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  1. What kind of unit? Mine went out and it was the capacitor, a relatively cheap part. Mine was $21 but that is because I bought it local, it would of been $14 ($8 right now) if I would of ordered it online.
  2. I grew up in Denver, and there I fit the description just fine. Even here I am "close enough" to get a second look. The thing is, at least for me in Denver, I knew that Hispanics were the predominant race and committed much of the crime so expected that added scrutiny, it is only logical. I personally don't think "profiling" is as bad as everyone makes it out to be. If 90% of the crime is committed by a certain demographic, it is only reasonable to keep an eye out on that demographic. That is why when I am pulled over in Denver, I keep my hands on the wheel and maintain courtesy and composure while in that situation. I don't think anyone should be pulled over or treated worse because of it, but at the same time I understand if it takes a minute to make sure I am not going to be a problem.
  3. Yup, I too got one last year..so I sold a couple things to fund a lifetime membership.
  4. It has not been my experience to be treated as such, but yes many do. I don't think one should have to sue to get compensated, it should automatically be done to keep the system in check. If errors start costing the departments some operating funds, less errors are likely to occur, or at least more consequences for those making such errors.
  5. The officer should of issued a summons, instead of arresting her..its not like she was going anywhere. In the mean time the SN and her story could of been confirmed. At this point, an apology and reimbursement for all legal fees, lost wages/profit and inconvenience should be made.
  6. Yea, the debate continues...but I see the picture.
  7. Nice, I need to try that to fill my lead-sled shot bag.
  8. Amazon has been silently raising prices for some time now, most of their regular prices seem to have shipping included within and are easily beat by other online stores and of course they charge TN tax for their sales. Wal-Mart has started an Amazon like online presence and has some decent prices sometimes with free shipping and no tax from third party vendors. I have a Sam's club card, but haven't used it in some time due to the bulk issue. Now that the kids are gone we don't need such big packages of food items.
  9. Honestly, I think we have more to worry about with a naturally occurring event such as earthquake, volcano, meteor etc taking us down a peg. We hacked into Iran's nuclear reactors with stuxnet, and only managed to, according to some sources, destroy 1/5th of their reactors. And that was with at least one superpower, some say more, trying to dismantle their nuke program. And some of you feel a kid in his basement can take the US grid down? No, the most likely think to do that is possibly a solar flare or an airburst from a large meteor, and that is a rare occurrence.
  10. Yes, read the whole thing, and for some, it reads well. But AAFES has had bigger problems for some time than what he mentions here. In many parts, overseas mainly, they are the only game in town, but still have a hard time selling. The problem is not the customer base, it is their pricing. They will price match, but only on identical items and the brands seem, at least to me, to be higher end mostly instead of trying to have what lower enlisted can afford. Then, and I don't know if this is an agreement with the town, but they price according to off post store averages. Like fuel, they can easily beat off post due to local taxes and prices, but don't. I live off post, as practically all retirees do, so the pickup at the store feature will only help those close by and only if prices come down to make it worth it. Here, they have added more vendors to the food court, which may get more people in, but they need to seriously look at their inventory and get products that they can compete with, and price accordingly. They off and on do the ID card thing, if they allow on-post workers (contractors) without a military ID to shop there they may increase their sales. As to the cost controls, don't know much about them, but most places can cut some costs without effecting customer service. As to the website, they need to advertise more, I can't tell you the last time I even thought of looking there for anything. I do hope they can do what they hope to do, but it will be a long process.
  11. That will be good for some, but only if AAFES gets more competitive in their prices. As Amazon prices have not been very good lately, they should be no competition, but Wal-Mart beats them both, specially since you can pickup in-store for many online orders and they now have third-party vendors on their online store. I work on post, but still can't recall the last time I shopped there, and it's tax free.
  12. All you have to do is study what happened after hurricane Andrew and Katrina to get an idea of what would happen locally. Or the earthquakes, tsunamis etc, etc that have devastated some parts of the world, eventually things right themselves.
  13. Yea, we installed some in the hangers which tend to always have the large doors open and they work great.
  14. You know, I'm ok with losing some of those teat suckers in the vid; maybe it is a good thing to be rid of that portion of the population. If you are able bodied and so dependent on the Government to feed you then you deserve to starve. Electricity is nice and all, but I can do without it, specially if I have no choice. Human kind did just fine without it for centuries, so a period without it would be survivable. Only a few of those that succumb because of it will be missed, and soon after the grid returns they will be replaced.

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