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  1. Added pic of mags in bags. Happy 4th.
  2. Just got my order from Brownells who recently started offering a shipment of Romanian TT-33C's from M&M. There were listed at $219.99. End result, $199.99 to my door for a numbers matching arsenal refinished TT-33....heck, I may need another one. The one I received was all numbers matching, original star grips in perfect shape, lanyard magazine, and a great barrel. The arsenal finish was a re-blueing, but it was not as nice as some. Part of that had to do with the fact this gun had a lot of surface metal variation from areas which showed heavier sanding or wire wheel marks without being smoothed over before it was dipped. Also they didnt flush grind the extractor pin as with the original guns. Final product is a bit splotchy up close or under the bright lighting, but considering its surplus its good overall. Their site is not currently set up to handle someone with an C&R, just ship to FFL1's. So I called and was quickly transferred to a very nice compliance person. I let her know they are C&R guns and I wanted to buy if I could have it sent to me. She verified with her one up that was OK (my C&R was already on file with them for the discount). But she would have to enter it. I asked about using their current $20 off $200....tried it, and it was all good. Being an edge member, I get free shipping and no gun xfer fee (normally $10). If you have that set-up, well worth picking one or two of these up.
  3. Not far at all, be happy to meet along that route. I'll PM you as I do have this cross posted in another forum
  4. Deal sweetner, up to 4 new mags and local discount for saving on shipping.
  5. Height is your friend for indoor stuff, away from electrical interference of wires that run thru walls. Had an initial problem with ABC. Ghetto attached with painters tape to the arch of a vaulted ceiling about 12 ft high on the second story and full strength. Wife asked about a better solution than painters tape...I tell her its long term testing unless she grows a fondness for ladders sometime soon
  6. Its clear the ammo folks are more dynamic and have adjusted well. They seem to appreciate the cyclical nature and are bringing their margins back by keeping output lower. So while folks hope for prices to drop, I personally don't expect it to be substantial, and nothing like the gun glut. Ammo is a consumable and inventories are easier to modulate on their side. You have to keep buying ammo, not guns. I don't believe we will see prices getting to the lows of 2016-17 levels. Looking at examples, there was a bit of surplus building thru 2017 as the 9mm and 223 production ramped up post Sandy Hook frenzy. Ammo prices back then were lower for desirable calibers on top of plentiful recurring manufacturers rebates. It was not uncommon to end up with .17 - .18 cents per round (cpr) for quality brass 223/5.56 for example. Looking at todays prices, you can see they have slowed production some time ago to run out surplus, 6 months ago deals were hard to find and most decent stuff was running at 28 to 30 cpr to your door without any incentives. Now its down to .26 but incentives are rare. The LEO switch to 9mm on top of production cuts also seem to raise price for several months. Fortunately looks like they anticipate supplying the LEO need and resulting switch of the gunmarket to follow the trend and mass exodus from .40. Its an area they are increasing output seeing high demand. Prices over the last couple months seem to have dropped well, but not down to levels of .12 to .14 cpr seen 2 to 3 years ago. I guess .16 to .17 cpr to your door is nothing to sneeze at, but that is a 20 to 30 percent over lows. Not black rifle ammo's 50% ugly though.
  7. Hmmm. Well, guess I just got saved by the FTF requirement.
  8. Doh, guess I would fail if I ever took up B&E and a hobby. I have one of those harbor freight $5 pry bars like he had, guess I know another thing they are good for!
  9. Be prepared, but hope you never have to answer those questions. On another note, was the backdoor unlocked? I didnt see door damage or wood flying out from a doorframe if kicked in. I find myself a bit prone to making (biased) value judgements about the neighborhood and typical recreational habits based on stacked dishes and garbage all over. And folks locking doors at least to keep the police from strolling in.

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