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  1. Anybody yall would recommend in the Dickson area that would/could do it reasonably? I am going to chamber a 243 empty tonight and see how we turn out. I think the 30-06 is probably going to extend too long and will based on a 308 casing rather than the -06. I may be wrong, as i have before, but just seems like the -06 parent case will be too long for my chamber. Originally they were a a 7x57 Mauser and many were converted to 308, so hopefully its a popular offshoot of it. 243 would be ideal, but with my luck, its a 22 caliber Bubba designed in his back room.
  2. Correct.. build on a 1893/1916 Spanish Oviedo Mauser.. Only lettering on the barrel is SHIP 5 79 on the bottom side... no other hints
  3. Did some trading for what was supposed to be a 280. I noticed the small caliber when meeting with the guy but just thought maybe my eyes were playing with me. Got it home and a .223 sticks in the end of it and my boresighter (30-06) slides into the chamber so seems to be a .473. Base. How to tell? I assume its a 220 Swift or a 22-250, but should I count out the 243 yet? Anyway to be sure aside from taking to a gun Smith and chambering these rounds?
  4. I have some 8mm Mauser ammo - 6 rounds of Winchester SP 5 rounds of .25 ACP 10 rounds of .45 ACP 1 Ruger .40cal P91 magazine. some rust but spring is still good. Located in Hickman County if anybody needs this.
  5. I love it when cheap ammo comes through for the win I will report back with better pictures after i officially acquire this piece.
  6. Honestly have never even heard of a Model 30. My old 1917 had it under the front scope mount.
  7. Ran across a rifle and caliber combination that ive always liked for sale. Initial inspection points toward a Eddystone or comparable 1917 rebarreled to a 280 Remington based on the wide floorplate and the bolt but possibly a Mauser 93 after looking at the end of the bolt, safety and the trigger.. Bottom line, ive not seen it in person so im unsure but would be ok with either. I shot a 1917 Eddystone 30-06 for about 15 years before it was stolen , but Always heard the 280 was one of the best of both worlds. Anybody have any other suggestions on what this gun is if its not what I am thinking it is. I have not held it in my hands yet, but from the pictures, i think thats what it is. The young man that has it really has no clue what it is other than a 280. Also anybody with experience shooting the 280 Remington and reloading or can recommend their favorite ammo combo in it? I am use to shooting a 30-06 and love the versatility of it, but after 20 years, I figured i might try a different breed. Will be primarily a White Tail gun with the occasional elk and mule deer in its crosshairs. Recommendations ?
  8. Just thought i would ask it in here before we went out and bought a Boyd's. Anybody happen to have a factory Walnut / wood stock for an Xbolt Browning in a Short Action? The rubbery sure grip stuff is coming apart and feels like youre gripping the sticky side of duct tape all over the factory Browning stock. Boss is wanting to go with a wood stock to replace it. Also looking for aftermarket wood stock to fit a 93/95 Mauser. Ran across a 280 Remington Mauser conversion and wanting to make her pretty . Please let me know what ya have if you have it. Right handed action of course. 7mm-08 if that matters. I believe those are short actions.
  9. It ended up being a 5.56 upper. Not disappointed at all. Seems to be very well made
  10. Looking for an AR lower to build for my older brother. If you happen to have one near the Nashville area, please let me know. Brand is not important. Prefer stripped, complete ok if cheap enough. He just wants a plinker.
  11. Have an upper and BCG/CH on the way from KM Tactical in Missouri. Seems to be a standard upper and such, however, I am curious as to whether or not it is a 5.56 or a .223 barrel because as its described it looks as it may be either/or. It does have a note that it would be a Wylde chambering depending on stock availability of those barrels. I guess i could be that guy that asks the warehouse but hate to bother them. It did ship out today so im excited to get it in and start shooting. What would your best guesses be on if its a .223 or 5.56 based on the listing? https://www.gunbroker.com/item/870313215 im not one to dive too deep into the 5.56/223 differences, but curiosity has already killed one cat. This will be going on one of the Dont Tread on Snek Lowers that i recently bought on TGO.
  12. I hope they do follow through with the purchase and roll out a Ira Hayes edition and Code Talkers edition guns. I think they would sell well for a limited time.
  13. Middle Tennessee Outdoors will be hosting a free entry giveaway for a Lock On Stand or deercart on the 4th of July. Requirements are join the Middle Tennessee Outdoors Facebook group and follow the rules associated with the drawing. The drawing post will appear at 12 noon on the 4th and run until 1pm. Shortly after 1pm, we will go live to draw the winner who will choose a stand or deer cart. Come on over!

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