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  1. res308


    I'm far from an expert when it comes to knife critique, but as I looked at all the pictures of this one, I can't help but notice all the PERFECTION!
  2. res308

    Stripped Naked...(for a concert)

    You didn't get arrested for being NEKKID?!?
  3. res308

    Where to go in Maine?

    I hope you have a great trip. Let us know how it goes up there. Whenever I do settle on a particular bike, I want to take a road trip, maybe next spring. You have me thinking about that direction now. Have a safe drive and enjoy getting to unwind, and hopefully recharge the peace batteries.
  4. res308

    Where to go in Maine?

    Please tell me you're not making this trip on a bike. Because if you are, I'm not going to like you anymore, and I'm going to be jealous. And, well, frankly I'm going to stalk you along the way.
  5. res308

    Any use for CB radios?

    Nope. Hasn't really changed at all, except for getting worse. I still drive on occasion, and I put one in my pickup for my weekend drives to work in Nashville. It would be good to be able to tune in and get a heads up on traffic problems ahead, or just have a decent conversation with another driver going down the road. But, both of them wind up staying turned off more than on. They can be useful though.
  6. res308


    This is just my opinion here, so it's worth every penny you paid for it. I would venture a guess that Travis has probably not confronted the rest of wally world's famous pond scum sucking pajama wearing vermin about their loud mouthed profanity while going all through the store. Come to think of it, Travis should probably consider getting into politics since he would fit right in with the time tested US gubmint practice of going out of their way to punish those who have been wronged. What Travis should have done is call the police, then took you and your family back to the security office to try and find this punk on video and possibly get a tag number so that charges could be filed. Sounds as if he witnessed the incident. ("Hey sir, I saw that, and I'm sorry that happened to your family at our store. If you don't mind, maybe ease up on the profanity with all these kids around, and if you'll follow me we'll go dig this punk up on video. The police are on their way, and if they can find them, they'll be charged ( times three ) and banned from the store for life.") might have been a better approach. Being "Mr. Authoritative" toward someone who has just been put in grave danger by some idiot ain't NEVER the right approach. He should probably attend "Sensitivity To Common Sense" training. But I doubt he'd pay attention in class.
  7. res308

    A Reminder of an Old Online Gun Resource

    Thank you. I had forgotten about that site.
  8. res308

    Who here is a Gun Flipper?

    Trading used to be one of my favorite hobbies. Nothing wrong with selling one to get another, if you really want the other one and your funds are already allocated elsewhere. The last several years the trading has been mostly among friends and we always made sure we both came out even on the deal. In the last couple of years I haven't really done any real trading at all. I don't guess I've really done any actual flipping.
  9. res308

    Happy Birthday USA

    Happy 4th to all you critters on here! Heavy price paid for us to be able to celebrate this day.
  10. res308

    Attention Motorcycle Enthusiasts

    Very nice man! Wish I was doing that today.
  11. res308

    Attention Motorcycle Enthusiasts

    I guess the only thing better is laying on one!
  12. res308

    Attention Motorcycle Enthusiasts

    Yeah I never got the "Sportster is a girl's bike" propaganda. I've even had people try to tell me the same thing about the Dyna series. It's usually the people who either don't ride at all, or who ride the biggest road sofa they can find. They're full of it. There is but one commandment, and 'tis thus: Thou shalt ride what thou liketh.
  13. res308

    Attention Motorcycle Enthusiasts

    The dyed-in-the-wool Harley devout are the people I mentioned in my first post. It's like a religion to them, or a cult. Harley has dared to make something different, such as the Vrod and the Street Rods, and Harley has had the audacity to try to reach a market segment other than this same group of people, all without clearing it with them first. To me, the fact that they have gotten all bent out of shape over this just displays the elitist mentality that I've always seen in them. Yes, I do know a lot of them. "I'm better than you, therefore I ride this, and you can't have one, but if you wish to be counted among the worthy, you must ride one of these." Or something along those lines. A lot of them seem to think Harley should only make whatever model these people ride and cater only to their group. But it's impossible for a company to stay in business that way. Honestly it's what has always turned me off to Harley. I never wanted to be a part of that since I'm more of an independent old coot and I believe that no one is better than anyone else. It's why I've always loved seeing a big group of riders on a widely varied mix of brands. I'm glad Harley is trying to reach different segments of the market. I just hope their "loyal fans" don't sink them in the process.
  14. res308

    Attention Motorcycle Enthusiasts

    I don't know if Harley itself will get their act together, but I did see where Smokey Mountain Harley has been building their version of the Sportster Scrambler. Looks promising.
  15. res308

    Attention Motorcycle Enthusiasts

    Machines like that are why I'm torn.

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