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  1. Omega

    Nashville officer charged in shooting

    I feel this is just a bunch of pandering to their future constituency. They just want to appear to be trying to get "justice", knowing they will garner the votes of the leftists and minority community that make up a large voting block in Davidson county. If they would put their energy into catching, prosecuting, and keeping in prison, those criminals, such as the deceased, then there would be fewer of these incidents. What gets me is that there are plenty of definite bad acts by government officials, and yes LEO, to be choosing incidents like this to make a case on. Then they could actually get votes on both sides of the aisle. But no, they latch on to anything which goes viral regardless of the facts.
  2. Omega

    Nashville officer charged in shooting

    Almost as good as jury nullification.
  3. They didn't need to think about it before, but as soon as they ban something, some genius will find a way around the problem.
  4. Interesting concept, and should work for those non-semi states, unless they reinterpret the meaning of semi like they did for the bump stock.
  5. If I was in the situation I would have just politely placed my food back on the counter and requested a refund. No argument from me, just wouldn't have left my money there, so many other places, much better places, to get food. I have, so far, never been asked to leave, though most times I CC. But I have been in establishments where I discovered a sign after going in, I asked to see the manager and politely asked their policy. If an establishment wants to ban guns, no problem, I just leave and never return. Some have removed said sign and told me it was just a left over sign and not current policy, others have just said nobody there would say anything, wink-wink.
  6. Seems those using jack hammers and the like would be a better guinea pig than shooters.
  7. I'm not a fan of the Hi-Point line, but I must admit, they go bang and are not functionally bad. If they would but put a little more effort into the aesthetics of it, and maintain close to their price point it would eat into the market share of many other brands.
  8. Omega

    cwd CWD in TN, Near Memphis

    I think these restrictions will be the new normal. And I do suspect they will include more counties next year. They will probably be looking hard at the high fence operations and other hunt clubs in the immediate area, as they should, but I doubt it will do much beyond that next year. Of course they may also implement restrictions on feeders, salt licks etc, TN wide, to keep it from spreading as fast.
  9. Hmm, so your wife likes jewelry? What kind of guns of yours would she trade for some of my wives diamonds?
  10. While I too wish the R's would have at least tried to pass some pro-gun legislation, I think it would have been a hard sell to the general public. With all the mass shootings in the news (don-tinfoil now), which many feel is why the news keeps it there, there was no way these politicos would have sent anything pro-gun up for a vote. The best way IMO, is to tack it on to a bill the Dems want, and make them swallow.
  11. That will be the downfall of the 2A, too many gun owners willing to give away their rights piece by piece. Whether you agree or not with a piece of legislation, ban of certain products, or if you will not be personally affected by it, if it's anti-2A you need to fight it. There is no room for those that want to work for "sensible" gun laws in our ranks. Laws only affect the law abiding, period. Criminals will be able to commit their crimes no matter what laws they break because they are criminals. Laws should be aimed at those who break them, mandatory sentencing, no mental health waivers for those using firearms to commit crimes.
  12. Omega

    Question about selling "pre-ban" G 17 Mags

    When I purchased my G23 in the mid 80's, I also bought spare mags. I was sent overseas for 4 years and when I returned, my mags were worth more than my Glock. I sold all my mags and purchased some 10 round ones, which by then were the drop free variety, win-win. Once the ban was lifted, I replaced them with standard capacity mags.
  13. Omega

    Nashville officer charged in shooting

    As are mine, though I've only been in TN for 19 years. I keep track of Davidson and Rutherford county crime because I have kids living there, and of course here in Montgomery county, My comment on being soft on crime is not limited to just Davidson county of course, it is country wide. Many of the criminals that commit murder, and other violent felonies, have been through the "justice" system, and should not be walking around to commit those additional murders. Heck here is a prime example: https://clarksvillenow.com/local/clarksville-murder-suspect-who-fled-during-furlough-is-back-in-custody/
  14. Omega

    Nashville officer charged in shooting

    It's not that a cop's life is valued more than a criminals per se, it is that someone committing a crime has devalued their own life. If we start playing this game, soon you will have to make sure it is a fair fight with a home intruder because his life equals yours. Mistakes get made, sure enough, but to blatantly disregard the fact that criminals have no problem killing LEOs or citizens that get in the way of their crimes is ridiculous. We have laws, we "hire" people to study, make and teach the best business practices they can to keep the general public safe. If you don't like the way they do business, it is ok to voice your opinion, and to lobby for changes to be made, but don't be upset when the majority of the public supports the way it is handled and say so as well. I personally think the TN (mostly Davidson County) justice system is not harsh enough; they allow perps to disagree to get arrested, call their parents (over 18) and 911 because a police officer is asking them to step out of their vehicles, and the judges keep letting dangerous criminals off with light to no sentences, WTF.
  15. Omega

    Nashville officer charged in shooting

    Not with a judge like the one that sent him to trial!

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