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  1. My guys at work https://m.facebook.com/getchopped.com.au/videos/720403815359770/?refsrc=https%3A%2F%2Fm.facebook.com%2F2019278145062642%2Fposts%2F2731134597210323%2F&_rdr
  2. Question: will UT score today reply: Concentrate and ask again..
  3. I can see where that could come handy on i70 in Kanas.
  4. I wouldn't, 950 safe +150-/+dolly, 3 guys (minimum) 200+# ea
  5. How much does it weigh? I have a 850# and 550# safes, I cannot even imagine getting those up stairs.
  6. There is no way you came from my loins, when I get home I’m gonna punch your mama in the mouth.
  7. Here's a deal....lol https://www.trueshotgunclub.com/product/pmc-9mm-115-grain-jhp-50-round-box?avad=211021_f1d3d6df1
  8. Not sure I want to know, that's 1 minute of trigger time
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