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  1. First, let me clearly emphasize that I do not approve of mistreatment of individuals, whether under arrest or not. However, there may be more to this story than has been told. The Tennessean's local paper, the Ashland City Times is reporting the following: "Norris was arrested Nov. 3, 2016 and charged with felony manufacturing/possession of marijuana for resale, possession of drug paraphernalia, theft under $500, five counts of possession of a prohibited weapon. He was charged felony vandalism of over $1,000 and simple assault Nov. 7 while still incarcerated. Norris was originally suspected of stealing a semi-automatic rifle and Sheriff's deputies received information he was going to use the weapon on any law enforcement who tried to arrest him, according to Sheriff Mike Breedlove." Someone I know with corrections experience pointed out a couple of things to me. The $1,000 felony vandalism charge is typical for damaging/destroying the fire protection sprinkler in a cell. Might be what happened, maybe not. Nov 5, 2016 was on Saturday, which is also the date of the videos: the charges would have been placed on the next business day, i.e. Nov 7th. As always, I feel we can full confidence in the news media's reports. In this case, they have the individual as 20 years old, or 19 years old, or an 18 year old juvenile. He's reported to be from Tennessee. Or Texas. Take your pick. Again, I'm not taking any position on this incident, only suggesting that the full story needs to be uncovered and, only then, should judgements be made.
  2. Public Opinion and Media Consumption Study

    I started the survey and quickly reached the same conclusion. Didn't see any need to complete it. An unbiased survey does not acknowledge it was distributed based on participation in an anti-gun organization.
  3. TGO Embroidered Hats, Shirts, Etc.

  4. American overkill, it's contagious lol

    Why should our "allies" worry about the cost? They aren't paying the bills.
  5. Tonneau covers? your thoughts?

    I was going to share my experiences but wileecoyote has already summed up the Bakflip covers perfectly. Very satisfied with mine too.
  6. Shoulder surgerry

    Been there, done that. Even got the t-shirt for it. Best advice that anyone gave me was to rent or buy an electric recliner. I listened, laughed about it but got one anyway. They didn't lie to me for sure. For the first several weeks you will probably find it's the most comfortable place you can sleep. Adjusting an electric one doesn't put any strain on your upper body and they can be stopped in any position.
  7. Quick response Rebels010! Backup offer sent.
  8. Non-permitted carry on private property

    Is it my imagination or do I smell a... TROOL?
  9. Hello to all!

    Glad to have you join us!
  10. Ashland city shooting?

    Checked with the AC police. No report of a incident here but there was one in Madison. Metro officer lost his life according to the news media.
  11. Beginner guitar - help needed

    Under $400... Looks like a case of grand larceny to me! Super deal. Congrats! I don't play but I've noticed many on TGO that do.
  12. I used to think I was just a regular person

    I resemble those remarks! Should I be offended? Deplorable. . . Hmmmmm . . . Almost sounds like an honor.
  13. free RL550/XL650 Dillon Toolhead Stand

    Gone to a new home. Itchytriggerfinger is a quick night owl! .
  14. I have two Dillon toolhead stands. Like new. Will ship them to the first benefactor member that sends a PM with a mailing address.

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