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  1. The 36-1 is an awesome version. The square butt is actually preferred by many over the round butt because this is heavy barrel version. The square butt just balances better in this configuration. Pre-election I went to $500 on Gunbroker before I was outbid on one just like that. I ended up with a 3" 60 instead. Someone will be getting a fine piece at a great price. All 3" revolvers are the craze now.
  2. Those three would bring so much more on Gunbroker.
  3. The p229 and p226 handle the 40s&w catridge wonderfully. Otherwise welcome to one of my biggest gripes about Sig; they have too many different variations. Unless that gun is prestine, I don't think $600 w/crimson trace is that smoking hot of a deal. There are tons of p229 40's out there below $500, but you do have to know what you are buying.
  4. Where did you have to go to find those?
  5. Maybe a single action Arminius. Good luck finding one in a store local; they haven't been made in probably 30 years. You may find one on Gunbroker though. They are normally good shooting guns.
  6. Well, most people try to stay away from the first few years, but 1992 is about the time they started working out the bugs. An 8" that has been shot but has the box should be around 1500-1600 I would say.
  7. I don't follow them religiously, but they are bringing about what the Pythons are if not less. A lot depends on the finish,the condition, and the barrel length. The 44 mag is the most common caliber Anacanda. The 6" and 8" is about the most common length so a 4" may bring a little more. A somewhat rough shooter grade should still bring close to a grand, but only if it is tight. They were not as well built as Rugers or Smiths. I couldn't imagine an unfired NIB, even a 4", bringing more than $2200 unless it is one of the rare models like the Kodiak. A high shine version is out there and worth about 10% more than a standard stainless version. I am not an expert though.
  8. I had a Shield in .40 and it was a very mild little shooter. I had a Sig 239 in 40 that was also an impressive handling gun.
  9. Yes, they stopped with the test fired cartridge about two to three years ago.
  10. Yeah, I have heard that too. I work for a state agency that often adopts policies and practices of the TBI, but apparently we are sticking with the 23's for now.
  11. That has probably been posted on here a dozen times; and I still laugh every time I read it.
  12. Fortunately, it can be loaded with 45acp dies and is a handloader's cartridge. A 230 grain bullet at less than 825fps, which is basically standard pressure 45acp levels, is actually fun to shoot. I have shot exactly one full pressure factory load, and it was eye opening. This was a 260gr bullet at about 1100fps out of the three inch barrel. I did have a little bit of stinging afterwards, but I would have no problem lighting one off to get a grizzly off of me.
  13. Most consider a 45 Win Mag a rare and unusual caliber.
  14. I have bought the pusher before, and then resold it which meant I got about 95% of my money recouped.
  15. Well, the 640's do come along. I had two of them and sold them both last year. I really, really wish that I would have kept one. I will not buy a 640 with a lock period! I will buy a 640 pro, which will not have an internal lock, if I ever buy another one. The only thing about a used 640 pro is that the night sights may be dim.

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