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  1. If only it worked like that, I would have given at least three people a chance at a shot series.
  2. Not yet, but have 1k on-hand and 3k more caps on order (almost as hard to get as real primers now). Figure to use these in my 9mm AR rounds with cast boolits, so if I get a FTF, no loss. But from a few posts on http://castboolits.gunloads.com/ there are a few that have successfully done it so it should be no problem, and I have quite a few spent primers to play with.
  3. Good luck, I have been in the same boat for some time. I too make what I call Gorilla Welds, ugly but strong. I looked at a few local places and even Nashville but like you, only found places that would certify you to work in the industry. I think your (and my) best bet is to find someone local that is a pro welder to teach you on your equipment.
  4. Are you getting leading? Or is it just dirty from the gun powder? The PC is to prevent leading in your barrel, and may speed up the bullet but if it does it would be negligible. I have fired many PC bullets out of my Glock and 9mm AR with no leading to speak of, I have also fired many that were lubed traditionally and haven't had an issue with those either. What it does seem to help with is rifle bullets, the BHN doesn't need to be as high as with traditional lube, and seem to do ok even at the higher velocities.
  5. Well, they order arrived. Ordered late on the 10th and have it in hand on the 17th, they are of course OOS now, but they do have other stuff.
  6. I'd put any of our comments up against even the lightest left sites comments any day. And I am a little out of tolerance lately.
  7. And the Left rejoices. Didn't listen to Rush, but caught a few clips of his now and then when others would report on what he said. seemed to be a real smart man. may he RIP.
  8. Wow, seems Biden really did have a plan for Covid.
  9. I have a PDF of some M1 loads for cast bullets, and I thought I had some other M1 pet loads for regular rounds too. I'll see if I can find it, if I do I'll post it here. Cast in the M1 Garand.pdf
  10. Hey, you forgot the token Hispanic! I can see both sides of this; on one hand I am all about getting more people into the shooting sports, self defense and defense of our Constitution. But at the same time, I can see making them feel the pain of exercising one of our basic rights due to the people they put into office making it so. Maybe if they start seeing what we have been made to put up with all these years, then maybe they will start to see what the consequences are when they vote the way they do.
  11. If you look at most of the wording IRT a Sanctuary Law, it mostly reads like the above. A state will not stop the Feds from enforcing a law, they will just not help it. Like the immigration sanctuary states, the Feds can still come in and get illegals (well last admin anyway), but were prevented from using local LEO as backup.
  12. I agree, we need to keep them on the defensive, keep their attention on things other than taking our rights away...you know, like the 2A.
  13. I've used sewing needles in the past, the shorter the section the stronger they are. Never ran into a pin that was wedged in tight though, so didn't need to use much force.
  14. They will kneel and turn their weapons over, because you know, the science, and the kids and all.


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