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  1. I've got one of their complete SOPMOD defender lowers, I'd put a Geissele trigger in it but unused otherwise. I'd pull that out. Also put an A2 grip on it, but still have the ergo it came with. If you are lookin for a bare receiver or smokin deal, may not be the right one for ya.
  2. That's one spicy pickle. 10/10 on the PSA reminder scale
  3. throwing in extra Springfield mag if purchased weekend only, for a total of 3 mags
  4. No sir, managed to avoid it for 5 years now
  5. I have had great luck with checkmate mags. They are the OEM for Sig 1911's and they run equally well in my Colt, Springfield, Kimber, and Sig 1911's. I had a number of old Colt GI mags. I sent in 10 in for the Ed Brown swap offer the summer of 2019. 3 of 10 were out of spec (to narrow at the top) so that the follower would bind. Brown wanted me to pay to send them back and all around terrible CS.
  6. Damn, too bad ya don’t have the extra threaded barrel. Bumpski, love the P30
  7. Outside the initial cosmetic similarity to the AR platform, the operating system is completely different. It’s a piston gun with a different recoil system. It carries the bits in the receivers. No buffer tube needed. Think BRN or Foxtrot Mike. But at Sig OMG prices
  8. I’ve bought 3 92’s between 2019 - 2022 that came from the TN plant. All 3 were web orders, sight unseen. 2019 - 92G Brigadier Volunteer. Absolutely perfect. 2019 - 92 Compact. Action fit issues heavy galling and shavings in the action. The locking block was shaving pieces off the frame. Factory obviously doesn’t check after test firing. Sent to Beretta and received new replacement gun approx a week later. The replacement was perfect. Nov 2022 - Wilson 92G Centurion. Almost perfect. It’s technically perfect but pet peeve for 92 fans when the barrel lockup doesn’t leave barrel centered in slide, rather slightly offset. Not much you can do. it’s cosmetic and not considered a defect. it doesn’t effect how the gun shoots. Sometimes a locking block swap may help center. It’s the downside of ordering over the web versus hand selecting at the LGS if you are ok paying the extra $200 - $300 for one of these with a centered barrel. tbh, with the premium on the Wilsons and the marketing that they hand select parts for fit, I thought it was ironic that gun had the offset when the two other ‘cheap’ of the shelf 92’s didn’t. while 1 out of 3 doesn’t seem great, the customer service and call back I got from a supervisor on the 92 compact with turnaround on a new replacement was outstanding. full marks. For a standard gun that is not significantly higher priced at an LGS, I would have zero hesitation getting one I could lay hands on. The issues that cause concern can usually be felt in cycling the action or are visually obvious with a light in the action / taking the slide off if allowed. and you can avoid an off centered barrel too lol.
  9. This is a feeler. I bought a 3 axis DRO with 6 & 10 inch scales for X & Y, and 8" for the Z a few years back. Intention was to put it on a small manual mill. I ended up with upgrading to a larger mill w/ DRO not too long before installing it. So new in box. Would be good for a small bench top mill or lathe with travels in those ranges to be able to use those scales. Was thinking around $150 - 200 for it, but before doing pics and all that stuff, wanted to see if any hobby machinists are on this forum This is item / seller, but with an alternate Z scale. Made in China, cost at the time was about $425. $150 - 200 based on the lower cost Z but still a good savings with room to upgrade a scale or two. https://www.ebay.com/itm/232609456653
  10. Colllected these a while back thinking I'd plink in the backyard, but never happened. All of these are new and unused. Selling as a package Sig Quad gallery / pellet trap - 4 knock down targets with 1 reset target in middle. targets have orig plastic bag coverings in pic. Sig knockdown target w/ multiple apertures in center to set difficulty level. Has reset target Sig quad knock knock down and reset target 2 Do-All reactive ground bounce targets. 5" and 3". Dont believe they make them in 5" any longer, just 4". Comes with several pages of new decals, 4 stakes for the knockdown target and its setup instructions for adjusting counter weight. $50 for all of em SOLD Chattanooga area
  11. $675 and will throw in a Fusion IWB suede lined holster! Stock photo for simplicity. Same item and condition. Will not accommodate optic, but will fit comp
  12. We came here over 5 years ago to get away from liberals and high costs. But so did everyone else. The pandemic forever changed the face of retirement. Add to that corporate land and home grabbing to expand rental markets, anything within reasonable driving distances is over priced for retirement. The Question becomes how far away from needs/ amenities can you tolerate. At a minimum, 45 mins to an hour out of major urban areas seems to give decent value. Especially if you are willing to work undeveloped land.
  13. I was thinking skeletonize the magwell area under the release and slotting handguard. But yeah, would be more because you could vs getting anything significant. What's the barrel nut, guessing aluminum based on the spacing of the handguard bolts? probably already got lightening cuts if so. 4.5 lbs with ammo, that's great!
  14. NIce! you dont need the top of that gas key, mill it off flush with the bolt heads get for a free half ounce or so You could probably just remove the entire key and replace with square piece of delrin or aluminum and run nylon bolts in place of the steel since no longer doing anything other than keeping the bolt from rotating when you manually cycle. Was it had to resist slotting holes in some of the other bits that are solid?


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