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  1. I'm late as usual, just saw this. You've made the right decision, keep the 624. .44 Special caliber S&W revolvers are extremely popular, desirable. and no longer made. A 4" 624 in good condition would fall very high on any serious collector's list. I wouldn't be at all surprised to see it sell at $1200 or more. $1000 would be my absolute minimum. Lots of folks just don't get the .44 Special. They seem to prefer the louder .44 magnum. But for those of us who are real .44 Special fans ( yes that includes me) dedicated .44 Special revolvers are highly prized and we are more than willing to pay a premium over going rates for a nice one. Honestly, the price limit is set by just how bad the buyer wants it.
  2. I have several T-grips and do like them. But the company is just barely hanging on. It seems there was a lot of in-fighting when founder Melvin Tyler passed away some years ago. I'm not sure if its been totally resolved yet. They will take your order. But, you can only order by snail mail. No internet orders. If you try to check on your order nobody will answer. The best you can hope for is that a package will arrive somewhere around 6-8 months later. Like I said, I have some and do like them for certain applications. However, I believe the invention of the boot grip has made the T-grip obsolete.
  3. Grayfox54

    Sig P226

    Excellent choice for a first post. Welcome to TGO! I;ve got an older German made P226 from 1990. My favorite DA 9mm.
  4. See if you can find some of the old British .38/200 ammo or at least a good recipe for it. All it is is a 38 S&W with a heavier bullet for a bit extra thump. The British used that load for their military or police revolvers with good results for 50 years or more.
  5. My preference is the Classic Askin's Avenger style with a straight drop. Most holster companies make at least one model of this. Quite comfortable, conceals well and very fast.
  6. There's a bit of a story behind the Raven. I saw a for sale ad several years ago. Guy said it had feed problems and make an offer. I got it for $20. Took it home, turned the firing pin around the way it should be and its worked like a champ ever since. A week or so later my best friend dropped by and I showed it to him. His reaction was "I want this! Sell it to me!" So I let him have it for what I paid. After he passed, his wife and I were going through the gun safes when I ran across it again. I handed his wife $20 and stuck it in my pocket. I doubt I'll ever sell it again.
  7. Yeah, believe it or not, I have a thing for mouse guns. Little .22 & 25 acp pistols that'll fit in your shirt pocket. I don't know why I'm so fond of them. But under certain circumstances where deep concealment is required, I have carried one as my primary.
  8. Back some years ago, when I went to the range it would be an all day affair. I'd get there early and stay till closing. This one day, early in the morning and not many people there yet, I heard a "BOOM!". Wondering what the Hell was that! I wandered down the line to check it out. Found the guy with a nice bolt action. I forget the brand. I asked him about it and he told me it was a .458 Winchester. Said he was sighting it in. We talked for a couple of minutes and I went back to my shooting. The range got busy and so did I. Then late in the afternoon, once again I heard "BOOM!". I looked and sure nuff, that guy was still here. I walked down and the conversation went something like this: "Wow Man! I'm surprised you're still here?" "Yeah, but just about to finish up." "How many rounds have you fired through that thing?" "SIX".
  9. You've done about all you can. Keep walking the area with the other dog. Get it to bark if you can. The lost one is more likely to respond to the other dog than a human.
  10. I don't know much about the area. But I will advise that before you buy you go by and introduce yourself to the neighbors, Ask them about the immediate area. . Most should be nice and friendly. However, crack heads and meth labs do like small towns. More than once I've seen a dream move ruined by bad neighbors. Best to find out before you buy. Wouldn't be a bad idea to talk to local LEOS too.
  11. You say the gun is pointed down? I take it the entire crane assembly falls out? If so, I agree with Dave. The retaining screw is either missing or damaged. Easy fix once you get a new screw.
  12. Start here: Colt serial number lookup More info at this link: Colt New Service We want pictures!
  13. No need to. My understanding is that if you legally own it, you can carry it. Private sales are completely legal here.
  14. I've always had problems shooting the traditional Colt style single actions. They just don't fit my slightly arthritic hands and the trigger guard beats hell outta my middle finger knuckle. I just can't shoot one worth a hoot . But like you, I occasionally get the urge for a Cowboy gun. I've owned about a half dozen Colt style or Ruger single actions over the years and ended up selling them all. Try thinking outside the box. I found this a few years ago. A true cowboy gun that fits me much better and the only single action I currently own. Its a bit above your price range, but its a keeper. Navy Arms (Uberti) Schofield
  15. Ok, I just put my money where my mouth is. Just now renewed GOA membership and signed up for 5 years with SAF. Sent them both an extra $100 too. I'm also a long time member of TFA. Good folks fighting in our backyard. Ok guys, time to put up or shut up. Who'll join me? The fight is fixin' to get rough after two mass shootings and the democrats/media in a frenzy.

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