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  1. I'm looking for one of the surplus Sig M17 pistols. I'm not going to pay the speculator prices being offered on Gunbroker, so if anyone stumbles across one (or more) in your local gunshop, please let me know. I am offering a 50.00 cash reward or a 200.00 Battle Mug to the person that helps me locate a fair priced M17. Thanks in advance.
  2. Yes, this was an Heirloom Precision gun, featured at SHOT Show (around 2009ish?) It has a matching Colt revolver, knife, and full exotic leather holster set. I sold the complete set to Pete Brownell (of Brownell's fame) several years ago. It's certainly one I wish I had kept in my collection.
  3. Posting because I love a good JY thread...
  4. I have a Keymod/M-LOK combo version drawn up. Just deciding if I want to make the sizable investment to bring it to market.
  5. Plus you get some kickass, limited edition swag with each order!
  6. That looks like crap.   (you should sell it to me...   :dirty: )
  7. Welcome to America from a fellow Kalifornia transplant.  
  8. Bump.  Price lowered to 75 bucks, shipped to you 
  9. For Sale: Barrett M82A1 with Leupold Mark IV 4.5-14x50 LRT on Barrett rings and Barrett BORS. Comes in factory Pelican case, with all factory manuals and accessories, a case of factory Barrett ammo and 3 magazines. Less than 25 rounds fired, and recently inspected and serviced at Barrett. (Still has inspection tag) Cash Price: 11,500.00    UPDATED PRICE:  9000.00 CASH Trade Price: 13,000.00    UPDATED TRADE:  10500.00  Located in Monteagle, TN 37356  
  10.     Does this price include the "upgraded sights" you are advertising it with in the other ad?
  11. Bump and price drop to 299.00 before I throw it up on eBay.    
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