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  1. I've only been in one of their stores once and didn't buy anything. No loss to me. One again they prove that this store is correctly named.
  2. Why is everything I like always at the other end of the state? Will you ship to a C&R holder?
  3. Grayfox54

    Show at Lebanon Guard Armory

    I went to the Great American show in Dyersburg last year. Spent all day Saturday there with a friend who had tables. Decent crowd but It wasn't very impressive. I didn't sell anything and didn't bother to go back on Sunday. OTOH they are trying to restart gun shows in towns that haven't had any in 4-5 years. Maybe they'll get things rolling.
  4. Grayfox54

    Higher Education

    The only thing I find surprising is that somebody actually made a big deal out of this and people are getting arrested. Its no news that everything in this country can be bought by those who can meet the price. Frankly, I'm really not that interested. Much ado about nothing to me.
  5. Grayfox54

    M1 Garand

    According to the web site they have Field Grades for $650 and Service Grades for $750. Wouldn't be a bad idea to call and see what they currently have in the store.
  6. Grayfox54

    M1 Garand

    Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP). Absolutely the best deal on a Garand going. Get your paperwork in order and make a little road trip down to the CMP South Store in Aniston, AL and pick out your own. That's what I did for my first M1 back in 2007. Its well worth the trip.
  7. Grayfox54

    Heavy snubbie revolver

    Sounds like a similar situation to my late wife. For her the answer was a 2" S&W Model 30 in .32 S&W long. Its accurate, easy to handle, very low recoil and totally reliable. The .32 long ain't no powerhouse, but its better than nothing and will get the job done if you do your part.
  8. In this day and age of "Its not my fault", keeping records of where a gun came from and where it went are a good idea just to keep your own rear covered. I do require a BOS and say so. I also ask for one when buying a gun from an individuaI so I can account for where a gun came from. If the seller has his own form that they would rather use,I'm fine with that. I have my own form that I found somewhere on the internet which is based on the standard 4473 we're all familiar with. Yes, it does have spaces for full name, address and DL# for BOTH buyer and seller. So you get my info as well. I let you fill it out and trust that you will be truthful. As far as an ID check, I just glance at the DL to make sure that it is Tennessee and you match the picture. When the purchase/sale is done we each get a copy. My copies are kept in a specific folder which is stored in my safe. If you don't like that, we don't have to do business. I really don't care what you think of it.
  9. Grayfox54

    TAURUS Announced Lifetime Warranty (again)

    The key here is "Limited" Lifetime Warranty. Which simply means they cover what they want to, charge for repairs if they want to and you have no say in the matter. In other words it sounds good but means nothing.
  10. Grayfox54

    M&P 10 - FTF w/Steel Case Ammo

    I had to learn the hard way. That Wolf steel cased junk broke the extractor in my M1 Carbine twice! I won't use any steel case ammo in any of my guns anymore.
  11. Grayfox54

    Background Check - Felony Expunged

    I'm afraid the system is far from perfect. Maybe the info will be changed and everything will go smoothly. Most likely the first time he will get denied and have to appeal. But that's no guarantee that it will be clear sailing for any future purchases. The people responsible for these things don't always change their data base to reflect the change in your husband's status. Its entirely possible he may be delayed or denied and have to appeal on every gun purchase he ever makes. The thing is you'll never know until you try. He's an example: a friend of mine would get delayed on every gun purchase he ever tried to make because the initial search showed he had a police record. He was a retired Police Officer! Good luck. Hopefully you won't have any problems.
  12. Grayfox54

    Quotes from famous figures in the gun community

    Nobody famous, just a guy I know: "The bad guy should never realize that you are armed until the second bullet hits him in the chest."
  13. Grayfox54

    Please don't buy Benchmade

    I keep trying to give them the benefit of the doubt. But they're just digging the hole deeper. Oh well, never was a customer and never will be. Really don't care if they survive or not. They did it to themselves.
  14. Grayfox54

    Please don't buy Benchmade

    Has it ever been proven that Benchmade was paid to cut up those guns? I was under the impression that they just did local PD a favor. I've never seen any mention of being paid anywhere else but here. As for the political contributions, they're located in Oregon. A liberal democrat stronghold that's going farther left every day. My guess is that Benchmade recognizes that a conservative republican has zero chance of being elected. So they contribute to the dems they feel are most aligned to them. As I said before, buying a politician is always a good investment. Its better to own a piece of those who are actually in office than wish for what isn't gonna happen. I've never owned a Benchmade knife. But for me the issue was price, not politics. I have no idea what the folks at Benchmade were thinking when they did these things. I really don't care. I'll still never buy one.
  15. Grayfox54

    Who has a diagnostic code reader for vehicles?

    Pretty much all the inexpensive scan tools are about the same. If they will read the codes and clear them, that's all the average owner needs. I've got an older C-Reader that I bought cheap at a NAPA clearance sale about 10 years ago that still works just fine for my needs. Bear in mind that knowing the code is only half the problem. It will just give you a general idea of where to look for the problem. Sometimes its a lot more complex than you think.

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