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  1. My only problem has been on the 450 Bushmasters their gas ports are way undersized. My 7.62x39, 308, and 6.5 Creedmoors all ran as intended. Ugly they are, work they do. Then again, im not quite the perfectionalist as Rob is. Cheaper is Cheaper.
  2. Anybody happen to have a gunsmith in the Franklin/Fairview area they would recommend?
  3. Beautiful.. if my wife wouldn't skin me, id be all over it
  4. Mossberg 12 GA. 18 1/2" Shotgun Barrel Cylinder Bore - C R Parts 4 Sale | eBay Here's one that might fit your needs.
  5. Our local chapter of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
  6. Ive got a Mauser 96 in a 22-250 with a Heavy Reticle Bushnell scope, wood stock, and about 70 rounds if interested.
  7. Thirds or Fourths on a case of the 5.56. Im just above you in Hickman County. Good price.
  8. Not sure if his meets your specifications but Walt ( Fireball221) has a Colt Scout listed on here.
  9. Guess I will go with a .223 Wylde Chambering in a 16" stainless barrel and run with it.
  10. I would most likely suggest an AR10 in a 6.5 Creedmoor or 308. Otherwise 6.5 Grendel would be about the furthest reaching round out of the AR15 platform.
  11. I have noticed that as well. Im totally not familiar with the Creedmoor and am fine with that. I personally have a 450 Bushmaster that i love but also know the recoil isnt as friendly to some people as other rounds.
  12. I recommend the 450 Bushmaster. (10% on sale tomorrow through Bear Creek Arsenal) Unfortunately majority of their 350L are sold out.
  13. I built one for my wife and its great... What else would be great is if she would actually shoot it. Built it last September or so... still not shot it lol
  14. That is an option as well. Was thinking AR15 but may dip into the AR10 field as well.
  15. Would like to know what the best would be.
  16. Getting ready to build a black rifle for a non-profit to raffle off and was just wondering what the average Joe's go-to would be for an all around shooting/hunting round through the AR? Looking for pros/cons of 300 BLK, 350 Legend, 450 Bushmaster, 458 SOCOM.. Trying to stay away from the .223 chambering. Looking for recommendations on what caliber would raffle well out of the AR platform.
  17. Our local chapter of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation is offering a backcountry Elk Hunt for raffle if anybody is interested. 9 days, 8 night fully guided for 2 hunters. 1 bull each. All food and lodging provided. Dates are 14-21 or 22-29 September 2022 or 2023. Hunt will be drawn for on October 10, 2021. I can provide all details if needed. Much of it is on the ticket itself. One of our committee members has worked with this outfitter for the last couple of summers and last year was lucky enough to hunt with and harvest a nice 6x6. Please pm me if interested as i dont know how to get pictures to pop up on here. Sweetened the pot a little as well. Chances are still $100/per, however, the 1st draw gets the hunt, 2nd number drawn gets a semiauto pistol (Springfield Hellcat) and the 3rd drawn receives a quality long range scope package.
  18. Tonight is the night! If you haven't pre-bought tickets, its not too late! Pay at the door and join us! Doors open at 5. Hope to see yall there!
  19. My moms farm hand has a High Point AR15 lol
  20. Hunting with Johan Grobler at LinPoPoAfricaSafaris. I have a fully aluminum Cabelas double case courtesy of Goodwill (SCORE!) that I am planning to take. It has room for 4 locks. I bought my wife and I a set of neck pillows for her birthday and hopefully the plane will have a nice TV screen in the headrest.
  21. Their recommendations say 30-06 or larger with 180 grain bullets so I assume that is not still used in LinPoPo province
  22. The caliber is allowed, but it's on an AR platform and you cannot take semi or automatic weapons into that area. May be the entire country.


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