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  1. Did you ask them if they had an Aston Martin they could put on lay-away for you? Nice piece
  2. Comes with ammo box. 12 boxes of Remington 165gr Core-Lokt soft points $400 Cash, no trades please. I have no desire or plans to go Nashville...seriously what sane person would with all those singing hippies running around.
  3. If have said which ever they shoot better. Good for your ladies being willing to take care of business
  4. Erich

    I Hope!!!

    I like anything that ends in pie! But whip cream is more awesomer Sounds like you had yourself a hell of a feast. And what great choices for sweets.
  5. I do wish I had a compelling reason to go toward Nashville. Last time I put it in the GPS to check route time. It just came back....'oh hell no' I'm going to add a lever gun soon enough. If I get the 3rd reason to go...well...uhgh...maybe.
  6. Fantastic! May your good taste continue to serve your both well.
  7. Ok guys, after noodling on this, I thought maybe a scotch would help lubricate the brain. Then it hit me. All revolvers are X + 1 !! We have to remember our good old fashioned American know how and ingenuity.
  8. Erich

    I Hope!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving folks, hope everyone stays healthy. Looking forward to the ceremonial pumpkin pie and 5 cans of whip cream!
  9. I forgot about Dead Zero. I am a transplant myself and have not been to dead zero in person. When I landed in 2018 it was not fully completed but the big detractor was the distance at almost an hour and half away. When I was at my CRC orientation I did talk to a couple members who said they had built it out and were impressed. Both Montlake and Dead Zero are a bit of a trek for me. If the distance isn't an issue, seems hard pressed to not have a Dead Zero membership with it higher end offerings. I was going to look at options again in spring myself for a distance range and one that had b
  10. Sorry to hear about your situation Robert. Please disregard PM, I see you had a later post with your Paypal info. Sorry it could not be more. Very amazing show of support. Thanks Erik88 for kicking it off. Best wishes.
  11. The ISP provided hardware using the combined modem/router tend to be poor on the router side. Lower bands and poor signal strength compared to dedicated router with good antennae design. A modern quality router connected to that modem/router is pretty much the way to go if you want strong wifi throughout a home without dropouts and packet loss.
  12. More excess new glass that never found a project. This is the version with the Adjustable Objective (AO) that allows you to dial out parallax, not the cheaper version that is all they offer now. Bullet drop MOA reticle with 1/4 MOA turret adjustments Nice Vortex glass more capable than the new offering for less. SOLD


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