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  1. Omega


    At least they caught it early enough to do something about it, best of luck, and hope you recover fully.
  2. Fair Use should make the case mute, but with how the courts have been acting lately, who knows how it will play out.
  3. What do you need to know? They have lanes well past 100 yards, though not sure the max, looks to have 300 yard access but not sure . You have to register your weapons through the base, which is an easy thing to do. You have to watch a safety video your first time, then they will allow you to use the range. They have pistol lanes that you can go cold when the rest of the range is hot due to concreate barriers, as long as you don't go past the barriers (roughly 75 yards), if someone needs to go past them then the entire range goes cold. They have benches, target stands and some plastic blocks for support, but you can bring your own. They will give you a couple targets but they are pretty basic and you will need your own target pasters, I don't think they have any.
  4. If?? Nicki Minaj released after arrest in the Netherlands on suspicion of exporting soft drugs (nbcnews.com)
  5. I sure hope you're right, because 147% sure doesn't sound good on paper.
  6. All the debit cards I have ever had, has a Visa logo, so they had the security and protections that any credit card had. I bank with USAA now, but even when I had Bank of America, I never lost any money when my debit card was compromised, and it happened a few times, most times they caught it, other times I seen the weird charges. My money was refunded either immediately or within a day or two most times. USAA used to have a debit card that did points, but they stopped doing it so I now have their credit card, I have it set to auto pay the balance at the end of the billing cycle, and I will manually pay any remainder even though it will not incur charges. I have applied for creg to ing dit cards every now and then from retailers to get the discount on a large ticket item I was buying but will cancel them as soon as possible and make sure I have no fees from doing so beforehand. Luckily I do not live paycheck to paycheck anymore, but the bad economy does put a dent on things, so I can see how some may get in a financial mess just by trying to get by. All it takes is one slipup, unexpected bill or a health issue to get them under water.
  7. If you look at your assessment notice, you will see what the assessment rate will be and what it was, mine (just looked) is 71%, assessed last year was $43,750, this year will be $74,850 with a .25 ratio for both years, which will be fixed for the next 5 years. That means it will be 71% more money I have to pay at tax time. On a 7.3 acre parcel I also have in Montgomery County, the assessment was 147% higher, assessed $1,800 last year $4,450 this year, but I am in talks with the county about that one and feel confident that will change. I think I will try and organize something for the home part, because the cash buyers are dwindling and values will either stop or even go down slightly but we will be stuck with the huge increase for the next 5 years. I can see, not agree with, but can see raising it up by 30% or so due to bidenomics, but to use the onslaught of outsiders to set our tax rates seems outrageous to me.
  8. I was smart, after a few times of doing that, I started parking on an incline. Danged starter for a pre-tacoma back then late 80s, was $400, after almost a year of doing that I took the starter apart, ended up just needing a $7 bent piece of copper.
  9. Many, not all, homes were within the homeowner's budget when they bought them, but inflation and tax assessment hikes have taken their toll. With all those Californians and New Yorkers making all the homes and property go up in value, the new, and probably temporary issue has left many homeowners in a bind tax wise. My assessment went up over 60% for the 24 tax season, so those on a fixed income will definitely feel it next April, so living within their means right now is out the door next year.
  10. Would-be attacker stabbed multiple times after wild caught-on-camera ambush of NYC couple walking their dog
  11. Homeowner shoots attempted burglary suspect: Surprise PD
  12. I have one somewhere, I accumulated a bunch of multi-tools, Leatherman, Gerber, and SOG, currently carry the Gerber because of the abrasive blade.
  13. Which is why the "No Guns" signs having the force of law needs to be abolished.


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