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  1. Looks like this has spilled over to its own thread after mention in the handgun section. Folks may be jumping the gun calling it done based on partial info and emphasis. I also have a tin foil hat theory on this one. As it said later in that article, " Colt’s rifle line production is occupied, at least for the time being, with outstanding contracts which include orders through police and defense channels. " Operative works being...for the time being. Its reported elsewhere this is a resource reallocation simply to meet there gov contracts and comm to comeback. It is also reported they have SOCOMS and related parts on order for later production (both comm and gov). They have used overruns from gov contracts on the commercial line on that model. The commercial SOCOMS are a success for them, and sell as many as they can slap together. They are not likely to stop that gravy train for a clearly over carbine. In the lead up to this with low manpower, the quality has take a hit. Its a good move. Hope they get there stuff in order and come back with an improved comm rifle production sense. Now with foiled hat in hand, I would not be too surprised if they were intentionally vague. Nothing sells like a scare. If you want to get folks to buy a product, say its going to not be available. especially in a saturated market with less expensive competition. You sell what is out in inventory with rising pricing. The commercial SOCOM uppers are up $200 recently and folks are actively searching them.
  2. FWIW, this came out about a week ago on that black rifle site, where they clarified what that is. That item Steelharp posted is in the first post (from an earlier rush to judgement from 'The Truth About Guns'. Along with the following from industry person: "so, word is its a slow down for 60 days the guy at RSR has supposedly been fired for sending out that email and colt has told RSR to release a statement on that. waiting to see when and if that happens. Im hearing they are have orders for civilian production for this November with a big push for more of the SOCOM models" I'd recommend clarification in the title to indicate that this is temporary so we can cut down on the unnecessary panic and condemnation of Colt for permanently discontinuing civilian AR sales, which they are apparently not doing. Quote 2: Colt is, in fact, filling a number of contracts at the moment. The RSR representative apparently didn't quite understand what he was being told and TTAG, the bunch of click-baity jagoffs that they are, failed to do any followup. Colt is apparently so short handed in filling some military contracts they have right now that they are dedicating personnel and production resources to filling those contracts. They are not leaving the civilian market. So put down the pitchforks. Really ts a good thing for them to get their house in order judging from the declining quality of the product (alluded to with low staff and outrageous turnaround times). I am not inclined on buying another Colt rifle until I see they return the quality they were at least 5 years ago.
  3. If you follow that, the guy who sent it has axed, and it was clarified that is a temporary hold while they get their feces together. That guy was trying to drum up some sales...forgetting you never ever put anything in writing that may end up on the interwebs.
  4. They aren't done, rather change focus. However I think some of it is smoke and mirrors based on cash flow and recent quality issues . They know they can sell as many Socoms as they make, but the 1 guy who works customer service (says something right there) will tell you how many pissed off calls he gets daily about their cost cutting. The recent issues in long guns seem to come from bidding out to lower cost contractors whose machining quality is no where near what it was 5+ years ago, and short cutting build quality. An example I've seen on recent M4's with bad extensions was they ground down the lugs versus re-barrel or swap the extension to save a few bucks. That said, I think, and hope for their sake, the pause is to re-examine their business model and production, fixing what is broken and improving the component quality (going back to old subs?). In that, looking at what re-introduced models are working and focus on that. The snake guns are a good call.. Current offerings are more about the name and history, if they dont hit quality on the new snake guns. that will get out to bite them
  5. Totally jealous of that beauty, and even more of your ability to shoot it with the red dot. I can only imagine how pleased you are that it more than met expectations. Honestly with the performance and satisfaction, the sum spent probably seems cheap considering what most nice guns cost today that don't instantly gel. I hope when I grow up I can get some of those big boy toys and use them that well.
  6. I very much hope there is follow-up so the complete set of facts are revealed, whatever they may be. Unfortunately, they will likely on get aired if it supports the initial slant. We all seen things, have had experiences. Good and bad. What we choose to focus on, says a bit. While expected from media agenda, the thing that most surprised here was the support for the presumption of guilt before innocence. I like to think we still live in 'merica, where you are innocent before proven guilty. As naive as that is. That ideal is one of the cornerstones for protection of all our rights, IMHO.
  7. So sounds like the jury here finds he is likely crazy (not knowing info about the psych hold), the family had solid ground (though the clearly had no idea of what they were looking at), and was therefore apt to be a danger to others? Also, damages should it not be the case are irrelevant as confiscation is a must, and media portrayal and misinformation are non issues? Hmmm...well that is what news 6 wants you to beleive, so sounds like job done. Good one media. I'm not surprised by the proponent, but the reasons are not know for that conclusion. Could very well be the old man was trying to stop the knowledgeable 'family' from doing exact what folks are pointing out (calling the cops) and they ended up causing the very problem. In trying to stop them, they report he is irate or whatever....boom psych issues. Assuming crazy gun owner first is very sad to see. We just don't know. I'll wait till he's been evaluated and the story is vetted before assuming getting old automatically makes you unstable or a danger. I never support the media painting gun collectors as cooks, that any collection is an arsenal (or other inflammatory representations), and factual misrepresentation. Unfortunate it does not seem to bother others, but of course, that is why they are winning over minds and we are seeing swings in opinions.
  8. Doubt they will feel bad at all, they already labeled him and thought he was 'off' and supporting it further based on not understanding what they were seeing. They are obvious fans of the media Koolaid based on already passing judgement without the facts and reporting machine guns that did not exist. And did not get it when they saw EOD casually strolling around all those oh so dangerous high explosives.
  9. I dont know what is more heartbreaking, the poor older vet being harassed and having his collection damaged and confiscated, or that it was at the hands of his "family" (not red flag, just young snowflakes) The video shows the travesty. The interviews...sweet tap dancing christ where do they find these people. Notice the blue paint on the "bombs' and those 'machine guns' with the straight pull bolt actions. So for a bunch of Mosins and inert collectible following your service, your reward = straight to the loony bin for evaluation. * Its clear, the media only wants to generate fear and misinformation, and they are getting the authorities to help them now. Its pretty scary. * I did find one thing disturbing and gave me pause for a second. As they panned over the ammo 'arsenal', there is a PINK ammo can. No good can come of that! https://6abc.com/police-most-military-items-found-in-montco-home-were-collectible-in-nature/5519469/ https://www.yahoo.com/news/police-family-worried-finding-military-165419490.html
  10. 750 in total. 500 in sealed case (pictured) + 5 sealed boxes of 50. $135 cash / paypal NO TRADES please SOLD Can ship with repackaging to other box for an additional $10 (I'll cover any extra)
  11. Erich

