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  1. Last item, easy shipping if you are too far out for FTF. Info provided in post so you can look up appropriate UPS ground shipping cost. Using your big boy pants would be much appreciated
  2. I cant say if you're an oddball or not, but you definitely would not be alone in doing that. I have or have had variants accross a number of brands, Sig, Beretta, Glock CZ, various 1911's, S&W's....and I am sure others that are not coming right to me. If you like a particular gun it seems logical do get a version more suited to a particular use if its offered.
  3. Erich

    Hug your family a little closer tonight.

    I can only imagine how you must have felt given how horrific those pictures are. And no doubt your baby girl, was blessed to come back to you. Best wishes, glad she made it thru.
  4. Erich

    Ruger piston guns Discontinued (AR)

    I love how easy it is to clean up my SR762. Margic is right on the money, it does carry a more noticeable thump than a DI 308. The only Piston 308 I've run into that didnt act that way was a Galil.
  5. Another New, never mounted scope that I never got around to using. You all know how plans are.... Follows the Vortex Strike eagle formula, but at a more attractive price point. Nice glass for the price, which Weaver does well. Flip up caps. $125 shipped to your door, Paypal F&F SOLD Specs & Reviews: https://shop.opticsplanet.com/weaver-kaspa-1-5-6x26-ill-ballistic-x-weapon-scopes.html?msclkid=67085a60ebc81b48def5063f4693fad1
  6. Never got around to using this, new and never mounted. Great simple little scope for plinking at medium range with better glass than expected for its cost. $65 shipped to your door, Paypal F&F SOLD Specs & reviews: https://www.opticsplanet.com/weaver-kaspa-2-7x32-dual-x-rifle-scopes.html
  7. Erich

    ad closed LNIB CZ SP-01 $450

    Added pic of case & mags
  8. Erich

    ad closed LNIB CZ SP-01 $450

    You know you want another one
  9. Erich

    ad closed Gone

    You heard yourself say it, right? Not telling you something you didnt already know, but you know what you really want. Motorcycles that are not only for transportation are an emotional buy, No room in them for what makes the most practical or economic sense. Buy once or buy again after more out of pocket. Only question is which one of those gorgeous Kawi candy blues do you want your ZX14 to come in. I had to sell 2 of my bikes when I moved. from CA. 1 was easy, one was near heartbreaking, but I'm almost over it. The one I kept is rare-ish and quirky...but most of all its got a 'busa motor lurking in it. Yeah...we speak the same language I think
  10. Erich

    ad closed Gone

    Hell yes! I approve this message. That bug bit me years ago and I encourage all manner of steel toys. You are obliged to say what it is unless you think it may jinx it.
  11. Erich

    ad closed Gone

    STOP dropping the price please! Care to share what you are eye balling?
  12. Erich

    Pulling trigger to disassemble "hazzard" ?

    I hear ya. The interwebs + words without tone does loose a bit over conversation. All good. I think of most takedown scenarios are following range time or from storage versus from condition 1, granted that context was not stated. Seemed inferred, but maybe should not have been assumed. Sorry for the disappointment. No free lunches if any gun is cocked and locked IMO.
  13. Erich

    Pulling trigger to disassemble "hazzard" ?

    Boooo. Sounds like this was more pretense and coming from a specific case and wanting to hear you were right for some neener neener points. Not taking the spirit of what I said (which was qualified) as well as real world auto loader practices when someone does field strip to generalize that case to all of them, specifically when its not true. You got me, thought you were actually curious. But.....I'll play I think you wanted to read or portray my last as a blanket agreement or an absolute, yes? (which is what being "right" is all about). For the record. I or anyone could take a completely un-fired stripped Glock and reassemble it, disassemble it, and repeat all day long without ever pulling the trigger. So no, not right. Though this was more for fun, I think we all recognize that any auto loader without a decocker at various points in its life has its trigger pulled when not being fired for a variety of reasons. Doesn't make any of them inherently unsafe unless its in the wrong hands.

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