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  1. No need to get into any of the other stuff, you are done right there. All the black 92's currently offered are done in Bruniton finish, which is a matte black paint over a parkerized surface finish. With military and police in mind, they didnt want a reflective surface. While some folks may like flashy shiny finishes, the last think you want is to get light reflecting of your flashy gun letting the bad guys now where they need to drop their fire.
  2. Its good to see the resurgence in OTA now that the market has been collapsing with takeovers driving out consumerism and giving Big Cable more power. After cutting the cord and dumping comcast a while back, I have played with Roku, Sling, et al. 2 questions are important to ask going into this: 1. how important is TV or specific programming, or is it just background filler when you're bored? 2. Can you or your significant other do without, or are you watching as its more important to your significant other The item most struggle with, and the biggest loss is reliable DVR capability. Anyone considering this must look at the fix of network channels vs non network and how much they record from NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, and CW. With the number one thing being how much do commercials annoy you or your desire to skip them. At 20 mins of advertising out of every hour, you find out just how little $200 a month is! The big providers have fully matured systems and equipment for a seamless experience. While you can back into much of what you had, there are tradeoffs. Yes you save money, but that margin decreases as you add on the optional service packages. And depending on your set of workarounds (that is what they are) you sacrifice some reliability. Specifically in your DVR capability. Our current setup is Fiber internet, Sling DVR, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and OTA. I sent my Roku back as it lacked the integration offered by the Sling player and did not always play nice with a Sling player. The best "deal" for DVR is thru a Sling device that allows you to hook up an external hard drive of OTA and the extra $5 a month for the Cloud DVR. These devices can be sensitive to signal quality and recordings can get lost if your OTA signal breaks up. So extensive testing of your OTA placement should be done. Also, if you use a wireless feed to your device versus a dedicated CAT5 hardwired internet connection, any packet loss to that feed can make you loose a recording. So you should have a wired internet connection where you locate your player. This was a non issue pretty much with Big Cables device but you get to know how important that is why why they check it on installs until you have to figure that one out on your home brewed setup Also, we found that watching a recorded show while 2 were recording could overtax the system and cause one of the shows being recorded to be corrupted (lost). So we watch Netflix if two things are recording at the same time, which is generally all night on must see Thursday. And here is the other thing you don't realize at times. It can be important how many shows you record at once. We can record 2 at a time. Should have been good. But turns out networks like to compete and put shows on at conflicting times to draw audience. Or course we knew that, but didn't feel it until we dropped Big Cable's box that could record 4 at a time. So the first couple times my wife ran into her being unable to record her 3rd show and I got the earful....we had to sit and prioritize on those conflicts who did we skip or who had network On demand thru Sling. We have landed on a mostly stable setup, occasionally skip recording a show that we were so so on. My wife curses much less now that she is accepting it and only occasionally asks when we'll go back to comcast versus every other day when we were sorting out what worked best. But looking at the "savings", there is a little, but surprising not that much. The big thing is, like so many hear have noted, you can buy and drop as needed. So you choose versus being forced into long term contracts/ But if you evaluate the base you ALWAYS pay outside the premiums to watch specific thing, you may be surprised. The item most leave out of this is their stand along internet provider which was previously bundled in Big Cable's bill.
  3. Phosphate BCG from my M5 308. Low round count, approx 80 to 90 rounds. Works great, cycled 100%, just upgrading to the Nitride unit in the foreground. $110 shipped SOLD Will be crossposted.
  4. Tired of all your Sig fanatic friends laughing at you for using the much frowned upon E2 one piece grip? Well shut them up with the G10's loved by the Siganista without having to retail or even the cheapest ebay offer. Had a Sig P227 Tacops (factory extended G10 for the big mags) that was sold some time ago and forgot I had bought these and never got to put them on. $78 shipped. Item will be cross posted to the Sig forum *Note, I like E2's personally, but your nutty Sig friends will still laugh at you because that is how those fanatics roll.
