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  1. ad closed Glock 42

    Ga tax at .07%. It should be $324 OTD. I think in Saturday’s the transfers go to Lookout Firearms in Lookout Valley. It is still a $25 total transfer and you still get it the same day.
  2. ad closed Glock 42

    There are like new used ones at GT’s for $279.
  3. That It for Butch?

  4. Test

  5. That It for Butch?

    What he said.
  6. That It for Butch?

    Well, he is a redshirt freshman, he should not be expected to be a team leader. It would be great if he was, but QB or not it’s a lot to ask. I personally don’t think Botch Jones has control of his own team. He has fed them too many of his vacuum cleaner salesman speeches and they no longer have confidence in him.
  7. That It for Butch?

    It’s not that I am a huge TN fan, but I am a huge SEC fan, todays game made it obvious to me that there are a lot of athletes on that team without any leadership. I didn’t think this until today, but TN needs to find anyway possible get some sense of direction into that team. I don’t know if it means finding a new home for Jones, or if someone can find some team building measures. I think at a minimum TN needs a new offensive coordinator; I have never seen so many missed blocks and busted plays this late into a season.
  8. Glock Gen5.

    I fondled one at GT's and I am considering one now. I have to say though, the trigger was the best I have ever felt on a Glock. The cut out in the bottom actually didn't bother me as much as it does on a Gen2; weird I know. The slide finish may actually be as great as it once was, but only time will tell for sure. The improved night sight I could definitely live with. I could tell the gun was wider in the flared magwell and the because of the ambi slide release. I am curious how many holsters the gen5 will not fit because of the thickness of the ambi slide release.
  9. sold Ruger SP101 3", .32 H&R Magnum

    Wow, those were bringing $700 a year ago. I wished I had the dough.
  10. Speeding tickets in Tennessee?

    We had a woman show up and plead guilty which was only a $50 ticket. She stumped the courts and the attorneys when she said she wasn't going to pay it. There was nothing, not a thing, that the courts could do. They weren't going to sue her for the money. They were hoping the accused would either pay or not show up. Pleading and guilty and not paying was something they never could figure out.
  11. Speeding tickets in Tennessee?

    So here is my experience with speed cameras. I worked for a small town outside of Chattanooga that had a representative come to us and give us the spill on how their company worked. They supplied the camera which was on a 4x8 trailer and they gave us the training on how to use it. Officers set up the trailer and watched the trailer and traffic throughout the day. We, POST Certified Officers, reviewed the offenses at the end of the day, and dropped the disk in the mail that went to St. Louis. The company mailed the violation notices back to the officer who then signed them and mailed them directly to the offender. The violation gave the offense, time, date, and two photos of the vehicle committing the offense. You also got a link to watch the violation on camera. There were some various directions on options to take such as paying, calling, or appearing in court on xx-xx-xx. On xx-xx-xxxx date the accused could appear and state their case. A failure to appear resulted in a registered letter with a new court date. On that court date if they didn't show the registered owner would get a license revocation sent to TN DOS. We occasionally got people who would stop in complaining that they never new of the offense and asked for help getting their license reinstated. People didn't get their license suspended for not paying but for failure to appear. I don't know how other places do it. I know the City of Chattanooga actually has officers in the vehicle with the camera. I don't know if a private party is involved at all.
  12. I have this same rifle, and I must say that it is ten times more accurate than I am. It is capable of cloverleaf accuracy at 100 yards. I am curious how the 100 grain bullets shoot. Everything I read indicates that 95 or 90 grain bullets should be the max with that rate of twist.
  13. The 36-1 is an awesome version. The square butt is actually preferred by many over the round butt because this is heavy barrel version. The square butt just balances better in this configuration. Pre-election I went to $500 on Gunbroker before I was outbid on one just like that. I ended up with a 3" 60 instead. Someone will be getting a fine piece at a great price. All 3" revolvers are the craze now.
  14. Those three would bring so much more on Gunbroker.
  15. Looking at a Sig P229

    The p229 and p226 handle the 40s&w catridge wonderfully. Otherwise welcome to one of my biggest gripes about Sig; they have too many different variations. Unless that gun is prestine, I don't think $600 w/crimson trace is that smoking hot of a deal. There are tons of p229 40's out there below $500, but you do have to know what you are buying.

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