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  1. Oh, you mean the young couples who are just out of “Kollidge” and he’s an intern at a paper clip factory and she’s a part time puppy manicurist and they have a budget of 3.5 million to go toward their “rustic” cabin as their second home? Those people?
  2. I guess I have a few favorites, but I always keep leaning to my Smith 66 (paired with my 640)
  3. You know, it’s a shame poor ole Rob had to travel all the way here from across the pond only to get mixed up with us crazy rednecks
  4. Thankee fer bringin this out in the open. We shud all indever to do more gooder
  5. There just ain’t no replacement for good “sangin’” I’ll admit I get a little caught up with it.
  6. I certainly understand that. I figured I’d give everyone fair warning up front that they are a metal band in case someone heard a guitar string and missed out on hearing the lyrics. I don’t like most of it either, maybe because I’m old too. Shoot, I’m not a fan of most of the so-called music of today. I’ll just go ahead and say most of it is terrible. It ranges from poor excuse for singing to lyrics about how they can better serve satan. I’m including today’s “country (woke-ry) music” which is an even more horrible version of pop, and a huge disgrace to the actual good country singers of the good old days. I’m lookin at you Chris Ledoux, George Straight, Clint Black, Jennings, Cash, etc., etc. Some of the metal, however, I am a fan of. Like this band here. Sure they play guitars. But their songs are almost like history lessons, and their lyrics are clean, which is of utmost importance to me. So is vocal talent. A great many of these metal singers are classically trained vocalists. I would have just posted the lyrics without any mention of who they are, but this dude’s voice just seems to carry it over the top. I’m glad y’all enjoyed it. And, I’ll admit I wasn’t joking when I said I just about had to pull over when I heard it the first time.
  7. Hopefully we all realize that this day is set aside to remember and honor the ultimate sacrifice that has been paid by so very many on behalf of our country. I just heard this song recently. The band is Sabaton. They are a Swedish heavy metal band, very talented, and about all they sing about is history, especially historical battles. When I heard it the other day while driving I just about had to pull over. Let us never forget the sacrifice of not only those who have gone before us, but those who have gone for us. https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=Li_j5Y8PjJs&feature=share
  8. May the Lord bless and keep your family. There is hope.
  9. Watched a deputy who was range instructor that day almost get his left foot shot off. This was in the late 90’s. They had finally forced a gentleman to switch from a wheelgun to a DA/SA semi-auto. Smith and Wesson 9mm I think. The guy was a lifelong wheelgunner, hated semis, and was retiring in a few years at that point. I’ve always thought they should have left him alone anyway. BUT…..they didn’t and wished they had. Range instructor took Jim through a string of fire and then ordered him to holster. BOOM! #%£¥<#%!{}+]=[=,€~£€<|\! blurted Mr. Range instructor. As Jim was holstering his new semi-auto it went off all by itself with the range instructor standing right beside him, feet almost touching. Of course, Jim’s finger was somewhere in the area but I think the finger had an alibi. HAD to be the fault of the gun
  10. I think that’s about the most accurate statement I’ve read in a while. Hate to hear that about the Tundras. I hope the Tacomas are still good but I guess it’s kind of a moot point with me since I can’t afford to buy anything in the first place.
  11. Yep. Exactly what I’m considering. The body on my 2005 Chevy is still good at about 200,000 miles, so I’m thinking about a head to toe rebuild sometime down the road. I’d love to have a new Toyota or a new F150, but that ain’t happening. Being that Rob never listens to anything I’ve told him, especially since I’ve never told him anything , I’ll stick with the Ford recommendation out of his three choices. To me the only good thing Dodge has is the Cummins engine, but like I said before, due to my own experience I’m staying away from Dodge altogether. All that said, some days I still wish I could have a mid 90’s crew cab F150 or 250 with a manual transmission. That old square body Ford is still my favorite.
  12. I do agree on the notion that Toyota is the best truck. But I also have to agree that they are too pricey and too thirsty. I’ve had three, the last one being a 2004 Tundra that I wound up selling just to get my wife that dadgum dolled up Rav4 she wanted ( great vehicle though). That was a great truck except for the fact that it was a gasaholic.
  13. A dealer priced it to me at $1460, about $1650 out the door. Maybe it’s worth it. I dunno
  14. Grayfox I’ve never heard it put that way about Dodge being a verb, but if I go off my personal experience I’ll have to wholeheartedly agree with that. I won’t touch another one. Up until last year I drove a 2012 Tahoe at work. Hated that thing from day one. The city finally messed up and asked me what I wanted, so now I’m driving a Ford F150 at work. That said, I desperately needed a truck at home, and I really wanted a Ford or a Toyota, but I absolutely hate car dealers, so I bought a 2005 Chevy 1500 4x4 from a friend’s son. Been a good truck so far. Rob I still think you’d be better off sticking with the Fords, but I think GMC might be a good choice too. Just kind of a sidebar thought here, but, assuming the body and frame are in good shape, have you thought about just having the whole thing rebuilt?
  15. To which he did not reply, only staring at her while thinking to himself “KEEPER!” So he made her the queen of his double-wide trailer with the polyester curtains and the redwood deck…..


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