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  1. Between Shorty shipping me his stash gratis, (great guy) and the order I made I am good now.
  2. Shorty, will take all I can get, PM me with particulars...
  3. I have plenty of .38 Special brass, I am looking for .357 brass...but thanks for the reply...
  4. Thanks 19_A_CPT, let me know next time you are coming through, I will meet up with you!
  5. That would be great jhc77, I will gladly recompense you for it, and your shipping cost.
  6. Son is out of .357 ammo, so am I, can trade primers of any denomination for the right deal...
  7. I would rather trade for items I need, and yes it is all one lot, 3 years in my possession. I picked it up to work up loads for my .338-06 AI but found Reloader 15 to give me a better performance. I need some Dillon 650 toolhead stands, and another set of 9 mm dies.
  8. I have 5-1 lb canisters of Varget, am needing some Tightgroup. Located in Jackson area will travel reasonable distance.
  9. Had a fair crowd, 120+, Speaker of the House came and talked to the group, members met with their representatives. Good day overall, would have loved to had a lot more, but there was not the impetus that Virginia had.
  10. I think it will be basically car carry, letting you take it with you. Not enough police out there to increase contact, except for traffic stops I have not had an officer contact in 20 years. If you are not acting like a thug I don't expect LE to be manhandling common folk going about their business armed.
  11. "Without permits, officers won’t be able to differentiate between someone who can legally carry a gun and someone who can’t, Weirich said" I had a conversation last time (2016) this was up, at the same restaurant, about 10 Sheriff's were eating lunch after some mandatory training at the TBI downtown Jackson. I knew most of them and stopped by to speak to them and ask their opinions My Madison County guy (Former TBI) was virulently opposed, said he wanted to know when his guys rolled up in Lincoln Courts and saw a guy holding a gun he needed to know if he had a permit, if he was legal...
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