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  1. Update: Looks like we done broke it. Scheduled maintenance
  2. Its the one in the pic that SmokyBaer posted. I bought it form another member on the M14 forum almost 10 years ago. I had bought a new National Match and was planning to do the upgrade. The difference between the National Match and M21 at that time was M21 stock used the oversize match stock with the adjustable adjustable cheek riser, and the heavy profile barrel. National Match's were already glass bedded, so for me I wanted the adjustable riser since I planned to scope the rifle. But I never ended doing that or even shooting the National Match since I had a couple of other M14's at the time. Looking over my accumulated parts, I know I don't plan to do that in the future since I've not ever shot the NM and considering I may sell that. I forgot how I went hog wild on collecting back then. I have other GI stocks and vented hanguards. I was thinking if I sold the NM I would get one of the current shorter barrel versions and might use one of the GI stock / handguards as I wont end up ever scoping one realistically.
  3. Natches has some very low price on either 9mm or 40 CCI Independence brass. It was 199.99 for 1k about 2 hours ago, now showing at 209.99. But the catch is, all the other gun crazy horders are slammin their website and you may not be able to get in. I have been trying on and off for the last 2 hours and get internal server error, so have not been able to verify the caliber. I am assuming that some folks are managing to get in and buy based on their site volume alogarithm upping the price . Good luck. Hope some of the gents here can luck into some
  4. Did they change it up so that you have to have subscribe just to look at the marketplace? I have a high enough post count and marketplace feedback so that shouldn't be a problem. I'm a very infrequent flyer these days. I was looking to get an idea of what an M21 stock might be going for. I forgot I had gotten one years ago until I ran into it today. From context looks like this might be a sold one, but not go for me. https://www.m14forum.com/threads/for-sale-stock-parts.521451/
  5. I literally spit up my drink and laughed at that last thing. The first time I encountered euro inspired ‘combat sights’ I felt the same way. What? You cover up what you want to hit? You mean so you can’t actually see what you’re hitting? No matter how many times I hear the rational over ‘target’ sight, its not a selling point.
  6. After watching 4” Anacondas on GB for the last 3 years, I was happy Colt finally decided to add a 4” model to the Anaconda line earlier this year. Truth be told, I have a love - hate relationship with Colt, so I reluctantly caved to fill the hole left in the stable by selling my 629. I just received it back from Colt today, the test target had 4 rounds making one large hole dead center. Look forward to taking my first shots with it. Hope to update with impressions after that.
  7. a P01 and 1911 love child! Yes please. Nick....damn you. I think my P01 is about to go up for sale.
  8. open to trade and lower price. I don’t have a list. modern low use handgun along the lines of a Cz Shadow or custom vs run of the mill.
  9. This is the picture I wish we'd see in the mass (liberal) media. These are the ones who would keep AK's if they are banned. These are the ones who won't be remove their brace now that its a caliber increasing death device. Pretty good bet all 3 are felons who cant legally own guns. But expect to see plenty of pics of the law abiding at guns stores instead pm their next anti-gun misinformation post
  10. I'm pretty happy with my 509. In 2019 there was a problem with 509's breaking strikers and they recommended on dry firing the pistols. Apex offered a replacement strengthened striker. FN had updated the striker later that year and as far as I know they resolved that problem. Haven't encountered any issues with mine, suppressed or not. I did opt for the Apex striker because mine was made at the time it was a concern. I have a number of Glocks. I have a 23C as a carry gun. I like them. The FN is an easier gun to shoot well IMO


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