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  1. I guess if you spend enough time playing Call of Duty on your Nintendo you get to know a few things.
  2. A guy in a news clip I seen this morning made a good point, no matter where you place the security perimeter at these events, there will be choke points that these terrorists will take advantage of. So while security may be expensive, I don't think it's all about $. I too accept the risk, but I face it well trained and armed; unlike most Europeans.
  3. Only fished there once or twice due to the distance, but when I did I was amazed at the size of the sunfish I was catching. I had been stationed in Savannah GA so the bluegill and crappie were pretty small, when I got here and seen that the crappie had to be 10" I thought that was it for eating any crappie. But there I was pulling up bluegill and shell crackers pushing 10" and got my limit of crappie too along with a couple of keeper bass. All I have is a jon boat so I just went up the river a bit hitting the inlets on the way up and down going no further than 4 or 5 hundred yards, maybe a bit further. I put in at the first dock I seen, just this side of the river coming from Clarksville on the right hand side. I met of with a few boats coming from further up the river and most had about the same stories, good size fish everywhere. One thing though, careful about the end of the boat ramp, there was a big drop there last time and had to go into 4x4 to get back out with an empty trailer.
  4. Yes, but above 5mw, just as the drones are above 55lbs. Most laser incidents involved standard laser pointers, albeit most are the new(er) green lasers, but under 5mw. The problem is really those mentally challenged individuals that do not think about or maybe care about what happens when they do stuff like that. No form of law or regulation will stop them from doing those things, and it is only the ones that are already willing to follow the rules that will be effected. On the same token, I think the FCC needs to be told to back off the FMRS band as well. But that's another whole ball of wax.
  5. It is actually spreading, some of my leftwing nutjob acquaintances are starting to believe that as well (not here apparently).
  6. Hmmm, I wonder what they would say about martial arts as a self defense strategy? I bet you can use it as long as you don't make contact with your assailant
  7. Never indicated Right vs hobby, just saying the arguments are alike. In that frame of reasoning, lasers should be banned/registered as well since more laser incidents have been reported than RC ones. There are many things that are not standardized, yet, it's up to the user to know his equipment, just like some guns won't fire without a magazine, many employ differing safety features. If I accidentally cause an issue, I should be held liable for said issue whether I intended to or if was just the way the equipment behaves. My particular drone goes back to the spot it took off from when signal is lost and as far as I know it does not have any avoidance built in so more than likely it will hit a tree before it gets back. Myself, I would prefer that I get to choose what it does when that occurs because in my case I would rather it just hover until I get within range again. I will test this feature in a large area to be sure, but I won't be taking any chances with it anyway. As with anything I do, I weight the risk/benefit of things and there is no way I will endanger anyone or their property just for a hobby. The most likely outcome for me is wrecked props from branches I fail to see crossing my fence line, or some animal taking offence at me violating its space.
  8. Not buying it, sounds akin to the reasoning for gun control. While other models may be different than mine, mine will return back if signal is lost. The farthest I sent it is like 700ft horizontal, at around 10-15ft AGL, At airports, they should deploy jammers for rc frequencies, that way aircraft will be safer.
  9. How so? As far as I know, before this was passed, there were no difference between hobbyists and pros except use and weight of the rc aircraft. Like many things, instead of punishing the act, they punish the instrument.
  10. I registered when it kicked off, it's not a drone registration per se, you are the one that gets registered and use your reg# on any and all drones you buy. The bs part was that to be able to fly your drone, you had to always be able to see it. That limited you to pretty much only open fields unless you had a drone pilots licence which was darn near the same as a normal pilots licence in both time and $. I use mine to survey my fence line for fallen branches/trees so I can repair it, if I have to be in visual range, I might as well just walk the perimeter.
  11. I'm out of touch I guess, Cobain is the only name I recognized, and him only barely.
  12. I know, lets just call it a "shout out".
  13. No dog in this particular fight, but sounds like semantics to me. If you make mention of an individual in the beginning of your book, it sure sounds like dedicating it to me. Of course you have to believe in all that for it to matter.
  14. You make a good point as far as looking through rose colored glasses, but I must say when I stand back and analyze the pros and cons of Obama vs Trump I am glad Trump is now in the drivers seat..don't even get me started on a Clinton vs Trump point of view. There are things I wish Trump would not do, and that is go off script in interviews and that dang tweet stuff, he should have a staffer or two review his tweets to try and keep the left from taking them all wrong by how he states things. But all in all I don't see anything yet to get my undies in a bunch, I am totally loving the lefties trying to find their undies though.
  15. And some still say the vote went the wrong way! Elections have consequences, and luckily the consequences may be in our favor this time. Now if Trump can only get a couple more on the SC bench...

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