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  1. My dad carried a few American Derringers through the 80s and 90s. I have shot about a dozen derringers in my life and owned a few. I had the opportunity to shoot a 45-70 a few years ago and regret that I passed. I prefer the American Derringer but find the Bond ok. To me they shine as a back up to a rifle or large handgun nothing small is chambered in like 45Colt, 44 mag, 10mm, or maybe 45acp. My 45 Win mag wasn’t really all that bad. I would say 38 spl is the most powerful you would shoot for fun in a regular basis.
  2. Times running out folks! I am getting closer to calling it. Last chance if you want it
  3. What brand are the additional mags? I really didn’t think you would still have it; I’ve been in a Florida all month. I may have to buy it if it’s still available come the weekend.
  4. For what it is worth, my agency has vowed to stick with 40’s for a lot longer. No reason to switch since everyone shoots close to 100% on qualifications anyway. If I didn’t have and carry that same gun I would take it off your hands.
  5. My experience is factory 44spl feels like a mild 357 mag round. I believe anyone, in decent health, can handle 44spls in that though.
  6. Agreed! Sig to hell and back...
  7. I finally got the Sig p250 to 100%. It honestly took more time and effort than it was worth. I polished the feedramp and replaced just about every spring without it performing any better. A couple of new mags didn’t matter either. An experienced gunsmith looked at it and determined that the chamber was too tight. Seriously, he took a dremel, and a reamer, and opened the chamber up a hundredths of an inch or two. So far it has been flawless for the last 250 rounds.
  8. I just saw several in the case at GT’s in Chattanooga today. They do their own transfers now and only charge for the $10 TCIS check.
  9. It dawned on me that at this very time exactly 75 years ago, the first of the Allied Forces were jumping into France. The amphibious landing crafts would land a few hours later. All those brave men will be heavily on my mind over the coming days. God bless.
  10. You don’t ever see those. Rare to say the least.
  11. The P250 and the P320 share the same grip modules, magazines, barrels, and a few other smaller parts. I appreciate the offer. What city are you in?
  12. I managed to fit a Glock spring in the Sig mag. I plan on testing it today.
  13. I always wanted a Sig P250. I have eyed them for years and past on one or two that I later wished I would have bought. I won one on Gunbroker for what I thought was an amazing deal (about $250 OTD). It is used but in very good condition. It’s a 40 subcompact and only came with one magazine and no box. I picked it up yesterday to be surprised by the excellent condition and half-life night sights. Call me crazy, but I actually wanted a .40 since my department has vowed to stick with them for a lot longer and I am swimming in .40 ammo. I seriously have about 3k rounds with most being hollow points. Well, I went to the range today and was less than impressed. My groups were the size of my fist at 10yards, but the failure to feed rate was about 5% or about 10 failures in 200 rounds. I’m thinking it may be the magazine as the spring actually feels weak. I was actually wanting to trim a compact grip to work with a subcompact slide; some of my attraction to this model. I plan to try a Glock spring in the subcompact Sig mag tomorrow. I am tempted to go ahead and order a new compact mag and a compact grip hoping I can make it run. Anyone around Chattanooga got a P250/p320 mag I can borrow for testing?

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