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  1. The leaders of the NRA have become as bad as the congress critters on capitol hill. Greedy and corrupt. I've long been tired of their "compromise" attitude. It seems the dogs in this fight have been neutered. Its high time for a major overhaul.
  2. Grayfox54

    Savage 99

    I always wanted a Savage 99. It was just one of those things where I never had the gun and the money available at the same time.
  3. Its a shame that something like this happens. My question is why was the kid rooting around in somebody else's car? Plenty of blame to go around here.
  4. Ok, y'all know that I'm not an AR guy. I own a M&P-15 just for the hell of it. The thing is that I've never been real impressed by the groups I get at 100 yards. Maybe 3-4". I've also heard that the single best thing that you can do to improve accuracy in the AR is to replace the trigger. I just checked mine and it came out to right at 6 lbs. However, its very clean and crisp. I've never had any trouble shooting it. It actually feels pretty good to me. So do you serious AR guys think that installing this trigger would really help that much and tighten up my groups? Another thing is that for me this is a defensive rifle. I'm a little concerned about the trigger being too light for that purpose. What do y'all think?
  5. Even if the technology became practical, who would be stupid enough to buy one?
  6. Bear in mind that if you're they guy with the bicycle or horse, you've got a huge target on your back. Everybody is gonna want your ride.
  7. Of all the possible SHTF scenarios, a massive EMP scares me the most. In physical disasters ( tornado, flood, etc) people tend to pull together and help each other. But if all of a sudden computers, cars, cell phones, etc all just stopped working, people would go completely nuts!
  8. Ronald, yeah that's pretty much it. An AR9 in polymer. Its a straight blowback action and the charging handle is on the left side instead of the rear. But all the controls and the trigger group are pure AR. So you're saying that if I put a straight down foregrip on this thing it becomes a SBR? Really?
  9. Some of you may remember THIS THREAD from last fall. It was asked who would be the TGO test subject and buy one. Well i'm your sucker volunteer. So now I'm gonna tell you all about it. Here's a link to the manufactures web page with all the details. Extar EP9 Also note that the price is $419. That's pretty cheap for a gun like this. That's also why they're so popular. First off, the thing is kind of hard to get a hold of. They restock on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 5:00pm Mountain Time. And you better be there then because these sell out real quick! I talking the whole inventory is gone in less than an hour. It took six months, but I finally happened to catch it at the right time and ordered one. The website also mentions that it takes 1 to 2 weeks for shipment. Believe it! It was two weeks exactly from the time I ordered until I had it in my hands. I have no idea why it takes so long, but it does. Here's how it comes in the box. You might note that the brace was already on it when it arrived. All the info says it comes separate and the web site even includes instructions for putting it on. Oh well, I ain't gonna argue about it. Here it is after I added a few things: First impressions: Its a neat little pistol. Compact, light weight and it even looks kinda cool. It handles very well. The trigger is a bit heavy at just over 7 pounds. However, it breaks very clean and crisp. Once I got used to it, I could handle it quite well. Of course that's easy enough to fix. But I think I'm gonna leave it as it is. Magazine issues: The gun comes with one Magpul 17 round Glock magazine. It works perfectly, no problems there at all. However I also ordered 4 Glock factory extended magazines for it. two 24 round and two 32 round. They had issues. all the mags fit ok, but none of them wound drop free when released. They were just a little too tight. I ended up having to sand the sides down a bit in order to get them to drop free. I remember in one of the You-tube reviews I saw that that guy mentioned that he had to do that too. Not really a big deal, but it was irritating to have to do it. Since I don't own any Glock pistols to try, I can't say if the regular pistol mags work or not. It may just be an issue with the extended versions. When shooting the gun I also discovered that it is entirely possible to shove the mag in too far when inserting the mag on an open bolt. When this happens, the bolt hangs up on the back of the mag when trying to close. This only happens if you shove the mag in very hard. Plastic on plastic I guess? Anyway, I learned to insert the mag and then give it a slight downward pull as as it seated. Again, not a big deal but irritating until you get the hang of it. maybe the gun just needs a little break in time? IDK? Range Report: Ok. so I took it out today and shot it. I started shooting