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  1. Grayfox54

    Maryland distribution center shooting

    Well this is interesting. I didn't know about the trans thing. But I was wondering why this story suddenly fell out of the news. I guess the liberal media decided they would rather protect gays than put the usual gun control spin on this shooting.
  2. Grayfox54

    Solar Observatory Shut Down

    Considering that they're talking about "security issues", my guess is that some bored kid on the staff got to poking around in their computers (without realizing that it is NASA and tied to who knows how many other .gov agencies) and clicked on the wrong thing setting off all kinds of alarms. Or for that matter, if you wanted to try to sneak into the government system from what you thought was a inconspicuous place, this could be it. Makes as much sense as any other theory.
  3. Grayfox54


    I have a Mark III very similar to yours. In my opinion, the BHP is the the best 9mm ever made. You're gonna love it!
  4. Grayfox54

    CMP 1911s: Sent in your application?

    Aside from the fact that the guns are historic, bear in mind that this sale itself is a historic event. This is the first time in over 50 years that the government has released 1911s for sale to the public. There are a lot of congress critters in Washington who are really pissed that this is happening. In fact, they would like to do away with the CMP all together. Its because of them that there are hoops to jump through and yearly allotments. At the current rate, there are enough pistols to keep sales going for 10 years or more. However, bear in mind that this could all change with the next election. Get 'em while you can.
  5. Grayfox54


    I've had to deal with a couple of alcoholics in my life. The best intentions in the world won't help. You have to make yourself stand back and let them fall. They can only be saved when they are ready. As a young man, I was headed in that direction. Not quite there, but I was at the stage where one drink, more often than not, led to one too many. Luckily, fate stepped in and I've now been dry for close to 40 years.
  6. Grayfox54

    CMP 1911s: Sent in your application?

    I'm just curious if anybody else has sent in an application packet to buy a CMP 1911? I had originally thought that I'd let this year pass and wait to see the guns people actually got. However, I now find that those names who don't make the cut this year will be rolled over to next year in the same order they were picked. Presumably, this will continue for following years. Simply put, if you're number 8001 this year, you'll be number 1 next year. I'm thinking that CMP will get more than enough applications to fill orders for at least the next several years. So its best to get on the list now. My packet went out in today's mail. Anybody else?
  7. Grayfox54

    Painting Pistol Grips

    A couple of years ago I acquired a used gun with some sort of black plastic aftermarket grips on it. The first time I cleaned it I noticed a small white spot on the grips. Cleaned a little harder and the spot got bigger. I soon realized that the grips we actually white in color and had been spray painted black. Good old Hoppe's was taking the paint right off and they ended up looking like crap. I did consider repainting them. I figured the Fusion brand would probably be the best shot as its made specifically for plastics. But instead I just bought some nice wood grips for the gun. Whatever you try, make sure its chemical resistant. Otherwise, they may end up like mine did.
  8. Well darn. If I had looked a little sooner I'd have a 2nd one.
  9. Grayfox54

    National Preparedness Month - Are you prepared?

    I learned quite a few lessons back in 2003 when "Hurricane Elvis" hit. I was one of the lucky ones and my power was only out for about 5 days. I had the gear and basically just set up camp inside the house. It was awkward for a while, but I got through it fairly comfortably with just what I already had on hand. What surprised me was that most of my neighbors didn't have so much as a old fashioned mechanical can opener and had no choice but to bug out to wherever thy could find someone with power to take them in. Some even ended up staying in expensive hotels well outside the damage zone and eating out for every meal. That cost them a bunch of money. Further, at that time I was still a city employee and we were running on the disaster plan 12-16 hours a day trying to deal with the mess. I vowed right then that I'd never get caught off guard again.
  10. Grayfox54

    Question about selling at a gun show:

    I'd like to know what ya got for sale. Unfortunately, I'm plumb at the other end of the state.
  11. Grayfox54

    Question about selling at a gun show:

    The Memphis Agri-Center tried that required background check for RK Shows about a year or so ago. It might have lasted one show, but as near as I can tell, nobody is pushing it and nobody is enforcing it.
  12. Grayfox54

    School fundraisers

    UGH! Roadblocks! I hate those! Teaching kids to stand on corners to beg for money instead of working to achieve their goals. Of course for some it may be good training for their future.
  13. Grayfox54

    ad closed Closed

    Ad closed
  14. Grayfox54

    This sucks!

    Damn! What a shame. I loved his work.
  15. Grayfox54

    Does Tennessee need a Soccer team and new stadium??

    Soccer? meh.....

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