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  1. Thanks. I shared this with my friend. It represents about what we suspected. I think it’s safe to say about 20% of adults in the US have tried CBD products and about 10% of adults will use it on a semi-regular basis.
  2. What are the first three letters of the serial number? Around 2014, there were a bunch of new 432 showing up on online retailers. I didn’t recall seeing one on a shelf anywhere. I passed at ordering one because of the lock. I wished that I would have bought one. It’s hard to say if they had been hanging around for ten years or if S&W did another short run like they often will do.
  3. Thanks for those taking the time to vote in this poll. The background is a friend, with a business selling CBD products among other items, is wondering why his sales have decreased 60% in the last two years. We are trying to evaluate if the industry is over saturated.
  4. I tried to make a poll but it keeps giving me an error. A friend asked me to take surveys of random groups concerning the average Joe’s CBD lifestyle. What are your CBD habits? 1. I do not buy CBD products and I never will? 2. I tried CBD but it is old news. 3. I still buy CBD products. 4. I tried CBD products but I have moved to products with THC.
  5. I need an early 686 rebarreled. The factory will not do it because they are backed up on warranty work. I have a factory new barrel already. Can anyone recommend a gunsmith, they don’t have to be in state, that can rebarrel a 686 and not spring the frame?
  6. No, I have to use a paper clip or bobby-pin.
  7. This is my 9mm Champion which should have the exact upper as yours.
  8. Both of mine look like the bottom example. I really thought the double spring was for the 40 and 45 while the single was for the 9mm.
  9. I believe what Res308 is describing is the factory guide rod and spring. I thought the Wilson wouldn’t fit the Springfield anyway but I may be mistaken.
  10. I have the Springfield Range Officer Champion, and I actually like it a lot.
  11. I have had so many Wranglers it’s hard to keep count. The 97-06 TJs are pretty good vehicles. I wished they still made them; I would buy a new one tomorrow. As mentioned previously, watch for frame rust. I have seen dozens parted out because the frame was falling apart. The tubs generally do not rust. I would avoid the 2.4 Neon engines the TJs had in the later years, but the 2.5 was not a bad engine despite being weak. The 2.5 as a daily driver gets a little annoying. As a weekend toy the 2.5 is fine and would probably be ok for a teen. I say avoid the 2.4, but if it were a hot deal I wou
  12. Yeah, I would not hesitate to give them a try. The reports of issues are actually pretty rare.
  13. If I recall the WC lack of a feed ramp built into the mag presented the issues for the 10round 9mm ETM, but it’s all resolved and they will replace them. I have several 10rd 9mm Tripp Cobras that are flawless. My Springfield ETM has factory 10 round magazines made by Metalform that work flawlessly too. I have never had the issues with 10rd 9mm 1911 magazines that so many people report.
  14. Yes, the current EB magazines have been Checkmate for about the last ten years. They used to be another manufacturer’s rebranded to EB. I think they were Metalform, but don’t quote me. Checkmate magazines are definitely in the top five 1911 magazine manufacturers. I personally will rank them ahead of Chip McC. I have heard a few bad reviews of the 8rd 45 Checkmates but as a whole they are good and worth trying. The 7rd EB are the best $20 magazines for 1911s. Also, 1911s are one of those guns that what works in one may not work in another. I got introduced to a 9mm 1911


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