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  1. 44 Mag or 45 LC for a field gun

    I'm a huge fan of the .45 Colt. But, for versatility I'd have to go with the .44 Magnum. Actually, my favorite field gun is a .44 Special.
  2. Fun pictures or videos.

    I saw Tom Knapp shoot several times. Magnificent shooter, one Hell of a showman and he treated everybody like a friend.
  3. M1a or ar10

    Garufa, its an older Burris 2.75X fixed power LER that I've had for years. I believe its actually a pistol scope, but it works great on this rifle. I don't think they even make this model anymore.
  4. M1a or ar10

    I've have never cared for any of the AR type rifles. But I do have these. And yes, the Scout Squad is my favorite.
  5. Picked up one of my grails

    Congratulations on getting a fine rifle. I bought a 1941 Springfield from CMP about 10 years ago and love it! I also bought several cases of the Greek XHP ammo at the same time. Also good stuff. And for those who may have been wondering, yes, it was me who bought my late friend's M1. His wife found out I was interested and made me a price I couldn't turn down. Its a 1955 HRA. So now I have two M1s. Unfortunately, I haven't gotten around to shooting this one yet. But I hope to cure that next week.
  6. Nine months later.... .22LR

    Several manufacturers added new production lines and expanded factories in order to catch up with .22 production during the shortage. That ain't cheap. I seriously doubt we'll see any reduction in prices as they have to pay for their expansion. And, as mentioned, we will pay their price. The days of cheap .22s is gone. On the other side, I believe that current .22 ammo isn't as good as it used to be. In their hurry to catch up, I believe that quality control has suffered. I'm seeing many more misfires and random flyers out of current production ammo than I used to. It appears that we now pay more for less.
  7. Nylon 66 twilight zone?

    The Nylon 66 is very collectible and has a huge following. They're great little rifles, but will never be made again. They have a very complex mechanism with lots of little, small parts. Good rifles, but don't EVER take it apart. Some years ago a friend brought me one in a box. Years before, his Dad had taken it apart to clean it, but never could get it back together. It had been sitting the back of a closet in pieces for years. Took me the better part of two days of studying parts diagrams just to figure out what was missing. Then once the parts came, it took almost three days of fussin' and cussin' to get it back together. I took it to the range to test fire and it worked like a charm. Never missed a beat and shot quarter sized groups at 25 yards off hand. It drew a good bit of attention too. One guy wanted to buy it right then. I gave it back to my friend who was plumb tickled pink that I got Dad's old rifle working again.
  8. Interesting Colt and Story

    You'd think that for the kind of money he's asking, the seller would put more than one picture in the ad.
  9. They had one of these in this end of the State earlier this year. I was gonna go, but a friend called just as I was leaving the house. He told me don't waste my time. There were only two gun dealers and most of it was overpriced almost useless survivalist junk. Very little of it would actually be of help in a real survival situation. I hope the show there is better.
  10. Need some advice????

    I generally don't recommend rimfires for self defense simply because centerfire cartridges are more reliable. I've noticed that since the shortage ended, misfires in .22 ammo seem to be much more common. But then, with a revolver, all you have to do is pull the trigger again. So that might work. Don't overlook the various .32s. They're generally small frame guns that are easy to handle. Recoil is minimal and accuracy is superb. Something like a SP-101 in .327 Federal gives you many ammo options in .327, .32 H&R or .32 S&W Long. My late wife used a S&W Model 30 in .32 Long and was very happy with it. Has she tried a medium frame .38 Special? She should at least try one as I believe this would be the best choice for a house gun.
  11. for-sale ALL GONE - Please delete

    Now open to trade offers. I'm not looking for anything in particular. Just whatever might suit my fancy. I need to get rid of these. make me an offer!
  12. ad closed 9mm 1911 6" Frame and parts

    Is the frame cut for a ramped barrel?
  13. Rules For My Son

    I own one suit. Its nice and looks good on me. But if I'm wearing it, somebody is either gettin' married or buried. Back to the original topic..... The best piece of advice I ever got and have tried to pass on to my sons: Never pass up a good opportunity to shut up.
  14. for-sale ALL GONE - Please delete

    Yeah, bumped again. I'll keep going until I sell these.
  15. How Many Guns Do You Own?

    Asking how many guns someone owns goes right in there with asking a woman how much she weighs. Its just bad form.

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