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  1. Omega

    Who lost their Springfield?

    My WAG would be a motorcyclist, vibrations may of jarred it loose from a holster.
  2. Omega

    Who lost their Springfield?

    So they do jump up and try to kill people all by themselves!
  3. When she gets the axe and they reverse their actions, I may consider doing business with them again, but for now I'm out. I have no problem with people (or corporations) having a stance, but when their actions are contrary or a detriment to our Constitution, I will vote with my feet, and $$.
  4. Interested In what it has to say, I started cancelling all my BOA accounts and let them know why, closed two and have two more to go.
  5. Omega

    Amazon is helping Law enforcement

    It was for the watchers on the live stream, it made the id and gave a few factoids of each celebrity.
  6. Omega

    Kent State Grad on campus carry

    I agree, some victims are so messed up that they don't die for some time, and those that survive are never the same again. Maybe if there was never any act, such as when police do a sting on those trying to hire a hitman, but when you, or someone for you, physically try, it should be game over.
  7. Omega

    Veteran ID Card

    If you ever visit the VA, they had advertising for these for some time. As a retiree, I carry my ID card but also have a copy of my VA Ratings letter, I got my lifetime hunting license here with it and TX gives me a free hunting license when I go out there.
  8. Omega

    Amazon is helping Law enforcement

    They do that to copyright it. But as to the service, there are already a few out there. Just adding; this is why it got on the news https://www.pymnts.com/amazon-innovations/2018/amazon-rekognition-artificial-intelligence-royal-wedding/
  9. Omega

    Follow the Money!

    Facts? How dare you introduce facts into this touchy-feely debate??
  10. Omega

    Porn star gives up her gun

    In that part of the world, an honor killing would not be out of the question.
  11. Omega

    The Garden Thread

    That's one nice garden spot!
  12. Omega

    Dang deer

    They are a two way sword lately, with takata anyway, but yea, it may need looking into.
  13. I like it, and the matching shoes.
  14. Omega

    NRA Show

    Yea, I'm in the shoot it camp as well. Start it's history and pass it on down the family line when time comes.
  15. Omega

    Dang deer

    That sucks, and not even a backstrap to show for it. Good thing nobody got hurt...did the bag go off?

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