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  1. It was a DIY hunt, however, I have an old family friend that lives there and had camp and trail cam photos so it seemed more like an outfitter hunt.
  2. I was in 34. That elk was killed about 300 yards from the Res Fence! Small world
  3. Got her done in New Mexico with the smokepole. First Elk. At 15 yards, he looked like a horse with horns
  4. After extensive searching, I was able to assemble a purple AR for my wife. Bought a matrix kit for myself.... And she stole preferred it over her purple Offering for sale a purple Hogue buttstock and grip as well as a Magpul Purple mag and carbine handguard set cerakoted in Magpul Purple. All are "new" but they have been installed on a rifle and sat in the safe but not fired. $125 located in Dickson/Fairview area
  5. I actually do have 2 boxes of 170 grain CoreLokts in the green and yellow boxes if the gentlemen above didnt snag them already and if you were interested. May be a minute before i could get down your way as we are leaving to hunt the rut in New Mexico on Thursday.
  6. Headed out of town next week to chase elk in New Mexico and thought i would check on here to see if anybody happened to have a double sleeping bag or a outer shell from the Army sleeping bag system. The latter may be the better option as im not sure i want to have my wife put her cold a$$ feet on me in 40 degree weather. *** FOUND ONE THAT I THINK WILL KEEP US FROM FREEZING TO DEFF**
  7. Have a Harrington and Richardson 20 gauge model 400 pump gun with a 28" barrel. Believe it is a full choke. Good shape, shoots well. $200 Zeica brand built AR10/LR308 lower. New parts, never shot, comes with a polymer 20 round PMag. $350
  8. Dont guess ive ever seen/heard of that model. Good buy?
  9. I agree completely. Thats just what Royal Range was selling it for. I dont have a 9mm so i could care less how high the price gets. I sold my last partial box of ammo to a fellow TGO'er and gave him a great deal. I am good to go with a few (lol) boxes of all my remaining calibers. Only thing I would be short would be 5.56 but my wife isnt going to shoot hers anytime soon and i think its a puny cartridge.
  10. .80 a round in Nashville area. Royal Range had quite a bit yesterday
  11. Yeah all i would have is 150 grainers! Happy Shooting and Welcome, codygarcia. Where are you coming from? The Leverevolutions are great rounds. First ive heard of their failure to chamber in anything but ive also not been in the 30-30 world for a while but will be doing more and more with my youngsters coming up.
  12. Still waiting on my tan stock set to come in but shes turned out the way i hoped. Sopmod stock is the most comfortable AR stock I have handled.
  13. Seem to be headed in the right direction? Anybody else excited about their start? USC was a decent team, however, i thought the Missouri game was a complete game played by TN.
  14. Have an assembled LR308 (AR10) lower that im debating on letting go for lack of funds to play with at the moment. Has a milspec LPK as well as standard milspec grip and sliding buttstock. Comes with a 10 round Magpul magazine. May do some trading but would prefer to sell. $350 Fairview area.
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