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  1. I’m lucky enough to have a full bay with a 15ft berm on the back and about 12ft on the sides. Had it dig out of a hill when we built our place. We are also out in the sticks on 37 acres of a ~130 acre family place. I hope to acquire the rest down the road. I can shoot out to about 100 in the berm and out to 400 in the field behind my house. I am itching for a plate rack and a couple of nice AR500 plates. Right now I have some thinner steel sheets hanging on some homemade hooks. They do great but I’d like to be able to shoot the rifle more.
  2. I just picked up a Benchmade Grizzly Ridge for edc. It felt the best out of all of the benchmades in my price range but I have a feeling the rubber on the grips is eventually going to wear off with daily use. The knife itself feels higher quality than anything I’ve spent $150 on before and the action is smooth as silk. It’s right there in that sweet spot in size. I’ve searched around for custom scales for it but can’t seem to find much. Does anyone on here have a lead on someone who could possibly make some out of micarta or similar? Surely a few of you knife makers are up to the task.
  3. Powder Valley has 1lb jugs of Accurate #5 if anyone is interested. Just got 5lbs. I believe they have the limit at 5.
  4. As the title says, I’m looking to trade these MBUS Pros for a set of the offset MBUS Pros or similar. Memphis area but can mail to an established member. Not looking to sell.
  5. I’ve visited that range once a few years back. I wouldn’t be to distraught that you can’t go back.
  6. Oddly enough, they shipped my press and primer tray the day after I ordered. It will be here tomorrow. No dice on the dies though. I really want the Dillon dies but if I happen to run across another set I’ll grab them. As others have said though, I can’t find components so there’s no rush.
  7. I placed an order with Dillon yesterday for a 550C, some dies and other misc items. The gentleman I spoke to in customer service told me I’d have the press in about 3 weeks to a month but the dies could be up to 8 months out!!! He said there was a shortage of carbide. Doesn’t really matter since I can’t seem to find components but I thought that was interesting. I wonder if it’s demand for these specific items that are causing a shortage or genera effects of covid. Or both.
  8. Awesome. What about hardware? I assume there are nicer solutions for earpieces and such to keep everything fairly low key and hidden.
  9. What method / equipment would you recommend for communication?
  10. Evening folks. I’m hoping to gather some thoughts from those of you who have experience with a church security team. We currently have one at my church but are looking to make some changes and/or improvements. I’d appreciate any and all feedback or tips that you’ve learned along the way but I do have a few pointed questions. •Do the individuals that serve on this team serve every service or is their some form of rotation? • is there a required level of training either firearm or situational?
  11. That’s pretty much my motivation. If the government decides my HCP doesn’t matter anymore then I don’t think it’ll matter if it’s lifetime or a term period. I do foresee the costs rising. I’m just trying to spend a buck time save a buck I guess.
  12. I’ve been putting of my lifetime upgrade due to the lack of an online upgrade option. I discovered today that is no longer the case so I dropped the $200. I’m wondering if the state is slick enough to raise the prices within a year or two in response to the obviously growing demand. Seems like a sure fire way to increase income.


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