off the bench at the 25/50 yard range. I needed to sight it in and I wanted to shoot some groups. Overall performance was good. Here's a few targets. Bear in mind that I'm a shaky, half blind old man. A younger shooter and a better trigger would probably get better groups. MALFUNCTION!: It seems that one of my reloads was out of specs. It wouldn't go all the way into the chamber. When that big, heavy bolt rammed into it, the cartridge got stuck big time! It wouldn't fire because the bolt was slightly out of battery. OTOH, the extractor had a death grip on the cartridge and I couldn't get the bolt open to clear it. I ended up having to separate the upper and lower receivers and putting a wooden dowel down the barrel and hammering the stuck cartridge loose. But this was the fault of a bad round, not the gun. After getting it sighted in and shooting groups, I then moved over to the Action Shooting range. I had a bay set up with 7 steel round plates, 1 popper and I added three IDPA cardboard targets. From there it was all run and gun! I'd put in a magazine and start banging steel as fast as I could go. I got good hits every single time and was able to stay in the A zone on the cardboard consistently. The little gun performed like a champ! All in all, I put 500 rounds through this thing today. Except for the malfunction already mentioned, it fed and fired everything I put in it. Factory ammo, my reloads, FMJs, HPs and LRN. But be warned, this little sucker will burn through a whole lot of ammo real quick! One more little item to mention. When you start dumping 32 round magazines through this thing, the handguard tends to get hot! And that little quarter inch exposed section of the barrel nut behind the handguard gets real hot! I'm thinking it will be a good idea to add some sort of forward grip to this thing. Not sure if I want to go straight or angled? Opinions here would be welcome. Final thoughts: Ok, so I got one. Now what? Honestly, I don't know why I bought it? Looks cool and sorta appeals to the inner operator in all of us. But does it really serve any real purpose that my current handguns and rifles don't already fill? I just don't know. If the S should ever HTF. I know what I'll be grabbing and this ain't it. Granted, for what it is and at its price, its a darn good little gun. Yeah, it has a couple of little quirks, but nothing bad enough to say don't buy. I enjoyed shooting it as it is a lot of fun. But somehow I get the feeling that I'm just gonna play with it for a while and eventually send it on down the road. I'm gettin' a little bit too old to be playing at being an operator.
  10. I'm looking for an old type AR-15 grip plug. Its just a rubber plug that fits in the bottom of the grip. I'd like to keep an extra battery for my red dot handy without having to spend the money on a whole new grip with a cap. Thanks.
  11. If anybody needs a new dealer to do transfers in the Bartlett area, I spoke with my guy today and he'll be happy to get RUSA's former transfer customers. He's retired and all he does is transfers. Good guy, reasonable prices. Send me a PM if you want his name and phone number.
  12. I went into Given's old place some years ago. I walked in the door and was immediately met with a major attitude problem. I've never been back. I don't even know what name it goes by now. I went into Shoot Point Blank shortly after they opened just to check it out. Nice place well stocked, prices are a little high. I was seriously turned off my the aggressive sales people. The guy jumped me as soon as I walked in the door and stayed right beside me the whole time I was looking around. I didn't like that. The place has a corporate feel to it. Didn't care much for that either. I may do a little business there, but it won't be much.
  13. Hold on now, its a little early to start hollering theft and such. Yes, people are pissed and I don't blame them. But it will take a bit of time to sort everything out. Legalities ya know. Over the years I've spoken to and dealt with Scott a number of times. He always seemed like a really nice, stand up kinda guy to me. I'm sure he's in a world of crap if he had to close the doors. The truth is we have no idea what's going on with him. So let's not jump to any conclusions. I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise. I'm sure guns will be returned to their owners. Membership fees are likely just gone. If they're bankrupt, how can they pay? I'm sure that there's probably something in the contract about fees being non-refundable. I truly do feel sorry for those folks, but life ain't fair. deal with it. Also remember that the news media is not our friend. So of course they're gonna push angry customers, rumors, legal questions etc. and smile the whole time. They're probably loving this.
  14. The Hi-Power is my absolute favorite 9mm. The king of all 9mms. I've got a MK III and a couple of clones myself. That's a very nice looking gun! Excellent work! Enjoy!

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