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  1. It's the forum software, it should be able to display these, but a setting may need to be set for this file extension. My windows based tablet can natively display these, but has to be downloaded first. What's funny is that apple's files can just have the extension changed, like from .heic to .jpg with no format change and the picture will work everywhere. Same with their music files, they can be changed from .m4a to .mp3 and most players that don't support apple will play them.
  2. Dang @gregintenn, didn't know you were that connected. Ammunition plant to open near Texarkana
  3. Until we secure the voting process, it is a dangerous game proposing a Convention of States, where they can vote to abolish the 2A instead.
  4. Midsouth has a few Accurate offerings as well (Not No. 7), just picked up a lb of A4350 for the creedmoor. https://www.midsouthshooterssupply.com/dept/reloading/smokeless-powder?instock=true
  5. I get it, I was the same way not too long ago. But even though I seek out more sources to verify articles I too am under the MSM rock somewhat in that many of them are jn lockstep with the 'facts' seemingly corroborating the reports and generally omitting some they should be pursuing. Project Veritas has broken many stories that, if we had a free press, should have been front page news, yet not even a peep. Take the selling of aborted fetus', wouldn't you think that would be a human interest story? Or how about, the Dominion guy saying the fix was in? No, no interest in covering that, instead we get vilification of a teen wearing a MAGA hat.
  6. Never heard of Project Veritas?? They have been exposing the .gov, ANTIFA, BLM, Abortion Clinics, etc. etc., for years. If you haven't heard about them then you have been living under an MSM rock. Hell, they had their offices raided by the FBI to find the documents which prove ole Biden is a perv with his own daughter.
  7. Not yet, East TN is dipping their toe into it but we in middle TN will wait to see how you fare...for an hour or so.
  8. +1 for the Squirrelinator, they built a church next door and cleared a bunch of trees to do so, they all decided to move to my backyard. I got rid of over 20 squirrels from my backyard using one. I bought some chicken scratch and mixed in some bird seed, put a small pile inside and some around the cage. Most times it was one at a time, only once did I catch two, but they kept coming to it. Maybe if I didn't check them as much more would have gone in, but I found out they died quick from overheating, and didn't want them smelling up the area.
  9. Oh no, I don't process the deer for my friends, I drop them off at the processor after I field dress them. Hunter's Harvest here does a whole deer as summer sausage for about $150, and $1 a lb for cheese and jalapeno if you so desire. This year he paid $220 for fifteen 3lb logs, which he says is a good deal. I have quartered them before for a friend that does his own processing, but that is as far as I will go, too much work to do a whole deer for them. Me, I usually do a 15lb (5 logs), batch, but sometimes I will do two if I am comparing seasonings, cheeses etc. This year I have a whole bunch summer sausage logs left, so may either skip it or make it late in the season.
  10. Got lucky this year, two eight point bucks, one on opening rifle and one on the 15th. Both went to friends that don't hunt, now I am looking for a doe for me, and maybe another for one that went all summer sausage on the first one, if I get my doe.
  11. I didn't follow the case, so like most here I had thought it was an open and shut case of murder, but the more comes out the more I think maybe we didn't get the entire story.
  12. All good here, the damage was just north of us but a few trees down around us. One tree snapped right next door, but I didn't even get my trashcan knocked over, or lose any tarps. Up by my work, Ft Campbell, there is a bunch of damage, even snapped a few powerline poles up Hwy 117.
  13. I would consider anyone keeping the information about a leak out of the china lab a traitor to their country. And the way he has prevented people from using medications that have proven to at least help, out of the hands of Americans a traitorous act.
  14. In Clarksville, I have some 209s if you are just in need. I can trade you 100 CCI, 100 Winchester, or up to 400 Federal, one-for-one if someone doesn't trade you for the whole lot. No hurry on my end.


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