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  1. Depends on who your roommates are. Some are much better than others. My oldest son shared a house with a "friend" and his wife. They finally recently moved out. Thank God!
  2. The gun was made in 2016. Yes, its a single stack.
  3. The new owner will likely divide it up, build a bunch of houses and list at $250,000 or more each.
  4. Gun is in excellent condition. Made in 2008 in Germany. Box, manual and 3 magazines. Extra set of Hogue rubber grips. Unfortunately, the night sights are dead. $600 firm. Open to trades. No shotguns, no plastic. Must be Tennessee resident, legal to buy a gun, willing to show ID and sign bill of sale.
  5. LNIB with all paperwork and 3 magazines. Made in 2016. $600 Open to trades. No shotguns or plastic. Must be Tennessee resident, legal to buy a gun, willing to show ID and sign bill of sale.
  6. Great little pocket gun. DAO .25acp. LNIB with all paperwork and two magazines. $200 Must be Tennessee resident, legal to buy a gun, willing to show ID and sign bill of sale.
  7. When my younger son got married, he and his new bride went house hunting. They both have good jobs and the bank had already pre-approved a home loan. It took them over a year to find a house. Every time they found one they liked, those real estate corporations would swoop in and out bid them. Every single time! They finally had to go to a new subdivision 20 miles out of town and have a house built. So far they're managing, but I worry that it may prove more than they can really afford. There needs to be a law that single family dwellings can only be sold to single families. These corporations are raking in millions while screwing over people who actually need a home.
  8. Open the pictures in paint and reduce their size.
  9. I'm also unhappy with the price of groceries these days. But I'm old, retired, live alone and financially secure. I don't like it, but I do just fine. For those who do struggle, the internet is plumb full of info on how to make every grocery dollar count. You won't eat fancy, but you will eat. But then some people refuse to substitute hamburger for steak. They're also real fond of fast food and restaurants . Much of their problem is in their own dietary habits and tastes. As for mortgages, then you hit upon one of my pet peeves. For individuals, the housing market sucks! Big real estate corporations are buying up single family dwellings all over the country. Often buying sight unseen and for thousands over asking prices. First time home buyers can't compete with that. Or worse, end up buying more house than they can actually afford because that's all there is out there. For many young couples, the dream of buying a home is just that, a dream.
  10. Actually, it looks exactly like a stainless version of the 4th Issue Police Positive. Check my picture above. That's it on the bottom left. There's also a couple of Diamondbacks in that same pic. 4" .38 and a 6" .22. Yeah, I'd like to see Colt bring those back as well.
  11. For years now the NRA has been sitting on their butts. A new restriction is proposed and they make a public statement denouncing it. Then they do nothing while other pro-2nd organizations actually do the fighting. If our side wins, they're the first to jump up and claim credit. The pistol brace ban is a glaring example. They never even filled a suit until it was a sure thing that we were going to win. Then, when it was struck down, the NRA was all over the news screaming "See what we did!". Just today I got a call from NRA about some new threat or another (Fund raising actually ). I cut the guy off and asked him if they were actually going to do anything about it. He paused not knowing what to say, so then I gave him an ear full!
  12. There are only 3 or 4 companies that make automotive batteries and they supply everybody. Just about all parts store batteries are the same. Just be sure to buy the best they have.
  13. Run is a word that's no longer in my vocabulary.


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