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  1. I am fully onboard with that. I would be more of the mind that this tale grew as it was passed on. It was easy enough to test anyway. FWIW, I ran a zip in Knoxville and my old zip in CA (waaaaay overpriced area) just out of curiosity. All within $300 of this area, with all taking around 2k deductions. The thing that pops to me is the offers are under trade value. That suggests they don't really want them over a traditional dealer. The retail price is higher at 35k vs the 32k retail was last year. Stands to reason one would do better on a trade these days. But the rumors of being handed a bag of cash and a new car....have em tell me where, I'm ready to go for a drive! Heck, as long as its not Hawaii, it'd totally be worth it. My new car smells is almost gone. Its sad.
  2. Not selling it, just wanted to check the notion of used cars selling over original price. Maybe ammo.... not Toyotas
  3. I found it hard to believe that a place is paying more than new for 2017 Tacoma. Turns out I have exactly that and went to test. Its 17 Tacoma TRD sport 4x4 loaded to the gills with only 10k miles on it. After plugging it into Carvana, and as of today it is no where near new price in this area, so the generalization does not appear to hold. Its about what KBB was on it last year. Not sure where the reports are coming from, but its either BS or it was an anomaly from an overpopulated high cost of living metro area with zero cars to sell. Chattanooga gave it a 2k hit on the price....apparently no one wants them here.
  4. Merry Christmas Donnysunshine! You must be livin right. Nice score
  5. I'll take this, pending meet. PM sent
  6. Thats kinda like saying a filet and hamburger are the same since they both are mostly cow Whiskey is the catchall. Bourbon and Scotch are both whiskey, As is Rye. But pretty different. Bourbon is primarily corn mash and Scotch is mostly barley. Generalizations, some mixing there. And of course how they are made. I personally dont get the heavy peet in some Scotch, but some Bourbon they scorch the barrels for a bit of smoke.
  7. I started my wife drinking bourbon by using something decent (makers) and mixing it lower power with 7-up. Its hard not to like bourbon seven. I have to hide the good stuff from her now. If you ever feel inclined for a bit of self loathing some evening and happen to find it in your booze cabinet Totally with you on the IPA. Not sure what the draw is for a pine sol & urine flavored beverage.
  8. I need to verify if my new Manson Headspace GO gauge is not to spec or if my chamber is actually short. Not closing on a go gauge using 2 different bolts. Bolts spaces good in my 308 barrel. 1 bolt closes on round (but tight) while other does not. I am leaning 70% short chamber on a new Balllistic Advantage barrel, but would like to confirm. Appreciate any help.
  9. Erich

    A1 style AR?

    Windham builds a solid rifle, one of the better price to quality ratios. They were the former Bushmaster crew but with improved quality over Bushmaster. In the sub 1k range for a ready to go, that is your best bet. Hydra-matics were one of the original contract builds only for the military. You can occasionally buy them today, but since they have go fast switches and NFA, you're gonna have to up your budget a bit. Or sell your house I dont think you have to question the why. Heck, probably more of a why not. IMO no collection is complete without one. The modern carbines are all good, but if you are limiting it for nostalgia, it has to be one of the most iconic rifle version if not the most iconic.
  10. Erich

    A1 style AR?

    Yes sir, was aware and not surprised since that how I read their release back in September. I was referring to rifle supply and the general effect of killing secondary market parts supply driving current cost of that supply up for those looking to put one together or buy one. The small amount they recently released shouldn't have any material impact. FWIW, their retro A1 was not actually put together by them, which may be one of the reason they were a bit nicer. It would be great if they fully licensed that vendor to make more to get the price realistic. Though the market for the full size rifle is more niche to have that happen. Unlike their M4A1 Socom which they could sell by the truckload even if its a subpar clone. If they were smart, since they have that line up and running, they'd start knocking more of those out since they are obviously chasing the panic dollars.
  11. Erich

    A1 style AR?

    The only real older rifle version all wear the pony, and anything pony is out of line with them stopping commercial civilian production. Even before that, SP1 Colts were on the way up with the interest in retro's. They are expensive at 1500 to 2000 for not so great ones, so likely preclude that route. Good news is, like some have alluded to, just about everyone jumped into the retro market the last 2 to 3 years and makes their version. Question is really what is your limit, and how "close" to the real thing do you want it. The hanguards and fixed carry handle look, or era and model correct down to colors, correlated furnture, and/or markings. For example, do you want the early 67 version with the 3 prong brush catcher and D (swivel) buttsock, or later birdcage fixed trapdoor. Many of the current market offerings are a mashup, if you care. Most folks that just want the 10 feet away look really like the Brownells offering, with the most recent Colt branded retro (arguably the best correct replica) rollmarked Propery of US version that clocked in at 2500 retail. They were going on GB for 1500 last year because everyone thought they were overpriced, but now....yeah....its got a pony on it making it over the 2k mark. Couple good reviews out there. The guy who worked for Colt did a comparo of the BRNM16A1 versus the Colt CRM16A1 and tried to make the Brownells offering look better while contradicting himself due to his disdain of Colt. So factor some of that. Best bet for authenticy, may be to source a NOS or lightly used genuine A1 upper and use a repro lower, like the Nodak Spud. That is what my retro is made up of and it looks pretty on point. If they had the Colt offering I would have gotten that, its like the real deal with out the go fast switch.
  12. The problem there is assuming everyone who lives here has always lived here, and that's glazing over your edit to pile on after Smith made the point. As someone who had to buy real mags over the last two years after escaping CA, I can say your thought is not valid for all. I can appreciate why so may have a limited perspective, but all good if it helps anyone who it was intended for.
  13. Ha. Different....but on the surface.... Not quite the same as 100 million+ folks in all states driven by mass media educed panic and thinking they need a lifetime supply. That was selfish people buying more than their needs, or with the intent of reselling. A few 10's of thousands of CA gun owners though feel that way right now. Intended for those that may not follow the politics or care about CA. If you can wait, you just don't need em anyway. But if you just bought a gun and need a couple mags, good to know. Unless one thinks a few here may be stacking mags to the ceiling to go with their TP collection
  14. Some may have noticed that Brownell's has been down or very slow to respond. The reason is CA gun owners are hammering their server with a run on standard cap magazines. If you have been putting off an order or were in need in the near future, now is the time to do this to avoid a supply problem down the road. Same occurred March 2019 and these freedom hungry CA gun owners bought out the US supply of high cap mags in within a couple days. Before COVID limited production, it only took a few weeks to replenish stock, but the wait will be longer this time around. And if the Dems win, a secondary run on ban scare will ensue. Dont get caught with your pants down like those that were not stocked up on ammo. Details here:

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