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  1. I think we need to place a ban on "importing" idiots to DC.
  2. I don't know about the 21 or over part, but there are some states that just honor residential permits, and not the non-resident ones. If a LEO can tell those apart, then these two shouldn't be an issue. https://www.gunstocarry.com/gun-laws-state/tennessee-gun-laws/#tn-map I still don't like it though, seems more of a money grab, more permits, than a pro 2A thing to me. If they truly wanted a pro 2A bill, then constitutional carry would have been what they should have wrnt for. Or at the very least, made vast improvements to the current permit. But as it is, it's less than ideal.
  3. Meh, I like my gps. I know my way around a map, so if an emp gets my phone I'm sure I can manage. I do have a spare, my old phone, and a garmin handheld gps in a faraday pouch. It doesn't need the internet to access the maps, you just don't get the "you are here" dot. It is also great to have a phone/tablet in your possession without anyone being able to access it wirelessly without your consent. I wonder if an emp would reach the satellites and ground equipment simultaneously?
  4. Speaking just for me, no. While I've had training, some civilian, some military, and of course my own drills, and I could have just presented a memo from my commander, I took the required course anyway. I can afford it (and was curious about the course), but I know many that can't, and it is they that I feel are hurt by mandating training and charging a large fee for the permit. I feel if the State imposes any training, for a Right, then they should provide that training free of charge, just like they provide free IDs to vote.
  5. This is only because the "gun culture" has gone by the wayside. How many "accidents" do you think happened before we got all these ridiculous gun laws? When guns are treated like a tool, you will see less and less bad gun handling. In Constitutional Carry States, is there a marked rise in gun "accidents"? I was raised in Colorado, where exposed carry has been around for some time, at least outside Denver proper, and you hardly ever heard of someone getting hurt because of gunfire. Sure, there are idiots everywhere, but I think you see more of them because of who the mystique of gun carry attracts; make it common and they will become the exceptions instead of the rule.
  6. Sorry, but not being "trained" should not keep you from being able to protect yourself out in the street. I agree that anyone should get training, but it should not be mandated. I can train someone to be safe and lethal with a gun, though I hold no civilian certifications, as I am sure many here can. Why should it cost hundreds of dollars, on top of the permit fees, to be able to defend yourself outside of your home? I always hear this same argument, specially from those that teach these courses, which BTW I recommend for those that can afford it to take, but what of those that can barely afford their rent?
  7. I don't know if they officially backed it, but they sure tried to sell it as a positive thing in their emails. From the get go I didn't see the need for this, and now it sure seems worse.
  8. You're right about the automatic part. I have Tricare, and at a certain age, I will be forced to enroll in medicare and change my Tricare prime to Tricare for Life, and the premiums go up.
  9. Does anyone here subscribe to that theory, the 6000 year old earth?
  10. So let me get this straight, hundreds of years of hunters using lead bullets and NOW they have ONE eagle die and its the bullets? What is the likelihood that the lead the eagle ingested was from a gut pile? I know some do gut shoot their deer, but most aim for the boiler room, and hardly ever does the bullet, even fragments, end up in the gut pile.
  11. Apparently the elephant didn't take kindly to this rhino poacher, and the lions decided not to let him go to waste. https://www.cbsnews.com/amp/news/suspected-rhino-poacher-killed-by-elephant-eaten-by-lions-in-kruger-national-park-south-africa/
  12. Great movie, I never realized they had killed so many LEO. I mostly thought they just robbed banks.
  13. I don't feel bad for these corporations that decide to alienate a large portion of their customer base. I for one vote with my $$, if a company doesn't wish to do business with me, so be it. I personally don't care what an owner, CEO, or President of a corporation personally thinks, or does with his or her money, but when they then make it a business decision, well..Bye.
  14. Now why would we want to 3d print his brain??
  15. I won't knowingly violate the "no gun" signs, I figure if they don't want me in there, I don't want me in there. But I have found myself in places where I noticed the sign well after been inside for awhile, and would have been inconvenient to leave. The way I figure, trespass laws are enough to enforce "no gun" signs, it should not automatically be breaking the law.

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