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  1. What is wrong with me?!?!

    The first handgun I ever fired was a Army issue 1911A1. I also qualified Expert that same day. For me the 1911 is a natural. Fits me to a "T". I do have other guns that I carry from time to time. Most notably some excellent revolvers as I have a great love for them too. But the majority of the time, its a lightweight Commander in .45 acp that's on my hip. Mainly because I can hit what I aim at with it.
  2. Money bomb for NRA on 3/24

    Sorry, I guess I missed the previous topic on this. Thanks for merging them. If we can get enough support and people donate millions, I doubt even the MSM can ignore it once word gets out. Its still important! Spread the word!
  3. Parris Island

    Can't say about Parris Island, but when we went to see our youngest graduate basic and infantry school at FT. Benning (2008) it was no guns allowed plus I had to show vehicle registration and proof of insurance to drive on the base. I'd think it would be pretty much the same for all military bases.
  4. Money bomb for NRA on 3/24

    The antis are planning a major anti-gun rally for March 24, 2018. There is now a idea floating around that we should respond by making donations to pro-gun organizations on that same day. Currently its being referred to as "Money Bomb the NRA". But I think contributions to any pro-gun rights organization will work just as well. Rather than stand in the streets and give lip service to the problem, we have an opportunity to show tangible support of our cause. Plus, we won't have to travel or take needed time out of our lives to do so. If enough people do this that the news media picks up on it, it could be a major victory for our side. We put our money where our mouth is. I plan to make contributions to the NRA, GOA and the TFA. SPREAD THE WORD! SUPPORT OUR RIGHTS!
  5. First time selling firearms

    I've done quite well both buying and selling on Armslist.com. You can post an ad for free and specifically target your local area. As said, meet in a public place and confirm all details before meeting. I do require a bill of sale which includes both buyer and sellers full name, address and driver's license number. I also check ID to insure all info is correct. Its a;ways a good idea to be able to prove where it came from or where it went. Of course its even easier to just post it in the classifieds here. besides, you know the members are good folks.
  6. Another favorite big bore : .44 Special

    I had a .30 Carbine Blackhawk. It was a older three screw model. Excellent shooter, but you had to pound the extractor rod to get the empty brass out. Ejection was a slow, troublesome and frustrating task. I'm told that this is quite common with these. Another thing is that its extremely LOUD! . Gotta wear plugs and muffs to shoot this thing. Got a good offer and sold it without a second thought.
  7. What kind of bug is this?

    AuEagle, I have one of those Bug-A-Salt guns. It'll knock 'em for a loop, but hasn't got enough power to kill one. Don't waste your money.
  8. Dan Wesson Pistol Pack

    Beautiful! Dan Wesson made outstanding revolvers. I'll never understand why they didn't sell better.
  9. Armor for small female

    I agree. Armor that will stop rifle calibers require plates. Those plates are heavy and awkward. I doubt she'll like anything of that type. One other thing, when the shooting starts, rather than put the armor on herself, I think she'd be more inclined to strap it on the nearest student. Its pure reflex and instinct to protect the children. I know that's what I would do.
  10. M1 Carbine

    Aw now don't get upset. I actually do have a regular stock, but its one of those foreign replacements and in bad need of a refinish. Yeah, some may scream BLASPHEMY! But, its certainly no worse than hanging all manner of crap on an AR. Besides, I already have a straight up G.I. version. What I've done here is taken an excellent home defense rifle and made it better. Its smaller, lighter, handles like a champ and shoots great. I've even shot 3 gun matches with it. Ok, I'll grant that its a bit weird, But then so am I.
  11. M1 Carbine

    I have two M1 Carbines. One is an Inland I got from CMP. Its just like Uncle Sam issued them. Great little rifle. Here it is with a few friends. Some years back I picked up a rather challenged Standard Products rifle. I ended up replacing the barrel and stock. So I went ahead and made it into my Zombie rifle.
  12. Since we're talking big bore revolvers (.45 Colt thread), Let's go ahead and talk about my favorite big bore wheel guns, The .44 Special. The .44 Magnum may be more popular, but the .44 Special will handle anything a handgun can be asked to do without all that buck & roar. The special makes an outstanding defense round and is capable of taking any game up to Black Bear. For a big bore, the recoil is mild and the cartridge is famous for its accuracy. I love these things! Top row: S&W 2nd Model .44 Hand Ejector 5" barrel: This one shipped Jan 22, 1924 to the Joplin, Missouri Police Dept. Man if this one could talk.... S&W 1st Model .44 Hand Ejector 5" barrel. AKA the "New Century Model" or "Triple Lock" due to the extra lock built into the cylinder crane. Shipped May 21, 1910 to Birmingham Arms & hardware, Birmingham, Al. 2nd row and middle bottom: In 1983 Smith & Wesson re-introduced the .44 Special with a run of 7,500 Model 24-3s. Most were 6 1/2" barrels with 2,625 made with 4" barrels. They proved to be so popular that Lou Horton Distributors commissioned S&W to make 5000 3" guns. I am fortunate enough to have one of each. Bottom left: Charter Arms Bulldog 3" made in 1985. The original pocket power house! Bottom right: S&W Model 696 no-dash. Made in August, 1997. A 5 shot .44 built on S&W's L-frame with a 3" barrel. These are highly sought after as they were the last S&Ws built before the introduction of MIM parts on the dash 1 version. I know a lot of you own .44 Magnums, now fess up. Who shoots them more with .44 Special ammo?
  13. I like the .45 Colt...

    I happened to be taking some pics today and remembered this old thread. So I resurrected it just to show off a little. I'm quite fond of the .45 Colt myself. I just happen to prefer the Smith & Wesson versions. The one on the bottom right is a .45acp. But its still a .45.
  14. ad closed Two Savage Pistols 1907 & 1917

    Just tryin' to stay on the first page.
  15. Well that didn't take long to sell. I consider any 3" K-frame S&W to be the perfect carry revolver. The new owner is gonna love it.

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