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  1. Gun season opens in the morning

    Come on @10-Ring We want pics.
  2. Gun season opens in the morning

    The only thing moving around here so far is me and the tree I am in. Should have taken some Dramamine this morning. Lol.
  3. Gun season opens in the morning

    I am such a dumbass. So I am at my truck trying to load my rifle. For the life of me I can not get he ammo down in the box correctly. It keeps getting jammed and wedged in crooked. I finally decide to use it as a single shot and drop one round into the chamber. The bolt will not close. I am pissed and then had a oh crap moment. I checked the ammo box and I was trying to load .270 ammo into my .308 rifle. Luckily I brought my Colt Anaconda so I at least have something to hunt with. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  4. Gun season opens in the morning

    I know what you mean. I just unlocked the gate and it is windy. I am glad my ladder stand is on a very sturdy tree. Lol
  5. Looks like it is going to be mild and windy before the bad weather moves in during the afternoon. Sunday morning should a good morning, cold and calm. Wear your orange and be safe.
  6. Looks like they got another store...On Target this time.

    Or they could get display cases like Royal Range. The front of the cases are like a roll top desk. At night the just roll the cover down and lock it. Anything can be broken into given time but this sure stops the smash and grabs.
  7. HCP renewal question

    Just did mine today. I was able to do it online. Last time I had to go in for a new photo.
  8. MuzzleLoader Season Opens Saturday

    Only saw one deer this morning. Right at 8am I had a nice 8 pt come in. I thought he was going to walk right to me but veered off and never offered me a shot. Lots of squirrels running around this morning.
  9. MuzzleLoader Season Opens Saturday

    That is a big 8 pt. Nice!!
  10. What’s up Magic? Good to see you are still around.
  11. MuzzleLoader Season Opens Saturday

    Well my daughter and I bumped a deer walking in and got into the blind a little after 2. It was quiet. There was a large fox squirrel with a white face running around but he was the only thing moving until 4:30. We were sitting side by side but facing opposite directions so we could cover more ground. Right at 4:30 a deer just appears about 35 yards from the blind. I whisper deer. She slowly turns around and gets the scope on the deer. I am using my binoculars and see it is the same little spike I filmed Saturday morning. I tell her not to shoot because he is really young. We are watching him for a minute and she whispers deer and its another buck. This buck had come up from behind us and was about 20 yards out the left window. I tell her not to move, he is going to feed to right in front of you. He was focused on the small spike and paid the blind no attention. This was an older deer with a deformed rack. He had a nub on one side and a fork on the other. I told her she could cull that one if she wanted it. While waiting for a good shot she whispers deer again. She spied a tail about 60 yards away kinda in front of us and off to the left. Well the buck finally gave her a nice broadside shot and she squeezed the trigger. After the smoke cleared I could only see the spike running away. She said the other deer ran off to the right and it looked like it was running funny but disappeared. The last time I took her hunting she missed a big buck and was worried she had missed again. I reloaded and we were waiting a minute and then I see another deer. It was the one she spied earlier. It was doe and was feeding right to us. Then another deer ran up from behind us to right in front of us. it was the small spike that had just off. The doe feeds over and it is really small and we decided to let her grow up some. Well now it is getting dark and we still need to go look for the other deer but the spike and doe do not want to leave. Young deer are really stupid. We start making a little noise and they just look at us. They are only about 20 yards aways. I finally stand up and start zipping the all the windows up. We both get out of the blind and the two deer finally decide to leave. We walk over to where we though the deer was to look for blood. I forgot to bring a flashlight so we were both using our lights on our phones. We can't find anything. We are looking for little drops of blood and I come across a big spray of blood. Caitlin got real excited knowing she did not miss. We follow the trail for about 15 yards and there is a lot of blood being sprayed. I am looking down and Caitlin says there he is. You could just make out the white of his belly and tail We get over to him and he doe not have the one antler. it has broken off. She starts to look for it while I get ready to gut the deer. I then spotted the antler right next to a tree about 5' away. i guess he hit his head as he fell and broke off the antler. I think I will let the deer hang till this weekend before I process him. Then it is venison chili time.
  12. 50 Cal Ammo Cans

    I’ll take 5

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