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  1. That would be about right for I-240 around Memphis.
  2. I did a little quick checking around the internet and can't find any .357 loads using Green Dot.
  3. I'd go with the .357. More versatile, lots of loads to choose from and better ballistics in case you need it against a large animal. The .45acp is an excellent self defense cartridge and would probably just fine for the stated purpose. I just prefer the .357 in this case.
  4. Just look up Tennessee State Parks. You can get all the info you need including camp site hook up details.
  5. I'm holding out for a 4" blued one. If they ever get around to making them. Also waiting for prices to go down. Meanwhile, I'm still on the look out for an old one that I can afford. Never know, it could happen.
  6. I've pretty much decided to go with the Windham Weaponry model. But, like all other ARs, they're sold out everywhere. IDK, maybe by the time they're back in stock I'll have gotten over this desire.
  7. I saw this on the local news tonight. Memphis Police are asking people to respond to this survey regarding Police use of force. Director Michael Rallings appeared on camera to ask for people to respond. However, this does appear to be a national survey. They set forth three video scenarios and then ask how/what you think is an appropriate response. Its fairly short and doesn't take much time. I'm betting the liberal crowd will try to swamp this with their anti-police BS. I recommend you take the few minutes and fill it out. You can find the Story Here[/url} and there is a link in the text to the survey. You can also find the story and link at WREG.com
  8. Grayfox54

    Nice quote

    An oldie, but a goodie.
  9. Item 14 Sex: Male/Female/ Non-Binary? And I've never really understood, what difference does it make if you're Latino or not? Link: I really wish #29 applied here.
  10. He's lucky that's all the detaining he got. Looks to me like he got off light. This pervert has been arrested 8 times for peeping. Why ain't he in jail?
  11. Thanks. I added that link to my Favorites. No doubt it'll come in useful.
  12. You've got some kind of internal problem. Since you say the gun has been in storage for a long time, it might just be crud or rust. I doubt if its anything serious, but you must know what you're doing or you might make it worse. Time to pull the side plate. Plenty of videos on youtube to show how to do it correctly. If you have any doubts of your abilities at all or don't have the proper tools, take it to a gunsmith. This is not something you want to mess with unless you are very familiar with the internal workings of a S&W revolver. Too bad you're plumb at the other end of the state or I'd look at it for you.
  13. Does the cylinder turn? Will the hammer cock? As said, it could be the ejector rod or just dried gunk. Along with removing the thumb piece and spraying there. also cock the hammer and spray into the frame. Use a good cleaner like Gun Scrubber and hose it down good. Let it sit for a while and then try it. Also check to see that the hammer is in the full rest position. If the hammer is back just a little, it blocks the cylinder release and it won't open. Look closely at the end of the ejector rod. Does it appear to be touching the forward lock? It shouldn't be. It should be close but not actually touching. Hold the end of the ejector and rotate the cylinder to tighten. NOTE: THIS IS A LEFT HANDED THREAD. Let us know if this works or not.
  14. Yep, I have a 2003 F-150 and a 2004 Grand Marquis. Both are in very good to excellent condition because I take good care of them. Both fit my needs perfectly. Frankly, I don't care much for the newer vehicles. Way too much electronic BS that's just waiting to break and damned expensive to fix. Two years ago the truck had a head go bad. I seriously considered either selling or trading it as it would be an expensive fix. Got to looking at newer trucks and didn't care much for them. So I sold a few guns and fixed my truck. I'm gonna drive these two until the wheels fall off. And then I'm gonna slap 'em back on and drive 'em some more.

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