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  1. Hate to tell you, but fire don't work. The roots will survive and just grow back.
  2. As to why use real guns? They are readily available, look and sound right when fired with blanks, blanks are cheap. Movies have used real guns since the very beginning. Think silent westerns. Why not just add in CGI or other special effects to make it look like the gun fired? Because doing so is expensive, time consuming and requires high dollar experts to make it look right. The way I see it, at least three people messed up here. 1. The armorer should have checked the gun better. 2. The assistant director should have checked the gun before handing it over. 3. Baldwin should have checked the gun himself. Plus, as producer, Baldwin is ultimately responsible for everything that happens on set. It would seem that his money saving efforts led to a death. I sincerely hope Baldwin gets crucified for this. But I know it ain't gonna happen. Hopefully nobody in Hollywood is going to want anything to do with him for a very long time and he'll be put out of work.
  3. Damn! I'd love to have it, but just ain't up to a 6-7 hour round trip. Any chance you'll be coming to the west end of the state any time soon?
  4. Well it looks as if Miss Gutierrez-Reed is gonna be the fall guy. It seems that in a pod cast a couple of months ago that she commented about not being sure if she was ready to be a movie head armorer. I kinda find it hard to believe that a girl who has been shooting and handling firearms since she was big enough to pick one up would make such a mistake. But then, we all have brain farts now and then. Very sad indeed. Question: can you still get fingerprints off a fired cartridge case or does the heat destroy them? Seems it would be easy enough to check prints to see who actually put the live round in that gun.
  5. Here's an interesting twist. The armorer was 24 year old Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, the daughter of shooting legend Thell Reed. I find it hard to believe this girl would make such a stupid mistake. Did the assistant director grab the wrong gun? Why was a loaded gun there to begin with? This is getting stranger by the minute.
  6. I was referring to real guns. I don't do plastic. Not even Springfield's plastic.
  7. Congratulations on getting a fine piece of history! I haven't heard much about the CMP guns in quite a while. I guess they still have some then? I got one during the first round. Mine is a 1942 Colt frame with an Ithica slide.
  8. WHOA! The interwebs are blowing up about this. Especially the gun forums. All kinds of stories coming out. Some have credible sources others are anybodies guess. One claims the non-union prop master/ armorer was actually a local and quite possibly a woman. Its said she brought the live ammo on to the set for recreational shooting. Somehow a live round got mixed up with the dummy ammo that was supposed to be used. I find this a bit hard to believe, but possible. Another said that it happened between takes and Baldwin was off on some kind of furious rant, screaming and waving the gun around when he fired it. Knowing Baldwins infamous temper, this may be plausible. Any way you look at it, there had to be more than one mistake made. Poor gun handling, poor judgement and plenty of stupid to go around. As to the truth, well we're dealing with Hollywood and a whole lot of money. Spin is the word of the day. Odds are that no charges will be filed unless there's a need for a scape goat. Baldwin will no doubt go free as he has too much money and influence in the liberal world. Unless the local LEOs are honorable men who can't be bought, we may never know what actually happened. Maybe the truth will come out in a couple of years when the civil suits finally go to trial.
  9. Don't be at all surprised when Baldwin claims to be a completely innocent victim and never accepts any blame what-so-ever. In fact, don't be surprised when he doubles down on his gun control efforts because now he "knows" what its like to take a life. Btw: this azzhole anti-gunner has now killed and injured more people than I have in my 67 years as a gun owner.
  10. Actually, he was the star of his own TV show. A spy series called "Cover Up". That's where it happened. It didn't last long.
  11. I'm a bit of a sci/fi geek. But never really got into Dune. Never read the book. I tried to watch the original movie a couple of times, but never got past the first half hour. It always seemed to be more about politics and back stabbing than real sci/fi. From what I've seen of the previews, this is just another special effects driven movie with a so-so story. IDK, maybe I'll give this new version a shot.
  12. Another anti-gun actor making big money using guns in a movie. I feel badly for the victims. No sympathy for Baldwin at all. A real gun person, even an actor on set, would have checked the gun himself before using it. Back in the 80s a hot, up and coming young actor, Jon-Erik Hexum, accidentally killed himself on set playing Russian Roulette with a .44 magnum loaded with blanks. The blank drove a piece of his skull through his brain. There is no excuse for bad gun handling. Even an anti-gunner should know that if you plan to make your living with one.
  13. I'm not a fan of plastic from anybody. But it is nice to see Gluck lose.
  14. Springfield don'rt sell no junk. Even if it is just a rebranded foreign made gun, you can bet it will meet Springfield's rigorous specs. I have high hopes for this one. But very likely it will be pretty expensive and take forever to get to the open market where guys like me can get one.
  15. If it is a Springfield version of the BHP, I WILL buy one!


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