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  1. Citi group sides with gun control folks

    It, for me, brings to mind the fact that there are quite a few people who would love to transition to a cash-less society. It seems to me that these leftist banks and corporations would then have almost complete control over what everyone would be allowed to buy.
  2. Fun pictures or videos.

    I can't imagine why. I mean it's not like she looks psychotic or anything. . . . .
  3. Revolvers and some TC's

    Why do you wish to torment ordinary men in such a way? VERY NICE! Triple GGG is right - the relaxation that ONLY wheelguns can bring. Now just pm me if you need my address for the adoption papers and the will.
  4. reached the point of what I need in handguns

    Excuse the ignorance here, but, aside from the bird, what in the world is a Parrot?
  5. Kids SHOULD walkout at school

    THIS is why I've long had a special name for all the public schools: Taxpayer Funded Indoctrination Centers
  6. reached the point of what I need in handguns

    Same here for the most part. I've been using Underwood cast lead hollow point 158 grain in the plus p load. I've liked it enough that it has earned a place as a woods walking load.
  7. reached the point of what I need in handguns

    I do. I've shot full house magnums in a J-frame 640 and it didn't get "out of hand." The 640 wasn't as accurate as the 686 2 1/2 though.
  8. reached the point of what I need in handguns

    I bought my wife a Ruger LCRX in 22 mag with a 3" barrel. I keep waiting for Ruger to put a 3" barrel on the 357 mag LCRX. And I keep waiting for Ruger to make a 22LR LCRX with a 4" barrel. I just got a Smith 66-8 with the 2 3/4" barrel to go with my 642. I would REALLY LOVE to find a Smith Night Guard in .357. And an older 586 L-Comp. And a Ruger Wiley Clapp GP100 and SP101. I really think you need all of those too.
  9. What is wrong with me?!?!

    hmmm. I probably need to buy some more glocks so I can do just that. Makes me feel good.
  10. Delegate Nick Freitas is running for Virginia's U.S. Senate against Tim Kaine. Plainly speaking the truth.
  11. Pachmayr Compac Professional grip

    Now that is what PURDY should look like!
  12. I need a new set of grips for a couple of my revolvers. I just bought a Smith 66-8 2 3/4 inch and I am considering the Pachmayr Compac Professional for that one to help with concealed carry. Has anyone tried this particular grip? I'm also looking for suggestions for my old 686 square butt 4 inch. I have the original stocks, but I want to move to one of the Pachmayrs for it too, just haven't decided on which one. I have the Pachmayr Diamond Pro on the 686 2 1/2 inch, and it's easily the most comfortable grip I've shot, but it's too fat and way too sticky for concealment. Plus, I don't think they make that one for the square butt guns anyway. I don't mind the Hogues in the Bantam series, but I'm not a real fan of the great big convoluted looking grips they make for the square butts.
  13. Service animals

    I see what ya did there.
  14. Service animals

    Unacceptable. Has to be service Jim Beam or Southern Comfort 100
  15. Service animals

    I think if I ever go back to wal-freaky-mart (not likely) I'm going to ride my emotional support Belgian mule into the store while carrying my emotional support monkey with my emotional support wildebeest in tow. Yeah I'm sick of all the BS myself. I don't guess I can say too much about that though, after all, my wife does have an emotional support animal (ME!).

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