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  1. That's always been true. Just more so today. What's in my safe is worth much more than the price of the safe. Always amazes me what we will spend on our toys but we will complain about the cost to store them securely.
  2. "Is it foolish of me to sit on and basically hoard these components or should a just go ahead and load 'em up and have shootable ammo ready to go?" Not in my opinion. Unless you're sure what you will need in the future there's a lot more flexibility by having components. You have adequate supplies of loaded ammo, components and equipment to reload what you need to replace. Sounds like a good plan to me.
  3. It's very hard to include every possible detail of a transaction in the sales ad especially if the item being sold is used. To me, "I'll take it" is a firm commitment to the seller that you will buy, period. I prefer to post a "PM Sent" in the thread to let others know and communicate privately with the seller. We've never failed to work out those details and complete the deal. Plus I've gotten to know some great TGO members in the process.
  4. I'm familiar with that area. Nice part of town. 4145 Beltline Road is a commercial retail strip. Several businesses share the address with different suite numbers. No residential there. Would be interesting to run the numbers on the license.
  5. Cabrito, hind quarter. Fine eating!
  6. Very interesting video. I'm impressed with the smooth video when the drone was flying in high windy conditions. What type drone are you flying?
  7. Welcome neighbor. TGO's a great place to learn. All kinds of knowledge here.
  8. Welcome neighbor. You'll find good folks here.
  9. Wade195's right. Bill's flags are awesome. Got one for me and one for my son last time. Plus I got to meet him personally when he went out of his way to meet me in Cookeville. Thanks again to two fine TGO'ers.
  10. Excellent advice. Probably the best accessory I've added to my 650. I also have a LED strip on the inside of the frame. Can't get too much light for older eyes. I also will recommend installing a roller handle. That ball grip gets tiresome very quickly.
  11. For 35+ years until I decided I like the retired lifestyle better!
  12. A supply disruption is very hard to handle. I had to work through one when we lost the primary plant that supplied one of our feedstocks due to an explosion. The material was unique and was sole sourced. We were ethical and allocated available finished goods based on past usage, refused new customers, etc. Large customers that historically bought by truckload(s) had to unload one pallet then watch the truck drive away to the next customer with product they both desperately needed to serve their customers. Bottom line. We saved the company but our customers were forced to find other
  13. Temptation get thee behind me..... I said get behind me..... Temptation, you don't listen very well do you?


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