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  1. I have always strongly cautioned my sons and friends who know of my collection to NEVER mention it to other people. Y'all know how the rumor mill works. You tell someone, they tell someone, who tells someone else, etc and so on. Each time the story changes a little bit. By the time it gets around enough, all of a sudden I'm a 90 year old man in poor health who has a gun collection worth a million dollars. Some BG hears it and decides you would be and easy target. I don't need that in my life. While I may show off some of my stuff here and on other gun boards, I will never reveal the fu
  2. I've never really been very fond of IWB. But I do use it on occasion. But regardless of how I carry, I always position the gun just behind the hip bone at about 3:30/ 4:00. This is what works best for me. YMMV.
  3. I really don't shop at my local Academy store much. But when I do go there, I've never had any problems. Have you checked with the Academy home office to see if this is, in fact, Corporate policy? You'd be surprised at some of the rules store managers make up for their personal little kingdom. If the manager is anti-gun, they can make all kinds of restrictions completely on their own. Or it could just be a manager who misinterprets corp policy. I remember a few years ago a couple of Wal-Mart stores caught a bunch of flack for posting "No Guns" signs. Turns out that it was all the ma
  4. Ah, so that's it! I saw the movie many years ago when my sons were little. Just didn't remember that part. Mystery solved!
  5. Trying to get the shots in Shelby County at the beginning was a total mess. But since the State stepped in about 6-8 weeks ago, its been a breeze. Quick, easy on-line sign up. Plenty of Vaccine, plenty of appointments and less than an hour to actually get the shots. I had no trouble at all getting both of my shots. It seems the problem here now is that although the system is running incredibly smoothly, people just aren't signing up. Only a small percentage of those eligible are actually taking the vaccine. County leaders are strongly encouraging people to get the vaccine. Also in
  6. It was a shooting at a school. The details don't really matter. Its the location that makes the news. Although still new, even the CBS Evening news did a small mention of it, but had no details. My guess its its just an argument type thing between two individuals. I'll also guess the wounded Officer just happened to be there when it happened. The same type of thing that happens everyday in cities all over the country.
  7. leafinthewind, If you haven't figured it out yet, if you ask for opinions on this board, you will get 'em. We got quite a few very opinionated, grumpy old farts (including me) that will tell you exactly what they think. Not all these opinions will be what you want or expect. Actually, I don't personally know anybody who has done this. I sure haven't. But I guess I'm one of those evil hoarders as I've made it a practice to keep a good stock of ammo and components on hand for many years now. I actually have plenty to ride out the shortage. However, I'm not trying to sell it to the u
  8. Something like that is exactly what I'm looking for. But it doesn't seem to exist.
  9. I've read the articles, searched the web and I still can't find a straight answer. Exactly where can can an enhanced handgun permit holder carry that a citizen can't under permitless carry? Exactly where is permitless carry not allowed? I know about parks and greenways, but where else? I found and understand all the rules and qualifications for permitless carry. But nowhere do I find any specific information on where it is or isn't allowed. I really think this needs to be cleared up before someone accidentally gets themselves into trouble.
  10. Yeah, the existing laws are working so well. We just need to add a few more.
  11. I got this story in an e-mail from Guns America. It brings up some interesting questions. Hunter Biden Incident Shows that Gun Laws are for the Little People
  12. I could be wrong, but that looks more like a display of Police captured weapons rather than a gangster showing off.


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