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  1. In Sevierville, cash and ftf only. Buyer to be of proper age with no restrictions on owning firearms or ammo. CCI Blazer 230 Grain Auto FMJ 45 acp ammo. $250 for the lot of 500 rounds, prefer to sell as lot. ***THIS IS ALUMINUM CASED AMMO AND NOT RELOADABLE!*** Purchased by me in 2015 and 2016 at a retail store. Think I paid 16-18 bucks per box plus tax. These have been stored in my man cave (second bedroom) under household climatic conditions. Also have a dehumidifier in the room. Have been thinking of passing these on for some time, as I don't shoot much 45 anymore. So, with the shortage am thinking someone might be happy to find these. I tried to pick a fair price to move these on and not gouge. Online shows 45 rounds for 70-80 cents per round of pretty much any kind of 45 ammo be it brass, steel or aluminum cased, if you can get it. Let me know if interested and we can meet up somewhere in or close to Sevierville. My schedule is pretty open as am retired. --Shoot me a message and will send my phone number to you. BONUS!!!--Act by 9/20/20 and get a free additional 50 rounds of the same ammo for no extra cost. That's 550 rounds total!!!
  2. Thanks for looking, closed now! The Kahr CW9 is sold...Thanks!
  3. Edit 8/11....Still Looking! Want to start reloading for my 350 Legend but obviously Small Rifle Primers are in short supply. It appears that Large Pistol primers are hard to find also. Have 1000 round boxes of Federal and CCI Large Pistol primers which I don't currently need but are as new. Would like to trade for Small Rifle Primers (one for one). Live in Sevierville and would need to be face to face. Shipping not considered due to hazmat costs. So what ya got to help me on my "Legend-ary" journey ***Please email and will send phone info. ***Am not interested in selling primers, only trade for Small Rifle Primers.
  4. Have seen a few YouTube vids on this (so now i am an expert). Seems the dominant opinion is that it probably won't hurt the mag spring or mag housing unless they are poorly made. Yet, most also recommend emptying the magazines so that each gets some empty time. Emptying could be either use at the range or manually unloading and the re-loading them. Personally, I doubt this makes much difference...a good mag should be ok for a year or so. With all that said, I keep my Sig P365 mags loaded a round short of capacity because they are so tight when topped off. But that is just me, Sig hopefully designed them to be reliable when topped off. Almost no one I have heard preaches doom and gloom about leaving mags loaded for a reasonable amount of time (year or so).
  5. Not something that would interest me. Might try a CA revolver sometime, but not in a hard to find on the store shelf caliber. Did I mention not cost effective, imo?
  6. Very nice and clean Kimber .45 ACP Ultra Carry II. No idiot marks or signs of wear. About 600 rounds fired. A little over a year since purchase. I decided not to carry a 1911 style weapon, although this model works very well for that purpose. Has cycled defensive ammo quite well for me (Federal and Remington HP's) and is really quite fun to shoot. Never any steel ammo used in it. Comes with five KimPro magazines which are a definite upgrade from the one which came with it (purchased new with firearm). Has English Walnut grips installed which are very nice looking. Also included a like new Winthrop OWB leather holster. Have gun and all original supplied parts including manual and case. $650 cash and it is yours to covet. The only trade I would be interested is a Kimber K6s .357 or possibly the new Colt Cobra 38 +P, depending on finish. Ed Legenza 916 539-1238 text or voice message ok. Am in the Cedar Bluff area of Knoxville and require a face to face transaction, will do a receipt to show sale. I have privileges at ORCA if you want to put a few rounds down it. Note: There is no retouching of the images except that part of the serial number was "erased" for privacy sake. Otherwise, it is in life as it appears in the photos. Sorry I don't have a trade history on TN gun owners, I just moved here in July of last year (love it). https://www.kimberamerica.com/ultra-carry-ca
  7. JustEd

    Sig 365 ?

    re: Topping off magazine: I too had difficulty with the last round in either the 10 or 12 round mags. Good news is that it gets easier as you use the mags. Don't own a mag loader (except for Glock) and at first felt like it needed one....now not so much
  8. Thanks, my shooting buddy is quite sick after an operation. Would like to find some new shooting buddies. Did idpa but it was a hot day so just left when finished. Will pm after holidays
  9. Proud to have moved from California to Tennessee this year. Yes I am conservative and supported Trump, MAGA! Lifetime time gun enthusiast currently in Knoxville, buying a Town-home in Sevierville next year (being built). Main interests are handgun shooting/defense. Have shotty but don't use it much. No rifles at present. Joined ORSA, but need to find a sponsor for permanent membership. I don't like indoor ranges due to existing hearing damage. Reload for handguns (single stage no less) Can answer any question someone might have about firearms, just might not be the correct answer Thanks for the beautiful State and opportunity to be free again!
  10. JustEd

    Sig 365 ?

    Looks good. I have shot friends guns with Tru Glow fiber optic sights and they are indeed easy to see. Let us know if u get them please.
  11. JustEd

    Sig 365 ?

    Haven’t decided yet. I have a love/hate relationship with fiber optics. Will probably just look for the best tritium to my eyes.
  12. JustEd

    Sig 365 ?

    Got one a few weeks ago. About 250 down the tube of various HP and some FMJ as well. Only hiccups were on Speer Gold Dot +p ammo which left the chamber dirty and slide didn’t go back to battery a couple of times. Quick cleaning and no reoccurrence of problem (possibly I didn’t do a good enough initial cleaning). Sig HP and Federal HP just peachy from the get go. 147gr loads feel just fine recoil wise. Don’t like the sights...tritium dots too small and not very bright. Gun also requires that the front dot cover the poi to hit properly. Some other guns I have (Kahr) were done that way and it is not my preference. Gun feels really nice in my hand and trigger is awesome. Will be EDC after changing out sights (others may be happy as is). As an aside it fits my Winthrop OWB leather holster for Kahr just fine, but not a kydex holster I have.
  13. Just my two cents worth, had a Shield and just got rid of it. Lousy trigger on the original models, MII is better though. Would consider a Taurus for fun, but would have to prove itself before using it as EDC.

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