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  1. WOW! That's strange. I would think the police would want to recover a stolen gun. I'd go with the previous advice. Call the police again and also contact BATF. I wouldn't call the guy. That'll put him on alert. He may just be an innocent victim who unknowingly bought it or he may be a thief himself. You don't know. Let the cops handle it. Bear in mind that if its recovered, it may be some time before you actually get it back. Cops gotta do their thing ya know.
  2. I don't know about the east end of the state, but there ain't been any rabbits here in the west end for at least 15 years now. Not since the damned coyotes moved in.
  3. I noticed the other day that I was very low on .38 factory ammo. My preferred SD round has always been the tried and true 158gr SWCHP +P. Commonly referred to as the "FBI Load". it was pretty much the standard Police load back when wheel guns were king. Over the years this load has been made by Federal, Remington and Winchester. I got to searching the internet and it seems that this load is getting hard to find. It just ain't out there. I did find some Winchester at $46 per box. After a bit of searching I found Lucky Gunner had Federal for $20 per box of 50. Depending on how much you buy, with shipping and tax, it'll run about $22-23 per box. That's a heck of a deal folks! So if you're like me and have a fondness for revolvers, now is a good time to stock up on this ammo. Lucky Gunner .38 Spl 158gr SWCHP
  4. Ok, enough of this serious talk. Time to get back to the fun stuff.
  5. I'm not a fan of leaving weapons in vehicles even if they are locked up. I used to work with a lot of Police Officers and they tell me that the vast majority of stolen gun reports they do, the gun was stolen out of a vehicle. Its just a bad idea.
  6. Garufa nailed it. I'm a big fan of the M1A rifles and I think the Scout Squad is the best of the bunch. Not quite as long as a full size M1A which makes it easier to handle, but plenty of barrel to make proper use of the cartridge. I sorta have a thing for the M1A.
  7. Welcome. I hear ya Bubba. I'm a heart attack and triple bypass survivor myself. I know how it goes. To sell a gun here you have to be a benefactor member. That will allow you to post in the classifieds. It doesn't cost much and is well worth the price. BTW: there's a gun show in Jackson next weekend. You might be able to sell your gun there.
  8. Here's an interesting story. My father worked in the office at the old International Harvester Foundry here in Memphis for 33 years. IH bought all of Sear's broken tools and melted them down for other uses. My Dad was in charge of them. When a load of these broken tools came in they had to be kept locked up and very secure. Otherwise the plant workers would steal them and take them to Sears to be replaced.
  9. Grayfox54


    I wish they would pick one or the other and just leave it there. OTOH. At least two days a year all the clocks in my house read the same.
  10. Quality tools are never a bad investment. I was a professional mechanic for 42 years. Working mostly on trucks and heavy equipment. Just by the nature of the job, I was hard on my tools. You'll find Snap-on, Mac and other stuff in my tool box. But you;ll also see that the majority of my tools are Craftsman. I only bought the other brands if Craftsman didn't make what I needed. They were quality tools at a reasonable price, fully guaranteed and I could go by Sears to replace a broken one on my way home. No need to wait for the other brand's tool truck to come around. Craftsman was top quality stuff. Unfortunately Pop Pop is right. When Sears decided to get out of the tool business, they sold the Craftsman name to Lowes. Now days Craftsman tools are made in China or some other place overseas and they aren't anywhere near the quality they once were. But at least Lowes will honor the warranty. You get a new replacement tool, it just ain't as good.
  11. Great news! Very happy to hear he won't need grafts. Tell him that scars are good conversation starters. Girls always want to hear the story.
  12. I also recommend starting with a .22. Get the fundamentals down first without recoil causing any bad habits. Cheap to practice with, can be used for self defense if necessary, and just plain fun.
  13. You have my deepest condolences. I have a nasty set of scars where way back in 1984 a piece of slag off a cutting torch set my work shirt on fire. Damned polyester blend material melted to my arm causing full thickness (3rd degree) burns from just above my elbow all the way up into my arm pit. Had to have skin grafts to fix it. The really bad part is preparing the area for the grafts. All the damaged skin and newly forming scar tissue has to be carefully picked and cut away from the damaged area daily for several weeks. It hurts like hell! I sincerely hope your Grandson's burns aren't that bad and the treatment has improved since my time. Tell him to hang in there. It'll be rough for a while, but it will get better.
  14. I also don't recommend a rifle. Rifle bullets tend to go through walls which can lead to all sorts of problems. Plus, I doubt the lady would go through the training. If you feel the need for a home defense weapon, I suggest a 20 gauge shotgun. Considering your description of her, I'd be looking at youth models. I only see a need for one handgun which can serve both in the home and EDC. Normally, I recommend a DA revolver for a newbie. However, a medium frame gun will likely be too heavy for her to EDC and she won't carry it. OTOH, the small revolvers such as the S&W J-frames often have too much recoil for women and they won't practice with it. However, I would suggest she at least try both. I believe in keeping things simple and a revolver is about as simple as it gets. If she likes it and can shoot it, go with that. As far as semi-autos go, again keep it simple. As few controls as possible. No external safeties to forget. Just point and pull the trigger. I do have some concern about her thumb issues you mentioned. Can she load a magazine? Can she rack a slide? I like the idea of the S&W EZ. The 380 is a good choice for a small woman. However, be aware that most .380s are blowback designs and they have very strong recoil springs which make racking the slide difficult. Therefore, I'm gonna suggest one of the compact 9mms which are available today. A locked breach design is much easier to rack. But first and foremost, let her try as many guns as possible and let HER make the choice. I also like the idea of a belly band. Its best to have the gun on your body where its immediately available. And considering her style of dress, that'll work just fine. I've never liked the idea of carrying in a purse. After all, that's what the BG is after anyway.

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