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  1. Omega

    TN Senate Preference

    Who is this Bredesen you speak of? Blackburn all the way.
  2. Omega

    The Garden Thread

    My cucumbers have been great, got probably over a dozen from about 4 plants so far. My peppers are doing good, got a few so far, tomatos are doing good, but none red except a few cherries. I have one watermelon, about 8"-10", but looks a bit weird, sort of like a half crescent but may straighten out.
  3. Omega

    hcp HCP - Expiration Date

    Nah, the new expiration month is 6 months from my birth month, which is my license expiration month. It just looks like they used the date of processing for the effective date, and 8 years later on the same day/month for expiration. It may be because I did it online, and the system just kicked out the dates automatically.
  4. Omega

    Reply to Being banned from TGO

    I recall the post/thread, and as I see it, it was a misunderstanding which has apparently been rectified.
  5. Omega

    hcp HCP - Expiration Date

    Well, $50 gets me 8 years and the lifetime is what $200? Unless it's a dramatic price change, I'd need 32 years to break even, that would put me at 85, it can happen, but by then I'd hope permitless carry will be an option so I roll the dice.
  6. PSA So I got my HCP renewal notice a week or two ago, it doesn't expire for another 3 months but figuring I'd get a jump on it, and not forget later, I renewed online. Process was easy and all, and it arrived fast, but when I checked my new expiration date, they cheated my out of three months. It's an 8yr permit, so in the long run it doesn't cut that much off, but heck, it still makes me feel cheated. So if you get your notice, I wouldn't renew until 30 days out if you don't want to lose any time on your old one.
  7. Omega

    A big win for Defense Distributed!

    Great, I had heard that 3d files were made unavailable due to this. Not into 3d lowers myself, well not until they make a fiber element that can withstand a bit more use, and made affordable.
  8. Omega


    I get my breakfast items for work every week or so, I'm in and out in 10 minutes or so with the self check-outs. There just isn't any store that can compete in locations and price. The trick is not to shop at odd hours, know what you're after, get in and get out. Ammo: I mostly order components from the net, including some from here.
  9. Omega

    Sad news out of OK Corral

    I was thinking ND, self or by another. Nothing in the story suggests, well, anything, so it's wide open at this point. Not sure about suicide, just seems like an unlikely place for it, but I could be wrong. Don't most ranges have video? If so, I'm sure that's why the "No foul play" headline, even though an ND is wrongly labeled a "Tragic accident", it is correct, IMO, saying no foul play involved.
  10. Omega

    A Charter Boat story.......

    Well, there goes one S.
  11. Omega

    Diversity and Inclusion in the 2A Community

    I think outside perspective, and if you come in with a chip on your shoulder, reality can be a bit skewed. I can walk into most ANY range, gun store, or just about anyplace and not be "monitored". But I also don't take immediate offense when someone walks up to me and asks if they can help me look for something. I've witnessed incidents of people being approached and making a scene or just get that defensive attitude, and also have seen some come in and just look suspicious as all get out so even I keep an eye on them. Let's face it, we all profile, it's just the nature of the beast. When I grew up in Denver, I got extra looks sometimes, no scratch that, MOST times, but I fit the profile of the ones responsible for all the crimes committed there so it came with the territory. Attitude can make it a good experience or a bad one, you come into a place like you belong there and don't act like you're up to something and for the most part you will be accepted.
  12. Omega

    I put the wheels in motion!!

    Closed most of my accounts, transferred my last funds to bring it to 0, but they gave me my 4¢ interest. Now I have to physically go in to close it.
  13. What's the goal? Most sub-folders you describe are created by programs to store temporary data, and they usually have an algorithm to clean them up themselves or a command for doing it manually. I figured you're talking about a Windows based program since you mentioned DOS, here is a good article which is a review of one decent version, but mentions many others. https://lifehacker.com/5824811/the-best-alternative-file-browser-for-window

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