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  1. Attended the Lebanon RK show today.......was a really good show (nothing like the old Lebanon shows). Excellent crowd but not over-crowded. Was really nice to see lots of the opposite sex of all ages as well as a great number of younger folks. Definitely not your typical old geezer (like me) show! Plus many new vendors. Excellent inventory of firearms with fairly reasonable prices considering the current environment. Plenty of ammo available at twice last year”s price, but still less than CTD. A nice enjoyable 4 hours.
  2. No, I have not. But when I do, there is a 95% chance that little feller will go home with me!! (Yeah I know, overpriced but what the heck!)
  3. DaveTN ...... Yes Sir, that is him. A heck of a harmonica player!! Harley’s wife and my wife were childhood friends and remained in close touch throughout the years until my wife’s death. Harley and his wife have been pretty devoted to prison ministries for a number of years. They live in Florida and would get together with Charlie during their trips back to TN. Once said Ole Charlie still carried some regrets for things said & done in the past, but hey ... DON’T WE ALL????
  4. East = Sunrise At least it is in a far, far away holler between Brush Creek, New Middleton, Commerce.
  5. Charlie was a great friend to the “Friends of the NRA” having donated lots of autographed fiddles for auction at annual banquets. Question for Steelharp ....... ever meet a harmonica player named Harley? He played some for Charlie also.
  6. “Pin hookers” —- now that is a term that I haven’t heard in a long, long time!! (Even though I seem to have experienced quite a bit of it).
  7. Can you get that in a hammerless version?
  8. Have you mounted a Rifle Scabbard (preferably a leather one) on your Jeep? If so, I sure would appreciate you sharing a few photos with me plus maybe answering a couple of questions? Thanks, WD
  9. R2D2’s Grandpa & Grandma
  10. Anyone in the Mid-TN seen or heard about this fine effort but the Rifle Team? CMP Club News: Rifle Team Helps to Rebuild Elementary Library Destroyed by Tornado! Submitted By Matt Espenshade, Mt. Juliet, Tenn. In the early morning hours of March 3, 2020, tornadoes ripped through Middle Tennessee and left a path of destruction over 60 miles in length. Directly in its path was the city of Mount Juliet, Tenn., located just outside of Nashville. Mount Juliet Christian Academy (MJCA) was badly damaged by the storm. Much of the school building and its athletic facilitie
  11. Thought y’all might enjoy this ........
  12. ++++++1 on the bacon grease and scrambling in the eggs!! That is mighty fine Southern eating!!!!
  13. Hipower.....thanks for sharing that experience!! Leroy ...... Rossi 12ga coach double with “ears” is my favorite of all. ($300 when they first came out .... dang it, should have bought more than one.) So, go for whatever tickles your fancy and then enjoy!!!
  14. Manual has found a new home at FUJIMO's house.
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