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  1. I am cleaning out some watches and have a Bulova Precisionist for sale. It is in like new condition. $150-Shipping would be better due to a busy work schedule. One of the world’s most accurate movements – accurate to within seconds a year Precisionist-class torsional resonator movement proven in laboratory testing to be three times more accurate than standard quartz Stainless steel case and bracelet with black ion-plated accents Curved mineral crystal Multiple-layer black carbon fiber, grey, and silver dial Red continuously sweeping second hand
  2. I have a first gen Apple Watch Sport for sale. Comes with the silicon strap and a magnetic mesh stainless steel bracelet. It has seen very little wear and is in good condition. One small superficial mark on the face. $150. Shipping would be easier due to a busy work schedule.
  3. I am looking for a good gun safe. I would like one of the smaller versions, maybe a 20-25 gun safe. Don't have enough room in the garage for a 30-40 gun safe. Any recommendations? Sams has a pretty good price on a Mesa safe, but I don't know anything about one.
  4. nolo

    Kahr Pm9

    I would pick up the cm9. Gunblast.com has a good review of it. I don't think the little difference between it and the pm9 are worth the difference in price.
  5. nolo

    keltec 22mag

    I think Keltec recommends only CCI 22mag ammo in the manual.
  6. I have one another love it. DA pull is a little firm, but SA is on part with any of the p series that I own.
  7. You should take a look at ghost triggers too. They have several pulls you can choose from as well as spring sets. I believe they may even provide video instructions. I personally like the 3.5lb. I have installed it in several Glocks. They have never hit the 3.5lb pull, usually around 4-4.5lb, but significantly smooth out the pull.
  8. I have purchased several guns from them without issue. They never answer their phones. Try contacting them through the police site. It worked for me. I think it is budspolicesupply.com
  9. Nice looking gun. Welcome to the world of Springfield, almost as addictive as Sig.
  10. I have purchased three Kahrs from him. He also have the occasional Dan Wesson 1911.
  11. I think it is the opposite. Powerball was out before cd. The guy on gunblast fires it in almost every gun review I have read.
  12. I was a Glock guy until recently. I picked up the xdm in a 40 and haven't looked back. Much more accurate information my hands. Just as indestructible as a Glock. Felt recoil is much less out of the xd. I have since picked up an xd and a subcompact xdm. I can't comment on the Beretta. I have held one and dry fired it. I didn't like the feel of the grip of the trigger pull.
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