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  1. JustEd

    Taurus G3C

    Was at the range with a friend who is quite knowledgeable about firearms. Ok, he is a rich snob about them. You know, one of those guys with all the latest toys. Wilson Combat, silencers, full auto. Let him shoot my Sig P320 rx with romeo 1 pro optic which he liked. He then shot my Taurus G3c and liked it as well. Not sure if he liked the Sig better than the Taurus. Disclaimer: I have changed out the rear sight to n the G3c so it shoots right n now.
  2. If bear, 44 mag. Can shoot 44 special for range or smaller stuff. Why single action?
  3. OH, and experiment with your weak hand grip over the dominant hand. I find that best results vary with firearm type FOR ME! (thumbs forward vs overlapping thumbs as well as height of grip for both hands.
  4. DRY FIRE! Invest in some snap caps, or use suitable substitute. You can aim at a target which contrasts the sights nicely then concentrate on the front sight. See how the sights move as you pull the trigger through until let off. Be especially watchful to how the sights move at the moment of let off. Change grip, trigger finger placement and of course technique until the front sights move minimally. Repeat until you are happy with the results. HAVE FUN and always treat a firearm as if it is loaded!
  5. JustEd

    Ruger LCP-Max

    What interests me are the removable sights. 10 rounds is nice 380 is unobtainable so why bother upgrading my LCPII, ie can't get enough ammo to shoot anyway.
  6. Well that kinda sucks. Guess in a defensive situation you could just piss on it to clear the fog off?
  7. Congrats, but they can he a slippery slope. Highly suggest you sell it NOW before dumping so much love into it.....oh hey I happen to be looking for one! All just in fun sir. You should have a great time shooting it.
  8. Every day upon donning my gear, I do several weapon draws from the holster. My aim is smoothness and adjusting my thinking and grip so the sights are lined up with the target upon presentation. If not I keep doing it until they are. I do this with the laser as well, if it is my laser equipped ccw gun. In my case that the technique is a bit different than with irons Mostly a matter of where my head is in relation to the weapon. The grip is only slightly different as the weapon is just a tad lower than with irons only At the range I find ccw drills with an optic are the slowest of the three Mind you I am working on first round on target from draw, not strings of targets In steel work, the optic is very nice though
  9. Just as a final thought. It is far more important to me that I have a weapon with me that I know how to use and am competent with. I don’t forsee encounters with multiple immediate deadly threats at once, could be wrong! As such, the smaller more comfortable weapons like a LCP or SW snubbie far outweigh round count. Hell a good holster far outweighs round count imo So I’m a basic kinda guy
  10. JustEd

    Taurus G3C

    Yeah it might do better with rn, but doesn't want to work that way with any hollow points (Sig/IWI/Federal). If I remember correctly the manual suggests loading it the way I do, ie locking slide back first, Once loaded it runs perfectly.
  11. Have the version of the PC 9 with the M-Lok forend, love it. Use mine with Glock magazines. Recently put a red dot on it, but even with standard iron sights it is super fun to shoot One a the few guns I have no bitches or complaints about.
  12. My eyes are old and the idea of a red dot was enticing. Have three now and am indifferent about their usefulness. At the range I like them. However, for self defense it takes a lot of practice at first to get the red dot right on target from a draw. It Can work,, but takes practice. Two negatives for me are, moisture can cause the battery not to make proper contact, my SIG Romeo 1 pro is prone to occasional drift and there is the phenomenon of ”chasing the dot.” Oh right, that’s three...
  13. If 34 people attack at once then even a Glock 9mm with a 33 round mag is not enough. Every armed defense class I have had presumes one or two attackers. IDPA sometimes uses multiple target scenarios, but I don’t carry in case an IDPA match suddenly comes at me on the street (humor). Carry what you are comfortable with
  14. JustEd

    Taurus G3C

    I have had one for about five months. I think the double strike trigger is more hype than useful. The trigger pull is quite long and sometimes it seems like it will never go off, then it does. None the less I like this pistol quite alot. Carry a SW BG 38, SIG P365, Ruger lcp ii as edc. Have a decent holster for the G3c and it carries pretty well. I have a “roundush” figure so the other three conceal better. Have been leaving the G3c in the glovebox in case I forget to don one of my regular carry guns Have shot it quite alot and trust it to work. Oh, mine shot very low so put a higher Glock rear sight on, easy, and shoots well now. Mine does not like being slingshot to feed the first round for loading, it will misfeed. Instead I lock the slide back, insert mag and then hit the mag release lever Works every time doing it that way. Its not a perfect gun, but is quite a lot of value. It can put a dozen rounds downrange in short order. Not fussy about ammo, runs well. Ed in Sevierville


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