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  1. Patton

    .45 GAP

    Why you ask?
  2. Patton

    .45 GAP

    I shoot 45Gap in my 45 revolvers. My supply has dried up.
  3. Remember, Ballistic by the Inch is measuring a fixed breach and not accounting for the cylinder chamber in a revolver. The real velocity of a two inch revolver is closer to a 3.5-4” single shot or semiauto. The velocity loss through the cylinder gap is equivalent to the velocity loss operating the the blowback of a semi-auto; both are generally 25 fps is all. My 4” 45acp revolver still has more velocity, with the same loads, than a 5” GI 1911.
  4. The Bulldogs have some snap. I actually have a lot of love for Charter Arms. I had a super reliable and accurate 40 Pitbull that I sold to one of my best friends. I had a darn nifty 70ish undercover that I sold to another friend. Neither one of these ever had an issue. I never realized, until I inserted the undercover into a kydex holster, but they are actually smaller than a j frame in almost every dimension.
  5. Unless you are talking about Alaska, I believe your biggest threat in the woods is still your fellow man. One is known as the man stopper and the other is known as the man killer. Take you pick.
  6. Why wouldn’t you just buy a Glock 17 or 34 with 33 round magazines?
  7. How far east of Memphis do you ever get?
  8. That top revolver is a k frame. The difference between a J and I are minimal. The grip on the I will be shorter and the cylinder window is smaller.
  9. The turd used the old “fender bender” distraction to get the victims to stop and exit the vehicle. He then kidnapped both of them. They should have fought then and there.
  10. I met the guy at Outpost the other day. I was looking for a RCBS small primer stem and sleeve. I picked up a used RCBS single stage for cheap and described it as aluminum. He was quick to say it was not aluminum and RCBS only made cast. I was honest and said I didn’t know they ever made aluminum ones until I found this one. Ok, whatever. I find a picture on RBCS’ website of the press and the part I needed. Well, wouldn’t you know, RCBS said the press was aluminum. I appreciate that he can acknowledge he was wrong. I start talking about my old press as being a turret press. He tries to say I
  11. The people at North Georgia Reloading are pretty nice. If you have a liberal side to you at all you will get offended. I don’t, but I have put on a face mask after entering the front door and could kind of feel the criticism. They still made me feel welcome though. I have bought materials from them before but their prices can be hit or miss. I completely understand though with it being a small business. They have not marked their prices up to gouge and I really appreciate that. Today they did have large magnum pistol primers and large match pistol primers. They were between $3
  12. I was never as sold on Z mowers as everyone else. For most properties, as in 90% of properties, I will take a 48” hydro walk behind. They give less trouble, cut more, do less damage, and ride hills so much better. At the end of the day they are cheaper to operate and make more money. The other 10% of properties are so large that z mower guys want to cut them too cheap to compete with anyway. I had a guy tell me he will ride his Z mower all day for $10 a hour as long as he doesn’t have to do anything else. I have found that z and walk behinds do better aired down.
  13. Another option; these are less than $2 a pound delivered to your door. https://www.rmrbullets.com/shop/rmr-in-house/casting-lead-from-rmr-jacketed-bullet-cores-approximately-12-brinnel-hardness/


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