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  1. I thought the same as I watched everyone go OOS. it was a WTH moment. Maybe more so on the TP. The reason it strikes us so odd, is I doubt folks here tend to be the ones that get drawn into mass hysteria or panics. But there is one group it made sense for that I would not lump in with the crazies. It has proven both smart and legitimate. High volume shooters of rounds they choose not to reload. Buying as a hedge for forward looking price protection. Those who recognized the level of hysteria right away and did not underestimate human nature. If we were thinking the above (I did), we underestimated both. And their rational isn't one of panic hoarding or reselling, but managing finances around their hobby over a period of time. For example, just saw SG, who I am sure most of us love, is asking $250 for 1k rounds of 9mm Blazer brass that just a couple weeks ago they were getting $160 or $170. Midway just put up a bunch of Winchester 5.56 at a similar premium. How smart a hedge will end up being based how quick the volume recovery is. While the ammo manufacturers said they are adding production, I doubt it will be sustained to create the level of glut based on their recent lumps and leanings from the post Sandy hook glut and manage volumes a bit more this time. Not to mention we dont have the anti-gun threats of that time frame that kept buying pressure up.
  2. Sad but true. The thing that I would love to see is the media not stoking the fire with their emphasis. The psychology is hard enough to control without trying to promote more tenaion or paint a worse picture.
  3. Erich

    Deals forum?

    That's great, appreciate it ! The 2 I found today are already OOS
  4. If you are in need of some brass case, this is pretty decent ammo at an fair price. I've ordered from these folks several times in the past. $230 shipped for case of 400, no tax. Its run well for me in AR's and AK's chambered for it, I'd call it on the low end of NATO charge window with my M1A short stroking a handful of times as it got dirty. https://www.armsunlimited.com/Magtech-CBC-762x51-M80-NATO-Ammo-147-Grain-FMJ-p/762a-fmj-case.htm
  5. Erich

    Deals forum?

    I was thinking of all kinds of items, including guns and possibly others. Survival gear, Cigars and electronics if they are received well subject to what others input. Other places I’ve seen em tend to be 90% firearms related though, so others are limited. We probably tend to have the same affectations Having one anywhere would be great. Guess it’s a question of having it be restricted. Good incentive for sure, but less traffic and limits those that can post items found. Imagine if you have stats on active members and percentage that are benefactors, you can make a call. Or just see if you get requests later to move it public. Thanks for considering it
  6. Erich

    Deals forum?

    Is there interest in creating a deals forum for folks to post good values / deals they find in their interweb travels? Similar in concept to the Black Friday threads that get started, but a dedicated area . In times like this, it may be helpful to have a central place Ran across what seemed like a reasonable deal on 308, but wasnt sure where the best home for it would be, seemed out of place in Classifieds and occurs to me not all members have access to post there.
  7. I think we all agree to that. On your first, see it how you choose. I have no gauge for offense. It's not intended. It's a counterpoint. You seem to reply to my items to agitate just as much, if not exclusively. If this gave you what you were hoping for on the TBC. Your welcome, but I hope all sides are looked at in it.
  8. Curious, why are you not jumping on those here who said they might do that, or are they on your buddy list?? If you find it so appalling? You cant stop people from sucking, can you? There will always be those that take advantage, no one is saying saying it's right. The point that you and raoul are missing is that people can control their behavior, you cant control the unethical. If they choose not buy...does that not stop the problem? Sound like personal accountability is something neither of you get in this equation. Right or wrong is something else and a tangent to that point. ALL markets are created by the CONSUMER, not the seller. I suppose you guys also prescribe to the idea that gun manufactures cause mass killings, not those actually doing it. If they didn't decide to shoot people, would that problem go away? Or did Colt, s&w, etc force them to do just like the GB guy forced that guy 2000 miles away on his computer to hit the bid button?? As someone in this thread wisely put it, we are our own worst enemy. But no doubt it seems certain folks to blame others for their decisions. To be clear, I dont support the practice. Just like those running around buying all the TP first thing in the AM before those in need get it. But I realize without militia stepping up to stop it, or martial law, the idiots paying $100 for 6 rolls are making these asses do it. And if they didnt, they wouldnt. Same as those paying 600 for 200 worth of ammo.
  9. I think the problem is actually those willing to pay it. Don't they make the market?
  10. It seems, one could bring the aforementioned garden hose thru a bathroom window and it could take care of the needs for drinking water and toilet paper around the same time. Maybe take the drink first.
  11. Good on you gents who keep it stacked to the ceiling. Seeing 1K rnd cases of 9mm go for $600 on GB who can blame anyone wanting to cash in those without any sense. Thought I was in my forever house 2 years ago, was stacking it high before wife finally conceded to allow us to move out of CA. Paying to move palates of ammo (and I sold a bunch before leaving) made me rethink how much I needed for a temporary living situation and having to move it again. If this could have only been last year!.
  12. I have in a couple of my Glocks with lighter striker springs, even running the extended striker. Its definitely a harder primer than their standard dirty box. But not euro primer hard like the NATO made by S&B, MEN, etc. I just dont run it in those knowing they are harder primers. Typically they will pop with a second hit if you fire them again. Usually you can just look at your brass and check pocket depths on standard US ammo vs Euro or Nato to get a sense of it. As has been mentioned, cleaning out the striker channel is first step. A couple of my 320's had their slides dunked in oil and were drenched, which will pick up brass chips and junk as its shot. Sig never takes the rap for the kind of thing you are running into. They wont test with your specific ammo either. So sending it back wont really do much for you unless you have found a damaged tip on the striker. Possible the spring is on the weaker end of the scale, but since your not seeing it all the time, not likely
  13. Back in April 2019, I listed my NIB M4A1 Socom. They were popular, and small batch though they would continue to make them per the word at the time. It sold relatively quickly. https://www.tngunowners.com/forums/topic/110821-nib-colt-m4a1-socom-property-of-us-marked-collectible/ On occasion, I would have folks reach out (it was cross posted) to ask if I still had it. I had such a contact yesterday after a couple most last week. Odd as I had in the text it was sold but so much more than before. I deleted it yesterday, but noticed 2 listed that were (what I considered) insane prices. Like post Newton hoarding prices. Now I checked prices in October 19 after Colts Sept announcement, it was a marginal blip at best, so wrote that off concern about not having held it as it seemed a non event as their wording implies they may resume commercial production. But with the emails, I checked gunbroker....they are selling the NIB (and some questionable at that) for $2500 plus!!! Far more than mine for just 6 months prior without an active ban scare. The extended Colt absence seems to be creating a demand which had really ratcheted up in the last month for sought after models even though there is an AR glut and others are at all time lows. If you've got some Pony black guns....and are waiting for a frenzy, this may be your time to look at the market. No guarantee they wont start production if Biden looses, not to mention AR prices will continue to tank for the next 4 to 5 years should Trump stay in place.
  14. I wouldn't be concerned Swang, the Apex trigger doesnt affect the striker energy as you dont change any springs. As long as the new trigger bar is raising the striker block clear (not a known problem with Apex 509 bars), you're golden. Ray, what did you do to it? Did you go full comp springs including the striker spring and change the block to the Apex block? Some of them are on the short side so if you get drag on the striker you can have it. Are you using cheap ammo or the euro stuff (hard primers)? The m&p kits magic is in the trigger return spring, sear geometry and sear spring. You can always go with the original striker spring and it only adds a little. My 2.0 has a 2.5lb trigger and it can light off the hard euro primers.
  15. Damn...I just put an order in last night for a Fox....wish I had seen this before I'd done that last night.

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