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  1. Video if the Presentation in Full committee.
  2. We had a number of Democrats vote yes. When they do right I tell them thank you.
  3. The Elder gentleman (Tom Tigue) that for years we the go to Attorney at the legislature suggested that 39-11-611 needed to be cleaned up as the older language in our self defense Statue said if you were not engaged in criminal activity as a limiting factor, but jay walking and parked on the wrong side of the street are actually crimes...this cleans it up. Will it make it out, I do not know, but it should. If Rep. Beck does not like it, it is a good thing normally. https://studio.youtube.com/video/4sGGa2sge1A/edit
  4. Has to do with Fiscal Review, Todd's bill would have gone behind the budget if it had been run prior to the Governor's bill being passed, which has the $2.5 or so in lost revenue covered, so now this second bill can not be killed simply over money. It has to be killed on the merits. Watch Leader Lambert's comment on 1388 in Criminal Sub yesterday, done correctly he said, and, he appreciated it being vetted in committee instead of as an amendment on the floor, (where Todd had one there that did exactly the same thing). I do not think it has a chance of making it out of Full Criminal
  5. You are correct, even they did not realize it, the whole thing is hard to keep up with, but you are 100% correct. That is going to be a problem from magistrates in Davidson and Shelby county reading it that their take is that any park requires a permit to be legally present, we will need a AG's opinion for those areas.
  6. There is a "clean up" bill still moving, though I hold no hope it will make it out of full Criminal Justice, though it did pass Criminal sub yesterday, HB 1388 by Todd, would simply take away the criminal aspect of 1307 and do away with 1308, and now that the Governor's bill has passed there is no fiscal note. You can measure your Rep. and Senators by how they =treat this one.
  7. Leader Lambert's office told me they substituted the Senate version for his House bill for final consideration, the screen shot shows that from their website, but I am sure you are correct.
  8. From the Bill: The defendant's use of force or threatened use of force was justified and permitted by §§ 39-11-611 – 39-11-614 or § 29-34-201; 611 covers deadly force, it is all good.
  9. Of note, still in Tennessee: Carrying any sort of weapon for offense or defense in public, (Going armed), is a crime. As good as the recently passed Permitless Carry Bill is in Tennessee, that Code Section has not been touched, and remains a blot on the soul of Tennessee with respect to the original intent of our Founding. You now have exceptions, exemptions or defenses if you meet certain criteria tied to the permit system, but the criminal aspect of one’s leaving their personal property with a loaded firearm still exist. In 44 states, openly carrying a long gun is legal. Of
  10. If there is a plan by the district, they must still have and Enhanced permit to do so: § 49-6-815. Possession of firearms on school grounds; persons allowed; notice (a) Notwithstanding § 39-17-1309 or any other provision of title 39, chapter 17, part 13 to the contrary, the following people are permitted to possess and carry a firearm on the grounds of the school at which they are assigned: (1) A person employed by an LEA as a faculty or staff member at a school within the LEA; or (2) A person assigned to a school in accordance with a memorandum of understanding between
  11. I know you are correct and stated so in my post, but would reiterate, what does that have to do with Tennessee. That is the Tri Star on his graphic, which was not a State at that point, he is insinuating it is a Tennessee date, but that is nitpicking I guess, the long guns are the kicker...maybe a brace of pistols would have better represented the facts.
  12. The actual language passed was the Senate version (not arguing, just stating the facts) and it reverts to the older language "Where you have a Right to be" Leader Lamberth tried to insert the "Legally present" in the House version but the Senate would not accept it so he moved the Senate version of the bill. There are in fact federal laws which allow those who were precluded from possession due to mental issues who could, if those matters are medically corrected and that is expunged from their records federally who can not regain their Rights under this provision. That will most likely be a
  13. And do not forget, to have reciprocity with many States you still have to have a permit, TFA never suggested to do away with permits, that has always been the straw man of the moderates/liberals, loss of revenue. Also I would like to see an Attorney General ruling to see if the new permitless carry allows carry by a non permit holder where the permitted is allowed, I fear many will think that is the case and get in trouble for that lack of specific knowledge, let's just get that ruling so we all know.
  14. I find this interesting, pasted on a Legislators FB page. I would interested in were he got the date mentioned for Tennessee, and the long guns, I think not. Constitution of the Union was ratified in 1788, and TN became a State in 1796? Bill of rights was ratified by Virginia on that date but what does it have to do with a non-existent State?
  15. I think we should have gun safety training in grade school. too may children are never around any instruction with regard to firearms, as opposed to most of us old hands that, TFA supported that bill in the House it got killed quickly. Take some of that money they are collection and not spending to fix our roads and have those at least as elective classes as well in secondary schools.


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