    Value on S&W 624

    I think its time to treat yourself to the new steel framed Q5, best of both worlds. I keep eyeballing them, but have so far haven't caved.
  12. Erich

    Value on S&W 624

    His gun is not worth what yours is. You can buy a new Q5 for sub $700 and readily available, unlike a 30 year old S&W target 44 pre-lock. I'd say he is taking advantage of your book not being unavailable ...just checked my 40th anniv blue book (2019) and it says $750 @ 95%. and that is underestimating for it being a pre lock gun.
  13. I generally prescribe to that philosophy, let live and live. The only caveat I'll add to that is pulling support should be considered at lower thresholds than full anti-gun support, and even outside guns, to other freedoms that get infringed. Consider smart companies do not typically express politics, or do it in subtle or small ways under the radar to avoid alienating customer bases. We are unfortunately put into the position of being a little hypocritical at times, when we see it, but let the lower level stuff go. Probably more so on non gun issues. FWIW, the Walmart CEO has been tipping his hand since he took the reigns with the AR removal, when the sales lie (his smarter underling claimed to the press) was outed when he used that same line back then about supporting "hunters and sports shooters" and no need for 'military style weapons'. We all know that is hard core liberal anti 2A phrasing, just like 'common sense laws". I avoided them for a few years, then became a hypocrite myself when I stopped in their a couple times in the last year after we moved here.
  14. My wife was overjoyed! I hope there is a good number who share the sentiment, but more importantly a high enough percentage of them with resolve to keep it up. I am sure in the near term it will be a bit, but I'd expect many will give that up at times when they need something or want for less. The fact that WM dropped AR's a few short years ago without anyone even blinking, while Dicks got hammered for doing the same exact thing suggests its easy enough to snow most pro 2A folks if you simply make up some lies about it. At the time, WM claimed it was due to lack of demand (during Obama and record sales...what??), where as Dicks didn't fib about the why. On top that little blast from the past, with McMillon coming out anti 2A, it should make it clear where they have really been the entire time of his leadership. Which in my book, makes them worse than Dicks as they have been playing the long game while lying, just like the Democrats have been. At least Dicks was honest about being weenies

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