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  1. No, they don't keep anything except the sample they need. For non mounts you leave the head, they get the glands later, but if a trophy mount, they can just keep the glands.
  2. I'm with you there. As long as the glass keeps the rain out, and don't break easily, I can live with a little defect if it's all out of pocket.
  3. My son moved to WA state and left me one of those. I used it to power wash the deck before I treated it. Not to shabby, the middle tip would scar the wood if left in one place too long. I liked that the pump would shut off if I stopped squeezing the handle. The black tip, for soap, was pretty good too, good dispersion but a little fast, but it came with two bottles so I guess it was ok.
  4. California condors, yea about that. https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/dec/2/lead-ammunition-ban-passed-after-feds-withheld-key/ If indeed there is a problem, then why all the games? No doubt they are dying, but lead is abundant in nature,
  5. I don't doubt that it happens now and then, but you would think that vultures, at least around here, would be dropping like flies if it were gut piles that were the problem. And with as many lead sinkers I find on the shore, you'd think there would be more instances there as well. I think most of these incidents are isolated, just covered more.
  6. Seeing like it's next to the great lakes, probably fish. Or it could have migrated from Michigan. Most gut piles don't have lead, at least not in that much quantity, because most of us avoid gut shots, and many times it's a passthrough.
  7. I've got a bunch on the ground from a tree in the front yard, the one in he back, not so much, but there are a bunch of squirrels back there so that may be the reason.
  8. Came out nice, but was it just me that cringed in the way he did it? The way he used those pliers, vice, dremel and brush, even the WD-40 was IMO wrong. I would have soaked it in Kroil, or evapo-rust first, then nylon brushes after that.
  9. This is one rare deer, antlered doe with weird palmated antlers. https://www.foxnews.com/great-outdoors/hunter-catches-deer-antlered-doe
  10. I've been zeroing a Benjamin Titan NP in .22 and I have no doubt it can take on a groundhog, but I would limit it to under 30-40 yards or so.
  11. Well, I've been receiving NRA wine ads for some time now, so I won't jump on that wagon yet. But I've received at least three ads in the last week or so, so they are really pushing it this time around.
  12. Yea, a couple years ago I was hunting when I seen one in a tree making his way down. It took me a bit before my brain would allow me to connect that shape with a groundhog.
  13. My vote would be for Lee as well, but for a turret press. It can be used as a single stage to learn on, then, if you want, it can be used in a more progressive fashion. Lee has a reloading kit that pretty much has everything except the consumables which come at a good price. Some of these pieces are rudimentary but you can upgrade once you know what to look for. https://www.midsouthshooterssupply.com/item/0000690304/classic-turret-press-kit
  14. Not really, as to get to rehab means they have already commited a crime. With some of these prevention programs, the goal is to keep the kids from committing the crime in the first place. Look at all the "kid" crime being reported in TN lately, many from teens below 18. Giving them something else to spend their time on may help keep them off the streets.

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