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  1. Had two P365's. One bought myself, other from friend who passed away. Both nice guns. Try locking the slide open before inserting a full magazine into the grip. Then just slingshot the slide to release it or, if you want to look like a rookie, use the slide release The mags do get easier to load as they are cycled. Eventually you should be able to put a full mag in on a closed slide without slapping it so hard. The Hellcat mags seems easier to me, jmo. All in all, sounds like a great purchase. Now, get a Holosun kx2 for it. Make sure any holster you get now will work with a red dot mounted. Enjoy!
  2. My comment was only concerning concealed carry. If that is your aim, look for a good leather holster. Holsters make a great difference for concealed carry.
  3. Wish I could afford one. They seem very well made and have not heard of any bad complaints. Did notice that the DASA versions seem to have a light DA trigger pull. At least the ones I drooled over recently at the gun stores. I carry a snubbie 38 and love the 2" barrel. For some reason the extra 1" makes a 3" a lot harder to conceal. Any 2" barrel gun will have visible muzzle blast at night. But to be honest, so have the 4" and 6" revolvers I have owned. There is still enough barrel on a 2" snubbie to greatly exceed the performance of a 2" 38 spl. btw, on revolvers the barrel length does not include the chamber. So a 2" 38/357 revolver has a somewhat equivalent barrel length to a 3" 9mm
  4. It's the same tactic rich people and large corporations use to get their way. Both have more money to spend on lawyers than do most of the people and organizations, they are screwing over. The courts don't mean anything to tyrants.
  5. Anxious to hear how it works out! Seems that 10mm has just about replaced 40 s&w in terms of interest. Might have to get one myself. Ok when primers are available again (reasonabe prices)or loading.
  6. JustEd

    Premium Gas

    Favor the Sig Elite V-Crown bullets. 124 gr 9mm and 125 gr 38 spl +P compact handgun are two I carry. Appreciate that both perform well in tests and that they are affordable. Affordable means I can cycle a mag or cylinder without worrying about going broke, If I carry 9mm ammo so expensive am afraid to shoot it, albeit sparingly, it may or may not function in the gun when needed, JMO, you asked for opinions and I have a LOT OF THEM! p.s. Not in favor of the 147 gr in a micro compact. In a duty pistol, yeah.
  7. P365 is great. Howver, I don't like slide comps at all on pistols. My Hellcat, no comp, works great with Holosun 407/507 kx2 (needs two studs milled down which is cheap to have done) I dont like the stock trigger on the Hellcat so put in an aftermarket one, Have a great DeSantis leather owb holster. Honestly, I rarely carry it because am tired of cleaning smudges and debris off red dot lens. On the other hand, it will put shots right on the spot at the range . It is reasonably fast to draw and aim (actually might be getting faster than irons considering my aging eyesight). Both great guns, just don't like comps edit: Don't fall for the "bargain" Romeo 0 sight. It is too fragile and difficult to adjust, imo.
  8. ^That is a funny story. ,Siri hates me because I spell her name...wait for it..."A L E X A"
  9. Am very sorry to hear about your injury. To offer up some hope. About ten or so years ago my trigger finger hit the blade on a turbine intake. Hurt like holy heck. Dr. said it would heal but not sure if full function would be restored. Have function back in trigger finger now, took about three years. However it is still quite stiff especially in cold weather. Actually shot a couple of IDPA matches using middle finger as trigger finger while it was healing (after 6 months or so). Awkward, but it worked reasonably well (IDPA allows for some disabilities) Out of necessity, I got enough practice shooting left handed to almost be as good as with my dominant right hand, For those who have shot with me, please stop laughing So heal up and learn to adapt!!! Make sure your are able to grip the handgun enough to be safe!!!
  10. As suggested opened a private window and was able to log into Buds Gun Shop online. So as suggested cleared cookies and some history as well. Now can log into Bud Gun Shop USUALLY, Every on in awhile just typing in budsgunshop.com and hitting return takes me to another gun site also called buds...weird. Am thinking of changing search engines. But thanks to all for the suggestions. At least now I can use firefox to shop for toys.
  11. Glocks tends toward the chunky fat sharp edge frame/grip I have had two of them “rounded” by qualified armorers to lessen the rub points. Cheap to do.
  12. That’s great advice Ski. Will try it and see if it works
  13. Appreciated, Suspect the problem is Firefox implementation on M1 Apple system, My iMac is Intel and Firefox goes to Buds on it just fine,
  14. Yes I know, I works ok on my ancient iMac 27" Intel machine connected to same network, iPhobe 13 works too, Just not on M1 MacBook Air or iPad, That's why I asked...it is WEIRD! ps: What are you running and what is the version number of your Firefox? Am thinking it is something about how it runs on the M1 chip


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