  5. That's a beauty Bill. Right place and time no doubt. Enjoy!
  6. Updated....the price includes shipping for those that dont want to make the drive to the lovely 'noog
  7. With regard to the lower, yes sir. These do have the actual M4A1 upper that is used by .mil vs the heavy barrel LE6920 uppers. Its a marketing thing for sure, but cool if you are into clones. I liked these because they are actually made by Colt. I wasn't going to get the M16A1 since its not made by Colt, but I got to see one and the folks that they contract do a great job on the markings and build.
  8. As close as you can get to the current issue M4A1 without the fun switch I bought two of these recently, and decided to acquire one of Colts M16A1's, so selling one. I was selective when looking and this is a great example with perfect cosmetics and the proper cage code markings (some new Colt uppers have not been coming marked). These come out in small batches and a great opportunity to save a bit on a collectable Colt. Has a true Colt SOCOM 14.5" barrel with a pinned and welded extended flash hider bringing total length to 16.1" to avoid SBR. Factory Knights Armarment M4 RAS and Matech rear sight. KAC VFG and extra rail section in sealed parts bag. This is new and still covered in the dousing of heavy factory oil. SOLD
  9. I am sure you'll love it. I put one in my XDM just to try to see how extreme I could get it (it was pretty good from the factory, already on the lighter side) and its a huge improvement though it may be a bit too light @ 2.5lbs. Here is another suggestion for you (url is misleading): https://gogunusa.com/products/copy-of-gas-pedal-cg-for-sig-p320
  10. I can offer you some observations based on having a couple G19's and a range of 320's. I'll qualify I love Glocks and 320's, it will come down you preferences, but I don't think its clear cut without knowing what it is you are expecting out of the XCompact assuming you are already familiar with a G19. For example, do you expect it to be feel and carry smaller due to its shorter barrel / slide? There may have been some initial confusion from some who did not realize the Compact and XCompact are not the same in several ways. I have a 320 Sub-Compact which shares the XCompacts 3.6 in length, and like my M&P 2.0 Compact in 3.5", I really like that length for a carry gun. The only issue with the Sig is the beavertail adds to its overall length so you dont realize the full potential of the shorter barrel. And that gets worse with the extended beaver of an X style module. The Glock is a bit slimmer. Even though the X module is narrower than a standard module, its still wider than a Glock compact frame. I have an X module that I had reduced as the original Carry version is bigger than than the standard Medium front to back, including shaving the beavertail down. I think the XCompact will lose a bit in that concealability dept around printing compared to a Glock but more for shape give overall grip length with mag is close. All that said, I call Sig every couple weeks to try to get an XCompact module to run my Sub compact slide on as I only give up the RMR capability, which I would never run on an EDC anyway. I have an X-Carry, and like David, I scratched my head at the rear iron being attached to the plate. The 320 RX Compact with the same length slide has a rear iron, why not standardize? I think pretty much everyone hates that siting all the examples where folks retain them in other brands but made worse when Sigs own 320 shows there was plenty of room. Its just an X thing I guess. And its dumb and a miss. That said....I do not agree with David with regard as that being an issue. The Romeo does in fact have a notch at the rear to serve in a back-up capacity. Its a reduced profile compared to a traditional iron, so its not a fantastic sight picture for bullseye shooting @ 25yds, but they did in fact think of that. Realistically when you factor most real world need to have your EDC will be an engagement of 3 - 5 yards, if your are the guy that needs sights at that distance versus realizing the guy who gets off he first shot is the one surviving to go home....its not a huge issue even if its not ideal based on our wish list. I have Romeo's on my 229 and 320's, and I put one on my FNX45. Its a great $200 RMR and would recommend anyone pick one up when Sig is selling them at half price.
  11. Just saw this, I have a couple Aero build sets and I probably wont get to all of them. If whatever your looking at falls thru feel free to hit me up.

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