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  1. Colt RO923 Clone, Transferable Select Fire M16
  2. That's a Gen 4 North Korea cruise missile
  3. Once you nail down your floor plan, start on the things that really matter the garage "if" you think you need a 1 car garage you really need 2, if it's 2 you need 4, if its 3 it's really 6.....depending on roof height that could increase your square footage = bonus room or man cave....
  4. Good luck... I don't descrimnate with 4x4 White is the trash truck, red is the daily driver and the yellow is the bitch.
  5. Didn't say that, we're talking about Vees in this topic, no need to bring the other brands inside, i must have hurt your feelings so I apologise..
  6. This is a Humvee topic.... You think a real Jeep, K-5 blazer or a Bronco, can compare to a Vee? Lets just compare them Stock to Stock! I wonder if any of those can haul 1.25 tons of people and gear? I wonder if any of those could forge 30" of water and up to 60" depending on the model. Really, I can keep going.. Can a modified Jeep, or ?, or ? beat a Vee/H1, answer: Hell Yes.
  7. Gotcha, we're defiantly not on the same page.
  8. your buddy lucked out of the 4400 sold so far, less then 2% sold were 2000yr or newer models! what state did it come from? It kills me why everyone thinks Hummer=poor MPG, I've own a H1 for 11yrs and I wish I had a dollar for every time someone asked me my MPG while filling up......its really 13.5, not bad for a 8000# rolling brick.. This guy just got tired of that question
  9. LOL...never considered any of those a real 4x4.
  10. You'd be surprised how new some can be, this one is a 2012 with 8mi. http://www.ironplanet.com/for-sale/Humvees-AM-General-M1045A2-Humvee-HMMWV-California/875833?h=5002%2Cmsg|21331%2CisAuc|yes&rr=0.06667&hitprm=&pnLink=yes My H1 had boat loads of issues after I bought it, thank god it was under warranty and all the bugs were worked out before my extended warranty expired, I won't lie I carry tools and parts under my rear seats just in case ... I luv it when its running and cuss it when its not...
  11. I have seen several in Tn for sale with plates... For your reading pleasure, I've posted through out this post, my H1 is at the bottom of pg1 http://www.ar15.com/forums/t_1_134/1831291_So-You-Want-To-Buy-A-Surplus-HMMWV-Humvee---A-How-To-Guide--And-All-Other-Things-HMMWV-Too--.html&page=1 Couple tips for your buddy 1) buy 1 as complete as possible, buying parts quickly add up$$$$$. 2) most will have 6.2L NA/3spd, I'd look for a 6.5L turbo/4spd, these started showing up early 2000 (I think). 3) Tools, you need tools, lots and lots of tools...oh yeah you'll need parts, lots and lots of spare parts!!! I'm looking at a couple different variants, this is the holly grail, first time 1045 came up for action, waiting to see what the sell for on the 28th.. http://www.ironplanet.com/jsp/s/auction.ips?msg=21331&kwtag=auctioncarousel#msg=21331&sm=0&md=M1045A2+Humvee&sort=p desc&mf=1
  12. This video has been on several hummer forums , totally fake, give them credit on their editing ability
  13. its called black jack, it's used for pallets....
  14. yeah me, I hope insurance helps with the clean up...
  15. Headed to work at 0445, something just didn't feel right, turned onto my street and confronted this, that's my driveway to the left....

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