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  1. No worries, I like to keep my options open. So, do you have a jig setup or just freehand? I was thinking of finding a square, ie flat, blade for my oscillating saw to cut notches for a .308 bottle opener. But I think a jig of some sort is needed.
  2. I'm glad you followed that, seemed to me that it kept flip flopping whether shouldering was legal or not. If I follow it correctly, using spacers may be construed as modifying the brace.
  3. I think it was me; I see its for an oscillating saw, how do you set it up for case conversion? The reviews on Amazon don't give it high marks, except for the guy that uses it for 300Blk, but says it cuts slower than the HF saw. I got those upgraded blades for the HF saw and they cut like butter, much better finish than the original. I don't know how long they will last as I have only did a few test cuts but so far so good.
  4. Gore-Tex here as well, and with all the surplus out there you should be able to get one inexpensively. Under Armour (or the like) as a base layer helps, specially with shedding excess moisture quickly. When doing a lot of heavy physical activity in the rain, I would opt to just get wet and change into something dry afterward because anything that keeps you dry will also tend to overheat you. Light to medium activity, such as any range work, gore tex will handle that just fine, they have a wet weather gore tex and a cold weather gore tex as well so you can chose what weight to buy.
  5. Same guy who also gave terrorists weapons? Or maybe the same one that gave drug dealers in Mexico Weapons? Or, maybe the same guy who allowed four of our people to die covering up weapons deal...wait a minute, was that the same guy?
  6. I wish someone would tell me where I can get my cheap gas from, all these wars to get other country's oil and all.
  7. A T10C parachute was designed to carry 400lbs(ish) at around 22-24 FPS rate of decent. The heavier you were, the faster you fell (and harder you hit); I was about 180lbs, with a 75lb ruck, and as I was always the "lucky one" chosen to carry the M60, extra ammo for the M60, the radio with accompanying equipment or some other darn weapon or piece of one which would inch me ever so close to that magic 400lbs. Momentum played a part upon exiting the door or ramp because the C-130 (or what ever) was traveling at (hopefully) 150 Knots so you would continue the forward throw for a bit.
  8. Exactly, a heavy object would make a difference on air resistance and the only way to mitigate it is to distribute the weight evenly. Of course if said object was large also, it would add it's own resistance as well. I know that when I jumped "Hollywood" vs combat equipment my landing was much softer.
  9. Actually, a block of steel would make you fall faster, not beyond terminal velocity, but faster than without. It's all about the wind resistance, that's why many free fall parachutists will wear a jumpsuit. When falling, you slow your progress by spreading your body out, by tucking your arms to your side you get closer to terminal velocity. That's why the old joke about a lb of feathers and a lb of rocks is wrong unless both are in a sack. A "fall retardation" parachute will not only slow the bomb down, but also stabilize it so it does not tumble, and also helps the guidance system overcome terminal velocity.
  10. Mission success depends on the mission parameters, loss of life and equipment is an acceptable risk if the mission is given a "go". We all like to think that there is no acceptable reason to lose one of our soldiers but if that were truly the case we would of never left the states. This mission was started during the previous administration, there is no question about that, just like the targets that were hit a week into the new one, they were selected by the Obama crew. As to the intel that was gathered, we will never know, and we shouldn't, the whole extent of what was gathered. During my stint, intel was used to go after High Value Targets (HVT) and never released to the public, unless it furthered the mission. The public knowing that we were monitoring sigint let Osama go dark, and that should never of happened.
  11. I'll start worrying when he lies about why our guys got killed. Or when he tells us that he was really born in Hawaii...and gets a birth certificate to prove it.
  12. Not my idea of a Christian, but nonetheless, I don't think we should of meddled in the first place. While I didn't agree with him, when Obama drew the "line" in the sand, we should of acted once crossed, period. The only people that will get drained are the ones at the head of the agencies, the rest will be there until retirement. I have worked with various agencies and have seen first hand the raw data, what comes out the other side is sometimes laughable. But it is what it is and there will be no changing that, no matter who is in the drivers seat.
  13. You get that at some Disney theme parks. It's not just .gov, it seems that it prevails throughout society nowadays. But the fact remains that whether we trust them or not, they, the intel community, have the CIC's ear and he will react to it as he sees fit. Personally, I have no trouble believing that al-Assad used chem weapons, he is trying to fight a fight with dwindling personnel and equipment. If it were not for Russia, he would of already been toppled over, I don't see many lining up to replace his casualties so he is getting desperate.
  14. While active duty I was racking up the air miles, I seldom had the opportunity to accept any offers because they were always on the way out and I had a timeline to meet. But, in my experience all overbooking matters were handled before boarding, and in a manner which benefited those that volunteered to be bumped. I have been driven to another airport due to canceled flights, been given room and meal tickets when connections have been missed (airlines fault) and on a couple rare occasions had free flights. Only once have I been asked to come off an airplane, and that was the entire plane, the entire concourse for that matter, a passenger had gone around security and boarded so we all got inconvenienced then. It amazes me that airlines are allowed to overbook, but will charge for changing or cancelling flights unless you buy the trip insurance up front. How about selling more standby flights, at least then you know you may not get on. I think United will take a hit, but also agree that they will just pay and be done with it..probably covered by their insurance anyway.
  15. No, the proper solution was to deal with the overbooking before boarding. Once boarded, there should be no reason to get off unless it is a security issue. They also need to figure out the crew assignments better, how is it that the crew could not take another flight, or a 4hr bus trip for that matter. If crew rest would of been impacted, then they should of been sent off the day before.

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