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  1. PayPal doesn't like guns, but usually allows gun accessories, I would report it to both services, PayPal and Google pay, and let them investigate.
  2. In TN, you can be fired for breaking company rules. Unless you are seeking to push the issue, and ready to lose your job, I would not do it. I work on Fort Campbell, and am also disarmed, but I like my job so..
  3. No fireball because that is what got his attention, then he started recording. He continued until it hit the ground, just before impact, you can see a secondary explosion, probably a fuel tank. In the link above, all you can see is the impact of the rocket into the engine, so no fire is recorded there. The person that recorded that one, states there were two rockets, the first one got him to record the second. Like I said, it is certainly possible it is fake, but also very possible they are genuine. In some of the photos, you can see holes, from the outside, which may have been caused by the rocket, or the engine coming apart. If/when the black boxes get examined, then they will confirm the rocket strike.
  4. Purported to show the missile strike. https://disrn.com/news/video-shows-moment-iranian-missile-hit-boeing-737-airliner
  5. The fireball caught his eye, then he started recording. I may agree if he had caught the missile strike, but there are countless youtubes where something was caught at just the right time so even then I might give it a pass.
  6. They want to stay in power, so they will be careful to not get into a direct war with the US. They will still train and arm proxies, of that you can be sure but no direct action. The populace is getting mighty tired of shortages and the government, so it will not take much to have their "Arab Spring" moment, TPTB know this and will walk that fine line.
  7. The rockets probably didn't have any warheads in them, they just did not cause enough damage to of had any significant amount of payload. They also did not hit anything of tactical value, and they warned enough people to make sure we got the word before the strike; so this was a feint the whole way.
  8. Overthinking it. In a crowded room, there will be a "bubble" of people that have direct knowledge of events as they transpire. If the shooter had not been taken out as fast as he was, there would have been enough armed people that could identify and challenge the shooter. There is always a chance of friendly fire, no doubt, but what is the alternative, giving free rein to a shooter while LEO shows up and has the same exact friendly fire scenario too?
  9. Already happened, and nobody blinked. https://www.npr.org/2019/08/08/748665339/the-pistol-that-looks-like-a-rifle-the-dayton-shooters-gun
  10. Sure, and I will reiterate, I will use my weapon in all legal means that I can. If laws/rules change then I will reevaluate my need for a rifle caliber pistol.
  11. I still have no problem shouldering mine. I really don't care who happens to be next to me, the current ATF policy states that the use of a weapon does not change what a weapon is. Because a weapon can be fired at an accelerated speed does not make it a machine gun, because a weapon can kaboom does not make it a bomb.
  12. Meh, I shoulder mine all the time. ATF has deemed it is ok, and until they officially change their mind I will keep doing it.
  13. Nope, way too many alternatives.
  14. If you want to call the majority of counties declaring themselves 2A sanctuaries, Sheriffs promising to deputize members of the community, and the incoming administration threatening to use the national guard to enforce anti 2A laws a chicken little event, then yea, I guess we're done here.
  15. Tragedy to be sure, I'm glad first and foremost that only two lives were lost in this incident, but I'm sure danged glad it wasn't a part of some hate group. Seems as we get closer to elections, the crazy hate groups keep raising their ugly heads. I definitely need to get out and practice more, I'm definitely getting slower, 25 meter head shots is what I used to strive for, but now I'd probably opt for body shots.

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