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  1. I had a RIA 10mm, and I want another one. It was a very reliable range toy. I would have no concerns with depending on it for defense. I probably put 10 times the 40s&w rounds through it than I did the 10mm.
  2. Is the barrel profile smaller on the 44 Spl?
  3. If you still have it Thursday evening I will be up your way for dinner. I should have a good mix of factory 45acp FMJ and hollow points to make it worth it. I may have a few moonclips too.
  4. I love a 45 acp revolver. I will save you all the long, boring story. Frankly, I love big bore revolvers, and the shorter the barrel the better. My newest is a circa 1983 24-3 Lee Horton 44Spl. It came from the same collection as Spot’s new 22 Thunder Ranch.
  5. I know where there is one in a gunshop in Chattanooga if you get down this way. It was priced reasonably. I think it was 700.
  6. You may want to indicate that this is a MOS version. It makes it a great buy considering that.
  7. I’m shocked no one has snatched this one. There is easily a couple hundred worth of extra mags with it.
  8. Price on laser stippled module and both 12 round magazines?
  9. I want it all if available still and you will ship on my dime.
  10. GT distributors has some in their stores and online. I’m thinking the DAK 9mm was $299 in the store. https://www.gtdist.com/products/guns-firearms/trade-in-used-guns-and-ammo/used-gun-sig-sauer-p226-dak-w-rails-9mm-pistol.html
  11. Is the Gp100 a six shooter or a seven shot?
  12. Cerakote holds okay on polymer frames. I don’t think I will ever mess with another one though. It was kind of costly to just have it look worn after a year. Something I wish I would have tried is taking it back to black using Rit Dye when it showed heavy wear.
  13. You need the biggest caliber handgun you are willing to carry, and can shoot, if you aren’t carrying a rifle or shotgun. I would prefer to carry both. However, people tell me the 10mm has a huge following in Alaska to the point 10mm ammo is as common as 44mag nowadays. Luckily for you the bears on Montana aren’t as big as kodiaks in Alaska. I think a 10mm semi made by a reputable manufacturer will serve you well loaded with the correct ammo.


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