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  1. That top revolver is a k frame. The difference between a J and I are minimal. The grip on the I will be shorter and the cylinder window is smaller.
  2. The turd used the old “fender bender” distraction to get the victims to stop and exit the vehicle. He then kidnapped both of them. They should have fought then and there.
  3. I met the guy at Outpost the other day. I was looking for a RCBS small primer stem and sleeve. I picked up a used RCBS single stage for cheap and described it as aluminum. He was quick to say it was not aluminum and RCBS only made cast. I was honest and said I didn’t know they ever made aluminum ones until I found this one. Ok, whatever. I find a picture on RBCS’ website of the press and the part I needed. Well, wouldn’t you know, RCBS said the press was aluminum. I appreciate that he can acknowledge he was wrong. I start talking about my old press as being a turret press. He tries to say I have a progressive press. After I tell him grandpa bought it in the 60s and taught me to reload 30 years ago he kind of realized I was not knew to the hobby.
  4. The people at North Georgia Reloading are pretty nice. If you have a liberal side to you at all you will get offended. I don’t, but I have put on a face mask after entering the front door and could kind of feel the criticism. They still made me feel welcome though. I have bought materials from them before but their prices can be hit or miss. I completely understand though with it being a small business. They have not marked their prices up to gouge and I really appreciate that. Today they did have large magnum pistol primers and large match pistol primers. They were between $31 and $36 per 1k. As far as loaded ammo there was about 3k rounds of 40s&w and some 20 round boxes of 44spl and 44mag. All was reasonably priced.
  5. I was never as sold on Z mowers as everyone else. For most properties, as in 90% of properties, I will take a 48” hydro walk behind. They give less trouble, cut more, do less damage, and ride hills so much better. At the end of the day they are cheaper to operate and make more money. The other 10% of properties are so large that z mower guys want to cut them too cheap to compete with anyway. I had a guy tell me he will ride his Z mower all day for $10 a hour as long as he doesn’t have to do anything else. I have found that z and walk behinds do better aired down.
  6. Another option; these are less than $2 a pound delivered to your door. https://www.rmrbullets.com/shop/rmr-in-house/casting-lead-from-rmr-jacketed-bullet-cores-approximately-12-brinnel-hardness/
  7. Someone is getting a deal on this one!
  8. My friend Mousegunner, Dr. Marshal St. John’s, departed us in 2011. He had only been interested in firearms for about 15 years but researched and contributed a lot to our hobby. I really miss his wisdom. He was an all around wonderful man. I frequently handle newly released firearms and think how much he would have enjoyed many of them. I just looked, Mousegunner’s last login was nine years ago today!
  9. How in the world did I miss this? It is in my backyard too.
  10. I haven’t seen one of those in a long time.
  11. I have to be careful; I don’t want this to turn into a caliber war. I work for an agency that has vowed to stick with .40s. It was decided long before the ammo shortage even started and before the oversees contract for Gen 5 .40 Glocks was announced. We just didn’t see the reason to switch. I can’t recall the last time we had someone fail to qualify and we have even recently had some agents bring the top shot award back from various schools with them using a Glock 23. I try to keep up with agency handguns across the state. Ten years ago, and maybe as recently as five years ago, we didn’t have single state or local agency issuing or requiring 9mm. There were a few, very few, feds with 9mm. In July of 2020, I think TN has a three way tie for 9mm, 357 Sig, and 40s&w being the most popular LE calibers in the state. I think .357 Sig may be dying a slow death. If THP ever dumps the 357 Sig a lot of TN agencies will follow. Some of my friends at Hamilton County SO and Bradley County SO said it will be be near impossible for them to switch calibers because a good 90% of their handguns are deputy owned. It would be a logistical nightmare for agencies like theirs to reimburse officers to upgrade to a new caliber unless they did a slow integration and just allowed deputies and new hires to adopt the new caliber. Then you have to stock two calibers of ammo. That seems to be very common for sheriff’s departments to require deputies to buy their own and it’s been 40s for two decades or more. A few local PDs have the same practice. I heard an explanation for 40 being readily available over everything else this go around. Citizens that shoot a lot tend to shoot a lot of 9 and 45 so of course they are hoarding those. A lot of civilians with a .40 keep a box or two around at most. However, I recently heard the ammo manufacturers are running all the plants wide open the best they can. The 9mm side of the plant can’t easily produce 40 and vice versa. If each line can produce 100k rounds a day, and more people are buying 9mm, it is the reason the shelves are still stocked and getting replenished with 40. If you like to shoot, and you don’t have multiple calibers and are stockpiling all ammo you find cheap, you are doing it wrong.
  12. Patton


    I have always been found of the mousers. I have played with a lot of them over the years. It’s hard to bet a Ruger LCP.
  13. Patton


  14. Correct, but it is possible to put a beavertail on a previous generation.
  15. If it were darker I would be all in for it, but it doesn’t match my other furniture.

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