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  1. My guess is he's working a deal and rolling over on everybody he knows connected to his charges. LE wants the big fish. My advice is to stay as far away from this as you can. Nothing good will come from your curiosity.
  2. Yes, you need to know the whole story. Security needs to have all the details on a potential threat. If he's seeking help, then by all means help him. However, if he refuses help, it needs to be made plain to him that he's not welcome. If he continues to come around after a warning, let the Police deal with him. There are some people you just can't save. Unfortunately in today's world, there are people who view churches and their membership solely as future victims.
  3. Been raining here all day. Mostly just a light drizzle. The heavy stuff is expected Tuesday. Flash flood warnings until Tuesday night. 80-90% chance of rain for the next three days. Looks like the worst of it went farther west than they thought. I guess I won't be going outside to play for a while.
  4. The axle play is normal. I wouldn't worry about it. There's a certain amount of slack built into the design. The gear sounds seems ok to me too. Just gears and bearings echoing inside the housing as they move against each other. Easy enough to take the cover off and visually check everything. The dealer will have to do that to replace the spindle . I'm sure they'll let you know if there's a problem.
  5. Yrs, I do handload. I've already bought a box of the Sierra MKs and a pound of IMR4895 as I've heard elsewhere that this is THE combo. I'm currently preping brass. But I've also got a box of 500 150gr FMJ that I picked up a couple of years ago at a very good price. Since I'm reloading 7.62 anyway, I'm going to go ahead and load them too. So I've got a lot of brass to prep. Oh well, with Barry blowing in, it looks like I'm going to have plenty of time to work on them.
  6. Back in 2006, a forum I was on organized a group shooting event in Clarksville. Chirs Barrett came and joined us. He's a really nice guy and brought some great toys for us to play with.
  7. I remember a few years ago Colt sold the Marines a bunch of Cerakoted FDE 1911s. The finish wore so quickly and so bad that Colt had to take the guns back. Cerakote and combat zones don't seem to mix very well. If you don't want black, what other finish can work with today's alloys?
  8. Light taps with a big hammer. Take your time and be patient. The vibration will eventually shake it loose. If it has a dowel, it very likely has two to properly align the housing when its installed. Once you get the seal broken, put a small pry bar or screwdriver in the gap and gently pry it off the dowels if need be. Take the steering linkage off first. Put the bolts back in the axle housing. Remove the ball joint nut. Then use the biggest hammer you have and smack the hell outta the side of the hub arm just below the ball joint. DO NOT HIT THE BALL JOINT!. Again, vibration will make it come loose. You may have to hit it several times, but the ball joint will suddenly pop loose. BTW: put a pan under the axle because the gear oil will run out and make a mess. Don't forget to refill it.
  9. Three 5 shot groups: 200 yards - 6" 300 yards - 9" 600 yards - 18" I've been told certification is mostly about safety. Making sure that the shooter can properly and safely handle the rifle and shoot reasonably well. They don't want some idiot blasting away and sending bullets over the berms to who knows where. All you have to do is look at the baffles on the 100 yard range and you'll understand their reasoning.
  10. Actually I'm not worried about 200 and probably not 300. Its that 600 yard target that concerns me. This rifle is a bit picky about ammo. With M80 it generally shoots about 2" at 100. I want to work up a good sub-MOA load just to be sure. I'm in no hurry. There's no timetable or schedule. Its just something that I'd like to try.
  11. I'm gonna try to get certified for the long range (200-600 yards) at my gun club. The problem is that until I do, I can only use the 100 yard range. So all I can really do is try to work up some real good loads for this rifle at 100 and hope they'll get the job done. Anybody got some good, tried and true 7.62X51 long range loads?
  12. This was back when Chargers were first being offered as Police cars. The brakes were pretty much standard. Dodge has since made some major upgrades on their brakes, but it still ain't up to snuff for police work. With the help of NAPA we were able to get some hard metallic brake pads that almost doubled brake life, but the trade off was that they were hard on rotors.
  13. Ok, this is just my opinion. But its based on 42 years as a mechanic. Chrysler is nothing but junk! The officers didn't like them because they felt uncomfortable and cramped. An 8 hour shift in these things wasn't very inviting. The interior was just poorly laid out. Of course they were used to a nice roomy Crown Vic. One of the main issues with the Chargers was the brakes. They couldn't hold up to police service. We were replacing them every 4000 to 8000 miles. I remember one time when I just happened to be at the scene of an accident before the Police arrived. This Charger Patrol car came screaming in Code 3. Lights, siren and running full tilt. When he got stopped, the brakes were smoking so bad that I quit what I was doing and ran over to make sure the car wasn't on fire! Don't even get me started on the electrical system. What a nightmare! And finally, seems like pretty much every piece of the plastic interior was prone to breakage. How Dodge ever managed to sell these things as Police cars is way beyond me.
  14. A little story for y'all. Back around 2006, my wife was in desperate need of a new car. She was disabled, so that ruled out any kind of compact right off the bat. She needed a full size sedan just to make getting in and out easier. I was working for the city and as such had an intimate relationship with our Police Crown Vics. I tried my best to talk her into one knowing full well it would be ideal for her. She liked the car but balked at the idea of driving around in a cop car. So I did a little shopping around and she ended up buying a very nice, low mileage 2004 Mercury Grand Marquis. She absolutely loved that car! Like I said, she was disabled, so she didn't really drive it all that much. I still own that car today and do drive it from time to time. Its 15 years old now and has a whopping 67,000 miles on it. I doubt I'll ever sell it. Its just too good to let go of.
  15. Gettin' back to the earthquake topic, those of us living in the west end of the state are right on top of the New Madrid fault. Really kind of surprises me that it being one of the major fault lines in this country that its not more active than it is. Oh, we get a little shake now and then. But honestly, I can only remember two maybe three times I've ever actually felt something in my whole life. I guess if a big one ever hits, Memphis will fold like a paper sack and the Mississippi river will get rerouted.

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