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  1. One of the reasons (some) folks pay more for a CMP rifle is the certificate they issue, as it seems to imply it not, or is less of a hackmaster. Older CMP rifles being of more value than newer in most cases. Part of the value is having any documentation that helps establish origin. Folks seem to covered its more parts value, so ease of selling would be helped by having any of its history before it was put to the saw.
  2. Man, I'm thinking I got ripped off paying $400 for my Buick
  3. Seems to me this thread has identified a much needed spin-off thread. What was your first car.....
  4. I am betting there have been some really great cars that ran thru our hands. 1965 Buick Wildcat. Nailhead 401 Bought for $400 from a little old lady my mom knew. Fun, but dangerous in the hands of a teenager. Use to tick my brother off to no end it was faster than his 73 Roadrunner. Had a real problem with right rear wheel tire wear though.
  5. Factory stainless 9 round mags for the 1006 ,1026, 1066, 1076, and 1086 Sold Second mag @ $70 shipped
  6. Erich

    M&P 2.0 C.O.R.E.

    Great job on the video! I went a different route converting one my 2.0 to CORE with S&W not having any dates or knowing the ported one was coming. This vid prompted me to check their website, and it appears they will have a Performance Center version for those wanted to go that route using the ported barrel without concern for low light flash that LEO's may want to avoid. https://www.smith-wesson.com/firearms/performance-center-mp-9-m20-ported-425-barrel-slide-core
  7. No doubt that is the sad part, between the media and certain groups trying to generalize a few bad eggs to all police. No different from the group of gun owners being made out as a bunch of cooks just one bad hair day from becoming mass murders.
  8. My sympathies to the brave men and women of law enforcement. Not only do they already have a difficult enough job, but it would appear in certain areas they have been tasked to take additional and unnecessary risks. Watching this video of a crazy with a machete....well....I dont know. Seems they may have to factor things due to social pressure and appearances over appropriate force and their personal safety. Forced to allow something to escalate to a point where the general public is at risk from not stopping it earlier. https://www.yahoo.com/huffpost/machete-attack-police-hollywood-173958387.html
  9. With recent interest in both these pieces, thought this review might be helpful for anyone considering either.
  10. There is a distinct odor of fish in the air. They tell us they are shooting at us, we dont know causualties at the early report versus saying we had folks holed up in bunkers. And our awesome sauce anti missile batteries, knowing birds were inbound and from where they were coming only managed to get 2 of 12 or so functiona birds (some didnt make the flight). I think the play of shooting down an airliner as a distraction is the biggest travesty in it. I want to see the White house call logs please.
  11. I guess fishing for an answer you want is one way to go. I wonder how many people would be surprised to find out they dont look as good in an orange jump suit as they thought they would...sorry, what where we talking about again...
  12. That's a great new toy. Is your wife trying to tell you you're slackin?? Gifts where everybody wins are the best. I'm waiting for a Rosey the robot. Soon enough hopefully.
  13. Equating full size with magazine size? If so, what is that minimum capacity to qualify? That would put out a 1911 or 629 for example. Both full size buy only a laughable (the bad guy will laugh at you) 6 to 8 rounds. What about those carry only compacts (not suited to defend your home) like a G19, M&P, or P01 that can carry their larger gripped "full size" brothers mags with its whopping 2 extra rounds. Are they out? Or is it just the mag that makes one feel safe or gets the job done. If mag size is what helps one sleep at night, it seems its not about what fits in the nightstand, rather its the AR pistol under the bed with its 100 round drum. Compacts are issued by PD's and .gov, making them service pistols. G19 being a good example. I'd have to say a G45 is really a compact given its using the compact barrel. I'll reiterate this should be defined since folks are blending service and full size without any parameters leaving it subjective. And a service pistol is not necessarily what most think of as full sized.
  14. Have to hand it to Colt for not trying to encourage them. Why they stopped beating it out of them in preschool I'll never know. At least that was a step up from the old days when they would burn them like witches.

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