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  1. Saw the title and thought, well, I’ve never dated in any of those categories except for maybe the prehistoric category, but I’d prefer not to talk about that.
  2. Dang, there's BEARly any room in that tree.
  3. My neighbor breeds golden retrievers. Before his wife passed away she stayed in bad health for quite a while. I remember her telling me about one of her dogs helping her out in that regard just out of instinct. I’ve always thought that dogs are much more intelligent and intuitive than we give them credit for. I always had Labs and Rottweilers, with a few good ole mutts scattered in. I have a Shepherd now. I can tell you I am absolutely sold, so I don’t think you could go wrong there, especially with that one you have picked out. They’re known for extreme loyalty. I’m no expert of course (not even all that knowledgeable), but I would guess that most of the stout large breed dogs with strong family instinct might be a good fit for your intended role.
  4. I of course have to open carry at work. But when I’m off it’s always concealed. My personal preference is that I don’t want to have all my cards showing. I am seeing a little more open carry in my area. I do occasionally engage people in a conversation when I see it, but it’s normally about whatever interesting gun they’re packing at the time. I’ve met some good people that way.
  5. Man, people have really jumped in headfirst to help. It’s been absolutely amazing to me, and humbling, to see people from far and wide coming to help these people.
  6. I worked over there Monday and Tuesday. Going back tomorrow. So many hurting souls.
  7. It’s because he was a strong voice for conservative values. I told my wife yesterday that the leftists will have a large and festive time with this. Hopefully he’s resting in the arms of the Lord now.
  8. I’d never partake in a thread drift. Speaking of that, have you seen the price of eggs lately?
  9. Yeah there ya go! That Hog Hunter fits my vision of a perfect general “do-all” rifle for a man to have. I always loved the look of a bolt rifle with a scope and old fashioned irons. Here’s where I confess to the fact that a CZ 550 FS .308 or a Ruger RSI .308 are my dream guns. Nice porker in the other picture too. Looks tasty.
  10. Yeah I’ve been wanting to look into the Primary Arms scope. I hear they’re good stuff. I need to add a couple scopes to the stable anyway.
  11. Not so dumb of a statement at all, and I get where you’re coming from. I’ve never had to remove a scope either......well there was that one time when a rifle came with a cheap scope on it and it failed......and I smashed it right there. But other than that, I’ve never had a good quality scope fail me and likely never will. This is a short, light, handy, general purpose rifle that I’m putting a Leupold scope on. I know I’ll likely never need to remove the scope. So I’m aware that there’s no need whatsoever for what I’m doing. But, do you ever just do something, knowing there’s no realistic need for it, but you still just want to? Probably the same reason I ride motorcycles I guess.
  12. Awww shucks. That’s a beauty right there. I’m having serious thoughts lately about trying to trade my Street Glide Special on a Heritage or Fatboy or Road King. But my dream is a Softail Deluxe. I just want to go back to that style of scoot. I like the old fashioned style.
  13. Welllll.............???? Any luck?


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