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  1. According to that article a self inflicted gunshot wound triggered an active shooter alert. No active shooter, alert canceled, no details on the incident.
  2. I believe the point of these articles is that these people didn't take the virus seriously and their own negligence killed them.
  3. I went there once a couple of years ago for a set of hard to find grips they had. You have to ring a bell and tell them why you want in. The place is more of a warehouse than a store. Cluttered and difficult to find stuff in. I think about 95% of their business is internet sales. The folks there were friendly enough. But I suggest you call first and let them know you are coming.
  4. I'm not surprised. Shelby County has been adding 100+ new cases everyday for a couple of weeks now. The Mayor of my little town hasn't made an order, but just about every store here requires a mask. Imagine what it'll be like in a week or two after all the 4th of July party people start getting sick.
  5. Think of wearing a mask like carrying a .22 for self defense. It ain't much protection, but its a damn sight better than nothing.
  6. One of the problems is that too many people are only looking at the death toll which isn't that high. Here in the Memphis area deaths have been holding around a low 2% rate since the beginning. Giving many a false sense of security. People are ignoring what the survivors are having to deal with. First is the cost of treatment. You all know how expensive even a short hospital stay can get. Imagine the cost of weeks or even months in ICU. Even with good health insurance many survivors are facing medical bills of over a million dollars. A great many will end up bankrupt. While most of us aren't very fond of insurance companies, they're taking a pounding,. Which in turn is going to affect our entire economy. Don't forget all the businesses shut down and people out of work. It'll take years for our country to financially recover. Getting back to the survivors, this is a devastating disease which affects the entire body. Many survivors are left with permanent damage to lungs, heart, kidneys and other internal organs which will require care for the rest of their lives. Some will be left permanently disabled and unable to work. You need to understand that this pandemic will have long lasting effects on our nation, our economy, our population and our very way of life. Anything that we, as individuals, can do to slow it down will help. WEAR A MASK!
  7. A great entertainer and a great American. A sad loss indeed.
  8. Try being a city employee. You're invisible until your work happens to slightly inconvenience some citizen. Especially on residential streets. Then they go completely nuts! I don't know how many times I've heard "I pay your salary!"
  9. Thank you, Greg. I appreciate the complement. I've found a lot of interesting conversation on this forum. Yep, this poor old horse is dead. I hope we're done here.
  10. Considering the fuss in the Face Mask thread, I'm just curious as to what the consensus of the forum is on the subject. No need to post your name or opinion unless you want to. There's already an active discussion underway in the other thread. I'm just curious about the majority opinion.
  11. Understandable. It can be a little tough on some of us old guys. When I wear a mask I end up breathing through my mouth. But its not so bad that I have to take it off. BTW: I've tested my blood/oxygen level with both mask on and mask off. Absolutely no difference in the readings.
  12. Its not. I couldn't care less if you do or don't wear a mask. I got attacked for my position and am simply defending myself and stating my opinions on the matter. Y'all started this, not me. The vast majority of credible doctors, medical experts and organizations on this whole planet state that wearing masks does indeed help slow the spread of Covid-19. Many cities and businesses agree and require people to wear masks. I also agree. Of course this is the internet. You can always find somebody who will back your opinion as well. What you choose to believe is up to you. I have no intentions of forcing anybody wear a mask. Just bear in mind that some of the places you go just might. Really, how hard is it just to wear a mask? Its nothing. Hardly any inconvenience at all. But, ask yourself and be honest, is wearing a mask that much of an imposition for you or does it just piss you off that someone else is telling you you have to wear one and this is just you're way of rebelling?
  13. No. The difference is that we do care about other people and want to keep everybody safe.
  14. Happy 4th to everybody! I won't be going to any parties. But I will be sitting in my driveway watching the fireworks. My neighbors put on a great show!

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