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  1. Must say, these Henrys sure look good:
  2. Really? I kind of like it, and I'm not the biggest fan of lever actions. I broke down and got me one on a trade, a Browning in .308 just to have a lever in my stable, but was highly disapointed in my last one, a Winchester in 30/30. With the side mounted scope, big drop and limited ammo, bullet, choice it just didn't stay with me long.
  3. That was up to Starbucks to deal with, which they did as it should be. If an employee can't/won't deal with a company policy, maybe they need to reevaluate their job choice. In the meantime, they can call LEO, LEO can ask the customer to leave, problem solved. Pro 2A laws...where to start. How long before some, not all, restrictions were lifted for a CCW permit holder? Carry in State Parks, private companies operating in the park, i.e. concert or other event are allowed to post. School activities in the parks, even if you are not aware. Guns in cars, sure but though they let you carry, can't your boss fire you for bringing it to work, even in the lot? Of course, I'm screwed anyway because I work on Ft Campbell. And oh yea, loaded long guns during hunting season, has that been addressed? There's at least one warden that I wouldn't take a chance on it doing it in front of, even in my Sunday go to church clothes.
  4. I don't think anyone wants to tell a business they can't post, but it is squarely on them to deal with their customers as they see fit. Nobody stopped Starbucks from kicking out those cops because one of their snowflakes felt unsafe now did it? If the cops, or in our case the customer, refuses to leave, then they can have him tresspassed. I've only been here for 19.5 years, as a supposed simpethetic 2A State, we certainly don't have the right law makers in place with anything bigger than BBs or they would have passed meaningfull 2A legislation by now. All the supposed pro 2A laws I've seen passed always comes with anti-gun loopholes.
  5. Everyone above pretty much cover it, except the whole shoot to wound vs kill. You never shoot to kill, you shoot to stop the act that is endangering your, or someone else's life. Of course, you don't want them to continue life threatening acts after you shoot them, so you keep shooting until they stop.
  6. It is my understanding that not all FFLs will accept a transfer from a non FFL, so in those cases a seller would have to have a local FFL ship the weapon for them, probably incurring an additional fee.
  7. Omega


    Generators, especially emergency backup ones, need Preventative Maintenence Checks and Services (PMCS) Gas engines need to be run at least once a month for a few minutes, stabil needs to be added to the fuel, even if no methanol (prefered) , and fuel should be changed out once a year (some say 6 months) if not used. But converting a personal one to propane will greatly diminish the amount of maintenence required, and is relatively inexpensive to do:
  8. Omega

    Real I.D.

    Mine expires in January, so I may get one then, since I'll probably be forced to show all my stuff in person again.
  9. If he is allowed to retire that won't affect his pay, they calculate your highest 3 years of rank.
  10. Wow, can you send me some seeds for those hollow points?
  11. Omega

    Real I.D.

    Technically we are already there. Drivers licences can be searched by any LEO no matter what state, and SSNs are also linked to your profile. All these REAL Ids do is make sure you are a US citizen, or legally here, before receiving one. Since a licence is optional, though essential, they are not forcing you to comply. I do believe most states will keep a non-REAL Id option as well. Now, if we could only have all states make it mandatory to have a REAL Id to vote, we'd be going somewhere.
  12. Omega

    Real I.D.

    Your mil id would do just fine, not sure about the VA id. When I got my license a few years ago, I had to show my naturalization certificate, and my passport. That, as I was told, was to be compliant with the REAL Id act. I'll try again tomorrow when I fly out, see if they accept it or not.
  13. My training certificate from 06', has my gun's info on it but no SN, just make, model, and caliber. That was my biggest concern when I deployed, what I would do under fire. In my head, I felt I would react properly but one never knows until it happens. Fortunately my reactions were what I thought they would be, and I was much calmer than even I suspected I would be. Some of my fellow troops needed some encouragement, but nothing as bad as all that.
  14. Omega

    Real I.D.

    Mine has 3 gold stars in a swoosh on the back, and I recently flew on it, and will again tomorrow. They have been issuing these for some time now, not sure why it says Jul 1st since TN has been compliant for at least a year or two and did not need/request an extension/waiver when it became mandatory back in Jan 2018.

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