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  1. Thanks for the offer but I’m looking for a 20 gauge or .410
  2. I’m looking for an inexpensive shotgun to use for turkey hunting. It needs to accept screw in chokes and I would prefer a 20 gauge or .410 since I already have turkey loads for those. I would rather have a pump or single shot but will consider about anything. I’m located in Knoxville but willing to drive an hour to meet up. Thanks for your time.
  3. Well it’s not exactly for sale, I was just trying to attach a value to it. I’m in the process of doing that on my firearms in case something happens to me. My wife doesn’t know much about guns and it would be one less thing for her to worry about. That said I would definitely part with it if someone wanted it more than me.
  4. More pics, couldn’t load them all in the first post due to size.
  5. I have a Winchester model 70 featherweight in 7mm WSM that was bought in 2002 when they first introduced the WSM cartridge. After doing some research I found out that Winchester installed the red recoil pads on the WSM for the first release only and in 2003 switched over to the black Pachmayr pad on all the WSM’s. They did use the red pads on the Winchester Super Short Magnums, but not on the WSM calibers. The source of this information came from the 2003 Winchester catalog in case anyone was wanting to know. I’m not sure if this has any impact on the value but I wanted to mention it. I am trying to find out what the value is on this rifle. It’s in very good condition with less than 20 rounds through it. I have been searching Gun Broker, Guns America and Gun Auction for well over a month and haven’t seen any Model 70 featherweights in 7mm WSM. Can anyone help with this or recommend a source for information? I am putting some pics below of the rifle, I know how much the scope is worth and was wanting rifle value only. I appreciate any help with this, thanks.
  6. I have been into airguns for years. I currently have around 20 in various calibers. I have .177, .22, .25, .30 and .357 in several brands. The power output in .25 caliber varies greatly. Some PCP rifles will have less than 40 foot pounds of energy and others can have over 100 FPE. I would recommend looking at a higher powered .25 or even a .30 caliber if you are planning on using it on coyotes. Which particular rifle were you looking at?
  7. Mine is a G26 gen 5 with XS Big Dot sights. I also have a G19 gen 3 but since getting the G26 it doesn’t leave the house much.
  8. I bought this rifle when I was still in my 30’s and could get well below 1” groups at 200 yards at that time with factory ammo. Now that I’m 50 I don’t think I could do as well, I’m just not as steady as I used to be. I haven’t shot groups with it in some time but that hasn’t helped the coyote population either. I’ll go back to shooting targets whenever I start missing coyotes. Ammo is too hard to find and expensive when you do find it.
  9. I’m going to say .204 Ruger since I enjoy shooting my Remington VTR especially at the range. It’s a good conversation starter as I had several people come up and ask me what kind of rifle I’m shooting.


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