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  1. That guy was shooting at a block of metal 2+" thick, at best API will do 1", on the way home that dude needed to buy a couple Lotto tickets, he is the luckiest guy on earth...
  2. Here's your sign or hold my beer watch this! I don't think there's much to worry about shooting FMJ at 1/4-3/8" plate at 100yrds, I'd be more concerned shooting at 3/4"+ plate at 100-200yrds with FMJ, including API, I usually lean my plate back just in case...
  3. BF will defiantly get the job done, my son shooting our 16 with a 100rd side mount nut sack..
  4. Yellow one is super fast 195 HP, 0-60mph 1:05 minutes
  5. My buddy has a FA MP5 with 3rd burst, I'll admit its super smooth in 3rd burst as well as FA but hey its a 9, I can configure my M16 into a pkg almost in size to the MP5 with more firepower, with a ROF of 650 unsuppressed IMO it is a very controllable weapon, suppressed no gas block somewhere 950+ (Crazy fast), I could turn the gas down and probably get it down in the 450ish range (stupid slow), i just like 650+/- purr's like a kitten...
  6. With practice you can shoot 3rd in FA mode, not hard at all.
  7. Not watching Grammys, watching Watters World he's making menials look like total dumb azz and it's not hard..
  8. I built this ghost with a butter knife, scissors, hammer and a 16p nail... BLM (Black Lowers Matters)
  9. This BS was on the evening news last night, so scary... http://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/loophole-lets-criminals-buy-untraceable-ghost-guns-line-n719121
  10. Dirty Birds ALL The WAY.
  11. Why stop there, 8 9 10 11 etc, until there is no more shoot or you didn't bring enough ammo to the party
  12. They shouldn't tax you, if they do walk away, you'll pay sales tax when you register it here in tn.
  13. Not sure, but I can't think of a reason why they would, I've only seen 14.5" uppers pinned to make legal 16" uppers. My buddy has a MP5SD and I've been wanting to built a 7.5" barreled upper + my suppressor under a 12"ish rail, after this pistol build I'm going to shelf that idea, I'll continue to use my 11.5" it's way more comfortable suppressed/unsuppressed.
  14. http://www.sturmgewehr.com/forums/index.php?/topic/5885-wts-barrett-82a1-29-or-20-package-factory-new-7200/ I have seen it sub $7k on a few occasions...ea pull will cost $2.25-5.00

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