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  1. I have an OSP and RDP. I really don’t need both, but haven’t totally settled on which one I’m keeping. Feel free to PM, let me know what you had in mind if you don’t go with smga.
  2. Damn! That is some really vivid imagery you painted in so few words. It striking how close to death you can come just by circumstances and how a few seconds difference in timing of things could have played out. I wasn’t there, but will carry the images for awhile, it’s impossible to imagine how indelible it is to you. Almost dying and then moments later having to do what you did probably mostly negates any good feeling you could have had from narrowly surviving. Glad you are talking to someone, hopefully they can help give you some peace after 40 years. Kudos to the bravery and sense of duty the aviators showed in their final moment, sticking with their wounded bird to save others knowing they would likely be making the ultimate sacrifice.
  3. Love it! I really wanted one of these, but nearly impossible to get were I was at the time. Nice lucky find They were, around 2013 or so. Share some lineage and parts but if I recall the receivers are different and the most recent was a modified M70 slanted receiver. The beauty part on the mags was you could file down the tab of M1A/M14 mags and they worked perfectly. Had plenty of those so no spendy proprietary mags to buy.
  4. I had one and can highly recommend them. I found it to be surprisingly accurate, but no doubt that was in large part due to better quality 308 than the usual x39 steel case Russian I put thru x39. If you run accross one that is still configured with the thumbhole at a deal, jump on it. I sold mine since I bought a Galil in x51 and it is the best of all worlds IMO. Much better ergos than the M77 though I didnt bench it the M77 to compare accuracy. Seems close enough. If you get a deal on a Galil in x51.....really jump on it.
  5. Midway USA. And they qualify for free shipping @ $50+ https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1021435015?pid=803179 Now that pandemic fueled shortages are turning to excess stockpiles, nice to see some nice deals coming back. Unfortunate we started a deals section at a point when events caused all sales to disappear.
  6. I think there is a positive in this that may go unappreciated. This could have gone a number of ways at the point the original screws were successfully removed and new non factory screws installed with one broken off. I am not hearing that S&W questioned a number of things here, and are instead standing behind their product in good faith. As unfond of S&W one might want to be because of turnaround and diminished QC for throughput necessary to meet high demand , sounds like they are taking care of it without a hassle. Sounds like as much of a win as one could get given the situation. FWIW, I’d be willing to bet if it were a couple other companies I won’t name, they would have responded much differently, possibly with some finger pointing. Sorry Mr. Dave, but I trust you’ll get a outcome your happy with. Good luck!
  7. How many amendments have banned guns (yet anyway)? Alcohol? Prohibition history pretty much answers it I think. Good example of effects of widespread beliefs on an entire society. While not a prevalent, the same drivers exist to today, just more localized and 21st prevents them from going full nuts. You see it in other aspects as well, such as recent events in TX. Here that first part on guns is true, but in other states you cant sell without at least going thru a license holder. Prevailing majority opinion driven by ideology by region. But, you can consign liquor to a licensee for sale. Essentially the hoops that those people in gun hating states have to go thru are pretty much the norm for alcohol in most places. Welcome to a taste of blue state garbage, sucks right? Zealotry by geographic area is more diverse, maybe that is good. You can escape to some degree, but tradeoffs no doubt. More zealots hate alcohol as its to blame for mans woes, but they sure don't seem to have that same hate of guns. Heathen blue states have soccer moms to fill the void of do-gooders who want to impose their wills / beliefs on those things and people they see as evil or moral in danger. But those soccer moms drink like fish. So they usually don't like booze restrictions / blue laws. They are just looking out for your moral character and society's well being after all. I mean come one, if you could buy and sell anything freely, just think of all the bad you would be doing.
  8. Come on now, don't y'all feel safer. Thank you TABC for protecting us! Seriously, this is rooted in something deeper than money. It all about control. The tax bit is just a surface item to pay for the enforcement. As pointed out there is not cut in these scenarios. Alcohol laws have a lot of history around social norms and their religion based drivers. In this case, they would go on about a licensee having he burden to ensure they are of age and so on. Keep you safe....whenever you here that garbage....its just someone wanting to control. This community completely relates to anti gun activity as govt over reach, politicians pandering to their majority. Maybe you have to be from one of the no blue law heathan states to appreciate it. Blue laws in the bible belt are just another form of government over reach imo. I was really blown away by things like dry counties and finding out I could not get certain beverages shipped to me here. Or that you cant buy a car on a Sunday. Folks love to weaponized their belief systems onto others if they can get a quorom on like minded together. Its not human nature to live and let live. We must save you from yourself. Whether that be guns or alcohol or whatever.
  9. Here is something of a family heirloom item. My dad bought this at Fort Ord in '74 or '75 . I came into possession of this bottle in 2018 after my father passed. As part of my childhood, I am glad its not one of the items the step family stole as they worked over his possessions before we got down there. Some keen eye will notice scotch tape around the cap. Yes, there is a story. First the pic for those that dont care to know that story. My parents like to have cocktail parties. Thought it was cute to have me try things. My dad really liked bourbon and 7's. So I got that taste way to early on. Around 1980 I started going thru their booze cabinet after school. It was just regular stuff, noting special. I would eye that beam bottle that sat with a couple other bottles on a display shelf. I had the sense they were off limits so avoided them. Thinking it was just that they were just really into league bowling back when we lived on base years before. But the curiosity of 14 to 15 year old me couldn't take it. Why was it special other than the novelty bottle, which I didnt understand at the time. So 40ish years ago I cracked that bottle open. Smelled it. Didn't smell special. Realized better (waaaay to late!), and put the cap back on without having any. Then of course, dumped in my pants because I realized that I had broken the seal. Well, you cant see it from the front I thought, so I should be good because because I didnt take any and the level of full. Just a few days later I found out just how wrong that thinking was. Mom noticed it dusting since she dusts under things (didnt think of that). And the words, "just wait till your dad gets home". I had not seem dad that PO'd and I got it pretty good. He put that tape around the neck and told me in no uncertain terms what would happen to me if that tape ever showed being tampered with. Apparently these were also something that he had run into back in Vietnam so that was part of the reason he got one later, not just that they were into bowling at the time. Tape is still intact 40 years on. Any value it have had as a collectible was destroyed by me all those years ago as a teen. My wish was that when we landed out here in 2018, we would finally open it in enerst. But unfortunately he passed 6 weeks prior to my arriving. My next trip down to South GA, I plan to take this with me at pour one out at the grave site now that probate and the mess down there is finalized.
  10. Good scotch or the $40 kind? joking. I love me some monkey shoulder. Next time someone is at Trader Joes, great bottle for $30 Only $50ish at Total wine for the 1.75l
  11. Erich


    wrong place
  12. Best of luck with your test result. While I agree the media / drug company driven fear around exposure is overdone, appreciate your concern around being an unwilling spreader and trying to ensure you aren't that guy.
  13. Well, I am not man enough for Mezcal or Tequila, so you underestimate yourself! Same story as to many, one night in college made it my kryptonite. Now it can turn my stomach if someone is drinking it across the table. I dont even know why the CIA went with waterboarding when Tequila would have been much more effective at getting answers.
  14. If you've managed to open it some time ago and make it last that long, that is pretty amazing! The 15 was one of my favs. Usually first one opened for the year. Then the 17 Eagle rare. I had to hide it from my wife after it was opened or I wouldn't get any.
  15. Yeah, not too many things come in the black velvet bag I guess. If ya used Google, that’s cheating!! Its 2014, like the Stagg. Last year I was able to get the entire range.


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