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  1. I don't mind that they are OOS, its that they keep advertising it in they fliers like it was available.
  2. Not to kidnap your thread, but Natchez wizzes me off. I keep getting catalogs with ammo which is neither available not will ever be at the advertised price again Sorry for rant, just need to vent.
  3. My laziness, your gain. Have 500 new rounds of Starline 45 acp brass . I primed these with CCI SP primers after sizing and belling the cases. They have been that way for a couple of years in my closet as I almost never shoot 45 acp anymore. Included in package is 170 Hornady 200 GR XTP HP 45 ACP .451 bullets (please don't call them noses....just don't Package for $125 ftf in Sevierville or very nearby (Bass Pro works for me). Text Ed 916 539-1238 (old cell number but am local in Sevierville) Thanks for looking folks I also have some X-Treme 200 gr pl
  4. That is a Smith and Wesson M&P 15-22, I messed up the topic line
  5. Had this for about six months and just don't shoot it. About 100 or so down the tube. Functions as it should and looks like new, no marks. Has all the original packaging and one original magazine. This has the very nice factory installed MagPul stock and sights (notice the MagPul box of accessories). Aftermarket 1 point sling thrown in. Will throw in a 100 round pack of Winchester Wildcat 22 lr super speed ammo (not the Federal shown in the pic). Got it from SMGA new. Want $325 for it. Am in Sevierville and must be ftf, no shipping. You must be legally able to
  6. Don't even know if the tests are all that accurate? One friend of mine tested positive and a few days later was negative. Same for his son. Possibly the media is just spinning the tests to show a more sever threat than COVID really is. Then again, they could be right. I am not an expert nor do I play one on YouTube :0
  7. btw, and not related to Buds. Just talked to a manufacture of bullets for reloading. They keep changing their website saying how long the delay will be. It is now up to 8-12 weeks. They already charged my cc and not wanting to pay on something I con't have, phoned and cancelled the order. It was the most rude call with a manufacturer I have ever had. The guy just WANTED to argue. Said I called him a liar and he spoke of peoples mothers. Uncouth! Its someplace in the Bayou country. Wow, can you imagine calling Sig for service and getting that kinda of talk. Whew possibly I wi
  8. Is it a sign of the times...hope not? That would be a horrible future to look forward to.
  9. In Sevierville, cash and ftf only. Buyer to be of proper age with no restrictions on owning firearms or ammo. CCI Blazer 230 Grain Auto FMJ 45 acp ammo. $250 for the lot of 500 rounds, prefer to sell as lot. ***THIS IS ALUMINUM CASED AMMO AND NOT RELOADABLE!*** Purchased by me in 2015 and 2016 at a retail store. Think I paid 16-18 bucks per box plus tax. These have been stored in my man cave (second bedroom) under household climatic conditions. Also have a dehumidifier in the room. Have been thinking of passing these on for some tim
  10. Thanks for looking, closed now! The Kahr CW9 is sold...Thanks!
  11. Edit 8/11....Still Looking! Want to start reloading for my 350 Legend but obviously Small Rifle Primers are in short supply. It appears that Large Pistol primers are hard to find also. Have 1000 round boxes of Federal and CCI Large Pistol primers which I don't currently need but are as new. Would like to trade for Small Rifle Primers (one for one). Live in Sevierville and would need to be face to face. Shipping not considered due to hazmat costs. So what ya got to help me on my "Legend-ary" journey ***Please email and will send phone info. ***Am not intere
  12. Have seen a few YouTube vids on this (so now i am an expert). Seems the dominant opinion is that it probably won't hurt the mag spring or mag housing unless they are poorly made. Yet, most also recommend emptying the magazines so that each gets some empty time. Emptying could be either use at the range or manually unloading and the re-loading them. Personally, I doubt this makes much difference...a good mag should be ok for a year or so. With all that said, I keep my Sig P365 mags loaded a round short of capacity because they are so tight when topped off. But that is just me,
  13. Not something that would interest me. Might try a CA revolver sometime, but not in a hard to find on the store shelf caliber. Did I mention not cost effective, imo?
  14. JustEd

    Sig 365 ?

    re: Topping off magazine: I too had difficulty with the last round in either the 10 or 12 round mags. Good news is that it gets easier as you use the mags. Don't own a mag loader (except for Glock) and at first felt like it needed one....now not so much


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