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  1. Gun season opens in the morning

    Well, unless another friend requests one, my season is done. Last evening, two minutes before my personal "do not shoot" time two doe walked into my field of view. They didn't present a shot and disappeared at the bottom of the hill toward my food plot. I waited to see if they'd appear for a few minutes, when they didn't, I set my rifle down thinking they laid down. Started packing to leave when they showed up at the opposite side of my food plot, I figured I had already engaged them so they were in play. I chose to take the older of the two and took a neck shot. It was at the exact same spot as the buck, but unlike the buck she had enough energy to go up and over the hill. At first I thought I missed, but when I went down I found a good blood trail and tracked her down. Man, you would think she weighed more than her 125 lbs trying to get her back up the hill, I played hell trying to get any traction and felt like she was stuck on something. Took what felt an hour to get to the top, and once there she decided to slide down the other side taking me along a couple times. The rest of my time will be used to make improvements to my stand and hunting area in general.
  2. Guns brandished at Memphis Mall

    Because it's obviously someone that is illegally doing it, not a lawfully carrying individual.
  3. NFL - Politics

    Yea, but my check comes in every month, and I work on top of that so all's well here too. The thing is that military service isn't for everyone, and unlike you many don't want to serve at all, which is fine too, us in the 1% have got this.
  4. Finally got a buck!

    Hopefully that was mostly paid by insurance, otherwise I'd be out getting 5 doe a day till I had $7k worth of venison in my freezer!
  5. I think we had this discussion before, if I find it I'll post a link. In the meantime, if I recall correctly, it was the bones which separated the expensive ones from the cheaper ones. Plastic gears too, that is what eventually wears out first, at least most times. That being said, I have been using a ~$50 one I found at Rural King to grind venison. It has plastic gears of course but it has been doing ok so far. They stopped carrying the brand, only carried it for about a year, now they have another brand so unsure of the current quality. Edit: here is the link, good info:
  6. Yea, I like that; but on the flip side a bunch of crows is called a Murder And the origin of that is cool too! http://paranormalunitedstates.com/a-murder-of-crows
  7. Man Smashes Own Ar.....

    You're just not using a big enough hammer!
  8. Gun season opens in the morning

    My neighbors were kind enough to let one by for me, little 4 point was down at the bottom of the hill at the end of my food plot so I invited him home for dinner with my .270 Vanguard using 130 grain Winchester Super X. Hit him in the spine, and out his shoulder, 13° down angle, DRT. One of his tines was broke a while back, lots of bark in the broken area, so their fixin to rut I guess. A friend asked me to get him one so I figured this one would do, because I can never tell the size of does through my scope unless their real tiny, and since he is paying for the processing I want to make sure it's worth it for him. All local processors are at capacity though, until maybe tomorrow at one place, the rest until after Friday. I'll pack him in ice until then, then if no openings I'll either keep him, I process my own, or see if I can find another processor. So now, I have to be super careful to not shoot a button buck today. Now watch, one of them trophy buck will come by and tease me.
  9. The 'good guy with a gun' theory is a myth.

    Thousands of hours respecting the gun? LOfingL, I wonder what his DI is thinking right about now? Seems like training failure to me, specially regarding the freaking oath he spoke out loud at least once, maybe they should start spending more time explaining what it truly means:
  10. Gun season opens in the morning

    Nothing in my patch, my neighbors must of dropped at least a couple by the sounds of it. Wind was good, sun came up good viz, but only birds and a squirrel or two. Out of the stand at 12:30, do some stand and trailer maintenance, I'll also get a bite, then back at it.
  11. New to reloading

    I got to start checking OP dates, keep posting in old ones.
  12. Gun season opens in the morning

    @10-Ring, nice buck, will make a good euro mount. I'm at my hunting trailer now, *no deer on the way in, hoping they will be moving better tomorrow morning. *My hypothesis is that if their moving when I come in (night) they won't move on their own in the morning. Last night seen a few, with one nice buck down by truck, not me, and another that was about to commit suicide by Mexican Yoda, (Toyota Tacoma) but changed his mind last minute, thank goodness, no way I could of braked in time.
  13. Gun season opens in the morning

    I'm in my new hunting stand, no movement yet. Heard a few shots around me so they're out there, I'll probably hang out until the weather comes in and beds them down. Realy liking my new stand though, better view, 360 deg, and since it's smaller I can look out all four sides with minimal movement. I've about killed 50 asian beatles though, darn things found my stand again, I'm getting a perverse sense of pleasure zapping these darn things. They're landing on me, getting in my shirt and even biting, so it's on.
  14. Military multitool?

    I have a separate tool for that, and it was less than $10, heck this one is only $7, they can keep that model.
  15. New to reloading

    Welcome to TGO, and the hobby. xsubsailor may of said it in jest, but I seriously think those two hobbies will take most of your time if you dive into both. I would concentrate on reloading for a couple years before getting into casting (keep your lead ). I not too long ago got into casting, just to be able to have bullets (or boolits as some call them) in a shortage. Definitely a relaxing hobby, and one you need to do with no distractions, enjoy.

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