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  1. One FTE out of the first 100 rounds is great odds. Many of don’t consider 1911s broken in and suitable for carry until after 200-250 rounds and then we like too see 200 flawless rounds through it.
  2. The city I worked in allowed you to have the person you borrowed the car to come to the next scheduled court date. If they failed to show you got another notice and you, the RO, had to come back to court.
  3. A radar wave can transmit for miles. While unlikely, some areas will have radar drones, and not the flying kind, but these transmit a radar signal for various reasons. Sometimes the reason is to just give a false alarm.
  4. I spent five years as a master RADAR and LiDAR Instructor. First, I do not know of any laser speed measurement devices that are used with speed cameras. I am not going into details because it’s lengthy but it just wouldn’t work well. Most of the speed cameras are not even radar but measure points; the time it calculates for a vehicle to travel between points. These points are often 20’ and depend on light to cast shadows. It’s strange but it works very well. That’s why some radar detectors do not alert to speed cameras; they aren’t radar. Its been eight years since I worked at a department with speed cameras, but here is how it worked with our department. At the end of the day we viewed the recorded violations and deleted any false, questionable, or unwanted violations. We, certified officers, signed off on each violation that we wanted to mail a citation. We mailed the recording to a private company who downloaded the violations onto an internet link. The company mailed the violations to the offenders via certified mail. It provided a picture along with a link to view the violation in real-time. It stated your options. 1. Pay $50 and it will be dealt with as civil and not points or insurance reporting. 2. Appear on the mandatory court date provided. The disclaimer was payments not received in X amount of days would require a mandatory court appearance. Failure to appear on the mandatory court date could result in a FTA and a revoked drivers license. They did revoke some license for failure to appear but some they did not for various reasons. I don’t really know most of the reasons. I was in court one day and a woman came in who said she committed the violation but couldn’t pay or wouldn’t pay. The city attorney said there wasn’t a thing the city could do. She appeared, but refused to pay.
  5. No 10mm or 45 S&W there, and it’s been a while since I saw any of the 45xx that Chattanooga dumped.
  6. The Rossville location. They typically don’t put used guns on their website. However, I have seen a few make it to Facebook. I believe the Texas stores put theirs on GB but Rossville sells theirs on the store. They do their own transfers now. Their store is in Tennessee and Georgia. Pay the cheaper Georgia tax and the walk it over to the TN register for the transfer. I asked a coworker who went with me. There was definitely a 3913 or two and some full-size 3rd gens like a 5906. I don’t recall any midsized like a 6906 though. A few months back there was a CS9 but I don’t recall seeing it the last two visits. I asked where everything came from and they said Gwinnett Co. I was a little overwhelmed with all the Smiths and bought the 2.5” 686+ prelock.
  7. If you ever get down to GT Distributors they have the motherload of 3rd gens right now. It would actually be worth your drive. I kind of swore them off but was tempted to pick up another 3913 for less than $400.
  8. It’s perfectly legal to carry and purchase for off-premise consumption. Obviously couldn’t purchase alcohol while armed if your intent is to consume it on premise. I guess you could buy and deliver a drink for another adult to consume.
  9. I appreciate everyone’s help.
  10. The paper faces down towards the vapor barrier and the pink insulation faces up towards the roof. I don’t know if that is what you are describing or not. The plan is to have the insulation ripped out, and the wood sprayed with Borate. There is not any wood decay and very little fungus. Then the vapor barrier will be replaced. I am wanting to avoid replacing the insulation. Is there a requirement for there to be insulation in the crawlspace?
  11. There is a partial vapor barrier now and a new one will be installed. The fiberglass faces up towards the floor. No water coming into to the crawlspace.
  12. I have heard others say that too. I appreciate it. The moisture in the crawlspace really isn’t bad but some of our closets would get mildew. Someone hinted that the insulation could be to blame.
  13. Is it required for there to be insulation in a crawlspace? I’m selling my old house, and I am going to get the crawlspace treated. They want to rip out the insulation; I believe it has caused moisture issues inside the house anyway. I am just trying to budget if I need to replace the insulation.
  14. It is difficult to just throw a recommendation out there for you. If I weren’t so far away I would meet you and let you try out some of mine. Most people, with the exception of hardcore gun guys, do not want to carry anything larger than a 2-3” 23oz revolver. A five or six shot 38spl is plenty for most civilians. There is a reason the five shot j frame is the most sold revolver over the last 50 years. For many of us they are just the perfect edc pocket companion. I have a 10.5 oz S&W 342 that you would honestly forget you were carrying. My 15oz 442 has been my carry gun for over three years. I have recently warmed up to the new Colt Cobras and may incorporate one of them into my carry rotation in the months to come. Since I am a LEO I have to qualify on all that I carry so it takes planning to change my carry. I carried a 3” 7 shot 686 for a year and it was really too much. I have some 2.5” and 3” k frames that are great shooters but not much smaller than the 686. I could offer up a 2017 Colt Cobra, in very good condition, for $500. I picked up a different version of the Cobra is the only reason to part with the 2017 edition. I also have a 3” S&W model 60 in 357 I have thought about parting with.
  15. GT’s is saying they are $359 for everyone.

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