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  1. Had a family "4th" of July (10th) celebration in West Tennessee with swimming, cornhole, skeet and fireworks along with good food. Took the normal 870 youth 20, my late grandfather's Model 11 Remington 20 with the vent rib barrel and the old Double Barrel Belgium "JJ Weston". She's got 32-34' Laminated Steel (probably Damascus) double barrels , double hammers , double triggers and some sweet 1890s engraving. I bought some of the 1.75" shotshells, Minimax i think. Although ensuring I wore glasses and earmuffs every time, she shot like a dream and actually busted a few skeet with her. Fun times shooting a 140 year old gun.
  2. A little update for you guys. Still a little ways off on the date but its closing fast. We still have the Elk Hunt Donated and looks like we will be selling chances for $50 apiece with a max of 250 tickets. It can be three for the price of 2 or may can convert to 2 for the price of 1 hunter. The guide is fairly flexible. We also have a East Tennessee (Franklin County I believe) turkey hunt that will be live auctioned. 2 days 2 nights with a 1 bird limit. Will be a good one to be able to take part in and will be guided by our own chapter's chairman. Prices for tickets are on the RMEF website below and includes Early Bird Special prices on silent auction tickets. We will have some wallhanger pictures, RMEF gear and other random hunting gear in the silent auction. We also have sponsorships and/or sponsor tables (Rag Horn is for 4, Big Bull for 8). Working towards an assortment of rifles, shotguns, pistols, muzzleloader, and bows to be available. https://events.rmef.org/shop/musiccity?utm_source=rmef.org&utm_medium=events_page Please let us know if you are planning to attend either through the online ticket portal, through PM on here, or buy contacting Matt Hagen at mahagen@crimson.ua.edu (909) 268-3250 Thank You and God Bless!
  3. There's a 375 on TNDeer. I bet you will like it. For Sale - Custom mauser 98 375 h&h mag by harry creighton | TNDeer
  4. Ill give you your money back on it since you're not happy with the purchase Looks great! Knew i didnt have the time to or money to make her pretty.
  5. I will allow it as long as you video the first person you shoot with them
  6. Anyone interested, I can forward the invite to your email if you pm it to me. We would be honored to have you attend.
  7. We have had a 3 person Early Rifle Elk Hunt donated to us by an outfitter near Missoula, MT that one of our committee members has worked for in the past. It is a backcountry hunt valued at $13,200, however, we will be selling chances on it for $50/chance and we are going to try and reward it at the banquet. Need not be present to win.
  8. Here is the online ticket portal. Looks forward to seeing you all. https://events.rmef.org/shop/musiccity?utm_source=rmef.org&utm_medium=events_page
  9. I've had to do it too, with the same results. I was just paranoid taking a drill press to a barrel. I actually have better tools now. What's a drill press?
  10. Drill your gas port out to .096. My 450 Bushmasters did the same thing. BCA lets them go way undergassed. Drilled it carefully and she ran like a brand new one.
  11. Yes Sir. I can send official invitations through mail and email once they become available. I am jumping the gun to get the information out early.
  12. Ladies and Gents, Extending an invitation to attend the inaugural fundraising dinner banquet for the newly formed Music City Chapter of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. It will be held the 26th of August at The Barn at Sycamore Farms venue in Arrington, TN. I am one of 7 committee members striving to make it the biggest in Tennessee and the National Headquarters is really getting behind it to be one of the largest in the country. There will be tons of raffles, prizes, a live and silent auction as well as a top-of-the-line dinner being catered. If there's anybody interested in coming and/or helping out, please reach out. We are also selling many different tier of sponsor deals if you need a night out with the boys and/or need a tax write off that just happens to come with a gun. Who doesn't love guns?
  13. Tim Guy has one in Murfreesboro for $750 on Mewe. Looks like its new. Baby Blue upper (37)MeWe - The Next-Gen Social Network
  14. Got a chance to snag a 16 gauge 1897 pump gun . Just wondering on the scarcity of it and what it would be worth if i was to end up with it?
  15. A potential "lock your kids in their room" room?


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