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  1. I believe you're talking about a different kind of legwork. If you stand hunt, you have to do your homework (legwork), to find a good place to setup. I don't (haven't done it seriously) bear hunt but I'd imagine it's more difficult finding one of them than it is to find a deer. With dogs, as long as there are bears in the vicinity, they will find them for you, even though it may wear your soles out.
  2. Yea, but if I use the check to pay my taxes with it, I won't need to reach out of pocket for it this time around. They are sure to adjust my taxes next year, as someone will need to start paying into the black hole that is our deficit.
  3. I plan on just sending it back to Uncle Sam, since they may just tax me for it later I may as well just pay my taxes with it now.
  4. Mine got into Tupperware. I have been courted for many a "business" which I have turned down when I realized that the business model was nothing more than a pyramid scheme. Any deal which has you making money off the people you bring in is destined to lose you money in the end.
  5. I've not noticed any issues on the final product really, and my old one was much looser. The measurements you take takes the upward movement into account, but yea, most anything with moving parts will have some give. Maybe a RCBS Rock Chucker?
  6. I like the Lee Turret press, once you set your dies, they are set. Changing calibers is super easy and fast, and can be used as a single stage, my prefered method, or having it index from die to die automatically. The new press is high enough for most rifle calibers, which is why I upgraded from the originals press, but it is also much sturdier IMO, and can handle even cartridge conversion like 300BLK or .277 WLV.
  7. No, that would just be another typical flu season. I'll give you this though, these numbers are on top of the flu numbers, so yea many deaths. Only time will tell, but once this is over, like H1N1, these deaths will be lost in memory next year. I mean, I lived through the whole H1N1 timeframe and can't recall all those deaths, how can I forget that over 12,000 people died that year...oh yea, it wasn't repeated on every news, radio, and print 24/7.
  8. I would agree if this had happened during the H1N1, or heck any of the others. There will always be a "new" virus, mother nature is out to get us.
  9. I would like to go on record to say that I am in the "this is total BS" camp. I don't know why this has been spun so out of proportion, and all over the world at that. Sure, I know this is a dangerous virus, and that it has been killing folks, but it is still not rising to the Flu numbers or the H1N1, and this happens every dang year. There is NEVER a rush to get TP or other supplies each year, so what makes this one so special? My guess is that the MSM, worldwide apparently, and TPTB have decided a crisis was due, and this was as good as any. I am not saying that you should not take precautions, especially if you are in one of the high risk categories, but nothing more than your standard precautions should be more than adequate. Flu: https://www.cdc.gov/flu/about/burden/preliminary-in-season-estimates.htm 2019-2020 390,000 – 710,000 Hospitalizations 23,000 – 59,000 Deaths in the US H1N1: https://www.cdc.gov/flu/pandemic-resources/2009-h1n1-pandemic.html Since they found it in 09' (2009 through 2018) https://www.cdc.gov/flu/pandemic-resources/burden-of-h1n1.html 936,000 Hospitalizations 75,000 Deaths in the US COVID-19 (as of 4pm Yesterday) https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/cases-updates/cases-in-us.html Total cases: 44,183 Total deaths: 544 Jurisdictions reporting cases: 54 (50 states, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, and US Virgin Islands)
  10. Hope this finds you feeling better, but it may help others who are freaking out about this to know how you have been dealing with this and what symptoms you developed. I'll understand if you choose not to, but thought I'd ask. I posted this elsewhere but it thought i'd share here as well: Back around Christmas time my son and I got real sick, after attending a small gathering of friends. A few others got sick as well, with only one testing positive for the flu. I was tested twice for the flu and both times it came back negative, but it kept me home for a week, and the cough lasted for weeks afterward. A few others were worse off than us, they actually developed pneumonia from it. Since a similar bug was actually going around about that time, I am now wondering if it was this virus. I wonder if they can test for it this far from actually being sick to see if that is what it was?
  11. We have been shooting lead for...well at least since the 1700s, hell there are battlefields full of lead slugs all over the US due to our insurrection and the whole N v S thing. Heck, didn't they almost wipe out the buffaloes, and those were just left to rot, and still the condor, and other birds, survived. If lead was such an issue, they would have gone extinct by now, it's NOT the bullets, it's probably ingested from naturally occuring lead on the ground when they swallow small rocks for their gizzards. Look at the areas they are reporting "lead" issues, then look at maps showing where they mine it. I melt down wheel weights to make bullets, as many others do, and there are no reported issues. My blood levels are fine, but then I don't eat it.
  12. The more I read about this the more I am against it. I am not pleased that this will be written as a defence to being armed, it should not be a crime to carry in this state, period. If you are prohibited, then it should be a crime. Also, if my kids from out of state come to visit, they will still be arrested if they carry, WTF? If they pass this, it will be a cold day in hell before they pass an actual Constitutional Carry law.
  13. Well, I now own a collectors item, a Jennings .22 one shot semi-auto.
  14. I disagree, anything that makes it more difficult, or more expensive to shoot impacts the 2nd Amendment. Make no mistake, they are after your guns, even if they have to take them a piece at a time. When they outlaw lead for hunting, outdoor target shooting is right behind it, then indoor ranges etc. How many birds eat in indoor ranges, according to CA, it must be a bunch of them. With outlawing lead, and taxing ammo they have found a workaround to demolish the 2A, they are making guns expensive paperweights.
  15. One must do what one is comfortable with, but I for one refuse to play the "what if" game. If the ATF decides to change their mind later, I'll wait until lawsuits are settled *before I decide if I become a criminal or continue to follow the law, but for now I will enjoy them. * The bumpstock ban screwed a bunch who got rid of theirs, but now ATF says they don't have the authority to ban them. And too, quite possibly, the FA Reformation folks.

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