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  1. https://www.knifekits.com/vcom/dixie-gambler-knife-kit-damascus-full-tang-blade-blank-p-7523.html Looks like 2 7/8".
  2. I got the blade, pins, and scales at knifekits.com, in case anyone else here wants to put one together. I can highly recommend this company. I’ve field dressed deer with a large variety of knives, and can say this one is closer to perfect for that task than any I’ve tried.
  3. You can separate the wheat from the chaff by looking at the classified ads here lately.
  4. I really prefer to do my own. I guess I'm picky.
  5. And a greater day today for Vandy fans. They fired Derrick Mason.
  6. Looks great to me, Wade. Beats the hell outta paying somebody else to do it. Rub it gently with 0000 steel wool and call it good.
  7. You know, I'm getting old and lazy. Processing a deer is now a pretty sizeable job.
  8. The shots work! Get in line now for the upcoming COVID shots!
  9. I would have preferred a doe, but bucks were all I saw this morning...until I shot this guy. Then does were everywhere! I still have some work to do on patience.
  10. Go to Lowe’s and get a bag of pumice dust. Pour some in your hand and start rubbing the stock. It will remove the gloss without scratching and leave a pleasant sheen. Edit: or doesn’t look like Lowe’s has it. 0000 brass wool would probably work. Fine steel wool will work if you can’t find anything else. I just don’t like the little whiskers it leaves behind.
  11. Nothing to brag about, but I haven't seen a good deer where I hunt this year. I bought a new dehydrator, and want to see if it works. My patience ran out around 7am this morning.
  12. We ha a Basset Hound when I was little. The only thing that would get him excited was hearing the refrigerator door open.
  13. Deer weren’t moving as well as I expected today. Maybe tomorrow.
  14. I'd trade em both for a no lock Smith 638.
  15. Got one you'd trade for a 39 Smith and some 10mm ammo?


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