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  1. I've got an SCR I picked up when I lived in a restricted state. The bolt carrier is modified with a tail added as their recoil system is modeled on a Mossberg style autoloade, where the spring compresses into the stock. As such its stone stock reliable like a mossy 930. Which is why you see the pics like that one where someone has reworded a shotgun stock to fit. The ergos I think are very good. More compact. The stock allows you to have low mount sights and optics over the standard AR high mount or riser requirements. The triggers are proprietary, which means you are kinda stuck with what you got. No dropping in your Geisele fancy pants bit of kit. I've had quite a few rounds thru 4 uppers and never an issue on feeding and reliably. Their proprietary carrier has accepted whatever mil spec bolt I've run in it. The only niggling detail is the machining on the portion of the receiver where it would line up with a mil spec upper can be wonky unless they have cleaned that up. They look offset a bit or just dont quite line up. Its a cosmetic deal, bothers some folks, but does not effect functionality.
  2. Folks have covered the mainstream options well. I will add two other thoughts or considerations with a qualiifer that a true battle rifle IMO should be piston drive for reliability. I have AR's and like AR's. Fighting thru your DPMS pattern 308's gassing issues is fun and all, but after I get them running well I think of them as range only. Outside the previously mentioned great options, I would really suggest an AK pattern 308. A Zastava M77 on the more affordable side or a Galil ACE if you want more of a premium version. Both that I've had delivered good accuracy with indisputable AK reliability. If feel you want to stay with the AR feel another good option in piston drive that is under rated because its was made affordably by Ruger, a SR-762. 16" makes it a bit punchier but runs for days with good accuracy.
  3. That is some timing, I have one arriving tomorrow. I just put a Hiperfire 3gun in a receiver and really liked it which led to me look at these. Agonized over the Fostech vs Franklin. Was leaning toward the Franklin because it would be similar in feel / function to the one I was getting for my Scorpion plus I didnt like the idea of cast or MIM parts. But I plan to use piston uppers and reviews pretty much said you run into more hammer follow with Franklin vs Fostechs in piston guns. Franklin come with a heavier spring and most thought the Fostechs were less prone to buffer and spring weights, so viscero's experience is opposite what tests have shown. But I guess you have that fun in in any AR no matter trigger. Are you getting the lighter spring for the back up disconnector? That seems the first order of business with these. The semi pull is mil spec, but in binary the second shot is reported as 8 to 10 lbs. My thought is that will mess with your trigger timing. Seems most folks switch over. One company carries 2 springs to tune. Effects both semi position and binary. Brings trigger to 3lbs in semi, and in binary the first shot is 5lbs and 6lbs on second so similar and in line will mil spec. The second spring is lighter by 1lb on each. I think 2lbs is a bit light in semi, but my hiperfire 3g is about 2.5 so should be an interesting comparison.
  4. The German Sigs are great without a doubt. I think its pretty safe to say most older versions for alot of makes are more desirable. Not sure if you've tried the 320. Took me most of 25 years to break down and try a couple striker guns, kicking and screaming. But the 320's are very nice shotting even though they have a Sig (high) barrel profile. The modularity is really nice, not the gimmick I originally dismissed it as. Most days I shoot it better than my 229
  5. Bill, I wish it was really that localized, but unfortunately I mean that in a general sense. My opinion (qualifying it as such) is based on the numerous pistols, caliber x-change kits, optics, and uppers I've purchased in the last several years. I've noticed a downward trend with increasing QC slips, say in the 3-4 years. Over that time, having worked with their customer service, their attitude seems to show a paradigm shift coinciding with the higher occurrence of production issues. I am left thinking that retail customers are not as much a concern and Sig's focus has been on product development and chasing .gov contracts. They want more market, and high throughput at all costs seems to be the mantra. The biggest thing is they seem to want to justify anything you find if they can manage to get a gun to go bang before sticking it in a box. That is not to say they all have issues, they just don't pull obvious problems and send them out hoping customers don't care under the current US regime and standards. Outside cosmetic blunders and sights that are pretty far off (pet peeves that say qc to me) on the more serious side a P229 went back with a framed machined off so the locking block was not square to the bore axis, and 320 with a FCU not stamped and cut to allow the trigger bar to clear at the rear of its travel, a SP2022 with a barrel feed ramp not finish machined to remove the hard edge at the throat transitioned that I called the Jam-matic. The list goes on, but I'll spare you Of course I have had a number that were fine. But I have rejected more at dealers to avoid headaches after dealing with their CS on some of the above. Some of the things I have been told over the phone would be considered pretty shameful. Twice I thought to myself, did you really say that out loud. Specifically around their "gunsmiths" and standards in their repair shop. To the point I would never send a gun back to Sig unless I absolutely had to. If they stood behind their product like S&W, Ruger, or Springfield (I am sure others) do, I could forgive them their letting production QC goes. But they just want to argue and not take care of clear issues. I think their older stuff before they tried to gain large market share did not seem as prone to issues. Even hardcore Sig fans on their dedicate forum seem to be noting some of this nowadays. I've currently own classics, a 1911, 320's as well as romeo optics and a range finder. I love the 229 and 320. I want to like them as a US company, but things have to change. IMO.
