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  1. Pistol Caliber Carbine is also on the radar. I’ve never thought to do a .45ACP but have considered 9mm. I just didn’t like the cost of ammo on the blackout. It was fun to plink around with the sub ammo but not at that price.
  2. Last year I sold the .300 bulk upper I had on it to fund something else. It’s been sitting ever since and I’m ready to do something with it. I loved the novelty of shooting sub rounds through a suppressor on it but I was just that...novelty. Are there any calibers it thee that could take advantage of the shorter barrel and suppressor better than the .300 blk? I do still have some interest in running full power loads through it but would want a 9” barrel. I had a 10.5 last a time and always found myself wishing it was shorter. If you had a complete SBR’d lower what would you do with it?
  3. I thoroughly enjoyed it and have subscribed. I’m currently listening to “situational awareness”. A few takeaways for the church security podcast that I will bring up: •Tag system for nursery. Apparently we’ve tried it before but I believe it wasn’t implemented properly. •Is our church willing to invest in the team’s training? •Lanyards for team visibility. •Addressing the level of commitment from team members. I have full faith that everyone on our team “cares” but do they care enough to seek training and really strive to provide a top level of safety. •Limit openings to what is needed to fill and empty the church. He used an inhale/exhale analogy. •Dealing with the “we’ve always done it this way” mentality. This will be tough but I think with well presented data this is easily overcome. Emotions and tradition are a tough nut to crack though. There’s more but I’ll probably revisit after I’ve had a conversation with our pastor and my FBI friend this evening about all of this. Lot’s of good info there though that has hooked me to future listening. Between that and Joe Rogan I’m set for life with listening material.
  4. I wasn’t sure where to put this so General Chat it is. My church has approached me about being the head/lead of our security committee/team and I am hoping to get ideas and suggestions from you fine folks on how we could improve. I’ll give a brief rundown of what we have in place. We have 200 members on average attendance. As with most churches there are entrances / exits all over the building that we now keep locked through services. We have several cameras covering most of the campus with a central monitor in the church office with one person monitoring that throughout services. At minimum we have one person roaming the campus; sometimes two. Two entrances to the campus from the highway that are uphill and easily viewable. Any other threat would have to come from the surrounding woods. I know at least a few of the older gentleman carry or talk about carrying a firearm. Most likely a J-Frame in the pocket if anything. We do have a few whom aren’t on the team carrying IWB semi-autos. I don’t know of anyone in the church other than myself and two other guys whom have had any formal firearms training outside of military experience. With that said I don’t think our focus on security should be on who has a gun and knows how to use it but that it does need to be addressed very seriously. I’d welcome suggestions on how this has been implemented in your church. I’ve been a part of a few “range days” within a church that seemed to be very helpful and informative when it comes to decision making under adrenaline. I’ll open the floor for any suggestions to the approach as a whole. Any good books to read, articles to read, etc. Thanks!
  5. Spot on there I think. I just wonder if that has/could have a negative effect on some by removing the weight of having to make that decision by removing the reality of it. I know most of us on here get it but I’ve talked to some who seemed awfully trigger happy and ready for that “Zombie “ Apocalypse to happen.
  6. With the Walking Dead comic series over and done I assume the show will wrap up within a few seasons. Having taken some time to think back on all of the zombie culture I realized that the most of the show and comic no longer actually revolves around the threat of the zombies themselves (been that way for a while.) I enjoyed my time with it and it helped spark plenty of critical thinking when it comes to preparedness but I find myself looking for something different to put in its place. What say you? Is the undead phenomenon still alive and well?
  7. As you can see I have a late start haha. I’m hoping to get some yield this year though. Tomatoes cages are coming within the next few days.
  8. I haven't had a chance to get on since I've built the beds. I ended up going with 2x6's double stacked. We have a few tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, squash and peppers planted. Only problem I've had so far is the soil. We purchased some type of "pro mix" along with some Pete moss and compost in bags to mix in. It drains very well, almost too well, so has to be watered at least 1-2 times a day. I've been told next year it should settle in and hold water a little better. The weeds are at a minimum though and will be pulled tonight. I've already got a few bell peppers coming in. I'll add pics once I figure out where and how to host them.
  9. Thanks! As you can see I posted without reading through the thread haha. I’m gonna hopefully take some time this evening and start from the beginning to read. My only thought was to go a little higher than that but I assume the timbers are far cheaper than trying to build it out of larger treated boards. This looks nice as well. I plan to place these within a soon to be pea graveled area on the side of the house so weed eating should be minimal.
  10. I’m looking to dive into a small garden using raised beds. I’ve tried a larger garden in the past and never enjoyed keeping it weeded, watered etc. Any tips on the best design or size for raised bed/s. Basically looking to do tomatoes, okra, squash and zucchini.
  11. I guess it shouldn’t amaze me how “brave” these guys are now but it still does. My home is off the beaten path so I believe my chances of this happening are slim but still lingers in my mind for that same reason.
  12. Hmm that is odd. I ran a box of them through a single shot 45-70 once but didn’t really see that they were worth the price at the time. I got a nice buck on camera so hopefully I’ll be able to try out the core-lokt on him this evening.
  13. Interested in the sale price whenever you come up with it.
  14. I wish my parents had done it for me haha. $200 is a STEAL.

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