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  1. What's wrong with this doe?

    Might of been hit by a car, but I would cull her just in case. As to the meat, you may be able to tell after you field dress her. But if you don't want to take a chance, critters got to eat too.
  2. Free to anyone

    Hmm, how bout a trade? PM inbound.
  3. Free to anyone

    Ah, yes..I can see it now. Mine is a bit older, looks like a t-handle, the trigger releases the pressure off two ball bearings, releasing the string. This one looks like the wrist sling does alot of the pull, unlike mine that just uses the sling as extra support.
  4. Free to anyone

    Mighty nice of you. I have/had that same rattle bag, it did get me a few over the years. No clue what the other item is, thought it was a small knife. It will surely be of good use to someone.
  5. for-trade .300 Blackout upper for trade

    Yea, I just bought a full upper instead of swapping out barrels. PSA has deals that are just too hard to pass up on. The last 10.5" upper was in .223, and now I'm eyeballing one in 9MM of the same size.
  6. Anyone else hear about this

    I don't know, almost 3am, AR close enough to return fire at a moving vehicle, AND hitting all three, two fatally...maybe just gang related. It sounds more plausible that he ambushed them, and they returned fire.
  7. Anyone else hear about this

    Sounds a bit fishy to me, it's not everyday people walk around their yard with an AR, just sayin. They must not be reporting everything, he must of run out the house with his AR instead of already being out there with it.
  8. Hoping for a better deer season

    You have a serious infestation problem, I suggest you have a few of us take care of that for you.
  9. For the love of God, what's your chigger remedy???

    Chig-away used to work for me, we used to have them (they may still) very bad at Ft Bragg. But I never really got a bad infestation, just a bit on the arms and such. I always had chig-away, clear calamine lotion, as well as cortisone 10 (prescription then) on hand. It turned out I was not affected by any of the poison ivy or oaks just chiggers and ticks. Around here, ticks are the only issues I have, so far.
  10. Nine months later.... .22LR

    What was the round count? Before the shortage, a box of 550 was going for around $14, a few weeks ago I got a 320 or 350 round count box for $19. I think even the 500 rem thunderbolts are about $25.
  11. Hoping for a better deer season

    My strategy is to take the first deer I see (no spots), then get selective. This year I've been asked to harvest one for a couple friends, and I take one, so that gives me three opportunities. I have salt blocks out, and a new stand was finished in plenty of time, so hoping I get a few going through my place.
  12. He had to of dropped that satchel pretty hard, a definate negligent act when any type of firearm is in it. I take care to always be aware of my EDC's position no matter where I'm at.
  13. Ads

    Is there a different ad scale, price wise, between the ads in the right column and the banner at the top? Reason I ask is the ones in the right column take up a considerable amount of real estate for just a few ads. The whole right side is blank when you scroll down, and the forum post's text is condensed into a narrow column and small font at the left. Maybe place them all into a rotating banner at the top, With higher tier ads lasting longer on the screen?
  14. Cost of permit?

    Understandable question; the fee is all inclusive, The DMV collects the admin fee for the State, the BG check is by the TBI, a State agency. I was also under the impression when I got mine...its been a minute, that there was an admin fee, a BG fee, and one for the fingerprints.
  15. 16 years ago

    Our compound flew ours at half staff today, but other than that very little coverage. Soon it will be like Armistice Day, Dec 7th, V-E Day, VJ Day etc etc.

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