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  1. Anyone have one of these that they never built? I wish I’d got one years ago.
  2. I honestly don’t think there will be a long term shortage. Just from observations up until last week. Ammo was trickling in to stores and there weren’t people setup to snatch it all up for resale. One thing that is different....in the last .22lr shortage, there were multiple people in my area buying it for resale at local shops. A lot of those shops don’t exist anymore. I do think prices will go up and not come back down. I really have no evidence to support any of this but it’s my gut feeling.
  3. I work at a local community bank. We’ve closed the lobby and are doing everything through the drive through window and tubes. We occasionally have someone in with appointment if it can’t be avoided. It’s obviously affected our traffic but so far we have no cases within our workforce
  4. Thanks for the confirmation. As you said, this won’t be a bench gun. My shoulder wouldn’t like it but I also couldn’t afford it haha.
  5. Welcome! The good news is you can learn lots from YouTube. A good instructor is hard to beat but once you get some basics you can always get on YouTube for more tips. Just be sure to use discernment. There are some idiots on there as well. Dryfire is basically just going through the motions of drawing and/or shooting along with manipulations of the gun. Make sure you have no ammo in the room or near you as an extra level of safety. I usually choose an external wall in the house facing away from anyone. You won’t gain any recoil control practice from this but if you focus on proper draw, grip and a smooth trigger pull it WILL help you over time.
  6. Someone school me on barrel life. Looks like I may be hanging on to my .300 RUM and am reading up on barrel life in magnum calibers. I doubt I’ll ever shoot a rifle barrel out but since this caliber seems to be on the upper end of a “barrel burner” I’d like to keep an eye on it and take proper precautions. Any info or tips?
  7. I’m in a situation where I’m pretty “safe” going to work with minimal contact to others. We also have a decent amount of supplies and go to a small town grocery store to resupply. All that said, I’d like to wait and see on any vaccine released. I’m guessing they won’t follow the normal trial period timeline and I don’t care to be a guinea pig.
  8. Bump. Lower parts kits, Stripped uppers or complete, shotguns, ammo, optics, partial trades.
  9. Oddly enough I haven’t had the urge to pick up the guitar through all of this. A good dose of SRV usually cures that.
  10. I actually kind of like some of the quad rail models. Not the old school, massive ones though. I’m having a minor issue now with an “in style” handguard. No rail where I need a rail. I don’t have a pic of my first but it was a PSA parts build. It’s lower is all that’s left of it which is now an SBR.
  11. I think my issue with my particular setup is the lack of a top rail. I’ve found that’s about the only position I find comfortable for the switch. I’ll probably run this one switchless and go with an OWL on my next build. I really like the integral switch on it.
  12. Y’all stop being so civil to each other. This is a pandemic.
  13. I think I’ve decided on the coax. I’d always had a Rock Chucker at the top of the list until I saw the Hornady. I think the coax will satisfy my needs over all of them. Thanks for all the suggestions.
  14. There is actually one listed that’s missing the primer tube and can. I’ll probably just get a new one for the price difference.

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