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  1. Which gun manufacturers do you prefer?

    ABU Garcia. Especially the old fashioned ones. They seem to like the ammo put out by Stren or Trilene. All that with an Ugly Stik high capacity feeding device and all is well.
  2. Hoping for a better deer season

    My season was about the worst last year. I took a vacation during opening week of rifle. Went out opening morning and I was covered up in deer for the first few hours. I was thinking that this was going to be fantastic, and that I would wait until I could get a couple of nice bucks, then start hammering does. Right after opening morning - straight up nocturnal from then on out. I HOPE it doesn't go that way this year.
  3. Big Blade headed to a new home...

    That thing is perfect. I'm gonna have to bite the bullet (or blade) and get a GT knife soon.
  4. He asked that I cut the front down a bit and add a stiffener plate. I'm glad he asked, because I like it a lot better now, and it is quit a bit more functional.
  5. Interesting Colt and Story

    Yeah the story or "heritage" is usually the most expensive part on the gun.
  6. Sig M11-A1

    Well I finally went and done it. I had narrowed my selection process down and I had gotten to the point where I was still trying to decide between Sig and Beretta. I've owned a Sig here and there throughout the last several years, and I already know that I like Beretta. So.............I ran across this here Sig M11-A1 last week. Went ahead and jumped on it. Wasn't sure how I'd like it. Someone suggested that the 229 platform would be better for concealment. That's true if you're talking about hiding barrel length. However, I've been carrying my son's 92FS lately and have been loving it, and had not problems with concealment. In fact, I had forgotten how much I enjoyed them. So I laid the M11 atop the 92FS and whaddaya know, the 229 frame ain't a bit more concealable in the BUTT-TOX area! Maybe 1/8 inch difference (more or less). Overall thickness between the two is pretty close (no, I didn't break out the calipers). I took it out to run a few rounds through it Saturday afternoon at my friend's range. Using my highly scientific testing methods at a precisely measured range of somewhere around 30-35 yards, I discovered that the M11 is at least consistently minute of bouncing tin can accurate, as well as minute of stick. Not bad. Having owned both on several occasions during my life, some observations: Lots of folks become extremely enamored with Sig, praising Sig's quality over all others and such. I do believe that the quality is there, but I do NOT believe that there is two-farts-in-an-outhouse worth of difference in quality between Sig and Beretta. I do like Sig's short reset trigger on this M11. This is the first time I've experience the SRT and it is satisfactory. But I believe that the reset can be improved on the 92FS with Wilson's trigger bar. I don't have a shot timer, so I can't really tell if there's any difference in my "speed o' shots" between Beretta and Sig. But I'm not competing against Jerry Miculek or Earnest Langdon anyway. I do like Sig's decocker over Beretta's safety/decocker system. For me, a Wilson low profile single side lever solves that problem though. I happen to be one of the folks who really likes Beretta's locking block system and direct feed from the magazine. But I can say that this M11 locks up tighter'n a Swiss bank vault. Good job on the manufacturing. Accuracy? I can't speak to the mechanical accuracy of the two, but can only say that I am more accurate with the 92FS. Could be because I'm not used to the M11 yet. Grip: The 92 seems to nestle into my hand better, but I may try the E2 grip on the M11. So, in a strictly controlled environment of "outside" and using my highly scientific testing methods which I am certain will garner the accolades of the "experts" and the OCD crowd (if nothing else, I can keep the jerks busy on their mission to disprove everything I've said), I have reached some conclusions (simply my own non-expert opinion)(not that anyone would listen to me anyway): Beretta needs to quit being bull-headed and start producing a two tone 92G Centurion. Even if it's just for me! Short of that, I might let this thing go (unless my son decides he wants it)(why not, my boys have all my others), save up some more to go with it, and finally buy my dream gun - a Wilson 92 Brigadier (and contrary to what seems to be the norm, actually use it). Or at least get back on course and get a Brigadier Inox. So if you, like probably nobody else, have enjoyed this well written and professional gun review, feel free to let me know. Now that cooler weather has arrived, I just may start doing a once-a-month gun review. And, as expected, never tell anyone about them.
  7. Glock Gen5.

    So does the trigger feel any different than previous versions? I may still wait a bit and see how they do, but I do like the changes they made.
  8. Loki Tactical Glock 19 +++

    Man! That is a dang nice can/bottle opener on the end! Just kiddin
  9. Glock Gen5.

    Yep! The lack of finger grooves and the radiused slide front (which they should've been doing all along) are the two main things I like about it. Wasn't there supposed to be some kind of internal improvement as well?
  10. Glock Gen5.

    I'm not seeing them on Glock's site yet. I've been waiting to see when this version would come out. Not sure if I want to find one now or wait a little while to see if there are any problems. I do want a couple at some point though.
  11. Watch Out Franklin - Miley is back!

    That and probably tweekin' on the farm!

    I'm disappointed. They've had ALL of us from here, there, and everywhere on duty today and I never did get to see the UFO driven by Elvis picking people up!
  13. Watch Out Franklin - Miley is back!

    I tend to agree.
  14. Watch Out Franklin - Miley is back!

    Does this mean that property values throughout Williamson County will suddenly plummet?
  15. advice on a decent 9mm

    Not to be disparaging in my last post by the way, but that's just the reality of the time we live in. A cheap-as-possible handgun to help someone who won't help themselves, or at least a half case of high quality defensive handgun ammo for you. I guess you could always get him a backup Jennings for his Jennings.

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