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  1. I’ll give a small sample. I bought an apx carry on a whim at my LGS when they had a rebate running in 2020. Tolerances were off. Slide was too tight, even after polishing the feed ramp would get a stovepipe. It had the worst trigger I’ve ever used, they say factory it’s supposed to be DA 12.5 and SA maybe 6.5 (going off of memory) but I swear it was more. Very spongy as well. Worst trigger I’ve used other than the early middle SCCY/SKYY triggers. Thought I couldn't shoot it worth a damn because of the ridiculously heavy pull and was consistently landing rounds low left. Handed it to a friend with pistol skills and trigger time and he had the same issue. Sights were also off. One of the few guns that I’ve sold outright. I follow a lot of firearm threads and will say that everyone complains of the fit and finish on the Gallatin guns. Very few complaints about the A400s that are made there. I’d consider getting an A400 from that plant but I already have a 1301. Small sample size. I wouldn’t do it. I also looked into doing maintenance for them as it’s close to home and the pay scale from operators and up is severely low for the industry. Seems gun manufactures kind of hope they get gun people to work for poverty wages, and that was also echoed on a S&W forum regarding their plant workers. Would explain QA issues. Small sample size. I personally will not buy a handgun unless it’s manufactured at the Italy plant. Would consider a shotgun. I think their rifle line is ugly as sin.
  2. Carl is a great dude. One of my favorite meetups to shoot the breeze with. All his stuff is always pristine, the price of sig mags alone make this a great deal. If everyone priced as fairly as he does there wouldn’t be any bumping in the thread! Great guy and deal with confidence. I want this. But have bought two legions off of both poster and commenter in this thread and can’t have champagne tastes on a miller light budget in this economy. GLWS.
  3. I haven’t because the only 10mm I have is a radial delayed blowback PCC. Everything I’ve read says that roller delayed blowback PCCs won’t run aluminum. I’ve shot a few hundred rounds of blazer .380 w a couple of failures, I think mostly failure to feed. I wouldn’t shy against aluminum for training ammo though especially since I don’t reload.
  4. Just my opinion, I know it stinks paying for a service without a guaranteed result. So far you’re out $400 rough math, call it a 1$ a day. What’s the price that you’re willing to walk away and have a potentially subpar sleep. If someone said that I could sleep better and it would cost me $1800 a year I’d pay $5 a day to spend a third of my day actually rested and wake up ready to seize the day and in my best mental head space. I know sleep apnea is a pain but if you can extend life and quality of sleep I hope it’s worthwhile and helps.
  5. ^ Great deal. I jumped on brass S&B that was loaded to 10mm spec at $.40CPR a good bit ago. Wouldn’t hesitate to do it again shipped and tax free. Anyone who wants to stash 10mm for handguns I’d move on this.
  6. P238 for pocket carry errands/work. P938 for lighter social situations or formal wear. Winter is when men get to accessorize with their gear and carry choice. Snubby in the tool bag so no one gets offended if I’m in their residence crawling around and accidentally print.
  7. This is a great price. I waited precovid for a deal from PSA and w tax shipping and the extra junk they were trying to offload it would have easily been 30-40% more. Also, good guy and deal w confidence.
  8. I’ll take it if you’ll consider shipping. Been looking for a backup at that exact price point!
  9. I bought one for nostalgia. Shot one when I was young. Doesn’t get as much usage now that we both have p238 but I run a couple mags when we do .380 shooting. Reliable, good ergonomics and surprisingly not as snappy as you’d think a PPK sized pistol to be. Solid pocket pistol/BUG. Shame it didn’t take off more. If you find yourself in Nashville with a trade offer I may be persuaded. GLWB.
  10. Try taking a screenshot of the photo and then emailing it to yourself. Should be an option to reduce file size below 9mb.
  11. Easy fix: https://www.floydscustomshop.com/Smith-and-Wesson-FPC-Magwell_p_214.html?amp=1 All the reviews of these come back positive. 10-ring is a good guy. GLWS.
  12. This is one of the most aesthetically pleasing guns I’ve seen of late. I’d imagine it’s akin to what people viewing instagram models feel. I just keep looking at it. GLWS.


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