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  1. No, not in the least. We must all take responsibility for one's own protection, not depend on others to do it for them...Now, where have I heard that before?
  2. No, I do not oppose wearing one in public, or private for that matter. I just won't wear one. How hard is that to understand?
  3. I agree, I support the right for people to wear them if they want to, but don't do so myself.
  4. Sorry to hear about your loss, my sincere condolences.
  5. Omega


    You can say the same for those that whine that everyone should wear one.
  6. Nah, just scream "Black Lives Matter" and "This is for Floyd" and they will give you a pass.
  7. This happened to me a couple days ago. I went to Popeyes and ordered a spicy chicken sandwich and fries. When I got home, I began eating the sandwich and discovered it had no spice. I called and spoke to a manager, she said just come by and get the correct sandwich. I asked do I need my receipt, she said no, just say I spoke to a manager. So I went back, and the first thing the window clerk said (after I explained the mixup) is "Do you have your receipt?" and "where is the other sandwich". I explained what the manager had told me, she called to someone, and here comes another kid, and he tells me "where is my sandwich" . No less than four people came to the window all asking the same thing, even after explaining I had already bit into the other sandwich. I finally got my correct sandwich, but it was handed to me real reluctantly and in a rude manner. I wasn't going to make a fuss there at the window and be labeled a racist, and feel even corporate will get me nowhere, so just let it go. But it just goes to show you that customer service has gone to poop, but so have customers and it's up to each of us to step away.
  8. Seen this posted on another site, so some of the points have not been checked out by me, but I do not feel it is wrong.
  9. If anyone is being disenfranchised, it's the non BLM rioter supporting people out there, and I have a feeling they will show up on election day with their minds made up.
  10. Meh, I have use uber maybe twice, and both times I was carrying. I seen no posted signs.
  11. Yup lost on me, unless I have no other choice, as with "No Guns" signs, I will take my business elsewhere.
  12. With all these riots that went unchecked, and even encouraged by the government, be prepared for a bunch more non compliance if they try to shut things down again.
  13. They will probably follow up with ammunition manufacturing licence for reloaders if they get this passed.

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