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  1. Have had a couple guns stolen from my mothers closet. We assumed my 17 year old brother had a hand in them disappearing and don’t figure I will ever see them again but hopefully we can spread the word. Serial number on the 30-06 has been documented. 1) Eddystone M1917 30-06. Made in 1918, intricate carvings, 4-12x50 Simmons Scope, Bipod and leather sling (scope in pictures has long been replaced) 2) Remington Nylon 66 .22 LR. Chrome action/barrel with black synthetic stock. Only distinguishing features is a Green “WF” on buttstock and a crack at end of the forearm. Was grandfathers coon gun. (No pictures) spread the word
  2. I’ve got one with a bird head grip on it. Love them
  3. I ended up getting two factory Marlin magazines for $14.55/shipped each off EBay in factory packaging. after looking, it does have the factory slide style, so I guess I will dig through the ammo cans and see if I have some of those mounts. Guess having $59 in a scoped 22 Jm stamped bolt action can’t be too bad, eh?
  4. One of my buddies asked me if I had any use for a .22 rifle. Said no st first before I asked what it was. Ends up being a Glenfield M25 bolt action and he only wanted $30 bc I’d didn’t have a magazine with it Where can I get a base system to mount a small scope? Are these reliable guns?
  5. If you happen to have a sock left, please let me know. Got an old Winchester to slide one in.
  6. The ones I get from family are the ones that I keep. Still have the Marlin 336 from when I was 10. It will go to my 7 year old soon. None of these will be on the chopping block. You can't put a price on memories.
  7. For whatever reason, the derringer was promised to my aunt and the Iver Johnson was promised to mom. The Parker double was promised to my brother (oldest grandson) . Those were the only stipulations other than picking from the pairs.
  8. They had them laid out in pairs according to action type (double barrels, semi auto shotguns, .22) . The Ruger was in fine shape and my aunt said she could remember going to the river to shoot with it so i let her go with it. The nylon is in good shape. It was his go to when coon hunting . I will try and upload some pictures
  9. Finally received my grandfather's gun collection that had died in 1988. We had been promised a gun apiece since my grandmother died in 2006. When we went to take our pick, not knowing what the will actually said, the guns were to be split evenly between my mother and aunt. A quick rundown of the collection of guns that our grandfather had. Mind you, he died in 1988 and wasn't hunting for a few years before that. A big coon hunter and rabbit hunter, so most are oriented towards that. 1) Parker 16 gauge sxs shotgun (Great Grandfather's gun) 2)Remington Model 11 20 gauge with Vent Rib full barrel and extra plain cylinder barrel. 3)Remington Nylon 66 (Nickel/Black) 4)Ithaca M59 Saddle Gun .22 5)Colt 1903 .32 auto 6)HR 922 22 pistol 7)Iver Johnson Owlhead .38 8) Sharps Pepperbox 4B .32Short Rimfire Some others to note that we did not receive. 1)Remington Derringer in .41Rimfire 2)Baker sxs shotgun (16 gauge) 3) another Remington M11 20 gauge 4) Stevens Scout 14-1/2 .22 5)Sturm Ruger 22 semi auto pistol 6) S&W 32 Short Break Action revolver 7) JC Higgins .22 bolt action 8) Old SS 4" barrel (about) blackpowder dueling pistol with England written on the barrel. The top is what we ended up with. The bottom my aunt. I thought I did a pretty good job of picking the guns ;) What say you >?
  10. You wouldn't be interested in selling your Model 11 would you ? I have been looking for one for a while. Preferably a 16 gauge, but whichever. I am in Tennessee
  11. hey guys, I recently ran across a rare find ( I guess). Found 420 rounds of 5.56 ball ammunition still in bandoliers with the stripper clips and quick loaders all in the original green military steel ammo can. the bandoliers have a date of Mar 1971 (iirc). Anybody have any insight on if its safe to shoot? it looks like any other ammo ive ever seen but the brass is tarnished. A193 is the nomenclature of the ammo I believe. What would it be worth? as I no longer have an AR.

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