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  1. Worth is irrelevant in this instance. It could be worth $1000 untouched or $100 in the condition I have put it in. Makes no nevermind to me. It's not leaving my possession until my son or grandkids come of age.
  2. I really don't. I know he stripped it and blued it and then did it again because it got a nick in the bluing dip pan. Hes out of Kempner, TX at Texas Star Shooting Range if interested .
  3. Find a friend with a 3D printer. Where there's a will, there's a way... cheap
  4. I had a TNArms AR a few years ago amd am currently waiting for some of their lowers to ship. Hello AR9 SMG!
  5. @CajunI will be going through there this weekend if it needs to catch a ride home. Im just South of you in Lyles.
  6. I want to say it was 1912 or 1914. Cant remember but its an early one. ***EDIT*** 1911 year model
  7. Not a Chance. The only things i have from him are this Colt and a Model 11 Remington 20 gauge .
  8. If not, Dickson Sportsman Store has been keeping it in stock .
  9. A buddy from my Army days runs a gunsmithing shop in Central Texas and did his magic on my late Grandfather's ole Colt he use to slip in his pocket coon hunting. I think it turned out great.
  10. well one thing i wont run out of is Chicken Eggs... Dang hens have hit a laying spurt. One of them is dropping a double yolker a week, the poor gal . Shouldnt run outta of deer meat either. Bullets.... well depends on how many "purgers" come in my yard.
  11. Thanks and Good Luck to Everyone who is taking part. Our Department sold out of calendars as of Friday! May the Odds Be in Your Favor!
  12. Glenfield Model 25 bolt action with a little scopey scope. I can hit a pop can at 20 yards. good enough for a $60 rifle
  13. Yes sir, i will get pictures to you first thing in the morning.
  14. Updated with that ... Was midpost and accidentally pressed post.
  15. Have a few to sell.. Might trade. Knight MK85 .50 with Redfield Scope. Not the best shape, but useable for a few years. Needs a ramrod $60 Weaver K4 Scope $100 Leupold Mounts $10 22-250, 30-06 Brass ***Free LOCAL Pickup*** Located in East Hickman but am in and out of the Nashville area weekly. Sometimes in West Tennessee.


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