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  1. Yea, me too. I have only paid to have one processed, and that was to make sure the processor did a good job before recommending him to friends. But like I said, I won't do it for others, because it does take some work, and is time consuming to do properly, and I wouldn't feel right if I cut corners just because I wasn't keeping the venison.
  2. Well, our friend passed last Friday, and fortunately for all involved nobody had to make that decision. But, her home hospice nurses instructed the family to up the doses of morphine to make her more comfortable. The Dr had specified the standard 4hr schedule for each injection, but they suggested maybe to do it at maybe 2 hr intervals. Without saying, they pretty much instructed the family how to make her go faster. The family didn't, they stuck to the Dr's schedule, and were a bit peeved about the nurses instructions. Another of her family friends was a respiratory nurse, and mentioned
  3. Looks like the high numbers of China Virus patients didn't materialize for them.
  4. Lol, that is why I will shoot a deer for friends but they have to get it processed (or do their own) because it is not only labor intensive, but it takes some time, time which I could be hunting.
  5. More than likely you will need a riser or a high mount set or rings. My 50mm just barely sits above the hand guards (flat top), any bigger and it would be touching I'd think. Something similar to this, but be sure to measure from the centerline of your lense to the bottom of your scope to make sure it will clear the rail. https://www.cheaperthandirt.com/parts-and-accessories/parts-by-gun-model/ar-15/mounts/scope-and-sight-mounts/
  6. You may have, not everyone experiences the loss of smell or taste, which of course would make you less susceptible to any further infection from the China Virus. I have been around so many that have come up positive that I am sort of surprised that I have not been forced to get tested, or been quarantined at least. But not a bit surprised at the fact that I have not caught it though, as I too feel I have had it already.
  7. No data from hospitals because they did not yet know about it and did not test for it. I was real sick, twice, June and Dec, last year both times tested for and found negative for flu, and other melodies. Both times my regular cold/flu regimen did not work, and the cough lasted for weeks afterward. Don't know if it was the China Virus or not, but in my case if it was it would not have been reported as the china virus. Many times they will go back and see that certain illnesses and viruses were here before but just overlooked.
  8. He will do, I dropped a small 4, maybe three as I didn't measure, on Wednesday. Usually drop does, so any buck with horns will suffice.
  9. I'm still buying components, but only the ones at a somewhat reasonable price. The problem with selling right now, is that you can't replace what you sell at the price you purchased those components for, so you have to consider the higher replacement costs. I don't sell reloads, but have had a friend or two over to reload components I've sold them. And only do that when I know it's for their personal use. I seen this coming, well before Obama, and stocked up and upgraded my reloading equipment. I also got into casting my own, and searched for ways to make my own powder and primer compounds
  10. Here is an archived copy of the Johns Hopkins article in the referenced newsletter (nothing ever goes away on the net). https://web.archive.org/web/20201126163323/https:/www.jhunewsletter.com/article/2020/11/a-closer-look-at-u-s-deaths-due-to-covid-19
  11. I was/am one of those. As soon as this China Virus is no longer "useful" you will see much less reporting on it. Right now, the election is far from over, so they will still try and use it to do whatever it is they want passed. Problem is, people are getting wise to the BS, and noticing that their "beloved" leaders are not following their own mandates, because you know they are only for us peasants.
  12. MSM said it, so it must be true. https://www.cnn.com/2020/06/24/us/coronavirus-cases-protests-black-lives-matter-trnd/index.html
  13. Why aren't BLM and ANTIFA dropping like flies?, oh yea, only uber right gatherings are super spreader events, rioters are immune.
  14. I tend to believe the tests they did BEFORE the China Virus, and before this became so political. As I have said before, I wear a mask when I absolutely have to, if workers or a bunch of customers don't have one on or wearing them incorrectly, I don't bother. As to the vaccine, nope, I've decided to take my chances. At this point, I have so many doubts about this whole mess, that it doesn't matter to me who says what, I will keep doing it the I have been this entire time. If I get it, officially, I will deal with it, or not, so be it.


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