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  1. Yeah, not sure how far she was going to get with a pizza cutter. The Trump joke in my post was just that, a joke. I don't know what political affiliation their parents (if they had any) had. Sometimes my sense of humor doesn't translate well. They may have been seeking attention, but what's clear to me is that they apparently have the wrong idea about what happens to them when they leave this earth and where they get to spend eternity. They apparently didn't make this public to garner attention, they slipped up and got caught. They intended to go through with it. So what's this all about? It's about very real and very present evil. Just like OLDNEWBIE stated, it's all around us, and we had better be vigilant.
  2. https://www.tampabay.com/cg/news/two-girls-planned-knife-attack-at-polk-middle-school-deputies-say-20181024/ Haven't heard of anything like this in a while, but it certainly hasn't gone away. I'm sure it's somehow Trump's fault though.
  3. I agree the food there is good. But I stopped eating there a couple years ago. You can ask me why when we meet up on the next manhunt.
  4. I hope you find that title because it sounds like I'd like to read it.
  5. I never got into horror movies. They make me want to go to sleep. But most definitely another vote for Young Frankenstein! If I wasn't having to work I might just watch Blazing Saddles for Halloween night.
  6. https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/a-lost-letter-from-ronald-reagan-to-his-dying-father-in-law-shows-the-presidents-faith/2018/09/14/5aaab8c0-b140-11e8-9a6a-565d92a3585d_story.html?utm_term=.4698e537b873
  7. I thought I was seeing a tail. Looks like the shape of a wolf, except for it being yeller. Beats me.
  8. Now GT, you're going to have to stop with the click bait titles. Now you know that we've never been to the moon. Oh, and the earth is flat.
  9. I was somewhere doing something. At 9 years old there's no telling what that was. I'm sure I wasn't into any mischief.
  10. He's not using click bait titles. When I click on one of GT's "It happened in..." threads, I know for certain that I'll be reading about something that happened during some year in the past, such as 1974, 1977, etc. GT's titles are not deceptive click bait, but rather are very brief history lessons.
  11. Rest in peace brother. Rest in peace.
  12. Why you old fart, I was only 6 at the time. Ha! It's funny, I can't remember all that going on, but I can remember Gerald Ford being president.
  13. I'm thinking about it myself. What exactly do you like about the 5 over the 4? I like the lack of finger grooves, but I'm still not sure about that cutout at the base, especially on the 19.

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