve ordered a set of suppressor height sights as well as a Holosun 407C but am now second guessing the decision. I won’t really have any shots over 50 yards if that far in my designated hunting spot and am thinking I may be happier with a nice set of irons. I’m also concerned with the durability of the dots on a 10MM that will eventually shoot the hotter loads. Unfortunately I can’t really test it out without having the slide milled but I did have some experience with my Sig P365XL and the micro dots. I didn’t really care for the smaller window. On a hunting gun with a larger optic though I doubt that will matter much. Hoping ya’ll can share some experiences and possibly offer some advice.


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