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  1. I agree, because they would have to have congress change the statute, because the ATF can't pass any laws themselves, if they try to, it will quickly be challenged and they then run the risk of having that precedent they want to avoid.
  2. Midsouth keeps dropping powder now and then, didn't need it but picked up 2lbs of Shooters World Blackout to give it a try. Keep checking, they even had some Varget, missed it by a sec. Login first and check out quick or it will not be available if you try later.
  3. Depends on the 20, the kid in Kenosha was pursued even after taking one down, and the rest knew it. I had not owned a revolver for some time, I now only own one, a 44 Mag hunting pistol. So never gave much thought into how many rounds I carried, it was always full mag in the gun and one extra in the chamber. Sometimes it's a 15+1, other times it's 13+1, with the extra mag and if going into "bad" areas or just on a long trip, then I have a rifle too.
  4. I'm sure that's next, they are getting desperate to continue giving shots, commercials on the radio, TV, probably print too, saying no appointment necessary, no line, no waiting, no priority restrictions, etc. They aren't making as much as they hoped on this I guess.
  5. I still have a 3-point on a couple of my ARs, I like them and were very useful on my deployments. Easy to transition to a sidearm if need be, though never had to, and the one I was issued could be used as a 2, or 3 point. The only thing I didn't like is that the connection points were a bit bulky, kind of a snap hook with a cover, I would rather use the QD type connectors, which then were not available to attach onto our M4s.
  6. Only this one? They don't care about the truth on any of them, only use them to further their agendas. If they can twist some of the facts or ignore others then they will.
  7. Sad thing is, there must be thousands of trailer parks and tornadoes throughout the US, as this is not uncommon, anywhere.
  8. On this site I must be in the minority as I seen nothing wrong in what he did to restrain an uncooperative perp. Arguably, the fault lies more on the bystanders who created a hectic scene and had the LEOs on the defensive to keep them back, if the scene had been more controlled, they may have noticed the medical distress faster, probably dies anyway, but they would have started CPR or something. The POS died of an OD, period. A sad day for justice, and will have repercussions for years to come, as no sane person will put themselves in that situation by becoming, or staying, a LEO in this e
  9. I agree about the quality, but the less money is suspect. I hit the trucks now and then and if I spend the same I get less food, good, but less. Yes, we here at the compound have given some trucks enough business that the owner established a hard stand. As to the other fast food places, I can find 'something' that will do at most places, McD's, it's the McGriddle, or their Egg McMuffin, used to love the fries but they changed the ingredients and ruined them. And it goes on, the Spicy Chicken sandwich from Wendy's or Popeyes, Chicken Zalad from Zaxby's, Thick Burger and
  10. You normally use a purple shade to denote sarcasm.
  11. Omega


    NSFW - Seen this on another site, had a good laugh and had to share. Reminds me of Deliverance for some reason!
  12. What many people fail to realize is that there are quite a few people in these crime ridden areas that have more money than they know what to do with. Many of these gang bangers and drug dealers carry rolls of cash and probably spend more in a year than I have in my entire retirement savings and investments. So how is a few measly dollars, from the rest of us, going to solve anything when they are the source of much of the crime? This their way of life, a source of power, a position they will be most reluctant to let go of. As to the shooting, why is it that many of these shooters have
  13. Maybe wearing three masks will tackle this problem too. Oh, and lets increase the social distance to what?, 50 cal max range
  14. Meh, it must not be illegal to falsify a 4473, otherwise Biden Jr, would be in jail. I think there is more to it, because the Detective would have to put me in jail before I paid for their mistake.


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