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  1. Quick note on these. Yes they are fantastic, I sold off my Geissele's after upgrading. I have both for the AR10 and AR15. But...if you have an alignment issue with the extension lugs do all you can to verify, it may not be your receiver or extension, but the tool out of spec. They do not do the machine cut for the charging handle fin, its subbed out. How do I know this.... First time I used my 308 MI rod in putting together an upper, it would not line up, was off a few degrees. It fit the extension lugs without the receiver ruling out the lug cut, and the extension pin was centered o
  2. Barely used, perfect condition with original box and factory included items. Model 629-6 post lock. I thought I would a slightly longer barrel for this round and liked the full double lug, but I prefer a 4" Looking for: 29 / 629 in 4" 329 PD Some relation to the above that is not a Ruger Let me know what you got, can swap pics for interested parties. Thanks
  3. Thanks for tracking on it. I have just noticed that 762x39 has jumped another $100. So the pressure is increasing. I was at Bass Pro this Monday. They said they got more 9mm after a wait over a week. They are not putting it out, they are holding it back for those buying pistols. They are charging $15 per box for 9mm range ammo, and I am sure that is at a fair profit margin. So that confirms in recent time the distributors are still not the issue. FWIW, I passed on buying the ammo.
  4. My EMP went back for light primer strikes (titanium firing pin) to get get a proper steel firing pin. It received on a Tuesday and back in the mail on Thursday, so cant ask for much better. They have great customer service from the two times I have had to work with them. Good luck, I am sure they will get you sorted.
  5. 3x ASC 30 round (2 new in bag) + 1 Hexmag 30 round + 1 new C-Product 5 round for when the marshalls are afoot. The two not in bags have almost no use, they were from my fathers estate. SOLD
  6. Not sure the type of roof rack you'd need for your beetle
  7. The P227 is a great gun, it should not have been discontinued. I had a Tacops and in general the 14 round deal gave it a bad rep, outside them being a bit girthy compared to the 220 grip. All you have to do is get some heavier springs and they worked 100%. If you can find 14 rounders. You probably have already noticed the 14 round mags seem to be triple gold plated so folks want a mint for them. The 10's are only silver plated You can still get P227 Tacops extended G10 grips if you want them. Many of us use to get a spare set and cut them down for the 10 rounders. I still have a ne
  8. Erich

    Wrong forum

    Its still a novel concept to me, not being treated like a gun buyer is a problem waiting to happen. CA did not allow more than 1 every 30 days on top of the 10 day waiting period. The first couple months here, I did go pretty nuts. The upside to the pandemic lack of supply and overpricing in is it helps rein that in. BTW, that PPQ is one I already owned. I just got the 2 PDP's. Though someone may want to see is replacement next to one. Looks like we dont have many Walther fans though.
  9. Well that sounds a bit racist All those are born equally evil !
  10. If you have any problems making arrangements, I’ll be glad to give it a try with my MGW tool. If just ask you cover the chest of the APX shoe ( should be less than $20) and I’d give you the shoe after. Conversely, I could offer you a deal on a MGW sight pro. I have two and could sell one, but you’d still need to buy the shoe for it.
  11. That's an impressive restoration, great job on the wood repair. It pretty much heirloom worthy now
  12. Great pick up! I have their Tacops and Carry, this is the perfect hybrid. My aversion to every going to Nashville kept me from this one. Anyone who does not own a Sig 1911 should very much consider one. They have nicely fitted barrel bushings and shoot above their price class on top of being reliable.
  13. Well there you went and named the things I was (maybe too obviously) talking around....because they are where (?) no no's. Weaponizing civil rights! Control of Media. The building blocks of securing 1A for the few to control the message, use against the many who are forbidden to use 1A or have a forum to demonstrate for their beliefs or protect their rights.


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