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  1. Grayfox54

    Roy Clark has died

    IMHO the greatest guitar player ever. A great comedian and not a half bad actor. Back in 1985 he made a movie with Mel Tillis called "Uphill All The Way". Silly little film with a dumb plot, but the prefect vehicle for this pair. Watching Roy and Mel playing off of each other is hilarious.
  2. Grayfox54

    Does TN have special taxes on Ammo?

    The tax is the little stamp pasted on the box. When I sold off my late friends collection he had a ton of loose boxes from case purchases. The case had a stamp, but the individual boxes did not. Since the cases had been opened and part had been used, I would be selling individual boxes. A dealer friend informed me that if I took these to a gun show to sell, all it would take is one sharp eyed LEO to get the whole mess confiscated. All it took was a simple call to TWRA, my credit card and the tax stamps arrived in the mail a few days later. A sheet of 100 stamps for $10. No problem.
  3. Grayfox54

    It happened in 1985...

    I remember that. I did try it. The stuff was awful! People were having fits. But it weren't no big deal for me. I've always been a Dr. Pepper man.
  4. Nothing but talk. We still control the Senate and even if something does pass, Trump won't sign it.
  5. Grayfox54

    California bar shooting leaves 12 dead

    I'm all for getting the mentally ill off the streets and giving them help. But these Red Flag laws scare the hell out of me. The potential for abuse is mind staggering. In this case, and I'm sure many others. the cops were probably more concerned with possible lawsuits than getting this guy help. So they cut him loose.
  6. Grayfox54

    Aftermarket vehicle warranties?

    An extended factory warranty is an expensive but worthwhile option. All of the aftermarket warranty companies are a total rip off and a waste of money.
  7. Grayfox54

    for-sale FEG HiPower clone $350

    Why, oh why, does anything I like have to be so far away?
  8. Grayfox54

    Handgun storage in gun safe

    I just put each handgun in a Bore Stores pouch and stack 'em on the shelves. As long as you don't just throw them in there, you can stack 'em as high as space permits and never worry about scratches or damage.
  9. Grayfox54

    TWD Season 9

    If you watched Talking Dead, you'd know that AMC has big, big plans for the Walking Dead story line. Rick may be gone from Walking Dead, but there will be at least one or more made for TV movies that will continue his story in the new mysterious location that helicopter was headed for. There will also be more TV movies showing how the zombie apocalypse has affected the rest of the world. AMC is planning a complete Walking Dead universe with multiple entries. As for the Walking Dead show itself, there's another time jump starting next week. This time its six years if I understand correctly. They're revamping the whole story line, making over some of the old characters and adding new ones including the new Judith. Lots of interesting stuff to breath new life into the show. It sounds really interesting. I hope they pull it off.
  10. Grayfox54

    60 minutes tonight!!!

    An honest story about guns on the See BS network? I doubt it. Probably just piss me off. I might start to watch, but can't swear I'll last to the end. Besides, I got somewhere to be at that time tonight. I might record it, maybe.
  11. Grayfox54

    Keep or sell the .380s?

    When a little more discretion is called for, I reach for one of my .380s. I happen to like them and feel that they are adequate for self defense. I don't have any experience with either of those, but if you like 'em, keep 'em. I also a big believer in never selling a gun you don't have to.
  12. Grayfox54

    Clueless looking for handgun for husband

    I just had another thought. Why don't you take the handgun class with him? More quality time together and you can have protection when you're out alone.
  13. Grayfox54

    Clueless looking for handgun for husband

    In the 33 years we were married, my late wife only bought me one gun. I dearly loved the fact that she tried. But I didn't like it and we both ended up feeling bad about it. How about this. The both of you go gun shopping together. Go to a range that rents guns. Make a date of it, try some out and have a good time. You do some shooting too. Then let him pick what he wants. Aside from just a gift, you spend a bit of quality time together. In the end he'll remember and cherish that day with you. Who knows, you might find something you like as well.
  14. Grayfox54

    Synagogue Shooting Pittsburgh

    A guy I used to work with is now retired. His "job" now is Church Security. At his church they have an organized team of armed volunteers. At least 6 at services and one or more volunteers in the building during week days. I've always admired Israel. They don't take crap off nobody.
  15. I believe just about any quality self defense ammo will get the job done. What I do is test several of the popular brands and go with what shoots and works best in my gun. Current selections are: .45acp - Winchester 230gr SXT .38 Special - Federal 158gr LSWHP Plus P ( the old FBI load) .380 - Federal 90gr Hydra-Shok

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