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  1. Plenty: https://www.tennessean.com/story/insession/2015/03/10/haslam-opposes-gun-bills/24717375/ While some bills get passed, many of those bills are just feel good bills which have little impact either way.
  2. Armor for small female

    My plates are ceramic with a steel core, I've handled them semi roughly but they held out well. The covers do come loose at times, but a quick 2 part epoxy fixes them right up. The soft armor on the other hand can get worn, Kevlar and like fabrics holds up well, but plastic like materials like Dyneema have about a 5 year shelf life, and some tests have shown some don't hold up well to point blank range. If I were shopping for body armor, I would make sure they were either NIJ or the FBI testing compliant. And then I'd keep an eye out for recalls, because there have been a few, and the mfgrs just want to sell so their testing may not be done properly.
  3. The first thing is to get rid of these politicians that block pro gun legislation. There is plenty of factual data about crime stats when it comes to pro gun legislation. But to the left it's an emotional response and no matter what facts are presented they will not listen. And the politicians are only listening to the left because they are more of a solid voting base and vote along political lines. Conservatives are very fragmented, with many things across the political spectrum that are important to them. So unless we put enough pressure on the politicians we will be getting some very anti 2A laws passed.
  4. Hog Hunting in TN?

    You would think that with all the destruction hogs do, there would be land owners running ads for free hog hunting all over the place. But everywhere you look, it's hundreds of $ to do even fair chase hog hunting, it's become a big business. Of course there are public areas to hunt, but unless you are a local it would be a hit or miss situation. Of course, we here in TN will get an opportunity soon to have our own local hog hunting if the hog population keeps going as it has in other states. I wonder what TWRA will do once we are overrun?
  5. Armor for small female

    There are soft body armor panels sized to fit backpacks out there. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2017/11/07/florida-school-lets-parents-buy-bulletproof-panels-for-students-to-put-in-backpacks/?utm_term=.2f75d626290f
  6. [GUN SALES] I don’t email…

    Text, email, phone, and BOS or no BOS, if I want it I'll use any means of communication the seller wants. Of course I don't deal with any sketchy people so have not been scammed, but, I do take precautionary measures to ensure a safe equitable trade. A simple timestamped picture showing the SN is proof enough of ownership, I take them for insurance purposes. I too keep track of who I do business with, but have only done one BOS. E-mail or text, even PM traffic can be saved to prove the transaction took place.
  7. TN Gun Bills In Legislature Now

    I heard the tail end of that as well, and was not surprised Haslam opposed it, he seems to be very anti 2A, opposing many gun friendly bills.
  8. Hog Hunting in TN?

    No, there is no season on hogs, not really. They can be hunted incidental to hunting other big game, and land owners can hunt the year round. You can hunt only during daytime, and only with the weapons allowed for big game season during the season. Land owners may file for an exception to hunt at night with spotlights, hunt over bait etc., but the normal hunter is pretty limited.
  9. Hog Hunting in TN?

    I think you would be better off trying to find a place out in TX or FL if you want to hunt hog on the cheap. I have been discussing hunting laws here in TN lately and mostly it seems that there are a few places to hunt them legally, because you have to be the landowner during non deer seasons, and during deer season it's limited on where you can hunt them.
  10. U. S.Army Socks - All American or ????

    We had a company accept a contract for a few thousand pairs of shorts, only to subcontract them out of the country. Apparently, they were justified in doing so since they delivered some out of their shop. No hassle unless you want to become a prime vendor, or get a product listed with a National Stock Number (NSN). Most Mid, to Large vendors (and some small) are already authorized vendors through GSA Advantage which you can order small quantities through. The problem is that the military can't sustain large orders for many textile items so they have to depend on the civilian market as well. Take Southwest Motor Sports, they sold us flight gloves (Maxgrip) and we at first kept them in business. But after outfitting all our crews, the orders dwindled to around 6-8 hundred pair a year. So then they sold out to Camelbak and little by little they stopped producing the glove commercially unless a large, at least 800 pairs, order came in. Now, since we don't need such a large quantity, have to get a new vendor. In comes the Berry Amendment, which bites in the butt at every turn because it sometimes doubles the price of an item or it just can't be acquired without a waiver.
  11. U. S.Army Socks - All American or ????

    No, if there were American made ones, we would HAVE to buy them.
  12. U. S.Army Socks - All American or ????

    Well, it's complicated, I'm in supply (demand side), and it's near impossible to find Berry Amendment compliant clothing anymore. So once we exhaust the search for a USA made item, we have to request a waiver to purchase ones made outside the U.S.
  13. So how do you propose we convince them? I've written my share of reps, as I'm sure many here have as well, and yet we get inaction, and worse, active anti-gun actions to stop decent bills.
  14. for-sale 5 gallons of 5.56 brass

    I don't need any, but what headstamp are they? 300Blk, .277 Wolverine owners may get interested in converting them
  15. If more people start realizing these acts for what they are, and act accordingly at the voting booths then maybe we can get better laws passed, or removed (preferably).

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