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  1. Grayfox54

    Fun pictures or videos.

    How many of you will get this one?
  2. Grayfox54

    Gun Show find: S&W 15-3 2"

    I found this at the Jackson, TN gun show today. A Model 15-3 2". The gun is easily 98% with just a very light turn line. Timing, lock up, etc are perfect. The action is smooth as butter. It shows very little evidence of being fired. It has a nicely figured set of PC magna stocks on it. Serial number dates it to 1972. I added the T-grip once I got it home. The price was pretty good for this gun in this condition. $475 OTD. I don't really need it. It was an impulse buy just because I didn't have one. But I like it. The bad thing is that with the way our weather has been and current forecasts, it may be Spring before I get a chance to get to the range to try it out. I'm afraid my poor photography skills just don't do it justice. It looks much better in person.
  3. Grayfox54

    Franklin Armory Providence ("Non-semiautomatic")

    A double action rifle. I wonder why nobody ever thought about this before? Interesting and innovative. I'd certainly like to try it. The only problem I see will be all the semi-auto guys complaining about the long trigger pull. Where us DA revolver shooters could probably get used to it fairly quickly.
  4. Just a suggestion, but you could fill it out using the name and address of someone you hate. Maybe a troublesome ex or jerk boss? Maybe a politician! Then answer the questions to make them look like they're one sick puppy. I'm sure they'll appreciate the $10 when it comes.
  5. Grayfox54

    Reloading Aluminum Case

    I've seen articles where people have reloaded aluminum cases, but I don't recommend it. The questions already brought up about the metal itself is a primary reason. IIRC some makers use an odd sized primer or Berdan primer just to prevent reloading. If they're trying to prevent reloading it, I'd take the hint. There's literally a ton of good, once fired 9mm brass laying all over just about every shooting range and its free for the taking. There's no need to mess with aluminum cases.
  6. I've been a member of the NRA for close to 40 years and will continue to be one until the day I die. They are the "big boys" on 2nd Amendment rights and likely always will be. However, I'm not at all happy with the current state of the NRA. They have become too tied up in the political game and they actually want to play it. The 2nd is NOT negotiable and never will be. Political games be damned, fight to win!
  7. Grayfox54

    Looking for .22 pistol/rifle competition

    Memphis Sport Shooting Association has a couple of different .22 matches. However, they haven't updated the calendar for this year yet. You might try contacting them to see what they have.
  8. Grayfox54

    Medicare advice : Memphis

    Anybody in the Memphis area know a good independent insurance company that specializes in medicare plans? I've tried searching the web, but can't seem to come up with the right search words to find what I'm looking for. I know pretty much what I want, but I also want to sit down with an agent who knows what they're doing to discuss specific concerns, companies and options. Also, for those of you on medicare, any and all suggestions and advice will be welcome. Thanks.
  9. Grayfox54

    Words to live by....

    The best advice my Daddy ever gave me: Never pass up a good opportunity to shut up.
  10. Grayfox54


    Outstanding deal! You're gonna love it! Whip up some nice 200gr LSWC target loads and prepare to be amazed.
  11. Grayfox54

    sale or trade Colt Mustang XSP-$450

    Excellent pistol at a decent price. If I didn't already have one, I'd be all over this. GLWS.
  12. I see two possibilities: 1 Mis-identification. 2. The family knew exactly who the shooter was and threw the police off on purpose so it could settled privately. I'm betting on #2. The great race war has been coming since the 1950s. I've been hearing about it my whole life. Ain't happened yet.
  13. Grayfox54

    Passed up an awesome Ruger P-Series

    The Ruger P Series: tough, reliable, affordable and accurate enough. But had all the ergonomics of trying to shoot a brick.
  14. Grayfox54

    Mossberg Announces the New MC1sc Subcompact 9mm Pistol

    I glad to see Mossberg doing well and expanding its product line. But to me, its just another piece of plastic that I don't want. Meh.
  15. Grayfox54

    M1911 my clip want lock in the gun

    Most likely a bad magazine. However, it could be a problem with the magazine catch. Being brand new, I'd take it back to the store and let them sort it out. What brand pistol is it and is the magazine factory original? Did it come with more than one magazine?

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