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  1. Hope you find them. I heave read that magnum primers are no hotter than regular, just a thicker or tougher material in the base. That could be wrong....I heard it on YouTube
  2. Purchased new locally Nov of 2018. Sig replaced the front sight recently under warranty, nice and bright now. Has about 500 rounds through it and has run nicely for me. Just never carry it and am eyeing a different 9mm for that right now. Has what is shown in photo, gun, box, manual, three mags including the SIG 12 rounder (also lock). If you look very carefully there is a slight scratch on the receiver just above and behind the extractor. This is included at no extra charge ftf in Sevierville area. $450 for all you see. \Will send phone number if you pm me. Ed
  3. Ok let’s swap. Asked for pic as had never encountered this brand. Online they seem to well thought of Give me a call so we can meet up. Thanks
  4. To expand upon that logic a bit father. Am adamant that I want to get out of reloading so trying to go through all my supplies. It doesn't seem worthwhile to work up a few new loads (different bullet weights) using a different primer. Although...may have to!
  5. Have loaded them by mistake without any problems, but would be nice to have the same load and reliability I am used to. Still, you have a point and if no offers will go that way
  6. Sold, thanks Eric..... Would like to trade 2-1,000 round boxes of CCI #400 Small Rifle Primers for Small Pistol Primers....same quantity and similar make (CCI/Federal/Win). Have been properly stored call or text. Ed at 916 539-1238. Am local in Sevierville and want ftf trade, not into shipping.
  7. Not a new theory. There has been documentation of the melting ice causing the gulf current to shift further south. As to a sudden climatic shift like in the movie...well that was HOLLYWOOD!
  8. If it is a carry gun, go for the more concealable yet manageable gun, that would often be the 9mm version.
  9. Thought the lower limit for hydrostatic shock was 2200fps. You shooting magnum 40's? Just in good humor!
  10. Am not speaking as an expert, however suspect the problem may be a auto brightness setting on you red dot. Have two pistol mounted Sig Romeo 1 pro red dots and a lowly Crimson Trace (carbine). All are manually adjusted for brightness and all work fine in complete darkness. If your red dot has an auto brightness feature it may be turning the dot down too low in darkness for your eyes. Check the user manual to see if you can adjust this or go to full manual brightness settings. Have heard some red dots are auto only, hope that is not the case for yours. Best of luck!
  11. Good perspective. "Burnout" is a good term for what I am experiencing. Not selling much, maybe some reloading stuff (probably not). Thanks!
  12. For quite a few years I did not reload 9mm because 1k cases were cheap, also shot more 38/45 then but reloaded for them. Now a single primer is worth more than what I used to pay for a 9mm Blazer or PMC round. No way that will happen again.
  13. Just saying I am not going to chase ammo and reloading supplies anymore. Seems like a game no longer worth playing, just how I see it. Shoot what I have, SAME SOME DEFENSIVE ROUNDS, then move on.
  14. The changes in...well everything...this last year has me rethinking my shooting activities. Shooting has been a lifelong interest because it is challenging yet relaxing, for me. It has always been an accessible hobby with a semi-reasonable. coast. It has been FUN! I don't know, it doesn't seem like the future is all that bright for us in the shooting community, not talking politics. So I have loaded every 9mm, 38 spl and 45 act cases I have. Used up all my X-treme bullets in the process, almost all my primers. Won't worry anymore about getting ammo or reloading supplies. Shoot up what I have and then move on to other things so to speak. Have a couple of 22's in case the urge hits me down the road a bit. It has been a great hobby, but just not worth all the bucks or effort anymore. Yeah, a couple of shooting buddies want to get me into crossbow or paintball, not sure I can or want to adapt. Anyone relate to this?


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