  6. I received an update email so it prompted me to update here. Brownell's sent out notice they are shutting down pre-orders due to demand and their current backorder volume. No expected dates unfortunately. As much as I avoid being a beta tester, seems for the price and more faith in Springfield than Sig, its a no lose proposition if I'm not fond of it. I ordered one last week from Brownell's with 10% off, no tax and free shipping. After the 5% cashback from gear-obsession, $453 before transfer fees for the OSP version. I was thinking of the new P365 SAS as well. Too hard to justify $130 more for a ported gun to deal with the potential or having to work with customer service hassles. May end up with one at some point after they've been out for a while.
  7. They have it kinda. They sub'd it out to FN (Five-Seven) so they could charge twice as much. And the trigger is actually worse than a regular Glock!
  8. I've ordered from these folks a couple times and they are good to go. They do not charge TN sales tax. $399 shipped to your dealer for the 3.6 9mm. If you are willing to go to the 40 s&w route, that can be had at $299 shipped without TN penalty. I've gotten a couple items from that vendor as well. I've got a 9mm 3.6 and recently picked up the 4.25. The 3.6 is a great shooter, you'll like it. https://www.tombstonetactical.com/catalog/smith-wesson/11688-m-and-amp-p-m2-0-compact-9mm-3-6in-15rd-black/ https://www.sportsmansoutdoorsuperstore.com/products2.cfm/ID/207418
  9. Maybe he should do another one titled what Stupid #### agnry know it alls say on their Youtube channel. My source, secret people you dont know and their conspiracy to keep that knowledge away from the public. You can tell this guy has a real hardon against the caliber and its user base. Who cares what they think as long as they carry. Its really dumb for someone who is in his profession. He essentially contradicts what he preaches, having a carry and it not mattering what it is as long as your proficient with it. Being open minded is one thing, but at least when someone is just openly hostile and insulting to support a position, they loose all credibility to me. Do you not find it questionable that he has no real facts or support and offers insults and "insider info" (like they tell him and no one else)? So 40 users only buy a box of ammo at a time? They never buy in case because they never shoot? Sure, does that sound right to you? So how much hush money do you think Glock pays the members of the Glock forum with G22's to never post or remove their posts with all the exploded G22's? Since he knows all these secret industry insiders, he must know that number I am sure. Higher pressure rounds causing more wear is no secret, but only crap designed guns break from it. That applies irrespective of caliber.
  10. I picked this up when it was on sale for $38. Its a pretty good packaged solution that comes with a full set of brushes and rods stored in trays sitting over an ammo can size storage area that allows for a number of solvents and tools. https://www.amazon.com/Allen-Company-Ultimate-Cleaning-Handgun/dp/B00I81LC5A
  11. What is he of trainer of? How to talk out your butt? The only case of known (small numbers) failures I can think of was with frame damage in Beretta 96's used by PD's. They added buffers in the A1's out of concern. But the fails were usually crazy high counts and potentially could have had other contributing factors outside it being originally intended to be a 9mm platform. The anti-Beretta folks love to point at this, but the numbers are not significant relative to total used and PD's that did not have any problems with high counts.
  12. I've shot my 23C/32C off the draw / low compressed with some high pressure and flash rounds without much of a problem. Cant thing of a great reason to do it from high. Played with rotation a bit. The ports in this appear smaller than the factory Glock ports, so not sure if that ends up slightly high focused pressure vs less overall. I would venture to say its less overall based on the ports being fairly forward keeping the dwell time similar with more gas going forward. The only downside I could see would be arguments against for nightstand gun in dark lighting for certain ammo that used a high flash powder. Should not be a problem with a good SD or even most target ammo. I have shot my 19C, 23C, 32C, and 20C with various loads in dark lighting for that purpose. 9mm generally pretty acceptable. Its a problem for 357Sig and 10mm unless you get some SD or LE ammo. Speer is really good about using low to no flash stuff for 357Sig for example.
  13. What do you suppose the premium runs on a 1 Billion umbrella policy. I guess tourists end up paying for it. Could be worse, at least everybody hates tourists
  14. Legislation should be put in place that caps the max amount a law firm can exact from the BS mega dollar suits as its seems a conflict of interest. How many of these cases would disappear overnight? Its especially needed in case like this, where there are multiple "victims" and the law firm gets more than any of their clients when they did not suffer. Save having to go to great pains to decide what to spend their 250 million on. Solid gold toilet brushes? Oh choices choices....
  15. Strike another blow for the legal system. MGM to pay for not stopping shooter. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-lasvegas-shooting/las-vegas-massacre-survivors-families-reach-735-million-settlement-with-mgm-idUSKBN1WI1Q6

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