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  1. Bringing it back for this year. I took this bad boy about 10 minutes ago! I get to sit here for another 3 hours now so as to not mess everyone else up going out.
  2. Selling my lightly used Magpul Hunter stock in O.D. Green. This will fit a Ruger American short action. Comes with everything seen including the magazine and LOP spacers. It has very little wear. I had plans to build a nice long range / tactical gun but never got around to it.
  3. Wow. Challenge accepted. I’m already hunting on a landowner exemption so I’d be making money at that point. I’ll have to look into that.
  4. I just recently discovered that regular season opens tomorrow in Unit CWD. It was a very pleasant surprise. Anyone know if this was in effect last year as well?
  5. In that price range the Romeo 5 is hard to beat. If you can spend a little more I really like a 1-6x optic with a throw lever these days. A Vortex Strike Eagle is great for the money.
  6. Looks like my wait for a 51T brakeout just got a lot longer. LOL
  7. Yep. I didn’t make nearly enough preparation when I had the chance last time so hopefully I’ll get another chance.
  8. That all makes sense but I’m not sure it applies to this situation. Maybe it does. Is my registered SBR lower considered a pistol that I can turn into an SBR by adding a stock less than 16” barrel? Seems like this would never come up if the rifle was inspected but for some reason but you never know.
  9. Sorry but I didn’t realize my misuse of state in that phrase. State as in the current build of the rifle, not the actual state in the U.S.
  10. I came across a couple of postings on another site but can’t seem to find any proper documentation on this matter. The question is if I have an SBR filed lower configured in a state that would not define it as an SBR (16” barrel), could I then travel with it and use it as if it weren’t an SBR?
  11. I tinkered with it more last night and think I finally found a rhythm with the stick powder. Once I developed a little muscle memory for when the “catch” comes on the up stroke I was able to apply a little more pressure to shear off the powder. Im still eventually going to get a beam scale and powder trickled but for now I can make do with a slight variation. It seems to be about +- .03grains. Im impressed with it though. With flake or ball it’s dead nuts consistent. I’m about to experiment with some 125 grain bullets in the .308. I normally shoot 180’s but just for fun I w
  12. I don’t have any other stick powder to compare but it seems like this 3031 is extra thick. Like it would be tough to shear it off. Even with a firm movement it will just stop it in place occasionally.


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